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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SRIKAKULAM, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adapaka BOBranch Office532403
Adavaram BOBranch Office532440
Aguru BOBranch Office532127
Agurukancharam BOBranch Office532127
Aitam EnggCollege BOBranch Office532203
Ajjaram BOBranch Office532403
Akasalakkavaram BOBranch Office532211
Akkulapeta BOBranch Office532186
Akkupalli SOPost Office532219
Akulatampara BOBranch Office532459
Alamajipeta BOBranch Office532190
Alikam BOBranch Office532186
Allada BOBranch Office532425
Allena BOBranch Office532445
Allinagaram BOBranch Office532403
Allivalasa BOBranch Office532407
Aludu BOBranch Office532426
Amadalavalasa HOHead Office532185
Amalakudiya BOBranch Office532220
Amalapadu BOBranch Office532218
Amapalam BOBranch Office532429
Ambada BOBranch Office532122
Ambakhandi BOBranch Office532123
Ampolu BOBranch Office532404
Anandapuram BOBranch Office532168
Andhavaram BOBranch Office532425
Annampeta BOBranch Office532445
Annupuram BOBranch Office532426
Anthakapalli BOBranch Office532127
Anthrakudda BOBranch Office532222
Aradali BOBranch Office532440
Arakabhadra BOBranch Office532312
Arasada BOBranch Office532122
Arasavilli SOPost Office532401
Arjunavalasa BOBranch Office532409
Avalangi BOBranch Office532462
Ayodhyapuram BOBranch Office532203
Badam BOBranch Office532425
Baddumarri BOBranch Office532203
Badupuram BOBranch Office532264
Bairisingupuram SOPost Office532187
Balada BOBranch Office532457
Baleru BOBranch Office532455
Banam BOBranch Office532168
Banapuram BOBranch Office532216
Bandaruvanipeta BOBranch Office532406
Bantukotturu BOBranch Office532220
Bantupalle BOBranch Office532407
Baruva R S SOPost Office532264
Baruva SOPost Office532263
Bathupuram BOBranch Office532219
Battili SOPost Office532456
Batuva BOBranch Office535125
Beejiputti BOBranch Office532322
Bejjipuram BOBranch Office532403
Belagam BOBranch Office532290
Belamam BOBranch Office532484
Belamara BOBranch Office532430
Bendi BOBranch Office532220
Bhadri BOBranch Office532427
Bhagavanpuram BOBranch Office532203
Bhagempeta BOBranch Office532122
Bhagiradhipuram BOBranch Office532459
Bhairi BOBranch Office532405
Bhamini BOBranch Office532456
Bharanikota BOBranch Office532221
Bhasuru BOBranch Office532440
Bhirlangi BOBranch Office532312
Bhogabeni BOBranch Office532284
Bhogapuram BOBranch Office532264
Bitiwada BOBranch Office532462
Boddam BOBranch Office532148
Boddapadu BOBranch Office532222
Bodduru BOBranch Office532127
Bomminaiduvalasa BOBranch Office532127
Bontalakoduru SOPost Office532408
Borivanka BOBranch Office532292
Borubhadra BOBranch Office532218
Brahmanatarla SOPost Office532220
Brc Puram BOBranch Office532284
BSPuram BOBranch Office532186
Budarisingi BOBranch Office532264
Budatavalasa BOBranch Office532403
Budithi SOPost Office532427
Budumuru BOBranch Office532403
Bukkuru BOBranch Office532440
Buragam BOBranch Office532212
Buravilli BOBranch Office532405
Buridikancharam BOBranch Office532168
Burja SOPost Office532445
Burjapadu BOBranch Office532312
Burujuvada BOBranch Office532426
Calingapatnam SOPost Office532406
Chakipalli BOBranch Office532203
Challavanipeta BOBranch Office532432
Challayyavalasa BOBranch Office532429
Chandraiahpeta BOBranch Office532148
Chapara SOPost Office532216
Cheemalavalasa BOBranch Office532186
Cheepi BOBranch Office532242
Chennaivalasa BOBranch Office532432
Chettupodilam BOBranch Office532148
Chidimi BOBranch Office532460
Chiguruvalasa BOBranch Office532190
Chikkalavalasa BOBranch Office532425
Chinabadam BOBranch Office532222
Chinabammidi BOBranch Office532474
Chinakittalapadu BOBranch Office532214
Chinavatsavalasa BOBranch Office532404
Chinnabagga BOBranch Office532455
Chintalabadavanja BOBranch Office532458
CHINTHADABranch Office532186
Chittapudivalasa BOBranch Office532460
Chittarupuram BOBranch Office532168
Chittivalasa BOBranch Office532186
Chodavaram BOBranch Office532425
Chowkipeta BOBranch Office532264
D Matchilesam BOBranch Office532408
Dabbapadu BOBranch Office532458
Dalemrajuvalasa BOBranch Office535128
Dallavalasa BOBranch Office532402
Dandugopalapuram BOBranch Office532212
Dandulaxmipuram BOBranch Office532430
Danta BOBranch Office532195
Dasariraminaiduvalasa BOBranch Office532127
Deenabhandupuram BOBranch Office532215
Deerghasi BOBranch Office532429
Deppilugonapaputtuga BOBranch Office532312
Derasam BOBranch Office532409
Devadi BOBranch Office532421
Devanaltada BOBranch Office532211
Devaravalasa BOBranch Office532168
Devudala BOBranch Office532440
Devunipalavalasa BOBranch Office532409
Dhanupuram BOBranch Office532214
Dharmalaxmipuram BOBranch Office532214
Dharmapuram BOBranch Office532312
Dharmavaram BOBranch Office532408
Dhavalapeta BOBranch Office532168
Dimidijola BOBranch Office532203
Dimilada BOBranch Office532212
Dimili BOBranch Office532457
Dokulapadu BOBranch Office532222
Dola BOBranch Office532429
Dolagovindapuram BOBranch Office532291
Donubai BOBranch Office532460
Dusi Rs SOPost Office532484
Edupuram BOBranch Office532312
Elamanchili BOBranch Office532195
Etcherla SOPost Office532410
Fareedpeta BOBranch Office532410
Gadagamma BOBranch Office532460
Gadimudidam BOBranch Office532127
Gangaram BOBranch Office532195
Ganguvada BOBranch Office532243
Gara SOPost Office532405
Garraju Chipurupalle BOBranch Office535128
Garudabhadra BOBranch Office532222
Garudakhandi BOBranch Office532220
Gathalavalasa BOBranch Office532430
Gedda Kancharam BOBranch Office532148
Ghanasara BOBranch Office532455
GMRNagar BOBranch Office532127
Gobburu BOBranch Office532148
Gokarnapalli BOBranch Office532168
Gollagandi BOBranch Office532263
Gollalavalasa BOBranch Office532429
Gonapaputtuga BOBranch Office532292
Gondi BOBranch Office532443
Gonepadu BOBranch Office532458
Gopalapuram BOBranch Office532127
Goppili BOBranch Office532221
Gorinta BOBranch Office532168
Gorlapadu BOBranch Office532290
Gotivada BOBranch Office532432
Gottamangalapuram BOBranch Office532440
Govindapuram BOBranch Office532123
Gudarurajamanipuram BOBranch Office532242
GUDEMBranch Office532203
Gudem BOBranch Office532484
Gujarathipeta SOPost Office532005
Gulumuru BOBranch Office532459
Gumada BOBranch Office532460
Gumadam BOBranch Office532407
Gunabhadra BOBranch Office532455
Gurandi BOBranch Office532456
Guravam BOBranch Office532127
Guttavilli BOBranch Office532445
Haddubangi BOBranch Office532455
Hanumanthunaidupeta BOBranch Office532211
Haridasupuram BOBranch Office532218
Haripuram BOBranch Office532312
Haripuram SOPost Office532243
Harischandrapuram BOBranch Office532430
Hiramandalam SOPost Office532459
Honjaram BOBranch Office532168
Hussainpuram BOBranch Office532460
Ichchapuram Bus Stand SOPost Office532312
Ichchapuram SOPost Office532312
Idulavalasa BOBranch Office532421
Ippili BOBranch Office532401
Irapadu BOBranch Office532459
Iruwada BOBranch Office535557
Isakalapalem BOBranch Office532292
Jada BOBranch Office532148
Jaduru BOBranch Office532421
Jagannadhapuram BOBranch Office532430
Jagathi BOBranch Office532322
Jalantrakota BOBranch Office532284
Jalumuru SOPost Office532432
Jamachakram BOBranch Office532426
Jamparakota BOBranch Office532462
Jandapeta BOBranch Office532212
Jarjangi BOBranch Office532195
Javam BOBranch Office532445
Jeerupalem BOBranch Office532407
Jhadupalli BOBranch Office532216
Jhadupudi BOBranch Office532290
Jinkibhadra BOBranch Office532284
JRPuram SOPost Office532407
Kadagandi BOBranch Office532458
Kadakella BOBranch Office532460
Kadumu BOBranch Office532457
Kakarapalli BOBranch Office532195
Kalaparthi BOBranch Office532186
Kallata BOBranch Office532214
Kamalanabhapuram BOBranch Office532195
Kambakaya BOBranch Office532421
Kambalarayudupeta BOBranch Office532218
Kambara BOBranch Office532460
Kameswaripeta BOBranch Office532425
Kanchili SOPost Office532290
Kandisa BOBranch Office532122
Kanimetta BOBranch Office532402
Kanitivooru BOBranch Office532218
Kanugulavalasa BOBranch Office532186
Kapaskudda BOBranch Office532322
Karagam BOBranch Office532421
Karajada BOBranch Office532221
Karakavalasa BOBranch Office532428
Karapadu BOBranch Office532312
Karavanja BOBranch Office532432
Kasibugga SO SrikakulamPost Office532222
Kasimivalasa BOBranch Office532186
Kathulakaviti BOBranch Office532460
Kavitaagraharam BOBranch Office532220
Kaviti SOPost Office532322
Kedaripuram BOBranch Office532221
Keesara BOBranch Office532455
Kerasingi BOBranch Office532215
Kesaripada BOBranch Office532291
Kesavadasupuram BOBranch Office532403
Kesavarayunipalem BOBranch Office532403
Kesupuram BOBranch Office532312
Khajuru BOBranch Office532290
Khandyam BOBranch Office532445
Killada BOBranch Office532460
Killoyicolony BOBranch Office532242
Kinjangi BOBranch Office535557
Kinthali BOBranch Office532402
Kistappapeta BOBranch Office532186
Kistupuram BOBranch Office532195
Kittalapadu BOBranch Office532428
Kodaddapanasa BOBranch Office532426
Kodisa BOBranch Office532122
Koduru BOBranch Office532430
Koligam BOBranch Office532312
Komaraltada BOBranch Office532218
Komarti BOBranch Office532421
Komiri BOBranch Office532440
KOMMANAPALLIBranch Office532214
Kommanapalli BOBranch Office532427
Kommusariapalli BOBranch Office532203
Kommuvalasa BOBranch Office532459
Kondagudem BOBranch Office532123
Kondalogam BOBranch Office532243
Kondapuram BOBranch Office532440
Kondaragolu BOBranch Office532459
Kondavalasa BOBranch Office532190
Kondavooru BOBranch Office532218
Koppara BOBranch Office535557
Korallavalasa BOBranch Office532127
Korama BOBranch Office532455
Korasavada SOPost Office532214
Korlakota BOBranch Office532186
Korlam BOBranch Office532405
Kotabomma RS BOBranch Office532195
Kotabommali SOPost Office532195
Kotapalem BOBranch Office532407
Kothagraharam BOBranch Office532220
Kothalingudu BOBranch Office532211
Kothapalli BOBranch Office532242
Kothapeta BOBranch Office532005
Kotipalli BOBranch Office532402
KOTTAPALLIBranch Office532203
Kottisa BOBranch Office532461
Kotturu SOPost Office532455
Kovvadamachilesam BOBranch Office532407
Koyyam BOBranch Office532408
KR Puram BOBranch Office532123
Kuddapalli BOBranch Office532443
Kuppili BOBranch Office532403
Kurigam BOBranch Office532457
Kurmanadhapuram BOBranch Office532218
Kurudu BOBranch Office532195
Kusimi BOBranch Office532443
Kusumapuram BOBranch Office532292
Labara BOBranch Office532213
Labba BOBranch Office532459
Labham BOBranch Office532445
Laidam BOBranch Office532168
Lakkivalasa BOBranch Office532211
Lakkupuram BOBranch Office532445
Lakshmipuram BOBranch Office532403
Lankam BOBranch Office532484
Laveru BOBranch Office532407
Laxmidevipeta BOBranch Office532222
LINGALAVALASABranch Office532203
Lingalavalasa BOBranch Office532404
LNPeta SOPost Office532458
Loddaputti BOBranch Office532312
Loharibanda BOBranch Office532243
Loharijola BOBranch Office532456
Lolugu BOBranch Office532168
Lotturu BOBranch Office532221
Lukulam BOBranch Office532425
Mabagam BOBranch Office532421
Madapam BOBranch Office532421
Madduvalasa BOBranch Office532122
Mahanthipalem BOBranch Office532403
Makarampuram BOBranch Office532290
Makivalasa BOBranch Office532421
Malagam BOBranch Office532430
Mamidipalli BOBranch Office532264
Mamidivalasa BOBranch Office532123
Manda BOBranch Office532443
Mandapalli BOBranch Office532312
Mandarada BOBranch Office532123
Mandasa SOPost Office532242
Mandavakuriti BOBranch Office532168
Maniga BOBranch Office532456
Manikyapuram SOPost Office532292
Manthina BOBranch Office532168
Manumakonda BOBranch Office532456
Maredubaka BOBranch Office532127
Marripadu BOBranch Office532215
Maruvada BOBranch Office532409
Maruwada BOBranch Office535557
Meghavaram BOBranch Office532211
Meliaputti SOPost Office532215
METTAVALASABranch Office532168
Metturu BOBranch Office532219
Mirtivalasa BOBranch Office532168
Modallavalasa BOBranch Office532484
Mofusbandar BOBranch Office532401
Mokhasarajapuram BOBranch Office532460
Ms Palli SOPost Office532291
MUCHINDRABranch Office532312
Muddada BOBranch Office532005
Mukhalingam SOPost Office532428
Mulapeta BOBranch Office532211
Mulasavalapuram BOBranch Office532458
Mundala BOBranch Office532291
Murapaka SOPost Office532403
Nadagam BOBranch Office532425
Nadumuru BOBranch Office532263
Nagarampalli BOBranch Office532222
Nagarikatakam BOBranch Office532428
Nagulavalasa BOBranch Office532127
Naira BOBranch Office532186
Nandabalaga BOBranch Office532148
NANDIGAMBranch Office532203
Narasannapeta Market SOPost Office532421
Narasannapeta SOPost Office532421
Narasingupalli BOBranch Office532203
NARSIPURAMBranch Office532203
Narsipuram BOBranch Office532460
Naruva BOBranch Office532409
Naupada RS SOPost Office532212
Naupada SO SrikakulamPost Office532211
Navagam BOBranch Office532462
Nayaralavalasa BOBranch Office532122
Neelampeta BOBranch Office532445
Neelanagaram SOPost Office532462
Neelavathi BOBranch Office532243
Neelayyavalasa BOBranch Office532122
Neradi BOBranch Office532459
Niddam BOBranch Office532148
Nimmada BOBranch Office532430
Nivagam SOPost Office532457
Nowgam BOBranch Office532203
Opivada Venkampeta BOBranch Office532186
Padali BOBranch Office532459
Palakhandyam BOBranch Office532168
Palakonda SOPost Office532440
Palasa SOPost Office532221
Palasapuram BOBranch Office532284
Palavalasa BOBranch Office532264
Pallisaradhi BOBranch Office532222
Parampeta BOBranch Office532122
Parapuram BOBranch Office532455
Paraselli BOBranch Office532425
Parasurampuram BOBranch Office532220
Parlam BOBranch Office532425
Pathakumkam BOBranch Office532168
Pathapatnam SOPost Office532213
Patharlapalli BOBranch Office532407
Pathatekkali BOBranch Office532218
Pathivadapalem BOBranch Office532409
Patrunivalasa BOBranch Office532401
Pattupuram BOBranch Office532195
Pedakotipalli BOBranch Office532440
Pedalamba BOBranch Office532214
Pedalavunipalli BOBranch Office532203
Pedalaxmipuram BOBranch Office532216
Pedamuraharipuram BOBranch Office532218
Pedanarayanapuram BOBranch Office532220
Pedapadmapuram BOBranch Office532215
Pedapolla BOBranch Office532460
Pedarama BOBranch Office532443
Pedasankili BOBranch Office532459
Pedasavalapuram BOBranch Office532458
Pedasirlam BOBranch Office532122
Pedasrirampuram BOBranch Office532290
Peddabammidi BOBranch Office532474
Peddadimili BOBranch Office532455
Peddakojjiria BOBranch Office532290
Peddakota BOBranch Office532458
Peddalogidi BOBranch Office532213
Peddamallipuram BOBranch Office532213
Peddapadu BOBranch Office532401
Peddapeta BOBranch Office532445
Peddaseedhi BOBranch Office532214
Pedduru BOBranch Office532443
Penubaka BOBranch Office532127
Piruvada BOBranch Office532421
Pogiri BOBranch Office532148
Polaki SOPost Office532429
POLAVARAMBranch Office532203
Poleru BOBranch Office532291
Ponduru SOPost Office532168
Ponnada BOBranch Office532408
Ponnam BOBranch Office532186
Ponnuturu BOBranch Office532457
Potli BOBranch Office532462
Potrakonda BOBranch Office532264
Priyagraharam SOPost Office532430
PSPuram SOPost Office532190
Pubbada BOBranch Office532460
Puliputti BOBranch Office532455
Pundi R S SOPost Office532218
Purli BOBranch Office532440
Purushothapur IPR BOBranch Office532312
Pusam BOBranch Office532458
Putikavalasa BOBranch Office532455
Pydibheemavaram SOPost Office532409
Ragolu BOBranch Office532484
Rahimanpuram BOBranch Office532430
Rajam BOBranch Office532409
Rajam SOPost Office532127
Rajapuram BOBranch Office532322
Rajulagumada BOBranch Office532461
Ramachandrapuram Agraharam BOBranch Office532148
Rana BOBranch Office532474
Ranasthalam BOBranch Office532407
Rangoi BOBranch Office532243
Rapaka BOBranch Office532168
Rattakanna BOBranch Office532312
Ravada BOBranch Office532407
Ravivalasa BOBranch Office532212
Regidi BOBranch Office532440
Regulapadu BOBranch Office532460
Rentikota BOBranch Office532221
Reyyipadu BOBranch Office532218
RLPuram BOBranch Office532213
Romadala BOBranch Office532214
Rottavalasa BOBranch Office532190
Routhupeta BOBranch Office535128
Runku Hanumanthapuram BOBranch Office532430
Rushikudda BOBranch Office532292
Rushingi BOBranch Office532461
Sahalalaputtuga BOBranch Office532290
Sailada BOBranch Office532212
Salihundam BOBranch Office532405
Samarelli BOBranch Office532460
Sambham BOBranch Office532443
Sancham BOBranch Office532409
Sangam BOBranch Office532462
Sanivada BOBranch Office532401
Sankili BOBranch Office532440
Santhabommali BOBranch Office532195
Santhakaviti BOBranch Office532123
Santhavuriti BOBranch Office532168
Sarali BOBranch Office532213
Sarasanapalli BOBranch Office532122
Saravakota SOPost Office532426
Sarubujjili BOBranch Office532458
Sasanam BOBranch Office532284
Sathivada BOBranch Office532405
Satyavaram BOBranch Office532421
Savaraddapanasa BOBranch Office532426
Seetarampalli BOBranch Office532213
Seethampeta SOPost Office532443
Seethapuram BOBranch Office532203
Seetharampuram Inam SOPost Office532461
Sekharapuram BOBranch Office532216
Shalantri BOBranch Office532190
Siddhantham BOBranch Office532458
Sigadam SOPost Office532148
Silagam BOBranch Office532322
Silagam Singuvalasa BOBranch Office532186
Singidi BOBranch Office532456
Singupuram BOBranch Office532462
Singuru BOBranch Office532218
Siriakhandi BOBranch Office532215
Siripuram BOBranch Office532168
Sirusuvada BOBranch Office532455
Sivvam BOBranch Office532461
SMPuram SOPost Office532402
Somagandi BOBranch Office532455
Somarajapuram BOBranch Office532459
Sompeta SOPost Office532284
Sondipudi BOBranch Office532242
Srikakulam Collectorate SOPost Office532001
Srikakulam District Court SOPost Office532001
Srikakulam HOHead Office532001
Srikakulam Market SOPost Office532001
Srikakulam New Colony SOPost Office532001
Srikakulam Official Colony SOPost Office532001
Srikakulam Town SOPost Office532001
Srikakulam Zilla Parishad SOPost Office532001
Srikurmam SOPost Office532404
SRPuram SOPost Office532123
Suravam BOBranch Office532168
Suvarnapuram BOBranch Office532243
Tadivalasa BOBranch Office532484
Talada BOBranch Office532123
Talagam BOBranch Office532212
Talasamudram BOBranch Office532429
Talatampara BOBranch Office532123
Talavaram BOBranch Office532462
Tallabhadra BOBranch Office532243
Tallavalasa BOBranch Office532407
Tamaram BOBranch Office532168
Tamavada BOBranch Office532403
Tamminaidupeta BOBranch Office532410
Tampatapalli BOBranch Office532440
Tandemvalasa BOBranch Office532186
Tankaladuggivalasa BOBranch Office532168
Tarlakota BOBranch Office532221
Tekkali HOHead Office532201
Tekkalipatnam BOBranch Office532220
Telikipenta BOBranch Office532458
Temburu BOBranch Office532203
Teppalavalasa BOBranch Office532407
Tettangi BOBranch Office532462
Thandyam BOBranch Office532168
Thogaram BOBranch Office532484
Tholapi BOBranch Office532402
Thotada BOBranch Office532484
Thotapalem BOBranch Office532005
Thotavada BOBranch Office532445
Thungapeta BOBranch Office532168
Tiddimi BOBranch Office532213
Tilaru BOBranch Office532474
Tilaru RS SOPost Office532474
Timadam BOBranch Office532427
Titukupai BOBranch Office532460
TLingalapadu BOBranch Office532195
Togiri BOBranch Office532427
Tonangi BOBranch Office532406
Tudi BOBranch Office532460
Tulagam BOBranch Office532459
Tulugu BOBranch Office532405
Tungatampara BOBranch Office532459
Tunivada BOBranch Office532122
Turakapeta BOBranch Office532186
Turakasasanam BOBranch Office532264
UG Puram BOBranch Office532218
Umilada BOBranch Office532430
Uppalam BOBranch Office532263
Uppinivalasa BOBranch Office532186
Urjam BOBranch Office532429
Urlam SOPost Office532425
Vadada BOBranch Office532401
Vajrapukotturu BOBranch Office532222
Vanduva BOBranch Office532460
Vangara BOBranch Office532461
Vanjangi BOBranch Office532484
Varisam BOBranch Office532409
Vasudevapatnam BOBranch Office532123
Vasundhara BOBranch Office532215
Vatapagu BOBranch Office532440
Vatsavalasa BOBranch Office532404
Vavilavalasa BOBranch Office532123
Veeraghattam SOPost Office532460
Vengala Rao Colony SOPost Office532186
Venkampeta BOBranch Office532122
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office532220
Venkateswara Colony SOPost Office532203
VENUGOPALAPURAMBranch Office532203
Vommaravilli BOBranch Office532406
Vommi BOBranch Office532127
Vondrajola BOBranch Office532458
Voni BOBranch Office532440
Vonkuluru BOBranch Office532219
Vungarada BOBranch Office532123
Vunukuru SOPost Office532122
Walteru BOBranch Office532168
Yalamanchili BOBranch Office532427
Yenduva BOBranch Office532148
Yeragam BOBranch Office532458
Yerramukkam BOBranch Office532263
Yetturallapadu BOBranch Office532474

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service