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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SIKAR, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhaipura BOBranch Office332402
Abhawas BOBranch Office332602
Ajabpura BOBranch Office332402
Ajitgarh Amarsar SOPost Office332701
Ajmeri BOBranch Office332701
Akwa BOBranch Office332315
Alkhpura Bogan BOBranch Office332312
Almas BOBranch Office332303
Aloda BOBranch Office332602
Anokhu BOBranch Office332002
Antri BOBranch Office332021
Arnia BOBranch Office332603
Aspura BOBranch Office332701
Athbigha BOBranch Office332709
Athwas BOBranch Office332401
Badalwas BOBranch Office332023
Badhadhar BOBranch Office332315
Badusar BOBranch Office332317
Bagri BOBranch Office332311
Bagriawas BOBranch Office332715
Bagroda BOBranch Office332303
Bairas BOBranch Office332311
Bajaj RoadSikar SOPost Office332001
Bajajgram SOPost Office332021
Bajiawas BOBranch Office332601
Bajore BOBranch Office332403
Balaran SOPost Office332401
Ballupura BOBranch Office332718
Balod Bhakaran BOBranch Office332305
Balod Chhoti BOBranch Office332305
Bamanwas BOBranch Office332709
Banathala BOBranch Office332601
Banthod BOBranch Office332301
Banura BOBranch Office332023
Baori SOPost Office332411
Baral BOBranch Office332405
Bari BOBranch Office332301
Barsinghpura BOBranch Office332402
Basri BOBranch Office332708
Basri Khurd BOBranch Office332708
Bassi BOBranch Office332715
Bathot BOBranch Office332312
Batranau BOBranch Office332311
Baya SOPost Office332601
Beedasar SOPost Office332316
Beedsar BOBranch Office332316
Beri BOBranch Office332031
Beswa SOPost Office332303
Bhadwari BOBranch Office332708
Bhadwasi BOBranch Office332024
Bhagasara BOBranch Office332303
Bhagatpura BOBranch Office332023
Bhagoth BOBranch Office332714
Bhagwanpura BOBranch Office332714
Bhaironpura BOBranch Office332001
Bharija BOBranch Office332742
Bharni BOBranch Office332715
Bheenchari BOBranch Office332303
Bhilunda BOBranch Office332028
Bhima BOBranch Office332025
Bhirana BOBranch Office332025
Bhojasar BOBranch Office332312
Bhojpur BOBranch Office332709
Bhooma Bada BOBranch Office332318
Bhopatpura BOBranch Office332404
Bhudoli BOBranch Office332713
Bhurdonkabas BOBranch Office332703
Bhuwala BOBranch Office332042
Bibipur BOBranch Office332317
Bidoli BOBranch Office332023
Bihar BOBranch Office332718
Biharipur BOBranch Office332718
Binjasi BOBranch Office332028
Birania BOBranch Office332301
Birodi Chotti BOBranch Office332316
Birodibadi BOBranch Office332316
Bochi BOBranch Office332029
Bosana BOBranch Office332025
Chachiwad BOBranch Office332311
Chainpura BOBranch Office332027
Chakgopinathpura BOBranch Office332710
Chala BOBranch Office332706
Chandpura BOBranch Office332021
Charanwas BOBranch Office332601
Chhajakinangal BOBranch Office332718
Chiplata BOBranch Office332705
Chirasara BOBranch Office332025
Chomupurohitan BOBranch Office332602
Chowkri BOBranch Office332706
Churi Miyon BOBranch Office332401
Chuwas BOBranch Office332301
Dabla BOBranch Office332718
Dabri BOBranch Office332305
Dadia BOBranch Office332024
Dadia Rampura BOBranch Office332404
Dalpatpura BOBranch Office332718
Dansroli BOBranch Office332742
Danta Ramgarh SOPost Office332703
Danta SOPost Office332702
Dantru BOBranch Office332311
Dariba BOBranch Office332705
Dayalkinangal BOBranch Office332711
Dayara BOBranch Office332709
Deenwa BOBranch Office332311
Deepawas BOBranch Office332705
Deogarh BOBranch Office332021
Deorala BOBranch Office332701
Devipura SOPost Office332001
Dewas BOBranch Office332301
Dhabawali BOBranch Office332715
Dhakas BOBranch Office331024
Dhaliawas BOBranch Office332715
Dhanani BOBranch Office332318
Dhandhan SOPost Office332302
Dhani Guman Singh BOBranch Office332709
Dhani Jorawarsingh BOBranch Office332708
Dharamshala BOBranch Office332031
Dher Ka Bas BOBranch Office332028
Dhingpur BOBranch Office332601
Dhod SOPost Office332002
Dholasari BOBranch Office332703
Dinarpura BOBranch Office332024
Dinwa BOBranch Office332303
Disnau BOBranch Office332401
Dokan BOBranch Office332718
Doodwa BOBranch Office332316
Dookia BOBranch Office332402
Doongakinangal BOBranch Office332718
Dudhwa BOBranch Office332406
Dudhwalonkabas BOBranch Office332709
Dugoli BOBranch Office332042
Dujod BOBranch Office332021
Fadanpura BOBranch Office332301
Fatehpur Bazar SOPost Office332301
Fatehpur Shekhawati SOPost Office332301
Fatehpura BOBranch Office332028
Fatehpuri Gate SOPost Office332001
Footala BOBranch Office332712
Gandhinagar SO SikarPost Office332001
Ganeri SOPost Office332029
Ganeshwar SOPost Office332705
Gangiasar BOBranch Office332301
Ganora BOBranch Office332602
Ganwari BOBranch Office332705
Garh Bhopji BOBranch Office332719
Garh Taknet BOBranch Office332701
Garinda BOBranch Office332301
Garoda BOBranch Office332312
Gassu BOBranch Office332315
Ghana BOBranch Office332312
Ghasipura BOBranch Office332718
Ghirnia Bada BOBranch Office332026
Godawas BOBranch Office332713
Godia Bada BOBranch Office332301
Gokulkabas BOBranch Office332709
Gokulpura BOBranch Office332021
Gordhanpura BOBranch Office332402
Goriyan BOBranch Office332403
Gothra Bhukaran BOBranch Office332031
Gothra Taglan BOBranch Office332023
Govati BOBranch Office332402
Govindpura BOBranch Office332714
Gudha BOBranch Office332603
Gudha Chhota BOBranch Office332402
Guhala SOPost Office332706
Gunatoo BOBranch Office332028
Gungara BOBranch Office332027
Gurara SOPost Office332721
Hamirpura BOBranch Office332311
Hansapur BOBranch Office332715
Hapas BOBranch Office332312
Hardaskabas BOBranch Office332707
Hardayalpura BOBranch Office332027
Haripura BOBranch Office332707
Harjanpura BOBranch Office332708
Harsawa BOBranch Office332301
Harsh BOBranch Office332021
Hasampur BOBranch Office332718
Hathideh BOBranch Office332707
Hirna BOBranch Office332303
Hod BOBranch Office332709
Holikabas BOBranch Office332715
Hudera BOBranch Office332304
Jachas BOBranch Office332023
Jairampura BOBranch Office332715
Jajod SO LachhmangarhPost Office332318
Jajod SO SrimadhopurPost Office332722
Jalalsar BOBranch Office332301
Jalund BOBranch Office332601
Jana BOBranch Office332025
Jankipura BOBranch Office332722
Jasrasar BOBranch Office332315
Jassika Kabas BOBranch Office332714
Jeenmata BOBranch Office332406
Jeenwas BOBranch Office332406
Jetusar BOBranch Office332404
Jharli SOPost Office332707
Jheegar Chhoti BOBranch Office332024
Jillo BOBranch Office332711
Jugalpura BOBranch Office332708
Jugrajpura BOBranch Office332701
Juliasar BOBranch Office332318
Jurathara BOBranch Office332402
Kachhwa BOBranch Office332026
Kalyanpura BOBranch Office332719
Kanchanpur BOBranch Office332715
Kankra BOBranch Office332742
Kantia BOBranch Office332601
Kanwarpura BOBranch Office332001
Kanwat RS BOBranch Office332708
Kanwat Town SOPost Office332708
Karad BOBranch Office332710
Karanga Bada BOBranch Office332301
Kardka BOBranch Office332719
Kasarda BOBranch Office332722
Kashikabas BOBranch Office332021
Kasli BOBranch Office332002
Kaswali BOBranch Office332401
Katrathal SOPost Office332024
Kayamsar BOBranch Office331024
Kerpura BOBranch Office332709
Khachariawas SOPost Office332710
Khadra BOBranch Office332713
Khakholi BOBranch Office332041
Khandela SOPost Office332709
Khandelsar BOBranch Office332403
Khanri BOBranch Office332025
Khatundra BOBranch Office332709
Khatushyamjika SOPost Office332602
Kheerwa BOBranch Office332316
Kheri Radan BOBranch Office332401
Khinwasar BOBranch Office332316
Khiroti BOBranch Office332705
Khoor SOPost Office332023
Khora BOBranch Office332601
Khotiya BOBranch Office331024
Khuri Badi SOPost Office332315
Kirdoli BOBranch Office332041
Kishorepura BOBranch Office332701
Kochhore SOPost Office332406
Kolida BOBranch Office332031
Koodan SOPost Office332031
Koolie BOBranch Office332710
Kothyari BOBranch Office332026
Kotra BOBranch Office332713
Kotri BOBranch Office332709
Kotri Dhayalan BOBranch Office332404
Kudli BOBranch Office332024
Kumas BOBranch Office332026
Kushalpura BOBranch Office332027
Lachhmangarh Bazar SOPost Office332311
Lachhmangarh SOPost Office332311
Ladhana BOBranch Office332402
Ladikabas BOBranch Office332705
Ladpur BOBranch Office332601
Lakhani BOBranch Office332404
Lalasi BOBranch Office332315
Lamiya BOBranch Office332602
Lampuwa BOBranch Office332404
Likhma Ka Bas BOBranch Office332601
Lisariya BOBranch Office332712
Lorwara BOBranch Office332708
Losal Bazar SOPost Office332025
Losal Chhoti BOBranch Office332025
Losal SOPost Office332025
Madhopura BOBranch Office332401
Mahawa BOBranch Office332713
Mahroli SOPost Office332603
Makri BOBranch Office332711
Malikpur BOBranch Office332411
Mandawara BOBranch Office332021
Mandela Bada BOBranch Office332301
Mandela Chhota BOBranch Office332301
Mandha Madni BOBranch Office332402
Mandha Surera SOPost Office332742
Mandholi BOBranch Office332713
Mandota BOBranch Office332023
Mandusiya BOBranch Office332701
Mangloona BOBranch Office332318
Maonda Kalan BOBranch Office332711
Maonda Khurd BOBranch Office332711
Maonda RS SOPost Office332711
Mau BOBranch Office332715
Meirajanpura BOBranch Office332703
Miran BOBranch Office332312
Mochiwara SOPost Office332001
Mohanpura BOBranch Office332406
Mokalwas BOBranch Office332705
Molyasi BOBranch Office332041
Mordunga BOBranch Office332030
Mota Ki Dhani BOBranch Office332601
Motlawas BOBranch Office332702
Mundawara BOBranch Office332023
Mundiawas BOBranch Office332702
Mundru SOPost Office332712
Nabipura BOBranch Office332303
Nagwa BOBranch Office332002
Nangal Bhim BOBranch Office332715
Nangal Nathusar BOBranch Office332712
Napawali BOBranch Office332713
Narodara BOBranch Office332311
Narsas BOBranch Office332318
Narsinghpuri BOBranch Office332706
Nathakinangal BOBranch Office332711
Nathawatpura BOBranch Office332001
Nathusar BOBranch Office332712
Nayabas BOBranch Office332713
Nayama Bazar Lachhmangarh SOPost Office332311
Nechhwa SOPost Office332026
Neemakidhani BOBranch Office331024
Neemawas BOBranch Office332702
Neemki BOBranch Office332708
Netarwas BOBranch Office332002
Nethwa BOBranch Office331024
Nimera BOBranch Office332406
Nimkathana SOPost Office332713
Nimkathana Town SOPost Office332713
Nimod BOBranch Office332713
NPKhandela SOPost Office332709
Pachar BOBranch Office332710
Palas BOBranch Office332302
Palasara BOBranch Office332405
Palri BOBranch Office332031
Palsana SO SikarPost Office332402
Palthana BOBranch Office332315
Palwas BOBranch Office332042
Paniharwas BOBranch Office332709
Panlawa BOBranch Office332316
Pardoli Badi BOBranch Office332041
Patan SO SikarPost Office332718
Patoda SO SikarPost Office332312
Patwari Ka Bas BOBranch Office332715
Pewa BOBranch Office332002
Phagalwa SOPost Office332041
Piprali SOPost Office332027
Pithalpur BOBranch Office332701
Posani BOBranch Office332031
Pritampuri BOBranch Office332708
Prithvipura BOBranch Office332402
Puran Badi BOBranch Office332021
Puranabas BOBranch Office332713
Purohitkabas BOBranch Office332027
Raghunathgarh BOBranch Office332027
Rahnawa BOBranch Office332401
Raipur BOBranch Office332718
Raipur Jagir BOBranch Office332701
Raipura BOBranch Office332403
Rajas BOBranch Office332317
Rajpura BOBranch Office332718
Rajpura Nosal BOBranch Office332742
Ralawata BOBranch Office332715
Ralwata BOBranch Office332406
Ramgarh Bazar SOPost Office331024
Ramgarh Shekhawati SOPost Office331024
Rampura BOBranch Office332719
Ramshisar BOBranch Office332302
Ramsinghkidhani BOBranch Office332718
Ranoli SO SikarPost Office332403
Rashidpura BOBranch Office332315
Ratanpura BOBranch Office332712
Reta BOBranch Office332406
Rewasa BOBranch Office332403
Ringas SOPost Office332404
Ringas Town SOPost Office332404
Rolsabsar SOPost Office332304
Roopgarh BOBranch Office332406
Rooppura BOBranch Office332719
Roru Badi SOPost Office332317
Rosawa BOBranch Office332304
Royal BOBranch Office332709
Rulana BOBranch Office332601
Rulyana Mali BOBranch Office332041
Rulyani BOBranch Office332028
Sabalpura BOBranch Office332001
Sadinsar SOPost Office332305
Sahnusar BOBranch Office331024
Sakraimata BOBranch Office332721
Saledipura BOBranch Office332709
Samer BOBranch Office332602
Sami BOBranch Office332023
Samrathpura BOBranch Office332708
Sangarwa BOBranch Office332405
Sangliya BOBranch Office332025
Sankhu BOBranch Office332401
Sanwaloda Dhayalan BOBranch Office332315
Sanwalpura Shekhawatan BOBranch Office332707
Sanwalpura Tanwaran BOBranch Office332707
Sanwloda Ladkhani BOBranch Office332315
Sanwloda Purohitan BOBranch Office332315
Sargoth BOBranch Office332404
Sarwari BOBranch Office332030
Sawaipura BOBranch Office332722
Seepur BOBranch Office332701
Sekhisar BOBranch Office332304
Sesam BOBranch Office332023
Sewa BOBranch Office332041
Sewad Badi BOBranch Office332041
Shahpura BOBranch Office332028
Sherpura Sujas BOBranch Office332403
Shishu SOPost Office332405
Shola BOBranch Office332722
Shyamgarh BOBranch Office332721
Shyampura BOBranch Office332718
Sihori BOBranch Office332719
Sihot Badi SOPost Office332028
Sihot Chhoti BOBranch Office332041
Sikar HOHead Office332001
Sikaria BazarFatehpur SOPost Office332301
Simarla Pironka BOBranch Office332603
Simrala BOBranch Office332719
Singhasan BOBranch Office332027
Singodra BOBranch Office332311
Singrawat SOPost Office332030
Sirohi SOPost Office332714
Sola BOBranch Office332312
Srimadhopur Bazar SOPost Office332715
Srimadhopur HOHead Office332715
Srimadhopur RS SOPost Office332715
Subhash Nagar BOBranch Office332031
Sujanpura BOBranch Office332030
Suliawas BOBranch Office332702
Sunderpura BOBranch Office332402
Surani Bazar Srimadhopur SOPost Office332715
Surani BOBranch Office332707
Surera BOBranch Office332742
Sutod BOBranch Office332029
Sutot BOBranch Office332041
Tajsar BOBranch Office332301
Takhalsar BOBranch Office331024
Tapiplya BOBranch Office332404
Tarpura BOBranch Office332024
Tasar Badi BOBranch Office332042
Tatanwa SOPost Office332042
Tatera BOBranch Office332701
Thedi BOBranch Office331024
Thikaria BOBranch Office332411
Thikariya BOBranch Office332706
Thimoli BOBranch Office332307
Thoi SOPost Office332719
Tihawali SOPost Office332307
Tihay BOBranch Office332307
Tiroki Badi BOBranch Office332029
Tiwari Ki Dhani BOBranch Office332715
Tiwarikidhani BOBranch Office332709
Toda BOBranch Office332705
Trilokpura BOBranch Office332403
Tunwa BOBranch Office332026
Umara BOBranch Office332710
Ved Ki Dhani BOBranch Office332405
Vijaypura BOBranch Office332715
Yalsar BOBranch Office332031

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service