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Explore all post offices or pincodes of VADODARA, GUJARAT

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhol BOBranch Office391421
Achisara BOBranch Office391250
Adiran BOBranch Office391510
Ajod BOBranch Office391740
Ajwa Compound BOBranch Office391510
Ajwa Road SOPost Office390019
Akota SOPost Office390020
Alkapuri SOPost Office390007
Alva BOBranch Office391760
Amaliyara BOBranch Office390022
Ambada BOBranch Office391445
Ambali BOBranch Office391115
Amla BOBranch Office391445
Amodar BOBranch Office390019
Ampad BOBranch Office391101
Amreshwar BOBranch Office391761
Anandi BOBranch Office391110
Anastu BOBranch Office391240
Angadh BOBranch Office391330
Anguthan BOBranch Office391107
Anjesar BOBranch Office391775
Ankhol BOBranch Office390019
Ankodia BOBranch Office391330
Anti BOBranch Office391445
Antoli BOBranch Office391761
Asoj BOBranch Office391745
Atali BOBranch Office391244
Atladara SOPost Office390012
Avakhal BOBranch Office391250
Bachar BOBranch Office391244
Bahutha BOBranch Office391775
Bajwa SOPost Office391310
Bakrol BOBranch Office390019
Baman Gam BOBranch Office391243
Barkal BOBranch Office391105
Bavaria BOBranch Office391250
Bhadara BOBranch Office391445
Bhadarwa SOPost Office391780
Bhaily SOPost Office391410
Bhaniara BOBranch Office391510
Bharthana BOBranch Office391244
Bhilapur BOBranch Office391107
Bhilodia BOBranch Office391110
Bhoj BOBranch Office391445
Bill BOBranch Office391410
Bithli BOBranch Office391105
Bodka BOBranch Office391240
Borbar BOBranch Office391107
Brahamanvashi BOBranch Office391421
Champaner Road BOBranch Office391510
Chandod SOPost Office391105
Chansad BOBranch Office391440
Chanvada BOBranch Office391110
Chapad BOBranch Office391410
Chemical Industries SOPost Office390003
Chhaliar BOBranch Office391530
Chhanbhoi BOBranch Office391250
Chhanchava BOBranch Office391244
Chhani Rd SOPost Office390024
Chhani SO VadodaraPost Office391740
Chhatral BOBranch Office391210
Chikhodara BOBranch Office390009
Chipad BOBranch Office391760
Chitral BOBranch Office391430
Chokari BOBranch Office391450
Choranda SOPost Office391244
Chorbhuj BOBranch Office391240
Dabhasa BOBranch Office391440
Dabhoi HOHead Office391110
Dabhoi RS SOPost Office391110
Dabka BOBranch Office391440
Dajipura BOBranch Office391774
Danteshwar BOBranch Office390004
Darapura BOBranch Office391440
Dashrath BOBranch Office391740
Dena BOBranch Office390022
Deroli BOBranch Office391250
Desar SOPost Office391774
Dhaniavi BOBranch Office390014
Dhanora BOBranch Office391350
Dhantej BOBranch Office391530
Dharmpuri BOBranch Office391110
Dhavat BOBranch Office391210
Dholar BOBranch Office391107
District Court SOPost Office390007
Diver BOBranch Office391250
Dodka BOBranch Office391340
Dudhwada BOBranch Office391450
Dumad BOBranch Office391740
Ekelbara BOBranch Office391440
Falod BOBranch Office391760
Fartikui BOBranch Office391107
Fartilizer Nagar SOPost Office391750
Fateganj HOHead Office390002
Fatepura SO VadodaraPost Office390006
Fazalpur BOBranch Office391340
Gabhirpura BOBranch Office391761
Gametha BOBranch Office391430
Gandhara BOBranch Office391210
Ganeshpura BOBranch Office391510
Gangadia BOBranch Office391520
Ganpatpura BOBranch Office391760
Gardhia BOBranch Office391520
Gavasad BOBranch Office391430
Ghantiyal BOBranch Office391510
Ghayaj BOBranch Office391440
Ghodadara BOBranch Office391760
Goraj BOBranch Office391761
Goriyad BOBranch Office391440
Gorwa BOBranch Office390003
Gosindra BOBranch Office391240
Gothda BOBranch Office391770
Gotri BOBranch Office391101
Gutal BOBranch Office391760
Handod BOBranch Office391240
Harni BOBranch Office390022
Harni Colony SOPost Office390022
Himmatpura BOBranch Office391774
Husepura BOBranch Office391445
Indrad BOBranch Office391510
Industrial Estate Vadodara SOPost Office390016
Itola BOBranch Office391243
Itola RS BOBranch Office391243
Itwad BOBranch Office391774
Jalalpura BOBranch Office391430
Jambua BOBranch Office390014
Jambugoral BOBranch Office391774
Jarod SOPost Office391510
Jaspura BOBranch Office391440
Jawahar Nagar SO VadodaraPost Office391320
Jiyatalavdi BOBranch Office391220
Juna Samlaya BOBranch Office391520
Junarampura BOBranch Office391760
Juni Jathardi BOBranch Office391240
Kadadhara BOBranch Office391107
Kadchhala BOBranch Office391774
Kamalpura BOBranch Office391520
Kambola BOBranch Office391240
Kamrol BOBranch Office391510
Kanbha BOBranch Office391240
Kanda BOBranch Office391430
Kandari SOPost Office391210
Kanjetha BOBranch Office391115
Kapurai BOBranch Office390004
Karalipura BOBranch Office391110
Karamdi BOBranch Office391240
Karchia BOBranch Office391520
Karchiya BOBranch Office391310
Karelibaug SOPost Office390018
Karkhadi SOPost Office391450
Karmal BOBranch Office391210
Karmaliyapura BOBranch Office391761
Karnali BOBranch Office391105
Karnet BOBranch Office391110
Karodia BOBranch Office391310
Kayavahron SOPost Office391220
Kelanpur BOBranch Office390004
Khakharia BOBranch Office391510
Khanda BOBranch Office391760
Khanderao Market SOPost Office390001
Kheda Karmasiya BOBranch Office391510
Khervadi BOBranch Office391761
Kiya BOBranch Office392310
Koliyad BOBranch Office392220
Koral BOBranch Office393105
Kotambi BOBranch Office391510
Kotna BOBranch Office391330
Koyali SOPost Office391330
Kukad BOBranch Office391110
Kukas BOBranch Office391250
Kumetha BOBranch Office390019
Kundhela BOBranch Office391107
Kurai BOBranch Office391240
Kural BOBranch Office391430
Kurali BOBranch Office391240
Kuvarpura BOBranch Office391761
Kuvarvada BOBranch Office391760
Lakodara BOBranch Office391244
Lamdapura BOBranch Office391775
Lanchanpura BOBranch Office391770
Latipura BOBranch Office391440
Latwa BOBranch Office391530
Lilod BOBranch Office393105
Lilora BOBranch Office391510
Limda BOBranch Office391760
Limdi BOBranch Office391530
Lingsthali BOBranch Office391220
Luna BOBranch Office391440
Madanzampa SOPost Office390001
Madheli BOBranch Office391760
Mahmadpura BOBranch Office391440
Mahuvad BOBranch Office391440
Majatan BOBranch Office391450
Makarpura SOPost Office390014
Malpur BOBranch Office391250
Malsar BOBranch Office391115
Mandala BOBranch Office391210
Mandva BOBranch Office391115
Mandvi SO VadodaraPost Office390001
Maneja SOPost Office390013
Manglej BOBranch Office391243
Manjalpur SOPost Office390011
Manjrol BOBranch Office391250
Manjusar GIDCPost Office391776
Manpur BOBranch Office391240
Masar BOBranch Office391421
Masar Road SOPost Office391421
Matroj BOBranch Office392220
Meghakui BOBranch Office391107
Menpura BOBranch Office391220
Merakuva BOBranch Office391774
Mesrad BOBranch Office392220
Methi BOBranch Office391240
Mevli BOBranch Office391770
MI Estate SOPost Office390010
Mindhol BOBranch Office391250
Miyagam BOBranch Office391240
Miyagam Karjan SOPost Office391240
Mobha BOBranch Office391430
Mobha Road SOPost Office391430
Mokshi BOBranch Office391780
Moletha BOBranch Office391105
Mota Habipura BOBranch Office391110
Mota Fofalia BOBranch Office391115
Mota Karala BOBranch Office391105
Motimanekpur BOBranch Office391761
Motipura BOBranch Office391520
Motivarnoli BOBranch Office391774
Mudhela BOBranch Office391510
Mujpur BOBranch Office391440
Muval BOBranch Office391770
Nada BOBranch Office391210
Nahra BOBranch Office391770
Namisara BOBranch Office391775
Nana Fofalia BOBranch Office391210
Nana Karala BOBranch Office391105
Nanderia BOBranch Office391105
Nandesari BOBranch Office391340
Nandesari Ind Estate SOPost Office391340
Nani Bhadol BOBranch Office391520
Naria BOBranch Office391107
Narpura BOBranch Office391530
Narshihpura BOBranch Office391440
Natwar Nagar BOBranch Office391780
Navagam BOBranch Office391510
Nimetha BOBranch Office390019
Ongc Col SOPost Office390009
Oslam BOBranch Office391244
Oz BOBranch Office393105
Pachhiapura BOBranch Office392220
Padmala BOBranch Office391350
Padra SOPost Office391440
Palaswada BOBranch Office391107
Panchdevla BOBranch Office391510
Pandu BOBranch Office391530
Pansoli BOBranch Office391110
Parikha BOBranch Office391210
Pasva BOBranch Office391520
Patarveni BOBranch Office391220
Petrochemical T Ship SOPost Office391345
Pilol BOBranch Office391745
Pindappa BOBranch Office391430
Pingalvada BOBranch Office391240
Pipalchhat BOBranch Office391530
Pipalia BOBranch Office391760
Pipli BOBranch Office391445
Pisai BOBranch Office391110
Poicha BOBranch Office391770
POR SOPost Office391243
Pratapnagar SO VadodaraPost Office390004
Pratappura BOBranch Office391774
Prathampura BOBranch Office391770
Puniad BOBranch Office391110
Racecourse SOPost Office390007
Rahkui BOBranch Office391510
Raika BOBranch Office391340
Raipura BOBranch Office391410
Rajpura BOBranch Office391510
Rajupura BOBranch Office391530
Ramnath BOBranch Office391243
Ranapur BOBranch Office391250
Rania BOBranch Office391780
Ranipura BOBranch Office391520
Ranjit Nagar BOBranch Office391780
Ranoli SO VadodaraPost Office391350
Ranu SOPost Office391445
Rarod BOBranch Office393105
Rasulabad BOBranch Office391510
Rasulpur BOBranch Office391770
Raval BOBranch Office391760
Remeshwarpura BOBranch Office391761
Ropa BOBranch Office393105
Rustampura SO VadodaraPost Office391761
Ruvand BOBranch Office391220
Sadhi BOBranch Office391445
Sadhli SOPost Office391250
Sadra BOBranch Office391510
Sagwa BOBranch Office391105
Saidal BOBranch Office391761
Sambhoi BOBranch Office391240
Samiyala BOBranch Office391410
Samlaya R S SOPost Office391520
Sampa BOBranch Office391240
Sampla BOBranch Office391421
Samra BOBranch Office391244
Samsabad BOBranch Office391107
Sandasal SOPost Office391530
Sandha BOBranch Office391440
Sangadol BOBranch Office391760
Sangma BOBranch Office391440
Saniad BOBranch Office391244
Sankarda BOBranch Office391350
Sanor BOBranch Office391105
Sanpur BOBranch Office391430
Sansrod BOBranch Office392220
Sarar BOBranch Office391243
Sarasavani BOBranch Office391445
Saring BOBranch Office392220
Sarnej BOBranch Office391510
Sathod BOBranch Office391110
Savli SOPost Office391770
Sayajiganj SOPost Office390020
Sayajipura BOBranch Office390019
Sayar BOBranch Office393105
Sejakuva BOBranch Office391440
Sevasi SOPost Office391101
Shahpura BOBranch Office391220
Sharadnagar SOPost Office390009
Sherkhi BOBranch Office391330
Shirola BOBranch Office391110
Sihora BOBranch Office391530
Simalia BOBranch Office391110
Simli BOBranch Office391105
Simri BOBranch Office391244
Sindhrot BOBranch Office391330
Sinor SOPost Office391115
Sisva BOBranch Office391740
Sitpur BOBranch Office391110
Sokhda SOPost Office391745
Sokhdaradhu BOBranch Office391240
Soma Talav SOPost Office390025
Subhanpura SOPost Office390023
Subhelav BOBranch Office391775
Sundarpura BOBranch Office391243
Surasamal BOBranch Office391115
T B Sanatorium SOPost Office390021
Tadiyapura BOBranch Office391770
Tajpura BOBranch Office391440
Tandalja BOBranch Office390012
Tarsali BOBranch Office390009
Tatarpura BOBranch Office390004
Tentalav BOBranch Office391105
Thuwavi SOPost Office391107
Timbarva BOBranch Office391250
Tithor BOBranch Office391450
Tulsipura BOBranch Office391510
Tundav SOPost Office391775
Umaraya BOBranch Office391440
Undera BOBranch Office391330
Urad BOBranch Office391244
Utraj BOBranch Office391250
Vadadla BOBranch Office391445
Vadaj BOBranch Office391105
Vadia BOBranch Office391520
Vadodara HOHead Office390001
Vadsala BOBranch Office391243
Vadsar BOBranch Office390010
Vadu BOBranch Office391440
Vaghodia SOPost Office391760
Vakaner BOBranch Office391780
Vaktapura BOBranch Office391530
Valan SOPost Office392310
Valavav BOBranch Office391774
Valva BOBranch Office391761
Vanadara BOBranch Office391107
Vanchhara BOBranch Office391430
Vaniad BOBranch Office391105
Vankaneda BOBranch Office391774
Varnama BOBranch Office391243
Varsada BOBranch Office391774
Vasai BOBranch Office391110
Vasanpura BOBranch Office391770
Vasia BOBranch Office391530
Vasna Kotaria BOBranch Office391745
Vasvel BOBranch Office391760
Vedpur BOBranch Office391761
Vejalpura BOBranch Office391760
Vejpur BOBranch Office391774
Vemar BOBranch Office391520
Vemardi BOBranch Office391210
Vesania BOBranch Office391760
Vidhyut Nagar Colony SOPost Office390007
Vintoz BOBranch Office391770
Virjai BOBranch Office391240
Virod BOBranch Office390022
Virpur BOBranch Office391445
Vishrampura BOBranch Office391440
Vyankatpura BOBranch Office391510
Vyara Antoli BOBranch Office391760
Wadhwana BOBranch Office391110
Wadi SN Road SOPost Office390017
Waghodia Road SOPost Office390025
Zanzad BOBranch Office391115

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service