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Explore all post offices or pincodes of WEST GODAVARI, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abbiraju Palem BOBranch Office534266
Adamilli BOBranch Office534449
Adavikolanu BOBranch Office534198
Adavipalem BOBranch Office534268
Agadalalanka BOBranch Office534427
Agarru BOBranch Office534250
Agarthipalem BOBranch Office534250
AGokavaram BOBranch Office534416
AGopavaram BOBranch Office534197
Aibhimavaram BOBranch Office534235
Ainaparru BOBranch Office534320
Ajjaram BOBranch Office534331
Akanivarithota BOBranch Office534280
Akividu SOPost Office534235
Akkampeta BOBranch Office534455
Akuteegapadu BOBranch Office534196
Alamuru SO West GodavariPost Office534126
Alivery BOBranch Office534448
Allampuram BOBranch Office534146
AmaravramBranch Office534444
Amberpeta BOBranch Office534401
Ananthapallli SOPost Office534111
Andaluru BOBranch Office534238
Ankalampadu BOBranch Office534449
Ankannagudem BOBranch Office534456
Ankoderu BOBranch Office534208
Annadevarapeta BOBranch Office534341
Annavaram BOBranch Office534202
Annavarappadu BOBranch Office534330
Antervedigudem BOBranch Office534448
Aphb Colony SOPost Office534101
APMC BOBranch Office534426
APolavaram BOBranch Office534456
Appalarajugudem BOBranch Office534456
Appanna Cheruvu BOBranch Office534267
Appannapeta BOBranch Office534186
Apparaopeta BOBranch Office534235
Aratlakatta BOBranch Office534250
Aravalli SOPost Office534230
Ardhavaram BOBranch Office534197
Aredu BOBranch Office534198
Arikirevula BOBranch Office534340
Arjunudupalem BOBranch Office534217
Arthamuru BOBranch Office534199
Arugolanu BOBranch Office534146
Ashok Nagar SO West GodavariPost Office534002
Atchannapalem BOBranch Office534111
Atchanta SOPost Office534123
Atchuthapuram BOBranch Office534312
Atlapadu BOBranch Office534302
Attili SOPost Office534134
Avapadu BOBranch Office534112
AVemavaram BOBranch Office534267
Ayodhya Lanka BOBranch Office534266
Badampudi BOBranch Office534411
Balavarigudem BOBranch Office534460
Ballipadu BOBranch Office534225
Bandamcherla BOBranch Office534467
Bandapuram BOBranch Office534313
Bandivarigudem BOBranch Office534456
Bangarampeta BOBranch Office534315
Bapirajugudem BOBranch Office534475
Basivireddipeta SOPost Office534301
Bavaipalem BOBranch Office534198
Bayyanagudem BOBranch Office534312
Benerjipeta SOPost Office534001
Bethapudi BOBranch Office534207
Bhaggeswaram BOBranch Office534250
Bhatlamaguturu BOBranch Office534126
Bhimadole SOPost Office534425
Bhimala Puram BOBranch Office534266
Bhimavaram Bazar SOPost Office534202
Bhimavaram HOHead Office534201
Bhimavaram Railway Colony SOPost Office534201
Bhimole BOBranch Office534341
Bhogapuram BOBranch Office534427
Bhogole BOBranch Office534462
Bhuvanapalli BOBranch Office534198
BKondepadu BOBranch Office534156
Bodapadu BOBranch Office534196
Bodigudem BOBranch Office534312
Bommidi BOBranch Office534411
Bondada BOBranch Office534206
Borrampalem BOBranch Office534451
Brahmanagudem BOBranch Office534301
Burugupalli BOBranch Office534266
Buttayagudem SOPost Office534448
Chagallu SOPost Office534342
ChAgraharam SOPost Office534196
Challachintalapudi BOBranch Office534425
Challavarigudem BOBranch Office534455
Chanamilli BOBranch Office534198
Chandravaram BOBranch Office534342
Chataparru SOPost Office534004
Chebrole SO West GodavariPost Office534406
Cheepurugudem BOBranch Office534176
Cherukumilli BOBranch Office534235
Cherukuwada BOBranch Office534199
Chettunnapadu BOBranch Office534427
Chidipi BOBranch Office534340
Chikkala BOBranch Office534305
Chilakapadu BOBranch Office534216
Chilukuru BOBranch Office534199
China amiram BOBranch Office534204
Chinagolla Palem BOBranch Office534281
Chinakapavaram BOBranch Office534235
Chinamallam BOBranch Office534269
Chinamallipadu BOBranch Office534235
Chinanindrakolanu BOBranch Office534406
Chinchinada BOBranch Office534268
Chinnavarigudem BOBranch Office534455
Chinnayagudem BOBranch Office534316
Chintalapudi Cutchery BOBranch Office534460
Chintalapudi SOPost Office534460
Chintapalli Agraharam BOBranch Office534196
Chintaparru BOBranch Office534250
Chittavaram BOBranch Office534275
Chityala BOBranch Office534316
Chivatam BOBranch Office534216
Chodimella BOBranch Office534002
ChPothepalli BOBranch Office534451
DachavaramBranch Office534444
Dagguluru BOBranch Office534250
DamacherlaBranch Office534444
Dammennu BOBranch Office534227
Dandagarra BOBranch Office534145
Darabharevu BOBranch Office534275
Daravaram BOBranch Office534301
Darbhagudem BOBranch Office534456
Darisaparru BOBranch Office534166
Denduluru SOPost Office534432
Deva BOBranch Office534123
Devarapalli SO West GodavariPost Office534313
Devulapalli BOBranch Office534451
Deyyalatippa BOBranch Office534239
DGopavaram BOBranch Office534195
Dharmajigudem SOPost Office534462
Dharmavaram BOBranch Office534340
Digamarru BOBranch Office534275
Dippakayalapadu BOBranch Office534312
Dirusumarru SOPost Office534239
DMuppavaram BOBranch Office534302
DNRCollege SOPost Office534202
Doddanapudi BOBranch Office534237
Doddipatla SOPost Office534266
Dommeru BOBranch Office534342
Dondapudi SOPost Office534318
Dongaravipalem BOBranch Office534330
Doramamidi BOBranch Office534448
Dorasanipadu BOBranch Office534426
Dosapadu BOBranch Office534442
Dubacharla BOBranch Office534112
Duddukuru BOBranch Office534313
Dumpagadapa BOBranch Office534235
Dusanapudi BOBranch Office534243
Duvva SOPost Office534156
Dwaraka Tirumala SOPost Office534426
East Vipparru BOBranch Office534328
East Yedavally BOBranch Office534426
Edavally BOBranch Office534461
Eduru BOBranch Office534134
Eletipadu BOBranch Office534320
Ellamanchili Lanka BOBranch Office534268
Ellamanchili SOPost Office534268
Eluru Bazar SOPost Office534001
Eluru Bus Station SOPost Office534006
Eluru Collectorate SOPost Office534006
Eluru HOHead Office534001
Eluru RS SOPost Office534005
Enamadurru BOBranch Office534239
Epigunta BOBranch Office534467
Gajjaram BOBranch Office534341
Galayagudem BOBranch Office534450
GanapavaramBranch Office534444
Ganapavaram BOBranch Office534444
Ganapavaram SO West GodavariPost Office534198
Gandhinagaram SO West GodavariPost Office534007
Gangannagudem BOBranch Office534450
GANGOLE BOBranch Office534318
Gantavarigudem BOBranch Office534112
Garagaparru BOBranch Office534186
Gavaravaram BOBranch Office534312
Gavarlapalem BOBranch Office534225
GKothapalli BOBranch Office534451
Gogunta BOBranch Office534437
Gollagudem BOBranch Office534406
Gollalakoderu BOBranch Office534202
Gollavanitippa BOBranch Office534239
Gopalapuram BOBranch Office534425
Gopalapuram SO West GodavariPost Office534316
Gopannapalem SOPost Office534450
Gopavaram BOBranch Office534302
Goraganamudi BOBranch Office534244
Goteru BOBranch Office534217
Gowripatnam BOBranch Office534313
Gowrisankara Puram SOPost Office534455
Gowtaminagar SOPost Office534350
GPangidigudem BOBranch Office534455
Guddigudem BOBranch Office534316
Gudipadu BOBranch Office534437
Gudivakalanka BOBranch Office534004
Gummaluru SOPost Office534267
Gummampadu BOBranch Office534225
Gummuluru BOBranch Office534235
Gumparru BOBranch Office534266
Gundepalli BOBranch Office534111
Gundugolanu So SOPost Office534427
Gunjavaram BOBranch Office534318
Gunnampally BOBranch Office534425
Guravaigudem BOBranch Office534455
Gutala BOBranch Office534341
Hanumantharaopeta SOPost Office534211
Hukumpeta BOBranch Office534318
Ilapakurru BOBranch Office534266
Ilaparru BOBranch Office534326
Industrial Estate SO West GodavariPost Office534007
IPangidi BOBranch Office534342
Iragavaram SOPost Office534217
ISJagannadhapuram BOBranch Office534451
ISRaghavapuram BOBranch Office534451
Itikalakota BOBranch Office534315
Jagannadhapuram BOBranch Office534475
Jaggannapeta BOBranch Office534102
Jaggavaram BOBranch Office534467
Jakkaram BOBranch Office534206
Jalipudi BOBranch Office534004
Jallikakinada BOBranch Office534186
Janampeta BOBranch Office534475
Jangareddygudem HOHead Office534447
Jeedigunta BOBranch Office534302
Jeelakarragudem BOBranch Office534449
Jeelugumilli SOPost Office534456
Jetlapalem BOBranch Office534166
Jinnuru SOPost Office534265
Jogannapalem BOBranch Office534450
Jonnalapalem BOBranch Office534240
Jonnavarigudem BOBranch Office534455
Juttiga BOBranch Office534124
Juvvalapalem BOBranch Office534236
Kadakatla BOBranch Office534102
Kadiyedda BOBranch Office534102
KAgraharam BOBranch Office534329
Kagupadu BOBranch Office534411
Kaikaram SOPost Office534416
Kakaraparru SOPost Office534331
Kakarlamudi BOBranch Office534165
Kakileru BOBranch Office534320
Kalagam Pudi BOBranch Office534268
Kalaparru BOBranch Office534007
Kalarayanagudem BOBranch Office534462
Kalavalapalli BOBranch Office534301
Kalavapudi BOBranch Office534236
Kaldhari BOBranch Office534329
Kaligotla BOBranch Office534198
Kalipatnam BOBranch Office534281
Kalisipudi BOBranch Office534199
Kalla SOPost Office534237
Kallacheruvu BOBranch Office534452
Kallakuru BOBranch Office534237
Kamaiahkunta BOBranch Office534311
Kamaiahpalem BOBranch Office534456
Kamavarapukota SOPost Office534449
Kamsalipalem BOBranch Office534301
Kanchumarru BOBranch Office534230
Kandrikagudem BOBranch Office534311
Kannai Kumudavalli BOBranch Office534328
Kannapuram SOPost Office534311
Kanteru BOBranch Office534126
Kanthampalem BOBranch Office534460
Kanuru SOPost Office534329
Kapavaram BOBranch Office534328
Karagapadu BOBranch Office534318
Karicherlagudem BOBranch Office534312
Karugorumilli BOBranch Office534269
Kasipadu BOBranch Office534196
Katakoteswaram BOBranch Office534305
Kathavapadu BOBranch Office534126
KatkuruBranch Office534444
Kavalipuram BOBranch Office534222
Kavitam SOPost Office534338
Kavuluru BOBranch Office534176
Kavvagunta BOBranch Office534475
Kaza BOBranch Office534268
Kesavaram BOBranch Office534186
Kethavaram BOBranch Office534312
KGokavaram BOBranch Office534462
Khandavalli SOPost Office534330
KIllindalaparru BOBranch Office534217
Kodamanchili SOPost Office534269
Koderu BOBranch Office534269
KoidaBranch Office534444
Kokkiripadu BOBranch Office534007
Kolamuru BOBranch Office534199
Kolanapalli BOBranch Office534237
Kollaparru BOBranch Office534235
Komadavole BOBranch Office534004
Komarada BOBranch Office534208
Komaravaram BOBranch Office534222
Komarru BOBranch Office534134
KOMATIKUNTA BOBranch Office534316
Kommara BOBranch Office534134
Kommuchikkala BOBranch Office534338
Kommugudem BOBranch Office534448
Konala BOBranch Office534146
Kondepudi BOBranch Office534210
Kondrukota BOBranch Office534315
Kondruprolu BOBranch Office534102
Koniki BOBranch Office534437
Konithiwada SOPost Office534240
Konteru BOBranch Office534268
Kopalle SOPost Office534206
Kopalli BOBranch Office534311
Koppaka BOBranch Office534003
Kopparru BOBranch Office534275
Koppulavarigudem BOBranch Office534435
Korasavarigudem BOBranch Office534448
Korukollu BOBranch Office534209
Korumamidi BOBranch Office534305
Korumilli BOBranch Office534156
Kotaramachandrapuram BOBranch Office534311
Kothalaparru BOBranch Office534320
Kothapadu BOBranch Office534217
Kothapalli Agraharam BOBranch Office534328
Kothapalli BOBranch Office534198
Kothapally BOBranch Office534462
Kothuru BOBranch Office534146
Kovvali SOPost Office534442
Kovvur SOPost Office534350
Kovvurupadu BOBranch Office534318
Koyarajahmundry BOBranch Office534311
Koyyalagudem SOPost Office534312
Koyyetipadu BOBranch Office534320
KPentapadu BOBranch Office534166
Krishnampalem BOBranch Office534313
Krishnayampalemi BOBranch Office534146
Krothagudem BOBranch Office534427
Krovvidi BOBranch Office534198
KSamudrapugattu BOBranch Office534134
Kuchimpudi BOBranch Office534435
KUKUNOOR SOPost Office534444
Kumaradevam BOBranch Office534340
Kummarapurugupalem BOBranch Office534280
Kumudavalli BOBranch Office534210
Kunchinapalli BOBranch Office534102
Kunkala BOBranch Office534318
Kuppanapudi BOBranch Office534237
Kurellagudem BOBranch Office534401
Kurukuru BOBranch Office534305
Lajapathiroya Peta SOPost Office534260
Lakkavaram SO West GodavariPost Office534451
Lakshmaneswaram BOBranch Office534275
Lakshminarasimhapuram BOBranch Office534206
Lakshminarayanapuram BOBranch Office534209
Lakshmipuram BOBranch Office534313
Lankalakoderu SOPost Office534250
Lingagudem BOBranch Office534460
Linganaboyinacherla BOBranch Office534275
Lingapalem BOBranch Office534462
Lnd Peta BOBranch Office534318
Losari gutlapadu BOBranch Office534239
Madduru BOBranch Office534302
MADDURULANKA BOBranch Office534302
MadhavaramBranch Office534444
Madhavaram SO West GodavariPost Office534145
Madugupolavaram BOBranch Office534240
Mahadevapatnam BOBranch Office534199
Maisannagudem BOBranch Office534455
Makkinavarigudem BOBranch Office534456
Malakapalli BOBranch Office534340
Malkapuram BOBranch Office534002
Mallavaram BOBranch Office534275
Mallayagudem BOBranch Office534460
Malleswaram BOBranch Office534330
Mallipudi BOBranch Office534124
Mamidigondi BOBranch Office534315
Mamuduru BOBranch Office534238
Manchili BOBranch Office534134
Mandalaparru BOBranch Office534195
Mandapaka SOPost Office534218
Mangaiahpalem BOBranch Office534448
Marampalli BOBranch Office534146
Marellamudi BOBranch Office534112
Markondapadu BOBranch Office534301
Marlagudem BOBranch Office534455
Maruteru SOPost Office534122
Matla Palem BOBranch Office534266
Matsyapuri BOBranch Office534207
Mattamagudem BOBranch Office534462
Mattaparru BOBranch Office534265
Medapadu BOBranch Office534268
Medinaraopalem BOBranch Office534432
Merakagudem BOBranch Office534311
Mettagudem BOBranch Office534448
Military Colony BOBranch Office534236
Minavilluru BOBranch Office534134
Miniminchilipadu BOBranch Office534327
MMPuram BOBranch Office534401
MNagulapally BOBranch Office534425
Moduggunta BOBranch Office534145
Mogallu SOPost Office534209
Mogalturu SOPost Office534281
Mortha SOPost Office534227
Mounjipadu BOBranch Office534165
Moyyeru BOBranch Office534134
Muddapuram BOBranch Office534146
Mudunuru BOBranch Office534196
Muggalla BOBranch Office534197
Mukkamala BOBranch Office534330
Mulagalampally BOBranch Office534455
Mulaparru BOBranch Office534123
Munamarru BOBranch Office534324
Munduru BOBranch Office534450
Munipalli BOBranch Office534329
Mupparthipadu BOBranch Office534134
Mupparu BOBranch Office534002
Muppinavarigudem BOBranch Office534448
Mutyalapalli BOBranch Office534281
Mutyalavaripalem BOBranch Office534330
Mylavanilanka BOBranch Office534280
Mypa BOBranch Office534186
Nabipeta BOBranch Office534176
Nachugunta BOBranch Office534411
Nadipally BOBranch Office534475
Nadipudi BOBranch Office534326
Nagireddigudem BOBranch Office534461
Naidugudem BOBranch Office534437
Nallajerla SOPost Office534112
Nandamuru BOBranch Office534146
Nandamurugaruvu BOBranch Office534243
NANDIGAMPADU BOBranch Office534342
Nandigudem BOBranch Office534316
Narasannapalem BOBranch Office534312
Narasimharao Peta SOPost Office534006
Narayanapuram BOBranch Office534406
Narinameraka BOBranch Office534266
Narsapur Bazar SOPost Office534275
Narsapur SO West GodavariPost Office534275
Nattarameswaram BOBranch Office534124
Navabpalem BOBranch Office534146
Navuduru BOBranch Office534238
Nelamuru BOBranch Office534126
Nelapogula BOBranch Office534240
Neredumilli BOBranch Office534268
Nidadavole OT SOPost Office534301
Nidadavole SOPost Office534301
Nidamarru BOBranch Office534195
Nimmalagudem BOBranch Office534448
NRP Agraharam BOBranch Office534199
P AND T Colony SO West GodavariPost Office534007
Padala BOBranch Office534102
Paidipaka BOBranch Office534315
Palakoderu SOPost Office534210
Palakol Bazar SOPost Office534260
Palakol HOHead Office534260
Palangi BOBranch Office534216
Pali Gds BOBranch Office534225
Pallantla BOBranch Office534313
Paluru BOBranch Office534134
Pamulaparru BOBranch Office534199
Pandalaparru BOBranch Office534302
Pandithavilluru BOBranch Office534122
Panduvva BOBranch Office534198
Panjavemavaram BOBranch Office534247
PAnkampalem BOBranch Office534456
Parimalla BOBranch Office534166
Pasaladeevi BOBranch Office534280
Pasalapudi BOBranch Office534156
Pasivedala BOBranch Office534342
Pattenapalem BOBranch Office534455
Pattiseema BOBranch Office534315
Peda amiram BOBranch Office534204
Pedagaruvu BOBranch Office534207
Pedakadimi BOBranch Office534003
Pedakapavaram BOBranch Office534235
Pedamallam BOBranch Office534269
Pedapadu SOPost Office534437
Pedapulleru BOBranch Office534199
PedavegiPost Office534435
Peddavam BOBranch Office534340
Pekeru BOBranch Office534320
Pemmaraju Polavaram BOBranch Office534338
Pendyala BOBranch Office534329
Penkanametta BOBranch Office534340
Pennada BOBranch Office534243
Pentapadu SOPost Office534166
Penugonda Bazar SOPost Office534320
Penugonda SOPost Office534320
Penumadam BOBranch Office534267
Penumanchili BOBranch Office534123
Penumantra SOPost Office534124
Penumarru BOBranch Office534268
Perampeta BOBranch Office534455
Peravali SOPost Office534328
Perkipalem BOBranch Office534243
Perupalem BOBranch Office534281
Pinakadimi BOBranch Office534003
Pippara SOPost Office534197
Pittalavemavarm BOBranch Office534324
PKannapuram BOBranch Office534401
PNKolanu SOPost Office534195
Pochavaram BOBranch Office534341
Podalada BOBranch Office534126
Poduru SOPost Office534327
Polamuru SOPost Office534238
Polasanipally BOBranch Office534425
Polavaram SOPost Office534315
Ponangi BOBranch Office534002
Ponguturu BOBranch Office534312
Poolapalli BOBranch Office534250
Pothavaram SOPost Office534176
Pothineedipalem BOBranch Office534176
Pothunuru BOBranch Office534460
Power Peta SOPost Office534002
Pragadapalli BOBranch Office534318
Pragadavaram SOPost Office534461
PRajavaram BOBranch Office534456
Prakasaraopalem BOBranch Office534112
Prathalameraka BOBranch Office534236
Prathikollanka BOBranch Office534004
Prattipadu SOPost Office534146
Puchikapadu BOBranch Office534456
Puliramannagudem BOBranch Office534311
Pulla SOPost Office534401
Pullalapadu BOBranch Office534112
PullayagudemBranch Office534145
Punikollu BOBranch Office534437
Purushottapalli BOBranch Office534302
Racharla BOBranch Office534166
Rachuru BOBranch Office534448
Raghavapuram BOBranch Office534460
Rajanagaram BOBranch Office534311
Rajavaram BOBranch Office534312
Raju Peta BOBranch Office534437
Rallakunta BOBranch Office534426
Ramachandra Rao Peta SOPost Office534006
Ramannagudem BOBranch Office534448
Ramannapalem BOBranch Office534280
Ramanujapuram BOBranch Office534312
Ramasingavaram BOBranch Office534435
Ramayyapeta BOBranch Office534315
Rampalem BOBranch Office534318
Rangapuram BOBranch Office534462
Rapaka BOBranch Office534320
Ratsannagudem BOBranch Office534456
RavigudemBranch Office534444
Ravikampadu BOBranch Office534451
Ravimetla BOBranch Office534301
Ravipadu BOBranch Office534267
Ravulaparru BOBranch Office534406
Rayakuduru SOPost Office534247
Rayalam SOPost Office534208
Rayannapalem BOBranch Office534475
Recherla BOBranch Office534460
Reddinagampalem BOBranch Office534318
Regulakunta BOBranch Office534448
Relangi SOPost Office534225
RepakagommuBranch Office534444
Roypeta SOPost Office534275
RPangidigudem BOBranch Office534425
RTC Bustandkovvur SOPost Office534350
RudramkotaBranch Office534444
Rustumbada SOPost Office534275
Sagipadu BOBranch Office534452
Sajjapuram SOPost Office534211
Samisragudem SOPost Office534302
Sangayagudem BOBranch Office534313
Sanivarapu Peta SOPost Office534003
SANJEEVAPURAM BOBranch Office534316
Sankuchakrapuram BOBranch Office534461
Saripalli BOBranch Office534312
Satyavaram BOBranch Office534122
Satyavole BOBranch Office534437
Satyawada BOBranch Office534218
Satynarayanapuram BOBranch Office534432
Sb Colony SOPost Office534007
Seethalm Kondepadu BOBranch Office534134
Seethampeta BOBranch Office534312
Seetharamanagar BOBranch Office534444
Serepalem BOBranch Office534281
Settipeta BOBranch Office534301
Sidhantam SOPost Office534326
Sidhapuram BOBranch Office534235
SIllindalaparru BOBranch Office534225
Singarajupalem BOBranch Office534112
Singavaram BOBranch Office534301
Siragala Palli BOBranch Office534268
Sisali BOBranch Office534237
Sitaramapuram SOPost Office534280
Sivadevunichikkala BOBranch Office534245
Sivagiri BOBranch Office534315
Sivaraopeta SOPost Office534202
Skinnerapuram BOBranch Office534230
Somavarappadu BOBranch Office534450
Someswaralayam SOPost Office534201
Sreeramapuram SOPost Office534202
SridharvelairBranch Office534444
Srinivaspuram BOBranch Office534455
Sriparru BOBranch Office534004
Sriramvaram BOBranch Office534432
SRKR Enggcollege SOPost Office534204
Srungavruksham SOPost Office534243
Subbaraopeta SOPost Office534101
Surampudi BOBranch Office534328
Surappagudem BOBranch Office534425
Surya Rao Palem BOBranch Office534156
Swarnavarigudem BOBranch Office534455
Tadepalli BOBranch Office534102
Tadepalligudem Bazar SOPost Office534102
Tadepalligudem HOHead Office534101
Tadepalligudem Town SOPost Office534101
Taderu BOBranch Office534202
Tadicherla BOBranch Office534426
Tadikalapudi SOPost Office534452
Tadimalla SOPost Office534305
Tadiparru BOBranch Office534227
Tadipudi BOBranch Office534341
TaduvaiBranch Office534455
Tallapalem BOBranch Office534301
Tallapudi SOPost Office534341
Tamarada BOBranch Office534324
Tangellamudi SOPost Office534005
Tanuku Bazar SOPost Office534211
Tanuku HOHead Office534211
Tanuku Old Town SOPost Office534211
Tatiyakulagudem BOBranch Office534456
TatkuragommuBranch Office534444
Tch Rayudupalem BOBranch Office534462
Tedlam BOBranch Office534461
Teeparru BOBranch Office534331
Telikecharla BOBranch Office534111
Tetali BOBranch Office534218
TGokavaram BOBranch Office534452
Thogummi BOBranch Office534302
Thokalapally BOBranch Office534406
Tillapudi BOBranch Office534245
Timmapuram BOBranch Office534426
Timmarajupalem BOBranch Office534301
Tirugudumetta BOBranch Office534340
Tirumaladevipeta BOBranch Office534467
Tirumalampalem BOBranch Office534426
Tirumalapuram BOBranch Office534312
Tirupathipuram BOBranch Office534225
TNarasapuram SOPost Office534467
Tokalapudi BOBranch Office534247
Tokatippa BOBranch Office534239
Toleru BOBranch Office534247
TondipakaBranch Office534444
Tundurru SOPost Office534207
Turputallu BOBranch Office534280
Tutigunta BOBranch Office534315
Tyajampudi BOBranch Office534305
Ullamparru BOBranch Office534265
Unagatla BOBranch Office534342
Undi SOPost Office534199
Unikili BOBranch Office534230
Uppakapadu BOBranch Office534411
Uppalapadu BOBranch Office534449
UpperuBranch Office534444
Uppuluru BOBranch Office534199
Uradallapalem LWE BOBranch Office534134
Usulumarru BOBranch Office534329
Utasamudram BOBranch Office534460
Vadalagunta BOBranch Office534316
Vadali SO West GodavariPost Office534324
Vadapalli BOBranch Office534302
Vadddigudem BOBranch Office534437
Vaddiparru BOBranch Office534267
Vadlavani Palem BOBranch Office534265
Vadluru BOBranch Office534218
Vakapalli BOBranch Office534196
Valluru BOBranch Office534269
Vandram BOBranch Office534206
Vangayagudem BOBranch Office534002
Vanguru BOBranch Office534002
Vankavarigudem BOBranch Office534456
Vankayalapalem BOBranch Office534244
Varidhanam BOBranch Office534265
Varighedu BOBranch Office534225
Vasanthavada BOBranch Office534437
VChGudem BOBranch Office534316
Vedangi BOBranch Office534265
Vedangi Palem BOBranch Office534265
Vedanthapuram BOBranch Office534312
Veerabhadrapuram BOBranch Office534222
Veerammakunta BOBranch Office534437
Veerampalem BOBranch Office534102
Veerannapalem BOBranch Office534455
Vegavaram BOBranch Office534455
Vegeswarapuram SOPost Office534340
Vegivada BOBranch Office534452
Velagaduuru BOBranch Office534227
Velagalavariplalem BOBranch Office534124
Velagapalli BOBranch Office534198
Velagapally BOBranch Office534461
VelairpaduBranch Office534444
Velivela BOBranch Office534250
Velivennu BOBranch Office534329
Vellamilli BOBranch Office534411
Velpur SOPost Office534222
Vempa BOBranch Office534207
Vempadu BOBranch Office534206
Vemuladeevi BOBranch Office534275
Vemulapally BOBranch Office534452
Vemuluru BOBranch Office534302
Vendra BOBranch Office534210
Venkata Puram BOBranch Office534250
Venkata Rao Peta SOPost Office534002
Venkatakrishnapuram BOBranch Office534426
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office534460
Venkatayapalem BOBranch Office534316
Venkatramannagudem BOBranch Office534102
Venkatramapuram BOBranch Office534324
Venkatrayapuram SOPost Office534215
Vidyanagar BOBranch Office534450
Vijayarai SOPost Office534475
Vijjeswaram BOBranch Office534302
VinjaramBranch Office534444
Vippalapadu BOBranch Office534448
Viravasaram SOPost Office534245
Vissakoderu SOPost Office534244
VkReddigudem BOBranch Office534315
Voduru BOBranch Office534126
Vundrajavaram SOPost Office534216
Vundurru BOBranch Office534186
Vunguturu SO West GodavariPost Office534411
West Vipparru SOPost Office534165
Westren Street SOPost Office534003
Yadavole BOBranch Office534316
Yanalapalli BOBranch Office534166
Yandagandi SOPost Office534186
Yarnagudem BOBranch Office534313
Yelurupadu SOPost Office534236
Yendapalli BOBranch Office534460
Yenikepalli BOBranch Office534198
Yenuguvanilanka BOBranch Office534275
Yeraih Cheruvu BOBranch Office534217
Yerraguntapally BOBranch Office534460
Yerramalla BOBranch Office534411
Yerrampally BOBranch Office534461
Yerrampeta BOBranch Office534312

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service