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Explore all post offices or pincodes of PURULIA, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achkoda BOBranch Office723145
Adra Market SOPost Office723121
Adra SOPost Office723121
Agaibari BOBranch Office723133
Agaibil BOBranch Office723129
Agardih BOBranch Office723130
Aharrah BOBranch Office723154
Ajodhya Hill BOBranch Office723152
Alangidanga SOPost Office723101
Amrabera BOBranch Office723127
Anaijambad BOBranch Office723148
Anara BOBranch Office723126
Anara RS SOPost Office723126
Ankro BOBranch Office723129
Arjunjora BOBranch Office723148
Arrah BOBranch Office723121
Arsha BOBranch Office723201
Atna BOBranch Office723212
Babugram BOBranch Office723133
Badaldih BOBranch Office723127
Badra BOBranch Office723151
Bagalia BOBranch Office723126
Bagalmari BOBranch Office723147
Bagbinda BOBranch Office723202
Bagda BOBranch Office723151
Bagdisha BOBranch Office723148
Baghra BOBranch Office723147
Baglata SOPost Office723215
Bagmundi SOPost Office723152
Bahara BOBranch Office723146
Balakdih SOPost Office723128
Baligara BOBranch Office723149
Bamni BOBranch Office723131
Bamnia BOBranch Office723213
Bamundiha BOBranch Office723127
Banbahal BOBranch Office723103
Banbaligara BOBranch Office723148
Banjora BOBranch Office723128
Bansa BOBranch Office723128
Bansraya BOBranch Office723132
Bara Urma BOBranch Office723153
Barabendya BOBranch Office723201
Barabhum SOPost Office723127
Baragoria BOBranch Office723145
Baragram BOBranch Office723103
Barakadam BOBranch Office723129
Barametyala BOBranch Office723201
Bararola BOBranch Office723213
Bargoria BOBranch Office723131
Bari BOBranch Office723131
Barrah BOBranch Office723145
Batikara BOBranch Office723148
Begunkodar BOBranch Office723202
Beko BOBranch Office723121
Beldih BOBranch Office723102
Belgoria BOBranch Office723131
Belkuri BOBranch Office723149
Belma BOBranch Office723126
Berada BOBranch Office723143
Bhabanipur BOBranch Office723143
Bhagabandh BOBranch Office723151
Bhamuria BOBranch Office723121
Bhandarpuara BOBranch Office723102
Bhangra BOBranch Office723148
Bhawridih BOBranch Office723155
Bhikari Chelyama BOBranch Office723143
Bhul BOBranch Office723103
Bhurkundabari BOBranch Office723133
Bhutam BOBranch Office723151
Bijoydih BOBranch Office723128
Biltora BOBranch Office723126
Biramdih BOBranch Office723143
Birgram BOBranch Office723152
Bishpuria BOBranch Office723130
Bishri BOBranch Office723131
Bogra BOBranch Office723145
Bonra BOBranch Office723121
Boro BOBranch Office723131
Bortoria BOBranch Office723121
Brajapur BOBranch Office723202
Bundwan SOPost Office723129
Bundwan Uttar BOBranch Office723128
Burda BOBranch Office723152
Chainpur BOBranch Office723149
Chakalta BOBranch Office723130
Chakaltore BOBranch Office723102
Chakirbon BOBranch Office723102
Chakra BOBranch Office723149
Chalmara Puapur BOBranch Office723121
Chanchra BOBranch Office723148
Chandra BOBranch Office723128
Chapaitard BOBranch Office723201
Chapri BOBranch Office723121
Charida BOBranch Office723152
Chatarmahul BOBranch Office723145
Chatuhansa BOBranch Office723153
Chatumadar BOBranch Office723130
Chekya BOBranch Office723202
Chelyama BOBranch Office723146
Chepra BOBranch Office723148
Chharrah BOBranch Office723147
Chhirudi Chandanpur BOBranch Office723130
Chhirudi Radhanagar BOBranch Office723129
Chhota Sagan BOBranch Office723131
Chirka BOBranch Office723103
Chitmu BOBranch Office723215
Chitora BOBranch Office723102
Chitra BOBranch Office723155
Chorpahari BOBranch Office723121
Choutala Bhagabandh BOBranch Office723126
Chowkbazar SO PuruliyaPost Office723101
Chowkibera BOBranch Office723215
Chuna BOBranch Office723126
Dabar Balarampur BOBranch Office723103
Daldali BOBranch Office723130
Damankiary BOBranch Office723132
Damda BOBranch Office723128
Dangardih BOBranch Office723131
Dapang BOBranch Office723148
Darpa BOBranch Office723212
Dava Torang BOBranch Office723152
Deoli BOBranch Office723146
Deshra BOBranch Office723148
Dhabani BOBranch Office723130
Dhabani Radhamohanpur BOBranch Office723129
Dhadka BOBranch Office723129
Dhadkidih BOBranch Office723127
Dhagora BOBranch Office723131
Dhakakendu BOBranch Office723128
Dhanudih BOBranch Office723143
Dhelat Bamu BOBranch Office723127
Dhengakend BOBranch Office723130
Digha BOBranch Office723121
Dighi BOBranch Office723131
Dimdiha BOBranch Office723103
Dorodih BOBranch Office723102
Dubra BOBranch Office723155
Dulminadiha SOPost Office723102
Dumdumi BOBranch Office723147
Dumru BOBranch Office723213
Dumurdih BOBranch Office723127
Durgi BOBranch Office723202
Durku BOBranch Office723102
Durma BOBranch Office723201
Ekra BOBranch Office723143
Fatepur Sindri BOBranch Office723127
Fuljhore BOBranch Office723127
Fushrabad BOBranch Office723126
Gagi BOBranch Office723212
Gagnabad BOBranch Office723121
Gamarkuri BOBranch Office723132
Gangamanna BOBranch Office723129
Garafushra BOBranch Office723103
Garjaipur SOPost Office723201
Gengara BOBranch Office723103
Gerua BOBranch Office723143
Ghagarjuri BOBranch Office723103
Ghagra BOBranch Office723213
Ghanga BOBranch Office723149
Ghatbera BOBranch Office723153
Ghatrangamati BOBranch Office723121
Gholkurd BOBranch Office723151
Ghorabandha Sindri BOBranch Office723152
Gobindapur BOBranch Office723102
Godibera BOBranch Office723133
Golamara BOBranch Office723147
Golbera BOBranch Office723103
Gopalnagar BOBranch Office723128
Gopalpur BOBranch Office723151
Goria BOBranch Office723202
Gorsika BOBranch Office723133
Gourangdih BOBranch Office723121
Gunera BOBranch Office723133
Hadalda BOBranch Office723130
Haramjanga BOBranch Office723148
Hargara BOBranch Office723201
Hatikundar BOBranch Office723104
Hatimuri BOBranch Office723201
Hensahatu BOBranch Office723202
Hensla BOBranch Office723154
Herbona BOBranch Office723127
Hetgugui BOBranch Office723202
Hetyakole BOBranch Office723129
Hinjuri Shyampur BOBranch Office723201
Hizla BOBranch Office723127
Hura Keshabpur BOBranch Office723104
Hura SO PuruliyaPost Office723130
Hurumda BOBranch Office723152
Hutmura SOPost Office723148
Ichag BOBranch Office723202
Ichhar BOBranch Office723145
Iloo BOBranch Office723212
Jabarrah BOBranch Office723148
Jabla BOBranch Office723128
Jalika BOBranch Office723126
Jambad BOBranch Office723128
Jamtoria BOBranch Office723131
Jangidiri BOBranch Office723128
Jargo BOBranch Office723212
Jawrah BOBranch Office723131
Jhalda SOPost Office723202
Jhapra BOBranch Office723126
Jharbagda BOBranch Office723131
Jhunjka BOBranch Office723154
Jilling BOBranch Office723127
Jitan BOBranch Office723129
Jitujuri BOBranch Office723128
Jiudaru SOPost Office723213
Jorabari BOBranch Office723131
Joradih BOBranch Office723145
Jorberia BOBranch Office723126
Jubli Compound SOPost Office723101
Kadampur BOBranch Office723201
Kalabani BOBranch Office723104
Kalajore BOBranch Office723126
Kalapathar SO PuruliBOBranch Office723121
Kaliabasa BOBranch Office723130
Kalidaha BOBranch Office723121
Kalimati BOBranch Office723212
Kalma BOBranch Office723202
Kaluhar BOBranch Office723126
Kanali BOBranch Office723103
Kantadih SOPost Office723153
Karkara BOBranch Office723213
Karmadih BOBranch Office723212
Karmatard BOBranch Office723213
Kashidih BOBranch Office723131
Ketika BOBranch Office723102
Khairipihira BOBranch Office723104
Khairipihira Rangadih BOBranch Office723148
Khamar BOBranch Office723202
Khatanga BOBranch Office723213
Khiriduara BOBranch Office723131
Kochahatu BOBranch Office723213
Konapara BOBranch Office723128
Koreng BOBranch Office723152
Kotloi BOBranch Office723102
Kuda BOBranch Office723128
Kudlung BOBranch Office723148
Kuilapal BOBranch Office723129
Kukurgoria BOBranch Office723149
Kulabahal BOBranch Office723148
Kulgora BOBranch Office723104
Kumari BOBranch Office723131
Kumra BOBranch Office723129
Kunchia BOBranch Office723129
Kundurka BOBranch Office723151
Kurarbaid BOBranch Office723131
Kurni BOBranch Office723143
Kuruktopa BOBranch Office723128
Kushaldih BOBranch Office723152
Kustaur BOBranch Office723126
Kustore BOBranch Office723130
Kusumjoria BOBranch Office723104
Kutni BOBranch Office723131
Lagda BOBranch Office723149
Lakhanpur BOBranch Office723104
Lakhra BOBranch Office723151
Lara BOBranch Office723130
Lata BOBranch Office723129
Lipania BOBranch Office723126
Lodhurka BOBranch Office723148
Loulara BOBranch Office723151
Madhukunda BOBranch Office723121
Madhutati BOBranch Office723133
Madla BOBranch Office723152
Mahara BOBranch Office723128
Mahatomara BOBranch Office723202
Majhidih BOBranch Office723213
Majhihira BOBranch Office723128
Malancha BOBranch Office723132
Malthore BOBranch Office723126
Mamro BOBranch Office723129
Mamurjore BOBranch Office723126
Manbazar SOPost Office723131
Mangalda BOBranch Office723133
Manguria Lalpur BOBranch Office723130
Manguria SOPost Office723149
Marbedia BOBranch Office723133
Matha BOBranch Office723128
Matha Forest BOBranch Office723143
Mehi BOBranch Office723130
Mekhyada BOBranch Office723130
Menidih BOBranch Office723151
Metyala BOBranch Office723128
Mohandih BOBranch Office723128
Monihara BOBranch Office723121
Mosina BOBranch Office723202
Moutore BOBranch Office723145
Mudali BOBranch Office723153
Murardih SOPost Office723156
Murguma BOBranch Office723202
Murulia BOBranch Office723121
Mutukura BOBranch Office723213
Nadiara BOBranch Office723149
Nadiha BOBranch Office723126
Namopara SOPost Office723103
Namsole BOBranch Office723143
Nanduka BOBranch Office723145
Napara Baragram BOBranch Office723151
Napara BOBranch Office723151
Naragoria BOBranch Office723133
Narayanpur BOBranch Office723121
Natua BOBranch Office723149
Nayadih BOBranch Office723130
Nekra BOBranch Office723143
Neturia BOBranch Office723121
Nildih BOBranch Office723133
Nischintapur BOBranch Office723127
Nowadhi BOBranch Office723212
Nowahatu BOBranch Office723213
Nutandih BOBranch Office723133
Nutangram BOBranch Office723121
Oldih BOBranch Office723213
Pabra BOBranch Office723121
Pabrapahari BOBranch Office723130
Pairachali BOBranch Office723131
Pakbirra BOBranch Office723151
Palma Penchara BOBranch Office723102
Panchakotraj SOPost Office723132
Pandua BOBranch Office723202
Panipathar BOBranch Office723128
Para SOPost Office723155
Parbedia BOBranch Office723121
Pargelia BOBranch Office723129
Pathahensal BOBranch Office723212
Pathardih BOBranch Office723152
Pathjhalda BOBranch Office723202
Patuara BOBranch Office723153
Pealsole BOBranch Office723131
Pedda BOBranch Office723131
Penchara BOBranch Office723131
Pichasi BOBranch Office723102
Pipratard BOBranch Office723201
Pirorgoria BOBranch Office723147
Pirrah BOBranch Office723128
Pithajore BOBranch Office723126
Polmi BOBranch Office723131
Puara BOBranch Office723153
Puncha SOPost Office723151
Pundag BOBranch Office723215
Pundru BOBranch Office723102
Purdaha BOBranch Office723131
Puriara BOBranch Office723127
Purulia HOHead Office723101
Purulia RS SOPost Office723101
Pusti BOBranch Office723212
Radha Gobindapur BOBranch Office723143
Raghabpur BOBranch Office723149
Raghunathpur SO PuruliyaPost Office723133
Raibandh BOBranch Office723131
Raigara BOBranch Office723153
Rajagram BOBranch Office723129
Rajnowagarh BOBranch Office723128
Rajra Shibtola BOBranch Office723121
Rakab BOBranch Office723130
Rakhera BOBranch Office723130
Rakshatpur BOBranch Office723133
Ralibera BOBranch Office723102
Ramamoti BOBranch Office723103
Ramchandrapur Ashram SOPost Office723142
Ramkanali BOBranch Office723142
Rampur BOBranch Office723121
Ranga BOBranch Office723152
Rangadih SOPost Office723143
Rangamati BOBranch Office723201
Rangametya BOBranch Office723121
Ranibandh BOBranch Office723103
Raotora Bhagabandh BOBranch Office723153
Ratiadih Nowadih BOBranch Office723212
Ratiakocha BOBranch Office723131
Rigid BOBranch Office723202
Roladih BOBranch Office723127
Ropo BOBranch Office723213
Rukni BOBranch Office723145
Rupapetya BOBranch Office723127
Sagasupurari BOBranch Office723129
Sagma BOBranch Office723153
Sainik School SO PuruliyaPost Office723104
Salboni BOBranch Office723143
Saltore BOBranch Office723121
Sanka BOBranch Office723121
Sankra BOBranch Office723155
Santaldih SOPost Office723145
Santaldih TP SOPost Office723146
Santuri BOBranch Office723133
Sarberia BOBranch Office723127
Sarengdih BOBranch Office723212
Saridih BOBranch Office723212
Satra BOBranch Office723154
Seja BOBranch Office723132
Senera Amra BOBranch Office723149
Senera BOBranch Office723121
Shaharjuri BOBranch Office723152
Shibdih BOBranch Office723103
Shyamnagar BOBranch Office723143
Shyampur BOBranch Office723131
Sidhi BOBranch Office723213
Sihali BOBranch Office723149
Simla BOBranch Office723132
Simni BOBranch Office723213
Simulia BOBranch Office723102
Simultard BOBranch Office723128
Sindhraidih BOBranch Office723131
Sindri Chas Road BOBranch Office723103
Sindurpur BOBranch Office723148
Sirkabad SOPost Office723154
Siyada BOBranch Office723121
Sonaijuri BOBranch Office723126
Sonathali Ashram BOBranch Office723121
Srirampur BOBranch Office723201
Suisa BOBranch Office723212
Suklara BOBranch Office723153
Sukurhutu BOBranch Office723127
Sunuri BOBranch Office723121
Supurdih BOBranch Office723143
Sutabai BOBranch Office723121
Talberia BOBranch Office723156
Taldabra BOBranch Office723131
Tanasi BOBranch Office723201
Tanginayada BOBranch Office723130
Tara BOBranch Office723132
Tarabari BOBranch Office723131
Tatari BOBranch Office723151
Tatuara BOBranch Office723201
Tentlow BOBranch Office723143
Tentulda BOBranch Office723126
Tentulhiti BOBranch Office723155
Thakursima BOBranch Office723201
Thumba Jhalda BOBranch Office723154
Timangda BOBranch Office723213
Torang BOBranch Office723212
Tulin SOPost Office723212
Tunta BOBranch Office723201
Tunturi BOBranch Office723212
Udaipur BOBranch Office723155
Upansankra BOBranch Office723133
Uparbatri BOBranch Office723201
Uparjari BOBranch Office723201
Uparkahan BOBranch Office723201
Uttamdih BOBranch Office723152
Vivekananda Nagar SOPost Office723147

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service