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Explore all post offices or pincodes of RATNAGIRI, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abaloli SOPost Office415726
Adavali BOBranch Office415802
Ade BOBranch Office415714
Adivare SOPost Office416707
Adkhaltari BOBranch Office415714
Adre BOBranch Office415604
Adur SO RatnagiriPost Office415705
Agarwaingani BOBranch Office415712
Agave BOBranch Office415606
Ajiwali BOBranch Office416704
Akale BOBranch Office415604
Alore SOPost Office415603
Alsure BOBranch Office415709
Ambav BOBranch Office415608
Ambavali BOBranch Office415804
Ambavali SOPost Office415730
Ambaye BOBranch Office415709
Ambdas BOBranch Office415605
Ambed Budruk SOPost Office415637
Ambitgaon BOBranch Office415641
Ambolgad BOBranch Office415806
Amdave BOBranch Office415203
Anari BOBranch Office415604
Angale BOBranch Office416702
Angavali BOBranch Office415804
Anjanari BOBranch Office415803
Anjanvel BOBranch Office415634
Anjarla SOPost Office415714
Ansure BOBranch Office416702
Antravali BOBranch Office415610
Aravali BOBranch Office415608
Are BOBranch Office415703
Argaon BOBranch Office415643
Asage BOBranch Office416712
Asgani BOBranch Office415708
Asgoli BOBranch Office415703
Ashti BOBranch Office415709
Asond BOBranch Office415711
Asore BOBranch Office415726
Astan BOBranch Office415730
Asud BOBranch Office415713
Asurda BOBranch Office415606
Avashi BOBranch Office415722
Ayani BOBranch Office415708
Bagave Wadi BOBranch Office416704
Bahiravali BOBranch Office415727
Bamnoli BOBranch Office415701
Bankot BOBranch Office415208
Bapere BOBranch Office416701
Basani BOBranch Office415629
Belari Budruk BOBranch Office415804
Beni Budruk BOBranch Office416712
Bhade BOBranch Office416712
Bhadkamba BOBranch Office415801
Bhalavali BOBranch Office416702
Bhambed BOBranch Office416701
Bharane SOPost Office415621
Bhatgaon BOBranch Office415726
Bhatye BOBranch Office415612
Bhelsai BOBranch Office415605
Bhile BOBranch Office415605
Bhoke BOBranch Office415639
Bhom BOBranch Office415628
Bhoo SOPost Office416713
Bhopan BOBranch Office415711
Bijghar BOBranch Office415715
Biwali BOBranch Office415628
Boraj BOBranch Office415709
Borgaon BOBranch Office415701
Burambad BOBranch Office415608
Burambe Wadi BOBranch Office416702
Burondi SOPost Office415720
Chafavali BOBranch Office415807
Chafe BOBranch Office415620
Chandor BOBranch Office415616
Charveli BOBranch Office415619
Chave BOBranch Office415620
Chickalgaon BOBranch Office415712
Chikhali BOBranch Office415724
Chinchavali BOBranch Office415640
Chinchghar BOBranch Office415203
Chinchghari BOBranch Office415604
Chinchkhari BOBranch Office415612
Chindravale BOBranch Office415728
Chiplun HOHead Office415605
Chirni BOBranch Office415605
Chiveli BOBranch Office415701
Choravane BOBranch Office415803
Dabhil BOBranch Office415711
Dabhol SOPost Office415706
Dabhole BOBranch Office415803
Dahagaon BOBranch Office415203
Dahivali Budruk BOBranch Office415606
Dale BOBranch Office415805
Dalvatane BOBranch Office415604
Dande Adom BOBranch Office415612
Dapoli SOPost Office415712
Dasur BOBranch Office416713
Dayal BOBranch Office415710
Degaon BOBranch Office415711
Dehen BOBranch Office415712
Deole Ghera Prachitgad BOBranch Office415611
Dervan BOBranch Office415606
Deud BOBranch Office415620
Devache Gothane BOBranch Office416702
Devade BOBranch Office415801
Devadhe SOPost Office416712
Devale SOPost Office415807
Devghar BOBranch Office415730
Devhare BOBranch Office415208
Devihasol BOBranch Office416713
Devrukh SOPost Office415804
Dhakmoli BOBranch Office415641
Dhamanand SOPost Office415718
Dhamandevi BOBranch Office415605
Dhamani BOBranch Office415709
Dhamanse BOBranch Office415620
Dhamapur BOBranch Office415608
Dhamnavane BOBranch Office415604
Dhaulwali BOBranch Office416702
Dhopave BOBranch Office415703
Dhopeshwar BOBranch Office416702
Dhutroli BOBranch Office415203
Dingni BOBranch Office415611
Dodavali BOBranch Office415728
Donavali BOBranch Office415628
Dongar BOBranch Office416702
Donivade BOBranch Office416702
Dorle BOBranch Office415626
Durgawadi BOBranch Office415606
Fungus BOBranch Office415611
Furus BOBranch Office415606
Furus SOPost Office415710
Ganeshgule BOBranch Office415616
Ganpatipule BOBranch Office415615
Gavade Ambere BOBranch Office415626
Gavane BOBranch Office416712
Gavkhadi SOPost Office415626
Gharadi BOBranch Office415203
Ghativale BOBranch Office415803
Ghera Rasalgad BOBranch Office415730
Ghodavali BOBranch Office415639
Ghude BOBranch Office415701
Gimvi BOBranch Office415702
Golap BOBranch Office415616
Golavali BOBranch Office415611
Golawashi BOBranch Office416701
Gondhale BOBranch Office415628
Gothane Doniwade BOBranch Office416705
Gothe BOBranch Office415208
Goval BOBranch Office416702
Govil BOBranch Office416701
Guhagar SOPost Office415703
Gunade BOBranch Office415722
Haral BOBranch Office416704
Harche BOBranch Office416712
Harcheri BOBranch Office416712
Hardakhale BOBranch Office416701
Harnai SOPost Office415713
Harpude BOBranch Office415804
Hasol Tarf Saundal BOBranch Office416702
Hatade BOBranch Office416704
Hativ BOBranch Office415804
Hatkhamba SOPost Office415619
Hedali BOBranch Office415709
Hedavi SOPost Office415728
Holi BOBranch Office415805
Humbri BOBranch Office415730
Ibrahimpattan BOBranch Office416712
Ilne BOBranch Office415714
Indavati BOBranch Office416701
Isavali BOBranch Office416701
Jaigad SOPost Office415614
Jaitapur SOPost Office415805
Jalgaon BOBranch Office415712
Jamage BOBranch Office415709
Jambhari BOBranch Office415613
Jamsud BOBranch Office415703
Javade BOBranch Office416701
Jawalethar BOBranch Office416704
Juwathi BOBranch Office416702
Kadavali BOBranch Office415605
Kadivali BOBranch Office415712
Kadwad BOBranch Office415604
Kadwai SOPost Office415609
Kajirda BOBranch Office416704
Kajurli BOBranch Office415726
Kalamani Budruk BOBranch Office415621
Kalamani Khurd BOBranch Office415730
Kalambaste BOBranch Office415610
Kalambat BOBranch Office415641
Kalambushi BOBranch Office415608
Kalamundi BOBranch Office415702
Kalbadevi BOBranch Office415629
Kalkavane BOBranch Office415604
Kalsavali BOBranch Office416705
Kalsur Koundhar BOBranch Office415724
Kaluste BOBranch Office415605
Kalvande BOBranch Office415605
Kalzondi BOBranch Office415620
Kamathe BOBranch Office415605
Kaneri BOBranch Office416702
Kangwai BOBranch Office415712
Kanhe BOBranch Office415604
Kankadi BOBranch Office415803
Kapad Gaon BOBranch Office415619
Kapre BOBranch Office415628
Kapsal BOBranch Office415605
Karak BOBranch Office416704
Karambavane BOBranch Office415628
Karambele Tarf Devale BOBranch Office415804
Karanjani BOBranch Office415712
Karanjgaon BOBranch Office415720
Karavali BOBranch Office416704
Karbhatale BOBranch Office415610
Karbude BOBranch Office415639
Karde BOBranch Office415713
Karji SOPost Office415727
Karjikar Mohalla BOBranch Office415628
Karjuve BOBranch Office415608
Karla BOBranch Office415612
Karli BOBranch Office415804
Karul BOBranch Office415719
Kasai BOBranch Office415718
Kasar Kolwan BOBranch Office415804
Kasarveli BOBranch Office415629
Kasba SO RatnagiriPost Office415610
Kase BOBranch Office415608
Kashedi BOBranch Office415640
Kasheli BOBranch Office416707
Katali Sagave BOBranch Office416709
Katavali BOBranch Office415804
Katroli BOBranch Office415701
Kaundhar Tamhane BOBranch Office415702
Kelambe BOBranch Office416701
Kelavali BOBranch Office416702
Kelne BOBranch Office415605
Kelshi SOPost Office415717
Kelye BOBranch Office415612
Kespuri BOBranch Office415620
Khadpoli BOBranch Office415603
Khalgaon SOPost Office415620
Khanavali BOBranch Office416712
Khanu BOBranch Office415803
Kharvate BOBranch Office415628
Khavadi BOBranch Office416701
Khavati SOPost Office415640
Khed City SOPost Office415709
Khed RTG SOPost Office415709
Khedashi BOBranch Office415639
Kherdi BOBranch Office415712
Kherdi SOPost Office415604
Khodade BOBranch Office415726
Khopad BOBranch Office415628
Khopi SOPost Office415715
Khorninko BOBranch Office416701
Kirbet BOBranch Office415801
Kirduve BOBranch Office415804
Kochari BOBranch Office415802
Kodavali BOBranch Office416702
Kokare BOBranch Office415608
Kolamb BOBranch Office416704
Kolambe BOBranch Office415612
KolambeS BOBranch Office415637
Kolawali BOBranch Office415726
Kolbandre BOBranch Office415711
Koldhe BOBranch Office416712
Kolisare BOBranch Office415620
Kolke Wadi BOBranch Office415603
Kolthare BOBranch Office415712
Kolwan Chuna BOBranch Office416705
Kolwan Khadi BOBranch Office416704
Kondge BOBranch Office415643
Kondivali BOBranch Office415709
Kondivare BOBranch Office415608
Kondmala BOBranch Office415606
Kondsur Budruk BOBranch Office416707
Kondye BOBranch Office416701
Koregaon BOBranch Office415709
Korle BOBranch Office416701
Kosbi BOBranch Office415606
Kosumb BOBranch Office415804
Kot BOBranch Office416712
Kotapur BOBranch Office416702
Kotavali BOBranch Office415722
Kotawada SOPost Office415617
Kotluk BOBranch Office415703
Kudali BOBranch Office415613
Kudavale BOBranch Office415712
Kulvandi BOBranch Office415715
Kumbale BOBranch Office415203
Kumbhad BOBranch Office415715
Kumbharkhani BOBranch Office415607
Kumbharli BOBranch Office415602
Kumbhavade BOBranch Office416702
Kundi BOBranch Office415804
Kurang BOBranch Office415643
Kurdhunda BOBranch Office415611
Kurne BOBranch Office416712
Kurtade BOBranch Office416712
Kurwal Jawali BOBranch Office415718
Kutgiri BOBranch Office415702
Kutra BOBranch Office415607
Kuvarbav SOPost Office415639
Kuve BOBranch Office416701
Kuveshi BOBranch Office416702
Ladghar BOBranch Office415712
Lanja SOPost Office416701
Latwan SOPost Office415202
Lavel SOPost Office415708
Lavgan BOBranch Office416712
Lote SO RatnagiriPost Office415722
Lowale BOBranch Office415611
Mabhale BOBranch Office415611
Madban BOBranch Office416702
Mahalunge BOBranch Office415730
Majal BOBranch Office416701
MajgaonBranch Office415612
Makhajan SOPost Office415608
Malan BOBranch Office415724
Maldoli BOBranch Office415628
Malghar BOBranch Office415701
Malgund SOPost Office415615
Mandangad SOPost Office415203
Mandivali BOBranch Office415203
Mandki BOBranch Office415606
Mandva BOBranch Office415709
Mani BOBranch Office415709
Manjare BOBranch Office415620
Maral BOBranch Office415804
Margatamhane SOPost Office415702
Markandi SOPost Office415605
Masrang BOBranch Office415609
Masu BOBranch Office415726
Math BOBranch Office415803
Matwan BOBranch Office415712
Mavlange BOBranch Office415616
Meghi BOBranch Office415807
Mervi BOBranch Office415616
Mhapral BOBranch Office415203
MIDC RTG SOPost Office415639
Miland BOBranch Office416704
Miravane BOBranch Office415701
Mirjole BOBranch Office415639
Mirya BOBranch Office415612
Mithgavane BOBranch Office416702
Mohane BOBranch Office415730
Moor BOBranch Office416704
Moravane BOBranch Office415604
Morde BOBranch Office415804
Moroshi BOBranch Office416702
Morvande BOBranch Office415709
Mosam BOBranch Office416702
Muchari BOBranch Office415611
Mudhe Tarf Sawarda BOBranch Office415606
Mugij BOBranch Office415716
Mumbake BOBranch Office415727
Mundhar BOBranch Office415719
Mundhe BOBranch Office415602
Murdav BOBranch Office415608
Murde BOBranch Office415709
Murshi BOBranch Office415801
Murtavade BOBranch Office415641
Murud BOBranch Office415713
Musad BOBranch Office415605
Nachane BOBranch Office415639
Nakhare BOBranch Office415616
Nanar BOBranch Office416702
Nandgaon CPN SOPost Office415607
Nandgaon Khed BOBranch Office415709
Nandivase BOBranch Office415604
Nandivili BOBranch Office415730
Nanij BOBranch Office415803
Nante BOBranch Office415712
Narduve BOBranch Office415608
Narvan BOBranch Office415728
Nata SOPost Office415806
Natunagar BOBranch Office415640
Nayari BOBranch Office415610
Nayashi BOBranch Office415608
Nevare BOBranch Office415620
Nigadi BOBranch Office415208
Nigundal BOBranch Office415719
Nilavane BOBranch Office415621
Nirul BOBranch Office415616
Nirvhal BOBranch Office415701
Nive Budruk BOBranch Office415804
Niveli BOBranch Office416702
Nivendi BOBranch Office415615
Nivsar BOBranch Office415803
Niwali BOBranch Office415639
Niwali CPN SOPost Office415641
Omali BOBranch Office415628
Oni navase BOBranch Office415706
Oni SOPost Office416705
Ori BOBranch Office415620
Oshivale BOBranch Office416704
Ovali BOBranch Office415604
Ozare BOBranch Office416705
Ozare Budruk BOBranch Office415801
Ozare Khurd BOBranch Office415804
Pachal SO RatnagiriPost Office416704
Pachambe BOBranch Office415607
Pachavali BOBranch Office415712
Pacheri Sada BOBranch Office415726
Padave BOBranch Office416702
Padve BOBranch Office415214
Paj BOBranch Office415713
Palavani BOBranch Office415712
Palgad SOPost Office415716
Pali RTG SOPost Office415803
PaliCPN BOBranch Office415605
Palpene BOBranch Office415724
Palshet BOBranch Office415703
Palu BOBranch Office416701
Palvan BOBranch Office415641
Panchnadi BOBranch Office415712
Panderi SOPost Office415214
Pangare BOBranch Office416702
Pangari BOBranch Office415639
Pangari Tarf Haveli BOBranch Office415711
Pangari Tarf Velamb BOBranch Office415724
Panhale BOBranch Office415643
Panhale Kazi BOBranch Office415711
Panhale Tarf Saundal BOBranch Office416702
Panhalje BOBranch Office415727
Panval BOBranch Office415619
Parchuri BOBranch Office415719
Parshuram BOBranch Office415605
Parule BOBranch Office416704
Pate Pillavali BOBranch Office415641
Patgaon BOBranch Office415804
Patpanhale BOBranch Office415724
Pawas SOPost Office415616
Pedhambe BOBranch Office415603
Pedhe BOBranch Office415605
Pendkhale BOBranch Office416713
Peve BOBranch Office415214
Phansavale BOBranch Office415612
Phansavane BOBranch Office415610
Phansop BOBranch Office415612
Phansu BOBranch Office415711
Pilavali BOBranch Office415641
Pimpar BOBranch Office415703
Pimpli Khurd BOBranch Office415604
Pimploli BOBranch Office415202
Pirandavane BOBranch Office415611
Pisai BOBranch Office415712
Pochari BOBranch Office415620
Pomendi BOBranch Office415724
Pomendi Budruk BOBranch Office415612
Pomendi Khurd BOBranch Office415612
Pophali SOPost Office415601
Pophlavane BOBranch Office415727
Posare BOBranch Office415628
Posare Budruk BOBranch Office415718
Poynar BOBranch Office415710
Prabhanvalli BOBranch Office416701
Prindavan BOBranch Office416702
Punas BOBranch Office416712
Purnagad BOBranch Office415616
Purye Tarfe DevaleBranch Office415801
Rai BOBranch Office415620
Rajapur SO RatnagiriPost Office416702
Rajivili BOBranch Office415607
Rajwadi BOBranch Office415611
Rampur SO RatnagiriPost Office415701
Ranpat BOBranch Office415620
Ratnagiri Collectorate SOPost Office415612
Ratnagiri HOHead Office415612
Raypatan BOBranch Office416704
RGPPL Anjanvel SOPost Office415634
Ringane BOBranch Office415643
Roon BOBranch Office416701
Sada Jambhari BOBranch Office415726
Sadavali BOBranch Office415804
Sagave SOPost Office416709
Saitavada SOPost Office415613
Sakhar BOBranch Office416702
Sakhari Agar BOBranch Office415729
Sakhari Budruk BOBranch Office415724
Sakhari Trishul BOBranch Office415724
Sakharpa SOPost Office415801
Sakhloli BOBranch Office415712
Sakhroli BOBranch Office415709
Salpe BOBranch Office415802
Sangave BOBranch Office415804
Sanglat BOBranch Office415709
Sangmeshwar SOPost Office415611
Sapirili BOBranch Office415718
Sarang BOBranch Office415712
Sasale BOBranch Office416702
Satavali BOBranch Office416701
Satere Tarf Natu BOBranch Office415716
Sathare Bambar BOBranch Office415803
Satvingaon BOBranch Office415708
Saundal BOBranch Office416704
Savdav BOBranch Office416704
Saveni BOBranch Office415709
Savnas BOBranch Office415727
Sawarda SOPost Office415606
Sayale BOBranch Office415804
Sheldi BOBranch Office415722
Shembavane BOBranch Office415611
Shindi BOBranch Office415715
Shingri BOBranch Office415709
Shipole BOBranch Office415208
Shiposhi SOPost Office415802
Shir BOBranch Office415724
Shiral SOPost Office415628
Shirambavali BOBranch Office415803
Shirambe BOBranch Office415641
Shiravali BOBranch Office415643
Shirgaon BOBranch Office415715
Shirgaon CPN SOPost Office415602
Shirgaon RTG SOPost Office415629
Shirkhal BOBranch Office415716
Shirshi BOBranch Office415727
Shirsoli BOBranch Office415712
Shiv Budruk BOBranch Office415709
Shivaji Nagar RTG SOPost Office415612
Shivane Budruk BOBranch Office416713
Shivane Khurd BOBranch Office416702
Shivar Ambere BOBranch Office415626
Shivtar BOBranch Office415709
Shringarpur BOBranch Office415610
Shringartali SOPost Office415724
Solgaon BOBranch Office416702
Soliwade BOBranch Office416704
Someshwar BOBranch Office415612
Sonavade BOBranch Office415611
Sondeghar BOBranch Office415716
Songaon BOBranch Office415722
Soveli BOBranch Office415203
Sukivili BOBranch Office415621
Sukondi BOBranch Office415714
Susheri BOBranch Office415709
Tadil BOBranch Office415712
Takede BOBranch Office415203
Tala Mandva BOBranch Office415709
Talavade BOBranch Office415607
Talavali SOPost Office415719
Talekante BOBranch Office415637
Talgaon BOBranch Office416702
Talsar BOBranch Office415602
Talsure BOBranch Office415712
Talvat BOBranch Office415718
Tambedi BOBranch Office415610
Tamhane BOBranch Office416704
Tamhanmala BOBranch Office415628
Tanali BOBranch Office415702
Tangar BOBranch Office415712
Taral BOBranch Office416702
Tarval BOBranch Office415620
Tavsal BOBranch Office415613
Tembye BOBranch Office415612
Teru BOBranch Office415605
Terye BOBranch Office415611
Tetavali BOBranch Office415711
Tide BOBranch Office415202
Tike BOBranch Office416712
Tilak Memorial RTG SOPost Office415612
Tisangi BOBranch Office415709
Tise BOBranch Office415709
Tiware BOBranch Office415604
Tiware Ghera Prachitgad BOBranch Office415610
Tiware Medhe Tarfe DevaleBranch Office415801
Tonade BOBranch Office415612
Tondali BOBranch Office415641
Tulsani BOBranch Office415804
Tulshi BOBranch Office415203
Tulshi Khurd BOBranch Office415640
Tural BOBranch Office415609
Turambav BOBranch Office415641
Ubhale BOBranch Office415702
Uchat BOBranch Office415715
Udhale Budruk BOBranch Office415640
Ujgaon BOBranch Office415804
Ukshi BOBranch Office415637
Umare BOBranch Office415610
Umbarghar BOBranch Office415706
Umbarle BOBranch Office415712
Umrath BOBranch Office415728
Umroli BOBranch Office415702
Upale BOBranch Office416702
Vadad BOBranch Office415701
Vadad Hasol BOBranch Office416713
Vadgaon BOBranch Office416701
Vahal BOBranch Office415641
Vakavali SOPost Office415711
Valote BOBranch Office415202
Vandri BOBranch Office415637
Vangule BOBranch Office416701
Vanzole BOBranch Office415804
Varawade BOBranch Office415620
Varnoshi Tarf Panchanadi BOBranch Office415712
Varveli BOBranch Office415703
Veer BOBranch Office415641
Vehele BOBranch Office415604
Velamb BOBranch Office415724
Velas BOBranch Office415208
Veldur BOBranch Office415703
Velvand BOBranch Office415619
Velvi BOBranch Office415712
Veral BOBranch Office416712
Veravali Budruk BOBranch Office416701
Veravali Khurd BOBranch Office416701
Veshvi SOPost Office415208
Vetoshi BOBranch Office415617
Vhel BOBranch Office415643
Vilavade BOBranch Office415643
Vilye BOBranch Office416702
Visapur BOBranch Office415716
Wadavali BOBranch Office416705
Waghambe BOBranch Office415728
Waghangaon BOBranch Office415643
Waghivare BOBranch Office415701
Waghrat BOBranch Office416712
Waingane BOBranch Office415804
Waked BOBranch Office415643
Walope BOBranch Office415605
Walye BOBranch Office416702
Wanke BOBranch Office415803
Washi Tarf Devrukh BOBranch Office415804
Washi Tarf Sangmeshwar BOBranch Office415611
Watad BOBranch Office415613
Watul SOPost Office415643
Wave BOBranch Office415718
Wavghar BOBranch Office415711
Welneshwar SOPost Office415729
Yegaon BOBranch Office415607
Yelvan BOBranch Office416704
Yerdav BOBranch Office416704
Zapade BOBranch Office416701
Zare Wadi BOBranch Office415619
Zombadi BOBranch Office415702

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service