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Explore all post offices or pincodes of YSR, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A Obayapalle BOBranch Office516339
Abbavaram BOBranch Office516270
Abbavaramvandlapalli BOBranch Office516269
Achavalli BOBranch Office516421
Adapur BOBranch Office516150
Adavikammapalli BOBranch Office516215
Addalamarri BOBranch Office516259
Agadur SOPost Office516421
Agraharam BOBranch Office516454
AITS CAMPUS BOBranch Office516126
Akepadu BOBranch Office516150
Akkalareddypalli BOBranch Office516193
Akkireddygaripalli BOBranch Office516501
Akkulugaripalle BOBranch Office516396
Alankhan Palli BOBranch Office516003
Alavalapadu BOBranch Office516350
Alidena BOBranch Office516339
Alladupalle BOBranch Office516356
Allwyn Nagar BOBranch Office516150
Almaspet SOPost Office516001
Amagampalli BOBranch Office516193
Ambakkapalle BOBranch Office516391
Ambavaram BOBranch Office516293
Anandashram BOBranch Office516172
Anantapuram BOBranch Office516355
Ananthaiah Gari Palle BOBranch Office516107
Ananthapuram BOBranch Office516257
Anantharajup RS BOBranch Office516105
Anantharajupet SOPost Office516105
Anantharajupuram SOPost Office516228
Ananthasamudram BOBranch Office516107
Animela BOBranch Office516321
Ankalammagudur BOBranch Office516484
Ankalammapeta SOPost Office516390
Ankanagodiganur BOBranch Office516228
Annaluru BOBranch Office516172
Annapusastrulapalle BOBranch Office516172
Annavaram BOBranch Office516362
Anumpalli BOBranch Office516269
Appanakondayapalli BOBranch Office516257
Appanapalli BOBranch Office516203
Apparaopalle BOBranch Office516289
Appayapalle BOBranch Office516289
Appayarajupet BOBranch Office516107
APSP Xl Batallion BOBranch Office516247
Arakatavemula BOBranch Office516359
Araveedu BOBranch Office516267
Atlur SOPost Office516501
Ayyavaripalle BOBranch Office516350
Ayyavaripalli BOBranch Office516193
B Kodur BOBranch Office516228
B Cherlopalle BOBranch Office516454
Badvel Bazaar SOPost Office516227
Badvel SOPost Office516227
Bakkannagaripalle BOBranch Office516350
Balapanagudur BOBranch Office516411
Balapanur SOPost Office516484
Balathimmayyagaripalli SOPost Office516259
Balayapalli BOBranch Office516502
Balireddy Palli BOBranch Office516105
Balireddygari Palli BOBranch Office516269
Bandlapalli BOBranch Office516270
Barytes Factory BOBranch Office516101
Basavapuram BOBranch Office516503
Bayanapalle BOBranch Office516175
Bayanapalli BOBranch Office516162
Bedudur BOBranch Office516474
Beebisahebpet BOBranch Office516501
Beechuvaripalli BOBranch Office516203
Bestavemula BOBranch Office516432
Besthapalli BOBranch Office516128
Bethayapalli BOBranch Office516233
BhadrampalleBranch Office516401
Bhadripalle BOBranch Office516172
Bhagampalli BOBranch Office516130
Bhimagundam BOBranch Office516433
Bhumayagaripalle BOBranch Office516349
Bhumayapalli BOBranch Office516203
Bidinamcherla BOBranch Office516454
Bodithippanapadu BOBranch Office516431
Bojjayapalle BOBranch Office516484
Bokkudupalle BOBranch Office516391
Bommavaram BOBranch Office516110
Bonala BOBranch Office516484
Bonamala BOBranch Office516214
Bondalakunta BOBranch Office516380
Boppapuram BOBranch Office516193
Botlachervu BOBranch Office516269
Botumeedipalli BOBranch Office516108
Boyanapalli BOBranch Office516227
Brahmana Erragudi BOBranch Office516257
Brahmanapalle BOBranch Office516391
Brahmanapalli BOBranch Office516126
Buchupalle BOBranch Office516401
Buddayapalli BOBranch Office516002
Budida Gunta Palli BOBranch Office516257
Budidagunta Rachapalli BOBranch Office516130
Buduguntapalli BOBranch Office516101
Bukkapatnam BOBranch Office516474
Burujupalli 1 BOBranch Office516267
Burujupalli 2 BOBranch Office516267
Busireddypalle BOBranch Office516321
C Gopalapuram BOBranch Office516289
C Kothapalle BOBranch Office516293
C Rajupalem BOBranch Office516339
CENTRAL PRISON BOBranch Office516002
Chagaleru BOBranch Office516349
Chakrapunayanipet SOPost Office516128
Chakrayapet BOBranch Office516259
Chapadu SOPost Office516356
Cheemalacheruvupalli BOBranch Office516267
Cheemalapenta BOBranch Office516218
Chemmumiapet BOBranch Office516003
Chenduvoyi BOBranch Office516501
Chennamarajupalle BOBranch Office516361
Chennampalli SOPost Office516502
Chennamukka Palli BOBranch Office516269
Chennarajupodu BOBranch Office516105
Chennavaram BOBranch Office516193
Chennupalli BOBranch Office516217
Chennur SO CuddapahPost Office516162
Cherlopalli BOBranch Office516126
Cheruvukinda Rachapalli BOBranch Office516110
Chevvanagayapalle BOBranch Office516474
Chevvaripalle BOBranch Office516464
Cheyyeru Project BOBranch Office516150
Chilakampalli BOBranch Office516259
Chilamakur SOPost Office516310
Chinadandlur BOBranch Office516312
Chinna Musali Reddy Palli BOBranch Office516004
Chinnacheppalle BOBranch Office516289
Chinnachowk BOBranch Office516002
Chinnadudyal BOBranch Office516380
Chinnaguruvaluru BOBranch Office516172
Chinnakampalli BOBranch Office516003
Chinnakesampalli BOBranch Office516502
Chinnakomerla SOPost Office516433
Chinnakudala BOBranch Office516396
Chinnamachupalli BOBranch Office516162
Chinnamandem SOPost Office516214
Chinnampelli BOBranch Office516108
Chinnaorampadu BOBranch Office516108
Chinnapasupula BOBranch Office516411
Chinnarangapuram BOBranch Office516391
Chinnasettipalle BOBranch Office516359
Chinnasinganapalle BOBranch Office516175
Chinnaventhurla BOBranch Office516432
Chintakunta BOBranch Office516380
Chintalajutur BOBranch Office516391
Chintha Komma Dinne BOBranch Office516003
Chinthalacheruvu BOBranch Office516227
Chinthalapalli BOBranch Office516193
Chintharajupalli BOBranch Office516152
Chirrajupalle BOBranch Office516310
Chitlur BOBranch Office516504
Chitvel SOPost Office516104
Chiyyapadu BOBranch Office516356
Chiyyavaram BOBranch Office516101
Chowdur BOBranch Office516361
Chowtapalle BOBranch Office516444
College Road SOPost Office516360
Cooperative Colony SOPost Office516001
Cuddapah Coop Sugars SOPost Office516163
Cuddapah HOHead Office516001
Dadireddypalle BOBranch Office516289
Dalavaipalli BOBranch Office516107
Dammanapalli BOBranch Office516193
Dandlapalli BOBranch Office516107
Dappepalli BOBranch Office516257
Dattapuram BOBranch Office516474
Degalavandlapalli BOBranch Office516002
Devagudi BOBranch Office516434
Devagudipalli BOBranch Office516214
Devamachupalli BOBranch Office516104
Devapatla BOBranch Office516215
Devarajupalle BOBranch Office516289
Dhodiyam BOBranch Office516432
Diguvagottiveedu BOBranch Office516269
Diguvakalavatala BOBranch Office516434
Diguvanelatur BOBranch Office516502
Diguvapalle BOBranch Office516216
Diguvathuvvapalle BOBranch Office516218
Dinnepadu BOBranch Office516504
Dirasavantsa BOBranch Office516502
Dommaranandyala SOPost Office516431
Dondlavagu BOBranch Office516484
Dorasanipalle BOBranch Office516361
Duddekunta BOBranch Office516454
Dudyala BOBranch Office516215
Duggannagaripalle BOBranch Office516350
Dumpalagattu BOBranch Office516163
Duvvur SO CuddapahPost Office516175
Edapalli BOBranch Office516268
Eguvagottiveedu BOBranch Office516269
Eguvanelatur BOBranch Office516502
Eguvaramapuram BOBranch Office516217
Ekilapalli BOBranch Office516257
Ellampalle BOBranch Office516173
Endapalli BOBranch Office516269
Erraballe BOBranch Office516391
Erragudi BOBranch Office516474
Errapalle BOBranch Office516175
Erripalle BOBranch Office516391
Eruvapalem BOBranch Office516359
Ethirajupalli BOBranch Office516227
Etur BOBranch Office516203
Eturu BOBranch Office516474
Gadegudur BOBranch Office516359
Gadela BOBranch Office516108
Gadikota BOBranch Office516268
Galivaripalle BOBranch Office516293
Galivaripalli BOBranch Office516126
Galiveedu SOPost Office516267
Gallavandlapalle BOBranch Office516172
Gandhi Road SO CuddapahPost Office516360
Gandikota BOBranch Office516434
Gandlur BOBranch Office516444
Ganganapalle BOBranch Office516421
Ganganapalli BOBranch Office516217
Gangaperur BOBranch Office516213
Gangarapupalli BOBranch Office516259
Gangavaram BOBranch Office516289
Gangayapalle BOBranch Office516293
Gangireddypalle BOBranch Office516321
Ganjikunta BOBranch Office516173
Ganugapenta BOBranch Office516228
Garlamittapalle BOBranch Office516339
Giddankipalle BOBranch Office516350
Gollalagudur BOBranch Office516391
Gollapalli BOBranch Office516213
Gondipalle BOBranch Office516349
Gonumakulapalle BOBranch Office516321
Gopagudi Palli BOBranch Office516504
Gopalapuram BOBranch Office516216
Gopamambapuram BOBranch Office516107
Gopanapalli BOBranch Office516267
Gopavaram BOBranch Office516361
Gopavaram Project Site SOPost Office516233
Gopayapalle BOBranch Office516359
Goramchervu BOBranch Office516267
Goriganur BOBranch Office516434
Gorlamudiveedu BOBranch Office516269
Gotur BOBranch Office516293
Govindampalli BOBranch Office516105
Govindayapalli BOBranch Office516193
Gudem BOBranch Office516227
Gudemcheruvu BOBranch Office516434
Gudipadu BOBranch Office516175
Gunakanapalle BOBranch Office516396
Gundlacheruvu BOBranch Office516267
Gundlakunta BOBranch Office516431
Gundlapalli BOBranch Office516130
Gundlur BOBranch Office516150
Gunnikuntla BOBranch Office516269
Gunthapalli BOBranch Office516502
Guntimadugu BOBranch Office516257
Guriginja Kunta BOBranch Office516215
Gurijala BOBranch Office516454
Gurrappagaripalli BOBranch Office516268
Gutta Kinda Racha Palli BOBranch Office516129
Guttapalli BOBranch Office516215
Guvvalachervu BOBranch Office516504
Hanumanagutti BOBranch Office516361
Hasanapuram BOBranch Office516504
Himakunta BOBranch Office516454
Holmespet SOPost Office516361
Idamadaka BOBranch Office516175
IdupulapayaIIIT SOPost Office516330
Illur BOBranch Office516312
Inagalur BOBranch Office516421
Indukur BOBranch Office516339
Industrial Estate BOBranch Office516004
Ippatla BOBranch Office516391
Itigullapadu BOBranch Office516193
Itimarpuram BOBranch Office516128
J Kothapalle BOBranch Office516411
Jammalamadugu East SOPost Office516434
Jammalamadugu North SOPost Office516434
Jammalamadugu SOPost Office516434
Jandravaram BOBranch Office516172
Jangalapalle BOBranch Office516411
Jangalapalli BOBranch Office516237
Jangampalli BOBranch Office516129
Jangamrajupalli BOBranch Office516502
Jangamreddypalle BOBranch Office516464
Jayanagar SO CuddapahPost Office516002
Jillella BOBranch Office516175
Jyothi BOBranch Office516237
K Kothapalle BOBranch Office516380
K Sugumanchipalle BOBranch Office516474
Kakirenipalle BOBranch Office516361
Kakulavaram BOBranch Office516270
Kalamalla BOBranch Office516310
Kalasapadu SOPost Office516217
Kalavakunta BOBranch Office516505
Kalibanda BOBranch Office516214
Kallur SO CuddapahPost Office516355
Kalluripalli BOBranch Office516259
Kallutla BOBranch Office516432
Kalpanayunicheruvu BOBranch Office516504
Kalvapalli BOBranch Office516228
Kamalakur BOBranch Office516227
Kamalamarri BOBranch Office516267
Kamalapuram SO CuddapahPost Office516289
Kamanur BOBranch Office516175
Kamasamudram BOBranch Office516484
Kamballe BOBranch Office516401
Kammavaripalle BOBranch Office516432
Kampasamudram BOBranch Office516104
Kanagudur BOBranch Office516175
Kanamakindikottala BOBranch Office516349
Kanchipativandlapalli BOBranch Office516130
Kandimallayapalli SOPost Office516503
Kandulavaripalli BOBranch Office516104
Karamalavandlapalle BOBranch Office516431
Karampalli BOBranch Office516126
Karimireddy Vandlapalli BOBranch Office516267
Karnapapayapalle BOBranch Office516396
Kasanur BOBranch Office516454
Kasthurirajupalli BOBranch Office516257
Kathalur BOBranch Office516350
Katinayakunta BOBranch Office516269
Katineni Erragudi BOBranch Office516259
Kattavaripalli BOBranch Office516128
Kesapuram BOBranch Office516214
Khadarabad SOPost Office516362
Khaderapalle BOBranch Office516356
Khajipet SOPost Office516203
Kirthipalle BOBranch Office516339
Kodigudlapadu BOBranch Office516193
Kodikandlapalle BOBranch Office516444
Kodur BOBranch Office516474
Kodur Rs SOPost Office516101
Kodur SOPost Office516101
Kokatam BOBranch Office516289
Kokkarayapalli BOBranch Office516162
Komarunipalle BOBranch Office516293
Kommaddi BOBranch Office516339
Kommaluru BOBranch Office516203
Kommanavaripalli BOBranch Office516107
Kommanuthala BOBranch Office516396
Konampet BOBranch Office516257
Konapuram BOBranch Office516151
Konarachapalli BOBranch Office516152
Konavaripalle BOBranch Office516474
Kondapuram SO CuddapahPost Office516444
Kondasunkesula BOBranch Office516434
Kondavandlapalli BOBranch Office516504
Kondayapalle BOBranch Office516289
Kondreddypalle BOBranch Office516421
Kondur BOBranch Office516127
Konduvaripalli BOBranch Office516503
Koneti Raju Kandrika BOBranch Office516101
Kongalaveedu BOBranch Office516502
Koonavaripalli BOBranch Office516203
Koppalu BOBranch Office516293
Kopparthi BOBranch Office516003
Koraguntapalle BOBranch Office516484
Korlakunta BOBranch Office516108
Korrapadu BOBranch Office516444
Korrapadu Road SOPost Office516360
Korrapadu SOPost Office516359
Kothaboyanapalli BOBranch Office516126
Kothapalle BOBranch Office516362
Kothapalli BOBranch Office516502
Kothapet BOBranch Office516107
Kotlur BOBranch Office516203
Krishna Nagar SO CuddapahPost Office516311
Krishnamgaripalle BOBranch Office516421
Krishnampalle BOBranch Office516175
Krishnapur RS BOBranch Office516003
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office516172
Ksrm Engg College BOBranch Office516003
KSunkesala BOBranch Office516203
Kuchivaripalli BOBranch Office516126
Kukkala Doddi BOBranch Office516101
Kulur BOBranch Office516359
Kumarakalva BOBranch Office516259
Kumbhagiri BOBranch Office516501
Kumpinipuram BOBranch Office516151
Kuppagattupalli BOBranch Office516259
Kuppalapalle BOBranch Office516350
Kuppam BOBranch Office516259
Kuppuruvaripalle BOBranch Office516289
Kurnoothala BOBranch Office516257
Lakkireddy Palli SOPost Office516257
Lakshmigari Palli BOBranch Office516101
Lakshmipeta BOBranch Office516172
Lavanur SOPost Office516464
Lebaka BOBranch Office516151
Letapalle BOBranch Office516289
Lingala SO CuddapahPost Office516396
Lingaladinne BOBranch Office516172
Lingampalli BOBranch Office516002
Lingarajupalli BOBranch Office516126
Lingareddy Palli BOBranch Office516003
Lomada BOBranch Office516401
Lopatnuthala BOBranch Office516396
Mabbuchintalapalle BOBranch Office516349
Machanapalle BOBranch Office516175
Machanur BOBranch Office516218
Machupalli BOBranch Office516002
Madakalavaripalli BOBranch Office516233
Madanagopalapuram BOBranch Office516126
Maddirevula BOBranch Office516257
Madhavaram BOBranch Office516269
Madhavaram SO CuddapahPost Office516247
Madirepalle BOBranch Office516175
Madithadu BOBranch Office516129
Madur BOBranch Office516484
Maduru BOBranch Office516362
Malemarpuram BOBranch Office516128
Malepadu BOBranch Office516361
Malinenipatnam BOBranch Office516501
Mallela BOBranch Office516401
Mallepalli BOBranch Office516503
Mallur BOBranch Office516214
Mamillapalli BOBranch Office516004
Mandapalli BOBranch Office516150
Mandaram BOBranch Office516126
Mangampet BOBranch Office516105
Mangapatnam BOBranch Office516444
Mannemavaripalli BOBranch Office516227
Mannur SO CuddapahPost Office516126
Mantapampalli SOPost Office516152
Maruti Nagar SOPost Office516001
Masapet Bazar SOPost Office516270
Matli BOBranch Office516268
Meenapuram BOBranch Office516362
Mekalabalayapalle BOBranch Office516312
Mekalavaripalli BOBranch Office516228
Miduthur BOBranch Office516203
Minnaiahgaripalle BOBranch Office516218
Mittamanipalle BOBranch Office516173
Mittameedipalli BOBranch Office516126
MKambaladinne BOBranch Office516433
Modameedipalle SOPost Office516360
Mohiddin Sahib Palli BOBranch Office516213
Moillacheruvu BOBranch Office516321
Moillakalav BOBranch Office516216
Moragudi BOBranch Office516434
Motakatla BOBranch Office516215
Muddanur SOPost Office516380
Mudrapalli BOBranch Office516128
Mudumala BOBranch Office516503
Mudumpadu BOBranch Office516129
Mukkavaripalli BOBranch Office516108
Mulapalli BOBranch Office516259
Mundlapalli BOBranch Office516162
Munnelli BOBranch Office516193
Murarichintala BOBranch Office516391
Musalreddipalle BOBranch Office516464
Musalreddypalli BOBranch Office516217
Muthukur BOBranch Office516501
Muthukuvandla Palli BOBranch Office516215
Mydekur SOPost Office516172
Mylapalli BOBranch Office516104
Mylavaram SO CuddapahPost Office516439
N Kottalapalle BOBranch Office516411
Nadimpalli BOBranch Office516152
Nagapatnam BOBranch Office516203
Nagarajupet SOPost Office516001
Nagaripadu BOBranch Office516110
Nagasanipalle BOBranch Office516172
Nagavaram BOBranch Office516110
Nagi Reddy Palli BOBranch Office516003
Nagoor BOBranch Office516350
Nagulapalle BOBranch Office516356
Nakkaladinne BOBranch Office516355
Nakkalapalle BOBranch Office516484
Nakkalapalli BOBranch Office516128
Nallaballe BOBranch Office516380
Nallacheruvupalle BOBranch Office516421
Nallaguttapalli BOBranch Office516504
Nallapureddypalle BOBranch Office516391
Nallingayapalle BOBranch Office516289
Nandalur Bazar BOBranch Office516150
Nandalur SOPost Office516150
Nandimandalam SOPost Office516218
Nandipalli BOBranch Office516502
Nandyalampalle BOBranch Office516464
Nandyalampeta BOBranch Office516172
Naramrajupalli BOBranch Office516150
Narasapuram BOBranch Office516217
Narasingarajapuram BOBranch Office516127
Narayana Reddy Palli BOBranch Office516215
NarayanaNellore BOBranch Office516126
Narjampalle BOBranch Office516433
Narvakatpalli BOBranch Office516213
Nawabpeta BOBranch Office516433
Nedarapeta BOBranch Office516474
Neelakantaraopet SOPost Office516504
Neelapuram BOBranch Office516175
Nekanapuram BOBranch Office516247
Nelatur BOBranch Office516175
Nemalladinne BOBranch Office516411
Nersupalli BOBranch Office516259
Nidizuvvi BOBranch Office516310
Nukanapalli BOBranch Office516108
Nuliveedu BOBranch Office516267
Obanapalli BOBranch Office516101
Obayapalle BOBranch Office516356
Obili BOBranch Office516128
Obulampalli BOBranch Office516162
Obulareddypalle BOBranch Office516321
Obulareddypeta BOBranch Office516172
Obulavaripalli SOPost Office516108
Odiveedu BOBranch Office516269
Onipenta SOPost Office516173
P Anantapuram BOBranch Office516444
P Kothapalli BOBranch Office516237
Pabbapuram BOBranch Office516003
Padamatikona BOBranch Office516214
Paidala BOBranch Office516359
Paidikalva BOBranch Office516216
Paidipalem BOBranch Office516464
Palagiri BOBranch Office516321
Palampalli BOBranch Office516003
Pallavolu BOBranch Office516356
Palugurallapalli BOBranch Office516503
Palur BOBranch Office516434
Pamuluru BOBranch Office516350
Pandikunta BOBranch Office516267
Pandillapalle BOBranch Office516289
Pandillapalli BOBranch Office516267
Papayapalle BOBranch Office516434
Parlapadu BOBranch Office516359
Parnapalle BOBranch Office516396
Patha Cuddapah BOBranch Office516002
Pathasankatipalle BOBranch Office516216
Patur BOBranch Office516150
Payalakunta BOBranch Office516228
Payasampalle SOPost Office516339
Peddabalija Palli BOBranch Office516130
Peddabidiki BOBranch Office516129
Peddacheppalle BOBranch Office516289
Peddajonnavaram BOBranch Office516175
Peddajutur BOBranch Office516391
Peddakudala BOBranch Office516396
Peddamudium BOBranch Office516434
Peddanapadu BOBranch Office516309
Peddandlur BOBranch Office516434
Peddaorampadu BOBranch Office516108
Peddapalle BOBranch Office516247
Peddapalli BOBranch Office516130
Peddapasupula SOPost Office516411
Peddaputta BOBranch Office516293
Peddarachapalli SOPost Office516110
Peddarajupalli BOBranch Office516502
Peddarangapuram BOBranch Office516391
Peddasettipalle BOBranch Office516361
Peddinenikalva BOBranch Office516129
Peddiveedu BOBranch Office516268
Pedullapalli BOBranch Office516228
Pemmadapalli BOBranch Office516269
Penagalur SOPost Office516127
Pendlimarri SOPost Office516216
Pendluru BOBranch Office516349
Penikalapadu BOBranch Office516380
Pincha Dam Site BOBranch Office516129
Pittigunta BOBranch Office516217
Podadurthy BOBranch Office516289
Poli BOBranch Office516126
Polimerapalli BOBranch Office516130
Polopalli BOBranch Office516104
Poluruvengannagaripalli BOBranch Office516107
Ponnampalle BOBranch Office516433
Ponnathota BOBranch Office516431
Porumamilla SOPost Office516193
Pothapi BOBranch Office516151
Pothukurapalli BOBranch Office516270
Potladurthi BOBranch Office516361
Pottipadu BOBranch Office516464
Prabhalaveedu BOBranch Office516228
Proddatur Bazaar SOPost Office516360
Proddatur Fort SOPost Office516360
Proddatur HOHead Office516360
Pujalavandlapalli BOBranch Office516267
Pulikunta BOBranch Office516267
Pulivendla Bus stand SOPost Office516391
Pulivendla HOHead Office516390
Pulivendlakutcherry BOBranch Office516391
Pullampet SOPost Office516107
Pullapathur BOBranch Office516150
Pullareddypeta BOBranch Office516175
Pullaveedu BOBranch Office516193
Pullur kottalu BOBranch Office516203
Pundlachennupalli BOBranch Office516503
Purvabommepalle BOBranch Office516434
Pushpagiri BOBranch Office516162
Puthanavaripalli BOBranch Office516107
Pyarampalli BOBranch Office516267
R Thummalapalle BOBranch Office516391
Rachagudipalli BOBranch Office516213
Rachapalli BOBranch Office516213
Rachavaripalle BOBranch Office516216
Rachayapet BOBranch Office516233
Rachinnayapalli BOBranch Office516162
Raghavarajupuram BOBranch Office516105
Rajampet HOHead Office516115
Rajampet Rs SOPost Office516115
Rajasahebpet BOBranch Office516505
Rajukunta BOBranch Office516104
Rajulaguruvayapalle BOBranch Office516380
Rajupalem BOBranch Office516359
Rajupalli BOBranch Office516504
Rajuvaripalli BOBranch Office516215
Ramachandrayapalle BOBranch Office516432
Ramanapalli BOBranch Office516162
Ramanjaneyapuram BOBranch Office516002
Ramapuram BOBranch Office516175
Ramarajupalli BOBranch Office516003
Ramasainagar BOBranch Office516175
Ramasamudram BOBranch Office516107
Rameswaram BOBranch Office516193
Ramireddypalle BOBranch Office516321
Rangasamudram BOBranch Office516193
Ravindra Nagar SOPost Office516003
Ravulakolanu BOBranch Office516401
Ravulapalli BOBranch Office516203
Rayachoti SOPost Office516269
Rayavaram SO CuddapahPost Office516129
Reddikottala BOBranch Office516193
Reddipalli BOBranch Office516107
Reddivaripalli BOBranch Office516130
Reddyvaripalli BOBranch Office516214
Regadipalle BOBranch Office516474
Rekalakunta BOBranch Office516502
Rekulakunta BOBranch Office516233
RIMS SOPost Office516002
Rollamadugu BOBranch Office516126
Rowthukunta BOBranch Office516215
RTC Work Shop BOBranch Office516002
Saidapuram BOBranch Office516421
Sambatur BOBranch Office516289
Sambepalli SOPost Office516215
Sanipaya BOBranch Office516130
Sanjeevi Nagar SOPost Office516269
Sankarapuram BOBranch Office516361
Sankatithimmayapalle BOBranch Office516172
Sankavaram BOBranch Office516193
Santhakovur BOBranch Office516421
Saraswatipalli BOBranch Office516504
Savisettipalli BOBranch Office516193
Seetharamapuram BOBranch Office516126
Seetharampuram BOBranch Office516356
Seshamanbapuram BOBranch Office516150
Seshareddipalle BOBranch Office516411
Settigunta BOBranch Office516101
Settipalli BOBranch Office516215
Settivaripalle BOBranch Office516444
Shankarapuram Cuddapah SOPost Office516002
Sibyala BOBranch Office516269
Siddanthipuram BOBranch Office516203
Siddareddypalle BOBranch Office516172
Siddavaram BOBranch Office516505
Siddavattam SOPost Office516237
Simhadripuram SOPost Office516454
Singamvaripalli BOBranch Office516267
Singareddypalli BOBranch Office516127
Siregepalle BOBranch Office516474
Sivalapalli BOBranch Office516162
Sivapuram BOBranch Office516172
Somavaram BOBranch Office516268
Somireddypalli BOBranch Office516503
Somulavaripalle BOBranch Office516361
Srinivasa Nagar BOBranch Office516101
Srinivasapuram BOBranch Office516216
Suddamalla BOBranch Office516504
Suddapalle BOBranch Office516434
Sunkesula BOBranch Office516464
Sunnapuralla Palli SOPost Office516001
Sunnapurallapalle BOBranch Office516434
SUppalapadu BOBranch Office516431
Surabhi BOBranch Office516259
Surapurajupalli BOBranch Office516101
SVU PG centre BOBranch Office516003
T Sadipirallavandla Palli BOBranch Office516215
T Sakibanda BOBranch Office516214
T Sandrapalli BOBranch Office516233
T Sundupalli SOPost Office516130
T Sunkesula BOBranch Office516309
T Thummalapalle BOBranch Office516401
T Velamvaripalle BOBranch Office516350
Tadigotla BOBranch Office516003
Takkolu BOBranch Office516002
Talamanchipatnam BOBranch Office516433
Talamudipi BOBranch Office516267
Talapanur BOBranch Office516339
Tallamapuram BOBranch Office516362
Tallapaka BOBranch Office516126
Tallapalle SOPost Office516350
Tallaproddatur SOPost Office516474
Tamtamvandlapalli BOBranch Office516267
Tangatur SOPost Office516151
Tangedupalle BOBranch Office516329
Tanguturu BOBranch Office516359
Tappetla BOBranch Office516293
Tekurpet SOPost Office516505
Tellapadu BOBranch Office516217
Thangedupalli BOBranch Office516502
Thavaripalli BOBranch Office516203
Thimmapuram BOBranch Office516464
Thimmareddypalli BOBranch Office516259
Thimmasamudram BOBranch Office516130
Thimmayyagaripalli BOBranch Office516128
Thippayyapalli BOBranch Office516107
Thippireddipalle BOBranch Office516355
Thippireddypalle BOBranch Office516173
Thirumallayapalle BOBranch Office516474
Thiruvengalapuram BOBranch Office516502
Thogurupet BOBranch Office516150
Thokalapalli BOBranch Office516505
Thollaganganapalle BOBranch Office516293
Thudumaladinne BOBranch Office516203
Thummachetlapalli BOBranch Office516128
Thummalapalle BOBranch Office516309
Thummalur BOBranch Office516218
Thumukunta BOBranch Office516267
TKammapalli BOBranch Office516107
Tondur SOPost Office516401
Torrivemula BOBranch Office516433
Tripuravaram BOBranch Office516203
Tsadipiralla BOBranch Office516289
TSallabasayapalle BOBranch Office516175
TSallagarigela BOBranch Office516505
TSoudarivaripalli BOBranch Office516503
U Rajupalem BOBranch Office516218
Udavagandla BOBranch Office516421
Ukkayapalle BOBranch Office516002
Ulimella BOBranch Office516391
Uppaguntapalle BOBranch Office516172
Uppaluru BOBranch Office516380
Upparapalle BOBranch Office516362
Upparapalli BOBranch Office516126
Uppatur BOBranch Office516501
Urutur BOBranch Office516339
Utukur BOBranch Office516003
Vaddemanu BOBranch Office516193
Vaddevandlapalli BOBranch Office516215
Vaddirala SOPost Office516432
Vaimpalle SOPost Office516329
Valasapalle BOBranch Office516309
Valleruvaripalli BOBranch Office516227
Vallur SO CuddapahPost Office516293
Varadaiahgaripalli BOBranch Office516126
Varikunta BOBranch Office516217
Vasudevapuram BOBranch Office516175
Vathalur BOBranch Office516107
Vedururu BOBranch Office516355
Veeraballi SOPost Office516268
Veerannagattupalle BOBranch Office516329
Veerapunayanipalle SOPost Office516321
Velagacherla BOBranch Office516127
Velavali BOBranch Office516359
Veldurthi BOBranch Office516339
Velidandla BOBranch Office516396
Veligallu BOBranch Office516267
Vellatur BOBranch Office516216
Vellavari Kandrika BOBranch Office516101
Velpucherla BOBranch Office516380
Velpula BOBranch Office516349
Vemula SOPost Office516349
Venkata Reddy Palli BOBranch Office516101
Venkatapathiraju Kandrika BOBranch Office516101
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office516391
Venkatarajupalli BOBranch Office516110
Venkataramapuram BOBranch Office516228
Venkatasettipalli BOBranch Office516501
Venkateswara Puram BOBranch Office516247
Venkatreddygaripalli BOBranch Office516270
Venkayakalva BOBranch Office515465
Venkupalle BOBranch Office516175
Veparala BOBranch Office516431
Viswanathapuram BOBranch Office516173
VKothapalle BOBranch Office516349
Vongimalla BOBranch Office516268
Vontimitta SOPost Office516213
Vontithatipalli BOBranch Office516237
Vv Reddy Nagar SOPost Office516312
Y Kothapalle BOBranch Office516464
Yamavaram BOBranch Office516380
Yellayapalli BOBranch Office516108
Yenamalachintala BOBranch Office516474
Yerragatlavandlapalli BOBranch Office516214
Yerragudipadu BOBranch Office516289
Yerraguntla SO CuddapahPost Office516309
Yerraguntla West SOPost Office516309
Yerraguntlakota BOBranch Office516105
Yerraguntlapalle BOBranch Office516362
Yerramalapalle BOBranch Office516321
Yerramukkapalli SOPost Office516004
YMR Colony SOPost Office516360
Yogi Vemana University SOPost Office516005

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service