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Explore all post offices or pincodes of TIRUVANNAMALAI, TAMILNADU

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A K Padavedu BOBranch Office606905
Adaiyur BOBranch Office606604
Adamangalam SOPost Office606901
Adanur BOBranch Office632317
Adiannamalai BOBranch Office606604
Adiyanur BOBranch Office604403
Agraharapalayam BOBranch Office632314
Akkur SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office631701
Alathur BOBranch Office606702
Alividaithangi BOBranch Office604402
Allialamangalam BOBranch Office606904
Allikondapattu BOBranch Office606753
Alliyandal BOBranch Office604503
Amirthi BOBranch Office632102
Ammapalayam BOBranch Office632315
Ammayapattu BOBranch Office604408
Amudur BOBranch Office604405
Ananthapuram BOBranch Office632315
Anapathur BOBranch Office604401
Andampallam BOBranch Office606804
Andipattu BOBranch Office606703
Anmarudai BOBranch Office604504
Anukkavoor SOPost Office604401
Aradapattu BOBranch Office606808
Arasampattu BOBranch Office606807
Arasanipalai BOBranch Office631702
Arasankanni BOBranch Office606703
Arasur BOBranch Office604408
Arattavadi BOBranch Office606709
Arayalam BOBranch Office632326
Ariyapadi BOBranch Office632314
Arjunapuram BOBranch Office606905
Arni Fort SOPost Office632301
Arni HOHead Office632301
Arpakkam BOBranch Office606752
Arudirapattu BOBranch Office606806
Arugavur BOBranch Office604407
Arunagirichatram SOPost Office632301
Arunthodu BOBranch Office604501
Athimoor Tindivanam BOBranch Office606803
Athipadi BOBranch Office606708
Athurai BOBranch Office606902
Athuvambadi BOBranch Office606907
Avaniapuram BOBranch Office604504
Avur SOPost Office606755
Ayalpadi BOBranch Office604505
Ayyampalayam BOBranch Office606603
Ayyankulam SOPost Office606601
Badur BOBranch Office604403
Banambattu BOBranch Office606908
Bhimarapatti BOBranch Office606708
Brammadesam BOBranch Office632511
Budamangalam BOBranch Office606902
C Nammiandal BOBranch Office606702
Chellankuppam BOBranch Office606755
Chengam SOPost Office606701
Chennasamudram BOBranch Office606701
Chettupattu Polur SOPost Office606801
Chevur SOPost Office632316
Cheyyar BOBranch Office604407
Cheyyaturvendran BOBranch Office604401
Chinnaelacheri BOBranch Office631702
Chinnaimpettai BOBranch Office606708
Chinnakallapadi BOBranch Office606806
Chithathur BOBranch Office604410
Chitragavur Pudur BOBranch Office604501
Desur SOPost Office604501
Devanampattu BOBranch Office606802
Devanur BOBranch Office606806
Devikapuram SOPost Office606902
Dusi BOBranch Office631702
Echur BOBranch Office604404
Edathanur BOBranch Office606707
Elaneerkundram BOBranch Office604401
Elangadu BOBranch Office604408
Elangunni BOBranch Office606703
Elathur BOBranch Office606906
Elayankanni BOBranch Office606753
Embalam BOBranch Office604406
Endal BOBranch Office604502
Eraiyur BOBranch Office606704
Eriyur Amirthi BOBranch Office632102
Eriyur BOBranch Office632103
Erumaivetti BOBranch Office604401
Erumbur BOBranch Office604404
Erumpoondi BOBranch Office604601
Esanyamadam SOPost Office606604
Ettivadi BOBranch Office606907
Gangapattu BOBranch Office606804
Gangavaram BOBranch Office606901
Gudalur BOBranch Office606907
Hasanamapettai SOPost Office604402
Inamkariyandal BOBranch Office606604
Indiravanam BOBranch Office632313
Injimedu BOBranch Office604503
Irumbedu BOBranch Office632317
Isukkalikatteri BOBranch Office606804
Jagirvalavanur BOBranch Office632511
Japthikarani BOBranch Office604406
Japthikariandal BOBranch Office606702
Kadagaman BOBranch Office606804
Kadaladi SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office606908
Kadambai BOBranch Office604502
Kaduganur BOBranch Office604503
Kaganam BOBranch Office604410
Kalambur SOPost Office606903
Kalasamudram BOBranch Office632311
Kalasapakkam SOPost Office606751
Kalasthambadi BOBranch Office606805
Kaliyur BOBranch Office604407
Kallarai Padi BOBranch Office606702
Kallathur BOBranch Office606710
Kallayee Sorathur BOBranch Office606754
Kalnagar SOPost Office606601
Kalur BOBranch Office606751
Kalvasal BOBranch Office606903
Kamakkur BOBranch Office606903
Kanalapadi BOBranch Office606611
Kandavaratti BOBranch Office604502
Kangeyanur BOBranch Office606803
Kanji SOPost Office606702
Kannamangalam Bazaar BOBranch Office632311
Kannamangalam SOPost Office632311
Kanthapalayam BOBranch Office606901
Kappalur BOBranch Office606751
Karapattu BOBranch Office606705
Karapundi BOBranch Office606803
Kariamangalam BOBranch Office606709
Karkonam BOBranch Office606751
Kasthambadi BOBranch Office606903
Kattampoondi SOPost Office606808
Kattukanur SOPost Office632312
Kattumalayanur BOBranch Office606804
Kayambattu BOBranch Office606701
Kelur BOBranch Office606907
Kesavapuram BOBranch Office606905
Kettavarampalayam BOBranch Office606901
Kidampalayam BOBranch Office606901
Kikkalur BOBranch Office604601
Kilaiyur BOBranch Office606710
Kiliyapattu BOBranch Office606604
Kilkarippur BOBranch Office606755
Kilkodungalur SOPost Office604403
Kilkovalavedu SOPost Office604404
Kilkuppam BOBranch Office606705
Kilnachipattu BOBranch Office606611
Kilnamandi BOBranch Office604501
Kilnarma BOBranch Office604403
Kilnathur BOBranch Office606601
Kilpaliyapattu BOBranch Office606704
Kilpalur BOBranch Office606908
Kilpennathur SOPost Office604601
Kilputhur BOBranch Office604501
Kilsaranankuppam BOBranch Office632102
Kilsathamangalam BOBranch Office604408
Kilsirupakkam BOBranch Office606707
Kilvanakkambadi BOBranch Office606707
Kilvillivalam BOBranch Office604408
Kodanagar BOBranch Office604407
Kodanallur BOBranch Office604405
Kodiyalam BOBranch Office604406
Kolakkaravadi BOBranch Office606805
Kolakudi BOBranch Office606808
Kolappalur SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office632313
Kolundampattu BOBranch Office606706
Konalur BOBranch Office606755
Korakkai BOBranch Office604409
Kothandavadi BOBranch Office606752
Kottai BOBranch Office604403
Kovilandur BOBranch Office632102
Kovilur BOBranch Office604404
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office606905
Kulathur BOBranch Office606755
Kunnakampoondi BOBranch Office604501
Kunnathur Arni SOPost Office632314
Kunnathur BOBranch Office604402
Kuppam BOBranch Office632311
Kuppanatham BOBranch Office606710
Kuruvimalai BOBranch Office606751
Kuthanur BOBranch Office604402
Kuttar BOBranch Office606708
Kuvalai BOBranch Office604403
Kuyilam BOBranch Office606710
Ladavaram BOBranch Office606751
Madipakkam BOBranch Office631701
Madurampattu BOBranch Office606804
Mahamayee Tirumani BOBranch Office604501
Malamanjanur BOBranch Office606708
Malappambadi BOBranch Office606611
Malayur SOPost Office604502
Maligaipattu BOBranch Office604409
Mallavadi BOBranch Office606805
Mamandur BOBranch Office632317
Mamandur Kanchipuram SOPost Office631702
Mambattu BOBranch Office606803
Mandakolathur SOPost Office606904
Mangalam SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office606752
Manganallur BOBranch Office604408
Mansurabad BOBranch Office606902
Marudadu SOPost Office604405
Maruthuvambadi BOBranch Office606802
Matam BOBranch Office604502
Mathur BOBranch Office631701
Mavalavadi BOBranch Office604406
Mekkalur BOBranch Office604601
Melachery BOBranch Office604502
Melarvandavadi BOBranch Office606703
Melathangal BOBranch Office606807
Melchengam BOBranch Office606703
Melkuppachinnanur BOBranch Office632102
Melma BOBranch Office604408
Melmattaivinnamangalam BOBranch Office604503
Melmudiyanur BOBranch Office606704
Melnachipattu BOBranch Office606704
Melnagar BOBranch Office632315
Melnemili BOBranch Office604505
Melpadur BOBranch Office606702
Melpallipattu SOPost Office606703
Melpathi BOBranch Office604505
Melpennathur BOBranch Office606704
Melpuludiyur BOBranch Office606709
Melsishamangalam BOBranch Office604504
Melsolankuppam BOBranch Office606901
Melvanakakambadi BOBranch Office606703
Menalur BOBranch Office631702
Meyyur BOBranch Office606753
Modaiyur BOBranch Office606902
Molugampoondi BOBranch Office632317
Morakaniyanur BOBranch Office606801
Moranam BOBranch Office604407
Mosavadi BOBranch Office604503
Mottakkal BOBranch Office606708
Mukkur BOBranch Office604409
Mukkurumbai BOBranch Office606903
Mullandrum BOBranch Office632512
Mullipattu BOBranch Office632316
Munnurmangalam BOBranch Office606705
Munugapattu BOBranch Office604504
Murugapadi BOBranch Office606803
Murukattampundi BOBranch Office604407
Nachipattu BOBranch Office606709
Nadanur BOBranch Office632102
Nadukuppam BOBranch Office606903
Nagalur BOBranch Office632102
Nallavanpalayam BOBranch Office606603
Nallur BOBranch Office604406
Namandi BOBranch Office604410
Namathodu BOBranch Office632313
Nambedu BOBranch Office606902
Nammiyambattu BOBranch Office632102
Naraiyur BOBranch Office606754
Narasingapuram BOBranch Office606902
Narayanakuppam BOBranch Office606708
Narayanamangalam BOBranch Office632313
Nariyapattu BOBranch Office606753
Navalpakkam BOBranch Office604503
Nayudumangalam SOPost Office606802
Nedumbarai BOBranch Office604407
Nedungunam SOPost Office606807
Neepathurai BOBranch Office606703
Neivanatham BOBranch Office606754
Nelliyankulam BOBranch Office604405
Nerkunam BOBranch Office604406
Nesal BOBranch Office632316
Nookambadi BOBranch Office606752
Northampoondi BOBranch Office606802
Odalavadi BOBranch Office632326
Olaipadi BOBranch Office606754
Onnupuram SOPost Office632315
Oorgoundanur BOBranch Office606710
Osur BOBranch Office604405
P Quilam BOBranch Office606708
Pachal SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office606704
Padagam BOBranch Office606904
Padiagraharam BOBranch Office606705
Paiyur BOBranch Office632317
Pakkiripalayam BOBranch Office606709
Palampettai BOBranch Office606801
Palanandal BOBranch Office606752
Palankoil BOBranch Office606751
Palaparambattu BOBranch Office632102
Palayanur BOBranch Office606753
Palli BOBranch Office604407
Pallikondapattu BOBranch Office606611
Panaiyur BOBranch Office632518
Pandithapattu BOBranch Office606603
Pappanthangal BOBranch Office604407
Paramanandal SOPost Office606710
Parasur BOBranch Office604409
Parayampattu BOBranch Office606808
Pathiyavadi BOBranch Office606751
Pavithiram SOPost Office606806
Pelasur BOBranch Office606803
Pennattagaram BOBranch Office604406
Periagaram BOBranch Office606803
Periyakilambadi BOBranch Office606802
Periyakolapadi BOBranch Office606704
Pernamallur SOPost Office604503
Perumanam BOBranch Office606806
Perumbalai BOBranch Office604401
Perungulathur BOBranch Office604407
Perunkolathur BOBranch Office606708
Perunthuraipattu BOBranch Office606753
Pillanthangal BOBranch Office604410
Pinjur BOBranch Office606709
Polur SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office606803
Polur Town SOPost Office606803
Ponnur BOBranch Office604408
Poosimalaikuppam BOBranch Office632512
Porkunam BOBranch Office606802
Potharai BOBranch Office606803
Pudupalayam BOBranch Office631702
Pudupalayam SO TiruvannamalaiPost Office606705
Pudupattu BOBranch Office606710
Pudur Chekkadi BOBranch Office606708
Pudur Chengam BOBranch Office606705
Pulavanpadi BOBranch Office606903
Pulivanandal BOBranch Office606904
Puliyampatti BOBranch Office606703
Pundi Polur BOBranch Office606751
Pungambadi BOBranch Office606903
Punnai BOBranch Office604405
Purisai BOBranch Office604401
Puthur BOBranch Office632512
Radhapuram BOBranch Office606707
Ragunathapuram BOBranch Office632316
Ragunathasamudram BOBranch Office604503
Rajapalayam BOBranch Office606755
Ramakrishnapuram BOBranch Office604402
Ramanathapuram BOBranch Office606905
Randam BOBranch Office604407
Rattinamangalam BOBranch Office632316
Rayampettai BOBranch Office604601
Rayandapuram BOBranch Office606708
Reddiarpalayam BOBranch Office606708
RKunnathur BOBranch Office606803
S Sorpanandal BOBranch Office606706
Saduperipalayam BOBranch Office606907
Saidapettai Arni SOPost Office632301
Salukkai BOBranch Office604408
Salvedu BOBranch Office604403
Sanikkavadi BOBranch Office606803
Sanipundi BOBranch Office606755
Santhavasal SOPost Office606905
Saron BOBranch Office606601
Sathanur BOBranch Office606706
Sathanurdam SOPost Office606706
Sathiyaviziyanagaram SOPost Office632317
Sattapundi BOBranch Office604501
Sattuvanthangal BOBranch Office632511
Sedarampattu BOBranch Office632315
Semmambadi BOBranch Office632313
Semmiyamangalam BOBranch Office606904
Senal BOBranch Office604406
Sengadu BOBranch Office604505
Sengattankundil BOBranch Office604407
Sengunam BOBranch Office606803
Sennavaram BOBranch Office604408
Serpapattu BOBranch Office606753
Sevarapundi BOBranch Office606902
Shro Navalpakkam BOBranch Office604408
Sirumur BOBranch Office632314
Sirunathur BOBranch Office604601
Siruvallur BOBranch Office606906
Somasipadi SOPost Office606611
Sorakulathur BOBranch Office606802
Sozhavaram BOBranch Office631701
Srinivasaudayanavaram BOBranch Office632314
Sriramanashramam SOPost Office606603
Su Andapattu BOBranch Office606808
Su Pappambadi BOBranch Office606808
Su Valavetti BOBranch Office606806
Sumangali BOBranch Office604402
Susainagar SOPost Office632326
Tandarai SOPost Office606804
Tandarampattu SOPost Office606707
Tanipadi SOPost Office606708
Taradapattu BOBranch Office606707
Tellar SOPost Office604406
TellurArni BOBranch Office632313
Thachampattu SOPost Office606811
Thaiyar BOBranch Office604406
Thatchambadi BOBranch Office606902
Thatchur BOBranch Office632326
Thenelapakkam BOBranch Office604408
Thenkarimbalur BOBranch Office606753
Thenmahadevamangalam BOBranch Office606908
Thenmathur BOBranch Office606603
Thenmudiyanur BOBranch Office606707
Thennagaram BOBranch Office606802
Thennampattu BOBranch Office632511
Thennankur BOBranch Office604408
Thennathur BOBranch Office604501
Thenpallipattu BOBranch Office606751
Thenthinnalur BOBranch Office604501
Therasapuram BOBranch Office604406
Thethurai BOBranch Office604408
Thithandapattu BOBranch Office606701
Thorapadi BOBranch Office606704
Thozhupedu BOBranch Office604409
Thukkapettai SOPost Office606709
Thumbakkadu BOBranch Office606803
Thumbur BOBranch Office606902
Tirumalai BOBranch Office606907
Tirumani SOPost Office604504
Tirumpundi BOBranch Office604404
Tiruppanangadu BOBranch Office604410
Tirusur BOBranch Office606803
Tiruvadathanur BOBranch Office606708
Tiruvannamalai Bazaar SOPost Office606601
Tiruvannamalai HOHead Office606601
Tiruvannamalai RS SOPost Office606601
Tiruvettipuram Cutcherry SOPost Office604407
Tiruvettipuram SOPost Office604407
Turinjapuram SOPost Office606805
Ukkal BOBranch Office631701
Ulagampattu BOBranch Office606801
Ulundai BOBranch Office604403
Vadailluppai BOBranch Office632511
Vadakalpakkam BOBranch Office631702
Vadamadimangalam SOPost Office606907
Vadamanapakkam BOBranch Office604402
Vadamathur BOBranch Office606702
Vadathinallur BOBranch Office604409
Vadavanakkambadi BOBranch Office604505
Vadugasathu BOBranch Office632316
Vaipur BOBranch Office606754
Valavachanur BOBranch Office606753
Valayampattu BOBranch Office606701
Valkadai SOPost Office604409
Vallam Arni SOPost Office604505
Vallam Kannamangalam BOBranch Office632311
Vallivagai BOBranch Office606752
Valudalangunam BOBranch Office604601
Vanapuram SOPost Office606753
Vandavasi SOPost Office604408
Vannankulam BOBranch Office632315
Varagur BOBranch Office606753
Vasudevampattu BOBranch Office606704
Vasur BOBranch Office606803
Vayalamoor BOBranch Office604406
Vayalur BOBranch Office604501
Vazhiyur BOBranch Office632315
Vazhur BOBranch Office604405
Vedal BOBranch Office604501
Vedanatham BOBranch Office606611
Vedandavadi BOBranch Office606752
Veerambakkampudur BOBranch Office604408
Veeranandal BOBranch Office606705
VelapadiArni BOBranch Office632317
Velayampakkam BOBranch Office606753
Velleri BOBranch Office632317
Velliambakkam BOBranch Office604403
Vellur BOBranch Office606905
Veluganandal BOBranch Office606802
Vembakkam SOPost Office604410
Vengalathur BOBranch Office604410
Vengaram BOBranch Office604408
Vengikkal SOPost Office606604
Veppambattu BOBranch Office606807
Veppurchekkadi BOBranch Office606706
Veraiyur BOBranch Office606806
Vethajipuram BOBranch Office632507
Vettavalam SOPost Office606754
Vettiyantholuvam BOBranch Office632314
Vilapakkam BOBranch Office606904
Vilvarani SOPost Office606906
Vinnamangalamarni BOBranch Office632316
Vinnavadi BOBranch Office604407
Viralur BOBranch Office606901

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service