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Explore all post offices or pincodes of THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adayamon BOBranch Office695614
Alamcode SOPost Office695102
Aliyadu BOBranch Office695607
Altharamoodu BOBranch Office695102
Amachal BOBranch Office695572
Amaravila SOPost Office695122
Ambalamukku SOPost Office695005
Ambalathara BOBranch Office695026
Ambalathinkala BOBranch Office695572
Amboori BOBranch Office695505
Anad BOBranch Office695541
Anakudy BOBranch Office695606
Anappara BOBranch Office695551
Anathalavattom BOBranch Office695306
Anavoor BOBranch Office695124
Anayara SOPost Office695029
Andoorkonam BOBranch Office695584
Anjengo SOPost Office695309
Aralumoodu SOPost Office695123
Aramada SOPost Office695032
Arayur BOBranch Office695122
Arumanoor BOBranch Office695525
Aruvikara BOBranch Office695564
Aruvipuram BOBranch Office695126
Aryanad SOPost Office695542
Attakulangara SOPost Office695023
Attingal HOHead Office695101
Attukal BOBranch Office695009
Avanavancherry SOPost Office695103
Ayilam BOBranch Office695103
Ayira BOBranch Office695502
Ayroorvarkala SOPost Office695310
Azhurmarket BOBranch Office695305
Balaramapuram SOPost Office695501
Beemapally BOBranch Office695008
Bhagavathinada BOBranch Office695501
Bharathannur BOBranch Office695609
Bonaccord BOBranch Office695551
Cgo Complex Poonkulam SOPost Office695522
Chaikkottukonam BOBranch Office695122
Chakkai BOBranch Office695024
Changa BOBranch Office695542
Channamkara BOBranch Office695301
Charupara BOBranch Office695601
Cheeranikkara BOBranch Office695615
Chekkakonam BOBranch Office695564
Chempazhanthy SOPost Office695587
Chenkal SOPost Office695132
Cheriakolla BOBranch Office695504
Cheriyakonni BOBranch Office695013
Cherunniyur SOPost Office695142
Cheruvarakonam BOBranch Office695502
Cheruvikkal BOBranch Office695011
Chettachal BOBranch Office695551
Chirayinkeezhu SOPost Office695304
Chittattumukku BOBranch Office695301
Chowara BOBranch Office695501
Chullimanoor BOBranch Office695541
Cotton Hill SOPost Office695014
Daivapura BOBranch Office695563
Dalmughom BOBranch Office695125
Dhanuvachapuram SOPost Office695503
Edakode BOBranch Office695104
Edava SOPost Office695311
Elakamon BOBranch Office695310
Elakamonkizhakkepuram BOBranch Office695310
Elavattom BOBranch Office695562
Elluvila BOBranch Office695504
Exservicemens Colony BOBranch Office695562
Goureesapattom BOBranch Office695004
Hariharapuram BOBranch Office695310
Idinjar BOBranch Office695563
Ilamba BOBranch Office695103
Ilanchiyam BOBranch Office695563
Industrial Estate SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695019
Irinchayam BOBranch Office695561
Iroopara BOBranch Office695584
Jagathy SOPost Office695014
Janardhanapuram BOBranch Office695141
Kadakkavur SOPost Office695306
Kaikara BOBranch Office695307
Kaimanam SOPost Office695040
Kaithamukku SOPost Office695024
Kakkavila BOBranch Office695506
Kalamachal BOBranch Office695606
Kallambalam SOPost Office695605
Kallar Tvm BOBranch Office695551
Kallara SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695608
Kallayam BOBranch Office695043
Kalliyal BOBranch Office695574
Kalliyoor SOPost Office695042
Kanchinada BOBranch Office695609
Kandala BOBranch Office695512
Kandukrishi BOBranch Office695104
Kaniyapuram SOPost Office695301
Kanjampazhanji BOBranch Office695525
Kanjiramkulam SOPost Office695524
Kanjirampara SOPost Office695030
Kappil BOBranch Office695311
Karakonam SOPost Office695504
Karakulam SOPost Office695564
Karamana SOPost Office695002
Karavaram BOBranch Office695605
Karikkakom SOPost Office695021
Karikuzhi BOBranch Office695505
Karimanal BOBranch Office695583
Karimancode BOBranch Office695562
Karimkuttikara BOBranch Office695606
Karipur BOBranch Office695541
Karode BOBranch Office695506
Karumom BOBranch Office695002
Karyavattom SOPost Office695581
Katakam BOBranch Office695304
Kattachalkuzhy BOBranch Office695501
Kattacode BOBranch Office695572
Kattaikonam BOBranch Office695584
Kattakada SOPost Office695572
Kattumpuram BOBranch Office695608
Kaudiar SOPost Office695003
Kaudiar Square SOPost Office695003
Kavalayur BOBranch Office695144
Kazhakuttam SOPost Office695582
Kazhavur BOBranch Office695526
Keezharur BOBranch Office695124
Keezhattingal BOBranch Office695306
Keezhavur BOBranch Office695584
Kerala Governors Camp SOPost Office695099
Kidarakuzhy BOBranch Office695523
Kilimanur Palace BOBranch Office695601
Kilmanur SOPost Office695601
Kizhuvalam SOPost Office695104
Kochuvila BOBranch Office695563
Kodithookiyakunnu BOBranch Office695608
Kodunganur BOBranch Office695013
Kodungavila BOBranch Office695123
Koduvazhannur BOBranch Office695612
Koithurkonam BOBranch Office695584
Kokkotela BOBranch Office695542
Kokkottukonam BOBranch Office695604
Koliakode BOBranch Office695607
Kollode BOBranch Office695571
Konchira BOBranch Office695615
Koonanvenga BOBranch Office695568
KoothaliTVM BOBranch Office695505
Kottackal TVM BOBranch Office695124
Kottakkakom BOBranch Office695542
Kottapuram BOBranch Office695521
KottoorTVM BOBranch Office695574
Kottukal BOBranch Office695501
Kottukunnam BOBranch Office695606
Kovalam Beach BOBranch Office695527
Kovalam SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695527
Kudappanakunnu SOPost Office695043
Kudappanamoodu BOBranch Office695505
Kudavur SOPost Office695313
Kudayal BOBranch Office695505
Kulamuttam BOBranch Office695144
Kulappada BOBranch Office695542
Kulathur SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695583
Kunnathukal BOBranch Office695504
Kurakkada BOBranch Office695104
Kurumbayam BOBranch Office695608
Kuruthamcode BOBranch Office695572
Kuthirakalamvellanad BOBranch Office695543
Kuthirakulam BOBranch Office695615
Kuttamala BOBranch Office695505
Kuttichal SOPost Office695574
Kuvalassery SOPost Office695512
Lourdepuram BOBranch Office695526
Machel SOPost Office695570
Madavoorpallickal SOPost Office695602
Malakkal BOBranch Office695602
Malayam BOBranch Office695571
Malayinkil SOPost Office695571
Manacaud SOPost Office695009
Manali BOBranch Office695505
Manambur SOPost Office695611
Mancha BOBranch Office695541
Manchamcode BOBranch Office695125
Manchavilakom BOBranch Office695503
Manikanteswaram BOBranch Office695013
Manjamala BOBranch Office695313
Mannamkonam BOBranch Office695125
Mannanathala SOPost Office695015
Mannurkonam BOBranch Office695541
Marangad BOBranch Office695542
Marayamuttom BOBranch Office695124
Mariyapuram BOBranch Office695122
Maruthamala BOBranch Office695551
Maruthikunnu BOBranch Office695603
Mayam BOBranch Office695505
Meenankal BOBranch Office695542
Meenmutty BOBranch Office695562
Melkadakkavur BOBranch Office695306
Melvettoor SOPost Office695312
Memala BOBranch Office695551
Mg College BOBranch Office695004
Mithirmala SOPost Office695610
Mithraniketan BOBranch Office695543
Moongode BOBranch Office695573
Moongode SOPost Office695144
Moonnanakuzhy BOBranch Office695615
Moonnumukku BOBranch Office695609
Moothala BOBranch Office695604
Mudakkal BOBranch Office695103
Mudapuram BOBranch Office695304
Mukkolackal BOBranch Office695043
Mukkudil BOBranch Office695607
Mulakkalathukavu BOBranch Office695614
Mulayara BOBranch Office695543
Mullur BOBranch Office695521
Mulluvila BOBranch Office695133
Mundela BOBranch Office695543
Murukumpuzhaa SOPost Office695302
Muthana BOBranch Office695146
Muthuvila BOBranch Office695610
Muttada SOPost Office695025
Muttakadu BOBranch Office695523
Muttappalam BOBranch Office695145
Mylakkara BOBranch Office695572
Mylamoodu BOBranch Office695609
Nagaroor BOBranch Office695601
Nalanchira SOPost Office695015
Naruvamoodu SOPost Office695528
Navaikulam SOPost Office695603
Nedumangad SOPost Office695541
Nedumparambu BOBranch Office695102
Nedunganda SOPost Office695307
Neeramankadavuu BOBranch Office695610
Nellanad BOBranch Office695606
Nellimoodu BOBranch Office695524
Nellivila BOBranch Office695523
Nemom SOPost Office695020
Nethajipuram BOBranch Office695589
Nettayam BOBranch Office695013
Neyyar Dam BOBranch Office695572
Neyyattinkara HOHead Office695121
Neyyattinkara Town SOPost Office695121
Nilakkamukku BOBranch Office695306
Njarayilkonam BOBranch Office695602
Odayam BOBranch Office695311
Olathanni BOBranch Office695133
Ookode BOBranch Office695020
Oorupoika BOBranch Office695104
Ooruttambalam SOPost Office695507
Ottasekharamangalam SOPost Office695125
Pacha SOPost Office695562
Pachallur BOBranch Office695027
Pakalkuri BOBranch Office695604
Palachira BOBranch Office695143
Palamkonam BOBranch Office695607
Palayamkunnu SOPost Office695146
Palkulangara SOPost Office695024
Pallichal BOBranch Office695020
Pallickal Kilimanur SOPost Office695604
Pallipuram SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695316
Pallithura BOBranch Office695586
Paluvally BOBranch Office695562
Panachamoodu BOBranch Office695505
Panacode BOBranch Office695542
Panangode BOBranch Office695563
Panavoor SOPost Office695568
Panayam BOBranch Office695568
Panayamuttom BOBranch Office695561
Panayara BOBranch Office695145
Pandalacode BOBranch Office695028
Pangappara BOBranch Office695581
Pangode SOPost Office695609
Panniyode BOBranch Office695575
Pantha BOBranch Office695572
Pappanamcode SOPost Office695018
Parakunnu BOBranch Office695603
Parandode BOBranch Office695542
Parappara BOBranch Office695551
Parassala SOPost Office695502
Parasuvaickal SOPost Office695508
Parayathukonam BOBranch Office695104
Paruthikuzhy BOBranch Office695541
Paruthipally BOBranch Office695574
Pattom Palace SOPost Office695004
Payattuvila BOBranch Office695501
Pazhakutty SOPost Office695561
Pazhayakunnumel BOBranch Office695601
Peppara Dam BOBranch Office695551
Perayam BOBranch Office695562
Peringamala SOPost Office695563
Peroor BOBranch Office695601
Perukavu BOBranch Office695573
Perumathura BOBranch Office695303
Perumkadavila SOPost Office695124
Perumkulam BOBranch Office695102
Perumpazhuthoor SOPost Office695126
Perunguzhi SOPost Office695305
Perurkada SOPost Office695005
Peyad SOPost Office695573
Pirappancode BOBranch Office695607
Plamootukada BOBranch Office695122
PMG Jn SOPost Office695033
Poikamukku BOBranch Office695103
Ponganadu BOBranch Office695601
Ponmudi BOBranch Office695551
Poojapura HOHead Office695012
Poojapura Junction SOPost Office695012
Poonthura SOPost Office695026
Poothura BOBranch Office695309
Poovachal SOPost Office695575
Poovathur BOBranch Office695561
Poozhanad BOBranch Office695125
Pothencode SOPost Office695584
PowdikonamPost Office695588
Pozhiyoor SOPost Office695513
Prasanth Nagar BOBranch Office695011
Pravachambalam BOBranch Office695020
PTP Nagar SOPost Office695038
Public Office SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695033
Pulimath SOPost Office695612
Puliyarakonam BOBranch Office695573
Puliyurkonam BOBranch Office695604
Pullampara BOBranch Office695607
Pullanicode BOBranch Office695311
Pullayil BOBranch Office695601
Pulluvila SOPost Office695526
Punalal BOBranch Office695575
Puthencurichy SOPost Office695303
Puthenthope BOBranch Office695586
Puthiathura BOBranch Office695526
Puthukulangara BOBranch Office695541
Puthusserimukku BOBranch Office695605
Puvar SOPost Office695525
Russelpuram BOBranch Office695501
Sainik School SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695585
Santhigiri SOPost Office695589
Sasthamangalam SOPost Office695010
Sasthavattom BOBranch Office695305
Sivagiri mutt BOBranch Office695141
Sreekaryam SOPost Office695017
Sreenivasapuram SOPost Office695145
StXaviers College SOPost Office695586
Technopark SOPost Office695581
Thalikuzhi BOBranch Office695612
Thamalam BOBranch Office695012
Thannimoodu BOBranch Office695123
Thattathumala SOPost Office695614
Thekkupara BOBranch Office695505
Thennur BOBranch Office695563
Thiruvallom SOPost Office695027
Thiruvananthapuram AGs SOPost Office695001
Thiruvananthapuram Beach SOPost Office695007
Thiruvananthapuram Chalai SOPost Office695036
Thiruvananthapuram Engg College SOPost Office695016
Thiruvananthapuram Fort SOPost Office695023
Thiruvananthapuram ISRO SOPost Office695022
Thiruvananthapuram Medical College SOPost Office695011
Thiruvananthapuram Pettah SOPost Office695024
Thiruvananthapuram University SOPost Office695034
Thiruvananthapuram GPOHead Office695001
Thokkad BOBranch Office695143
Tholicode BOBranch Office695541
Thonnakkal SOPost Office695317
Thope BOBranch Office695008
Thottakkad BOBranch Office695605
Thundathil BOBranch Office695581
Thuruvikkal BOBranch Office695011
Thycaud SOPost Office695014
Tirumala SO ThiruvananthapuramPost Office695006
Tirupuram SOPost Office695133
Titanium BOBranch Office695021
TVM RK Mission BOBranch Office695010
Uchakada SOPost Office695506
Ulloor BOBranch Office695011
Uriakode BOBranch Office695543
Vadasserikonam SOPost Office695143
Vakkom SOPost Office695308
Valiamala SOPost Office695547
Valiathura BOBranch Office695008
Valiaveli BOBranch Office695021
Valiavila BOBranch Office695006
Vallakkadavoo SOPost Office695008
Vamanapuram SOPost Office695606
Vanchiyoor Junction SOPost Office695035
Vanchiyur SOPost Office695035
Vanchiyurattingal BOBranch Office695102
Varkala SOPost Office695141
Varkala South BOBranch Office695141
Vattappara SOPost Office695028
Vattavila BOBranch Office695132
Vattiyoorkavu SOPost Office695013
Vazhichal BOBranch Office695125
Vedivachankoil BOBranch Office695501
Veeranakavu BOBranch Office695572
Veliyamcode BOBranch Office695512
Veliyannur BOBranch Office695543
Vellallur BOBranch Office695601
Vellanad SOPost Office695543
Vellarada SOPost Office695505
Vellayani SOPost Office695522
Vellumannady BOBranch Office695607
Vembayam SOPost Office695615
Venganur SOPost Office695523
Venjaramoodu SOPost Office695607
Venkadambu BOBranch Office695506
Venkode BOBranch Office695028
Venkulam BOBranch Office695311
Vennicode SOPost Office695318
Venpakal BOBranch Office695123
Vettiyara BOBranch Office695603
Vettoor BOBranch Office695312
Vikas Bhavan SOPost Office695033
Vilappilsala BOBranch Office695573
Vinobaniketan BOBranch Office695542
Vithura SOPost Office695551
Vizhinjam SOPost Office695521
Vlathankara SOPost Office695134

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service