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Explore all post offices or pincodes of PALAKKAD, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adakkaputhur BOBranch Office679503
Agali SO PalakkadPost Office678581
Akalur BOBranch Office679302
Akathethara BOBranch Office678008
Alampallam BOBranch Office678506
Alanallur SOPost Office678601
Alangad BOBranch Office678633
Alathur Mbr HOHead Office678541
Amayur BOBranch Office679303
Ambalapara SOPost Office679512
Ambalavattom BOBranch Office679501
Ambikapuram SO PalakkadPost Office678011
Anakkal BOBranch Office678651
Anakkara SO PalakkadPost Office679551
Anamari BOBranch Office678506
Angadi BOBranch Office679552
Anjumoorthy SOPost Office678682
Ariyur BOBranch Office678583
Athicode BOBranch Office678554
Athipotta BOBranch Office678544
Attasseri BOBranch Office679513
Attempathy BOBranch Office678556
Ayakkad BOBranch Office678683
Ayalur SOPost Office678510
Azhiyannur BOBranch Office678633
Bhimanad BOBranch Office678601
Chalavara SOPost Office679505
Chalisseri SOPost Office679536
Chaliyattiri BOBranch Office679535
Chandramala Estate BOBranch Office678508
Chandranagar SOPost Office678007
Chandrapuram BOBranch Office678624
Chandrasekharapuram BOBranch Office678611
Changileri BOBranch Office678762
Chathamangalam BOBranch Office678508
Chathanur BOBranch Office679535
Chavadiyur BOBranch Office678581
Chembra BOBranch Office673577
Chennangad BOBranch Office678573
Chenthamaranagar BOBranch Office678102
Cheramangalam BOBranch Office678703
Cherambattakavu BOBranch Office679501
Cheraya BOBranch Office678631
Cherottur BOBranch Office679521
Cherpalcheri SOPost Office679503
Cherukattupulam BOBranch Office679522
Cherukode BOBranch Office679336
Cherukulam BOBranch Office678572
Cherukutangad BOBranch Office679305
Cherumundasseri BOBranch Office679512
Chethallur BOBranch Office678583
Chimbukat BOBranch Office678721
Chindaki BOBranch Office678582
Chithali BOBranch Office678702
Chittadi BOBranch Office678706
Chittilancheri SOPost Office678704
Chittur agali BOBranch Office678581
Chittur College SOPost Office678104
Chittur Courts BOBranch Office678101
Chittur PG SOPost Office678101
Chokkanathapuram SOPost Office678005
Choorakode BOBranch Office679336
Chulanur BOBranch Office678574
Chunangad SOPost Office679511
Chundampatta BOBranch Office679337
Coyalmanna SOPost Office678702
Dhoni BOBranch Office678009
EdakodePavukonam BOBranch Office679522
Edathanttukara BOBranch Office678601
Edathara SOPost Office678611
Eduppukulam BOBranch Office678556
Elakkad BOBranch Office678631
Elambulasseri BOBranch Office678595
Elapulli SOPost Office678622
Elapulli South BOBranch Office678622
Elavampadam BOBranch Office678684
Elavancheri BOBranch Office678508
Erattakulam Alathur BOBranch Office678682
Erattakulam BOBranch Office678622
Eravakkad BOBranch Office679552
Erimayur SOPost Office678546
Eruttenpadi BOBranch Office678555
Etapalam BOBranch Office679308
Ettanur SOPost Office678502
Ezhuvanthala BOBranch Office679335
Gandhi Seva Sadan BOBranch Office679302
Ganeshgiri SOPost Office679123
Govindapuram BOBranch Office678507
Irimbakachola BOBranch Office678591
Irimbalasseri BOBranch Office679335
Jellipara BOBranch Office678581
K A Samajam BOBranch Office679123
Kacheriparamba BOBranch Office678601
Kadambur SO PalakkadPost Office679515
Kadukkamkunnu BOBranch Office678651
Kaipuram BOBranch Office679308
Kairady BOBranch Office678510
Kaithachira BOBranch Office678582
Kakkayur SOPost Office678512
Kalapatti BOBranch Office678702
Kalkandi BOBranch Office678582
Kalladathur BOBranch Office679552
Kalladikode SOPost Office678596
Kalladipatta SOPost Office679313
Kallamala BOBranch Office678582
Kallekkad BOBranch Office678006
Kallekulangara SOPost Office678009
Kallepulli BOBranch Office678005
Kallipadam BOBranch Office679122
Kallurpalakkad BOBranch Office678613
Kalluvazhi BOBranch Office679514
Kalpathi SOPost Office678003
Kanakkanthuruthy BOBranch Office678683
Kanayam BOBranch Office679122
Kandamangalam BOBranch Office678583
Kanhikulam BOBranch Office678596
Kanhirapuzha Dam BOBranch Office678591
Kanhirapuzha SOPost Office678591
Kanimangalam BOBranch Office678508
Kanjikode Ind Estate BOBranch Office678621
Kanjikode SOPost Office678621
Kanjikode West SOPost Office678623
Kannadi SOPost Office678701
Kannambra SOPost Office678686
Kannanur BOBranch Office678702
Kanniampuram SOPost Office679104
Kannimari BOBranch Office678534
Kappur BOBranch Office679552
Karakurissi SOPost Office678595
Karalmanna SOPost Office679506
Karambathur BOBranch Office679305
Karara BOBranch Office678581
Karattukurissi BOBranch Office679503
Karimba SOPost Office678597
Karimpuzha BOBranch Office679513
Karingarapully BOBranch Office678551
Karinkayam BOBranch Office678706
Karippali BOBranch Office678532
Karippode BOBranch Office678503
Kariyamkode BOBranch Office678572
Karkitamkunnu BOBranch Office678601
Karumanamkurissi BOBranch Office679504
Katambazhipuram SOPost Office678633
Kattukulam BOBranch Office679514
Kattukulam South BOBranch Office679514
Kattusseri BOBranch Office678542
Kavalappara SOPost Office679523
Kavalpad BOBranch Office678012
Kavasseri SOPost Office678543
Kavundikkal BOBranch Office678581
Kayiliad BOBranch Office679122
Kazhani BOBranch Office678543
Keralasseri SOPost Office678641
Kilakkancheri SOPost Office678684
Kilakkumbram BOBranch Office678642
Kilmuri BOBranch Office679307
Kinasseri BOBranch Office678701
Kinavallur BOBranch Office678612
Kizhakkumuri BOBranch Office678508
Kizhayur BOBranch Office679303
Kizhur BOBranch Office679501
Kodakkad BOBranch Office678583
Kodumunda BOBranch Office679303
Koduntharapully BOBranch Office678004
Koduvayur Agraharam BOBranch Office678501
Koduvayur SOPost Office678501
Kolikkottusseri BOBranch Office679303
Kollengode RS BOBranch Office678506
Kollengode SOPost Office678506
Kollengode West BOBranch Office678506
Kondurkara BOBranch Office679313
Kongad SOPost Office678631
Konikazhi BOBranch Office678632
Koonathara BOBranch Office679523
Koottala BOBranch Office678681
KoottanadPost Office679533
Koranchira BOBranch Office678684
Kotambu SOPost Office678551
Kothachira BOBranch Office679535
KottapadamTTL BOBranch Office679534
Kottappuram BOBranch Office679513
Kottathara BOBranch Office673122
Kottayi SOPost Office678572
Kottekkad SOPost Office678732
Kottopadam BOBranch Office678583
Kozhalmannam Agraharam BOBranch Office678702
Kozhinjampara SOPost Office678555
Kozhipara SOPost Office678557
Kudallur BOBranch Office678688
Kudallur SOPost Office679554
Kulakkad BOBranch Office679503
Kulakkattukurissi BOBranch Office678633
Kulappulli BOBranch Office679122
Kulukkallur SOPost Office679337
Kumaramputhur BOBranch Office678583
Kumaranellur SOPost Office679552
Kumbidi SOPost Office679553
Kundalasseri BOBranch Office678641
Kundurkunnu BOBranch Office678583
Kunduvampadam BOBranch Office678633
Kunisseri SOPost Office678681
Kunnamkattupathy BOBranch Office678101
Kunnathurmedu SOPost Office678013
Kuruvattur BOBranch Office679336
Kuttanasseri BOBranch Office679514
Kuttanur SOPost Office678721
Kuttipallam BOBranch Office678101
Lakkidi SOPost Office679301
Mala BOBranch Office679534
Malamalkkavu BOBranch Office679554
Malampuzha Dam SOPost Office678651
Manappadam BOBranch Office678687
Mangalam Dam BOBranch Office678706
MangalamOPM BOBranch Office679301
Mangode BOBranch Office679503
Manikkasseri BOBranch Office678631
Manisseri SOPost Office679521
Mankarai RS BOBranch Office678613
Mankarai SOPost Office678613
Mankurussi BOBranch Office678613
Mannalur BOBranch Office678502
Mannampatta BOBranch Office678633
Mannanur BOBranch Office679523
Mannapra SOPost Office678685
Mannarkad College SOPost Office678583
Mannarkkad SOPost Office678582
Mannengode BOBranch Office679307
Mannur SO PalakkadPost Office678642
Mannur West BOBranch Office678642
Marayamangalam BOBranch Office679335
Marayamangalam South BOBranch Office679335
Marudarode BOBranch Office678007
Maruthur BOBranch Office679306
Mathur Agraharam BOBranch Office678571
Mathur PG SOPost Office678571
Mattathukad BOBranch Office678581
Meenakshipuram SOPost Office678533
Meenkara Dam BOBranch Office678507
Melarcode SOPost Office678703
Melepattambi SOPost Office679306
Melmuri BOBranch Office679307
Melur BOBranch Office679501
Menonpara SOPost Office678556
Met Ind Nagar BOBranch Office679122
Mezhathur BOBranch Office679534
Moonnekkar BOBranch Office678597
Moothanthara BOBranch Office678012
Mucheeri BOBranch Office678631
Mudappallur SOPost Office678705
Mudukurissi BOBranch Office678593
Muduthala BOBranch Office679303
Mukkali BOBranch Office678582
Mulangot BOBranch Office678684
Mulanhur BOBranch Office679511
Mulayankavu BOBranch Office679337
Mundakkottukurissi BOBranch Office679122
Mundur Palakkad SOPost Office678592
Munnurkode BOBranch Office679502
Muthalamada SOPost Office678507
Muttikulangara SOPost Office678594
Naduvathupara BOBranch Office678574
Naduvattom SOPost Office679308
Nagalassery BOBranch Office679533
Nagaripuram BOBranch Office678642
Nallepilly SOPost Office678553
Nambullipura BOBranch Office678592
Nanniode BOBranch Office678534
Nattukal BOBranch Office678583
Nattukal SOPost Office678554
Nechur BOBranch Office678722
Nedungottur BOBranch Office679308
Nellaya SOPost Office679335
Nelliampathy BOBranch Office678508
Nellikattiri BOBranch Office679533
Nemmara College BOBranch Office678508
Nemmara Old Village BOBranch Office678508
Nemmara SOPost Office678508
Nenmeni BOBranch Office678506
Newkalpathy BOBranch Office678003
Nhangattiri BOBranch Office679303
Nochulli BOBranch Office678702
Nochupulli BOBranch Office678592
Nurani Agraharam BOBranch Office678004
Nurani SOPost Office678004
Olalapadi BOBranch Office678557
Olasseri BOBranch Office678551
Olavakkot HOHead Office678002
Olinkadavu BOBranch Office678706
Olivemount BOBranch Office678702
Othalur Ttl BOBranch Office679534
Ottapalam HOHead Office679101
Padagiri BOBranch Office678508
PadurKavasseri BOBranch Office678543
Palakayam BOBranch Office678591
Palakkad City SOPost Office678014
Palakkad Collectorate SOPost Office678001
Palakkad College SOPost Office678001
Palakkad Engineering College SOPost Office678008
Palakkad Fort SOPost Office678001
Palakkad HOHead Office678001
Palakkad Industrial Estate BOBranch Office678731
PALAKKAD NDCPost Office678051
Palakuzhy BOBranch Office678684
Palampalakode SOPost Office678544
Palaniyarpalayam BOBranch Office678555
Palappuram SOPost Office679103
Pallanchathanur BOBranch Office678571
Pallassana SOPost Office678505
Pallatheri BOBranch Office678007
Pallavur SOPost Office678688
Pallikunnu BOBranch Office678583
Pallikurup BOBranch Office678593
Pallipuram PG SOPost Office678006
Pallipuram SO PalakkadPost Office679305
Palode BOBranch Office678583
Paloor BOBranch Office678582
Pampampallam BOBranch Office678621
Panamanna SOPost Office679501
Panamanna South BOBranch Office679501
Panangattiri BOBranch Office678506
Panayur BOBranch Office679522
Panniankara BOBranch Office678683
Panniyamkurissi BOBranch Office679503
Parambikulam SOPost Office678661
Parasseri BOBranch Office678631
Parassikkal BOBranch Office678556
Parli PG SOPost Office678612
Parudur BOBranch Office679305
Paruthipra BOBranch Office679121
Paruthipulli SOPost Office678573
Paruvasseri BOBranch Office678686
Pathankulam BOBranch Office679522
Pattambi SOPost Office679303
Pattancheri SOPost Office678532
Pattithara BOBranch Office679534
Payyalur BOBranch Office678506
Payyanadam BOBranch Office678583
Perimbadari SOPost Office678762
Peringannur BOBranch Office679535
Peringode SOPost Office679535
Peringottukurussi SOPost Office678574
Perinkulam SOPost Office678542
Perinkunnu BOBranch Office678702
Perumannur BOBranch Office679536
Perumudiyur BOBranch Office679303
PerurOPM SOPost Office679302
Peruvemba SOPost Office678531
Pirayiri BOBranch Office678004
Polpulli SOPost Office678552
Pombilaya BOBranch Office679335
Pombra BOBranch Office678595
Poonchola BOBranch Office678598
Pothundy Dam BOBranch Office678508
Pottasseri SOPost Office678598
Pudanur BOBranch Office678592
Pudiyankam SOPost Office678545
Pudunagaram SOPost Office678503
Puduppariyaram SOPost Office678731
Pudur BOBranch Office678581
Pudusseri BOBranch Office678623
Pulappatta SOPost Office678632
Pulasseri SOPost Office679307
Pulinelly BOBranch Office678572
Puliyanamkunnu BOBranch Office679505
Pullisseri BOBranch Office678582
Pullode BOBranch Office678545
Punchapadam BOBranch Office678633
Puthucode SOPost Office678687
Puthurpalakkad BOBranch Office678005
Ramasseri BOBranch Office678622
Rvp Pudur BOBranch Office678555
S G Press SOPost Office679122
Sankaramangalam BOBranch Office679303
Sekharipuram SOPost Office678010
SholayurPKD BOBranch Office678581
Shornur SOPost Office679121
Sitharkunda BOBranch Office678508
Sreeramakrishnanagar BOBranch Office679103
Srikrishnapuram SOPost Office679513
Tachampara SOPost Office678593
Tadukkasseri BOBranch Office678641
Tarur BOBranch Office678544
Taruvakonam BOBranch Office679501
Tattamangalam SOPost Office678102
Tattamangalam South SOPost Office678102
Tenari BOBranch Office678622
Tenkara BOBranch Office678582
Tenur BOBranch Office678612
Thachangad BOBranch Office678571
Thalakkasseri BOBranch Office679534
Thanneercode BOBranch Office679536
Thannilapuram BOBranch Office678682
Thannisseri BOBranch Office678501
Thathanampully BOBranch Office679337
Thavalam BOBranch Office678582
Thekke Vavanoor BOBranch Office679533
Thekkedesam BOBranch Office678553
Thekkegramam SOPost Office678103
Thekkepotta BOBranch Office678687
Thekkumuri CPL BOBranch Office679506
Thenkurussi SOPost Office678671
Thirumittakode BOBranch Office679533
Thirunayanapuram BOBranch Office679514
Thiruvalathur BOBranch Office678551
Thiruvaliad BOBranch Office678510
Thiruvazhiyode SOPost Office679514
Thiruvegapura SOPost Office679304
Thottakkara SOPost Office679102
Thrikallur BOBranch Office678593
Tirunilayi BOBranch Office678004
Tiruvalamkunnu BOBranch Office678601
Tolanur SOPost Office678722
Trikkatiri SOPost Office679502
Trithala SOPost Office679534
Tunacadavu BOBranch Office678661
Ummanazhi BOBranch Office678632
Uppukulam BOBranch Office678601
Vadakanthara SOPost Office678012
Vadakkancherry MBR SOPost Office678683
Vadanamkurussi BOBranch Office679121
Vadasseri BOBranch Office678641
Vadavannur SOPost Office678504
Vakkadapuram BOBranch Office678595
Valambillimangalam BOBranch Office679513
Vallanghy BOBranch Office678508
Vallapuzha SOPost Office679336
Vallikkode BOBranch Office678594
Vandali SOPost Office678706
Vandithavalam SOPost Office678534
Vaniamkulam SOPost Office679522
Vannamada BOBranch Office678555
Varode BOBranch Office679102
Varodekottayi BOBranch Office678572
Vattamannapuram BOBranch Office678601
Vattekkad BOBranch Office678506
Vavulliapuram BOBranch Office678543
Vazhumbram BOBranch Office678595
Veeramangalam BOBranch Office679503
Veetampara BOBranch Office679102
Velanthavalam BOBranch Office678557
Velikkad BOBranch Office678592
Vellinezhi SOPost Office679504
Vemballur BOBranch Office678502
Vengasseri SOPost Office679516
Vengodi BOBranch Office678622
Verkoli BOBranch Office678552
Vettakara BOBranch Office678633
Vilathur BOBranch Office679304
Vilayannur BOBranch Office678671
Vilayodi BOBranch Office678103
Vilayur SOPost Office679309
Vilayur West BOBranch Office679309
Viyyakurissi BOBranch Office678593
Walayar Dam SOPost Office678624
Yakkara BOBranch Office678701

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service