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Explore all post offices or pincodes of VIZIANAGARAM, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A S Peta BOBranch Office535281
A T Agraharam BOBranch Office535218
Addapuseela BOBranch Office535502
Ajjada BOBranch Office535546
Akkivaram BOBranch Office535216
Akulakatta BOBranch Office535124
Alajangi BOBranch Office535573
Alamanda R S SOPost Office535240
Alamanda Sandy BOBranch Office535240
Alladapalem BOBranch Office535204
Alugolu BOBranch Office535218
Alugubilli BOBranch Office535250
Amatamravivalasa BOBranch Office535216
Ambativalasa BOBranch Office535003
Amiti BOBranch Office535126
Ampavalli BOBranch Office535557
Anandapuram BOBranch Office535280
Andra BOBranch Office535273
Ankavaram BOBranch Office535525
Annamurajupeta BOBranch Office535250
Antivalasa BOBranch Office535593
Appayyapeta BOBranch Office535546
Apsp Quarters SOPost Office535005
Arasada BOBranch Office535557
Arikathota BOBranch Office535579
Arthamuru BOBranch Office535101
Atchutapuram BOBranch Office535217
Athava BOBranch Office535161
AVenkampeta BOBranch Office535547
Ayyannapeta BOBranch Office535003
B S Factory BOBranch Office535214
Babbidi BOBranch Office535521
Badangi BOBranch Office535578
BadevalasaBranch Office535581
Balagudaba BOBranch Office535502
Balijipeta SOPost Office535557
Banadi BOBranch Office535281
Bandaluppi BOBranch Office535527
Bangarampeta BOBranch Office535591
Bangaruvalasa BOBranch Office535547
Bantupalli BOBranch Office535216
Barli BOBranch Office535559
Basangi BOBranch Office535525
Bhaligattam BOBranch Office535183
Bheemali BOBranch Office535240
Bheemasinghi BOBranch Office535250
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office535578
Bhogapuram SOPost Office535216
Bhudevipeta BOBranch Office535270
Bhupalarajapuram BOBranch Office535102
Bhyripuram BOBranch Office535102
Billalavalasa BOBranch Office535128
Bobbili Bazar SOPost Office535573
Bobbili GovtHospital Road SOPost Office535559
Bobbili HOHead Office535558
Bobbili RS BOBranch Office535559
Boddam BOBranch Office535145
Bommika Jagannadhapuram BOBranch Office535594
Bonangi SOPost Office535160
Bondapalli BOBranch Office535128
Bondapalli SOPost Office535260
Boppadam BOBranch Office535218
BRajeru BOBranch Office535260
Budarayavalasa BOBranch Office535102
Budathanapalli BOBranch Office535215
Buddemkharja BOBranch Office535524
Buduruwada BOBranch Office535527
Buradapeta BOBranch Office535280
Buradavenkatapuram BOBranch Office535463
Burja BOBranch Office535546
Burjavalasa BOBranch Office535579
Busayavalasa BOBranch Office535579
Chakarapalli BOBranch Office535546
Chakivalasa BOBranch Office535216
Challapeta SOPost Office535581
Challavanithota BOBranch Office535204
Chaparayabinnidi BOBranch Office535524
Chappabutchampeta BOBranch Office535547
Cheedivalasa BOBranch Office535183
Cheepuruvalasa BOBranch Office535183
Cheluvuru BOBranch Office535005
Chemudu BOBranch Office535547
Chemuduguda BOBranch Office535523
Chilakalapalli BOBranch Office535557
CHILAKAMBranch Office535525
Chinabantupalli BOBranch Office535101
Chinabhogili BOBranch Office503235
Chinageesada BOBranch Office535521
Chinagudaba BOBranch Office535463
Chinakada BOBranch Office535580
Chinatada BOBranch Office535250
Chintada BOBranch Office535559
Chintalabelagam BOBranch Office535526
Chintalapalem BOBranch Office531173
Chintalapeta BOBranch Office535280
Chintalavalasa BOBranch Office535005
Chintapalli BOBranch Office535204
Chipurupalle SOPost Office535128
Chitrakota Boddavalasa BOBranch Office535573
Chodamma Agraharam BOBranch Office535204
Chodavaram BOBranch Office535217
Chollangipeta BOBranch Office535204
Chollapadam BOBranch Office535521
Chowdantivalasa BOBranch Office535579
Church Road Ndt BOBranch Office535573
Dabbagedda BOBranch Office535527
Dabbirajupeta BOBranch Office535281
Dalaipeta BOBranch Office535524
Dalaivalasa BOBranch Office535463
Damarasingi BOBranch Office535217
Dandigam BOBranch Office535593
Dangabhadra BOBranch Office535594
Dasannapeta SOPost Office535002
Dasulapalem BOBranch Office535161
Datti BOBranch Office535580
Datti Rajeru BOBranch Office535580
DATTIRAJERU SOPost Office535582
Denderu BOBranch Office535183
Denkada SOPost Office535006
Devada BOBranch Office535101
Devarapodilam BOBranch Office535125
Devunikanapaka BOBranch Office535101
Devupalli BOBranch Office535260
Dharmalakshmipuram BOBranch Office535534
Dharmapuri BOBranch Office535004
Dharmavaram SOPost Office535148
Dibbaguddivalasa BOBranch Office535573
Dokiseela BOBranch Office535527
Donkala Kothapatnam BOBranch Office535527
Donkinavalasa SOPost Office535578
Duddukhallu BOBranch Office535524
Duggeru BOBranch Office535547
Duggi BOBranch Office535502
Dummangi BOBranch Office535523
Dummeda BOBranch Office535101
Duppada BOBranch Office535003
Duppalapudi BOBranch Office535579
Dwarapudi BOBranch Office535003
Elwinpeta BOBranch Office535523
G Ch Penta BOBranch Office535270
G T Peta BOBranch Office535273
Gadasam BOBranch Office535580
Gadelamarrivalasa BOBranch Office535102
Gadelavalasa BOBranch Office535559
Gadivalasa BOBranch Office535592
Gajapathinagaram SOPost Office535270
Gajarayanavalasa BOBranch Office535578
Gajularega BOBranch Office535003
Galavilli BOBranch Office532122
Gangada BOBranch Office535557
Gangannapadu BOBranch Office535124
Gangareguvalasa BOBranch Office535521
Gangubudi BOBranch Office535183
Ganivada BOBranch Office535240
Gantlam BOBranch Office535216
Gantyada SOPost Office535215
Garbham SOPost Office535102
Garida BOBranch Office535217
Garikavalasa BOBranch Office535220
Garividi BOBranch Office535101
Garudabilli BOBranch Office535260
Garugubilli BOBranch Office535128
Garugubilli SOPost Office535463
Gavarampeta BOBranch Office535526
Gedalavani Palem BOBranch Office535240
Geddaluppi BOBranch Office535546
Geddapuvalasa BOBranch Office535101
Gijaba BOBranch Office535525
Ginjeru BOBranch Office535221
Gobhyam BOBranch Office535580
Gochekka BOBranch Office535527
Godiyada BOBranch Office535221
Goipaka BOBranch Office535521
Gokapeta BOBranch Office535003
Golladi Agraharam BOBranch Office535578
Gollala Mulagam BOBranch Office535125
Gollalapalem BOBranch Office532407
Gollapalli BOBranch Office535573
Gollupalem BOBranch Office535270
Goluguvalasa BOBranch Office535126
Golzam BOBranch Office535161
Gopalapalli BOBranch Office535148
Gorjipadu BOBranch Office535534
Gorle Seetharampuram BOBranch Office535559
Gotivada BOBranch Office535524
Gotlam BOBranch Office535003
Gotnandi BOBranch Office535128
Gottipalli BOBranch Office535102
Gottivalasa BOBranch Office535463
Govindapuram BOBranch Office535204
Gudem BOBranch Office535220
Gudepuvalasa BOBranch Office535216
Gudivada BOBranch Office531162
Gujjangivalasa BOBranch Office535217
Gujjuvai BOBranch Office535534
Gulivinda Agraharam BOBranch Office535128
Gumada BOBranch Office535521
Gumma BOBranch Office535523
Gummalakshmipuram SOPost Office535523
Gumpam Agraharam BOBranch Office535204
Gunanupuram BOBranch Office535525
Gunkalam BOBranch Office535003
Gunupur BOBranch Office535006
Gurla BOBranch Office535217
Guruvunaidupeta BOBranch Office535591
Gushini BOBranch Office535218
Gutchimi BOBranch Office535546
Industrial Estate SO VizianagaramPost Office535004
Ingilapalli Agraharam BOBranch Office535580
Ippalavalasa BOBranch Office535101
Iridi BOBranch Office535523
Itlamamidipalli BOBranch Office535579
J Gumadam BOBranch Office535221
Jaddetivalasa BOBranch Office535250
Jagannadhapuram SOPost Office535501
Jagaram BOBranch Office535250
Jakkuva BOBranch Office535581
Jamadala BOBranch Office535527
Jami SOPost Office535250
Jammadevipeta BOBranch Office535161
Jammu BOBranch Office535006
Janjhavathi Colony BOBranch Office535521
Jannivalasa BOBranch Office535579
Janumallavalasa BOBranch Office535559
Jarajapupeta BOBranch Office535217
Jarna BOBranch Office535521
Jayathi BOBranch Office535581
Jinnam Agrharam BOBranch Office535270
Jiyyammavalsa SOPost Office535594
Joguladumma BOBranch Office535594
Jonnada BOBranch Office535005
Jonnavalasa BOBranch Office535004
Jumbiri BOBranch Office535534
K G Budi BOBranch Office535145
K R Peta BOBranch Office535183
Kagam BOBranch Office532127
Kalagada BOBranch Office535240
Kalavarai Agraharam BOBranch Office535559
Kallempudi BOBranch Office535161
Kallepalli BOBranch Office535183
Kallikota BOBranch Office535521
Kanapaka BOBranch Office535003
Kancheru BOBranch Office535216
Kandivalasa BOBranch Office535204
Kandulapadam BOBranch Office535593
Kanimella BOBranch Office535204
Kanimeraka BOBranch Office535260
Kannampeta BOBranch Office535573
Kannapudoravalasa BOBranch Office535526
Kantakapalli BOBranch Office535240
KAPUSAMBHAMBranch Office535128
Karada BOBranch Office535568
Karatam BOBranch Office535003
Karivalasa BOBranch Office535523
Karlam BOBranch Office535125
Karrivalasa BOBranch Office535592
Kasipatnam BOBranch Office535547
Katakapalli BOBranch Office535240
Kaviripalli BOBranch Office535547
Kavitibhadra BOBranch Office535522
Kedaripuram BOBranch Office535523
Kella BOBranch Office535217
Kemiseela BOBranch Office535521
Kenguva BOBranch Office535270
Kesali BOBranch Office535592
Kg Pathasala BOBranch Office535204
Khadarnagar BOBranch Office535002
Kharasavalasa BOBranch Office535591
Khasapeta BOBranch Office535546
Kirthubarthi BOBranch Office535221
Kitchada BOBranch Office535524
Koduru BOBranch Office535578
Komarada SOPost Office535521
Komatipalli Agraharam BOBranch Office535580
Komatipalli BOBranch Office535559
Kompangi BOBranch Office535580
Konada BOBranch Office535213
Kondabaridi BOBranch Office535534
Kondadevupalli BOBranch Office535568
Kondagandredu BOBranch Office535220
Kondagumpam BOBranch Office535280
Kondakarakam BOBranch Office535003
Kondakenguva BOBranch Office535579
KONDAKINDRAMBranch Office535260
KondaLingalavalasa BOBranch Office535581
Kondatamarapalli BOBranch Office509324
Kondavada BOBranch Office535523
Kondavelagada BOBranch Office535217
Konisa BOBranch Office535270
Konuru BOBranch Office535101
Kopperla BOBranch Office535213
Korapukothavalasa BOBranch Office535579
Koratam BOBranch Office535126
Korlam BOBranch Office535215
Korukonda BOBranch Office535214
Kota Sirlam BOBranch Office535579
Kotagandredu SOPost Office535220
Kotarupalli BOBranch Office535215
Kotaseetharampuram BOBranch Office535559
Kothapalem BOBranch Office535221
Kothapalli BOBranch Office535463
Kothapeta BOBranch Office535218
Kothapeta SO VizianagaramPost Office535002
Kothavalasa BOBranch Office535591
Kothavalasa SOPost Office535183
Kotipam BOBranch Office535521
Kottakki BOBranch Office503145
Kottam BOBranch Office535148
Kottu BOBranch Office535521
Kottuparuva BOBranch Office535593
Kotturu BOBranch Office535463
Kotyada BOBranch Office535240
Kovvada Agraharam BOBranch Office535204
Koyyannapeta BOBranch Office535546
Krishnapalli BOBranch Office535502
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office535148
Krishnarayapuram BOBranch Office535546
Kudama BOBranch Office535525
Kukkidi BOBranch Office535523
Kumaram BOBranch Office535128
Kumili BOBranch Office535204
Kummapalli BOBranch Office535183
Kunayavalasa BOBranch Office535124
Kuneru BOBranch Office535521
Kuntinivalasa BOBranch Office535580
Kurukutti BOBranch Office535593
Kurupam SOPost Office535524
Kusumuru BOBranch Office535124
L Kota SOPost Office535161
Lakhanapuram BOBranch Office535525
Lakkaguda BOBranch Office535523
Lakkidam BOBranch Office535215
Lakshminaiduvalasa BOBranch Office535521
Lakshminarayanapuram BOBranch Office535522
Lakshmipuram Agraharam BOBranch Office535546
Lakshmipuram BOBranch Office535547
Lankapillipalem BOBranch Office535204
Latchayyapeta BOBranch Office535573
Lavidam Agraharam BOBranch Office535101
Lingalavalasa BOBranch Office535270
Lingampeta BOBranch Office535161
Locherla BOBranch Office535126
Logisa BOBranch Office535270
Lothugedda BOBranch Office535273
Lumbesu BOBranch Office503225
M Gumudam BOBranch Office535270
M J R Peta BOBranch Office535218
M Kothasvalasa BOBranch Office535214
M Kothavalasa BOBranch Office535270
Madalangi BOBranch Office535521
Madanapuram BOBranch Office535160
Madhupada BOBranch Office535270
Makkuva SOPost Office535547
Malayada BOBranch Office535218
Malicherala BOBranch Office535005
Mallampeta BOBranch Office535578
Mallipudi BOBranch Office535145
Malliveedu BOBranch Office535161
Mamidipalle SOPost Office535593
Mamidivalasa BOBranch Office535579
Manda BOBranch Office503188
Mangalapalem BOBranch Office535183
Manyapuripeta BOBranch Office535217
Maradam BOBranch Office535580
Maripalli BOBranch Office535593
Maripivalasa BOBranch Office535546
Markondaputti BOBranch Office535525
Marrivalasa BOBranch Office532127
Marupalli BOBranch Office535270
Marupenta BOBranch Office535463
Matumuru BOBranch Office535591
Mavudi BOBranch Office535593
Melia Kancheru BOBranch Office535273
Mentada SOPost Office535273
Merakamudidam BOBranch Office535102
Merangi SOPost Office535526
Mettapalli SOPost Office535125
Mettavalasa BOBranch Office535559
Mirthivalasa BOBranch Office535559
Modavalasa BOBranch Office531162
Moida SOPost Office535280
Mokhasa Duggivalasa BOBranch Office535128
Mokhasa Lingalavalasa BOBranch Office535102
Mondemkhallu SOPost Office535534
Mopada BOBranch Office535005
Mosuru BOBranch Office535591
Mrutyunjayarayanagaram SOPost Office535522
Mudduru BOBranch Office535280
Mudidam Ravivalasa BOBranch Office535124
Mugada BOBranch Office535578
Mukkam BOBranch Office535216
Mulaga BOBranch Office535522
Munginapalli BOBranch Office535006
Munjeru BOBranch Office535216
Mutcherla BOBranch Office535270
N K R Puram BOBranch Office535281
Nadupuru BOBranch Office535280
Nagallavalasa BOBranch Office535217
Naguru BOBranch Office535525
Naidu Valasa BOBranch Office535578
Nallaballi BOBranch Office535281
Nandabalaga BOBranch Office535568
Nandigam BOBranch Office535124
Nandrukona BOBranch Office503230
Narava BOBranch Office535215
Narayanapuram BOBranch Office535557
Narlavalasa BOBranch Office535591
Narsipuram BOBranch Office535522
Neelakanthapuram BOBranch Office535534
Neelavathi BOBranch Office535215
Nelivada BOBranch Office535003
Nellimarla SOPost Office535217
Nelliparthi BOBranch Office535591
Nemalam BOBranch Office535126
Nidagallu BOBranch Office535546
Nidigattu BOBranch Office535240
Nimmalavalasa BOBranch Office535125
Ompalli BOBranch Office535215
P P Agraharam BOBranch Office535270
Pachalavalasa BOBranch Office535579
Pachipenta SOPost Office535592
Padmapuram BOBranch Office535592
Pakirkitthali BOBranch Office535220
Pakki BOBranch Office535559
Palagara BOBranch Office535557
Palavalasa BOBranch Office535125
Palem BOBranch Office535521
Palli Gandredu BOBranch Office535220
Paltheru BOBranch Office535578
Panasapeddikonavalasa BOBranch Office535592
Panchali BOBranch Office535591
Pandiri Mamidivalasa BOBranch Office535593
Panukuvalasa BOBranch Office535591
Pappala Lingalavalasa BOBranch Office535578
Paradi BOBranch Office503321
Parajapadu BOBranch Office535526
Parannavalasa BOBranch Office535591
Parasam BOBranch Office535280
Parvatipuram Bus Stand SOPost Office535502
Parvatipuram HOHead Office535501
Parvatipuram Town SOPost Office535501
Pasupam BOBranch Office535213
Patha Bobbili BOBranch Office535573
Pathabaggam BOBranch Office535270
Patharega BOBranch Office535579
Pathivada BOBranch Office535213
Pavada BOBranch Office535250
Pedabantupalli BOBranch Office535101
Pedabondapalli SOPost Office535527
Pedaborabanda BOBranch Office535591
Pedabuddidi BOBranch Office535525
Pedachamalapalli BOBranch Office535580
Pedagottili BOBranch Office535534
Pedakada BOBranch Office535270
Pedakandepalli BOBranch Office535145
Pedakharja BOBranch Office535523
Pedamajjipalem SOPost Office535221
Pedamanapuram SOPost Office535580
Pedamariki BOBranch Office535502
Pedamedapalli BOBranch Office535580
Pedamerangi BOBranch Office535526
Pedankalam BOBranch Office535546
Pedapadam BOBranch Office535591
Pedapenki BOBranch Office535557
Pedasakha BOBranch Office535521
Pedathadivada BOBranch Office535006
Pedavemali BOBranch Office535215
Penasam BOBranch Office535215
Penta BOBranch Office535573
Penubarthi BOBranch Office535101
Perapi BOBranch Office535125
Perapuram BOBranch Office535204
Perumali BOBranch Office532127
Philipnagar BOBranch Office535502
Pinapenki BOBranch Office535568
Pinathadivada BOBranch Office535006
Pinavemali BOBranch Office535004
Pippalabhadra BOBranch Office535526
Piridi SOPost Office535568
Pittada BOBranch Office535273
Podi BOBranch Office535523
Polipalli BOBranch Office531162
Poram BOBranch Office535580
Pothampeta BOBranch Office535183
PSR Puram BOBranch Office535215
Puligummi BOBranch Office535527
Purohitunivalasa BOBranch Office535591
Pusapatirega SOPost Office535204
Puttajammu BOBranch Office535523
Putturu BOBranch Office535527
Pynampadu BOBranch Office531151
R B Puram BOBranch Office535250
R G Peta BOBranch Office535161
Rachagumadam BOBranch Office532127
Rachakindam BOBranch Office535260
Raghumanda BOBranch Office535005
Ragolu BOBranch Office535218
Raindram BOBranch Office535260
Rajeru BOBranch Office535124
Rajupeta BOBranch Office535573
Rajyalakshmipuram BOBranch Office535521
Rakodu BOBranch Office535004
Ramabhadrapuram BOBranch Office535594
Ramabhadrapuram SOPost Office535579
Ramalingapuram BOBranch Office535125
Ramathirtam SOPost Office535218
Ramavaram BOBranch Office535546
Ramuduvalasa BOBranch Office535559
Rangarayapuram BOBranch Office535161
Rastakuntubai BOBranch Office535523
Ravada BOBranch Office531162
Ravipalli BOBranch Office535463
Ravivalasa SOPost Office535525
Rayagadajammu BOBranch Office535524
Regidi BOBranch Office535524
Regubilli BOBranch Office535160
Rella BOBranch Office535523
Relli BOBranch Office535183
Rellivalasa BOBranch Office535204
Revallapalem BOBranch Office535160
Rompalli BOBranch Office535579
S Chintalavalasa BOBranch Office535580
S G Peta BOBranch Office535145
S Kota SOPost Office535145
S R R Puram BOBranch Office535270
S S R Peta BOBranch Office535217
Salipeta BOBranch Office535273
Salur Fort SOPost Office535591
Salur SOPost Office535591
Sambara BOBranch Office535593
Sangamvalasa BOBranch Office535522
Santhoshapuram BOBranch Office535525
Sanyasirajupeta BOBranch Office535463
Saraivalasa BOBranch Office535547
Sarayyavalasa BOBranch Office535580
Sarika BOBranch Office535004
Sariki BOBranch Office535593
Saripalli BOBranch Office535218
Sasanapalli BOBranch Office535250
Sathamvalasa BOBranch Office532127
Sativada BOBranch Office535218
Savaravilli BOBranch Office535216
Seethampeta BOBranch Office535145
Seethanagaram SOPost Office535546
Seetharamapuram BOBranch Office535160
Seetharampuram BOBranch Office535502
Shikarganj BOBranch Office535578
Shreeramnagar IndColony SOPost Office535101
Shreeramnagar SOPost Office535101
Sikhabadi BOBranch Office535594
Singarai BOBranch Office535161
Singavaram SOPost Office535213
Siripuram BOBranch Office535215
Sirlam BOBranch Office535527
Sivada BOBranch Office535534
Sivadavalasa BOBranch Office535568
Sivannapeta BOBranch Office535524
Sivaram BOBranch Office535128
Sivarampuram BOBranch Office535591
Sivili Peddavalasa BOBranch Office535593
Sivvam BOBranch Office535463
Sompuram Agraharam BOBranch Office535161
Sompuram BOBranch Office535579
Ss Korukonda SOPost Office535214
Subhadra Agraharam BOBranch Office535559
Sudigam BOBranch Office535527
Sundarada BOBranch Office532122
Sunki Agraharam BOBranch Office535525
Surampeta BOBranch Office535527
T B Vara BOBranch Office535145
T Sanduluru BOBranch Office535161
Tadikonda BOBranch Office535523
Taduru BOBranch Office535591
Talari BOBranch Office535148
Tallaburidi BOBranch Office535527
Tamarakhandi BOBranch Office535546
Tamarakhandi Jammu BOBranch Office535594
Tamatada BOBranch Office535260
Tanavaram BOBranch Office535250
Tangudubilli BOBranch Office535218
Tarapuram BOBranch Office535579
Tatavari Kittali BOBranch Office535220
Tatipudi BOBranch Office535218
Tekkali BOBranch Office535003
Tettangi BOBranch Office535220
Therlam SOPost Office535126
Thodumu BOBranch Office535521
Thonam BOBranch Office535593
Thondrangi BOBranch Office535101
Thotapalem BOBranch Office535003
Thotapalli BOBranch Office535525
Thunda BOBranch Office535547
Thurumamidi BOBranch Office535547
Timidi BOBranch Office535145
Timiteru Burjavalasa BOBranch Office505503
Tittiri BOBranch Office535534
Tulasivalasa BOBranch Office535521
Tumarada BOBranch Office535557
Tumbali BOBranch Office535526
Tummalapeta BOBranch Office535217
Tummikapalli BOBranch Office535270
Tummukapalli BOBranch Office535183
Turakanaiduvalasa BOBranch Office535525
Udayapuram BOBranch Office535534
Uddangi BOBranch Office535581
Uddavolu BOBranch Office535463
Uttarapalli BOBranch Office535183
Uttaravalli SOPost Office535124
V B Peta BOBranch Office535250
V B Puram BOBranch Office535183
V R Palem BOBranch Office535250
Vadada BOBranch Office535124
Valasaballeru BOBranch Office535534
Vallapuram BOBranch Office535217
Vallarigudaba BOBranch Office535463
Valluru BOBranch Office535218
Vangara BOBranch Office535523
Vantharam BOBranch Office535557
Vasadi BOBranch Office535160
Vasantha BOBranch Office535215
Vavilapadu BOBranch Office535281
Vedullavalasa BOBranch Office535005
Veduruvada BOBranch Office535221
Veeluparthi BOBranch Office535281
Veeranaraynam BOBranch Office535145
Velagavalasa BOBranch Office535126
Velduru BOBranch Office535213
Vemali BOBranch Office535270
Vempadam BOBranch Office535204
Vemulapalli BOBranch Office535148
VENDRAM BOBranch Office535003
Vengapuram Agraharam BOBranch Office535557
Venkampeta BOBranch Office505187
Venkatabhyripuram BOBranch Office535546
Vepada SOPost Office535281
Vijayaramapuram BOBranch Office535580
Vikrampuram BOBranch Office535502
Vindhyavasi BOBranch Office535580
Viswanadhapuram BOBranch Office535591
Viyyammapeta BOBranch Office535183
Vizianagaram City SOPost Office535001
Vizianagaram Collectorate SOPost Office535003
Vizianagaram Contonment SOPost Office535003
Vizianagaram Court Complex SOPost Office535004
Vizianagaram HOHead Office535002
Vizianagaram Market SOPost Office535001
Vizinigiri BOBranch Office535250
Vobbangi BOBranch Office535534
Voosakonda BOBranch Office505525
Vootapalli BOBranch Office535102
Voppangi BOBranch Office535523
Vullibhadra BOBranch Office535463
Vzm RS SOPost Office535003
Yadika BOBranch Office535128
Yangada BOBranch Office531151
Yegulavada BOBranch Office535523
Zarada BOBranch Office535534

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service