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Explore all post offices or pincodes of SANGLI, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Agalgaon BOBranch Office416403
Agran Dhulgaon BOBranch Office416411
Ainwadi BOBranch Office415311
Aitawade BK SOPost Office415401
Aitawade Khurd BOBranch Office415409
Alkud S BOBranch Office416411
Alkud M BOBranch Office416419
Alsund BOBranch Office415311
Amarapur BOBranch Office415305
Ambak BOBranch Office415303
Amnapur BOBranch Office416308
Andhali BOBranch Office416310
Anjani BOBranch Office416311
Ankalagi BOBranch Office416412
Ankale BOBranch Office416402
Ankali BOBranch Office416415
Ankalkhop SOPost Office416316
Antral BOBranch Office416404
Antri Budruk BOBranch Office415408
Arag SOPost Office416401
Arala BOBranch Office415415
Arawade BOBranch Office416312
Arewadi BOBranch Office416403
Asangi J BOBranch Office416412
Asangi K BOBranch Office416412
Ashte SOPost Office416301
Atpadi SOPost Office415301
Audumbar BOBranch Office416303
Aundhi BOBranch Office415408
Avandhi BOBranch Office416404
Awalai BOBranch Office415315
Bagani SOPost Office416302
Bahadurwadi BOBranch Office415411
Bahe BOBranch Office415409
Baj BOBranch Office416402
Balagavade BOBranch Office416312
Balavadi KHN BOBranch Office415307
BalavadiBhalavani BOBranch Office416309
Balgaon BOBranch Office416413
Bamani BOBranch Office415311
Bambavade BOBranch Office416310
Bamnoli BOBranch Office416436
Banali BOBranch Office416404
Banewadi BOBranch Office416414
Banpuri BOBranch Office415306
Banur BOBranch Office416311
Basargi BOBranch Office416404
Bastawade BOBranch Office416311
Bavachi BOBranch Office416301
Bedag BOBranch Office416414
Belanki BOBranch Office416414
Belavade BOBranch Office415305
Bellondagi BOBranch Office416413
Bendri BOBranch Office416312
Bevnur BOBranch Office416404
Bhadkimbe BOBranch Office416302
Bhalavani BOBranch Office415311
Bhatshirgaon BOBranch Office415408
Bhavaninagar SO SangliPost Office415302
Bhendavade BOBranch Office415310
Bhikavadi BK BOBranch Office415310
Bhikawadi Kurd BOBranch Office415311
Bhilavadi SOPost Office416303
Bhilwadi RS BOBranch Office416303
Bhood BOBranch Office415309
Bhose BOBranch Office416420
Bichud BOBranch Office415302
Bilashi SOPost Office415402
Billur BOBranch Office416404
Biranwadi BOBranch Office416312
Bisur BOBranch Office416304
Biur BOBranch Office415408
Boblad Jadar BOBranch Office416413
Boblad K BOBranch Office416412
Bolwad BOBranch Office416414
Borgaon BOBranch Office416419
Borgaon SO SangliPost Office415413
Borgaon T BOBranch Office416312
BorgiKhurd BOBranch Office416413
Brahmanal BOBranch Office416415
Brahmanpuri Miraj SOPost Office416410
Budhgaon SOPost Office416304
Burli BOBranch Office416308
Charan BOBranch Office415405
Chikhalhol BOBranch Office415310
Chikhali BOBranch Office415408
Chikurde SOPost Office415412
Chinchani Ambak BOBranch Office415303
Chinchani Mangrul BOBranch Office415311
Chinchani T BOBranch Office416312
Chincholi BOBranch Office415405
Chorochi BOBranch Office416403
Dahiwadi BOBranch Office416311
Daphalapur SOPost Office416402
Daribadachi BOBranch Office416412
Deshing BOBranch Office416414
Devikhindi BOBranch Office415309
Devrashtra SOPost Office415303
Devwadi BOBranch Office415412
Dhagewadi BOBranch Office415401
Dhalewadi BOBranch Office416405
Dhalgaon SOPost Office416403
Dhamavade BOBranch Office415408
Dhavadwadi BOBranch Office416403
Dhavaleshwar BOBranch Office415311
Dhavali BOBranch Office416414
Dhavali T BOBranch Office416312
Dhulgaon BOBranch Office416420
Dighanchi SOPost Office415315
Digraj Kasaba Agri School BOBranch Office416305
Digraj Kasaba SOPost Office416305
Dongarsoni BOBranch Office416311
Dongarwadi BOBranch Office416407
Dorli BOBranch Office416403
Dudhgaon SOPost Office416315
Dudhondi BOBranch Office416308
Factory Area Sangli SOPost Office416416
Gajanan Mills Sangli SOPost Office416416
Ganpati Peth Sangli SOPost Office416416
Gardi BOBranch Office415311
Gaurgaon BOBranch Office416312
Gavan BOBranch Office416408
Ghanand BOBranch Office415308
Gharniki BOBranch Office415308
Ghatnandre BOBranch Office416405
Ghogaon BOBranch Office416309
Ghorpadi BOBranch Office416403
Ghoti Khurd BOBranch Office415311
Girgaon BOBranch Office416413
Gomewadi BOBranch Office415306
Gotkhindi BOBranch Office416301
Govt Colony SOPost Office416415
GovtMedical College Miraj SOPost Office416410
Gugwad BOBranch Office416404
Gundewadi BOBranch Office416407
Hanmant Vadiye BOBranch Office415305
Haripur BOBranch Office416415
Hatnoli BOBranch Office416314
Hatnur BOBranch Office416314
Hingangade BOBranch Office415311
Hingangaon Bk BOBranch Office415305
Hingangaon BOBranch Office416405
Hingangaon Khurd BOBranch Office415305
Hivare BOBranch Office415307
Hivtad BOBranch Office415306
Inam Dhamni BOBranch Office416415
Ingrul BOBranch Office415408
Irali BOBranch Office416405
Itkare BOBranch Office415403
Jadhavwadi BOBranch Office415311
Jaigavan BOBranch Office416419
Jakhapur BOBranch Office416405
Jarandi BOBranch Office416311
Jath SOPost Office416404
Jirgyal BOBranch Office416402
Jondhalkhindi BOBranch Office415309
Junekhed BOBranch Office416313
Kadegaon SOPost Office415304
Kadepur SOPost Office415305
Kalambi BOBranch Office416414
Kalamwadi BOBranch Office415406
Kalundre BOBranch Office415415
Kameri SOPost Office415403
Kanchanpur BOBranch Office416306
Kande BOBranch Office415412
Kandur BOBranch Office415408
Kanegaon BOBranch Office415411
Kapuskhed BOBranch Office415409
Karandwadi BOBranch Office416301
Karanguli BOBranch Office415415
Karanjawade BOBranch Office415401
Karanje BOBranch Office416312
Kargani SOPost Office415306
Karmala BOBranch Office415408
Karnal BOBranch Office416415
Karoli T BOBranch Office416405
Karoli M BOBranch Office416408
Karve BOBranch Office415401
Kasegaon SOPost Office415404
Kautholi BOBranch Office415301
Kavaji Khotwadi BOBranch Office416304
Kavalapur SOPost Office416306
Kavathe Ekand SOPost Office416307
Kavathe Mahankal SOPost Office416405
Kavathe Piran SOPost Office416417
Kerewadi BOBranch Office416403
Khalati BOBranch Office416402
Khalsa Dhamni BOBranch Office416314
Khambale BOBranch Office415311
Khanapur SO SangliPost Office415307
Khanderajuri BOBranch Office416414
Kharshing BOBranch Office416414
Kharsundi SOPost Office415308
Khatav BOBranch Office416401
Kherade BOBranch Office415311
Khujgaon BOBranch Office416311
Killemachindragad BOBranch Office415302
Kirloskarwadi SOPost Office416308
Kognoli BOBranch Office416418
Kokale BOBranch Office416405
Kokrud SOPost Office415405
Koregaon BOBranch Office416302
Kosari BOBranch Office416403
Kuchi BOBranch Office416405
Kuktoli BOBranch Office416418
Kumatha BOBranch Office416306
Kumbhari BOBranch Office416403
Kundal SO SangliPost Office416309
Kundalapur BOBranch Office416405
Kundalwadi BOBranch Office415411
Kunikonnur BOBranch Office416404
Kupwad BOBranch Office416436
Kupwad MIDC Area SOPost Office416436
Kurlap BOBranch Office415411
Ladegaon BOBranch Office415401
Landgewadi BOBranch Office416419
Langarpeth BOBranch Office416405
Lengare SOPost Office415309
Limb BOBranch Office416312
Lingiware BOBranch Office415315
Lingnoor BOBranch Office416401
Lode BOBranch Office416312
Lonarwadi BOBranch Office416411
Madgule BOBranch Office415301
Madgyal BOBranch Office416413
Madhavnagar SOPost Office416406
Mahuli SO SangliPost Office415310
Malangaon BOBranch Office416419
Malgaon SOPost Office416407
Mallewadi BOBranch Office416414
Malwadi BOBranch Office416315
Manerajuri SOPost Office416408
Mangale BOBranch Office415412
Mangrul BOBranch Office415402
Manikwadi BOBranch Office415407
Manjarde BOBranch Office416312
Mardwadi BOBranch Office416301
Market Yard Sangli SOPost Office416416
Masuchiwadi BOBranch Office415413
Mendhigiri BOBranch Office416404
Meni BOBranch Office415405
Mhaisal SOPost Office416409
Miraj Audyogik Vasahat SOPost Office416410
Miraj HOHead Office416410
Miraj Station Road SOPost Office416410
Mirajwadi BOBranch Office416301
Mohi BOBranch Office415307
Morale BOBranch Office416310
Mouje Digraj BOBranch Office416415
Muchandi BOBranch Office416404
Nagaj BOBranch Office416403
Nagaon BOBranch Office416302
Nagarale BOBranch Office416308
Nagewadi BOBranch Office415311
Nagthane BOBranch Office416313
Nandre BOBranch Office416415
Nangole BOBranch Office416405
Narsinhpur BOBranch Office415409
Narwad BOBranch Office416409
Nathawade BOBranch Office415405
Natoli BOBranch Office415408
Nelkaranji BOBranch Office415308
Nerla SOPost Office415406
Nerli BOBranch Office415304
Nevari BOBranch Office415311
Nigadi BOBranch Office415408
Nigdi Khurd BOBranch Office416404
Nimani BOBranch Office416312
Nimbavade BOBranch Office415301
Nimblak BOBranch Office416312
Ozarde BOBranch Office415407
Pachumbri BOBranch Office415410
Padali BOBranch Office416314
Padalichiwadi BOBranch Office415408
Padmale BOBranch Office416415
Palashi BOBranch Office415307
Palus SOPost Office416310
Panumbre Turf Shirala BOBranch Office415410
Panumbre Turf Warun BOBranch Office415405
Pare BOBranch Office415311
Payappachiwadi BOBranch Office416414
Ped BOBranch Office416312
Peth SO SangliPost Office415407
Phuphire BOBranch Office415408
Pimpri Budruk BOBranch Office415308
Pokharni BOBranch Office416301
Punadi T BOBranch Office416312
Punadi T/F Walwa BOBranch Office416308
Punvat BOBranch Office415408
R K Extension Sangli SOPost Office416416
Rajapur BOBranch Office416310
Ramanandnagar BOBranch Office416308
Ramapur BOBranch Office415303
Ranjani SO SangliPost Office416411
Red BOBranch Office415407
Renavi BOBranch Office415311
Rethare Dharan BOBranch Office415407
Rethare Harnaksha BOBranch Office415302
Revangaon BOBranch Office415311
Revnal BOBranch Office416404
Rile BOBranch Office415408
S S K Sakharale SOPost Office415414
S S K Sangli SOPost Office416416
Sagaon BOBranch Office415408
Saholi BOBranch Office415305
Sakharale BOBranch Office415414
Salgare SOPost Office416418
Salshinge BOBranch Office415311
Samdolii BOBranch Office416415
Sangaliwadi BOBranch Office416415
Sangli City SOPost Office416416
Sangli HOHead Office416416
Sankh SOPost Office416412
Sanmadi BOBranch Office416404
Savali BOBranch Office416436
Savarde BOBranch Office416408
Savlaj SOPost Office416311
Sawantpur BOBranch Office416310
Shalgaon BOBranch Office415304
Shaniwar Peth Miraj SOPost Office416410
Shegaon BOBranch Office416404
Shelakbav BOBranch Office415305
Shetphale BOBranch Office415306
Shigaon BOBranch Office416302
Shindewadi BOBranch Office416401
Shinganapur BOBranch Office416405
Shinganhalli BOBranch Office416404
Shipur BOBranch Office416414
Shirala SOPost Office415408
Shirasgaon BOBranch Office415303
Shirashi BOBranch Office415408
Shirdhon SOPost Office416419
Shirte BOBranch Office415409
Shivajinagar BOBranch Office415304
Shivani BOBranch Office415305
Siddhewadi BOBranch Office416414
Siddhewadi Savalaj BOBranch Office416311
Sidhnath BOBranch Office416412
Sindur BOBranch Office416404
Sonavade BOBranch Office415415
Soni SOPost Office416420
Sonkire BOBranch Office415303
Sonsal BOBranch Office415303
Sonyal BOBranch Office416413
Sordi BOBranch Office416412
Subhashnagar SOPost Office416437
Sultangade BOBranch Office415307
Surul BOBranch Office415407
Suslad BOBranch Office416413
Tadavale BOBranch Office415408
Tadawale BOBranch Office415306
Tadsar BOBranch Office415304
Takari SOPost Office415313
Takave BOBranch Office415410
Tambave BOBranch Office415404
Tanang BOBranch Office416414
Tandulwadi BOBranch Office415411
Tasgaon MDG SOPost Office416312
Tavadarwadi BOBranch Office416303
Thanapude BOBranch Office415412
Tikundi BOBranch Office416412
Tisangi BOBranch Office416405
Tondoli BOBranch Office415305
Tujarpur BOBranch Office415403
Tung BOBranch Office416301
Tupari BOBranch Office415313
Turchi BOBranch Office416312
Umadi SOPost Office416413
Umarani BOBranch Office416404
Upalavi BOBranch Office416306
Upale Mayani BOBranch Office415305
Urun Islampur SOPost Office415409
Utagi BOBranch Office416413
Vaddi BOBranch Office416414
Vadgaon BOBranch Office416311
Vadgaon Mohite BOBranch Office415303
Vadiye Raibag BOBranch Office415305
Vajrawad BOBranch Office416404
Valkhad BOBranch Office415310
Valsang BOBranch Office416404
Valuj BOBranch Office415309
Valvan BOBranch Office415308
Vangi BOBranch Office415305
Vasgade BOBranch Office416415
Vasumbe BOBranch Office415309
Vasumbe T BOBranch Office416312
Vejegaon BOBranch Office415310
Vhaspet BOBranch Office416413
Vibhutwadi BOBranch Office415301
Vihapur BOBranch Office415304
Visapur SO SangliPost Office416314
Vite City SOPost Office415311
Vite SOPost Office415311
Waiphale BOBranch Office416312
Wakurde BK BOBranch Office415408
Wakurde Khurd BOBranch Office415408
Walekhindi BOBranch Office416404
Walwa SOPost Office416313
Wanlsswadi SOPost Office416414
Warnavati Vasahat SOPost Office415415
Washan BOBranch Office416402
Wategaon SOPost Office415410
Willingdon College Sangli SOPost Office416415
Yamgarwadi BOBranch Office416312
Yedemachindra BOBranch Office415409
Yedenipani BOBranch Office415403
Yelapur BOBranch Office415405
Yelavi BOBranch Office416415
Yelur SOPost Office415411
Yelvi BOBranch Office416404
Yerandoli BOBranch Office416414
Yetgaon BOBranch Office415311
Zare BOBranch Office415301

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service