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Explore all post offices or pincodes of UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adiwali BOBranch Office313804
Adkalia BOBranch Office313702
Adwas BOBranch Office313703
Agad BOBranch Office313604
Ajbara BOBranch Office313703
Akola BOBranch Office313604
Alsigarh BOBranch Office313031
Amar Pura BOBranch Office313604
Ambassa BOBranch Office313701
Amberi BOBranch Office313011
Amiwara BOBranch Office313701
Amlia BOBranch Office313701
Amloda BOBranch Office313038
Anjani BOBranch Office313604
Arinda BOBranch Office313602
Arnia BOBranch Office313604
ARS Station BOBranch Office313601
B K Kalwana BOBranch Office313704
B K Kherwara BOBranch Office313702
Baalicha BOBranch Office313604
Badawali BOBranch Office313026
Badgaon BOBranch Office313603
Badgaon SOPost Office313011
Badla BOBranch Office313803
Bagdunda BOBranch Office313705
Baggad BOBranch Office313602
Baghpura BOBranch Office313702
Bakhel BOBranch Office307025
Balathal BOBranch Office313601
Balicha BOBranch Office313001
Ballabh BOBranch Office313706
Balua BOBranch Office313802
Bambora SOPost Office313706
Bamnia BOBranch Office313027
Bana Khurd BOBranch Office313902
Banoda BOBranch Office313027
Bansada BOBranch Office313603
Barapal BOBranch Office313801
Barda BOBranch Office313011
Bari Tb S BOBranch Office313011
Bari Undri BOBranch Office313031
Barli BOBranch Office307025
Baroda BOBranch Office313026
Barodia BOBranch Office313602
Barothi BOBranch Office313803
Bassi BOBranch Office313027
Bassi Junjawat BOBranch Office313027
Batharda Kalan BOBranch Office313602
Batharda Khurd BOBranch Office313602
Bawalwara BOBranch Office313803
Bayri BOBranch Office313803
Bedawal BOBranch Office313027
Bedla BOBranch Office313011
Beerothi BOBranch Office313906
Bekria BOBranch Office313708
Bemla BOBranch Office313703
Bhabrana BOBranch Office313038
Bhadviguda BOBranch Office313705
Bhalon Ka Guda BOBranch Office313024
Bhanda BOBranch Office313803
Bhanpura BOBranch Office313704
Bhansol Garwara BOBranch Office313204
Bharev BOBranch Office313604
Bhatewaar BOBranch Office313601
Bhensda Kalan BOBranch Office313024
Bhimal BOBranch Office313203
Bhinder SO UdaipurPost Office313603
Bhoiyon Ki Pancholi BOBranch Office313003
Bhopa Khera BOBranch Office313603
Bhoraipal BOBranch Office313026
Bhudar BOBranch Office313802
Bhutala BOBranch Office313011
Bhuwana BOBranch Office313001
Bichhadi BOBranch Office313024
Bichhiwara BOBranch Office313701
Bijanwas BOBranch Office313201
Bikarni BOBranch Office307025
Bilakh BOBranch Office313802
Bokhada BOBranch Office313704
Boyana BOBranch Office313201
Budel BOBranch Office313038
Bujhra BOBranch Office313031
Chanawada BOBranch Office313801
Chandesara BOBranch Office313201
Chandora BOBranch Office313903
Changedi BOBranch Office313205
Chansda BOBranch Office313003
Chargadia BOBranch Office313603
Chatia Khedi BOBranch Office313705
Chatpur BOBranch Office313905
Chawand SOPost Office313904
Chhali BOBranch Office313705
Chhani SO UdaipurPost Office313804
Chiboda BOBranch Office313027
Chirwa BOBranch Office313202
Chorai BOBranch Office313903
Chorbaori BOBranch Office313705
Dabaycha BOBranch Office313804
Dabok SOPost Office313022
Dagar BOBranch Office313026
Daiya BOBranch Office313701
Dakan Kotra BOBranch Office313001
Dal BOBranch Office313027
Damana BOBranch Office313702
Dantesar BOBranch Office313703
Daroli BOBranch Office313022
Dayli BOBranch Office313904
Debari BOBranch Office313024
Deogam BOBranch Office313027
Deolia BOBranch Office313604
Deopura BOBranch Office313901
Depur BOBranch Office313903
Deri BOBranch Office313804
Dewas BOBranch Office313702
Dhamania BOBranch Office313601
Dhamniya BOBranch Office313604
Dhankiwara BOBranch Office313903
Dharod BOBranch Office313027
Dhavdi BOBranch Office313706
Dhedmaria BOBranch Office307025
Dheemari BOBranch Office313702
DhelanaPost Office313805
Dhikiya BOBranch Office313604
Dhingri BOBranch Office313905
Dhinkli BOBranch Office313001
Dhinkwas BOBranch Office313803
Dhol BOBranch Office313708
Dholgiri Ka Khera BOBranch Office313038
Dholi Magri BOBranch Office313201
Dholia BOBranch Office313604
Dhundi BOBranch Office313001
Dhundia BOBranch Office313603
Diyan BOBranch Office313704
Dodawali BOBranch Office313702
Fatehnagar SO UdaipurPost Office313205
Fatehpur BOBranch Office313001
Gadoli BOBranch Office313203
Gamda Pal BOBranch Office313027
Ganawal BOBranch Office313704
Garnalakotra BOBranch Office313802
Gejvi BOBranch Office313906
Ghasa BOBranch Office313201
Ghated BOBranch Office313038
Ghatod BOBranch Office313905
Ghodi BOBranch Office313803
Gingla BOBranch Office313706
Godana BOBranch Office313702
Godasar BOBranch Office313026
Godawat Gorimba BOBranch Office313802
Gogala BOBranch Office313702
Gogrood BOBranch Office313708
Gogunda SOPost Office313705
Gorana BOBranch Office313702
Gudel BOBranch Office313706
Gudli BOBranch Office313024
Gupri BOBranch Office313022
Guran BOBranch Office307025
Harshawara BOBranch Office313804
Hinta BOBranch Office313603
Idana BOBranch Office313706
Intali BOBranch Office313205
Intali Khera SOPost Office313026
Intali Pal BOBranch Office313026
Isarwas Dangiyan BOBranch Office313027
Iswal BOBranch Office313011
Jagat BOBranch Office313703
Jambuda BOBranch Office313903
Jaswantgarh BOBranch Office313708
Jawad BOBranch Office313703
Jawar BOBranch Office313901
Jawas BOBranch Office313803
Jayra BOBranch Office313804
Jed BOBranch Office307025
Jekra BOBranch Office313702
Jemli BOBranch Office313704
Jetana BOBranch Office313038
Jewana BOBranch Office313206
Jhadol P SOPost Office313702
Jhadol S SOPost Office313905
Jhadoli BOBranch Office313708
Jhallara SOPost Office313038
Jhamar Kotra BOBranch Office313003
Jodhpur Khurd BOBranch Office313038
Jogiwara BOBranch Office307025
Juda BOBranch Office307025
Kachhaba BOBranch Office313705
Kadmal BOBranch Office313322
Kagdar BOBranch Office313802
Kagwas BOBranch Office307025
Kaladwas BOBranch Office313003
Kali Bhit BOBranch Office313604
Kaliwas BOBranch Office313202
Kalyankalan BOBranch Office313038
Kalyanpur BOBranch Office313903
Kamol BOBranch Office313704
Kanbai BOBranch Office313804
Kanore SOPost Office313604
Kanpur BOBranch Office313003
Kantora BOBranch Office313905
Kanuwara BOBranch Office313802
Karakalan BOBranch Office313038
Karanpur BOBranch Office313601
Karawada BOBranch Office313804
Karawali BOBranch Office313027
Karchha BOBranch Office313803
Karda BOBranch Office313001
Katanwara BOBranch Office313904
Katarwas BOBranch Office313803
Katev BOBranch Office313026
Kathar BOBranch Office313001
Kaya BOBranch Office313801
Kejad BOBranch Office313902
Kewda Khurd BOBranch Office313001
Khajuria BOBranch Office307025
Khakhad BOBranch Office313702
Khandiobri BOBranch Office313803
Khanmeen BOBranch Office313803
Kharka BOBranch Office313027
Kharsan BOBranch Office313602
Khartana BOBranch Office313206
Kharwa BOBranch Office313003
Khedi BOBranch Office313022
Khemli SOPost Office313201
Khempur BOBranch Office313203
Kherad BOBranch Office313027
Kheroda SOPost Office313602
Kherwara SOPost Office313803
Kikawas BOBranch Office313601
Kkunthwas BOBranch Office313603
Kojawara BOBranch Office313802
Kolar BOBranch Office313903
Kolyari BOBranch Office313701
Kotra SO UdaipurPost Office307025
Kun BOBranch Office313604
Kunda BOBranch Office313903
Kundai BOBranch Office313603
Kuradia BOBranch Office313903
Kurawar SO UdaipurPost Office313703
Kyari BOBranch Office313708
Ladani BOBranch Office313203
Lakadwas BOBranch Office313003
Lakhawali BOBranch Office313011
Laku Ka Lewa BOBranch Office313604
Larathi BOBranch Office313803
Lasadia BOBranch Office313604
Lathuni BOBranch Office313701
Loharcha BOBranch Office313708
Lopada BOBranch Office313203
Losing BOBranch Office313011
Loyra BOBranch Office313011
Lunda BOBranch Office313604
Mada BOBranch Office313705
Madar BOBranch Office313011
Madla BOBranch Office313702
Madri BOBranch Office313702
Mahad BOBranch Office307025
Mahadi BOBranch Office307025
Mahuda BOBranch Office313204
Mahuwara BOBranch Office313901
Majawad BOBranch Office313705
Majawada BOBranch Office313602
Majawadi BOBranch Office313705
Makradeo BOBranch Office313702
Mallada BOBranch Office313026
Malpur BOBranch Office313027
Malwa Ka Chora BOBranch Office313708
Mamer BOBranch Office307025
Mandawal BOBranch Office307025
Mandwa BOBranch Office307025
Manpur BOBranch Office313038
Massaron Ki Obri BOBranch Office313802
Matasula BOBranch Office313038
Matoon BOBranch Office313003
Mavli Jn SOPost Office313203
Mayada BOBranch Office313706
Medi BOBranch Office307025
Medi Dhani BOBranch Office313903
Menar BOBranch Office313602
Merpur BOBranch Office307025
Merta BOBranch Office313022
Methudi BOBranch Office313703
Mewaron Ka Math BOBranch Office313708
Modi BOBranch Office313602
Mohd Phalasia BOBranch Office313702
Morath BOBranch Office313206
Morila BOBranch Office313027
Morwal BOBranch Office313705
Motida BOBranch Office313603
Nahar Magra BOBranch Office313201
Nai SOPost Office313031
Naijhar BOBranch Office313703
Nal BOBranch Office313705
Nandeshma SOPost Office313708
Nandwel BOBranch Office313022
Narayan Seva SansthanBranch Office313011
Nathara BOBranch Office313904
Navda BOBranch Office313903
Nawania BOBranch Office313601
Nayagaon BOBranch Office313804
Nayawas BOBranch Office307025
Nichli Sigri BOBranch Office313701
Noli BOBranch Office313026
Noorda BOBranch Office313204
Obra Kalan BOBranch Office313705
Oda BOBranch Office313701
Ogna SOPost Office313906
Onarsingh Ki Bhagal BOBranch Office313602
Orwaria BOBranch Office313027
Padawali BOBranch Office313906
Paderi BOBranch Office313802
Padla BOBranch Office313901
Padrada BOBranch Office313704
Paduna BOBranch Office313801
Pai BOBranch Office313031
Pal Kharwad BOBranch Office313801
Pal Nimboda BOBranch Office313902
Pal Sarara BOBranch Office313902
Palan Kalan BOBranch Office313204
Palana Khurd SOPost Office313204
Palasma BOBranch Office313704
Palodara BOBranch Office313001
Pandiyawara BOBranch Office313026
Paner BOBranch Office313001
Panund BOBranch Office313706
Pareda BOBranch Office313802
Parsad SOPost Office313801
Patia BOBranch Office313804
Payara BOBranch Office313038
Phalasia SOPost Office313701
Phalichada BOBranch Office313203
Phila BOBranch Office313706
Piladhar BOBranch Office313001
Pipalwara BOBranch Office313702
Pipla BOBranch Office313708
Pipli A BOBranch Office313802
Pipli B BOBranch Office313802
Pithalpura BOBranch Office313604
Pograkalan BOBranch Office313803
Punawali BOBranch Office313704
Puria Kheri BOBranch Office313601
Rajol BOBranch Office313903
Rakhyawal BOBranch Office313201
Rao Madra BOBranch Office313708
Rathora BOBranch Office313026
Ravlia Khurd BOBranch Office313705
Rawalia Kalan BOBranch Office313705
Rishabhdeo SOPost Office313802
Roachh BOBranch Office313704
Royda BOBranch Office313001
Rundera BOBranch Office313601
Sada BOBranch Office307025
Sagtara BOBranch Office313902
Sagtari BOBranch Office313903
Sagwara BOBranch Office313802
Saidem BOBranch Office313708
Sakroda BOBranch Office313024
Saleda BOBranch Office313603
Salera Kalan BOBranch Office313201
Sallada BOBranch Office313905
Salumber SOPost Office313027
Sameeja BOBranch Office313906
Samoda BOBranch Office313038
Samoli BOBranch Office307025
Sandraf BOBranch Office307025
Sangwa BOBranch Office313201
Sanwar SO UdaipurPost Office313206
Sapetia BOBranch Office313011
Saradeet BOBranch Office313702
Saradi BOBranch Office313027
Sarangpura BOBranch Office313603
Sarara SOPost Office313902
Sarera BOBranch Office313804
Saroli BOBranch Office313803
Sarsia BOBranch Office313905
Sarupal BOBranch Office313801
Saveena BOBranch Office313001
Sayra SOPost Office313704
Semad BOBranch Office313704
Semal BOBranch Office313703
Semari SOPost Office313903
Seria BOBranch Office313027
Shaktawat Ka Guda BOBranch Office313026
Shayampura BOBranch Office313903
Sheshpur BOBranch Office313038
Shishvi BOBranch Office313703
Shobhagpura BOBranch Office313011
Shyampura BOBranch Office313905
Sihad BOBranch Office313706
Sindhu BOBranch Office313204
Singhara BOBranch Office313704
Singhatwara BOBranch Office313901
Sisarma BOBranch Office313031
Som BOBranch Office313701
Suavaton Ka Guda BOBranch Office313704
Sulai BOBranch Office313803
Sulawas BOBranch Office313706
Sultan Ji ka Kherwara BOBranch Office313702
Sundra BOBranch Office313804
Surajgarh BOBranch Office313705
Surkhand Ka Khera BOBranch Office313903
Suveri BOBranch Office313803
Tarawat BOBranch Office313601
Tarpal BOBranch Office313704
Teja Ka Was BOBranch Office313708
Tekan BOBranch Office313706
Thada BOBranch Office313027
Thamla BOBranch Office313204
Thana BOBranch Office313804
Thoor BOBranch Office313011
Tidi BOBranch Office313801
Titardi BOBranch Office313001
Toda BOBranch Office313027
Tokar BOBranch Office313026
Udaipur City SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Fatehpura SOPost Office313001
Udaipur H Magri SOPost Office313002
Udaipur HOHead Office313004
Udaipur Industrial Area SOPost Office313003
Udaipur Macchala Magra SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Naya Sarafa SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Palace Road SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Pratapnagar SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Railway Station SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Rani Road SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Shastri Circle SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Station Road SOPost Office313001
Udaipur Surajpole SOPost Office313001
Udaipur University Campus SOPost Office313001
Udaipuria Jagir BOBranch Office313905
Ugamna Kotra BOBranch Office313802
Umaramines BOBranch Office313003
Upreta BOBranch Office313701
Utharda BOBranch Office313706
Vadiyar BOBranch Office313203
Vallabhnagar SO UdaipurPost Office313601
Vana BOBranch Office313602
Vasni Kalan BOBranch Office313205
Vass BOBranch Office313906
Vati BOBranch Office313322
Veerdholia BOBranch Office313201
Veerpura BOBranch Office313905
Wali BOBranch Office313703
Wanri BOBranch Office313204
Zawar Mines SOPost Office313901
Zinc Smelter SOPost Office313024

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service