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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SURAT, GUJARAT

OfficeOffice TypePincode
A K Road SOPost Office395008
Abhva BOBranch Office395007
Abrama BOBranch Office394150
Adajan BOBranch Office395009
Adityanagar SOPost Office394516
Afva Isroli BOBranch Office394620
Akoti BOBranch Office394355
Allu BOBranch Office394620
Althan SOPost Office395017
Amalsadi BOBranch Office394350
Amba BOBranch Office394163
Ambawadi BOBranch Office394430
Ambheta BOBranch Office395005
Ambheti BOBranch Office394352
Amchak BOBranch Office394250
Amkhuta BOBranch Office394430
Amroli SOPost Office394107
Anand Mahal Road SOPost Office395009
Anaval SOPost Office396510
Anita BOBranch Office394110
Ankdod BOBranch Office394410
Antroli BOBranch Office394150
Areth BOBranch Office394170
Ariana BOBranch Office395005
Asarma BOBranch Office394405
Asnad BOBranch Office394540
Asta BOBranch Office394320
Athwalines SOPost Office395001
Atodara BOBranch Office394130
Bagumara BOBranch Office394305
Balda BOBranch Office394340
Baleshwar SOPost Office394317
Balethi BOBranch Office394440
Bamni BOBranch Office394335
Bamroli BOBranch Office394210
Barasadi BOBranch Office394310
Barbodhan BOBranch Office395005
Bardoli HOHead Office394601
Bartad BOBranch Office394240
Bhadol BOBranch Office394540
Bhagal SOPost Office395003
Bhagvanpura BOBranch Office394246
Bhagwa BOBranch Office394530
Bhamaiya BOBranch Office394335
Bhandut BOBranch Office395005
Bharan BOBranch Office394125
Bharthana BOBranch Office395007
Bharundi BOBranch Office394130
Bhatgam BOBranch Office394540
Bhatha SOPost Office394510
Bhatlai BOBranch Office394517
Bhatpore BOBranch Office394510
Bhedvad BOBranch Office394210
Bhesan BOBranch Office395005
Bhestan SOPost Office395023
Bhilvada BOBranch Office394421
Bhimpore BOBranch Office394550
Bhoria BOBranch Office394248
Bilkhadi BOBranch Office394250
Bilvan BOBranch Office394445
Bodhan SO SuratPost Office394140
Bombay Market SOPost Office395010
Bonandh BOBranch Office394230
Boria BOBranch Office394430
Boridra BOBranch Office394125
Borsad BOBranch Office394112
Budia BOBranch Office394210
Bundha BOBranch Office394440
Butwada BOBranch Office394248
Chalthan SOPost Office394305
Chavda BOBranch Office394445
Chhapra Bhatha BOBranch Office394107
Chhitra BOBranch Office394350
Chikhali Dungar BOBranch Office394320
Chimipatal BOBranch Office394445
Chitalda BOBranch Office394440
Chokhvada BOBranch Office394445
Choramba BOBranch Office394440
Dabholi BOBranch Office395004
Dadhwada BOBranch Office394160
Damka BOBranch Office394517
Dandi BOBranch Office394540
Dastan BOBranch Office394310
Dedvasan BOBranch Office394250
Delad BOBranch Office394330
Deladva BOBranch Office394210
Delasa BOBranch Office394530
Devadh BOBranch Office394210
Devgadh BOBranch Office394440
Dhamdod BOBranch Office394125
Dhamdod Lumbha BOBranch Office394355
Dhamkhadi BOBranch Office394248
Dharampur BOBranch Office394112
Dhatva BOBranch Office394180
Dholikui BOBranch Office394430
Dhoranpardi BOBranch Office394150
Digas BOBranch Office394330
Dihen BOBranch Office395005
Dindoli BOBranch Office394210
Dinod BOBranch Office394125
Dumas SOPost Office394550
Dumasgam BOBranch Office394550
Dungra BOBranch Office394180
Dungri BOBranch Office394112
Eklera BOBranch Office394230
Ena BOBranch Office394310
Erthan BOBranch Office394540
Fali BOBranch Office394163
Fulpada BOBranch Office395008
Fulwadi BOBranch Office394160
Gabheni BOBranch Office394230
Gamtalv Bujrang BOBranch Office394163
Gangadhara RS SOPost Office394310
Gangadia BOBranch Office396510
Gavachhi BOBranch Office394140
Gavier BOBranch Office395007
Ghadoi BOBranch Office394245
Ghala SOPost Office394155
Ghanavad BOBranch Office394445
Ghantoli BOBranch Office394160
Gijram BOBranch Office394410
GIPCL SOPost Office394112
Godadara BOBranch Office395012
Godawadi BOBranch Office394163
Godbar BOBranch Office394440
Goddha BOBranch Office394160
Godsamba SOPost Office394163
Goji BOBranch Office394350
Gopipura SOPost Office395001
Gothan BOBranch Office394130
Govt Medical College SOPost Office395001
Gunesvel BOBranch Office394240
Hajira SOPost Office394270
Haladva BOBranch Office394248
Haldharu BOBranch Office394310
Haripura BOBranch Office394335
Harsani BOBranch Office394421
Hathoda BOBranch Office394405
Hathuran SOPost Office394125
Ichhapore BOBranch Office394510
Isanpur BOBranch Office394430
Ishanpore BOBranch Office394540
Italva BOBranch Office394315
Jakhala BOBranch Office394160
Jamankuva BOBranch Office394160
Jhampa SOPost Office395003
Jinod BOBranch Office394530
Jokha BOBranch Office394326
Jolwa BOBranch Office394305
Kachholi BOBranch Office394235
Kadhaiya BOBranch Office394246
Kadod SOPost Office394335
Kadodara SOPost Office394327
Kadrama BOBranch Office394540
Kafleta BOBranch Office394235
Kakrapar SOPost Office394360
Kakrapargam BOBranch Office394160
Kamlapore BOBranch Office394335
Kamrej Char Rasta SOPost Office394185
Kamrej SOPost Office394180
Kamroli BOBranch Office394540
Kanakpur BOBranch Office394230
Kanav BOBranch Office394315
Kani BOBranch Office394350
Kankaria BOBranch Office394248
Kansad BOBranch Office394230
Kantifalia BOBranch Office394340
Kantva BOBranch Office394405
Karachka BOBranch Office394340
Karamla BOBranch Office394130
Karan BOBranch Office394305
Karanj BOBranch Office394530
Karchelia SOPost Office394240
Karjan BOBranch Office394155
Karvali BOBranch Office394163
Kasal BOBranch Office394163
Katargam SOPost Office395004
Kathodara BOBranch Office394326
Kathor SOPost Office394150
Kawas BOBranch Office394510
Keori BOBranch Office394445
Khajod BOBranch Office395007
Khanjroli BOBranch Office394335
Khanpur BOBranch Office394320
Kharoli BOBranch Office394163
Kharvan BOBranch Office394245
Kharvasa BOBranch Office394210
Khatodara SOPost Office395002
Khodamba BOBranch Office394163
Khojpardi BOBranch Office394355
Kholeshwar BOBranch Office394180
Kholvad SOPost Office394190
Khota Rampura BOBranch Office394445
Kikwad BOBranch Office394620
Kim Char Rasta SOPost Office394111
Kim Dungara BOBranch Office394160
Kim SOPost Office394110
Koba BOBranch Office394540
Kodada BOBranch Office394250
Kolibharthana BOBranch Office394180
Kos BOBranch Office396510
Kosad BOBranch Office394107
Kosadi BOBranch Office394335
Kosam BOBranch Office394520
Kosamba RS SOPost Office394120
Kosmada BOBranch Office395013
Kosmadi BOBranch Office394326
Kothwa BOBranch Office394110
Kribhconagar SOPost Office394515
Kudiana BOBranch Office394540
Kudsad BOBranch Office394110
Kumbharia BOBranch Office395010
Kumkotar BOBranch Office396510
Kunvarda BOBranch Office394120
Ladvi BOBranch Office394325
Lajpore SOPost Office394235
Lakhanpor BOBranch Office394352
Lakhgam BOBranch Office394160
Lasanpor BOBranch Office396510
Laskana BOBranch Office395013
Lavachha BOBranch Office394540
Lavet BOBranch Office394430
Limbada BOBranch Office394405
Limbayat SOPost Office395012
Limodra BOBranch Office394110
Lingad BOBranch Office394230
Luharvad BOBranch Office394440
Luvara BOBranch Office394405
Madhar BOBranch Office394130
Madhi SOPost Office394340
Magdalla BOBranch Office395007
Mahuva SO SuratPost Office394250
Mahuvaria BOBranch Office394248
Mahuvej BOBranch Office394125
Maldha BOBranch Office394440
Malekpor BOBranch Office394315
Mandan Boria BOBranch Office394440
Mandroi BOBranch Office394540
Mandvi SR SOPost Office394160
Manekpor BOBranch Office394340
Mankna BOBranch Office394325
Masad BOBranch Office394335
Masma BOBranch Office394540
Miyapur BOBranch Office394250
Mohni BOBranch Office394305
Mor SOPost Office394530
Mora SO SuratPost Office394517
Moritha BOBranch Office394160
Morthan BOBranch Office394130
Morthana BOBranch Office394325
Mosali SOPost Office394421
Mota Borsara BOBranch Office394110
Mota Miya Mangrol SOPost Office394410
Mota SOPost Office394345
Mota Varachha SOPost Office394101
Moticher BOBranch Office394651
Motifalod BOBranch Office394355
Motived BOBranch Office395004
Muglisara SOPost Office395003
Mulad BOBranch Office394110
Munjlav BOBranch Office394140
Nagod BOBranch Office394320
Naldhara BOBranch Office394240
Nandav BOBranch Office394125
Nandniketan SOPost Office394270
Nandola BOBranch Office394430
Nandpore BOBranch Office394163
Nani Naroli BOBranch Office394112
Nanpura HOHead Office395001
Nansad BOBranch Office394180
Naren BOBranch Office394163
Narthan BOBranch Office395005
Nasarpur BOBranch Office394440
Navagam BOBranch Office394185
Navipardi BOBranch Office394150
Navyug College SOPost Office395009
Netrang BOBranch Office394180
Ninat BOBranch Office394350
Niol BOBranch Office394325
Nizar BOBranch Office394350
Nogama BOBranch Office394170
Olpad SOPost Office394540
Ongc Nagar SOPost Office394518
Orgam BOBranch Office394340
Orma BOBranch Office394540
Orna SOPost Office394330
Pal Bhatha BOBranch Office394510
PAL SOPost Office394510
Palanpur BOBranch Office395009
Palsana SO SuratPost Office394315
Palsod BOBranch Office394355
Pandesara IE SOPost Office394221
Parab BOBranch Office394325
Pardi Bhadol BOBranch Office394540
Paria BOBranch Office394130
Parvat BOBranch Office395012
Pasodara BOBranch Office395013
Patal BOBranch Office394163
Pathron BOBranch Office394620
Pinjrat BOBranch Office395005
Piplod SO SuratPost Office395007
Pipodara BOBranch Office394110
Popda BOBranch Office394235
Puna BOBranch Office394163
Puna Kumbharia SOPost Office395011
Puni SOPost Office394352
Rajgari BOBranch Office394517
Rajnagar BOBranch Office394540
Ramnagar SO SuratPost Office395009
Ranat BOBranch Office394350
Rander SOPost Office395005
Ratania BOBranch Office394360
Rayam BOBranch Office394355
Regama BOBranch Office394160
Rosvad BOBranch Office394170
Rupan BOBranch Office394160
Sachin RS BOBranch Office394230
Sachin SOPost Office394230
Sagrampura Putli SOPost Office395002
Salaiya BOBranch Office394160
Samba BOBranch Office394248
Samrod BOBranch Office394315
Samthan BOBranch Office394335
Sandhier BOBranch Office394130
Sania Hemad BOBranch Office395013
Sania Kande BOBranch Office394210
Saras SOPost Office394541
Sarbhon SOPost Office394350
Sarda BOBranch Office394445
Sardarbaug Bardoli SOPost Office394601
Sarkui BOBranch Office394160
Saroli BOBranch Office395010
Sarthana SOPost Office395013
Sarvan Fokdi BOBranch Office394445
Sathvav BOBranch Office394160
Sava BOBranch Office394120
Sayan SOPost Office394130
Segva BOBranch Office394320
Segva Chhama BOBranch Office395005
Sejvad BOBranch Office394620
Selut BOBranch Office395005
Sevni SOPost Office394320
Shah BOBranch Office394421
Shampura BOBranch Office394330
Shekhpur BOBranch Office394250
Sherdi BOBranch Office394520
Simodra BOBranch Office394405
Singanpore BOBranch Office395004
Singod BOBranch Office394335
Sithan BOBranch Office394130
Siyalaj BOBranch Office394110
Sondla Khara BOBranch Office394540
Sonsak BOBranch Office394540
Soyani BOBranch Office394310
Sugar Factory Bamania SOPost Office394246
Sugar Factory Bardoli SOPost Office394601
Surali BOBranch Office394340
Surat Airport SOPost Office394550
Surat City SOPost Office395003
Surat HOHead Office395003
Surat RS SOPost Office395003
Surat Textile Market SOPost Office395002
Suvali BOBranch Office394517
SVR College SOPost Office395007
Syadla BOBranch Office394130
Tadkeshwar SOPost Office394170
Takarma BOBranch Office394540
Talangpur BOBranch Office394230
Tantithaiya BOBranch Office394305
Taraj BOBranch Office394315
Tarapur BOBranch Office394440
Tarbhon BOBranch Office394350
Tarsada BOBranch Office394160
Tarsadi BOBranch Office394350
Tena BOBranch Office395005
Timba BOBranch Office394330
Timbarva BOBranch Office394305
Timbarva Sankri BOBranch Office394355
Tuked BOBranch Office394163
Tundi BOBranch Office394310
Udhna SOPost Office394210
Udhnagam SOPost Office394210
Umarda BOBranch Office394445
Umargot BOBranch Office394445
Umarpada SOPost Office394445
Umarzar BOBranch Office394440
Umber BOBranch Office394230
Umbharia BOBranch Office394440
Umbhel SOPost Office394325
Umra BOBranch Office394130
Umrakh BOBranch Office394345
Unn BOBranch Office394210
Unteva BOBranch Office394163
Utran BOBranch Office394105
Utran Power House SOPost Office394105
Uva BOBranch Office394340
Vad BOBranch Office394440
Vadadla Tanti BOBranch Office394317
Vadhvania BOBranch Office394335
Vadi BOBranch Office394440
Vadia BOBranch Office394246
Vadod BOBranch Office394540
Vadoli BOBranch Office394110
Vadpada BOBranch Office394445
Vaghecha BOBranch Office394355
Vahar BOBranch Office394440
Vaheval BOBranch Office394248
Vaktana BOBranch Office394230
Valak BOBranch Office395013
Valvada SOPost Office394248
Vanisa Pisadi BOBranch Office394310
Vankal SOPost Office394430
Vankaner SR SOPost Office394620
Vanskui BOBranch Office394240
Vansva BOBranch Office394517
Vanz BOBranch Office394230
Varachha Road SOPost Office395006
Varachhali BOBranch Office395013
Varad SOPost Office394355
Vareli BOBranch Office394140
Vareth BOBranch Office394160
Varethi BOBranch Office394110
Variav SOPost Office394520
Vasravi BOBranch Office394421
Vatsalyadham BOBranch Office394340
Vav Kathodara SOPost Office394326
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University SOPost Office395007
Vegi BOBranch Office394170
Velachha SOPost Office394405
Velanja BOBranch Office394150
Velanpur BOBranch Office394245
Verakui BOBranch Office394430
Vesu BOBranch Office395007
Vihan BOBranch Office394320
Vihara BOBranch Office394540
Virpur BOBranch Office394155
Zab BOBranch Office394163
Zankhvav SOPost Office394440
Zervavra SOPost Office394245

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service