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Explore all post offices or pincodes of THRISSUR, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adat BOBranch Office680551
Agalad SOPost Office680518
Akathiyur BOBranch Office680519
Akkikavu BOBranch Office680519
Alagappanagar SOPost Office680302
Alapad BOBranch Office680641
AlathurThrissur BOBranch Office680741
Alur Mattom BOBranch Office680602
Amalanagar SOPost Office680555
Ammadam SOPost Office680563
Anandapuram BOBranch Office680305
Anapuzha BOBranch Office680667
Anchery BOBranch Office680006
Andathode SOPost Office679564
Anjur Mundur BOBranch Office680541
Anjurkunnamkulam BOBranch Office680523
Annakara BOBranch Office680508
Annallur BOBranch Office680731
Annamanada SOPost Office680741
Annanad BOBranch Office680309
Anthikad SOPost Office680641
Aranattukara SOPost Office680618
Arangottukara BOBranch Office679532
Arattupuzha BOBranch Office680562
Arimpur SOPost Office680620
Aripalam SOPost Office680688
Ariyannur SOPost Office680102
Arthat SOPost Office680521
Asarikkad BOBranch Office680751
Ashtamichira SOPost Office680731
Athani Thrissur BOBranch Office680581
Attur BOBranch Office680583
Avanisseri BOBranch Office680306
Avanur BOBranch Office680541
Avittathur BOBranch Office680683
Ayyanthole North BOBranch Office680003
Ayyanthole SOPost Office680003
Ayyappankavu BOBranch Office680751
Azhikode Jetty BOBranch Office680666
AzhikodeThrissur BOBranch Office680666
Blangad BOBranch Office680506
Brahmakulam BOBranch Office680104
Chaipankuzhi BOBranch Office680724
Chakkarappadam BOBranch Office680686
Chakkumkandam BOBranch Office680522
Chalakudi HOHead Office680307
Chalakudi R S BOBranch Office680722
Chalakudi South SOPost Office680307
Chalakudi Town SOPost Office680307
Chalingad BOBranch Office680681
Chamakkala BOBranch Office680687
Chammannur BOBranch Office679561
Chattikulam BOBranch Office680721
Chavakkad SOPost Office680506
Chazhur BOBranch Office680571
Chelakkara SOPost Office680586
Chelakode BOBranch Office680587
Chelur BOBranch Office680121
Chembuchira BOBranch Office680684
Chemmannur BOBranch Office680517
Chemmanthatta BOBranch Office680501
Chengallur SOPost Office680312
Chennaipara BOBranch Office680653
Chentrappinni East BOBranch Office680687
Chentrappinni SOPost Office680687
Cherpu Padinjattumuri BOBranch Office680561
Cherpu SOPost Office680561
Cherur SOPost Office680008
Cheruthuruthy SOPost Office679531
CHERUVALUR BOBranch Office680308
Chettupuzha BOBranch Office680012
CHIMMONI DAM BOBranch Office680304
Chiramanangad BOBranch Office680604
Chiranellur BOBranch Office680501
Chittanda BOBranch Office680585
Chittanjur BOBranch Office680523
Chittattukara SOPost Office680511
Chittilapilly BOBranch Office680551
Chittissery BOBranch Office680301
Chiyyaram SOPost Office680026
Chokkana BOBranch Office680699
Choolissery BOBranch Office680541
Choondal SOPost Office680502
Chottupara BOBranch Office680581
Chovvur BOBranch Office680027
Chowannur BOBranch Office680517
Chulur BOBranch Office680567
Chuvannamannu BOBranch Office680652
Desamangalam SOPost Office679532
Edakkalathur BOBranch Office680552
Edakkaliyur SOPost Office680515
EdakkaraThrissur BOBranch Office680518
Edakulam BOBranch Office680688
Edamuttam SOPost Office680568
Edassery BOBranch Office680569
Edathirinji SOPost Office680122
Edathuruthy SOPost Office680703
Edavilangu SOPost Office680671
Elanad BOBranch Office680586
Elavally BOBranch Office680511
Elavally South BOBranch Office680511
Elinjipra BOBranch Office680721
Elthuruth SOPost Office680611
Enamakkal BOBranch Office680510
Engandiyur SOPost Office680615
Enkakad SOPost Office680589
Eranellur BOBranch Office680501
Eravathur BOBranch Office680734
Eravimangalam BOBranch Office680751
Eravu BOBranch Office680620
Erayamkudi BOBranch Office680308
Eriyad SOPost Office680666
Erumapetty SOPost Office680584
Eyyal BOBranch Office680501
Guruvayur SOPost Office680101
Guruvayur Temple SOPost Office680101
Inchakundu BOBranch Office680312
INCHAMUDI BOBranch Office680564
Iranikulam BOBranch Office680734
Iringapuram BOBranch Office680103
Irinjalakuda HOHead Office680121
Irinjalakuda Mkt SOPost Office680121
Irinjalakuda North SOPost Office680125
Irunilamcode BOBranch Office680583
Kadappuram SOPost Office680514
Kadavallur SOPost Office680543
Kadukutty BOBranch Office680309
Kaduppassery South BOBranch Office680683
Kaduppassery BOBranch Office680683
Kainoor BOBranch Office680014
Kaipamangalam Beach BOBranch Office680681
Kaipamangalam SOPost Office680681
Kaiparamba SOPost Office680546
Kakkassery BOBranch Office680511
Kalimbram BOBranch Office680568
Kaliyarode BOBranch Office680586
Kallepadam BOBranch Office680587
Kallettumkara SOPost Office680683
Kallur SO ThrissurPost Office680317
KallurVadakkekkad BOBranch Office679562
Kalparamba BOBranch Office680662
Kanakamala BOBranch Office680689
Kanattukara SOPost Office680011
Kandamkulam BOBranch Office680669
Kandanassery BOBranch Office680102
Kandassankadavu SOPost Office680613
Kanimangalam SOPost Office680027
Kanippayur SOPost Office680517
Kaniyarkod SOPost Office680594
Kanjani SOPost Office680612
Kanjirakode BOBranch Office680590
KanjirappillyTCR BOBranch Office680721
Kannampallipuram BOBranch Office680687
Kannara BOBranch Office680652
Kannikulangara BOBranch Office680682
Kannoth BOBranch Office680510
Kara BOBranch Office680671
Karalam BOBranch Office680711
Karanchira BOBranch Office680702
Karayamvattam BOBranch Office680567
Karikkad SOPost Office680519
Karumathra BOBranch Office680589
Karupadanna SOPost Office680670
Karur BOBranch Office680697
Karuvannur SOPost Office680711
Kathikkudam BOBranch Office680308
Kattakampal SOPost Office680544
Kattilapoovam BOBranch Office680028
Kattoor SOPost Office680702
Katungode BOBranch Office680584
Kavida BOBranch Office680505
Kecheri SOPost Office680501
Kerala Agriuniversity SOPost Office680656
Kilakkummuri SOPost Office680571
Killimangalam SOPost Office680591
Kinfra Park Koratti SOPost Office680309
Kiralur BOBranch Office680601
Kizhupillikkara BOBranch Office680702
Kizhur SOPost Office680523
Kochannur BOBranch Office679562
Kodakara SOPost Office680684
Kodannur BOBranch Office680563
Kodassery BOBranch Office680721
Kodungallur SOPost Office680664
Kolazhi RM BOBranch Office680010
Kombathukadavu BOBranch Office680682
Konathukunnu SOPost Office680123
Kondazhi SOPost Office679106
Konikara BOBranch Office680306
Konnakuzhy BOBranch Office680721
Koolimuttam SOPost Office680691
Koonamoochi SOPost Office680504
Koorikuzhi BOBranch Office680681
KootalaThrissur BOBranch Office680652
Koovakkattukunnu BOBranch Office680311
Koratti Kizhakkumuri BOBranch Office680308
Koratti SOPost Office680308
Koratti South BOBranch Office680308
Korattikkara BOBranch Office680543
Kothaparamba SOPost Office680668
Kottamuri BOBranch Office680732
Kottanallur BOBranch Office680662
Kottappadi SOPost Office680505
Kottappuram SOPost Office680667
Kottappuram Wri BOBranch Office680584
Kottat BOBranch Office680731
Kozhukully BOBranch Office680751
Krishnankotta BOBranch Office680733
Kumaranellur TC SOPost Office680590
Kumarappanal BOBranch Office680585
Kumbalacode BOBranch Office680587
Kundaliyur SOPost Office680616
Kundannur BOBranch Office680590
Kundukad BOBranch Office680028
Kundur BOBranch Office680734
Kunnamkulam City BOBranch Office680523
Kunnamkulam HOHead Office680503
Kunnappilly BOBranch Office680311
Kuranniyur BOBranch Office680506
Kuriachira SOPost Office680006
Kurkancheri SOPost Office680007
Kuruchikkara SOPost Office680028
Kurumal BOBranch Office680601
Kurumala BOBranch Office680586
Kurumbilavu BOBranch Office680564
Kuruvilassery BOBranch Office680732
Kuthampilly BOBranch Office680594
Kuttamangalam BOBranch Office680703
Kuttanchery BOBranch Office680584
Kuttanellur BOBranch Office680014
Kuttichira SOPost Office680724
Kuttikkad BOBranch Office680724
Kuttur SO ThrissurPost Office680013
Kuzhikkattussery BOBranch Office680697
Kuzhur SOPost Office680734
Lokamaleswaram North BOBranch Office680664
Madakkathara BOBranch Office680651
Madathumpady BOBranch Office680733
Madavana BOBranch Office680666
Madayikonam SOPost Office680712
Madu BOBranch Office680512
Malakkapara BOBranch Office680721
Malathrissur SOPost Office680732
Malavattom BOBranch Office680588
Malesamangalam BOBranch Office680588
Mambra BOBranch Office680308
Manakkodi BOBranch Office680012
Manakulangara BOBranch Office680684
Manalithara BOBranch Office680589
Manalur HS BOBranch Office680617
Manalur SOPost Office680617
Mangad BOBranch Office680542
Mannalamkunnu BOBranch Office680518
Mannamangalam BOBranch Office680014
Mannuthy SOPost Office680651
Marathakkara BOBranch Office680306
Marottichal BOBranch Office680014
Maruthancode SOPost Office680604
Maruthayur BOBranch Office680507
Mathilakam SOPost Office680685
Mattathur BOBranch Office680684
Mattathurkkunnu BOBranch Office680684
Mattom SOPost Office680602
Mayannur SOPost Office679105
Melur SO ThrissurPost Office680311
Methala SOPost Office680669
Minalur BOBranch Office680581
Moorkkanad BOBranch Office680711
Mothirakkanni BOBranch Office680724
Mulagunnathukavu SOPost Office680581
Mulayam BOBranch Office680751
Mullassery SOPost Office680509
Mullurkkara SOPost Office680583
Mundathicode BOBranch Office680601
Mundathicode West BOBranch Office680623
MundurTC SOPost Office680541
Mupliyam BOBranch Office680312
Murikkungal BOBranch Office680699
Muringoor Vadakkummuri BOBranch Office680309
Muriyad BOBranch Office680683
Muttithadi BOBranch Office680317
Nadathara SOPost Office680751
Nadavaramba SOPost Office680661
Naduvilkkara BOBranch Office680614
Nalukettu BOBranch Office680308
Nambazhikad BOBranch Office680602
Nandikkara BOBranch Office680301
Nandipulam BOBranch Office680312
Nattika SOPost Office680566
Nattikabeach BOBranch Office680566
Nedupuzha BOBranch Office680007
Nehrunagar BOBranch Office680006
Nellayithrissur SOPost Office680305
Nellikunnu BOBranch Office680005
Nelluvaya BOBranch Office680584
Nemmini BOBranch Office680104
Nenmenikkara BOBranch Office680301
Nettissery BOBranch Office680651
Netumpura BOBranch Office679531
Nhamanghat SOPost Office679563
Ollukkara SOPost Office680655
Ollur North BOBranch Office680306
Ollur SOPost Office680306
Ollur Thaikkattussery BOBranch Office680306
Orumanayur SOPost Office680512
Padinjare Vemballur BOBranch Office680671
Padiyam BOBranch Office680641
Padiyur BOBranch Office680688
Padoor SOPost Office680524
Pady SOPost Office680699
Painkulam BOBranch Office679531
Palappilly SOPost Office680304
Palayamparambu BOBranch Office680741
Palayur BOBranch Office680506
Palissery BOBranch Office680027
Pallam Kottambathur BOBranch Office679532
Pallipuram BOBranch Office680732
Pallur BOBranch Office679532
Paluvai SOPost Office680522
Pampady East BOBranch Office680588
Pampady West BOBranch Office680588
Panamkulam BOBranch Office680711
Panangad SO ThrissurPost Office680665
Panangattukara BOBranch Office680623
Pangarappally BOBranch Office680586
Panjal BOBranch Office679531
Paralam BOBranch Office680563
Parappukkara SOPost Office680310
Parappur SOPost Office680552
Pariyaram SO ThrissurPost Office680721
Parlikkad BOBranch Office680623
Pathazhakkad BOBranch Office680668
Pathiyarkulangara BOBranch Office680552
Pattikkad TC SOPost Office680652
Pattiparambu BOBranch Office680588
Pavaratty SOPost Office680507
Pazhanji SOPost Office680542
Pazhayannur SOPost Office680587
Pazhayi BOBranch Office680301
Pazhuvil SOPost Office680564
Pazhuvil West BOBranch Office680564
Peechi SOPost Office680653
Pengamuck BOBranch Office680544
Perakam BOBranch Office680506
Peramangalam SOPost Office680545
Perambrathrissur SOPost Office680689
Perinchery BOBranch Office680306
Peringandur BOBranch Office680581
Peringavu BOBranch Office680008
Peringottukara SOPost Office680565
Perinjanam SOPost Office680686
Perinjanam West BOBranch Office680686
Perumpilavu BOBranch Office680519
Perumthuruthy BOBranch Office680542
Peruvallur BOBranch Office680508
Ponjanam BOBranch Office680702
Ponnore BOBranch Office680552
Ponnukkara BOBranch Office680306
Pookode BOBranch Office680505
Poomala BOBranch Office680581
POOPATHY BOBranch Office680733
Pootharakkal BOBranch Office680561
Poothole SOPost Office680004
Poovanchira BOBranch Office680652
Poovathussery BOBranch Office680741
Porathissery BOBranch Office680125
Poringalkuthu BOBranch Office680721
Porkolangad BOBranch Office680517
Porkulam BOBranch Office680542
Potta SOPost Office680722
Pottore BOBranch Office680581
Poyya SOPost Office680733
Pudukad SOPost Office680301
Puduruthy BOBranch Office680623
Pulakkad BOBranch Office680585
Pulakode BOBranch Office680586
Pullazhi SOPost Office680012
Pullu BOBranch Office680641
Pullur BOBranch Office680683
Pullut North BOBranch Office680663
Pullut SOPost Office680663
Punkunnu SOPost Office680002
Punnayur BOBranch Office679562
Punnayurkulam SOPost Office679561
Puranattukara SOPost Office680551
Puthanpalli SOPost Office680103
Puthenchira Kizhakkummuri BOBranch Office680682
Puthenchira SOPost Office680682
Puthenchira Thekkummuri BOBranch Office680682
Puthenpeedika SOPost Office680642
PuthurThrissur SOPost Office680014
Puvathur SOPost Office680508
Puzhakkal SOPost Office680553
Ramavarmapuram SOPost Office680631
Santhipuram BOBranch Office680668
South Kondazhi BOBranch Office679106
Srinngapuram SOPost Office680664
Tali BOBranch Office680585
Talikulam SOPost Office680569
Thaikkad SOPost Office680104
Thalakkottukara BOBranch Office680501
Thalassery BOBranch Office679532
Thalore BOBranch Office680306
Thamarayur BOBranch Office680505
Thampankadavu BOBranch Office680569
Thangalur BOBranch Office680596
Thanissery SOPost Office680701
Thayyur BOBranch Office680584
Thazhekkad SOPost Office680697
Thekkumkara BOBranch Office680589
Thichur BOBranch Office680584
Thippilissery BOBranch Office680519
Thirunellur BOBranch Office680508
Thiruvambady TSR SOPost Office680022
Thiruvanchikulam BOBranch Office680664
Thiruvenkitam BOBranch Office680101
Thiruvilwamala SOPost Office680588
Thonnurkkara BOBranch Office680586
Thottippal BOBranch Office680310
Thozhiyur SOPost Office680520
Thozhupadam BOBranch Office680586
Thrissur Central SOPost Office680001
Thrissur City SOPost Office680020
Thrissur East SOPost Office680005
Thrissur Engg College SOPost Office680009
Thrissur HOHead Office680001
Thrissur Medical College SOPost Office680596
Thrissur R S SOPost Office680021
Thumbur BOBranch Office680662
Tirur BOBranch Office680581
Tiruvatra SOPost Office680516
Tolurparappur BOBranch Office680552
Toyakkavu SOPost Office680513
Trikkur BOBranch Office680306
Triprayar BOBranch Office680567
Trithallur SOPost Office680619
Trithallur West BOBranch Office680619
Urakam SOPost Office680562
Vadakkekad SOPost Office679562
Vadakkethara BOBranch Office680587
Vadakkummuri SOPost Office680570
Vadama BOBranch Office680732
Vadookkara BOBranch Office680007
Vaka BOBranch Office680602
Valapad Beach BOBranch Office680567
Valapad SOPost Office680567
Vallachira BOBranch Office680562
Vallivattam BOBranch Office680123
Vaniampara BOBranch Office680652
Varakara BOBranch Office680302
Varandarappilly SOPost Office680303
Varavur SOPost Office680585
Vatanapally Beach BOBranch Office680614
Vatanappally SOPost Office680614
Vattanathara BOBranch Office680302
Vattekkad BOBranch Office680512
Vayilathur BOBranch Office679563
Vazhani BOBranch Office680589
Vellanchira BOBranch Office680697
Vellangallur SOPost Office680662
Vellani BOBranch Office680701
Vellanikkara SOPost Office680654
Vellarakad BOBranch Office680584
Vellattanjur BOBranch Office680601
Vellikulangara BOBranch Office680699
Velupadam BOBranch Office680303
Velur Bazar BOBranch Office680601
Velur Thrissur SOPost Office680601
Veluthur BOBranch Office680012
Vemmanad BOBranch Office680507
Venganellur BOBranch Office680586
Venkitangu SOPost Office680510
Vennur BOBranch Office680587
Vettikkattiri RS BOBranch Office679531
Vettilappara BOBranch Office680721
Vettukad BOBranch Office680014
Vijayaraghavapuram BOBranch Office680722
Viyyur SOPost Office680010
Vyasagiri BOBranch Office680623
WadakancheryTC HOHead Office680582
WadakkancheriThrissur RS SOPost Office680623
West Fort BOBranch Office680004

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service