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Explore all post offices or pincodes of TUMAKURU, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adagur BOBranch Office572216
Adalagere BOBranch Office572223
Agrahara BOBranch Office572129
Ajjenahalli BOBranch Office572220
Alalaghatta BOBranch Office572222
Albur BOBranch Office572224
Ammanaghatta BOBranch Office572216
Ammasandra SOPost Office572211
Amruthur SOPost Office572111
Anekere BOBranch Office572212
Ankalakoppa BOBranch Office572213
Ankasandra BOBranch Office572117
Anupanahalli BOBranch Office572140
Arakere BOBranch Office572106
Aralaguppe BOBranch Office572212
Aralikere BOBranch Office572227
Arasapura BOBranch Office572121
Aregujjanahalli BOBranch Office572140
Aremallenahalli BOBranch Office572224
Ariyur BOBranch Office572118
Arsikere BOBranch Office572116
Attikatte BOBranch Office572225
AVenkatapura BOBranch Office572129
Badakanahalli BOBranch Office572175
Badamaranahalli BOBranch Office572113
Badavanahalli SOPost Office572112
Bajagur BOBranch Office572224
Baluvaneralu BOBranch Office572217
Banasandra SOPost Office572212
Bandakunte BOBranch Office572137
Bandihalli BOBranch Office572123
Baragihalli BOBranch Office572119
Baragur BOBranch Office572119
Baragur SOPost Office572113
Barakanalu BOBranch Office572228
Barasidlahalli BOBranch Office572214
Bedathur BOBranch Office572133
Beechanahalli BOBranch Office572215
Beerasandra BOBranch Office572114
Begur BOBranch Office572130
Beladhara BOBranch Office572106
Belagarahali BOBranch Office572201
Belaguli BOBranch Office572228
Belagumba BOBranch Office572104
Belavatha BOBranch Office572219
Bellara BOBranch Office572218
Bellavi BOBranch Office572107
Benakanakere BOBranch Office572227
Bettadahalli BOBranch Office572222
Bettadakelaginahalli BOBranch Office572136
Bettahalli BOBranch Office572111
Bettahallimutt BOBranch Office572126
Bevinahalli BOBranch Office572135
Bhaktharahalli BOBranch Office572120
Bhupasandra BOBranch Office572125
Bhyranayakanahalli BOBranch Office572201
Bidanagere BOBranch Office572130
Bidare BOBranch Office572117
Bijawara BOBranch Office572132
Bilidevalaya BOBranch Office572130
Biligere SOPost Office572114
Bittagondanahalli BOBranch Office572220
Bommaladevipura BOBranch Office572121
Bommathanahalli BOBranch Office561202
Brahamasandra BOBranch Office572125
Brahmasandra BOBranch Office572128
Bramhasamudra BOBranch Office572124
Budibetta BOBranch Office561202
Bugudanahalli BOBranch Office572107
Bukkapatna BOBranch Office572129
Bukkapatna SOPost Office572115
Byadanur BOBranch Office561202
Byadigere BOBranch Office572219
Byalya BOBranch Office572175
Byatha BOBranch Office572140
Chandragiri BOBranch Office572112
Chandrashekarapura SOPost Office572213
Channakeshavapura SOPost Office572116
Channanakunte BOBranch Office572137
Channenahalli BOBranch Office572107
Chelur SO TumakuruPost Office572117
Chengavara BOBranch Office572135
Chengavi BOBranch Office572213
Chikkabanagere BOBranch Office572113
Chikkabidare BOBranch Office572228
Chikkadalavatta BOBranch Office572127
Chikkahalli BOBranch Office572141
Chikkamalur BOBranch Office572175
Chikkanahalli BOBranch Office572125
Chikkanayakanahalli SOPost Office572214
Chikkasarangi BOBranch Office572118
Chikkatotlukere BOBranch Office572128
Chikkonahalli BOBranch Office572216
Chinakavajra BOBranch Office572132
Chinnenahalli BOBranch Office572133
Chirathahalli BOBranch Office572113
Chowdanakuppe BOBranch Office572123
Chowlakatte BOBranch Office572119
CKodagihalli BOBranch Office572213
CNandihalli BOBranch Office572117
Dabbeghatta BOBranch Office572112
Dabbegunte BOBranch Office572218
Dandinashivara SOPost Office572215
Dasalakunte BOBranch Office572138
Dasarahalli BOBranch Office572129
Dasarighatta BOBranch Office572201
Dasihalli BOBranch Office572221
Dasudi BOBranch Office572218
Dawoodsab Palya BOBranch Office572120
Devalapura BOBranch Office572138
Devarayanadurga BOBranch Office572140
Devarayapatna BOBranch Office572104
Dibbur BOBranch Office572106
Dodda Agrahara BOBranch Office572125
Doddagoraghatta BOBranch Office572220
Doddaguni BOBranch Office572211
Doddahosahalli BOBranch Office572175
Doddakunnala BOBranch Office572219
Doddamadure BOBranch Office572142
Doddamalligere BOBranch Office572221
Doddamalur BOBranch Office572127
Doddamavathur BOBranch Office572130
Doddanaravangala BOBranch Office572107
Doddasaggere BOBranch Office572129
Doddasettikere BOBranch Office572221
Doddaveeragondanahalli BOBranch Office572132
Doddayennegere BOBranch Office572119
Dodderi BOBranch Office572112
Dombaranahalli BOBranch Office572215
Dommathamari BOBranch Office561202
Dugudihalli BOBranch Office572226
Dunda BOBranch Office572215
Dwaranahalli BOBranch Office572227
Dwaranakunte BOBranch Office572135
Dyagerahalli BOBranch Office572139
Echanur BOBranch Office572201
Galaga BOBranch Office572216
Galigekere BOBranch Office572222
Ganadahunse BOBranch Office572115
Ganadal BOBranch Office572218
Gandhinagar SO TumakuruPost Office572102
Ganganaghatta BOBranch Office572224
Ganjalagunte BOBranch Office572132
Garani BOBranch Office572124
Godekere BOBranch Office572214
Gokula Extn Koratagere SOPost Office572129
Gondhihalli BOBranch Office572175
Gonitumkur BOBranch Office572227
Gopaladeverahalli BOBranch Office572125
Gopalapura BOBranch Office572216
Gowdagere BOBranch Office572139
Gowdatti BOBranch Office561202
Gowripura BOBranch Office572117
Gubbi Bazar SOPost Office572216
Gubbi Hosahalli BOBranch Office572216
Gubbi SOPost Office572216
Guddenahalli BOBranch Office572227
Gudigondanahalli BOBranch Office572217
Gujjanadu BOBranch Office572116
Guligenehalli BOBranch Office572137
Gulur SOPost Office572118
Gummaghatta BOBranch Office561202
Gundagal BOBranch Office572127
Gundlahalli BOBranch Office561202
Gungurumale BOBranch Office572224
Gunnagere BOBranch Office572130
Gurugadahalli BOBranch Office572201
Hadavanahalli BOBranch Office572211
Hagalawadi BOBranch Office572222
Halagere BOBranch Office572111
Halanur BOBranch Office572107
Haldodderi BOBranch Office572128
Halenahalli BOBranch Office572125
Halepalya BOBranch Office572201
Halevoor BOBranch Office572123
Halkurike BOBranch Office572201
Hanchihalli BOBranch Office572129
Handanahalli BOBranch Office572223
Handanakere SOPost Office572119
Handikunte BOBranch Office572113
Hanumanahalli BOBranch Office572112
Hanumanthapura BOBranch Office572133
Haradagere BOBranch Office572223
Haralur BOBranch Office572104
Hebbur SOPost Office572120
Heggere BOBranch Office572215
Hemdore BOBranch Office572135
Herur BOBranch Office572130
Hindiskere BOBranch Office572213
Hiredoddavadi BOBranch Office572140
Hirehalli SOPost Office572168
Hodalur BOBranch Office572223
Hoisalakatte BOBranch Office572218
Holalagunda BOBranch Office572111
Holavanahalli SOPost Office572121
Honnagondanahalli BOBranch Office572137
Honnavalli Road BOBranch Office572201
Honnavalli SOPost Office572217
Honnebagi BOBranch Office572214
Honnudike SOPost Office572122
Honsigere BOBranch Office572122
Hosahalli BOBranch Office572123
Hosakere BOBranch Office572132
Hosur BOBranch Office572139
Huildore BOBranch Office572137
Hulihalli BOBranch Office572217
Hulikunte BOBranch Office572113
Huliyar SOPost Office572218
Huliyur Durga SOPost Office572123
Hullekere BOBranch Office572215
Hullenahalli BOBranch Office572122
Hunjanal BOBranch Office572128
Hunseghatta BOBranch Office572224
Hunsehalli BOBranch Office572139
Hunsekatte BOBranch Office572115
Hussainpura BOBranch Office572136
Huthri BOBranch Office572126
Idagur BOBranch Office572213
Ippadi BOBranch Office572126
Irakasandra BOBranch Office572129
Ittakadibbanahalli SOPost Office572124
Jadeya BOBranch Office572221
Jakkenahalli BOBranch Office572112
Jalodu BOBranch Office572141
Janakaloti BOBranch Office572124
Jangamarahalli BOBranch Office572116
Jayachamarajapura BOBranch Office572214
Jayanagar Extn Tumakuru SOPost Office572102
Jiddigere BOBranch Office572134
Jinnagara BOBranch Office572111
K R Extn Tiptur SOPost Office572201
K R S Agrahara Kunigal SOPost Office572130
Kabbigere BOBranch Office572138
Kadaba SO TumakuruPost Office572219
Kadagathur BOBranch Office572127
Kadasettihalli BOBranch Office572111
Kadavigere BOBranch Office572137
Kaggere BOBranch Office572130
Kalidevapura BOBranch Office572127
Kalkere BOBranch Office572201
Kallambella SOPost Office572125
Kallegowdanapalya BOBranch Office572201
Kallur SO TumakuruPost Office572220
Kamalapura BOBranch Office572217
Kambathanahalli BOBranch Office572118
Kanakoor BOBranch Office572221
Kanakuppe BOBranch Office572120
Kanathur BOBranch Office572224
Kandikere SOPost Office572228
Kanivenahalli BOBranch Office561202
Kannamedi BOBranch Office572116
Karadi BOBranch Office572114
Karpenahalli BOBranch Office572112
Kataveeranahalli BOBranch Office572125
Kathrighatta BOBranch Office572126
Kattige Gollahalli BOBranch Office572104
Kavanadala BOBranch Office572112
Keelara BOBranch Office572111
Kembalalu BOBranch Office572120
Kempanadodderi BOBranch Office572138
Kempanahalli SOPost Office572126
Kenchanahalli BOBranch Office572123
Kengalapura BOBranch Office572119
Kenkere BOBranch Office572218
Kesaramadu BOBranch Office572104
Kestur BOBranch Office572138
KHonnamachanahalli BOBranch Office572111
Kibbanahalli BOBranch Office572114
Kilarlahalli BOBranch Office572116
Kithanagamangala BOBranch Office572130
KKallahalli BOBranch Office572220
KMathighatta BOBranch Office572220
Kodagadala BOBranch Office572132
Kodagihally BOBranch Office572227
Kodamadagu BOBranch Office561202
Kodavathi BOBranch Office572123
Kodigenahalli SOPost Office572127
Kodiyala BOBranch Office572117
Kodlahalli BOBranch Office572121
Kodlapura BOBranch Office572175
Kolala BOBranch Office572140
Kondajji BOBranch Office572215
Kondavadi BOBranch Office572175
Kondethimmanahalli BOBranch Office572116
Kondli BOBranch Office572211
Kondlighatta BOBranch Office572114
Koppa BOBranch Office572219
Kora SO TumakuruPost Office572128
Koratagere SOPost Office572129
Kotagarlahalli BOBranch Office572132
Kotagudda BOBranch Office561202
Kotanayakanahalli BOBranch Office572201
Kothagere BOBranch Office572130
Kothur BOBranch Office572116
Kotta BOBranch Office572137
Kunigal SOPost Office572130
Kunikenahalli BOBranch Office572212
Kuntegowdanahalli BOBranch Office572125
Kuppalu BOBranch Office572114
Kuppur BOBranch Office572226
Kuramkote BOBranch Office572138
Kuvempunagara SOPost Office572103
Kyashavara BOBranch Office572121
Kyathaganahalli BOBranch Office572116
Kyathaganakere BOBranch Office572136
Kyathagondanahalli BOBranch Office572133
Kyathasandra SOPost Office572104
Lakkenahalli BOBranch Office572113
Lakshmipura BOBranch Office572133
Lakshmisagara BOBranch Office572139
Lingadahalli BOBranch Office561202
M C Campus Tumakuru SOPost Office572107
Machenahalli BOBranch Office572215
Madalur BOBranch Office572137
Madapura BOBranch Office572216
Maddakkanahalli BOBranch Office572139
Madde BOBranch Office572116
Madenahalli BOBranch Office572117
Madenur BOBranch Office572201
Madhugiri SOPost Office572132
Madihalli BOBranch Office572227
Madikehalli BOBranch Office572130
Magodu BOBranch Office572137
Makanahalli BOBranch Office572118
Malagondanahalli BOBranch Office572114
Mallasandra BOBranch Office572107
Mallekavu BOBranch Office572129
Malligehalli BOBranch Office572214
Manangi BOBranch Office572139
Manchaladore BOBranch Office572117
Mangalawada BOBranch Office572116
Maralur SOPost Office572105
Marasettihalli BOBranch Office572225
Maridasanahalli BOBranch Office572141
Markonahalli BOBranch Office572111
Masavanaghatta BOBranch Office572224
Maskal BOBranch Office572122
Mathighatta BOBranch Office572119
Mathihalli BOBranch Office572201
Mavathur BOBranch Office572129
Mavinahalli BOBranch Office572213
Mavinakere BOBranch Office572221
Mayasandra SOPost Office572221
Medigeshi SOPost Office572133
Mekerahalli BOBranch Office572137
Melekote BOBranch Office572105
Melkunte BOBranch Office572137
Modur BOBranch Office572130
Mooganayakana Kote SOPost Office572222
Muddenahalli BOBranch Office572228
Mugadalabetta BOBranch Office572116
Mugalur BOBranch Office572221
Mukanahallipatna BOBranch Office572216
Mulkunte BOBranch Office572122
Muniyur BOBranch Office572227
Muthugadahalli BOBranch Office572221
Mydala BOBranch Office572104
Mydanahalli BOBranch Office572127
Nadumavinapura BOBranch Office572130
Nadur BOBranch Office572135
Naduvanahalli BOBranch Office572119
Nagalamadike BOBranch Office572136
Nagalapura BOBranch Office572221
Nagaraghatta BOBranch Office572224
Nagasandra gubbi BOBranch Office572216
Nagasandra SO TumakuruPost Office572134
Nagavalli BOBranch Office572118
Naliganahalli BOBranch Office561202
Naranahalli BOBranch Office572213
Naruganahalli BOBranch Office572122
Navile BOBranch Office572226
Neelammanahalli BOBranch Office561202
Neeragunda BOBranch Office572212
Negalala BOBranch Office572138
Nelahal BOBranch Office572128
Nellikere BOBranch Office572224
Neralekere BOBranch Office572132
NHosahalli BOBranch Office572211
Nidasale BOBranch Office572123
Niduvalalu BOBranch Office572120
Niruvagal BOBranch Office572119
Nitrahalli BOBranch Office572132
Nittur SO TumakuruPost Office572223
NMathighatta BOBranch Office572223
Nonavinakere SOPost Office572224
Northren Extension SOPost Office572106
Nyayadagunte BOBranch Office572116
Obalapura BOBranch Office572106
Oorkere BOBranch Office572106
P N Halli SOPost Office572135
P W D Colony Madhugiri SOPost Office572132
Paduvagere BOBranch Office572111
Palasandra BOBranch Office572118
Palavalli SOPost Office572136
Parthihalli BOBranch Office572127
Pathaganahalli BOBranch Office572129
Pavagada Fort SOPost Office561202
Pavagada SOPost Office561202
PHonnamachanahalli BOBranch Office572123
Ponnasamudra BOBranch Office561202
Pothaganahalli BOBranch Office572141
Prabhuvanahalli BOBranch Office572216
Pura BOBranch Office572215
Puradakatte BOBranch Office572119
Puravara SOPost Office572175
R M Yard Madhugiri SOPost Office572132
Ragalahalli BOBranch Office572113
Rajathadripura BOBranch Office572114
Rajavanthi BOBranch Office561202
Ramachandrapura BOBranch Office572201
Ramalingapura BOBranch Office572115
Ramanahalli BOBranch Office572217
Rampura BOBranch Office572121
Rangapura BOBranch Office572201
Rangasamudra BOBranch Office561202
Rantavalalu BOBranch Office572132
Rathnasandra BOBranch Office572137
Rayacherlu BOBranch Office572136
RByadarahalli BOBranch Office572123
Reddihalli BOBranch Office572133
Roppa BOBranch Office561202
S G Extn Tumakuru SOPost Office572102
Sadarahalli BOBranch Office572228
Sailapura BOBranch Office561202
Samige Road Railway Station BOBranch Office572225
Sampige hosahalli BOBranch Office572225
Sampige SOPost Office572225
Sanaba BOBranch Office572111
Santhmavathur BOBranch Office572130
Sarthavalli BOBranch Office572201
Sasalakunte BOBranch Office561202
Sasalu BOBranch Office572226
Sathenahalli BOBranch Office572117
Seebi Agrahara BOBranch Office572125
Seegehalli BOBranch Office572213
Seenappanahalli BOBranch Office572126
Seethakal BOBranch Office572140
Settihalli BOBranch Office572132
Settikere SOPost Office572226
Shivapura BOBranch Office572222
Shravandanahalli BOBranch Office572127
Shyamarayanapalya BOBranch Office572116
Sidadaragal BOBranch Office572112
Siddaganga Mutt SOPost Office572104
Siddapura BOBranch Office572141
Siddarthanagar BOBranch Office572107
Singonahalli BOBranch Office572216
Singonahally BOBranch Office572120
Sira SOPost Office572137
Siravara BOBranch Office572120
SIT Campus BOBranch Office572102
SKodagehalli BOBranch Office572213
Somalapura BOBranch Office572222
Someswarapuram SOPost Office572102
Sompura BOBranch Office572121
Sondalagere BOBranch Office572126
Soolanaikanahalli BOBranch Office561202
Soralamavu BOBranch Office572119
Soravanahalli BOBranch Office572221
Sorekunte BOBranch Office572128
Srirangapura BOBranch Office572136
SSIT Campus BOBranch Office572105
Suddekunte BOBranch Office572127
Sugur BOBranch Office572224
Swandenahalli BOBranch Office572104
Syagadadu BOBranch Office572137
Tadasur BOBranch Office572201
Talagunda BOBranch Office572125
Talakere BOBranch Office572221
Talavaranahalli BOBranch Office572225
Talekoppa BOBranch Office572117
Taredakuppe BOBranch Office572120
Tarikere BOBranch Office572130
Tarur BOBranch Office572125
Tavarekere BOBranch Office572123
Tavarekere SO TumakuruPost Office572139
Teriyur BOBranch Office572127
Thadakalur BOBranch Office572113
Thadi BOBranch Office572124
Thammadihalli BOBranch Office572226
Thandaga BOBranch Office572224
Theetha BOBranch Office572129
Thimmalanayakanabetta BOBranch Office572116
Thimmalapura BOBranch Office572112
Thimmanahalli BOBranch Office572228
Thippaiahnadurga BOBranch Office572141
Thippapura BOBranch Office572124
Thippur BOBranch Office572216
Thirthapura BOBranch Office572214
Thirumalapura BOBranch Office572218
Thogarighatta BOBranch Office572121
Thoremavinahalli BOBranch Office572212
Thuilahalli BOBranch Office572213
Thumbadi BOBranch Office572129
Thuppadakona BOBranch Office572137
Thyagatur BOBranch Office572223
Tippur BOBranch Office572142
Tiptur HOHead Office572201
Tirumani BOBranch Office572136
Tovinakere SOPost Office572138
Tumakuru City SOPost Office572101
Tumakuru HOHead Office572101
Turuganur BOBranch Office572134
Turuvekere SOPost Office572227
Tuvekere BOBranch Office572134
Ujjini BOBranch Office572123
Urdigere SOPost Office572140
Vaddagere BOBranch Office572129
Vaddanahalli BOBranch Office572125
Vaderahalli BOBranch Office572132
Vajarahalli BOBranch Office572135
Vajjanakurke BOBranch Office572129
Vajrapura Colony BOBranch Office572211
Vallur BOBranch Office572136
Veeraganahalli BOBranch Office572135
Venkatapura BOBranch Office561202
Vignasanthe BOBranch Office572224
Virupasamudra BOBranch Office561202
Vittalapura BOBranch Office572221
Volagerepura BOBranch Office572111
Western Extn SOPost Office572101
Y N Hoskote SOPost Office572141
Yadaladaku BOBranch Office572135
Yadavanne BOBranch Office572111
Yaguvapalli BOBranch Office572136
Yalagalawadi BOBranch Office572126
Yediyur SO TumakuruPost Office572142
Yelachigere BOBranch Office572140
Yelanadu BOBranch Office572218
Yelekadakalu BOBranch Office572123
Yelerampura BOBranch Office572129
Yeliyur BOBranch Office572137
Yelkur BOBranch Office572124
Yenjalagere BOBranch Office572135
Yeradakatte BOBranch Office572115

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service