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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SITAPUR, UTTAR PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
27 Bn PAC SOPost Office261001
Adwari BOBranch Office261202
Ahewa BOBranch Office261301
Ahmedabad BOBranch Office261201
Ailiya BOBranch Office261001
Ajaipur BOBranch Office261208
Akbapur BOBranch Office261401
Akbarpur BOBranch Office261135
Akhtiyarpur BOBranch Office261121
Akohra BOBranch Office261303
Alamnagar SOPost Office261001
Amberpur BOBranch Office261303
Amtamau BOBranch Office261405
Angarasi BOBranch Office261001
Angarasi Shekhwapur BOBranch Office261207
Angaraura BOBranch Office261204
Anshuamau BOBranch Office261303
Ant BOBranch Office261401
Arthapur BOBranch Office261401
Ashrafpur BOBranch Office261131
Atariya BOBranch Office261303
Ataura BOBranch Office261204
Atwa BOBranch Office261402
Aurangabad SO SitapurPost Office261403
Avas Vikas Colony SO SitapurPost Office261001
Babupur BOBranch Office261206
Bachhawal BOBranch Office261141
Badanpur BOBranch Office261303
Badeliya BOBranch Office261121
Badrawan BOBranch Office261405
Baghain BOBranch Office261203
Bahadurganj BOBranch Office261204
Bahadurnagar BOBranch Office261151
Bakahuan BOBranch Office261201
Baloia BOBranch Office261301
Balsinghpur BOBranch Office261206
Bambhanawan BOBranch Office261205
Bambhaur BOBranch Office261206
Bambhaura BOBranch Office261141
Bambhera BOBranch Office261302
Bambhiya BOBranch Office261205
Baniyamau BOBranch Office261405
Banni Kharela BOBranch Office261145
Bansura BOBranch Office261204
Banzariya BOBranch Office261001
Baragaon Bhurjiha BOBranch Office261125
Baragaon BOBranch Office261141
Barbatapur Chitahla BOBranch Office261141
Bargawan BOBranch Office261151
Bari BOBranch Office261303
Bartal BOBranch Office261403
Basaideeh BOBranch Office261302
Baseti BOBranch Office261001
Basudaha BOBranch Office261202
Baunabhari BOBranch Office261303
Beehat Gaur BOBranch Office261141
Beehatbeeram BOBranch Office261405
Behra Kodehra BOBranch Office261135
Behta Pakauri BOBranch Office261208
Belamau Kalan BOBranch Office261121
Belgawan BOBranch Office261001
Belwa Baharurpur BOBranch Office261145
Beni Sarain BOBranch Office261135
Bhadebhar BOBranch Office261404
Bhadfar BOBranch Office261135
Bhadmara BOBranch Office261205
Bhagipur BOBranch Office261204
Bhainsaha BOBranch Office261202
Bhakuraha BOBranch Office261151
Bhandia SOPost Office261301
Bharauna BOBranch Office261403
Bhartha BOBranch Office261205
Bhethra Madhav BOBranch Office261203
Bhinaini BOBranch Office261201
Bhithauli BOBranch Office261302
Bhithauli Chitrakoot BOBranch Office261402
Bhithaura BOBranch Office261302
Bhurkunda Bazar BOBranch Office261201
Bhurkuri BOBranch Office261141
Bhusna BOBranch Office261201
Bilariya BOBranch Office261135
Bilauli Bazar BOBranch Office261206
Bilauli Nankari BOBranch Office261201
Bisara BOBranch Office261141
Bisenda BOBranch Office261145
Biswan Khurd BOBranch Office261208
Biswan SOPost Office261201
Bizwar BOBranch Office261125
Bohra BOBranch Office261202
Brahmawali BOBranch Office261141
Bus Stand SOPost Office261001
Chandpur BOBranch Office261203
Chandraseni BOBranch Office261202
Chathia BOBranch Office261141
Chaturaiya BOBranch Office261141
Chauriya BOBranch Office261303
Chikkari Dhandhar BOBranch Office261204
Chinhara BOBranch Office261001
Dadeura BOBranch Office261404
Dahawa BOBranch Office261301
Dalpatpur BOBranch Office261205
Daranagar BOBranch Office261001
Dateli BOBranch Office261121
Daulatpur Behma BOBranch Office261301
Deokaliya BOBranch Office261201
Dhakera BOBranch Office261135
Dhakhinawan BOBranch Office261301
Dharaincha Bazar BOBranch Office261131
Dhawarpara BOBranch Office261303
Dhenua BOBranch Office261205
Dhondhi BOBranch Office261207
Dhoukalganj BOBranch Office261201
Dhourahra BOBranch Office261136
Dhouremau BOBranch Office261001
Dugana BOBranch Office261136
Eye Hospital SOPost Office261001
Fakharpur BOBranch Office261151
Fateh Nagar BOBranch Office261405
Gandhauli BOBranch Office261303
Ganga Ganj BOBranch Office261303
Gangoopur BOBranch Office261403
Garasa BOBranch Office261401
Garhi Kherwa BOBranch Office261303
Garhisenpur BOBranch Office261131
Gauria Jhal BOBranch Office261207
Gauria Kalan BOBranch Office261125
Gauriya BOBranch Office261131
Girdharpur BOBranch Office261141
Godhana BOBranch Office261303
Gohilari BOBranch Office261403
Golok Kondar BOBranch Office261205
Gonda Deoria BOBranch Office261204
Gondaha BOBranch Office261204
Govindapur BOBranch Office261208
Gularipurwa BOBranch Office261135
Gurdhapa BOBranch Office261121
Gurepara BOBranch Office261135
Gurera BOBranch Office261201
Gursanda BOBranch Office261151
Gwari BOBranch Office261205
Hargaon ND BOBranch Office261121
Hasnapur BOBranch Office261302
Hathia BOBranch Office261141
Hathiya Gazipur BOBranch Office261145
Hazaratpur BOBranch Office261208
Hindaura BOBranch Office261303
HS Mills SOPost Office261121
Humaunpur BOBranch Office261001
Husainganj BOBranch Office261303
Husainganj SO SitapurPost Office261125
Husainpur Khani BOBranch Office261205
Imaliya Sultanpur BOBranch Office261001
Imiliya Manpur BOBranch Office261203
Inayat Nagar BOBranch Office261141
Indrauli BOBranch Office261001
Ishwarwara BOBranch Office261206
Islamnagar BOBranch Office261401
Itari BOBranch Office261207
Itauri BOBranch Office261205
Itauwa BOBranch Office261136
Itia BOBranch Office261204
Jahangirabad SO SitapurPost Office261202
Jahansapur BOBranch Office261141
Jail Road SO SitapurPost Office261001
Jar BOBranch Office261001
Jatpurwa Kishoreganj BOBranch Office261205
Jhauwa BOBranch Office261202
Kabirpur Budhanpur BOBranch Office261121
Kabra BOBranch Office261301
Kachura BOBranch Office261141
Kaimahara Kalan BOBranch Office261201
Kaimahra BOBranch Office261207
Kakrahi BOBranch Office261135
Kalabahadurpur BOBranch Office261207
Kalli BOBranch Office261403
Kamlapur SO SitapurPost Office261302
Kankari BOBranch Office261205
Karseora BOBranch Office261135
Kasimpur BOBranch Office261001
Kasmanda BOBranch Office261302
Kasraila Bazar BOBranch Office261207
Kateeli BOBranch Office261141
Katesar BOBranch Office261135
Kathura BOBranch Office261208
Kathwa BOBranch Office261303
Kauwa Khera BOBranch Office261201
Kazi Sarain BOBranch Office261207
Keora BOBranch Office261204
Keoti Kalan BOBranch Office261121
Keoty Badullah BOBranch Office261201
Keshavpur BOBranch Office261001
Khagesiamau BOBranch Office261001
Khairabad SO SitapurPost Office261131
Khalgaon BOBranch Office261301
Khanpur BOBranch Office261202
Kharwalia BOBranch Office261301
Kishunpur BOBranch Office261401
Kodaura BOBranch Office261205
Kolhuwa BOBranch Office261401
Kondari BOBranch Office261205
Kondaria BOBranch Office261303
Korauna BOBranch Office261403
Koriya Udaipur BOBranch Office261001
Koriya Udnapur BOBranch Office261121
Kothwal BOBranch Office261204
Kotra BOBranch Office261201
Kotra Deokali BOBranch Office261151
Kuchlai BOBranch Office261303
Kunera BOBranch Office261403
Kursi BOBranch Office261303
Kusaila BOBranch Office261141
Kusepa BOBranch Office261136
Kusuma BOBranch Office261121
Laharpur East BOBranch Office261135
Laharpur SOPost Office261135
Lakhuwabehar BOBranch Office261136
Lalpuir BOBranch Office261302
Lalpur BOBranch Office261136
Lashkarpur BOBranch Office261201
Lauli BOBranch Office261403
Lilsi BOBranch Office261001
Lohar Bagh SOPost Office261001
Lohiyanagar BOBranch Office261204
Machharehta SOPost Office261405
Madhawapur BOBranch Office261302
Madnapur BOBranch Office261201
Magdapur BOBranch Office261205
Mahadeo Atra BOBranch Office262721
Maharaj Nagar BOBranch Office261201
Mahmudabad SOPost Office261203
Maholi SOPost Office261141
Mainasi Saraiyan BOBranch Office261001
Maithaura BOBranch Office261136
Makanpur BOBranch Office261135
Makhpur Jareli BOBranch Office261207
Makhuwapur BOBranch Office261302
Mallapur BOBranch Office261208
Manapur BOBranch Office261203
Manduri BOBranch Office261301
Mangrahiya Bazar BOBranch Office261201
Manikapur BOBranch Office261201
Manpur SO SitapurPost Office261145
Manwa BOBranch Office261303
Marahmatnagar BOBranch Office261203
Mareli BOBranch Office261403
Maror BOBranch Office261136
Marsanda BOBranch Office261145
Mathan BOBranch Office261151
Matuwa Saraiyan BOBranch Office261136
Mazlishpur BOBranch Office261125
Meer Nagar BOBranch Office261206
Meeranagar BOBranch Office261203
Mirzapur BOBranch Office261001
Mishrikh SOPost Office261401
Mishrikh Tirth SOPost Office261401
Mohammadpur Kadim BOBranch Office261203
Mohkampur Mandaruwa BOBranch Office261401
Mubarakpur BOBranch Office261207
Mubarakpur Udaipur BOBranch Office261125
Mudia Kail BOBranch Office261403
Mudikhera BOBranch Office261121
Mudila BOBranch Office261208
Mudrasan BOBranch Office261135
Mumtajpur BOBranch Office261121
Munderi BOBranch Office261145
Murthana BOBranch Office261135
Musabbarpur BOBranch Office261151
Nabinagar BOBranch Office261135
Nai Basti SO SitapurPost Office261001
Naimisharanya SOPost Office261402
Nakia Khera BOBranch Office261505
Naseerpur BOBranch Office261202
Nauwa Mahmoodpur BOBranch Office261125
Naveen Mandi SOPost Office261001
Neelgaon BOBranch Office261301
Neorajpur BOBranch Office261302
Neri BOBranch Office261141
Neri Kalan BOBranch Office261001
Nerpur BOBranch Office261131
Newada BOBranch Office261121
Newada Nayagaon BOBranch Office261135
Nighuwamau BOBranch Office261404
Nimauchi BOBranch Office261135
Niyamatpur Labarha BOBranch Office261203
OLD TOWN SOPost Office261001
Pachhimgaon BOBranch Office261303
Padrakha BOBranch Office261001
Padukha BOBranch Office261203
Paharpur Maheshpur BOBranch Office261131
Pahla BOBranch Office261206
Pailakisha BOBranch Office261141
Painteypur BOBranch Office261203
Palhari BOBranch Office261202
Panditpurwa BOBranch Office261205
Para Ramnagra BOBranch Office261204
Parewajal BOBranch Office261303
Parsada SOPost Office261404
Parsehra BOBranch Office261404
Parsehra Nath BOBranch Office261121
Parsendi BOBranch Office261207
Parwatpur BOBranch Office261203
Patabodh BOBranch Office261141
Phoolpur BOBranch Office261302
Phoolpur Gunia BOBranch Office262722
Phulruwa BOBranch Office261401
Pichhaura BOBranch Office261121
Piparia Form BOBranch Office262728
Pisawan SOPost Office261151
Pokhra Kalan BOBranch Office261201
Punjikhera BOBranch Office261202
Purwa Dasa Pur BOBranch Office261145
Purwa Rewan BOBranch Office261203
Qutubnagar BOBranch Office261401
Rahimabad BOBranch Office261131
Raipur Deo Singh BOBranch Office261303
Raipur Ganj BOBranch Office261135
Rajapur Kalan BOBranch Office261205
Rajepara BOBranch Office261405
Rajepur BOBranch Office261121
Rakhauna BOBranch Office261121
Ralamau BOBranch Office261403
Ramabhari BOBranch Office261201
Ramgarh BOBranch Office261403
Ramkot BOBranch Office261001
Ramnagar BOBranch Office261135
Rampur Kalan BOBranch Office261206
Rampur Mathura SOPost Office261204
Ramshala BOBranch Office261403
Ramuwapur BOBranch Office261208
Razakarnai BOBranch Office261201
Rehar BOBranch Office261208
Rehuwa BOBranch Office261301
Reosa SOPost Office261205
Reseura Form BOBranch Office261001
Rewan BOBranch Office261202
RPV SOPost Office261001
Saadat Nagar BOBranch Office261121
Sadarpur BOBranch Office261201
Sadhuwapur BOBranch Office261204
Sadikapur BOBranch Office261141
Sahabnagar BOBranch Office261401
Saholi BOBranch Office261303
Sahsapur BOBranch Office261001
Saidapur BOBranch Office261301
Sair BOBranch Office261301
Sakaran BOBranch Office261136
Sakrara BOBranch Office261404
Salahpur BOBranch Office261141
Salpur BOBranch Office261208
Samaisa BOBranch Office261207
Samardaha BOBranch Office261203
Samsapur BOBranch Office261403
Sanda BOBranch Office261202
Sandana BOBranch Office261403
Sarain BOBranch Office261201
Saraiyan Mahipat Singh BOBranch Office261206
Saraiyan Raja Saheb SOPost Office261206
Saraiyan Sani BOBranch Office261145
Saraura Kalan BOBranch Office261302
Sarosa BOBranch Office261403
Sarwa BOBranch Office261301
Sarwa Jalalpur BOBranch Office261301
Second Bn PAC SOPost Office261001
Seepatpur BOBranch Office261205
Sejkhurd BOBranch Office261151
Selumau BOBranch Office261121
Semra BOBranch Office261205
Seota BOBranch Office261205
Shah Jalalpur BOBranch Office261302
Shah Maholi BOBranch Office261125
Shahpur BOBranch Office261135
Shamshabad BOBranch Office261206
Shankarpur BOBranch Office261205
Sharifganj BOBranch Office261131
Sherpur BOBranch Office261135
Shivthana BOBranch Office261201
Sidhauli SOPost Office261303
Singhnapur SOPost Office261136
Sirsa Khurd BOBranch Office261206
Sitapur City SOPost Office261001
Sitapur HOHead Office261001
Sitapur Kutchehry SOPost Office261001
Sitarasoi BOBranch Office261303
Sonari BOBranch Office261125
Sonawan BOBranch Office261208
Sonsari BOBranch Office261136
Suhetara BOBranch Office261131
Sujaulia BOBranch Office261302
Sujawalpur BOBranch Office261208
Sultanapur BOBranch Office261206
Sumrawan BOBranch Office261136
Supauli BOBranch Office261202
Suraincha BOBranch Office261302
Talgaon SOPost Office261207
Tambour SOPost Office261208
Tanda Kalan BOBranch Office261136
Tappa Khajuriya BOBranch Office261131
Tareenpur BOBranch Office261001
Tatroi BOBranch Office261403
Tendua BOBranch Office261145
Teola BOBranch Office261207
Terwa BOBranch Office261303
Terwa Manikapur BOBranch Office261204
Thangaon BOBranch Office261205
Thoura BOBranch Office261205
Tihar BOBranch Office261121
Tikra BOBranch Office261201
Tikra Teekar BOBranch Office261141
Ulara BOBranch Office261145
Umari BOBranch Office261121
Umari Ganeshpur BOBranch Office261204
Unchakhera Ajai BOBranch Office261301
Unchakhera Kalan BOBranch Office261302
Urdauli BOBranch Office261141
Vijay Laxmi Nagar SOPost Office261001
Wazirnagar BOBranch Office261141
Xi Bn PAC SOPost Office261001

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service