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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SATARA, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhepuri BOBranch Office412803
Adarki BK SOPost Office415537
Adarki Khurd BOBranch Office415537
Adul BOBranch Office415205
Agashivnagar BOBranch Office415539
Ahir BOBranch Office412806
Ahire BOBranch Office412802
Akoshi BOBranch Office412803
Alewadi BOBranch Office415012
Ambale BOBranch Office415014
Ambavade KHD BOBranch Office415112
Ambavade S Wagholi BOBranch Office415011
Ambawade BOBranch Office415506
Ambawade S Koregaon BOBranch Office415021
Ambedare Bk BOBranch Office415002
Ambheri BOBranch Office415527
Ambrag BOBranch Office415206
Ambrule BOBranch Office415205
Anapatwadi BOBranch Office415525
Andhali BOBranch Office415508
Andhari BOBranch Office415002
Andori BOBranch Office415521
Andrud BOBranch Office415523
Anewadi SOPost Office415020
Angapur Vandan SOPost Office415019
Antavadi BOBranch Office415106
Apati BOBranch Office412806
Apshinge Rahimatpur BOBranch Office415511
Apshinge SOPost Office415518
Aradgaon BOBranch Office415521
Arale BOBranch Office415011
Are BOBranch Office415002
Arewadi BOBranch Office415114
Arvi BOBranch Office415116
Asagaon Vasahat BOBranch Office415011
Asale BOBranch Office415513
Asangaon BOBranch Office415002
Asani BOBranch Office415012
Asare BOBranch Office412803
Asawali BOBranch Office412802
Asia Plato BOBranch Office412805
Asu BOBranch Office415523
Atake BOBranch Office415539
Atit BOBranch Office412802
Aundh SOPost Office415510
Avarde BOBranch Office415014
Bahule SOPost Office415209
Baleghar BOBranch Office412803
Bamanoli BOBranch Office415002
Bambawade BOBranch Office415014
Bamnoli Tarf Kudal BOBranch Office415514
Banavadi BOBranch Office415011
Banghar BOBranch Office415013
Bannawadi Colony BOBranch Office415124
Banpuri BOBranch Office415507
Barad BOBranch Office415523
Bavdhan SOPost Office412804
Bawada BOBranch Office412802
Belawade BK BOBranch Office415539
Belawade Haveli BOBranch Office415109
Belawade KH BOBranch Office415205
Beldare BOBranch Office415114
Bhadale BOBranch Office415021
Bhade BOBranch Office415526
Bhaktawadi BOBranch Office415010
Bhanang BOBranch Office415022
Bharatgaon Wadi BOBranch Office415519
Bhatghar BOBranch Office412206
Bhatmarali BOBranch Office415002
Bhilar BOBranch Office412805
Bhiwadi BOBranch Office415514
Bhogaon BOBranch Office412803
Bholi BOBranch Office415526
Bhosare BOBranch Office415527
Bhose BOBranch Office415501
Bhuinj SOPost Office415515
Bhurkawadi BOBranch Office415505
Bibhavi BOBranch Office415012
Bibi BOBranch Office415537
BibiPatan BOBranch Office415206
Bichukale BOBranch Office415524
Bidal BOBranch Office415508
Bijawadi BOBranch Office415508
Birmani BOBranch Office412806
Birwadi BOBranch Office412806
Bombale BOBranch Office415507
Bondri BOBranch Office415206
Bopardi BOBranch Office412803
Bopoli BOBranch Office415207
Boposhi BOBranch Office415013
Borgaon Agricultural School BOBranch Office415519
Borgaon BK BOBranch Office412803
Borgaon BOBranch Office415511
Borjaiwadi BOBranch Office415501
Borkhal BOBranch Office415011
Budh SOPost Office415503
Budhawar Naka Satara SOPost Office415002
Chachegaon BOBranch Office415122
Chanchali BOBranch Office415021
Chandak BOBranch Office415536
Chaphal SOPost Office415520
Charegaon BOBranch Office415109
Chavanwadi BOBranch Office415520
Chikhalewadi BOBranch Office415103
Chikhali BOBranch Office412803
ChikhaliMasur BOBranch Office415106
Chimangaon BOBranch Office415501
Chinchaner S Nimb BOBranch Office415501
Chinchaner Vandan BOBranch Office415004
Chindhawali BOBranch Office415513
Chitali BOBranch Office415538
Chopadi BOBranch Office415205
Chorade BOBranch Office415538
Chore BOBranch Office415109
Dadholi BOBranch Office415520
Dahigaon BOBranch Office415524
Dahivad BOBranch Office415013
Dahivadi SOPost Office415508
Dapavadi BOBranch Office412805
Dare Khurd BOBranch Office415020
Daruj BOBranch Office415505
Daulat Nagar SO SataraPost Office415211
Degaon Shirgaon BOBranch Office412803
Degaon Tambe BOBranch Office415004
Dervan BOBranch Office415520
Deur BOBranch Office415524
Devapur BOBranch Office415509
Dhamner BOBranch Office415511
Dhamni BOBranch Office415112
Dharpudi BOBranch Office415505
Dhavadi BOBranch Office412803
Dhaval BOBranch Office415523
Dhawad Wadi BOBranch Office412802
Dhawadshi BOBranch Office415022
Dhebewadi SOPost Office415112
Dhom BOBranch Office412803
Dhondewadi BOBranch Office415104
Dhondewadi K Khatav BOBranch Office415507
Dhoroshi BOBranch Office415014
Dhudhebavi BOBranch Office415523
Dhuldev BOBranch Office415509
Dhumalwadi BOBranch Office415010
Diskal Mol SOPost Office415504
Divad BOBranch Office415509
Divashi BK BOBranch Office415209
Divashi Khrud BOBranch Office415206
Dixi BOBranch Office415206
Dund BOBranch Office415012
Ekambe BOBranch Office415501
Eksare BOBranch Office412803
Gajavadi BOBranch Office415013
Galmewadi BOBranch Office415103
Gamewadi BOBranch Office415114
Ganje BOBranch Office415012
Garwade BOBranch Office415209
Gavadi BOBranch Office415012
Gavdoshi BOBranch Office412806
Ghadgewadi BOBranch Office415537
Gharewadi BOBranch Office415103
Ghogaon BOBranch Office415111
Ghosatawadi BOBranch Office415206
Ghot BOBranch Office415014
Girvi BOBranch Office415523
Gogave BOBranch Office412806
Gojegaon BOBranch Office415004
Gokhali BOBranch Office415523
Gondavale BK SOPost Office415540
Gondavale KHD BOBranch Office415540
Gopuj BOBranch Office415510
Goregaon Vangi BOBranch Office415512
Govare BOBranch Office415207
Gove BOBranch Office415015
Gudhe BOBranch Office415112
Gulumb BOBranch Office415536
Gunavare BOBranch Office415523
Gursale BOBranch Office415506
Hajarmachi BOBranch Office415105
Harchandi BOBranch Office412806
Hateghar BOBranch Office415514
Hatlot BOBranch Office412806
Helgaon BOBranch Office415106
Helwak BOBranch Office415207
Hingangaon BOBranch Office415521
Hivare BOBranch Office415021
Hol BOBranch Office415522
Holichagaon BOBranch Office415538
Humgaon BOBranch Office415514
Indoli BOBranch Office415109
Injabav BOBranch Office415509
Jaigaon BOBranch Office415510
Jakatwadi BOBranch Office415002
Jakhangaon BOBranch Office415505
Jalagewadi BOBranch Office415520
Jalav BOBranch Office415014
Jalgaon BOBranch Office415010
Jamb Budruk BOBranch Office415501
Jamb Khurd BOBranch Office415021
Jamb Kikali BOBranch Office415530
JambKhatav BOBranch Office415505
Janugadewadi BOBranch Office415112
Javale BOBranch Office412801
Javli BOBranch Office415523
Jihe BOBranch Office415004
Jinti BOBranch Office415522
Jinti Ond BOBranch Office415111
Kadavebudruk BOBranch Office415014
Kadegaon BOBranch Office412803
Kadhane BOBranch Office415103
Kalaj BOBranch Office415528
Kalambe BOBranch Office415014
Kalambi BOBranch Office415512
Kalawade BOBranch Office415539
Kale SO SataraPost Office415104
Kaledhon SOPost Office415312
Kalgaon BOBranch Office415112
KalgaonUmbraj BOBranch Office415109
Kameri BOBranch Office415019
Kanher akale BOBranch Office415022
Kanher Khed BOBranch Office415501
Kanheri BOBranch Office412802
Kanur BOBranch Office412804
Kapil Goleshwar BOBranch Office415124
Kapshi BOBranch Office415537
Karad HOHead Office415110
Karadcity SOPost Office415110
Karandi BOBranch Office415002
Karandi Kudal BOBranch Office415514
Karanjkhop BOBranch Office415525
Karavadi BOBranch Office415105
Kari BOBranch Office415013
Karnawadi BOBranch Office412802
Karve BOBranch Office415124
Kasarshirambe BOBranch Office415539
Kashil BOBranch Office415519
Kasur BOBranch Office415103
Katahapur BOBranch Office415501
Katarkhatav SOPost Office415507
Katgun BOBranch Office415502
Kavathe BOBranch Office415106
Kavathe SOPost Office415516
Kedambe BOBranch Office415012
Kelghar BOBranch Office415012
Keloli BOBranch Office415520
Kenjal SOPost Office415536
Keral BOBranch Office415206
Khale BOBranch Office415103
Khanapur BOBranch Office412803
Khandala Bavada SOPost Office412802
Kharshi BOBranch Office415020
Khatav SOPost Office415505
Khatgun BOBranch Office415502
Khed BK BOBranch Office415521
Khed Nandgiri BOBranch Office415010
KhedWadhe BOBranch Office415003
Khingar BOBranch Office412805
Khodshi BOBranch Office415124
Khojewadi BOBranch Office415518
Khubi BOBranch Office415108
Khunte BOBranch Office415523
Kidgaon BOBranch Office415015
Kikali BOBranch Office415530
Kindawadi BOBranch Office415004
Kinhai SOPost Office415021
Kiroli BOBranch Office415116
Kisanveernagar SOPost Office415530
Kival BOBranch Office415106
Kodoli BOBranch Office415004
KodoliKarad BOBranch Office415124
Kokisare BOBranch Office415206
Kokrale BOBranch Office415527
Kole SO SataraPost Office415103
Kolewadi BOBranch Office415103
Kolki SO SataraPost Office415523
Kondave Satara BOBranch Office415002
Konegaon BOBranch Office415106
Koparde BOBranch Office415518
Koparde Haveli BOBranch Office415115
Koparde Lonand BOBranch Office415521
Koregaon City SOPost Office415501
Koregaon SOPost Office415501
Korivale BOBranch Office415109
Koriwale BOBranch Office415209
Korti BOBranch Office415109
Koyna SOPost Office415207
Kshetra Mahabaleshwar BOBranch Office412806
Kshetra Mahuli BOBranch Office415003
Kudal SO SataraPost Office415514
Kukudwad BOBranch Office415509
Kulakjai BOBranch Office415503
Kumathe BOBranch Office415501
Kumathe Nagache BOBranch Office415527
Kumbhargaon BOBranch Office415103
Kumbhroshi BOBranch Office412806
Kumthe BOBranch Office415002
Kuroli Sidheshwar SOPost Office415527
Kuroshi BOBranch Office412806
Kusawade BOBranch Office415206
Kusrund BOBranch Office415206
Kusumbi BOBranch Office415012
Kuthare BOBranch Office415112
Ladegaon BOBranch Office415512
Lalgun BOBranch Office415503
Lhasurne BOBranch Office415501
Limbgove SOPost Office415015
Loham BOBranch Office412802
Lonand SOPost Office415521
Loni BOBranch Office415526
Machutar BOBranch Office412806
Mahableshwar SOPost Office412806
Mahigaon BOBranch Office415020
Mahimangad SOPost Office415023
Mahind BOBranch Office415112
Majgaon BOBranch Office415518
Malawadi BOBranch Office415508
Maldan BOBranch Office415112
Malgaon BOBranch Office415011
Malharpeth Karad SOPost Office415205
Malkapur Karad SOPost Office415539
Maloshi BOBranch Office415014
Mamurdi BOBranch Office415012
Mandave BOBranch Office415506
Mandhardev BOBranch Office412803
Mandrul Haveli BOBranch Office415205
Mandrulkole BOBranch Office415112
Mane Wadi BOBranch Office415103
Mangalwar Peth Karad SOPost Office415110
Mangalwar Peth Satara SOPost Office415002
Marali BOBranch Office415211
MaraliChore BOBranch Office415109
Mardhe BOBranch Office415020
Mardi BOBranch Office415508
Mariaichiwadi BOBranch Office415521
Market yarad Phaltan SOPost Office415523
Market Yard Karad SOPost Office415110
Marul BOBranch Office415206
Marul Haveli SOPost Office415212
Masur SO SataraPost Office415106
Mayani SOPost Office415102
Medha SOPost Office415012
Menavali BOBranch Office412803
Mendh BOBranch Office415112
Mendhoshi BOBranch Office415206
Met Gutad BOBranch Office412806
Mhasoli BOBranch Office415111
Mhasurne SOPost Office415538
Mhasvad SOPost Office415509
Mhasve BOBranch Office415513
Mhate BK BOBranch Office415012
Mhavshi BOBranch Office415002
Mhopre BOBranch Office415114
MIDC Satara SOPost Office415004
Mohat BOBranch Office415012
Mohi BOBranch Office415508
Mol Diskal BOBranch Office415504
Morale BOBranch Office415102
Morawale BOBranch Office415022
Morghar BOBranch Office415020
Morgiri BOBranch Office415206
Morve BOBranch Office412802
Mouje Tasgaon BOBranch Office415004
Munawale BOBranch Office415002
Mundhe BOBranch Office415124
Murud BOBranch Office415014
Nade BOBranch Office415205
Nadoli BOBranch Office415205
Nagewadi BOBranch Office415015
Nagthane SOPost Office415519
Nagzari BOBranch Office415116
Naigaon BOBranch Office412801
Nandal BOBranch Office415528
Nandalapur BOBranch Office415539
Nandawal BOBranch Office415525
Nandgaon BOBranch Office415107
Nandgaon Ond BOBranch Office415111
Nandoshi BOBranch Office415510
Nanegaon BK BOBranch Office415520
Nanegaon KH BOBranch Office415520
Naravane BOBranch Office415540
Narayanwadi BOBranch Office415539
Natoshi BOBranch Office415206
Navadi BOBranch Office415209
Navaja BOBranch Office415207
Ner BOBranch Office415502
Nhavi BK BOBranch Office415511
Nidhal BOBranch Office415023
Nigadi BOBranch Office415501
Nigadi Masur BOBranch Office415106
Nigadi Tarf BOBranch Office415004
Nimbhore BOBranch Office415528
Nimblak BOBranch Office415523
Nimsod BOBranch Office415538
Nirgudi BOBranch Office415523
Nisare BOBranch Office415205
Nisrale BOBranch Office415519
Nitral BOBranch Office415013
Nune BOBranch Office415014
Ogalewadi SOPost Office415105
Ond SOPost Office415111
Ozarde BOBranch Office412803
Pachvad BOBranch Office415312
Pachvad SOPost Office415513
Padal BOBranch Office415507
Padali Lonand BOBranch Office415521
Padali Masur BOBranch Office415106
Padali Ninam BOBranch Office415519
Padegaon BOBranch Office415506
Padloshi BOBranch Office415520
Pal BOBranch Office415014
Palasgaon BOBranch Office415507
Palashi BOBranch Office415512
Palashi Vaduth BOBranch Office415011
Palshi BOBranch Office412801
Palshi Man BOBranch Office415540
Panchgani SOPost Office412805
Pande BOBranch Office415515
Pangari BOBranch Office415508
Paparde BOBranch Office415205
Parali SOPost Office415013
Parkhandi BOBranch Office412803
Parle BOBranch Office415124
Paryanti BOBranch Office415509
Pasarni BOBranch Office412803
Patan SO SataraPost Office415206
Patkhal BOBranch Office415011
Patole Khadaki BOBranch Office415509
Pawar Wadi BOBranch Office415523
Perale BOBranch Office415109
Petpar BOBranch Office412806
Petri BOBranch Office415002
Phaltan SOPost Office415523
Phulenagar Wai SOPost Office412803
Pimpaloshi BOBranch Office415206
Pimpari BOBranch Office415511
Pimpari KKhatav BOBranch Office415507
Pimpode BK SOPost Office415525
Pimpode KH BOBranch Office415011
Pimprad BOBranch Office415523
Pimpre BK BOBranch Office415521
Pimpri Man BOBranch Office415540
Pingali BK BOBranch Office415506
Potale BOBranch Office415103
Pratapgad BOBranch Office412806
Pulkoti BOBranch Office415509
Pusegaon SOPost Office415502
Pusesavali SOPost Office415512
Rahimatpur SOPost Office415511
Rahude BOBranch Office415014
Raigaon BOBranch Office415020
Rajachekurle BOBranch Office415512
Rajale BOBranch Office415523
Rajapuri BOBranch Office415013
RajapuriBudh BOBranch Office415503
Rajuri BOBranch Office415523
Ranand BOBranch Office415508
Ranashingwadi BOBranch Office415503
Randulabad BOBranch Office415525
Ranjani BOBranch Office412805
Rasati BOBranch Office415207
Rautwadi BOBranch Office415525
Rawadi BK BOBranch Office415528
Rethare BK BOBranch Office415108
Rethare KH BOBranch Office415108
Revadi BOBranch Office415011
Riswad BOBranch Office415106
Rohot BOBranch Office415013
Rui BOBranch Office415501
Sadawaghapur BOBranch Office415206
Saidapur BOBranch Office415124
Saigaon BOBranch Office415020
Saikade BOBranch Office415103
Sajjangad BOBranch Office415013
Sajur BOBranch Office415209
Sakharwadi SOPost Office415522
Sakurdi BOBranch Office415114
Salave BOBranch Office415112
Salpe BOBranch Office415521
Salshirambe BOBranch Office415111
Sanbur BOBranch Office415112
Sangamnagar Satara SOPost Office415003
Sangavi BOBranch Office415523
Sangvad BOBranch Office415205
Sanpane BOBranch Office415514
Sap BOBranch Office415511
Sarde BOBranch Office415523
Sarjapur BOBranch Office415514
Sarkalwadi BOBranch Office415525
Sartale BOBranch Office415513
Saskal BOBranch Office415523
Saspade BOBranch Office415519
Sasurve BOBranch Office415511
Saswad Lonand BOBranch Office415521
Satara City SOPost Office415002
Satara HOHead Office415001
Satararoad SOPost Office415010
Savade BOBranch Office415111
Savarghar BOBranch Office415014
Shahupuri Satara SOPost Office415002
Shamgaon BOBranch Office415106
Shantinagar BOBranch Office415112
Shapur BOBranch Office415115
Shenawadi BOBranch Office415538
Shendre BOBranch Office415519
Shendurjane BOBranch Office415021
Shenoli BOBranch Office415108
Shere BOBranch Office415108
Sherechiwadi BOBranch Office415521
Shinde Khurd BOBranch Office415503
Shindenagar BOBranch Office415523
Shindewadi BOBranch Office412801
Shingnapur BOBranch Office415508
Shirambe BOBranch Office415501
Shirawade BOBranch Office415115
Shirdhon BOBranch Office415501
Shirgaon BOBranch Office412803
ShirgaonUmbraj BOBranch Office415109
Shirsawadi BOBranch Office415506
Shirval SOPost Office412801
Shivajinagar BOBranch Office412802
Shivnagar SOPost Office415108
Shivthar BOBranch Office415011
Shripalvan BOBranch Office415503
Shukarwar Peth Phaltan SOPost Office415523
Somanthali BOBranch Office415523
Somardi BOBranch Office415514
Sonaichi Wadi BOBranch Office415209
Sonat BOBranch Office412806
Sonavadi BOBranch Office415523
Sonawade BOBranch Office415211
Songaon BOBranch Office415514
Sonke BOBranch Office415525
Sukhed BOBranch Office415521
Supane SOPost Office415114
Surali BOBranch Office415511
Surawadi BOBranch Office415528
Surli BOBranch Office415105
Surur SOPost Office415517
Tadavale S Koregaon BOBranch Office415010
TadavaleVaduj BOBranch Office415506
Tadawale BOBranch Office415524
Talbid BOBranch Office415109
Taldeo BOBranch Office412806
Taliye BOBranch Office415524
Talmavale BOBranch Office415103
Tambave BOBranch Office415114
Tambave Lonand BOBranch Office415521
Tamkane BOBranch Office415206
Tandulwadi BOBranch Office415501
Tapola BOBranch Office412806
Taradgaon SOPost Office415528
Tarale SOPost Office415014
Tardaf BOBranch Office415523
Targaon SOPost Office415107
Tarukh BOBranch Office415103
Tasavade BOBranch Office415109
Tembu BOBranch Office415105
Tetali BOBranch Office415002
Thathavada BOBranch Office415523
Thomase BOBranch Office415109
Thoseghar BOBranch Office415013
Tilak Path Karad SOPost Office415110
Tondale BOBranch Office415508
Tondoshi BOBranch Office415014
Trimali BOBranch Office415510
Triputi BOBranch Office415501
Tulsan BOBranch Office415111
Udtare BOBranch Office415513
Umarkanchan BOBranch Office415112
Umbraj SOPost Office415109
Undale BOBranch Office415111
Upalave BOBranch Office415523
Urul BOBranch Office415109
Vadale BOBranch Office415523
Vadgaon BOBranch Office415109
Vadgaon Haveli BOBranch Office415124
Vadgaon JS BOBranch Office415512
Vadjal BOBranch Office415509
Vadoli Bhikeshwar BOBranch Office415106
Vadoli Nileshwar BOBranch Office415115
Vaduj SOPost Office415506
Vaduj Town SOPost Office415506
Vaduth SOPost Office415011
Vahagaon BOBranch Office415124
Vaigaon BOBranch Office412803
Vajroshi BOBranch Office415014
Vakhari BOBranch Office415523
Valuth BOBranch Office415514
Vanzole BOBranch Office415112
Vardhangad BOBranch Office415501
Varkute Malawadi BOBranch Office415509
Varkute Mhasvad BOBranch Office415509
Varne BOBranch Office415019
Varoshi BOBranch Office415012
Varud BOBranch Office415527
Varunji BOBranch Office415124
Varye BOBranch Office415015
Vasantgad BOBranch Office415114
Vasole BOBranch Office412803
Vathar BK SOPost Office415526
Vathar KH BOBranch Office415539
Vathar Kiroli SOPost Office415116
Vathar Nimbalkar BOBranch Office415523
Vathar SOPost Office415524
Vavarhire BOBranch Office415508
Vechale BOBranch Office415519
Velang BOBranch Office412803
Velapur BOBranch Office412806
Vele BOBranch Office415517
Vele Kamthi BOBranch Office415022
Velu BOBranch Office415511
Venegaon BOBranch Office415518
Vennanagar SOPost Office415022
Vetane BOBranch Office415503
Vidani BOBranch Office415523
Vidyanagar Karad SOPost Office415124
Vihe BOBranch Office415114
Vihe Vasahat BOBranch Office415114
Vikhale BOBranch Office415524
Vilaspur Satara BOBranch Office415004
Virali BOBranch Office415540
Viravade BOBranch Office415105
Virmade BOBranch Office415020
Visapur BOBranch Office415502
Vyahali BOBranch Office412803
Vyajawadi BOBranch Office412803
Wadhe BOBranch Office415011
Wagheri BOBranch Office415105
Wagholi BOBranch Office415525
Wai City SOPost Office412803
Wai SOPost Office412803
Wakeshwar BOBranch Office415506
Wing Shirwal BOBranch Office412801
Wing SOPost Office415122
Yadogopal Peth SOPost Office415002
Yashvantnagar SOPost Office415115
Yelgaon BOBranch Office415111
Yeliv BOBranch Office415512
Yenke BOBranch Office415103
Yenkul BOBranch Office415507
Yenpe BOBranch Office415111
Yeoti BOBranch Office415111
Yerad BOBranch Office415206
Yeralwadi BOBranch Office415507
Yeravale BOBranch Office415122
Yerphale BOBranch Office415205
Yevateshwar BOBranch Office415002
Zanzwad BOBranch Office412806

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service