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Explore all post offices or pincodes of PURBA BARDHAMAN, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhirampur BOBranch Office713144
Abujhati BOBranch Office713166
Adrahati SOPost Office713428
Aduria BOBranch Office713148
Agardanga BOBranch Office713123
Agradwip BOBranch Office713512
Agradwip RS BOBranch Office713502
Agriculture Farm SOPost Office713101
Ajhapur SOPost Office713401
Akabpur BOBranch Office713515
Akalpoush BOBranch Office713122
Alampur BOBranch Office713150
Amadpur SOPost Office713154
Amar BOBranch Office713141
Amarpur BOBranch Office712410
Amarun Bazar BOBranch Office713125
Amarun BOBranch Office713125
Amgoria BOBranch Office713129
Amila BOBranch Office713423
Amrargarh BOBranch Office713144
Amul BOBranch Office713514
Anguna BOBranch Office713408
Ankhona BOBranch Office713129
Ankra BOBranch Office713502
Anukhal BOBranch Office713122
Aogram BOBranch Office713121
Arjuna BOBranch Office712146
Aruar SOPost Office713121
Asanpur BOBranch Office713145
Astogoria BOBranch Office713405
Athghara BOBranch Office713147
Atuhatpara SOPost Office713130
Auria BOBranch Office713143
Ausgram BOBranch Office713152
Badla BOBranch Office713122
Bagila BOBranch Office713146
Bagnapara BOBranch Office713409
Bahabpur BOBranch Office713146
Bahadurpur BOBranch Office713408
Baharan BOBranch Office713123
Baharkuli BOBranch Office712146
Bahirghanna BOBranch Office713406
Bahirsarbamangala SOPost Office713101
Baidyapur Shibtala BOBranch Office712410
Baidyapur SOPost Office713122
Baikunthapur BOBranch Office713104
Bajekumarpur BOBranch Office713427
Bajepratappur NDDF SOPost Office713101
Bakta BOBranch Office713428
Balgona BOBranch Office713407
Balgona Tulshidanga BOBranch Office713520
Balindar BOBranch Office712134
Bamsore BOBranch Office713520
Bamunara BOBranch Office713131
Bamundi BOBranch Office713129
Bamunpara SOPost Office713146
Bandhmura BOBranch Office713150
Bannabagram SOPost Office713152
Bara Balgona BOBranch Office713141
Bara Mahesh BOBranch Office713146
Barabainan BOBranch Office713421
Barabelun BOBranch Office713125
Barakashiara BOBranch Office713141
Baramitrapara BOBranch Office713409
Barapalashan BOBranch Office713426
Barapurulia BOBranch Office713140
Barashyambazar BOBranch Office713132
Baror BOBranch Office713146
Barsul Unnayani SOPost Office713124
Basuda BOBranch Office713125
Bazar Bankapashi BOBranch Office713143
Begpur BOBranch Office713422
Begut BOBranch Office713407
Belan BOBranch Office713428
Belar Bhurkunda BOBranch Office713427
Belari BOBranch Office713141
Belerhat BOBranch Office713512
Belgram BOBranch Office713141
Belkas BOBranch Office713102
Belna BOBranch Office713124
Bera BOBranch Office713502
Berampur BOBranch Office713150
Berenda BOBranch Office713126
Berugram BOBranch Office713408
Bhada BOBranch Office713141
Bhaduripara SOPost Office713409
Bhaghar BOBranch Office713141
Bhagra BOBranch Office713422
Bhaita BOBranch Office713149
Bhalgram BOBranch Office713132
Bhalki BOBranch Office713144
Bhandardihi BOBranch Office713426
Bharatpur BOBranch Office713148
Bhatakul BOBranch Office713520
Bhatar SOPost Office713125
Bhatkunda SOPost Office713153
Bhedia SOPost Office713126
Bhita BOBranch Office713102
Bhojpur BOBranch Office713145
Bhota BOBranch Office713141
Bhuera BOBranch Office713152
Bhuri BOBranch Office713406
Bidyanagar SOPost Office741319
Bijur BOBranch Office713422
Bileswar BOBranch Office713150
Biruha BOBranch Office713146
Bishnubati BOBranch Office713404
Biswaramba BOBranch Office713513
Bitra BOBranch Office713422
Bohar BOBranch Office713422
Boinchee BOBranch Office713132
Bolpur BOBranch Office713103
Bonogram BOBranch Office713407
Bonpas SOPost Office713127
Bontir BOBranch Office713103
Boro Balaram BOBranch Office713124
Bowai BOBranch Office713423
Budbud SOPost Office713403
Bujrukhdighi BOBranch Office713423
Burar BOBranch Office713424
Burdwan Bar Library SOPost Office713101
Burdwan District School Board SOPost Office713101
Burdwan HOHead Office713101
Burdwan Medical College SOPost Office713104
Burdwan Rajbati SOPost Office713104
Burdwan Rs SOPost Office713101
Burdwan University SOPost Office713104
Chagram BOBranch Office713423
Chakbamongaria BOBranch Office713513
Chakdighi SOPost Office713404
Chakmuria BOBranch Office713406
Chakshanjadi BOBranch Office713124
Chakta BOBranch Office713129
Chakulia BOBranch Office713132
Chanak BOBranch Office713131
Chanchai BOBranch Office713151
Chandipur Berugram BOBranch Office713142
Chandipur Kanpur BOBranch Office713125
Chandrahati BOBranch Office713102
Chandrapur BOBranch Office713145
Chandul BOBranch Office713141
Chanduli BOBranch Office713502
Chatni BOBranch Office713512
Chhorahattala BOBranch Office713152
Chotkhanda BOBranch Office713146
Chotobainan BOBranch Office713423
Chotobelun BOBranch Office713102
Chotonilpur SOPost Office713103
Chotoramchandrapur BOBranch Office713148
Chupi BOBranch Office713513
Churpuni BOBranch Office713150
Dainhat SOPost Office713502
Daminya Kabikankan BOBranch Office712413
Deara Radhanagar BOBranch Office713409
Deasa Aligram BOBranch Office713128
Deasin BOBranch Office713502
Debipur BOBranch Office713146
Debipur RS BOBranch Office713146
Debpur BOBranch Office713121
Debsala BOBranch Office713148
Denur BOBranch Office713145
Deoradanga BOBranch Office713128
Deriapur BOBranch Office713124
Dewania BOBranch Office713422
Dhatrigram SOPost Office713405
Dhenria BOBranch Office713520
Dhuluk BOBranch Office713166
Digha BOBranch Office713128
Dignagar BOBranch Office713128
Dirghapara BOBranch Office713515
Dupsa BOBranch Office713519
Dwarnari BOBranch Office713403
Ehiapur BOBranch Office713129
Eklakhi BOBranch Office713427
Eral BOBranch Office713144
Fagupur BOBranch Office713104
Faridpur BOBranch Office713426
Fulgram BOBranch Office713125
Galsi SOPost Office713406
Gangatikuri BOBranch Office713123
Gatistha BOBranch Office713131
Genna Deriapur BOBranch Office713128
Genrai BOBranch Office713152
Ghordourchati SOPost Office713103
Ghosh BOBranch Office713146
Gidhgram BOBranch Office713143
Gobordhanpur BOBranch Office713143
Goda Annada BOBranch Office713122
Gohagram BOBranch Office713428
Golapbag SOPost Office713104
Golatun BOBranch Office713145
Golgram BOBranch Office713424
Goligram BOBranch Office713126
Goligrammathurapur BOBranch Office713406
Gonpur BOBranch Office713128
Gontar BOBranch Office713146
Gopalbera BOBranch Office713427
Gotan BOBranch Office712410
Gourdanga BOBranch Office713514
Gram Kulti BOBranch Office712146
Gramchagram BOBranch Office712146
Gramdighi BOBranch Office713127
Guir BOBranch Office713423
Gurpara BOBranch Office713140
Gushkara New Town SOPost Office713128
Gushkara SOPost Office713128
Habaspur BOBranch Office713401
Haldinawapara BOBranch Office713513
Hapania BOBranch Office713512
Hargram BOBranch Office713125
Harisava SOPost Office713104
Hatbele BOBranch Office713409
Hatgobindapur SOPost Office713407
Hatkirtinagar BOBranch Office713128
Hatsridharpur BOBranch Office713146
Hedogora BOBranch Office713152
Hijalna BOBranch Office713103
Hossainpur BOBranch Office713125
Huria BOBranch Office713424
Ibrahambadsonadanga BOBranch Office713422
Ichlabad SOPost Office713103
Ilsara BOBranch Office713166
Irkona BOBranch Office713428
Islampur BOBranch Office713502
Jabagram BOBranch Office713143
Jabui BOBranch Office713146
Jadabganj BOBranch Office713128
Jahannagar BOBranch Office713513
Jamalpur SO BardhamanPost Office713408
Jamar BOBranch Office713102
Jamna BOBranch Office713422
Jamra BOBranch Office713143
Jaragram BOBranch Office713404
Jaugram BOBranch Office713166
Jaypur BOBranch Office713128
Jharul BOBranch Office713403
Jhaudanga BOBranch Office713512
Jhikra BOBranch Office713422
Jhilu BOBranch Office713147
Jogeswardihi BOBranch Office713143
Joteram BOBranch Office713104
Jotsriram BOBranch Office713408
Joykrishnapur BOBranch Office713406
Jubila BOBranch Office713424
Kachutia BOBranch Office713123
Kaigram BOBranch Office713145
Kaithan BOBranch Office713143
Kaiti BOBranch Office713423
Kalanabagram BOBranch Office713124
Kalanpur BOBranch Office713131
Kalapahari BOBranch Office713520
Kalibele BOBranch Office713146
Kaligram BOBranch Office713102
Kalikapur BOBranch Office713502
Kalna Court SOPost Office713409
Kalna SOPost Office713409
Kalui BOBranch Office713145
Kamalakanta Kalibari SOPost Office713102
Kamalpur BOBranch Office713103
Kamargoria BOBranch Office713408
Kamarhati BOBranch Office713421
Kamarkita BOBranch Office713426
Kanchannagar BOBranch Office713102
Kandara SOPost Office713129
Kanpur BOBranch Office713422
Kantadihi BOBranch Office713129
Karajgram BOBranch Office713502
Karanda BOBranch Office713422
Karjanachati BOBranch Office713102
Karotia BOBranch Office713152
Karui BOBranch Office713143
Kasa BOBranch Office713145
Kasba BOBranch Office713403
Kasemnagar SOPost Office713131
Kashiara BOBranch Office713407
Kasthakurumba BOBranch Office713426
Kasthashali BOBranch Office713513
Katshihi BOBranch Office713422
Katwa Bazar SOPost Office713130
Katwa College SOPost Office713130
Katwa HOHead Office713130
Katwa Station Bazar SOPost Office713130
Keleti BOBranch Office713128
Kendur BOBranch Office713427
Kenna BOBranch Office713401
Keotara BOBranch Office713166
Keshabpur BOBranch Office713423
Ketugram SOPost Office713140
Keuguri BOBranch Office713123
Keunta BOBranch Office713423
Khagrakaranda BOBranch Office713149
Khajurdihi BOBranch Office713150
Khalishpur BOBranch Office713422
Khana Jn SOPost Office713141
Khandaghosh SOPost Office713142
Khandaridanga BOBranch Office713144
Khandraparulia BOBranch Office713422
Khanji BOBranch Office713129
Khano BOBranch Office713141
Khatundi BOBranch Office713129
Kherur BOBranch Office713125
Khirgram BOBranch Office713143
Khurtuba BOBranch Office713147
Khurul BOBranch Office713127
Kolkol BOBranch Office713144
Komarpur BOBranch Office713129
Konakrishnapur BOBranch Office713423
Korar BOBranch Office713102
Kosigram BOBranch Office713150
Kota BOBranch Office713148
Kotalhat SOPost Office713102
Kowarpur BOBranch Office713132
Koyar BOBranch Office713423
Koychor SOPost Office713143
Krishnadebpur BOBranch Office713405
Kshetia BOBranch Office713102
Kuara BOBranch Office713143
Kubajpur BOBranch Office713102
Kuchut BOBranch Office713407
Kulai BOBranch Office713132
Kuldiha BOBranch Office713153
Kuley BOBranch Office713422
Kulingram BOBranch Office713166
Kulut BOBranch Office713422
Kunda BOBranch Office713147
Kurchi BOBranch Office713514
Kurmun BOBranch Office713102
Kurumba BOBranch Office713126
Kusumgram BOBranch Office713422
Kutirpara BOBranch Office713519
Lakhuria BOBranch Office713131
Lakshmipur BOBranch Office713512
Lakurdi BOBranch Office713102
Lohar BOBranch Office713145
Machkanda BOBranch Office713103
Madabdihi BOBranch Office713424
Madanagar BOBranch Office713424
Madhyagram BOBranch Office713422
Mahachanda BOBranch Office713102
Mahata BOBranch Office713128
Maheshdanga BOBranch Office713151
Majida BOBranch Office713512
Majigram SOPost Office713132
Malamba BOBranch Office713426
Maldanga BOBranch Office713145
Mamudpur BOBranch Office713422
Mandalgram SOPost Office713426
Mandarbati BOBranch Office713127
Mangalpur BOBranch Office713422
Mankar SOPost Office713144
Maro BOBranch Office713144
Masagram BOBranch Office713401
Masidpur BOBranch Office713428
Masundi BOBranch Office713129
Mathrun BOBranch Office713132
Medgachi BOBranch Office713405
Memari Bazar SOPost Office713146
Memari SOPost Office713146
Meral BOBranch Office713424
Mertala BOBranch Office713513
Minapur BOBranch Office713513
Mirjapur BOBranch Office713102
Moail BOBranch Office713513
Mohanpur BOBranch Office713127
Mohara BOBranch Office713428
Mohisgoria BOBranch Office712402
Mollasarul BOBranch Office713428
Mongalkote BOBranch Office713147
Monoharsujapur BOBranch Office713406
Monteswar SOPost Office713145
Mougram BOBranch Office713123
Moukhira BOBranch Office731214
Muidipur BOBranch Office712410
Mukshinpara BOBranch Office713513
Multikrishnanagar BOBranch Office713514
Muratipur BOBranch Office713121
Murgram BOBranch Office713123
Mustafapur BOBranch Office713150
Musthuli BOBranch Office713502
Nabagram BOBranch Office713140
Nabagram SO BardhamanPost Office713166
Nabastha BOBranch Office713407
Nadanghat SOPost Office713515
Nandai BOBranch Office713405
Narayanapur SO BardhamanPost Office713512
Narayanpur BOBranch Office713127
Narugram BOBranch Office713424
Nasaratpur BOBranch Office713519
Nasigram BOBranch Office713125
Natumohanpur BOBranch Office713124
Nibhujibazar BOBranch Office713405
Nigun BOBranch Office713143
Nimo BOBranch Office713146
Nirol BOBranch Office713140
Nishchintapur BOBranch Office713142
Nityanandapur SOPost Office713520
Nole BOBranch Office713424
Nowapara BOBranch Office713515
Nrisinghapur BOBranch Office713126
Nurkona BOBranch Office713403
Nutanganj SOPost Office713102
Nutanhat SOPost Office713147
Nutanpalli SOPost Office713101
Oari BOBranch Office713142
Okarsa BOBranch Office713514
Orgram BOBranch Office713128
Pachim Kharampur BOBranch Office713125
Pachkula BOBranch Office713141
Pachundi BOBranch Office713123
Pahalanpur BOBranch Office713427
Paharhati BOBranch Office713146
Painta BOBranch Office713427
Palar BOBranch Office713125
Palashan BOBranch Office713424
Paligram BOBranch Office713128
Palishgram BOBranch Office713147
Palita BOBranch Office731215
Palla BOBranch Office713151
Palla RS BOBranch Office713151
Palsona BOBranch Office713143
Panagar Bazara SOPost Office713148
Panagar SO BardhamanPost Office713420
Panchra BOBranch Office713401
Panduk BOBranch Office713152
Panjua BOBranch Office713143
Panuhat BOBranch Office713502
Paraj BOBranch Office713403
Paratal BOBranch Office713408
Parbatpur BOBranch Office713408
Parisha BOBranch Office713153
Parulia BOBranch Office713513
Pasanda BOBranch Office713421
Patuli SOPost Office713512
Patuli Station Bazar BOBranch Office713512
Pichkuri BOBranch Office713128
Pindira BOBranch Office712146
Pindira Boura BOBranch Office713132
Piplon BOBranch Office713422
Poshla BOBranch Office713520
Pratappur BOBranch Office713144
Puini BOBranch Office713143
Purangaon BOBranch Office713428
Purba Gopalpur BOBranch Office713143
Purba Satgachia BOBranch Office712512
Purbakhanpur Bamunpara BOBranch Office713145
Purbasthali SOPost Office713513
Purbo Noaapara BOBranch Office713147
Purguna BOBranch Office713422
Pursa BOBranch Office713406
Pursura BOBranch Office713406
Putsuri BOBranch Office713145
Radhakantapur BOBranch Office713146
Raidogachia BOBranch Office713513
Raigram BOBranch Office713422
Raina SOPost Office713421
Raipur BOBranch Office713519
Rairamchandrapur BOBranch Office713128
Rajganj Asthal BOBranch Office713102
Rajoor BOBranch Office713129
Rambati BOBranch Office713424
Ramchandrapur BOBranch Office713426
Ramgopalpur BOBranch Office713403
Ranisayar SOPost Office713101
Rasulpur SOPost Office713151
Ratanpur BOBranch Office713121
Rayan BOBranch Office713104
Reora Gopalpur BOBranch Office713166
Rondia BOBranch Office713420
Roundi Srirampur BOBranch Office713140
Runkini Mahalla BOBranch Office713404
Rupsa BOBranch Office713142
Sadarghat SOPost Office713103
Sadhanpur SOPost Office713101
Sadipur Berugram BOBranch Office713129
Sadipur BOBranch Office713408
Sagrai BOBranch Office713424
Sah Hossainpur BOBranch Office713408
Saha Basantapur BOBranch Office713126
Sahajpur BOBranch Office713405
Sahajpur Hattala BOBranch Office713424
Sahebganj BOBranch Office713121
Saknara BOBranch Office713421
Saktigarh SO BardhamanPost Office713149
Saloon BOBranch Office713103
Samantapara BOBranch Office713144
Samanti BOBranch Office713426
Samudragarh SOPost Office713519
Sanchalida BOBranch Office713121
Sanchra BOBranch Office713401
Sankai BOBranch Office713123
Sankari BOBranch Office713424
Sankharipukur SOPost Office713103
Sanko BOBranch Office713141
Sanktia BOBranch Office713408
Saragram BOBranch Office713143
Saranga BOBranch Office713423
Sarbamangala Bari SOPost Office713101
Sarulia BOBranch Office713128
Sasanga BOBranch Office713142
Sasinara BOBranch Office713146
Satgachia SOPost Office713422
Satinandi BOBranch Office713141
Sehara SOPost Office713423
Serorai BOBranch Office713428
Shar BOBranch Office713128
Sherpur BOBranch Office713427
Shibda BOBranch Office713128
Shibloon BOBranch Office713140
Shimulia Danga BOBranch Office713143
Shyamdasbati BOBranch Office713424
Shyamnabagram BOBranch Office713125
Shyamsundar SOPost Office713424
Shyamsundarpur BOBranch Office713141
Simdal BOBranch Office713141
Simlon BOBranch Office713405
Singerkone BOBranch Office713122
Singhali BOBranch Office713145
Singhi SOPost Office713514
Siptai BOBranch Office712308
Sitahati BOBranch Office713123
Sodda BOBranch Office713407
Somaipur BOBranch Office713128
Sonai BOBranch Office713148
Sonapalashi BOBranch Office713407
Sonargaria BOBranch Office713404
Sontla BOBranch Office713422
Sribati BOBranch Office713514
Srigopalpur BOBranch Office713129
Srigram BOBranch Office713129
Srikhanda SOPost Office713150
Sripalli SOPost Office713103
Srirampur SO NadiaPost Office741316
Suata BOBranch Office713144
Sudpur BOBranch Office713150
Suhari BOBranch Office713407
Sukur BOBranch Office713407
Sultanpur BOBranch Office713146
Sunur BOBranch Office713125
Surekanla BOBranch Office713408
Susunia BOBranch Office713426
Sutra BOBranch Office713513
Tajpur BOBranch Office713421
Takipur BOBranch Office713141
Talit BOBranch Office713141
Tamaghata BOBranch Office713512
Tarasusunia BOBranch Office713145
Teandul BOBranch Office713424
Tehatta BOBranch Office713122
Telua BOBranch Office713424
Thangapara BOBranch Office713143
Torkona BOBranch Office713423
Uchalan SOPost Office713427
Uchhagram BOBranch Office713406
Ukhra Sarangpur BOBranch Office713512
Ukhrid BOBranch Office713142
Uniatatarpur BOBranch Office713128
Untia BOBranch Office713426
Ura BOBranch Office713406
Uttarramnagar BOBranch Office713152

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service