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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SOLAPUR, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achakdani BOBranch Office413306
Achegaon BOBranch Office413228
Adhegaon BOBranch Office413212
Adhiv BOBranch Office413304
Agalgaon SOPost Office413409
Aherwadi BOBranch Office413215
Ajnale BOBranch Office413308
Akkalkot SOPost Office413216
Akluj SOPost Office413101
Akola Wasud BOBranch Office413307
Akolekati BOBranch Office413222
AkoleKH BOBranch Office413211
Akulgaon BOBranch Office413208
Akumbhe BOBranch Office413211
Alegaon BOBranch Office413309
Ambe BOBranch Office413304
Anawali BOBranch Office413304
Andhalgaon BOBranch Office413305
Angar SOPost Office413214
Anjandoh BOBranch Office413203
Anjangaon Khilobache BOBranch Office413214
Anjangaon Umate BOBranch Office413209
Ankalge BOBranch Office413219
Ankoli BOBranch Office413253
Antroli BOBranch Office413221
Arali BOBranch Office413002
Aran BOBranch Office413301
Ashok Chowk SOPost Office413006
Ashti SO SolapurPost Office413303
Auj BOBranch Office413221
Aundhi BOBranch Office413248
Aurad BOBranch Office413008
Awati BOBranch Office413203
Babalad BOBranch Office413220
Babhulgaon BOBranch Office413409
Badole BK BOBranch Office413218
Bagechiwadi BOBranch Office413101
Bagehalli BOBranch Office413216
Bale BOBranch Office413255
Balwadi BOBranch Office413308
Bardi BOBranch Office413302
Barhanpur BOBranch Office413226
Barloni BOBranch Office413252
Barshi SOPost Office413401
Barur BOBranch Office413008
Basalegaon BOBranch Office413216
Bavi BOBranch Office413403
Bazarpeth Mohol SOPost Office413213
Belati BOBranch Office413002
Bembale BOBranch Office413211
Bhalgaon BOBranch Office413406
Bhalvani BOBranch Office413202
Bhalwani BOBranch Office413310
Bhamburdi BOBranch Office413111
Bhandar Kavathe BOBranch Office413221
Bhandishegaon BOBranch Office413304
Bhatambre BOBranch Office413401
Bhimanagar SOPost Office413212
Bhogewadi BOBranch Office413223
Bhosa K SOPost Office413315
Bhosa M SOPost Office413322
Bhosare BOBranch Office413208
Bhurikavathe BOBranch Office413218
Bhutashte BOBranch Office413208
Bitergaon Wangi BOBranch Office413202
Bitergaon BOBranch Office413252
Bitle BOBranch Office413214
Bohali BOBranch Office413317
Bondle BOBranch Office413113
Borale BOBranch Office413305
Boramani BOBranch Office413002
Borgaon BOBranch Office413218
Borgaon Kml BOBranch Office413203
Boroti BOBranch Office413216
Bramhapuri BOBranch Office413305
Chakore BOBranch Office413101
Chale BOBranch Office413304
Chandapuri BOBranch Office413310
Chapalgaon SOPost Office413226
Chare BOBranch Office413409
Chikhalthan BOBranch Office413202
Chikharde BOBranch Office413404
Chikkehalli BOBranch Office413216
Chikmahud BOBranch Office413306
Chincholi BOBranch Office413208
Chinke BOBranch Office413308
Chopadi BOBranch Office413308
Chumb BOBranch Office413409
Chungi BOBranch Office413226
Dahigaon Karmala BOBranch Office413202
Dahigaon BOBranch Office413109
Dahitane BOBranch Office413412
Dahitne BOBranch Office413226
Dahiwali BOBranch Office413210
Daji Peth SOPost Office413005
Darfal BOBranch Office413209
Darfalbibi BOBranch Office413222
Darfalgavadi BOBranch Office413222
Darganhalli BOBranch Office413002
Dayanand College SOPost Office413002
Degaon Valuj BOBranch Office413410
Degaon BOBranch Office413002
Degaon PPR BOBranch Office413304
Deodi BOBranch Office413324
Deogaon BOBranch Office413401
Devlali BOBranch Office413203
Dhamangaon BOBranch Office413402
Dharmapuri BOBranch Office413109
Dhavlas BOBranch Office413208
Dhokbabhulgaon BOBranch Office413213
Dhotri BOBranch Office413228
Dhyati E BOBranch Office413317
Dombarjawalge BOBranch Office413226
Donaj BOBranch Office413319
Dongaon BOBranch Office413002
Dongargaon BOBranch Office413309
Dudhani SOPost Office413220
Ekhatpur BOBranch Office413307
Ekrukhe BOBranch Office413213
Ekshiv BOBranch Office413109
Gadegaon BOBranch Office413401
Gaigavan BOBranch Office413306
Gardi BOBranch Office413306
Gaudgaon BOBranch Office413227
Gaudgaon SOPost Office413406
Gaudwadi BOBranch Office413314
Ghanegaon BOBranch Office413403
Ghari BOBranch Office413404
Ghatane BOBranch Office413213
Gherdi BOBranch Office413309
Ghodeshwar BOBranch Office413253
Gholasgaon BOBranch Office413218
Ghoti BOBranch Office413211
Girvi BOBranch Office413111
Gogaon BOBranch Office413218
Gopalpur BOBranch Office413304
Gormale BOBranch Office413404
Gotewadi BOBranch Office413213
Gulpoli BOBranch Office413401
Gulsade BOBranch Office413203
Gunjegaon BOBranch Office413221
Gursale BOBranch Office413109
Gurunanak Nagar SOPost Office413003
Hagloor BOBranch Office413002
Haidra BOBranch Office413227
Halduge BOBranch Office413401
Hangirge BOBranch Office413309
Hanjagi BOBranch Office413216
Hannur BOBranch Office413226
Hatid BOBranch Office413307
Hattij BOBranch Office413406
Hattikanbus BOBranch Office413216
Hattur BOBranch Office413008
Hiraj BOBranch Office413255
Hiware BOBranch Office413324
Hole BOBranch Office413315
Honmurgi BOBranch Office413008
Honsal BOBranch Office413002
Hotgi SOPost Office413215
Hotgigaon BOBranch Office413215
Huljanti BOBranch Office413319
Hunnur BOBranch Office413322
Ichgaon BOBranch Office413253
Indiranagar SO SolapurPost Office413004
Ingalgi BOBranch Office413002
Irle BOBranch Office413412
Islampur BOBranch Office413107
Jainwadi BOBranch Office413310
Jambhood BOBranch Office413112
Jamgaon Agalgaon BOBranch Office413401
Jamgaon Pangari BOBranch Office413401
Jamgaon BOBranch Office413209
Jategaon BOBranch Office413203
Javalgaon BOBranch Office413406
Jawaharlal Nehru Vastigrah SOPost Office413001
Jawala SO SolapurPost Office413309
Jeur Akkalkot BOBranch Office413219
Jeur SO SolapurPost Office413202
Jinti BOBranch Office413203
Jule Solapur SOPost Office413004
Junoni BOBranch Office413307
Kadabgaon BOBranch Office413227
Kadlas BOBranch Office413309
Kajikanbus BOBranch Office413216
Kalambwadi BOBranch Office413403
Kalman BOBranch Office413222
Kamalapur BOBranch Office413307
Kamati Khurd SOPost Office413253
Kanbus Gangadhar BOBranch Office413215
Kandalgaon BOBranch Office413221
Kandar BOBranch Office413202
Kanhapuri BOBranch Office413211
Karajagi SO SolapurPost Office413219
Karamba BOBranch Office413222
Karanje BOBranch Office413203
Kardehalli BOBranch Office413006
Kari BOBranch Office413404
Karjal BOBranch Office413228
Karkam SOPost Office413302
Karmala SOPost Office413203
Karmala Town Karmala SOPost Office413203
Kasegaon BOBranch Office413002
Kategaon BOBranch Office413409
Katphal BOBranch Office413306
Kauthali BOBranch Office413222
Kavathe BOBranch Office413002
Kavhe BOBranch Office413401
Kedgaon BOBranch Office413202
Kegaon BOBranch Office413255
Kem SOPost Office413223
Kettur II SOPost Office413206
Khairao BOBranch Office413410
Khamgaon BOBranch Office413401
Khandali BOBranch Office413324
Khandvi BOBranch Office413401
Khardi SOPost Office413317
Khavaspur BOBranch Office413306
Khudus BOBranch Office413113
Khuneshwar BOBranch Office413222
Kini BOBranch Office413216
Kole SO SolapurPost Office413314
Kolegaon E BOBranch Office413203
Kolegaon BOBranch Office413306
Kondbhav BOBranch Office413101
Kondhej BOBranch Office413202
Kondi BOBranch Office413255
Konheri BOBranch Office413248
Koravali BOBranch Office413253
Korphale BOBranch Office413401
Korsegaon BOBranch Office413219
Korti BOBranch Office413203
Kugaon BOBranch Office413202
Kumathe BOBranch Office413224
Kumbhargaon BOBranch Office413203
Kumbhari BOBranch Office413006
Kumbhej BOBranch Office413202
Kurbavi BOBranch Office413109
Kurdu BOBranch Office413208
Kurduvadi SOPost Office413208
Kurnoor BOBranch Office413226
Kurul BOBranch Office413213
Kuslumb BOBranch Office413401
Kusur BOBranch Office413221
KVNagar Barshi SOPost Office413411
Lamboti BOBranch Office413213
Laul BOBranch Office413208
Lavang BOBranch Office413112
Laxmi dahiwadi BOBranch Office413305
Lendave Chinchali BOBranch Office413305
Limbichincholi BOBranch Office413228
Lonand BOBranch Office413109
Londewadi BOBranch Office413214
Lonvire BOBranch Office413309
Lotewadi BOBranch Office413306
Madha SOPost Office413209
Mahadawar Pandharpur SOPost Office413304
Mahalung BOBranch Office413112
Mahatpur BOBranch Office413209
Mahim BOBranch Office413306
Mahisgaon SOPost Office413250
Mahud SOPost Office413306
Maindargi SOPost Office413217
Malegaon BOBranch Office413401
Malegaon Vairag BOBranch Office413406
Malewadi BOBranch Office413101
Malikpeth BOBranch Office413214
Malinagar SOPost Office413108
Malkavathe BOBranch Office413221
Malkhambi BOBranch Office413112
Maloli BOBranch Office413113
Malsiras SOPost Office413107
Malvandi BOBranch Office413401
Mandave BOBranch Office413111
Mandegaon BOBranch Office413409
Mandki BOBranch Office413107
Mandrup SOPost Office413221
Manegaon SOPost Office413410
Mangalvedha SOPost Office413305
Mangalvedha Town SOPost Office413305
Mangalwar Peth SO SolapurPost Office413002
Mangi BOBranch Office413203
Mangrul BOBranch Office413219
ManishanagarPandharpur SOPost Office413304
Manjari BOBranch Office413317
Marapur BOBranch Office413305
Mardi BOBranch Office413002
Market Yard Barshi SOPost Office413401
Market Yard Solapur SOPost Office413005
Marwade SOPost Office413319
Masale Chaudhari BOBranch Office413222
Mauje Ujani BOBranch Office413210
Medad BOBranch Office413107
Medical College SO SolapurPost Office413003
Medshingi BOBranch Office413307
Mendhapur BOBranch Office413304
Methawade BOBranch Office413317
Mhaisalge BOBranch Office413219
Midc Chincholi SOPost Office413255
Midc Solapur SOPost Office413006
Modnimb SOPost Office413301
Mohol SOPost Office413213
Morochi BOBranch Office413109
Motyal BOBranch Office413216
Mouje Tadvale BOBranch Office413412
Mugali BOBranch Office413220
Mulegaon BOBranch Office413006
Mundewadi BOBranch Office413219
Mundhewadi BOBranch Office413304
Musti BOBranch Office413002
Nagansur SOPost Office413227
Nagore BOBranch Office413217
Nai Zindagi SOPost Office413224
Nanaj SO SolapurPost Office413222
Nandani BOBranch Office413008
Nandeshwar BOBranch Office413322
Nandur BOBranch Office413319
Nari BOBranch Office413404
Narkhed BOBranch Office413213
Natepute SOPost Office413109
Navi Peth Pandharpur SOPost Office413304
Navi Peth Solapur SOPost Office413001
Navindgi BOBranch Office413227
Nazara SOPost Office413308
Nerle BOBranch Office413251
Nevare BOBranch Office413112
Nimbargi BOBranch Office413221
Nimbhore BOBranch Office413202
Nimboni BOBranch Office413322
Nimgaon BOBranch Office413113
Nimgaon T BOBranch Office413210
Ozewadi BOBranch Office413304
Pachegaon BK BOBranch Office413314
Pachegaon BOBranch Office413307
Padasali BOBranch Office413208
Padsali BOBranch Office413222
Pakani BOBranch Office413255
Palashi BOBranch Office413310
Palasmandal BOBranch Office413109
Pande BOBranch Office413203
Pandharechiwadi BOBranch Office413304
Pandhari BOBranch Office413404
Pandharpur HOHead Office413304
Pangaon SO SolapurPost Office413403
Pangri SOPost Office413404
Paniv BOBranch Office413113
Papari BOBranch Office413324
Pare BOBranch Office413309
Parite BOBranch Office413211
Pathari BOBranch Office413002
Patkhal BOBranch Office413305
Patkul BOBranch Office413248
Patwardhan Kuroli BOBranch Office413315
Pennur SOPost Office413248
Phadtari BOBranch Office413109
Phalwani BOBranch Office413306
Phisare BOBranch Office413203
Phondshiras BOBranch Office413109
Phulchincholi BOBranch Office413304
Piliv SOPost Office413310
Pimpalgaon BOBranch Office413401
Pimpalkhunte BOBranch Office413208
Pimpelner SOPost Office413210
Pimpri BOBranch Office413109
Pitapur BOBranch Office413226
Pokharapur BOBranch Office413248
Pothare BOBranch Office413203
Puluj BOBranch Office413304
Purandawade BOBranch Office413111
Rajuri BOBranch Office413203
Raleras BOBranch Office413402
Ranjani BOBranch Office413304
Ranmasale BOBranch Office413222
Raogaon BOBranch Office413203
Ratanjan BOBranch Office413406
Redde BOBranch Office413322
Ridhore BOBranch Office413250
Ropla Kvd SOPost Office413252
Rople BK BOBranch Office413304
Ruddewadi BOBranch Office413220
Sadar Bazar SO SolapurPost Office413003
Sadashivenagar SOPost Office413111
Sade SOPost Office413251
Safale BOBranch Office413218
Sakat BOBranch Office413403
Sakhar Peth SOPost Office413005
Salase BOBranch Office413251
Salgar BK BOBranch Office413319
Salgar BOBranch Office413216
Sangavi BK BOBranch Office413202
Sangewadi BOBranch Office413317
Sangola SOPost Office413307
Sangola Town Sangola SOPost Office413307
Sangramnagar BOBranch Office413101
Sangvi Budruk BOBranch Office413216
Sapatane Bhose BOBranch Office413208
Sapatane T BOBranch Office413210
Sarkoli BOBranch Office413304
Sarole BOBranch Office413402
Sasure BOBranch Office413402
Satan Dudhani BOBranch Office413216
Savaleshwar BOBranch Office413213
Save BOBranch Office413317
Sawadi BOBranch Office413203
Sayyed Virwade BOBranch Office413213
Shaval BOBranch Office413216
Shelgaon BOBranch Office413222
Shelgaon Kekan BOBranch Office413202
Shelve BOBranch Office413304
Shendri BOBranch Office413401
Shetphal Jeur BOBranch Office413202
Shetphal BOBranch Office413317
Shetphal SOPost Office413324
Shevate BOBranch Office413315
Shindewadi BOBranch Office413109
Shingadgaon BOBranch Office413228
Shirale BOBranch Office413404
Shirapur Solapur BOBranch Office413213
Shiraval BOBranch Office413216
Shirbhavi BOBranch Office413317
Shirnandgi BOBranch Office413322
Shivane BOBranch Office413307
Shivangi BOBranch Office413319
Shivshahi SOPost Office413224
Shreepur SOPost Office413112
Shripat Pimpari BOBranch Office413401
Siddhapur BOBranch Office413305
Siddhewadi BOBranch Office413304
Sidheswar Peth SOPost Office413001
Sinnur BOBranch Office413220
Sogaon BOBranch Office413206
Sohale BOBranch Office413253
Solapur City SOPost Office413007
Solapur HOHead Office413001
Solapur Mkt SOPost Office413002
Solapur Vidyapeeth SOPost Office413255
Sonand BOBranch Office413309
Sondare BOBranch Office413401
Sonka BOBranch Office413304
Soregaon BOBranch Office413008
SRPF Camp Solapur SOPost Office413008
Subhash Nagar Barshi SOPost Office413401
Suler Jawalage BOBranch Office413215
Surdi BOBranch Office413401
Suste BOBranch Office413304
Tadsoundane BOBranch Office413401
Tadvale BOBranch Office413208
Tadwal Hotagi BOBranch Office413219
Takali BOBranch Office413008
Takali Sikandar BOBranch Office413248
Takli Rasin BOBranch Office413203
Talsangi BOBranch Office413319
Tambave BOBranch Office413108
Tambole BOBranch Office413213
Tandulwadi BOBranch Office413250
Tarangphal BOBranch Office413107
Tarapur BOBranch Office413304
Tawashi BOBranch Office413304
Tembhurni SO SolapurPost Office413211
Tikekarwadi BOBranch Office413224
Tirhe BOBranch Office413002
Tolnur BOBranch Office413227
Torni BOBranch Office413217
Tulshi BOBranch Office413302
Tulsidas Nagar SOPost Office413412
Tungat BOBranch Office413304
Udagi BOBranch Office413216
Udanwadi BOBranch Office413307
Ughadewadi BOBranch Office413113
Ukadgaon BOBranch Office413404
Ule BOBranch Office413002
Umarge BOBranch Office413216
Umbare Karkam BOBranch Office413302
Umbarge BOBranch Office413409
Umedpur BOBranch Office413002
Umrad BOBranch Office413202
Undargaon BOBranch Office413209
Upalai Thonge BOBranch Office413401
Upale Dhumala BOBranch Office413401
Upalwate BOBranch Office413223
Upari BOBranch Office413310
Uplai Budruk BOBranch Office413209
Uplai Khurd BOBranch Office413209
Vadala BOBranch Office413222
Vadshinge BOBranch Office413209
Vairag SOPost Office413402
Valsang SOPost Office413228
Valuj BOBranch Office413222
Varkute BOBranch Office413251
Veet BOBranch Office413203
Velapur SOPost Office413113
Vihal BOBranch Office413203
Vinchur BOBranch Office413221
Virvade BOBranch Office413253
Wadhegaon BOBranch Office413307
Wadshivane BOBranch Office413223
Wadwal BOBranch Office413213
Wafale BOBranch Office413214
Wagadari SOPost Office413218
WagholiE BOBranch Office413112
Wakav BOBranch Office413214
Wakhari BOBranch Office413304
Waki BOBranch Office413309
WakiSangola BOBranch Office413307
Wangi IIi BOBranch Office413202
Wangi BOBranch Office413221
Wangi i BOBranch Office413202
Warwade BOBranch Office413211
Washimbe BOBranch Office413206
Watambre BOBranch Office413307
Yavali BOBranch Office413412
Yawali BOBranch Office413213
Yelmarmangewadi BOBranch Office413307
Yeoti BOBranch Office413248
Yeshwantnagar SO SolapurPost Office413118
Zare BOBranch Office413202

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service