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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SPSR NELLORE, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
ACNagar SOPost Office524002
Adurupalli BOBranch Office524342
Akkagaripeta BOBranch Office524129
Akkampeta BOBranch Office524405
Akkarajuvari Kandriga BOBranch Office524142
Alaganipadu BOBranch Office524318
Alimili BOBranch Office524131
Allampadu BOBranch Office524312
Alliguntapalem BOBranch Office524203
Allimadugu BOBranch Office524152
Allipuram BOBranch Office524002
Allur SOPost Office524315
Althurthi BOBranch Office524345
Althurupadu BOBranch Office524132
Amancherla BOBranch Office524345
Amani Chiruvella BOBranch Office524303
Ammapalem BOBranch Office524404
Ammavaripalem BOBranch Office524345
Amuduru BOBranch Office524132
Anantasagaram SOPost Office524302
Ananthamadugu BOBranch Office524407
Ananthapuram BOBranch Office524347
Andhrakesari Nagar SOPost Office524004
Anemadugu SOPost Office524203
Anepudi BOBranch Office524123
Anikepalli BOBranch Office524321
Annagaripalem BOBranch Office524203
Annamedu BOBranch Office524126
Annareddypalem BOBranch Office524318
Annavaram BOBranch Office524223
Anumasamudram BOBranch Office524304
Anumasamudrampeta SOPost Office524304
AP Genco Nelatur SOPost Office524347
Apparaopalem BOBranch Office524322
Appasamudram BOBranch Office524222
Aravapalem BOBranch Office524127
Aravedu BOBranch Office524307
Arlapadia BOBranch Office524236
Armenipadu BOBranch Office524402
Aruru BOBranch Office524127
Athivaram BOBranch Office524421
Atmakur NL SOPost Office524322
Ayyavaripalem BOBranch Office524410
Baddevolu BOBranch Office524405
Balajinagar SOPost Office524002
Balayapalli BOBranch Office524404
Balireddypalem BOBranch Office524415
Ballavolu BOBranch Office524412
Bandarupalli BOBranch Office524303
Bandepalli BOBranch Office524405
Bangarupeta SOPost Office524404
Basavarajupalem BOBranch Office524307
Basinenipalli BOBranch Office524226
Bathulapalli BOBranch Office524309
Batrakagallu BOBranch Office524315
Battepadu BOBranch Office524322
Bedusupalli BOBranch Office524302
Beripeta BOBranch Office524126
Bhairavaram BOBranch Office524228
Bhaktavatsalanagar BOBranch Office524003
Bhatlakanupur BOBranch Office524402
Bheemavaram BOBranch Office524421
Bhyravaram BOBranch Office524421
Bijjampalle BOBranch Office524230
Biradavolu BOBranch Office524345
Bitragunta SOPost Office524142
Bodagudipadu BOBranch Office524240
Bodasi Idayapalli BOBranch Office524310
Bodduvaripalem BOBranch Office524319
Bojjanapalli BOBranch Office524414
Bommavaram BOBranch Office524302
Botikerlapadu BOBranch Office524307
Boyila chiruvella BOBranch Office524307
Brahmadevam SOPost Office524346
Brahmanakraka Agraharam BOBranch Office524223
Brahmanakraka BOBranch Office524223
Brahmanapalli BOBranch Office524343
Buchireddypalem SOPost Office524305
Budamgunta BOBranch Office524223
Budanam BOBranch Office524410
Buja Buja Nellore BOBranch Office524004
Buradagalikothapalem BOBranch Office524403
Chabolu BOBranch Office524230
Chaganam BOBranch Office524407
Chakalakonda SOPost Office524221
Chalamcherla BOBranch Office524223
Chandrapadia BOBranch Office524228
Chapalapalli BOBranch Office524134
Chaparallapalli BOBranch Office524302
Chatagotla BOBranch Office524345
Chavali BOBranch Office524126
Chavatabheemavaram BOBranch Office524304
Chejerla Kandriga BOBranch Office524341
Chejerla SOPost Office524341
Chellayapalem BOBranch Office524305
Chemadala BOBranch Office524142
Chembedu BOBranch Office524129
Chemudugunta BOBranch Office524320
Chennarayunipalem BOBranch Office524315
Chennayapalem BOBranch Office524203
Chennur SO NellorePost Office524406
Chennuru BOBranch Office524240
Cherlopalem BOBranch Office524137
Cherlopalli BOBranch Office524405
Cherloyadavalli BOBranch Office524322
Cheropalli BOBranch Office524408
Cherukumudi BOBranch Office524405
Chigurupadu BOBranch Office524421
Chikavolu BOBranch Office524407
Chilakalamarri BOBranch Office524302
Chilakampadu BOBranch Office524132
Chilakapadu BOBranch Office524312
Chilamanchenu BOBranch Office524402
Chillakur SOPost Office524412
Chillamanur BOBranch Office524132
Chillamur BOBranch Office524127
Chinacherukuru BOBranch Office524002
Chinna Annalur BOBranch Office524224
Chinna Kaniyampadu BOBranch Office524227
Chinna Nagampalli BOBranch Office524310
Chinnagopavaram BOBranch Office524341
Chinnakraka BOBranch Office524223
Chinnamachanur BOBranch Office524230
Chinnapareddypalli BOBranch Office524132
Chinnathota BOBranch Office524403
Chintagunta BOBranch Office524132
Chintaladevi BOBranch Office524239
Chintalapalem BOBranch Office524343
Chintalatmakur BOBranch Office524343
Chintapudi BOBranch Office524129
Chintareddypalem BOBranch Office524003
Chintavaram BOBranch Office524412
Chintopu BOBranch Office524002
Chipinapi BOBranch Office524343
Chiramana BOBranch Office524308
Chittalur BOBranch Office524341
Chittamur BOBranch Office524127
Chittedu BOBranch Office524410
Chittepalli BOBranch Office524345
Chodavaram BOBranch Office524239
Choudaripalem BOBranch Office524223
Chowkacherla BOBranch Office524316
Chowtapalem BOBranch Office524320
Chowtaputtedu BOBranch Office524240
Chunchuluru BOBranch Office524302
Dachur SOPost Office524342
Dagadarthi SOPost Office524240
Daggavolu BOBranch Office524407
Dakkanuru BOBranch Office524227
Dakkili SOPost Office524134
Damagunta BOBranch Office524316
Damanellore BOBranch Office524121
Damaramadugu BOBranch Office524137
Damavaram SOPost Office524152
Damayapalem BOBranch Office524344
Damncherla BOBranch Office524227
Dampur BOBranch Office524318
Dargamitta SOPost Office524003
Dasaripalli BOBranch Office524222
Dcbc SOPost Office524003
Degapudi BOBranch Office524409
Depur BOBranch Office524322
Devarapalem BOBranch Office524004
Devaravemuru BOBranch Office524409
Devarayapalli BOBranch Office524303
Dharmarao Cheruvupalli BOBranch Office524307
Dontali BOBranch Office524320
Doravarisatram BOBranch Office524123
Doruvulapalem BOBranch Office524323
Dos Colony BOBranch Office524121
Dubagunta BOBranch Office524239
Dugarajapatnam BOBranch Office524403
Duggunta BOBranch Office524409
Dundigam BOBranch Office524308
Duthalur SOPost Office524222
Duvvur SO NellorePost Office524306
Edagali BOBranch Office524321
Eduru BOBranch Office524311
Elamanchipadu BOBranch Office524317
Eswrawaka BOBranch Office524127
Fathekhanpeta SOPost Office524003
Gaddamvaripalli BOBranch Office524226
Gandavaram SOPost Office524317
Gandipalem SOPost Office524236
Gandlavedu BOBranch Office524307
Ganeswarapuram BOBranch Office524221
Gangapatnam BOBranch Office524313
Gangavaram BOBranch Office524137
Gangireddypalem BOBranch Office524228
Gangulavaricheruvupalli BOBranch Office524230
Ganugapenta BOBranch Office524239
Garimenapenta BOBranch Office524221
Gattupalli BOBranch Office524223
Gilakapadu BOBranch Office524408
Gogulapalli BOBranch Office524315
Golagamudi BOBranch Office524321
Gollakandukur BOBranch Office524309
Gonupalli BOBranch Office524414
Gopalapuram BOBranch Office524344
Gopannapalem Kandriga BOBranch Office524223
Gottigundala BOBranch Office524228
Gottikadu BOBranch Office524131
Gottirprolu BOBranch Office524127
Gowravaram BOBranch Office524142
Graddagunta BOBranch Office524421
Griddalur BOBranch Office524409
Gudali BOBranch Office524413
Gudigunta BOBranch Office524302
Gudinarava BOBranch Office524236
Gudipadu BOBranch Office524234
Gudipallipadu BOBranch Office524314
Gudladona BOBranch Office524225
Gudluruvaripalem BOBranch Office524323
Gudur Bazar SOPost Office524101
Gudur East SOPost Office524101
Gudur HOHead Office524101
Gulimcherla BOBranch Office524407
Gummalladibba BOBranch Office524137
Gumparlapadu SOPost Office524234
Gundavolu SOPost Office524414
Gundemadakala BOBranch Office524228
Gundlammapalem BOBranch Office524316
Gundlapalem BOBranch Office524003
Gunupadu BOBranch Office524402
Gurramkonda BOBranch Office524402
Guruvindapudi BOBranch Office524320
Guvvadi BOBranch Office524236
Hasanapuram BOBranch Office524308
Hastakaveri BOBranch Office524131
Idimepalli BOBranch Office524321
Inamadugu BOBranch Office524137
Indukurpeta SOPost Office524314
Indupur BOBranch Office524315
Inukurthi BOBranch Office524409
Ipuru BOBranch Office524323
Irakam BOBranch Office524401
Irlapadu BOBranch Office524312
Isaka Damerla BOBranch Office524221
Isakapalem BOBranch Office524305
Iskapalem BOBranch Office524323
Iskapalli BOBranch Office524315
Jagdevipeta BOBranch Office524314
Jaladanki SOPost Office524223
Jaladevi BOBranch Office524227
Jammalapalem BOBranch Office524223
Janathapeta SOPost Office524201
Jangaladoruvu BOBranch Office524308
Jayampu SOPost Office524131
Jayapuram BOBranch Office524310
Jeelapatur BOBranch Office524129
Jirravaripalem BOBranch Office524224
Jogipalli BOBranch Office524407
Jonnavada BOBranch Office524305
Josephpet BOBranch Office524321
Juvvalapalem BOBranch Office524126
Kadagunta BOBranch Office524404
Kadalur BOBranch Office524121
Kadivedu SOPost Office524410
Kakarlapadu BOBranch Office524234
Kakivoya BOBranch Office524343
Kakolluvaripalli BOBranch Office524227
Kakupalli BOBranch Office524346
Kakutur BOBranch Office524320
Kalayakagollu BOBranch Office524305
Kalichedu SOPost Office524409
Kaligiri SOPost Office524224
Kallur BOBranch Office524415
Kallurpalli BOBranch Office524003
Kaluvoya SOPost Office524343
Kalvelapalem BOBranch Office524346
Kamakur BOBranch Office524131
Kamireddypadu BOBranch Office524302
Kammapalem SOPost Office524319
Kammavaripalem BOBranch Office524223
Kampasamudram BOBranch Office524230
Kandaleru Dam BOBranch Office524408
Kandali BOBranch Office524406
Kandamur BOBranch Office524309
Kandra BOBranch Office524131
Kanuparthi BOBranch Office524345
Kanuparthipadu BOBranch Office524003
Kanupurpalli BOBranch Office524343
Kanupuru BOBranch Office524320
Kanururajupalem BOBranch Office524126
Kapparallatippa BOBranch Office524152
Kapulur BOBranch Office524126
Karaballavolu BOBranch Office524402
Karatampadu SOPost Office524307
Karijatha BOBranch Office524121
Karikadu BOBranch Office524403
Karur BOBranch Office524401
Kasipuram BOBranch Office524415
Kasumur BOBranch Office524320
Katepalli BOBranch Office524228
Katrayapadu BOBranch Office524240
Kattubadipalem BOBranch Office524305
Kattuvapalli BOBranch Office524123
Kavali Bazar SOPost Office524201
Kavali Co op Colony SOPost Office524201
Kavali HOHead Office524201
Kavali Mustapuram BOBranch Office524234
Kavali Yadavalli BOBranch Office524234
Kayyur BOBranch Office524404
Kesavaram BOBranch Office524410
Kethugunta BOBranch Office524302
Khaderpur BOBranch Office524312
Kodavaluru SOPost Office524316
Kodur BOBranch Office524002
Kodurupadu BOBranch Office524314
Kogili BOBranch Office524127
Kokkupadu BOBranch Office524411
Kolagatla BOBranch Office524308
Kolanukuduru BOBranch Office524405
Kollapanayunipalli BOBranch Office524342
Komarika BOBranch Office524314
Kommalapudi BOBranch Office524405
Kommaneturu BOBranch Office524406
Kommarapudi BOBranch Office524004
Kommi BOBranch Office524239
Kona Samudram BOBranch Office524307
Kondagunta BOBranch Office524131
Kondameedikondur BOBranch Office524308
Kondapuram SO NellorePost Office524239
Kondayapalem BOBranch Office524236
Kondlapudi BOBranch Office524004
Korimerla BOBranch Office524308
Koruturu BOBranch Office524313
Kotambedu BOBranch Office524421
KotaNL SOPost Office524411
Kotapolur SOPost Office524123
Kotha Kodur BOBranch Office524002
Kothapalem BOBranch Office524002
Kothapalli BOBranch Office524223
Kothapalli Kovurgunta BOBranch Office524152
Kothapatnam BOBranch Office524411
Kothapeta BOBranch Office524221
Kothavangallu BOBranch Office524317
Kothur Bit II BOBranch Office524314
Kotitheertham BOBranch Office524341
Kottur BOBranch Office524004
Kovur Cutchery SOPost Office524137
Kovur SOPost Office524137
Kovurpalli BOBranch Office524142
Krakatur BOBranch Office524225
Krishnampalli BOBranch Office524226
Krishnapatnam BOBranch Office524344
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office524230
Kudithipalem BOBranch Office524313
Kullur BOBranch Office524343
Kummarakondur BOBranch Office524225
Kundakur BOBranch Office524131
Kundam BOBranch Office524131
Kunkuvaripalem BOBranch Office524239
Kuppurupadu BOBranch Office524308
Kuricherlapadu BOBranch Office524405
Kurrapalli BOBranch Office524226
Kurugonda BOBranch Office524402
Lakshmipuram BOBranch Office524222
Lakshmipuram SOPost Office524002
Lalapeta BOBranch Office524132
Lebur BOBranch Office524314
Leguntapadu BOBranch Office524137
Lingalapadu BOBranch Office524240
Lingamgunta BOBranch Office524203
Lingaraju Agraharam BOBranch Office524223
Lingasamudram BOBranch Office524407
Macherlavaripalem BOBranch Office524311
Madamanur BOBranch Office524405
Madapalli BOBranch Office524341
Madarabadara BOBranch Office524308
Maddurupalli BOBranch Office524408
Madhavayapalem BOBranch Office524134
Madiraja Guduru BOBranch Office524346
Mahalakshmipuram BOBranch Office524002
Mahimalur BOBranch Office524307
Makthapuram BOBranch Office524306
Malavyanagar SOPost Office524101
Mallam SO NellorePost Office524403
Mambathi BOBranch Office524121
Mamidipudi BOBranch Office524346
Mamudur BOBranch Office524309
Manchalapalli BOBranch Office524302
Mandalanaidupalli BOBranch Office524222
Mandapam BOBranch Office524311
Maneguntapadu BOBranch Office524366
Manganellore BOBranch Office524121
Mangupalli BOBranch Office524302
MannarpolurUrban Area BOBranch Office524121
Mannur BOBranch Office524131
Manubolu SOPost Office524405
Manubolupadu BOBranch Office524240
Manulalpeta BOBranch Office524132
Maramreddipalli BOBranch Office524310
Marlapudi BOBranch Office524407
Marripadu BOBranch Office524306
Marripadu SOPost Office524312
Marupur BOBranch Office524345
Masaipeta BOBranch Office524226
Matumadugu BOBranch Office524404
Menakur SOPost Office524421
Mettu BOBranch Office524413
Mikkilimpeta BOBranch Office524366
Minagallu BOBranch Office524305
Minamanamudi BOBranch Office524123
Mittatmakur BOBranch Office524409
Mizur BOBranch Office524123
Moddurupadu BOBranch Office524203
Mogallur BOBranch Office524345
Mohammadapuram BOBranch Office524309
Molaganur BOBranch Office524411
Molakalapudi BOBranch Office524127
Momidi BOBranch Office524412
Mondidinnepalem BOBranch Office524203
Mopur BOBranch Office524134
Muchalagunta BOBranch Office524126
Mudimurthypuram BOBranch Office524239
Mudivarthi BOBranch Office524137
Mudivarthipalem BOBranch Office524313
Mulapadava BOBranch Office524403
Mulapeta SOPost Office524003
Mulumudi BOBranch Office524004
Mungamuru BOBranch Office524142
Murugalla BOBranch Office524322
Musunur BOBranch Office524201
Muthukur SOPost Office524344
Muttembaka BOBranch Office524415
Mypadu SOPost Office524313
Nadimpalli BOBranch Office524404
Nagasamudram BOBranch Office524224
Nagulapadu BOBranch Office524322
Nagulavaram BOBranch Office524142
Nagulavellatur BOBranch Office524343
Naidupalem BOBranch Office524319
Nallagonda BOBranch Office524228
Nandavaram BOBranch Office524307
Nandigunta BOBranch Office524228
Nandipadu SOPost Office524230
Narampeta BOBranch Office524307
Narasapuram BOBranch Office524313
Narasimhapuram BOBranch Office524221
Narayanappapeta BOBranch Office524310
Narayanareddypeta BOBranch Office524314
Narikellapalli BOBranch Office524344
Narrawada BOBranch Office524222
Narukuru BOBranch Office524002
Navalakh Gardens BOBranch Office524002
Navur BOBranch Office524345
Nawabpeta BOBranch Office524408
Nayudupeta SOPost Office524126
Nedurupalli BOBranch Office524309
Nekunampeta BOBranch Office524239
Nelaballi BOBranch Office524126
Nellatur BOBranch Office524406
Nellimitta Kandriga BOBranch Office524002
Nellipudi BOBranch Office524415
Nellore Bazar SOPost Office524001
Nellore Ceremic Factory BOBranch Office524003
Nellore HOHead Office524001
Nelltur BOBranch Office524347
Nemalladinna BOBranch Office524310
Nidi Musali BOBranch Office524313
Nidigallu BOBranch Office524404
Nidiguntapalem SOPost Office524323
Nidigurthi BOBranch Office524403
Nindali BOBranch Office524406
Nookanapalli BOBranch Office524343
North Amaluru BOBranch Office524315
North Mopur BOBranch Office524315
Northrajupalem SOPost Office524366
Ntr Nagar BOBranch Office524002
Nuvvurupadu BOBranch Office524322
Padamatikhambampadu BOBranch Office524302
Padamatinaidupalli BOBranch Office524302
Padamatipalem BOBranch Office524306
Paderu BOBranch Office524341
Padmanabhasatram BOBranch Office524316
Padugupadu BOBranch Office524137
Palachur BOBranch Office524421
Palemkota BOBranch Office524132
Palicherlapadu BOBranch Office524320
Palicherlavaripalem BOBranch Office524412
Pallipadu BOBranch Office524314
Palugodu BOBranch Office524134
Palur BOBranch Office524407
Panchedu BOBranch Office524306
Pandipadu BOBranch Office524304
Pantapalem BOBranch Office524323
Panugodu BOBranch Office524304
Papannagaripalli BOBranch Office524236
Papireddypalem BOBranch Office524311
Paravolu BOBranch Office524132
Parikota BOBranch Office524225
Parlapalli BOBranch Office524318
Patha Bitragunta BOBranch Office524142
Pathadevarayapalli BOBranch Office524303
Pathanapuram BOBranch Office524234
Pathapadu BOBranch Office524309
Pathapalli BOBranch Office524302
Patur BOBranch Office524137
Peda Kandla BOBranch Office524307
Pedavanjivaka BOBranch Office524411
Peddabbipuram BOBranch Office524304
Peddakondur BOBranch Office524225
Peddapariya BOBranch Office524402
Peddaputtedu BOBranch Office524317
Peddireddypalli BOBranch Office524236
Pedur BOBranch Office524311
Pegallapadu BOBranch Office524312
Pellakur SOPost Office524129
Pelleru BOBranch Office524309
Penuballi BOBranch Office524305
Penubarthi BOBranch Office524414
Peramana BOBranch Office524308
Periavaram BOBranch Office524132
Perimidi BOBranch Office524421
Pernadu BOBranch Office524124
Perumallapadu BOBranch Office524407
Petlur BOBranch Office524132
Peyyalapalem BOBranch Office524319
Phase II BOBranch Office524124
Pidathapoluru BOBranch Office524346
Pidur BOBranch Office524405
Pigilam BOBranch Office524404
Podalakur SOPost Office524345
Pogathota SOPost Office524001
Pokkandala BOBranch Office524407
Polampadu BOBranch Office524224
Polireddipalem BOBranch Office524123
Polytechnic SO NellorePost Office524005
Ponguru BOBranch Office524302
Ponnapudipeddapalem BOBranch Office524318
Pothegunta BOBranch Office524407
Pothireddypalem BOBranch Office524137
Potlapudi BOBranch Office524002
Pottempadu BOBranch Office524346
Pottepalem BOBranch Office524004
PRPalem BOBranch Office524131
PSR Nagar BOBranch Office524003
Pudiparthi BOBranch Office524321
Pudur BOBranch Office524126
Pulicotnagar SOPost Office524121
Pullayapalli BOBranch Office524226
Punabaka BOBranch Office524129
Punnepalli BOBranch Office524421
Punnur BOBranch Office524314
Purini BOBranch Office524315
Pynapuram BOBranch Office524346
Rachavaripalli BOBranch Office524222
Racherlapadu BOBranch Office524319
Rajavolu BOBranch Office524322
Rajupalem BOBranch Office524224
Rajuvari Chintalapalem BOBranch Office524223
Ramakur BOBranch Office524414
Ramalingapuram SOPost Office524003
Ramanaidupalli BOBranch Office524307
Ramannapalem BOBranch Office524366
Ramapuram BOBranch Office524366
Ramaswamypalli BOBranch Office524307
Ramatheertham BOBranch Office524318
Ramavarapadu SC colony BOBranch Office524239
Ramavarappadu BOBranch Office524239
Ramudupalem BOBranch Office524313
Ranganayakulapeta SOPost Office524001
Rangasamudram BOBranch Office524240
Rapur SOPost Office524408
Raviguntapalem BOBranch Office524403
Rebala BOBranch Office524305
Reddypalem BOBranch Office524305
Revur SOPost Office524303
Rudrakota BOBranch Office524203
Sagutur BOBranch Office524402
Saipeta BOBranch Office524239
Sanayapalem BOBranch Office524408
Sangam SOPost Office524308
Seetaramapuram SOPost Office524310
Siddanakonduru SOPost Office524225
Siddavaram BOBranch Office524411
Siddipuram BOBranch Office524306
Singapeta BOBranch Office524315
Singareddipalli BOBranch Office524310
Sirasanambedu BOBranch Office524129
Siripuram BOBranch Office524223
Somalaregada BOBranch Office524222
Somarajupalli BOBranch Office524313
Somasila BOBranch Office524302
Somasila Hill Colony SOPost Office524300
Somavarappadu BOBranch Office524223
South Amaluru BOBranch Office524002
South Mopur BOBranch Office524004
Sreedhanamalli BOBranch Office524123
Sriharikota Range SOPost Office524124
Srikolanu BOBranch Office524308
Stonehousepet SOPost Office524002
Sullurpeta SOPost Office524121
Surayapalem BOBranch Office524309
Survepalli SOPost Office524321
Sydadupalli BOBranch Office524414
Sydapuram SOPost Office524407
Tada SOPost Office524401
Tadakalur BOBranch Office524240
Talamanchi BOBranch Office524315
TallapalemBranch Office524203
Talluru BOBranch Office524142
Talupur BOBranch Office524409
Talvaipadu BOBranch Office524126
Tamminapatnam BOBranch Office524412
Tanamcherla BOBranch Office524408
Tarunavoya BOBranch Office524308
Tatakaladinne BOBranch Office524366
Taticherlapalem BOBranch Office524315
Tatiparthi BOBranch Office524309
Tatipartipalem BOBranch Office524323
Tegacherla BOBranch Office524414
Tellapadu BOBranch Office524228
Telugugangaproject BOBranch Office524132
Telugurayapuram BOBranch Office524343
Thimmajikandriga BOBranch Office524421
Thimmareddypalli BOBranch Office524227
Thimmasamudram BOBranch Office524223
Thippavarappadu BOBranch Office524406
Thirumur BOBranch Office524403
Thoorpupalem BOBranch Office524239
Thoorpupundla BOBranch Office524407
Thotapalli BOBranch Office524311
Thotapalliguduru SOPost Office524311
Thotlacheruvupalli BOBranch Office524236
Thumaya BOBranch Office524414
Thummagunta BOBranch Office524318
Thummalapenta BOBranch Office524203
Thummur BOBranch Office524126
Thurpu Kambampadu BOBranch Office524341
Thurpuboyamadugula BOBranch Office524236
Thurupu Yerraballi BOBranch Office524239
Thurupuchennampalli BOBranch Office524227
Thurupurompi Dodla BOBranch Office524221
Tikkavaram BOBranch Office524412
Tikkavarapadu BOBranch Office524320
Timmanaidupeta BOBranch Office524230
Timmayapalem BOBranch Office524230
Tinnelapudi BOBranch Office524413
Tippaguntapalem BOBranch Office524412
Tirumalammapalem BOBranch Office524323
Tirumalapadu BOBranch Office524343
Toderu BOBranch Office524345
Togaramudi BOBranch Office524123
Topugunta BOBranch Office524343
Trunk Road SO NellorePost Office524001
Tsoudepalli BOBranch Office524236
Turimerla BOBranch Office524409
Turupur BOBranch Office524225
Uchur BOBranch Office524121
Udathavaripalem BOBranch Office524412
Udayagiri SO NellorePost Office524226
Uggumudi BOBranch Office524121
Ulavapalle BOBranch Office524152
Ulavapalli BOBranch Office524341
Uppalamarthy BOBranch Office524127
Uppalapadu BOBranch Office524317
Upplapadu BOBranch Office524302
Utukur BOBranch Office524318
Vadlapudi BOBranch Office524405
Vajjavaripalem BOBranch Office524131
Vakadu SOPost Office524415
Valamedu BOBranch Office524415
Vallamedu BOBranch Office524403
Vallipedu BOBranch Office524413
Vallivedu BOBranch Office524132
Vallur BOBranch Office524344
Vangallu BOBranch Office524306
Varagali BOBranch Office524412
Varakavipadu BOBranch Office524311
Varigonda BOBranch Office524311
Varikuntapadu BOBranch Office524302
Varikuntapadu SOPost Office524227
Varini BOBranch Office524318
Vasili BOBranch Office524308
Vatambedu BOBranch Office524121
Vavileru BOBranch Office524341
Vavilla BOBranch Office524318
Vavintaparthi BOBranch Office524345
Vavveru BOBranch Office524305
Vedayapalem SOPost Office524004
Vedicherla BOBranch Office524131
Veerampalli BOBranch Office524405
Veerannakollu BOBranch Office524224
Vegur BOBranch Office524137
Velagalaponnur BOBranch Office524121
Velampalli BOBranch Office524134
Velicherla BOBranch Office524315
Veligandla BOBranch Office524239
Velikallu BOBranch Office524134
Vellanti BOBranch Office524309
Vellupodu BOBranch Office524240
Velpulagunta BOBranch Office524234
Vembuluru BOBranch Office524134
Vempadu BOBranch Office524227
Vemulachedu BOBranch Office524407
Venadu BOBranch Office524124
Vendodu BOBranch Office524131
Vengampalli BOBranch Office524303
Vengannapalem BOBranch Office524221
Venkanapuram BOBranch Office524316
Venkannapalem BOBranch Office524405
Venkatachalasatram SOPost Office524320
Venkatagiri Bazar SOPost Office524132
Venkatagiri Town SOPost Office524132
Venkatampeta BOBranch Office524230
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office524345
Venkataraopalli BOBranch Office524322
Venkatesupalem BOBranch Office524152
Vennavada BOBranch Office524307
Venumbaka BOBranch Office524123
Vepanapi BOBranch Office524224
Vepinapi BOBranch Office524408
Vidavalur SOPost Office524318
Vidyanagar SO NellorePost Office524413
Vindur BOBranch Office524406
Vinjamur SOPost Office524228
Vinnamala BOBranch Office524126
Virubhotlapalli BOBranch Office524343
Virur BOBranch Office524236
Virur SOPost Office524309
Vodur BOBranch Office524410
Vojili SOPost Office524402
Vojilirajupalem BOBranch Office524402
Vunuguntapalem BOBranch Office524413
Yachavaram BOBranch Office524404
Yakasiri BOBranch Office524126
Yathalur BOBranch Office524132
Yellasiri SOPost Office524127
Yellayapalem BOBranch Office524366
Yellore BOBranch Office524403
Yepilagunta BOBranch Office524230
Yepur BOBranch Office524414
Yerikollu BOBranch Office524228
Yerur BOBranch Office524412
Yetur BOBranch Office524345
Zakkepalligudur BOBranch Office524142
Zammavaram BOBranch Office524234
Zangalapalli BOBranch Office524404
Zarugumalli BOBranch Office524411
Zuvvaladinne BOBranch Office524152

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service