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Explore all post offices or pincodes of PRAYAGRAJ, UTTAR PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achhola BOBranch Office212303
Agriculture Institute SOPost Office211007
Ahmadganj SOPost Office211003
Ahmedpur Asrauli BOBranch Office212208
Ahmedpur Pawan BOBranch Office212208
Akorha BOBranch Office212301
Aladadpur BOBranch Office229411
Allahabad Chowk SOPost Office211003
Allahabad City SOPost Office211003
Allahabad Fort SOPost Office211005
Allahabad High Court SOPost Office211017
Allahabad HOHead Office211001
Allahabad Kty HOHead Office211002
Allahabad NDCPost Office211023
Allahabad New Cantt SOPost Office211001
Allahpur SOPost Office211006
Amilia Kalan BOBranch Office212303
Amora BOBranch Office212303
Anapur SOPost Office229411
Andhiyaari BOBranch Office229413
Anuwa BOBranch Office212401
Arahkala BOBranch Office221508
Arai BOBranch Office212301
Arail BOBranch Office211008
Arail PO Kumbh MelaPost Office211020
Aruvaon BOBranch Office212503
Ashey Pur BOBranch Office221508
Asrawey Kalan BOBranch Office211012
Atrampur SOPost Office229412
Atraura BOBranch Office221502
Attarsuiya SOPost Office211003
Aunta BOBranch Office212303
Aura BOBranch Office221502
Ayodhya BOBranch Office212306
Babhan Kuiyan BOBranch Office221507
Babhani Hethar BOBranch Office212303
Babuganj BOBranch Office212404
Badagaon BOBranch Office212502
Badaur BOBranch Office212306
Badokhar BOBranch Office212306
Bagai Khurd BOBranch Office212404
Bagbana BOBranch Office212111
Bahadurganj SO AllahabadPost Office211003
Bahadurgarh Arwasi BOBranch Office212402
Baharia Bazar BOBranch Office212109
Bahraicha BOBranch Office212106
Bajha Mazra Lohia Nagar BOBranch Office229412
Bakajalalpur BOBranch Office212507
Balapur BOBranch Office212111
Balraj Nagar BOBranch Office229412
Bamaila BOBranch Office221503
Bamhrauli Uparhar BOBranch Office211012
Bampur BOBranch Office212104
Bamrauli SOPost Office211012
Bara BOBranch Office212107
Baraha BOBranch Office212307
Barai Harakh BOBranch Office212503
Baraon BOBranch Office212301
Barasta Kalan BOBranch Office212405
Baraut SOPost Office221502
Barethi BOBranch Office221505
Barha BOBranch Office212106
Barha Kalan BOBranch Office212303
Bari BOBranch Office212502
Basahra BOBranch Office212302
Basahra Uparhar BOBranch Office212108
Basgit Bazar BOBranch Office221508
Basna BOBranch Office212405
Bedauli BOBranch Office212104
Beerapur BOBranch Office221503
Begumsarai SOPost Office211011
Belamundi BOBranch Office212107
Belhat BOBranch Office212302
Belsara BOBranch Office212106
Belwa BOBranch Office221507
Bemra BOBranch Office212108
Bendon BOBranch Office212301
Beri BOBranch Office212306
Bhaganpur BOBranch Office212303
Bhageshar BOBranch Office212306
Bhagwatipurkhutana BOBranch Office212503
Bhagwatpur BOBranch Office211012
Bhaiyan BOBranch Office212302
Bhandiwar BOBranch Office212108
Bhanjanpur BOBranch Office212104
Bharari BOBranch Office212303
Bharat Nagar BOBranch Office212106
Bharatganj SOPost Office212104
Bhatauti BOBranch Office212302
Bhelsi BOBranch Office221502
Bhita BOBranch Office212107
Bhiti BOBranch Office221502
Bhogwara BOBranch Office212405
Bhopatpur BOBranch Office221503
Bhunda BOBranch Office212307
Bigahuna BOBranch Office212305
Biharia BOBranch Office229413
Bihariya BOBranch Office212108
Bilari BOBranch Office221502
Birpur BOBranch Office212307
Bisari BOBranch Office212306
Bisauna BOBranch Office211012
Bithauli BOBranch Office221502
Bomapur BOBranch Office212109
Buir BOBranch Office221508
C D A P SOPost Office211014
Cavellary Lines SOPost Office211004
Central PO Kumbh Mela SOPost Office211020
Chaka BOBranch Office211008
Chamrupur Urf Nantaut BOBranch Office212402
Chamu BOBranch Office212106
Chandopara BOBranch Office212402
Chandpur BOBranch Office212502
Chanethu BOBranch Office212401
Chhapar BOBranch Office212106
Chhata BOBranch Office212507
Chhatahra BOBranch Office212107
Chhatnag BOBranch Office211019
Chheoki SOPost Office212105
Chhibaiya BOBranch Office211019
Chhiri BOBranch Office212107
Chhitpalgarh BOBranch Office212507
Chilla BOBranch Office212107
Chiraon BOBranch Office212306
Chowki BOBranch Office212305
CRPF Group Center Ismailganj SOPost Office211022
Dahiyawan BOBranch Office212503
Dandi Bazar BOBranch Office211008
Dandupur SOPost Office212111
Daraganj SOPost Office211006
Dari BOBranch Office212302
Daswar BOBranch Office212104
Deeha BOBranch Office212307
Deewanganj BOBranch Office212402
Deoghat BOBranch Office212306
Deoli BOBranch Office212402
Deonahri BOBranch Office221507
Deora BOBranch Office212301
Deys Medical Tiraha BOBranch Office211010
Dhanupur BOBranch Office221503
Dhara BOBranch Office212107
Dharampur BOBranch Office274308
Dharwara BOBranch Office212301
Dhobaha BOBranch Office221502
Dhokari BOBranch Office221508
Dhoomanganj SOPost Office211011
DisttBoard SOPost Office211002
Dohariya BOBranch Office212305
Dohatha BOBranch Office212104
Dubaha BOBranch Office212107
Dubawal BOBranch Office221505
Dubeypur BOBranch Office212305
Dumduma BOBranch Office221508
Fatehpur Ghat BOBranch Office212208
G T B Nagar SOPost Office211016
Ganja BOBranch Office211012
Garapur BOBranch Office221507
Garha BOBranch Office212306
Gauspur Katahula BOBranch Office211012
George Town SOPost Office211002
Ghiya Nagar SOPost Office212404
Ghodedeeh BOBranch Office212307
Ghoorpur BOBranch Office212111
Girdkot BOBranch Office221502
Gohari BOBranch Office211013
Gorigon BOBranch Office212402
Gunai Gaharpur BOBranch Office212302
Handia Manpur BOBranch Office212306
Handia SOPost Office221503
Handia TI BOBranch Office221503
Hanumanganj SOPost Office221505
Harduwa BOBranch Office212301
Haripur Marron BOBranch Office221503
Harisenganj BOBranch Office212507
Hata BOBranch Office212104
Hathigahan BOBranch Office211013
Hetapatti BOBranch Office221507
Hetapur BOBranch Office221505
Hindi Sahitya Sammelan SOPost Office211003
Holagarh SOPost Office212503
I L C SOPost Office211008
I T I Naini SOPost Office211010
Indian Press SOPost Office211002
Inguwa Kathgaon BOBranch Office212202
Ismailganj BOBranch Office211013
Issauta BOBranch Office212301
Jagatpur BOBranch Office221505
Jagdishpur BOBranch Office211013
Jaguwa BOBranch Office221503
Jalalpur Ghosi BOBranch Office211012
Jalalpur Kasba BOBranch Office212402
Jamunipur BOBranch Office221505
Janghai Bazar SOPost Office212401
Jari Bazar SOPost Office212106
Jasra SOPost Office212107
Jaswan BOBranch Office221502
Jawaniya BOBranch Office212305
Jhunsi SOPost Office211019
Jhunsi South PO Kumbh MelaPost Office211020
K G Marg SOPost Office211002
K N Marg SOPost Office211001
Kahli BOBranch Office212109
Kalyani Devi SOPost Office211003
Kamlanagar BOBranch Office212109
Kamlanagar SOPost Office211002
Kanethi BOBranch Office212402
Kanti BOBranch Office212107
Kapasi Kalan BOBranch Office212306
Kapraura BOBranch Office212106
Kapsa BOBranch Office212402
Karaundi BOBranch Office212502
Karchha RS BOBranch Office212301
Karchhana SOPost Office212301
Karehnda BOBranch Office211012
Karma BOBranch Office212111
Karnaipur BOBranch Office212109
Karpia BOBranch Office212306
Katahra BOBranch Office221503
Kathauli BOBranch Office212303
Katra SOPost Office211002
Katrauli BOBranch Office212402
Katwaroopur BOBranch Office221505
Kaundhiyra BOBranch Office212106
Kesaria Road SOPost Office211016
Kewai Buzurg BOBranch Office221502
Khain SOPost Office212307
Khajuri BOBranch Office212306
Khakhaicha BOBranch Office212405
Khandesara BOBranch Office211010
Khaptiha BOBranch Office221508
Khargapur BOBranch Office212502
Kheoli Kalan BOBranch Office212306
Kheraht Khurd BOBranch Office212106
Khiri BOBranch Office212106
Khoonta BOBranch Office212106
Kiraon BOBranch Office212507
Konhdar BOBranch Office212301
Koraon SOPost Office212306
Kosda Kalan BOBranch Office212104
Kotwa BOBranch Office221505
Krishna Nagar SOPost Office211003
Kumhauna BOBranch Office212109
Kurki Kalan BOBranch Office212302
Kush Fara BOBranch Office212306
Lakshagrih BOBranch Office221503
Lalapur Bhatpura BOBranch Office212107
Lalgopal Ganj SOPost Office229413
Leader SOPost Office211001
Leelapur Kala BOBranch Office221505
Lendiyari BOBranch Office212106
Leondi BOBranch Office212107
Lohari BOBranch Office212305
Lohgara BOBranch Office212107
Lokmanpur BOBranch Office221502
Lotarh BOBranch Office212303
Lutar BOBranch Office212302
M L N EnggCollPost Office211004
Madar BOBranch Office212104
Madhonagar Bigahia BOBranch Office211013
Madra Mukundpur BOBranch Office212305
Mahajna BOBranch Office221502
Maharchha BOBranch Office212401
Mahori BOBranch Office212307
Mahuli BOBranch Office212306
Maida BOBranch Office212106
Mailahan BOBranch Office212402
Majhigaown BOBranch Office212104
Malak Harhar BOBranch Office211013
Malaka SOPost Office211001
Malawan Khurd BOBranch Office211019
Manauri AF SOPost Office212212
Manauri SOPost Office212208
Manda BOBranch Office212104
Mandardeeh Mafi BOBranch Office211012
Mandwa Bazar BOBranch Office212401
Manpur BOBranch Office212107
Mansoorabad BOBranch Office229411
Masauli BOBranch Office212303
Masni Jagdishpur BOBranch Office229412
Mau Aima SOPost Office212507
Mawaiya Hindwani BOBranch Office221503
Mehraunda BOBranch Office212507
Meja Road SOPost Office212303
Meja SOPost Office212302
Mendara BOBranch Office229411
Mendewa BOBranch Office221507
Misirpur BOBranch Office212306
Mohabbatganj Uparhar BOBranch Office211007
MohdPur Gheempur BOBranch Office212507
Mohdpur Taluka BOBranch Office212208
Motiha BOBranch Office221508
Mubarakpur BOBranch Office229412
Mugarshan BOBranch Office221505
Mukundpur BOBranch Office212503
Mungari BOBranch Office212301
Mutthiganj SOPost Office211003
Naganpur BOBranch Office212107
Nagarwar BOBranch Office212107
Nahwai ED BOBranch Office212104
Nai Bazar BOBranch Office212507
Naini Pac SOPost Office211008
Naini SOPost Office211008
Narainganj BOBranch Office212507
Nari Bari ED BOBranch Office212106
Nasratpur BOBranch Office212502
Nathupur BOBranch Office212306
Naudhiya Tarhar BOBranch Office212107
New Bairahana SOPost Office211003
Newada BOBranch Office212401
Newadhiya BOBranch Office212303
Newadhiya Uparhar BOBranch Office212108
Nibaiya BOBranch Office212303
Nibi Bari BOBranch Office212401
Nibi BOBranch Office211008
Nibi Kalan BOBranch Office211019
Nindula BOBranch Office212401
Nindura BOBranch Office229413
Nirala Chowk SOPost Office211006
Niyayipur BOBranch Office212503
NTPC Kohdar Meja SOPost Office212308
Othgi Tarhar BOBranch Office212107
Pachdeora BOBranch Office229412
Pachera BOBranch Office212306
Paintiha BOBranch Office212306
Palpatti BOBranch Office212106
Panasa BOBranch Office212307
Panduwa BOBranch Office212107
Panwar BOBranch Office212107
Panwari BOBranch Office212106
Parade West PO Kumbh MelaPost Office211020
Paranipur BOBranch Office212305
Parewa Narainpur BOBranch Office229413
Pasna BOBranch Office212302
Pathra BOBranch Office212301
Patwa BOBranch Office212401
Phaphamau SOPost Office211013
Phoolpur SOPost Office212402
Pindi BOBranch Office212301
Pipari BOBranch Office212401
Piprao BOBranch Office212301
Piyari Urf Bijlipur BOBranch Office229413
Pratappur BOBranch Office212402
Prayag Mahila Vidyapith SOPost Office211003
Prayag SOPost Office211002
Prem Misirpur Korali BOBranch Office229411
Prem Nagar Chauraha BOBranch Office212502
Prithvipur BOBranch Office221503
Public Service Commission SOPost Office211018
Pura Mufti ED BOBranch Office212208
Purabnara BOBranch Office212503
Pure Ghasi BOBranch Office229411
Pure Kanta BOBranch Office221502
Purshottam Nagar SOPost Office211016
Purwa Khas BOBranch Office212111
Rajapur SOPost Office211002
Rajarshi Tondon Open University SOPost Office211021
Rajrooppur SOPost Office211011
Ramaipur BOBranch Office221505
Ramgarh BOBranch Office212306
Ramgarh Kothari BOBranch Office212402
Ramnagar BOBranch Office212305
Rampur Kalan BOBranch Office212306
Rampur Kotwa BOBranch Office229413
Rokari BOBranch Office212307
S N Marg SOPost Office211001
S R Marg SOPost Office211003
Sahson SOPost Office221507
Saidabad SOPost Office221508
Saji BOBranch Office212306
Sallahpur BOBranch Office212208
Samhan BOBranch Office212303
Sansarpur BOBranch Office212306
Sarai Inayat BOBranch Office221505
Sarai Madan Urf Chanti BOBranch Office212503
Saraj Mamrej BOBranch Office221507
Saraswatipur Urf Kaudihar BOBranch Office229412
Sehuadeeh BOBranch Office212402
Serawan BOBranch Office229412
Sewaith BOBranch Office211013
Shahipur BOBranch Office221503
Shankargarh SOPost Office212108
Shergarh BOBranch Office211012
Shivgarh BOBranch Office212502
Shringverpur BOBranch Office229411
Shukulpur BOBranch Office212104
Shukulpur ED BOBranch Office212305
Sikandra SOPost Office212109
Siki Kalan BOBranch Office212302
Sikikhurda BOBranch Office221508
Silaundhi BOBranch Office212301
Singra Mau BOBranch Office221507
Sirsa Chauraha BOBranch Office221503
Sirsa SOPost Office212305
Siswan BOBranch Office212507
Siyadeeh BOBranch Office221503
Sohbatia Bagh SOPost Office211006
Sonai BOBranch Office212301
Sonversa BOBranch Office212104
Soraon SOPost Office212502
Soron BOBranch Office212405
Subedarganj SOPost Office211015
Subhash Ngr SOPost Office211002
Sujani BOBranch Office212106
Sulem Sarai BOBranch Office211011
T S L SOPost Office211010
Tatarganj BOBranch Office212107
Tejpur BOBranch Office212507
Tela BOBranch Office221502
Tigza BOBranch Office212302
Tilakhwar BOBranch Office212301
Trisentulapur BOBranch Office212104
Ugrasen Pur SOPost Office212405
Ulda BOBranch Office229412
Umari BOBranch Office221507
Umariasari BOBranch Office212507
Unchdeeh BOBranch Office212305
University SOPost Office211002
Upraura BOBranch Office212305
Uruwa BOBranch Office212303
Utraon BOBranch Office221508
Zera BOBranch Office212303

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service