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Explore all post offices or pincodes of UDUPI, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achladi BOBranch Office576225
Admar BOBranch Office574119
Airody BOBranch Office576226
Ajekar SOPost Office574101
Ajrihara BOBranch Office576283
Alevoor BOBranch Office574118
Alur BOBranch Office576233
Amasebail BOBranch Office576227
Ambalapadi SOPost Office576103
Ampar BOBranch Office576211
Anagalli BOBranch Office576211
Andar BOBranch Office574101
Ardi BOBranch Office576212
Arekandige BOBranch Office576124
Aroor BOBranch Office576213
Asodu BOBranch Office576222
Athradi BOBranch Office576107
Attur BOBranch Office576117
Avarse BOBranch Office576223
Avral BOBranch Office574103
Bada BOBranch Office574117
Badagabettu BOBranch Office576107
Badakere BOBranch Office576224
Badanidiyur BOBranch Office576115
Baidabettu BOBranch Office576234
Baikadi BOBranch Office576213
Bailur SOPost Office574102
Bajegoli SOPost Office574122
Balkur BOBranch Office576211
Bannadi BOBranch Office576225
Bannanje SOPost Office576101
Barkur SOPost Office576210
Barkur Town BOBranch Office576210
Basrur SOPost Office576211
Beejadi BOBranch Office576222
Belady BOBranch Office574129
Belanje BOBranch Office576112
Belapu BOBranch Office574117
Bellampalli BOBranch Office576124
Bellarpadi BOBranch Office576113
Belmannu SOPost Office576111
Belur Devasthanabettu BOBranch Office576221
Belve SOPost Office576212
Bennekudru BOBranch Office576210
Bhairanje BOBranch Office576107
Bhantakal BOBranch Office574115
Bijur BOBranch Office576232
Bola BOBranch Office574110
Bolakodi BOBranch Office576121
Borkatte BOBranch Office574107
Brahmavara SOPost Office576213
Byndoor SOPost Office576214
Chanthar BOBranch Office576213
Chara BOBranch Office576112
Cherkadi SOPost Office576215
Chitpadi BOBranch Office576101
Chittoor BOBranch Office576233
Devalkunda BOBranch Office576230
Dist Offices Complex Manipal SOPost Office576104
Doddanagudde BOBranch Office576102
Doopadakatte BOBranch Office574110
Durga BOBranch Office576117
Ellare BOBranch Office574108
Gandhimaidan SOPost Office576201
Ganguli SOPost Office576216
Golihole BOBranch Office576214
Guddeangadi BOBranch Office576113
Gujjadi SOPost Office576247
Gulvadi BOBranch Office576283
Gummahola BOBranch Office576212
Gundyadka BOBranch Office574102
Hadavu BOBranch Office576235
Hadiangady BOBranch Office574101
Hakladi BOBranch Office576235
Haladi28 BOBranch Office576222
Haladi76 BOBranch Office576222
Halasinakatte BOBranch Office574113
Halladiharkadi BOBranch Office576210
Hallihole BOBranch Office576229
Halnadu BOBranch Office576211
Haluvalli BOBranch Office576215
Hanehalli BOBranch Office576210
Hanglur SOPost Office576217
Haradi BOBranch Office576213
Hardallimandalli BOBranch Office576222
Harkur BOBranch Office576233
Hattiangadi SOPost Office576283
Havanje BOBranch Office576124
Hebri SOPost Office576112
Hejmadi SOPost Office574103
Hejmadikodi BOBranch Office574103
Hemmadi BOBranch Office576230
Hengavalli BOBranch Office576212
Heranjal BOBranch Office576219
Herga BOBranch Office576107
Herikudru BOBranch Office576230
Hermunde BOBranch Office574101
Herur BOBranch Office576213
Herur92 BOBranch Office574115
Heskethur BOBranch Office576210
Hiliyana BOBranch Office576212
Hirebettu BOBranch Office576107
Hirgana BOBranch Office576117
Hiriadka SOPost Office576113
Hiriangady BOBranch Office574104
Hoode BOBranch Office576115
Hosadu BOBranch Office576247
Hosala BOBranch Office576210
Hosangadi SOPost Office576282
Hosmar BOBranch Office574107
Hungarcutta SOPost Office576218
Hunsemakki BOBranch Office576222
Idu BOBranch Office574109
Idurkunhady BOBranch Office576233
Inna BOBranch Office576121
Innanje BOBranch Office576122
Irvathur BOBranch Office574114
Jadkal BOBranch Office576233
Jansale BOBranch Office576229
Janvarkatte BOBranch Office576223
Japthi BOBranch Office576211
Jarkala BOBranch Office574101
Kabbinale BOBranch Office576112
Kadekar BOBranch Office576103
Kadthala BOBranch Office574108
Kadur BOBranch Office576234
Kakkunje BOBranch Office576222
Kalathur South BOBranch Office574106
Kallianapura SOPost Office576114
Kallya BOBranch Office574110
Kalthod BOBranch Office576219
Kamalashile BOBranch Office576229
Kanajar BOBranch Office574102
Kandlur BOBranch Office576211
Kanthavara SOPost Office574129
Kanyana BOBranch Office576230
Karje BOBranch Office576215
Karkada BOBranch Office576225
Karkala Bazar SOPost Office574104
Karkala HOHead Office574104
Karkala West SOPost Office574104
Karkunje BOBranch Office576283
KatapadiUdupi SOPost Office574105
Kattebelthur BOBranch Office576230
Kattingere BOBranch Office576120
Kaup SOPost Office574106
Kavadi BOBranch Office576210
Kavradi BOBranch Office576211
Kedinje BOBranch Office574110
Kedur BOBranch Office576231
Kelarkalabettu BOBranch Office576105
Kemmannu SOPost Office576115
Kemmundel BOBranch Office574119
Kenchanur BOBranch Office576283
Kenjur BOBranch Office576234
Keradi BOBranch Office576233
Kergal BOBranch Office576219
Kervashe BOBranch Office574122
Khambadakone SOPost Office576219
Kidiyur BOBranch Office576103
Kirimanjeshwara BOBranch Office576219
Koderi BOBranch Office576219
Kodi BOBranch Office576217
Kodi Kanyana BOBranch Office576226
Kodibengre BOBranch Office576218
Kodladi BOBranch Office576283
Kodupanjimar BOBranch Office574116
Kokkarne SOPost Office576234
Kolalagiri BOBranch Office576105
Kollur SOPost Office576220
Koni BOBranch Office576217
Korangrapadi BOBranch Office574118
Korgi BOBranch Office576231
Kota SOPost Office576221
Kotathattu BOBranch Office576221
Koteshwara SOPost Office576222
Krodabailur BOBranch Office576227
Krodashrama SOPost Office576106
Kuchur BOBranch Office576112
Kudi BOBranch Office576113
Kudrukere BOBranch Office576108
Kukkehalli BOBranch Office576124
Kukkikatte BOBranch Office576101
Kukkuje BOBranch Office574108
Kukkundur SOPost Office576117
Kukkundur West BOBranch Office576117
Kulanje BOBranch Office576227
Kumbhashi SOPost Office576257
Kumragodu BOBranch Office576213
Kundabarandadi BOBranch Office576235
Kundapura HOHead Office576201
Kundapura Market SOPost Office576201
Kunjal BOBranch Office576213
Kunjargiri BOBranch Office574105
Kunjibettu SOPost Office576102
Kuntady BOBranch Office574244
Kuthpadi BOBranch Office574118
Kuthyar BOBranch Office574116
Machattu BOBranch Office576227
Madamakki BOBranch Office576212
Majur BOBranch Office574106
Mala BOBranch Office574122
Mallar BOBranch Office574106
Malpe SOPost Office576108
Manchikodi BOBranch Office576102
Mandarthi SOPost Office576223
Manipal HOHead Office576104
Manipura BOBranch Office576120
Manipura West BOBranch Office574105
Manjalthar BOBranch Office574122
Manur BOBranch Office576221
Maravanthe BOBranch Office576224
Marne BOBranch Office576120
Matapadi BOBranch Office576213
Mattar BOBranch Office574116
Mattu BOBranch Office574105
Mayyadi BOBranch Office576214
Melhosur BOBranch Office576233
Mission Compound SO KARNATAKA CIRCLEPost Office576101
Miyar SOPost Office574107
Molahalli BOBranch Office576222
Moodubelle SOPost Office576120
Moodumata BOBranch Office576219
Muddumane BOBranch Office576223
Mudlakatte BOBranch Office576217
Mudmunda BOBranch Office576233
Mudradi BOBranch Office576112
Mudur BOBranch Office576233
Mundkur SOPost Office576121
Muniyal SOPost Office574108
Nada BOBranch Office576230
Nadur BOBranch Office576223
Nakre BOBranch Office576117
Nalkur BOBranch Office576234
Nallur BOBranch Office574122
Nanchar BOBranch Office576234
Nandalike BOBranch Office576111
Nandikur BOBranch Office574111
Navunda SOPost Office576224
Neelavara BOBranch Office576213
Ninjoor BOBranch Office574244
Nire BOBranch Office574102
Nitte SOPost Office574110
Nittur BOBranch Office576103
Nooralbettu BOBranch Office574107
Nujadi BOBranch Office576233
Padebettu BOBranch Office574111
Padubelle BOBranch Office574116
Padubidri SOPost Office574111
Padur BOBranch Office574106
Paduvari BOBranch Office576214
Paduyermal BOBranch Office574119
Palimar SOPost Office574112
Palli SOPost Office574244
Panchanbettu BOBranch Office576113
Pangala SOPost Office576122
Paniyur BOBranch Office574117
Parampalli BOBranch Office576225
Parappadi BOBranch Office574110
Parkala SOPost Office576107
Patla BOBranch Office576107
Perdur SOPost Office576124
Pernal BOBranch Office574116
Pernankila BOBranch Office576113
Pilar SO UdupiPost Office574113
Pithrodi BOBranch Office574118
Puttur BOBranch Office576105
Ragihaklu BOBranch Office576224
Rattadi BOBranch Office576227
Renjala BOBranch Office574114
Sacherigudde BOBranch Office576121
Saibarkatte BOBranch Office576210
Saligrama SO UdupiPost Office576225
Salikeri BOBranch Office576213
Salvadi BOBranch Office576222
Santhekatte SOPost Office576105
Santhekattekalathur BOBranch Office576215
Santhur BOBranch Office574111
Sanur SOPost Office574114
Sasthan SOPost Office576226
Shankaranarayana SOPost Office576227
Shankarapura SOPost Office574115
Shedimane BOBranch Office576212
Shenapura BOBranch Office576235
Shiriyara BOBranch Office576210
Shiroor BOBranch Office576124
Shiruru Udupi SOPost Office576228
Shirva SOPost Office574116
Shivalli BOBranch Office576102
Shivapura BOBranch Office576112
Siddapura Udupi SOPost Office576229
Sitanadi BOBranch Office576112
Someshwara BOBranch Office576112
Sooda BOBranch Office574116
Souda BOBranch Office576222
Subhash Nagar BOBranch Office574105
Taggarshe BOBranch Office576214
Tallur SO UdupiPost Office576230
Tarapathi BOBranch Office576232
Tekkatte SOPost Office576231
Tellar BOBranch Office576117
Tenkabettu BOBranch Office576105
Tenkanidiyur BOBranch Office576106
Thottam BOBranch Office576108
Trasi SOPost Office576235
Uchila SOPost Office574117
Udupi Courts SOPost Office576101
Udupi HOHead Office576101
Udyavara SOPost Office574118
Uliyaragoli BOBranch Office574106
Ullur BOBranch Office576229
Ultoor BOBranch Office576231
Uppinakudru BOBranch Office576230
Uppunda SOPost Office576232
Uppur BOBranch Office576105
Vakwadi BOBranch Office576257
Vandar BOBranch Office576223
Vandse SOPost Office576233
Vanjarakatte BOBranch Office574129
Varanga BOBranch Office574108
Vishwasnagar BOBranch Office574108
Yadyadimathyadi BOBranch Office576222
Yedabettu BOBranch Office576226
Yedamoge BOBranch Office576282
Yedthadi BOBranch Office576210
Yedthare BOBranch Office576214
Yelajith BOBranch Office576214
Yellur BOBranch Office574113
Yennehole BOBranch Office574101
Yerlapady BOBranch Office574102
Yermal SOPost Office574119

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service