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Explore all post offices or pincodes of VISAKHAPATANAM, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A Koduru SOPost Office531022
A Kothapalle BOBranch Office531022
A U Engg College BOBranch Office530003
A Veeranarayanam BOBranch Office531027
Adakula BOBranch Office531115
Adavi Agraharam BOBranch Office531036
Addasaram BOBranch Office531114
Addumanda BOBranch Office531077
Adduru BOBranch Office531035
Aduguluputtu BOBranch Office531040
Aganampudi SOPost Office530053
Ainada BOBranch Office535005
Akkayyapalem SOPost Office530016
Alamanda BOBranch Office531030
Amal College BOBranch Office531002
Amalapuram BOBranch Office531117
Amanam BOBranch Office531162
Ameena Sahebpeta BOBranch Office531055
Ammulapalem BOBranch Office531002
Amruthpuram BOBranch Office531035
Anakapalle HOHead Office531001
Anandapuram BOBranch Office531022
Anandapuram SO VisakhapatnamPost Office530052
Ananthagiri BOBranch Office535145
Ananthavaram BOBranch Office531219
Andhra University SOPost Office530003
Andiba BOBranch Office531077
Annavaram BOBranch Office531118
Antada BOBranch Office531084
Anthakapalle BOBranch Office531035
Appalrajupuram BOBranch Office531028
Aradakota BOBranch Office531040
Araku BOBranch Office531151
Araku Colony SOPost Office531149
Araku Rs SOPost Office531151
Arilova BOBranch Office530040
Aripaka BOBranch Office531035
Arjunagiri BOBranch Office531036
Arle BOBranch Office531034
Arma BOBranch Office531151
Asakapalle BOBranch Office531035
Atcherla BOBranch Office531031
Atchutapuram SOPost Office531011
Autonagar SO Visakhapatnam RegionPost Office530012
B G Valasa BOBranch Office535145
B H P V SOPost Office530012
Babusala BOBranch Office531040
Bakuru BOBranch Office531077
Balacheruvu BOBranch Office530044
Balighattam BOBranch Office531118
Bandaveedhi BOBranch Office531029
Bangarammapalem BOBranch Office531035
Bangarampeta BOBranch Office531084
Bapiraju Kothapalli BOBranch Office531085
Barada BOBranch Office531040
Basiputtu BOBranch Office531040
Baski BOBranch Office531149
Batlapudi BOBranch Office531002
Bayyavaram BOBranch Office531031
Beeram BOBranch Office531029
Bennabhupalapatnam BOBranch Office531118
Bennavaram BOBranch Office531111
Bennavolu BOBranch Office531036
Bhandevpuram BOBranch Office535250
Bhandevupuram BOBranch Office531219
Bharnikam BOBranch Office531021
Bheemaboinapalem BOBranch Office531113
Bheempolu BOBranch Office535145
Bheemunipatnam SOPost Office531163
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office531082
Bhogapuram BOBranch Office531023
BODAMETTAPALEMBranch Office531162
Bodapalem BOBranch Office531117
Boddapalem BOBranch Office531163
Boddaput BOBranch Office531077
Bodugullam Agraharam BOBranch Office531081
Boduvalasa BOBranch Office531035
Bondam BOBranch Office531149
Bondapalli BOBranch Office531040
Bongaram BOBranch Office531029
Boni BOBranch Office531162
Bonthilli BOBranch Office531029
Bosubeda BOBranch Office531149
Bowluwada BOBranch Office531032
Boyapalem BOBranch Office531163
Boyila Kinthada BOBranch Office531075
BTallavalasa BOBranch Office535005
Budarallu BOBranch Office531087
Bungaput BOBranch Office531040
Burja BOBranch Office531149
Burugupalem BOBranch Office531113
Butchampeta BOBranch Office531118
Butchiyyapeta BOBranch Office531026
Bylakinchangi BOBranch Office531111
Bylapudi BOBranch Office531028
Ch Laxmipuram BOBranch Office531081
Chakipalle BOBranch Office531036
Chammachinta BOBranch Office531115
Chandanada BOBranch Office531081
Cheedigummala BOBranch Office531118
Cheedikada BOBranch Office531028
Cheedipalem BOBranch Office531087
Cheepurupalli BOBranch Office531020
Chekumaddila BOBranch Office531077
Chepaluppada BOBranch Office531163
Cherlopalem BOBranch Office531117
Chettupalle BOBranch Office531036
China Appannapalem BOBranch Office531026
Chinadoddigallu BOBranch Office531081
Chinalabudu BOBranch Office531149
Chinamadina BOBranch Office531026
Chinamushidiwada BOBranch Office530051
Chinanadipalli BOBranch Office531030
Chinapachila BOBranch Office531025
Chinawaltair SOPost Office530003
Chinnagummuluru BOBranch Office531083
Chinnapuram BOBranch Office531219
Chintagatla BOBranch Office531035
Chintalaagaraharam BOBranch Office530047
Chintalapudi BOBranch Office531030
Chintalaveedhi BOBranch Office531024
Chintaluru BOBranch Office531028
Chintapalli SOPost Office531111
Chippada BOBranch Office531162
Chittayyapalem BOBranch Office531026
Chittempadu BOBranch Office531084
Chittivalasa SOPost Office531162
Chn Agraharam BOBranch Office531032
Chodapalle BOBranch Office531011
Chodavaram SOPost Office531036
Chodyam BOBranch Office531084
Chompi BOBranch Office531149
Chowdupalli BOBranch Office531111
Chowduvada BOBranch Office531034
Chukkapalle BOBranch Office531036
D Gottivada BOBranch Office531027
D L Puram BOBranch Office531081
D Suravaram BOBranch Office531026
D TALLAVALASABranch Office535005
Dabagardens SOPost Office530020
Dakamarri BOBranch Office531162
Dalaipalim BOBranch Office531020
Damanapalli BOBranch Office531111
Damunapalle BOBranch Office531036
Darakonda BOBranch Office531105
Darela BOBranch Office531040
Darlapudi BOBranch Office531082
Dayalnagar BOBranch Office530043
DC Buildings SOPost Office530002
Desapatrunipalem BOBranch Office531173
Devada BOBranch Office530031
Devapuram BOBranch Office531027
Devarapalli BOBranch Office531133
Devarapalli SO VisakhapatnamPost Office531030
Dharagangavaram BOBranch Office531115
Dharapalem BOBranch Office531061
Dharnasagaram BOBranch Office531118
Dibbapalem BOBranch Office530044
Dibbapalem SEZ RH Colony BOBranch Office531011
Dibbidi BOBranch Office531026
Dimili SOPost Office531061
Dodiput BOBranch Office531040
Dokuluru BOBranch Office531024
Dondapudi BOBranch Office531114
Donkada BOBranch Office531126
Dopperla BOBranch Office531021
Dosalapadu BOBranch Office531126
Dosuru BOBranch Office531011
Downuru BOBranch Office531118
Duddupalem BOBranch Office531023
Dumbriguda BOBranch Office531151
Duppulavada BOBranch Office531105
Dupputuru BOBranch Office531011
Durgam BOBranch Office531077
Durganagar BOBranch Office530029
Duvvada BOBranch Office530049
Dwarakanagar SOPost Office530016
E D Peta BOBranch Office531115
Enugutuni BOBranch Office531055
Etikoppaka SOPost Office531082
Fortward SOPost Office530001
G J Puram BOBranch Office531126
G Madugula SOPost Office531029
Gabbada BOBranch Office531118
Gadampalem BOBranch Office531084
Gadirai BOBranch Office531027
Gaduthuru BOBranch Office531029
Gajuwaka SOPost Office530026
Galaganda BOBranch Office531077
Galikonda BOBranch Office531133
Gammili BOBranch Office531029
Gamparai BOBranch Office531077
Ganaparthi BOBranch Office531055
Gandhavaram BOBranch Office531219
Gandhigram SO VisakhapatnamPost Office530005
Gandhinagaram SO VisakhapatnamPost Office531001
Gandigundam BOBranch Office531173
Gangavaram BOBranch Office530044
Gannela BOBranch Office531149
Ganneruputtu BOBranch Office531077
Garisingi BOBranch Office531030
Garugubilli BOBranch Office535273
Gasaba BOBranch Office531151
Gattum BOBranch Office531151
Gavarapalem BOBranch Office531022
Gavaravaram BOBranch Office531075
Gayatri Engg College BOBranch Office530048
Geddapalem BOBranch Office531083
Ghandhi Place SOPost Office530003
Gidijala BOBranch Office531173
Giduturu BOBranch Office531113
Ginnelakota BOBranch Office531040
Gitam Engg College SOPost Office530045
Gnanapuram SOPost Office530004
Godicherla BOBranch Office531126
Gogada Kothapalle BOBranch Office531036
Gokivada BOBranch Office531061
Gollalapalem BOBranch Office531035
Golugonda BOBranch Office531084
Golugondapeta BOBranch Office531115
Gomangi BOBranch Office531029
Gompa BOBranch Office531025
Gondeli BOBranch Office531024
Gondipakalau BOBranch Office531118
Gondupalem BOBranch Office531034
Gopalapatnam BOBranch Office531127
Gopalapatnam SOPost Office530027
Gopalapuram BOBranch Office531002
Gorapalle BOBranch Office531173
Gorapudi BOBranch Office531061
Gorapur BOBranch Office531151
Gotivada Agraharam BOBranch Office531028
Gottupalli BOBranch Office531219
Govada SOPost Office531023
Govindapalem BOBranch Office531061
Govt Dairy Farm SOPost Office530040
Gowripatnam BOBranch Office531036
Guda BOBranch Office531077
Gudem SOPost Office531133
Gudilova BOBranch Office531173
Gudivada BOBranch Office531083
Gudivada Veeravalli BOBranch Office531025
Gulleli BOBranch Office531029
Gullepalle BOBranch Office531034
Gullepalli BOBranch Office531035
Gullipadu BOBranch Office531126
Gumma BOBranch Office535145
Gummadigonda BOBranch Office531115
Gummakota BOBranch Office535273
Gundupala BOBranch Office531118
Gunnempudi BOBranch Office531025
Guntagannela BOBranch Office531151
Guntapalle BOBranch Office531126
Guntaseema BOBranch Office531151
Gunupudi BOBranch Office531115
Gurandarapalem BOBranch Office531118
Gurrampalem BOBranch Office531173
Guttulaputtu BOBranch Office531077
H B Colony SOPost Office530022
Haripuram BOBranch Office531061
Hukumpeta SOPost Office531077
Idatam BOBranch Office531127
Industrial Estate SO VisakhapatnamPost Office530007
Injari BOBranch Office531040
INS Kalinga BOBranch Office531163
Iradapalle BOBranch Office531024
Iragi BOBranch Office531149
IRSD Area SOPost Office530008
Isakathota SOPost Office530022
Islampeta BOBranch Office530031
Iti Araku BOBranch Office531149
J P Agraharam BOBranch Office531118
Jagannadhapuram BOBranch Office531055
Jaggampeta BOBranch Office531114
Jaggayyapalem BOBranch Office530012
Jaithavaram BOBranch Office531028
Jalampalli BOBranch Office531027
Jamiguda BOBranch Office531040
Jammadevipeta BOBranch Office531027
Jampena BOBranch Office531027
Janguluru BOBranch Office531011
Jannavaram BOBranch Office531036
Jarjula BOBranch Office531040
Jarrakonda BOBranch Office531077
Jarrela BOBranch Office531040
Jawaharlalnehru Pharmacity SOPost Office531019
Jerrala BOBranch Office531111
Jilledupudi BOBranch Office531117
Jogempeta BOBranch Office531084
Jolaput BOBranch Office531040
Juttada BOBranch Office531023
JVAgraharam BOBranch Office531163
K Kotapadu SOPost Office531034
K Mallampeta BOBranch Office531084
K Santhaplem BOBranch Office531034
K Yellavaram BOBranch Office531118
Kagitha BOBranch Office531081
Kailasapatnam BOBranch Office531085
Kakarapadu BOBranch Office531087
Kalapaka BOBranch Office531021
Kalavalapalle BOBranch Office531061
Kalayanapulova BOBranch Office531114
Kaligotla BOBranch Office531075
Kamayyapeta BOBranch Office531077
Kanamam BOBranch Office531173
Kancharapalem SOPost Office530008
Kanchugummala BOBranch Office531114
Kandepalli BOBranch Office531036
Kandipudi BOBranch Office531036
Kandivaram BOBranch Office531028
Kandrum BOBranch Office531151
Kannampalem BOBranch Office531036
Kannampeta BOBranch Office531114
Kannurupalem BOBranch Office531031
Kantaram BOBranch Office531084
Kapuluppada BOBranch Office531163
Karimukhput BOBranch Office531040
Kasimkota SOPost Office531031
Kasipatnam BOBranch Office535145
Kasipuram BOBranch Office531030
Kavagunta BOBranch Office531027
Kd Peta SOPost Office531084
KGH SOPost Office530002
Khazeepalem BOBranch Office531033
Kilagada BOBranch Office531040
Killamkota BOBranch Office531029
Kimudupalle BOBranch Office531077
Kinaparthi BOBranch Office531084
Kinchumanda BOBranch Office531151
Kinchuru BOBranch Office531024
Kindangi BOBranch Office531024
Kinthada BOBranch Office531034
Kinthalli BOBranch Office531027
Kithalangi BOBranch Office531151
Kitumula BOBranch Office531118
Kiverla BOBranch Office531030
Kj Puram SOPost Office531028
KJPuram BOBranch Office531022
Kodavatipudi BOBranch Office531085
Koduru BOBranch Office531113
Kokkirapalle BOBranch Office531055
Kollaput BOBranch Office531151
Komaruvolu BOBranch Office531114
Kommadi BOBranch Office530048
Kommangi BOBranch Office531111
Kommika BOBranch Office531084
Konam BOBranch Office531028
Konapuram BOBranch Office535145
Kondakarla BOBranch Office531033
Kondala Agraharam BOBranch Office531113
Kondempudi BOBranch Office531026
Kondiba BOBranch Office535145
Kondupalem Agraharam BOBranch Office531026
Kondupalem BOBranch Office531002
Konkasingi BOBranch Office531084
Konthalam BOBranch Office531114
Konthili BOBranch Office531077
Korada BOBranch Office531162
Koravangi BOBranch Office531040
Korra BOBranch Office531151
Korrai BOBranch Office531151
Korukonda BOBranch Office531111
Koruprolu BOBranch Office531083
Koruvada BOBranch Office531022
Kotauratla SOPost Office531085
Kothaballuguda BOBranch Office531149
Kothakota SO VisakhapatnamPost Office531114
Kothapalem BOBranch Office531111
Kothaparadesipalem BOBranch Office531163
Kothapatnam BOBranch Office531114
Kothapenta BOBranch Office531034
Kothuru BOBranch Office531061
Kotnapalle BOBranch Office531077
Kovvada BOBranch Office531219
Kovvuru BOBranch Office531114
Koyyuru SOPost Office531087
Krishna BazarNarsipatnam SOPost Office531118
Kudumusari BOBranch Office531111
Kumada BOBranch Office531040
Kumarapuram BOBranch Office531127
Kundram BOBranch Office531032
Kuntharla BOBranch Office531029
Kuntsangi BOBranch Office531032
Kurupam Market SOPost Office530001
Kusarlapudi BOBranch Office531118
Kusuluwada BOBranch Office531219
L B Colony SOPost Office530017
L Ponnavolu BOBranch Office531027
Lakkavaram SO VisakhapatnamPost Office531075
Lakkavarapupeta BOBranch Office531133
Lalamkoduru BOBranch Office531011
Lammasingi BOBranch Office531118
Lankelapalem BOBranch Office531019
Laxmipeta BOBranch Office531040
LAXMIPURAM BOBranch Office531036
Layaganda BOBranch Office531151
Legisipalli BOBranch Office531024
LIC Building SOPost Office530004
Lingapuram BOBranch Office531085
Lingarajupalem BOBranch Office531060
Lingeti BOBranch Office531029
Longuparthi BOBranch Office535145
Lopudi BOBranch Office531026
Lother BOBranch Office531149
Lothugedda BOBranch Office531111
Luthugedda Jn BOBranch Office531111
Luvvasingi BOBranch Office531029
M B Patnam BOBranch Office531115
M Bennavaram BOBranch Office531117
M K Patnam BOBranch Office531118
M Koduru BOBranch Office531027
M Kotapadu BOBranch Office531028
M Makavaram BOBranch Office531087
Madagada BOBranch Office531149
Madala BOBranch Office531149
Maddi BOBranch Office531219
Madhurawada SOPost Office530048
Madugula SOPost Office531027
Maduthuru BOBranch Office531011
Maharanipeta SOPost Office530002
Majjivalasa BOBranch Office531162
Makavaram BOBranch Office531040
Makavarapalem SOPost Office531113
Malkapuram SOPost Office530011
Mallam BOBranch Office531036
Mallavaram BOBranch Office531113
Mallunaidupalem BOBranch Office531035
Mamidipalem BOBranch Office531032
MAMIDIPALLI BOBranch Office531075
Mampa BOBranch Office531087
Manchala BOBranch Office531028
Mangalapuram BOBranch Office531026
Mangavaram BOBranch Office531126
Manyapuratla BOBranch Office531115
Maredupudi BOBranch Office531019
Marepalli BOBranch Office531030
Marikavalasa BOBranch Office530048
Marripalem BOBranch Office531115
Marripalem SOPost Office530018
Marripalem Vuda Colony SOPost Office530009
Marrivada BOBranch Office531087
Marupaka BOBranch Office531025
Maruturu BOBranch Office531032
Mattam BOBranch Office531077
Matyapuram BOBranch Office531077
Medicherla BOBranch Office531034
Medivada BOBranch Office531025
Melupaka BOBranch Office531055
Mettapalem BOBranch Office531032
Mettujoru BOBranch Office531077
Mindi BOBranch Office530012
Minimuluru BOBranch Office531024
Modapalli BOBranch Office531024
Mondigedda BOBranch Office531111
MUDAPAKABranch Office531173
Muddurthi BOBranch Office531023
Mukundapuram BOBranch Office531026
Mulakapalli BOBranch Office531075
MULAKUDDUBranch Office531162
Muliaguda BOBranch Office535145
Munagapaka SOPost Office531033
Munchingput BOBranch Office531040
Murakada BOBranch Office531061
Muralinagar SOPost Office530007
Mushidipalli BOBranch Office531022
Mutcherla BOBranch Office531173
MVPColony SOPost Office530017
N A D SOPost Office530009
Nadimpalem BOBranch Office531084
Nadupuru BOBranch Office530044
Nagamayyapalem BOBranch Office531162
Nagarajupalem BOBranch Office531162
Nagavaram BOBranch Office531033
Nagayyapeta BOBranch Office531030
Nagulapalli BOBranch Office531002
Nakkapalle SOPost Office531081
Nallagonda BOBranch Office531084
Namavaram BOBranch Office531126
Narasingabilli BOBranch Office531055
Narava BOBranch Office530027
Narsingaraopeta BOBranch Office531019
Narsipatnam HOHead Office531116
Nathavaram SOPost Office531115
Nausenabagh SOPost Office530005
Naval Base SOPost Office530014
Naval Dock Yard SOPost Office530014
Neelakantapuram BOBranch Office531036
Nellipudi BOBranch Office531081
Nerellavalasa BOBranch Office531163
New Colony SOPost Office530016
Nidanam Doddi SOPost Office531002
Nindugonda BOBranch Office531118
NSTL BOBranch Office530027
Ntpc Simhadri SOPost Office531020
Nunaparthi BOBranch Office531020
Nurmathi BOBranch Office531029
Old K D Peta BOBranch Office531084
Olda BOBranch Office531077
P and T Colony VM SOPost Office530013
P Bhimavaram BOBranch Office531026
P Kotha Gudem BOBranch Office531115
P Kothapalle BOBranch Office531117
P P Agraharam BOBranch Office531113
Paderoo SOPost Office531024
Padmanabham BOBranch Office531219
Pakalapadu BOBranch Office531118
Pakeersahebpeta BOBranch Office531036
Pakeertekya BOBranch Office530049
Palavalasa BOBranch Office530052
Pallapu Anandapuram BOBranch Office531033
Paltheru BOBranch Office533401
Pamulavaka BOBranch Office531117
Panasaput BOBranch Office531040
Pandranki BOBranch Office531162
Panduru BOBranch Office531085
Papayya Santhapalem BOBranch Office531032
Pappusettipalem BOBranch Office531084
Paravada SOPost Office531021
Parreda BOBranch Office531040
Pathakota BOBranch Office531077
Pathamallmpeta BOBranch Office531084
Pathavalasa BOBranch Office535183
Patipalle BOBranch Office531033
Pattam BOBranch Office531151
Payakarao Bonangi BOBranch Office531021
Payakaraopeta SOPost Office531126
Peda Doddigallu BOBranch Office531081
Pedabaludu BOBranch Office531149
Pedabayalu SOPost Office531040
Pedabidda BOBranch Office535145
Pedagadi BOBranch Office531173
Pedagadili BOBranch Office530040
Pedagantyada SOPost Office530044
Pedagaruvu BOBranch Office531077
Pedagogada BOBranch Office531036
Pedaguda BOBranch Office531040
Pedagummuluru SOPost Office531083
Pedajaggampeta BOBranch Office531115
Pedakodapalli BOBranch Office531077
Pedakota BOBranch Office531030
Pedalochali BOBranch Office531029
Pedamadaka BOBranch Office530053
Pedamakavaram BOBranch Office531084
Pedamushidivada BOBranch Office531019
Pedanandipalle Agraharam BOBranch Office531030
Pedapalli BOBranch Office531055
Pedaraba BOBranch Office535273
Pedaramabhadrapuram BOBranch Office531127
Pedateenarla BOBranch Office531081
Pedauppalam BOBranch Office531083
Pedavalasa BOBranch Office531133
Pedda Boddepalli BOBranch Office531118
Peddipalem BOBranch Office531163
Pendurthy SOPost Office531173
Penta BOBranch Office531219
Pentakota BOBranch Office531127
Penugollu BOBranch Office531055
Petasudipuram BOBranch Office531055
Pinagadi BOBranch Office531173
Pindrangi BOBranch Office535183
Pithapuram Colony SOPost Office530003
Poipalli BOBranch Office531040
Polipalli BOBranch Office531026
Pongalipaka BOBranch Office531027
Porlupalem BOBranch Office530047
Pothinamallayapalem SOPost Office530041
Potnuru BOBranch Office531219
Pottidorapalem BOBranch Office531026
Prahladapuram BOBranch Office530027
Pudimadaka BOBranch Office531011
Pulaparthi BOBranch Office531055
Purushothapuram BOBranch Office531055
Pydampeta BOBranch Office531034
Pydipala BOBranch Office531113
R Bheemavaram BOBranch Office531032
R P Agraharam SOPost Office531219
R R V Puram SOPost Office530029
R Sivarampuram BOBranch Office531036
R V NAGAR BOBranch Office531133
Rachapalli BOBranch Office531113
Raivada BOBranch Office531030
Raja Koduru BOBranch Office531061
Rajam BOBranch Office531036
Rajayyapeta BOBranch Office531081
Rajupakalu BOBranch Office531118
Rajupeta BOBranch Office531085
Rama Yogi Agraharam BOBranch Office531022
Ramavaram BOBranch Office531173
Rambilli BOBranch Office531061
Rampuram BOBranch Office531173
Rangaseela BOBranch Office531151
Rangelisingi BOBranch Office531151
Rapa BOBranch Office531077
Ratnagiri Colony SOPost Office530048
Ravada BOBranch Office531020
Ravikamatham SOPost Office531025
Rayapalem BOBranch Office531163
Rayapurajupeta BOBranch Office531023
Rebaka BOBranch Office531002
Regupalem BOBranch Office531055
Revallu BOBranch Office531087
Revidi BOBranch Office531162
Revupolavaram BOBranch Office531083
Rintada BOBranch Office531133
Rngabayalu BOBranch Office531040
Rolugunta BOBranch Office531114
Rompalli BOBranch Office535273
Rongalinaidupalem BOBranch Office531034
Rudakota BOBranch Office531040
S Rayavaram SOPost Office531060
Sagar Nagar BOBranch Office530045
Sagara BOBranch Office531151
Sagaram BOBranch Office531027
Salagramapuram SOPost Office530024
Salugu BOBranch Office531024
Sampathipuram BOBranch Office531031
Sangivalasa BOBranch Office531162
Sanivaram BOBranch Office531118
Sankada BOBranch Office531133
Sankaram BOBranch Office531027
Santhari BOBranch Office531077
Saparla BOBranch Office531133
Sarabhannapalem BOBranch Office531084
Saripalli BOBranch Office531173
Sarugudu BOBranch Office531115
Sarvasiddi BOBranch Office531060
Satyavaram BOBranch Office531027
Satyavaram SOPost Office531127
Seekari BOBranch Office531040
Seethayyapeta BOBranch Office531025
Sheelanagar BOBranch Office530012
Sileru Project SOPost Office531105
Simhachalam Hills BOBranch Office530028
Simhachalam SOPost Office530028
Singannabanda BOBranch Office531162
Singannadorapalem BOBranch Office531034
Singarbha BOBranch Office531029
Siragam BOBranch Office531149
Sirijam BOBranch Office531028
Sirlapalem BOBranch Office531219
Sobhakota BOBranch Office531077
Somalingapalem BOBranch Office531055
Somavaram BOBranch Office531055
Sontyam BOBranch Office531173
Sovva BOBranch Office531151
Sowbhagya Rayapuram BOBranch Office531173
Special Economic Zone POPost Office530049
Sri krishnapuram BOBranch Office530040
Srirampuram BOBranch Office531127
Srungavaram BOBranch Office531115
Subbavaram SOPost Office531035
Sujanakota BOBranch Office531040
Sujatha Nagar SOPost Office530051
Sukuru BOBranch Office531077
Sulabham BOBranch Office531029
Sunkapur BOBranch Office531085
Sunkarimetta BOBranch Office531149
T R Project BOBranch Office531115
T S Nagaram BOBranch Office531032
Tadigiri BOBranch Office531077
Tajangi BOBranch Office531118
Tallapalem BOBranch Office531031
Tallavalasa BOBranch Office531162
Tamarabba BOBranch Office531030
Tamaracherla BOBranch Office531114
Tangudubilli BOBranch Office535183
Tanthadi BOBranch Office531011
Tarluvada BOBranch Office530052
Taruva Agraharam BOBranch Office531075
Tatiparthi BOBranch Office531027
Tatituru BOBranch Office531162
Tattabanda BOBranch Office531025
Tekkalipalem BOBranch Office531035
Tenugupudi BOBranch Office531030
Thadi BOBranch Office531019
Thammingula BOBranch Office531111
Thanam BOBranch Office531021
Theeda BOBranch Office531031
Thimmarajupeta BOBranch Office531033
Thotada BOBranch Office531002
Thotakurapalem BOBranch Office531025
Thotaluru BOBranch Office531084
Thummapala SOPost Office531032
Thumpada BOBranch Office531024
Timiram BOBranch Office531075
Timmannapalem BOBranch Office531036
Timmapuram BOBranch Office531083
Tokuru BOBranch Office535145
Tsuchikonda BOBranch Office531055
Tunglam BOBranch Office530012
Turakalapudi BOBranch Office531026
Turangalapalem BOBranch Office531055
Turners Choultry SOPost Office530002
Turuvolu BOBranch Office531036
Tutangi BOBranch Office531151
Tutipala BOBranch Office531113
TVAgraharam BOBranch Office531219
Tyda BOBranch Office535145
Uddandapuram BOBranch Office531126
Uderoo BOBranch Office531032
Ugginapalem BOBranch Office531031
Ukkunagaram SOPost Office530032
Upamaka Agraharam BOBranch Office531081
V B Peta BOBranch Office531028
V Juttada BOBranch Office531173
V Sarabhavaram BOBranch Office531114
Vaddadi SOPost Office531026
Vaddipa BOBranch Office531118
Vadlapudi SOPost Office530046
Vadrapalem BOBranch Office531075
Vadrapalle BOBranch Office531033
Vajragada BOBranch Office531113
Vakapadu BOBranch Office531060
Vakapalle BOBranch Office531075
Valabu BOBranch Office531030
Valasi BOBranch Office535145
Valluru BOBranch Office531019
Vanabhangi BOBranch Office531040
Vanabhasingi BOBranch Office531040
Vanagumma BOBranch Office531040
Vanchula BOBranch Office531111
Vangasara BOBranch Office531111
Vanthala BOBranch Office531029
Vantlamamidi BOBranch Office531024
Vanugupalli BOBranch Office531024
Varada BOBranch Office531022
Varahapuram BOBranch Office531036
Vechalam BOBranch Office531075
Vedullanarava BOBranch Office530049
Vedullapalem BOBranch Office531081
Vedurupalle BOBranch Office531115
Veduruparthi BOBranch Office531031
Veeranarayanam BOBranch Office531028
Veeravalli Agraharam BOBranch Office531026
Vellanki BOBranch Office531163
Vemagiri BOBranch Office531055
Vempadu BOBranch Office531081
Vemulapudi SOPost Office531117
Vemulavalasa BOBranch Office530052
Venkatanagaram BOBranch Office531127
Venkatapathipalem BOBranch Office531020
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office530029
Venkupalem BOBranch Office531032
Vennalapalem BOBranch Office531021
Vepagunta SO VisakhapatnamPost Office530047
Vetazangalapalem BOBranch Office531031
Vidya Bhavan SOPost Office530003
Vijayaramarajupeta BOBranch Office531026
Visakhapatnam Airport SOPost Office530009
Visakhapatnam HOHead Office530001
Visakhapatnam Steel Project SOPost Office530031
Visalakshinagar SOPost Office530043
Visweswarayanagar BOBranch Office530012
VM Bus Station SOPost Office530020
VM Steel Projrct Town Ship SOPost Office530032
Vommali Jagannadhapuram BOBranch Office531027
Vommavaram BOBranch Office531060
Waltair R S HOHead Office530004
Y B Agraharam BOBranch Office531115
Y G Peta BOBranch Office531118
Y S R Puram BOBranch Office535145
Yarada BOBranch Office530005
Yellamanchili SOPost Office531055
Yellapuvanipalem BOBranch Office530027
Yendada BOBranch Office530045
Yerakannapalem BOBranch Office531117
Yerrabommalu BOBranch Office531111
Yerravaram BOBranch Office531033
Zeenabadu BOBranch Office531030
Zinc Smelter P SOPost Office530015

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service