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Explore all post offices or pincodes of VIJAYAPURA, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abbihal BOBranch Office586213
Agarkhed SOPost Office586111
Agasanal BOBranch Office586117
Aheri BOBranch Office586112
Aheri Sindgi BOBranch Office586123
Ahirsang BOBranch Office586211
Ainapur BOBranch Office586104
Algur BOBranch Office586118
Aliyabad BOBranch Office586112
Almatti Damsite SOPost Office586201
Almatti RS BOBranch Office586201
Almel SOPost Office586202
Alur BOBranch Office586129
Alur Indi BOBranch Office586209
Amargol BOBranch Office586129
Angadgeri BOBranch Office586216
Anjutgi BOBranch Office586209
Ankalgi BOBranch Office586127
Aralichandi BOBranch Office586203
Arjanal BOBranch Office586207
Arjunagi BOBranch Office586113
Arkeri BOBranch Office586104
Asangi Khurd BOBranch Office586210
Asantapur BOBranch Office586128
Aski BOBranch Office586118
Atharga SOPost Office586112
Babanagar BOBranch Office586114
Bablad BOBranch Office586209
Bableshwar SOPost Office586113
Bagalur BOBranch Office586123
Balabatti BOBranch Office586213
Balaganur BOBranch Office586128
Ballolli BOBranch Office586117
Baluti BOBranch Office586210
Balwat BOBranch Office586116
Bandal BOBranch Office586128
Bankalgi BOBranch Office586123
Bannihatti Pa BOBranch Office586128
Banthanal BOBranch Office586215
Baratgi BOBranch Office586119
Bardol SO VijayapuraKARPost Office586204
Bargudi BOBranch Office586211
Basanal BOBranch Office586117
Basarkod BOBranch Office586116
Basavan Bagewadi SOPost Office586203
Bavur BOBranch Office586212
Bekinal BOBranch Office586118
Bellubbi BOBranch Office586113
Benakanhalli BOBranch Office586112
Benal BOBranch Office586201
Bhairungi BOBranch Office586207
Bhairwadgi BOBranch Office586203
Bhantanur BOBranch Office586123
Bhantanur TKT BOBranch Office586214
Bhatgunki BOBranch Office586207
Bhutnal BOBranch Office586103
Bhuyar BOBranch Office586111
Bibi ingalgi BOBranch Office586120
Bidarkundi BOBranch Office586212
Bijjargi SOPost Office586114
Bijjur BOBranch Office586124
Bilebhavi BOBranch Office586214
Binjalbhavi BOBranch Office586118
Bisnal BOBranch Office586203
BLDEA Campus SOPost Office586103
Bolachikkalki JKD BOBranch Office586125
Bommanahalli BOBranch Office586206
Bommanjogi BOBranch Office586115
Borgi BOBranch Office586128
BSalwadgi BOBranch Office586214
Budihal Ph BOBranch Office586115
Budihal Pn BOBranch Office586213
Budihal; BOBranch Office586208
Byakod BGW BOBranch Office586208
Byakod BOBranch Office586128
Byalal BOBranch Office586203
Chabanur BOBranch Office586214
Chadchan SOPost Office586205
Chandkavathe BOBranch Office586128
Channegaon BOBranch Office586207
Chattarki BOBranch Office586215
Chick Sindgi BOBranch Office586128
Chik Bevanur BOBranch Office586209
Chikrugi BOBranch Office586215
Chimmalagi BOBranch Office586201
Chowdihal BOBranch Office586209
Darga Vijayapura BOBranch Office586103
Dashyal BOBranch Office586130
Deginal BOBranch Office586117
Devangaon SOPost Office586206
Devapur BOBranch Office586125
Devar Gennur BOBranch Office586125
Devar Hippargi SOPost Office586115
Devar Hulagbal BOBranch Office586212
Devar Navadagi BOBranch Office586206
Devur BOBranch Office586129
Dhannargi BOBranch Office586130
Dhanyal BOBranch Office586130
Dhavalgi SOPost Office586116
Dhulkhed BOBranch Office586207
Dindwar BOBranch Office586203
Domanal BOBranch Office586117
Donur BOBranch Office586203
Dyaberi BOBranch Office586112
Gabsavalgi BOBranch Office586123
Gadisomanal BOBranch Office586214
Ganihar BOBranch Office586128
Ghani BOBranch Office586201
Ghonasagi BOBranch Office586114
Godihal BOBranch Office586204
Golasangi BOBranch Office586216
Golgeri BOBranch Office586128
Golsar BOBranch Office586217
Goravgundgi BOBranch Office586123
Gornal BOBranch Office586215
Gubbewad BOBranch Office586128
Gubbewad Indi BOBranch Office586111
Gunadal BOBranch Office586125
Gundagi BOBranch Office586202
Gundkarajagi BOBranch Office586116
Gunki BOBranch Office586108
Hachyal BOBranch Office586215
Hadagali BOBranch Office586127
Hadalgeri BOBranch Office586212
Hadalsang BOBranch Office586117
Hagargond BOBranch Office586212
Halagani BOBranch Office586125
Halagunaki BOBranch Office586209
Halahalli BOBranch Office586205
Halerolli BOBranch Office586210
Halladgennur BOBranch Office586210
Hallur BOBranch Office586116
Halsangi SOPost Office586207
Hanamapur BOBranch Office586210
Hanchli BOBranch Office586120
Handargal BOBranch Office586129
Handiganur BOBranch Office586120
Hangargi BOBranch Office586216
Hangargi BO 586210Branch Office586210
Hanjagi BOBranch Office586209
Harnal BOBranch Office586115
Hattalli BOBranch Office586205
Hattarkihal BOBranch Office586122
Havinal BOBranch Office586205
Hebbal BOBranch Office586213
Hebbalatti BOBranch Office586113
Hegadihal BOBranch Office586108
Hikkangutti BOBranch Office586202
Hingani BOBranch Office586207
Hirebevanur BOBranch Office586111
Hiremasali BOBranch Office586215
Hiremural BOBranch Office586124
Hirerugi BOBranch Office586209
Hirur BOBranch Office586214
Hitinhalli BOBranch Office586122
Hittinhalli LT BOBranch Office586215
Hokkundi BOBranch Office586113
Honaganhalli BOBranch Office586108
Honawad BOBranch Office586130
Honnalli BOBranch Office586112
Honnutgi BOBranch Office586127
Horti SOPost Office586117
Hosur BOBranch Office586113
Hubnur BOBranch Office586114
Hulagbal BOBranch Office586124
Hullur BOBranch Office586213
Hullur Lt BOBranch Office586213
Hunakunti BOBranch Office586129
Hunshyal BOBranch Office586208
Hunsyal SDG BOBranch Office586118
Huvin Hippargi SOPost Office586208
Huvinhalli BOBranch Office586202
Inchageri BOBranch Office586117
Indi Road BOBranch Office586209
Indi SOPost Office586209
Ingaleshwar BOBranch Office586203
Ingalgeri BOBranch Office586212
Ingalgi BOBranch Office586115
Itagi BOBranch Office586213
Ittangihal BOBranch Office586104
Ivanagi BOBranch Office586203
Jainapur BOBranch Office586113
Jalgeri BOBranch Office586104
Jalwad BOBranch Office586120
JAMBAGI BOBranch Office586113
Jambagi BOBranch Office586112
Jammaldinni BOBranch Office586212
Jeerankalgi BOBranch Office586205
Jevoor BOBranch Office586204
Jigjivani BOBranch Office586204
Jumanal BOBranch Office586122
Kadkol BOBranch Office586203
Kadlewad PA BOBranch Office586206
Kadni BOBranch Office586202
Kaggod BOBranch Office586127
Kakhandki BOBranch Office586113
Kakkalmeli BOBranch Office586123
Kalgi BOBranch Office586213
Kalgurki BOBranch Office586121
Kalhalli BOBranch Office586202
Kalkeri SOPost Office586118
Kambagi BOBranch Office586125
KANABUR BOBranch Office586113
Kanamadi BOBranch Office586114
Kandaganur BOBranch Office586129
Kankal BOBranch Office586203
Kanmuchnal BOBranch Office586125
Kannal BOBranch Office586203
Kannolli BOBranch Office586115
Kannur SOPost Office586119
Kapanimbargi BOBranch Office586117
Karjol BOBranch Office586108
Katakanhalli BOBranch Office586108
Kavadimatti BOBranch Office586212
Kenginal BOBranch Office586112
Kerutgi BOBranch Office586118
Kesaratti BOBranch Office586118
Khainur BOBranch Office586128
Khanapur BOBranch Office586128
Khatijapur BOBranch Office586125
Khedgi BOBranch Office586217
Kodaganur BOBranch Office586214
Kokatnur BOBranch Office586115
Kolhar SO VijayapuraKARPost Office586210
Kolur BOBranch Office586129
Kolur Lt BOBranch Office586129
Kondguli BOBranch Office586120
Konnur BOBranch Office586208
Korahalli BOBranch Office586202
Korwar SOPost Office586120
Kotyal BOBranch Office586130
Koulagi BOBranch Office586216
KSalwadgi BOBranch Office586208
Kudgi SOPost Office586121
Kumathe BOBranch Office586113
Kumshi BOBranch Office586206
Kunchaganur BOBranch Office586129
Kuntoji BOBranch Office586212
Kupakaddi BOBranch Office586210
Kurabardinni BO 586210Branch Office586210
Kurabathalli BOBranch Office586202
Lachyan SOPost Office586211
Lingadahalli BOBranch Office586116
Lingadalli BOBranch Office586209
Lohagaon BOBranch Office586104
Loni BK BOBranch Office586204
Madanahalli BOBranch Office586202
Madari BOBranch Office586129
Madasanal BOBranch Office586119
Madbal BOBranch Office586128
Madhbhavi BOBranch Office586104
Madikeshwar BOBranch Office586116
Madinal BOBranch Office586212
Maileshwar BOBranch Office586214
Majre Sangapur BOBranch Office586125
Makhanapur BOBranch Office586119
Malghan BOBranch Office586128
Mamadapur BOBranch Office586113
Manankalgi BOBranch Office586204
Mangoli SOPost Office586122
Mannur BOBranch Office586216
Mannur BO KORWARBranch Office586120
Manur BOBranch Office586111
Markabbinhalli BOBranch Office586115
Masabinal BOBranch Office586203
Masuti BOBranch Office586121
Mattihal BOBranch Office586210
MDevarhatti BOBranch Office586130
Minajagi BOBranch Office586214
Minchanal Lt BOBranch Office586108
Mirgi BOBranch Office586217
Moratgi SOPost Office586123
Muddebiahl SOPost Office586212
Muddebihal Fort NDBOBranch Office586212
Mukihal BOBranch Office586212
Mulasavalgi BOBranch Office586127
Mulawad BOBranch Office586108
Muttagi BOBranch Office586216
Nadkhurd BOBranch Office586217
Nagabenal BOBranch Office586124
Nagaral BOBranch Office586113
Nagarbetta BOBranch Office586124
Nagathan BOBranch Office586112
Nagavi BOBranch Office586123
Nagur BOBranch Office586212
Nalatwad SOPost Office586124
Nandargi BOBranch Office586117
Nandihal BOBranch Office586122
Narasalagi BOBranch Office586203
Navadagi BOBranch Office586214
Nebageri BOBranch Office586129
Neeralgi BOBranch Office586118
Nerabenchi BOBranch Office586212
Nidgundi SOPost Office586213
Nidoni BOBranch Office586113
Nimbal BOBranch Office586211
Nimbal RS BOBranch Office586211
Nimbargi BOBranch Office586204
Nivargi BOBranch Office586205
Otihal BOBranch Office586115
Padaganur BOBranch Office586127
Padekanur BOBranch Office586116
Padnur BOBranch Office586211
Peerapur BOBranch Office586214
Phattepur BOBranch Office586214
Rabinal BOBranch Office586203
Rakkasagi BOBranch Office586129
Rampur BOBranch Office586202
Revatgaon BOBranch Office586205
Rodagi BOBranch Office586217
Ronihal BOBranch Office586210
Rudgi BOBranch Office586116
Salotgi SOPost Office586217
Sangapur Sh BOBranch Office586125
Sankh BOBranch Office586205
Sarur BOBranch Office586129
Sarwad SOPost Office586125
Sasabal BOBranch Office586128
Sasanur BOBranch Office586214
Satalgaon BOBranch Office586217
Satalgaon PB BOBranch Office586204
Satihal BOBranch Office586115
Savalsang BOBranch Office586117
Shanti Kutir BOBranch Office586119
Shegunshi BOBranch Office586125
Shiradon BOBranch Office586205
Shirakanhalli BOBranch Office586112
Shirbur BOBranch Office586113
Shirnal BOBranch Office586119
Shirshyad BOBranch Office586217
Shivangi SOPost Office586127
Shivapur BOBranch Office586212
Siddanath BOBranch Office586210
Siddapur BOBranch Office586104
Sindgi SOPost Office586128
Somadevarhatti BOBranch Office586114
Somanal BOBranch Office586208
Somjal BOBranch Office586128
Sungthan BOBranch Office586128
Surgihalli BOBranch Office586215
Tadavalga BOBranch Office586209
Taddewadi BOBranch Office586204
Tajpur BOBranch Office586130
Takkalki BOBranch Office586129
Talewad BOBranch Office586121
Talikoti SOPost Office586214
Tamadaddi BOBranch Office586214
Tamba SOPost Office586215
Tangadgi SOPost Office586129
Teggihalli BOBranch Office586217
Telgi SOPost Office586216
Tenihalli BOBranch Office586215
Tidgundi BOBranch Office586119
Tiganibidari BOBranch Office586113
Tikota SOPost Office586130
Tilgul BOBranch Office586118
Tonshyal BOBranch Office586108
Torvi BOBranch Office586108
Tumbagi BOBranch Office586214
Ukkali BOBranch Office586108
Umaraj BOBranch Office586205
Umrani BOBranch Office586205
Uppaladinni BOBranch Office586113
Utnal BOBranch Office586108
Vanahalli BOBranch Office586116
Vandal BOBranch Office586201
Vibhuthalli BOBranch Office586217
Vijayapura Amc SOPost Office586108
Vijayapura Bazar SOPost Office586101
Vijayapura HOHead Office586101
Vijayapura Jalanagar SOPost Office586109
Vijayapura Jorapur Peth SOPost Office586101
Vijayapura Kutchery SOPost Office586101
Vijayapura Market Yard SOPost Office586101
Vijayapura Railway Station SOPost Office586104
Vijayapura Tajbavadi SOPost Office586101
Wadwadgi BOBranch Office586208
Yakkundi BOBranch Office586113
Yalgod BOBranch Office586120
Yalgur BOBranch Office586213
Yalwar BOBranch Office586203
Yambatnal BOBranch Office586127
Yankanchi BOBranch Office586128
Yargal BOBranch Office586123
Yargal TGD BOBranch Office586129
Yarnal BOBranch Office586122
Yarzeri BOBranch Office586212
Yatnal BOBranch Office586104
Zalki BOBranch Office586204

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service