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Explore all post offices or pincodes of RAIGAD, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achloli BOBranch Office402305
Adai BOBranch Office410206
Adavale Budruk BOBranch Office402303
Adgaon BOBranch Office402403
Adhi BOBranch Office402103
Agardanda BOBranch Office402401
Agrav BOBranch Office402203
Ainghar BOBranch Office402126
Ajivali BOBranch Office410221
Akshi BOBranch Office402204
Alibag HOHead Office402201
Ambavade BOBranch Office402307
Ambeghar BOBranch Office402107
Ambet SOPost Office402101
Ambivali BOBranch Office410201
Amtem BOBranch Office402106
Apta BOBranch Office410207
Aravi BOBranch Office402113
Ashtami BOBranch Office402109
Atone BOBranch Office410205
Awas BOBranch Office402208
Awre BOBranch Office410206
Bagmandla SOPost Office402114
Balavali BOBranch Office402107
Bamangaon BOBranch Office402204
Bamnoli BOBranch Office402104
Baple BOBranch Office402203
Barapada BOBranch Office410221
Barasgaon BOBranch Office402306
Beed Budruk BOBranch Office410201
Bense BOBranch Office402106
Bhairav BOBranch Office410205
Bhale BOBranch Office402120
Bhalgaon BOBranch Office402109
Bhanang BOBranch Office402111
Bharadkhol BOBranch Office402404
Bharje BOBranch Office410205
Bhave BOBranch Office402302
Bhira SO RaigarhMHPost Office402308
Bhivpuri Camp BOBranch Office410201
Bhoste BOBranch Office402110
Birwadi SOPost Office402302
Bokadvira BOBranch Office400702
Borgaon BOBranch Office410101
Borghar BOBranch Office402303
Borghar Haveli BOBranch Office402111
Borlimandla BOBranch Office402202
Borlipanchatan SOPost Office402403
Borwadi BOBranch Office402120
Chambhargani BOBranch Office402303
Chandgaon BOBranch Office402109
Chandhave Budruk BOBranch Office402301
Chandore BOBranch Office402122
Chanera BOBranch Office402109
Chanje BOBranch Office400702
Chaul SOPost Office402203
Chawk BOBranch Office410206
Chikhale BOBranch Office410221
Chikhlap BOBranch Office402113
Chimbhave SOPost Office415213
Chinchoti BOBranch Office402203
Chinchwali BOBranch Office410201
Chinchwali Tarfe Atone BOBranch Office402304
Chirner BOBranch Office410206
Chive BOBranch Office410205
Chochinde BOBranch Office402301
Chondhi BOBranch Office402208
Chordhe BOBranch Office402109
Dabhol BOBranch Office402102
Dadar BOBranch Office402107
Dahigaon BOBranch Office410205
Dahivad BOBranch Office402302
Dahivali BOBranch Office402117
Dahivali TNeed BOBranch Office410201
Dahivali TVaredi BOBranch Office410101
Dandguri BOBranch Office402404
Dapoli BOBranch Office402302
Dasgaon SOPost Office402102
Degaon BOBranch Office402117
Deopur BOBranch Office402303
Devali BOBranch Office402103
Devichapada BOBranch Office410208
Devkanhe BOBranch Office402304
Devla BOBranch Office402303
Dhamandevi BOBranch Office402303
Dhamane BOBranch Office402302
Dhamansai BOBranch Office402109
Dharavali BOBranch Office402301
Dhokawade BOBranch Office402208
Dighi SOPost Office402402
Dighode BOBranch Office410206
Diveagar SOPost Office402404
Divil BOBranch Office402303
Dolvi BOBranch Office402107
Donwat BOBranch Office410203
Gadab BOBranch Office402107
Gagode Budruk BOBranch Office402107
Galsure BOBranch Office402110
Gaulwadi BOBranch Office410201
Gaurkamath BOBranch Office410201
GAVHANBranch Office410206
Ghosale BOBranch Office402109
Ghotawade BOBranch Office410205
Golegani BOBranch Office402303
Gondale BOBranch Office402301
Gondghar BOBranch Office402105
Goregaon SO RaigarhMHPost Office402103
Govele BOBranch Office402122
Gulsunde BOBranch Office410207
Gundge BOBranch Office410201
Hamrapur BOBranch Office402107
Hareshwar BOBranch Office402110
Harkol BOBranch Office402103
Hashiware BOBranch Office402209
Hatond BOBranch Office410205
Hodgaon BOBranch Office402104
Humgaon BOBranch Office410201
Jagdish Nagar SOPost Office410216
Jambhulpada BOBranch Office410205
Jambrung BOBranch Office410201
Jamgaon BOBranch Office402308
Janjira Murud SOPost Office402401
Jasai BOBranch Office410206
Jasawali BOBranch Office402110
Jaskhar BOBranch Office400707
Jci Kamothe BOBranch Office410206
Jite BOBranch Office402302
Jnpt SOPost Office400707
Johe BOBranch Office402107
Jui BOBranch Office410206
Jui Budruk BOBranch Office402115
Kadav BOBranch Office410201
Kalamb BOBranch Office410101
Kalamboli Node SOPost Office410218
Kalavali BOBranch Office402301
Kamarle BOBranch Office402209
Kamarli BOBranch Office402107
Kamble Tarfe Birwadi BOBranch Office402309
Kamble Tarfe Mahad BOBranch Office402309
KAMOTHE SOPost Office410209
Kandale BOBranch Office402107
Kapade Budruk BOBranch Office402303
Karanja BOBranch Office400702
Karanjadi BOBranch Office402301
Karjat SO RaigarhMHPost Office410201
Kashele BOBranch Office410201
Kashid BOBranch Office402401
Kasu BOBranch Office402107
Kavale BOBranch Office402307
Kavil Vahal BOBranch Office402104
Kegaon BOBranch Office400702
Kelevane BOBranch Office410206
Kelte BOBranch Office402105
Kemburli BOBranch Office402301
Khaire Khurd BOBranch Office402109
Khalapur SOPost Office410202
Khamb BOBranch Office402304
Khambewadi BOBranch Office410203
Khamgaon BOBranch Office402105
Khanda Colony SOPost Office410206
Khandale BOBranch Office402209
Khandas BOBranch Office410201
Khandpoli BOBranch Office410205
Kharavali BOBranch Office402104
Khardi BOBranch Office402305
Khargaon BOBranch Office402109
Kharghar SOPost Office410210
Kharpale BOBranch Office402107
Kharsai BOBranch Office402105
Khavali BOBranch Office410205
Khopoli Power House SOPost Office410204
Khopoli SOPost Office410203
Kihim BOBranch Office402208
Kinjaloli Budruk BOBranch Office402301
Kirwali BOBranch Office410201
Kokban BOBranch Office402109
Kolad SOPost Office402304
Kolmandla BOBranch Office402114
Kolose BOBranch Office402305
Kolwat BOBranch Office402105
Kondhavi BOBranch Office402303
Kondivade BOBranch Office410201
Konzar BOBranch Office402305
Koproli BOBranch Office410206
Korlai BOBranch Office402202
Koshane BOBranch Office410201
Koste Khurd BOBranch Office402120
Kotheri BOBranch Office402301
Kotwal Budruk BOBranch Office402303
Koynavale BOBranch Office410208
Kudgaon BOBranch Office402402
Kudli BOBranch Office402308
Kumbheshivthar BOBranch Office402306
Kundevahal BOBranch Office410206
Kurdus BOBranch Office402108
Kurle BOBranch Office402301
Kurul BOBranch Office402209
Kurul RCF Colony SOPost Office402209
Kusgaon BOBranch Office402309
Kusumbale BOBranch Office402108
Lipniwave BOBranch Office402101
Lodhivali BOBranch Office410206
Lohare BOBranch Office402303
Lonere BOBranch Office402103
Lonshi BOBranch Office402104
Mahad SOPost Office402301
Mahagaon BOBranch Office410205
Mahal Mirya Dongar BOBranch Office410205
Mahargul BOBranch Office402303
Majgaon BOBranch Office402401
Majgaon Tamhane BOBranch Office402105
Malyan BOBranch Office402203
Mandad BOBranch Office402111
Mandavane BOBranch Office410201
Mandle BOBranch Office402305
Mangaon Budruk BOBranch Office410205
Mangaon SO RaigarhMHPost Office402104
Mangaon TVaredi BOBranch Office410101
Mangarul BOBranch Office402103
Mangrun BOBranch Office402302
Manivali BOBranch Office410101
Manjaravane BOBranch Office402122
Mapgaon BOBranch Office402208
Matheran SOPost Office410102
Mazeri BOBranch Office402306
Mazgaon BOBranch Office410220
Medha BOBranch Office402109
Mendadi BOBranch Office402105
Mhasla SOPost Office402105
Midc Mahad SOPost Office402309
Mohopada SOPost Office410222
Mohot BOBranch Office402302
Mora BOBranch Office400704
Morba SOPost Office402117
Morbe BOBranch Office410206
Mumurshi BOBranch Office402301
Muthavali Tarfe Tala BOBranch Office402112
Nadsur BOBranch Office410205
Nagaon BOBranch Office402301
Nagaon SOPost Office402204
Nagloli BOBranch Office402404
Nagothane SOPost Office402106
Nandgaon BOBranch Office410201
Nandvi BOBranch Office402103
Narangi BOBranch Office402209
Narvan BOBranch Office402115
Nasarapur BOBranch Office410201
Nate SOPost Office402305
Natondi BOBranch Office402301
Navde BOBranch Office410208
Navedar Navgaon BOBranch Office402208
Navghar BOBranch Office400707
Navipeth Mahad SOPost Office402301
Neral SOPost Office410101
Nere BOBranch Office410206
Nhava BOBranch Office410206
Nhave BOBranch Office402109
Nigade BOBranch Office402302
Nizampur SO RaigarhMHPost Office402120
NSKaranja SOPost Office400704
Ombali BOBranch Office402303
ONGC dronagiri BOBranch Office400702
Pabal BOBranch Office402107
Pabhare BOBranch Office402105
Pachad BOBranch Office402305
Pachhapur BOBranch Office410205
Padghe BOBranch Office410208
Padvi BOBranch Office402306
Paithan BOBranch Office402303
Palas BOBranch Office402106
Palasdari BOBranch Office410201
Palasgaon Khurd BOBranch Office402104
Palaspe BOBranch Office410221
Palchil BOBranch Office402303
Pali SO RaigarhMHPost Office410205
Pangari BOBranch Office402307
Pangloli BOBranch Office402101
Panhalghar BOBranch Office402103
Panvel City SOPost Office410206
Panvel HOHead Office410206
Parali BOBranch Office410205
PARGAON BOBranch Office410206
Pashane BOBranch Office410101
Patalganga SOPost Office410220
Pathraj BOBranch Office410201
Patnus BOBranch Office402308
PCTS Nagothane SOPost Office402125
Pen SOPost Office402107
Pen Tarfe Tale BOBranch Office402104
Pigonde BOBranch Office402106
Pingalsai BOBranch Office402109
Pipenagar SOPost Office402126
Pitsai BOBranch Office402111
Poladpur SOPost Office402303
Poshir BOBranch Office410101
Poyanje BOBranch Office410221
Poynad SOPost Office402108
Pugaon BOBranch Office402304
Purar BOBranch Office402103
Rahatad BOBranch Office402111
Rajewadi BOBranch Office402309
Rajpuri BOBranch Office402401
Ramraj BOBranch Office402203
Ranawali BOBranch Office402110
Ransai BOBranch Office402107
Rasayani SOPost Office410207
Ratwad BOBranch Office402112
Ravalje BOBranch Office410205
Ravdhal BOBranch Office402115
Rave BOBranch Office402107
RCF Thal SOPost Office402208
Revdanda SOPost Office402202
Revtale BOBranch Office402301
Roha AV SOPost Office402116
Roha SOPost Office402109
Sadavali BOBranch Office402303
Sai BOBranch Office410221
Sai SOPost Office402122
Saigaon BOBranch Office402110
Sajgaon BOBranch Office410203
Sakhar BOBranch Office402303
Salokh TNeed BOBranch Office410201
Salvadnaka Mahad No Dly SOPost Office402301
Salvinde BOBranch Office402105
Sanderi BOBranch Office402101
Sandoshi BOBranch Office402305
Sanegaon BOBranch Office402109
Saral BOBranch Office402209
Sarsoli BOBranch Office402109
Sarve BOBranch Office402403
Sasawane BOBranch Office402208
Sav BOBranch Office402301
Savli BOBranch Office402401
Savrat BOBranch Office402305
Savroli BOBranch Office410202
Sawad BOBranch Office402301
Sawarsai BOBranch Office402107
Shahabaj BOBranch Office402108
Shahapur BOBranch Office402108
Shedsai BOBranch Office402109
Shekhadi BOBranch Office402113
Shelu BOBranch Office410101
Shenwai BOBranch Office402109
Sheva BOBranch Office400702
Shighare BOBranch Office402401
Shilphata SOPost Office410203
Shirawali BOBranch Office402120
Shirdhon BOBranch Office410221
Shirki BOBranch Office402107
Shriwardhan SOPost Office402110
Siddheshwar BOBranch Office410205
Somatane BOBranch Office410206
Sonkhar BOBranch Office402107
Sudkoli BOBranch Office402203
Sugawe BOBranch Office410201
Tala SO RaigarhMHPost Office402111
Talashet SOPost Office402112
Talavade BOBranch Office402105
Talawali Terfe Diwali BOBranch Office402304
Talegaon BOBranch Office402111
Talegaon Tarfe Goregaon BOBranch Office402104
Taliye BOBranch Office402306
Taloja AV SOPost Office410208
Taloja BOBranch Office410208
Taloshi BOBranch Office402305
Tambadi BOBranch Office402109
Tamhane BOBranch Office402307
Tarankhop BOBranch Office402107
Tempale BOBranch Office402104
Tetghar BOBranch Office402305
Thal SO RaigarhMHPost Office402207
Tiware BOBranch Office410201
Tokarde BOBranch Office402111
TolBudruk BOBranch Office402102
Tondra BOBranch Office410208
Turbhe Khurd BOBranch Office402303
Ulwa BOBranch Office410206
Underi BOBranch Office402301
Unegaon BOBranch Office402104
Upper Tudil SOPost Office402115
Uran SOPost Office400702
Usar BOBranch Office402203
Usar Khurd BOBranch Office402104
Usarghar BOBranch Office402103
Usroli BOBranch Office402401
Vadghar BOBranch Office402110
Vadhav BOBranch Office402107
Vadkhal BOBranch Office402107
Vadshetvave BOBranch Office402110
VAHAL BOBranch Office410206
Vahoor BOBranch Office402301
Vaje BOBranch Office410206
Vakas BOBranch Office410101
Varandh SOPost Office402306
Varandoli BOBranch Office402305
Varsai BOBranch Office402107
Varse BOBranch Office402116
Varsoli BOBranch Office402209
Varvatane BOBranch Office402105
Vasheni BOBranch Office410206
Vashivali BOBranch Office410220
Vavoshi BOBranch Office410203
Veer BOBranch Office402102
Velas BOBranch Office402403
Vengaon BOBranch Office410201
Veshvi BOBranch Office402209
Vihoor BOBranch Office402401
Vikram Baug BOBranch Office402202
Vile BOBranch Office402308
Vinhere SOPost Office402307
Virjoli BOBranch Office402109
Wadvali BOBranch Office402103
Wadwali BOBranch Office402403
Wagheri BOBranch Office402305
Wagholi BOBranch Office402302
Wakan BOBranch Office402303
Wakanfata BOBranch Office402106
Waki Budruk BOBranch Office402302
Walan Budruk BOBranch Office402302
Walan Khurd BOBranch Office402302
Walang BOBranch Office402115
Wali BOBranch Office402109
Walke BOBranch Office402202
Walwati SOPost Office402113
Washi BOBranch Office402107
Wavandhal BOBranch Office410206
Wavarle BOBranch Office410206
Wavediwali BOBranch Office402112
Wawanje BOBranch Office410208
Wighawali BOBranch Office402112
Zirad BOBranch Office402208

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service