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Explore all post offices or pincodes of NASHIK, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhona SOPost Office423502
Adgaon BOBranch Office423101
Agaskhind BOBranch Office422502
Aghar BK BOBranch Office423201
Aghar KH BOBranch Office423208
Ahergaon BOBranch Office422209
Ahiwantwadi BOBranch Office422215
Ajmer Saundana BOBranch Office423301
Akhatwade BOBranch Office423301
Akrale BOBranch Office422004
Alangun BOBranch Office422211
Aliyabad BOBranch Office423302
Alwand BOBranch Office422212
Amba BOBranch Office422207
Amba Peint BOBranch Office422208
Ambad AS SOPost Office422010
Ambasan BOBranch Office423204
Ambegaon BOBranch Office422003
Ambode BOBranch Office422007
Amboli BOBranch Office422212
Ambupada BOBranch Office422007
Amlon BOBranch Office422204
Andarsul SOPost Office423402
Angangaon BOBranch Office423401
Angulgaon BOBranch Office423402
Anjneri BOBranch Office422213
Ankai BOBranch Office423104
Antapur BOBranch Office423302
Arai BOBranch Office423301
Asarbari BOBranch Office422208
Ashewadi BOBranch Office422003
Ashok Nagar SO NashikPost Office422012
Askheda BOBranch Office423303
Astane BOBranch Office423205
Aswali Harsh BOBranch Office422212
Aswali RS BOBranch Office422403
Athambe BOBranch Office423501
Aundane BOBranch Office423301
Awankhed BOBranch Office422202
Bahaduri BOBranch Office422205
Bangaon BOBranch Office423106
Baragaonpimpri BOBranch Office422103
Barhe BOBranch Office422007
Barnes High School BOBranch Office422401
Bej BOBranch Office423501
Belatgavhan BOBranch Office422401
Belgaon Tarhale BOBranch Office422403
Berwal BOBranch Office422204
Bhagur SOPost Office422502
Bhalur BOBranch Office423106
Bhanwad BOBranch Office422202
Bharam BOBranch Office423401
Bharvir BK BOBranch Office422403
Bhatgaon BOBranch Office423101
Bhatode BOBranch Office422215
Bhaur BOBranch Office423102
Bhavali Khurd BOBranch Office422403
Bhayale BOBranch Office423117
Bhendali BOBranch Office422210
Bhilwad BOBranch Office423302
Bhojapur BOBranch Office422606
Bhonsala Military School BOBranch Office422013
Bhormal BOBranch Office422211
Bhutayane BOBranch Office423101
Bhuvan BOBranch Office422208
Bokte BOBranch Office423402
Bolthan BOBranch Office423106
Bopegaon BOBranch Office422205
Borale BOBranch Office423106
Bordaivat BOBranch Office423502
Borgaon BOBranch Office422211
Borwat BOBranch Office422208
Boys Town BOBranch Office422007
Brahmangaon BOBranch Office423213
Brahmanwade BOBranch Office422102
Bramanpade BOBranch Office423303
BS Nagar SOPost Office422301
Bubli BOBranch Office422211
Budhwar Peth SOPost Office422001
Chachadgaon BOBranch Office422003
Chandanpuri BOBranch Office423212
Chandora BOBranch Office424109
Chandori SOPost Office422201
Chandwad SOPost Office423101
Chankapur BOBranch Office423502
Chas BOBranch Office422606
Chatori BOBranch Office422210
Chaugaon BOBranch Office423301
Chaundana BOBranch Office423301
Chausale BOBranch Office422215
Chikhalohal BOBranch Office423205
Chinchave BOBranch Office423110
Chinchave Galane BOBranch Office423206
Chinchgavan BOBranch Office423105
Chinchkhed BOBranch Office422209
Chinchohol BOBranch Office422204
Chincholi BOBranch Office422102
Chinchondi BOBranch Office423401
Chinchwade BOBranch Office422204
Chirai BOBranch Office423204
Chitegaon BOBranch Office422003
Cidco Colony SO NashikPost Office422009
Dabhadi SOPost Office423201
Dahiwad BOBranch Office423102
Dahiwadi BOBranch Office422104
Dahiwal BOBranch Office423105
Dalpatpur BOBranch Office422204
Dalwat BOBranch Office423502
Dangsaundane BOBranch Office423301
Dapur BOBranch Office422606
Daraswadi BOBranch Office423101
Daregaon BOBranch Office423104
Dari BOBranch Office422003
Darnasangvi BOBranch Office422003
Daswel BOBranch Office423302
Datli BOBranch Office422112
Dawachwadi BOBranch Office422209
Deodongra BOBranch Office422204
Deogaon BOBranch Office422305
Deoghat BOBranch Office423105
Deopur BOBranch Office422308
Desgaon BOBranch Office423502
Deshmane BOBranch Office423401
Desrane BOBranch Office423501
Devargaon BOBranch Office423101
Devgaon BOBranch Office422214
Devla SOPost Office423102
Devlali Air Force SOPost Office422501
Devlali Bazar SOPost Office422401
Devlali SOPost Office422401
Devpur BOBranch Office422103
Devsane BOBranch Office422202
Devthan BOBranch Office422202
Dhakambe BOBranch Office422004
Dhamangaon BOBranch Office422403
Dhamode BOBranch Office423403
Dhandri BOBranch Office423213
Dhavaleshwar BOBranch Office423201
Dheku KH BOBranch Office423106
Dhodamba BOBranch Office423117
Dhondbhar BOBranch Office422103
Dhondgavan BOBranch Office422209
Dhondmal BOBranch Office422208
Dhrangaon Veer BOBranch Office422303
Dhulgaon BOBranch Office423401
Dighwad BOBranch Office423101
Dindori SO NashikPost Office422202
Dixi BOBranch Office422302
Dodi BOBranch Office422606
Dondegaon BOBranch Office422203
Dongargaon BOBranch Office423110
Dongrale BOBranch Office423205
Dubera BOBranch Office422103
Dugaon BOBranch Office422203
Dwarka Corner SOPost Office422011
Dyane BOBranch Office423204
Erandgaon BOBranch Office423208
Erandgaon Jeur BOBranch Office423401
Gajarwadi BOBranch Office422303
Galane BOBranch Office423205
Gandhi Nagar Nashik SOPost Office422006
Gandole BOBranch Office422007
Gangamhalungi BOBranch Office422203
Gangapur BOBranch Office422222
Ganore BOBranch Office423501
Ganur BOBranch Office423101
Ghoti SOPost Office422402
Girnadam BOBranch Office423106
Girnara SOPost Office422203
Girnare BOBranch Office423110
Gole Colony SOPost Office422002
Golwad BOBranch Office423302
Gonde BOBranch Office422208
Gondedumala BOBranch Office422403
Gondegaon BOBranch Office422305
Gosrane BOBranch Office423502
GSSK SOPost Office423202
Gulvanch BOBranch Office422112
H P T College SOPost Office422005
Harnul BOBranch Office423104
Harsul SOPost Office422204
Haste BOBranch Office422007
Hatgad BOBranch Office422211
Hatrundi Peint BOBranch Office422208
Hatrundi Surgana BOBranch Office422211
Hatti BOBranch Office422211
Hiswal BK BOBranch Office423106
Hiswal KH BOBranch Office423106
Hiwarkheda BOBranch Office423101
IA Musalgaon Sinnar SOPost Office422112
Idgaon Devlali SOPost Office422101
Igatpuri SOPost Office422403
Ind Est Malegaon Sinnar SOPost Office422113
India Security Press SOPost Office422101
Indira Nagar SO NashikPost Office422009
Indore BOBranch Office422202
Industrial Estate SO NashikPost Office422007
Jahule BOBranch Office422007
Jaidhar BOBranch Office423502
Jaigaon BOBranch Office422102
Jaikheda SOPost Office423303
Jakhori BOBranch Office422102
Jalgaon Galane BOBranch Office423202
Jalgaon KH BOBranch Office424109
Jalgaon Neur BOBranch Office423401
Jalgaon Nimbayati BOBranch Office423104
Jalkhed BOBranch Office422007
Jambutke BOBranch Office422003
Jamdhari BOBranch Office423106
Janori BOBranch Office422207
Jategaon BK BOBranch Office422204
Jategaon BOBranch Office423106
Jaulke BOBranch Office422207
Jawalkewani BOBranch Office422209
Jeevan Prakash SOPost Office422002
Jogalthembi BOBranch Office422102
Jopul BOBranch Office423101
Jorandigar BOBranch Office423301
Kalamdari BOBranch Office423106
Kalaram Mandir SOPost Office422003
Kalmuste BOBranch Office422204
Kaluste BOBranch Office422402
Kalwadi BOBranch Office423105
Kalwan SOPost Office423501
Kanadgaon BOBranch Office423104
Kanashi BOBranch Office423502
Kandane BOBranch Office423301
Kankuri BOBranch Office422606
Kanmandale BOBranch Office423117
Kapshi BOBranch Office423102
Karanjad BOBranch Office423301
Karanjali BOBranch Office422208
Karanjaon BOBranch Office422210
Karanjgavan BOBranch Office423105
Karanjwan BOBranch Office422202
Karhe BOBranch Office423301
Karsul BOBranch Office422209
Kasari BOBranch Office423106
Kashti BOBranch Office423206
Katarni BOBranch Office423104
Kathargaon BOBranch Office422303
Kathipada BOBranch Office422211
Kaudasar BOBranch Office422007
Kaulana BOBranch Office423208
Kaulane BOBranch Office423205
Kavnai BOBranch Office422402
Kazimale BOBranch Office422202
Kazisangvi BOBranch Office423101
Kelzar BOBranch Office423301
Kersane BOBranch Office423301
Khadak Malegaon BOBranch Office422304
Khadak Sukena BOBranch Office422207
Khadakjamb BOBranch Office423117
Khadgaon BOBranch Office423104
Khadked BOBranch Office422402
Khadki BOBranch Office423105
Khairgaon BOBranch Office422402
Khakurdi BOBranch Office423206
Khalap BOBranch Office423301
Khambala Anjeri BOBranch Office422213
Khambale BOBranch Office422606
Khamkheda BOBranch Office423301
Khamtane BOBranch Office423301
Kharde Wakhari BOBranch Office423102
Kharshet BOBranch Office422204
Kharwal BOBranch Office422204
Khatwad BOBranch Office422004
Khayde BOBranch Office423212
Khed BOBranch Office422402
Khedgaon SO NashikPost Office422205
Khedle BOBranch Office422202
Khedlezung BOBranch Office422305
Kherwadi RS BOBranch Office422201
Khirad BOBranch Office422211
Khirdisathe BOBranch Office423403
Khirmani BOBranch Office423204
Khopadi BK BOBranch Office422112
Khuntewadi BOBranch Office423102
Kikwari KH BOBranch Office423301
Kirtangali BOBranch Office422103
KKNagar SO NashikPost Office422308
Kochargaon BOBranch Office422203
Kohor BOBranch Office422208
Kokangaon BOBranch Office422207
Konambe BOBranch Office422103
Kopurli BOBranch Office422208
Korahte BOBranch Office422207
Korapgaon BOBranch Office422402
Koshimbe BOBranch Office422202
Kotamgaon BOBranch Office422105
Kotbel BOBranch Office423204
Kothare BOBranch Office423502
Kothure BOBranch Office422303
Kukane BOBranch Office423105
Kukudane BOBranch Office422211
Kulwandi BOBranch Office422204
Kumbhale BOBranch Office422208
Kumbharde BOBranch Office423110
Kumbhardi BOBranch Office422308
Kundalgaon BOBranch Office423104
Kundane BOBranch Office423502
Kundewadi BOBranch Office422303
Kusmadi BOBranch Office423403
Kusur BOBranch Office423403
Lahavit BOBranch Office422502
Lakhalgaon BOBranch Office422003
Lakhamapur SOPost Office423213
Lakhmapur BOBranch Office422202
Lasalgaon SOPost Office422306
Lohoner BOBranch Office423301
Lonarwadi BOBranch Office422103
Lonwadi BOBranch Office422209
Madhmeshwar BOBranch Office422103
Madkijamb BOBranch Office422202
Madsangvi BOBranch Office422003
Mahaje BOBranch Office422007
Mahalpatane BOBranch Office423213
Mahiravani BOBranch Office422213
Makhmalabad BOBranch Office422003
Maledumala BOBranch Office422215
Malegaon BOBranch Office422203
Malegaon Camp SOPost Office423105
Malegaon City SOPost Office423203
Malegaon HOHead Office423203
Malegaon Karyat BOBranch Office423104
Malegaon Nayapura Ward SOPost Office423203
Malegaon Peint BOBranch Office422208
Malgaon BOBranch Office423212
Malwadi BOBranch Office423102
Mamdapur BOBranch Office423403
Mandwad BOBranch Office423106
Manegaon BOBranch Office422103
Mangone BOBranch Office422208
Mangrul BOBranch Office423101
Mani BOBranch Office422211
Mankhed BOBranch Office422007
Manmad Shiwaji Chouk SOPost Office423104
Manmad SOPost Office423104
Manur BOBranch Office423501
Marhal BK BOBranch Office422606
Market Yard Malegaon SOPost Office423203
Matane BOBranch Office423102
Materewadi BOBranch Office422209
Matori BOBranch Office422003
Matulthan BOBranch Office423403
Mavdi BOBranch Office422215
Mehune BOBranch Office423212
Meri Colony SOPost Office422004
Meshi BOBranch Office423102
Mhalsakore BOBranch Office422103
Mhasgan BOBranch Office422208
Mhasrul BOBranch Office422004
Mithsagare BOBranch Office422104
Mohadi BOBranch Office422207
Mohegaon BOBranch Office423106
Mohpada BOBranch Office422211
Mokbhangi BOBranch Office423501
Morenagar BOBranch Office423301
MUHS SOPost Office422004
Mukane BOBranch Office422403
Mukhed BOBranch Office423401
Mulane BOBranch Office423301
Mulher BOBranch Office423302
Mundhegaon BOBranch Office422403
Mungsara BOBranch Office422003
Mungse BOBranch Office423201
Munjwad BOBranch Office423301
Murambi BOBranch Office422403
Musalgaon BOBranch Office422112
Nachlondi BOBranch Office422204
Nagapur BOBranch Office423104
Nagarsul SOPost Office423403
Nagda BOBranch Office423401
Naigaon BOBranch Office422102
Naitale BOBranch Office422303
Nalwadi BOBranch Office422202
Nalwadpada BOBranch Office422202
Nampur SOPost Office423204
Nanashi BOBranch Office422007
Nandgaon BOBranch Office422403
Nandgaon SOPost Office423106
Nandur Madhmeshwar BOBranch Office422303
Nandurdi BOBranch Office422308
Nanduri BOBranch Office423501
Nandurshingote SOPost Office422606
Nanegaon BOBranch Office422502
Narul BOBranch Office423501
Nashik City SOPost Office422001
Nashik HOHead Office422001
Nashik Main Road SOPost Office422001
Nashik Road Camp SOPost Office422102
Nashik Road HOHead Office422101
Naydongri SOPost Office424109
Nehru Nagar SO NashikPost Office422101
Neminagar BOBranch Office423101
Nigdol BOBranch Office422202
Nilwandi BOBranch Office422202
Nimbayati BOBranch Office423212
Nimgaon Madh BOBranch Office423401
Nimgaon Sinnar BOBranch Office422103
Nimgaon SOPost Office423212
Nimon BOBranch Office423104
Niphad SOPost Office422303
Nirgude BOBranch Office422208
Nirhale BOBranch Office422606
Nitane BOBranch Office423301
Nivane BOBranch Office423501
Odha BOBranch Office422003
Ojhar AF Stn SOPost Office422221
Ojhar SOPost Office422206
Ojhar TS SOPost Office422207
Ojharkhed BOBranch Office422202
Oney BOBranch Office422302
Otur BOBranch Office423501
Ozar BOBranch Office423502
Pachore BK BOBranch Office422306
Pachorewani BOBranch Office422209
Padalde BOBranch Office423105
Pade BOBranch Office422202
Pahuchibari BOBranch Office422007
Palasdare BOBranch Office423205
Palasvihir BOBranch Office422007
Pale BK BOBranch Office423501
Palkhed Bandhara BOBranch Office422202
Palkhed BOBranch Office422209
Palsan BOBranch Office422211
Palse BOBranch Office422102
Panchale BOBranch Office422103
Panchvati SOPost Office422003
Pandane BOBranch Office422215
Pandurli BOBranch Office422502
Pangarne BOBranch Office422211
Pangri BK BOBranch Office422104
Pardhadi BOBranch Office424109
Paregaon BOBranch Office422215
Paste BOBranch Office422113
Pate BOBranch Office423101
Pathardi BOBranch Office422010
Pathare BOBranch Office422104
Patne BOBranch Office423201
Patoda BOBranch Office423401
Patole BOBranch Office422103
Peint SOPost Office422208
Pilkos BOBranch Office423501
Pimpale BOBranch Office422103
Pimpalgaon Bahula BOBranch Office422213
Pimpalgaon Baswant SOPost Office422209
Pimpalgaon D BOBranch Office423202
Pimpalgaon Dukra BOBranch Office422502
Pimpalgaon Garudeshwar BOBranch Office422213
Pimpalgaon Jalal BOBranch Office423401
Pimpalgaon Khamb BOBranch Office422010
Pimpalgaon Nipani BOBranch Office422102
Pimpalgaon Wakhari BOBranch Office423102
Pimpalkotha BOBranch Office423302
Pimpalnare BOBranch Office422004
Pimparkhed BOBranch Office422202
Pimplad BOBranch Office422010
Pimple KH BOBranch Office423502
Pimplus BOBranch Office422302
Pimpri achala BOBranch Office422215
Pimpri BOBranch Office422302
Pimpri sayyed BOBranch Office422003
Pohane BOBranch Office423206
Pokhari BOBranch Office423106
Police Training School BOBranch Office422007
Puri BOBranch Office423101
Puria Park SOPost Office422003
Raipur BOBranch Office423104
Rajapur BOBranch Office422205
Rajmane BOBranch Office423205
Rakshasbhuvan BOBranch Office422007
Rameshwar BOBranch Office423102
Ranwad BOBranch Office422308
Rasegaon BOBranch Office422003
Ravalgaon SOPost Office423108
Ravalji BOBranch Office423501
Redgaon BK BOBranch Office423111
Redgaon KH BOBranch Office422306
Rishabhgiri BOBranch Office423302
Rohile BOBranch Office422203
Ronzane BOBranch Office423105
Rui BOBranch Office422305
Sakora BOBranch Office423501
Sakore BOBranch Office423106
Sakorewani BOBranch Office422209
Sakur BOBranch Office422502
Sakuri BOBranch Office423212
Salbhoye BOBranch Office422211
Salher BOBranch Office423302
Samundi BOBranch Office422212
Sangmeshwar Malegaon SOPost Office423203
Sanjegaon BOBranch Office422402
Sapte BOBranch Office422203
Sapthshringigarh BOBranch Office423501
Sarad BOBranch Office422211
Sarde BOBranch Office423204
Sarolethadi BOBranch Office422303
Satana Market SOPost Office423301
Satana SOPost Office423301
Satkhamb BOBranch Office422211
Satpur Township SOPost Office422007
Saundana SOPost Office423208
Savargaon BOBranch Office423401
Savkarwadi BOBranch Office423208
Savki Lohoner BOBranch Office423301
Sawarkar Nagar SOPost Office422013
Sayale BOBranch Office422104
Saygaon BOBranch Office423402
Saykheda SOPost Office422210
Sayne BK BOBranch Office423105
Shaha BOBranch Office422104
Shelu BOBranch Office423101
Shemli BOBranch Office423213
Shenit BOBranch Office422502
Sherul BOBranch Office423105
Shevgedang BOBranch Office422402
Shinde BOBranch Office422102
Shindwad BOBranch Office422205
Shingve BOBranch Office423104
Shingwe BOBranch Office422210
Shirasgaon BOBranch Office422207
Shirasgaon Lauki BOBranch Office423401
Shirasgaon Peint BOBranch Office422204
Shirasmani BOBranch Office423501
Shirpurwade BOBranch Office423204
Shirsondi BOBranch Office423208
Shirwade BOBranch Office423111
Shivare BOBranch Office422303
Shivde BOBranch Office422502
Shivre BOBranch Office422215
Shribhuvan BOBranch Office422211
Sinnar SOPost Office422103
Sogras BOBranch Office423101
Sompur BOBranch Office423303
Somthandesh BOBranch Office423401
Somthane BOBranch Office422103
Sonaj BOBranch Office423208
Sonambe BOBranch Office422103
Sonjamb BOBranch Office422205
Soygaon BOBranch Office423203
Sukena SOPost Office422302
Suregaon Rasta BOBranch Office423402
Surgana SOPost Office422211
Surgane Peint BOBranch Office422208
Taharabad SOPost Office423302
Takali BOBranch Office423208
Takali KH BOBranch Office422306
Taked BK BOBranch Office422403
Talegaon Anjneri BOBranch Office422213
Talegaon Igatpuri BOBranch Office422403
Talegaon Rui BOBranch Office423104
Talegaon Trimbak BOBranch Office422212
TalegaonDindori BOBranch Office422004
Talwade BOBranch Office423101
Talwadedigar BOBranch Office423301
Tamaswadi BOBranch Office422103
Tandulwadi BOBranch Office423303
Tehare BOBranch Office423105
Tembhe BOBranch Office423204
Thanapada Peint BOBranch Office422204
Thangaon BOBranch Office422103
Thengoda BOBranch Office423301
Tilwan BOBranch Office423301
Tingri BOBranch Office423205
Tisgaon BOBranch Office422205
Titwe BOBranch Office422202
Tokade BOBranch Office423105
Torangan BOBranch Office422212
TP Station Eklahre SOPost Office422105
Trimbak SOPost Office422212
Trimbak Vidya Mandir SOPost Office422213
Trimurti Chowk SOPost Office422008
Tringalwadi BOBranch Office422402
Udhoji Maratha Boarding BOBranch Office422013
Ugaon SOPost Office422304
Umbarkhed BOBranch Office422209
Umbarpada BOBranch Office422211
Umbarthan BOBranch Office422211
Umrala BOBranch Office422003
Umrana SOPost Office423110
Undirwadi BOBranch Office423402
Upnagar SOPost Office422006
Usthale BOBranch Office422208
Uswad BOBranch Office423104
Utrane BOBranch Office423204
Vadali Bhoi SOPost Office423117
Vadali BK BOBranch Office423106
Vadangli BOBranch Office422103
Vadbare BOBranch Office423101
Vadel BOBranch Office423206
Vadgaon BOBranch Office423105
Vadgaon Pangu BOBranch Office423104
Vadgaon Pingala BOBranch Office422502
Vadner Bhairav SOPost Office423111
Vadner Dumala BOBranch Office422401
Vadner Malegaon SOPost Office423206
Vadzire BOBranch Office422102
Vahegaon Sal BOBranch Office422306
Vaitarna Nagar SOPost Office422214
Vajirkheda BOBranch Office423105
Valwade BOBranch Office423206
Vanasgaon BOBranch Office422304
Vani Khurd BOBranch Office422202
Vani SOPost Office422215
Vanjarwadi BOBranch Office423104
Vanoli BOBranch Office423301
Varkheda BOBranch Office422205
Vasol BOBranch Office423301
Vaygaon BOBranch Office423108
Vehelgaon BOBranch Office423106
Velunje BOBranch Office422212
Vikharni BOBranch Office423401
Vilholi BOBranch Office422010
Vilwandi BOBranch Office422203
Vinchur SOPost Office422305
Vinchuri dalvi BOBranch Office422502
Virane BOBranch Office423206
Virgaon BOBranch Office423301
Visapur BOBranch Office423501
Vitave BOBranch Office423101
Vithewadi BOBranch Office423301
Wadala BOBranch Office422006
Wadali Nazik BOBranch Office422207
Wadgaon BOBranch Office422203
Wadivarhe BOBranch Office422403
Waghamba BOBranch Office423302
Waghare BOBranch Office422403
Waghdad Dam BOBranch Office422003
Waghera BOBranch Office422203
Wajgaon BOBranch Office423102
Wakad BOBranch Office422305
Wakhari BOBranch Office423102
Waki BOBranch Office422402
Walkhed BOBranch Office422202
Ware BOBranch Office422202
Warwandi BOBranch Office423102
Wasali BOBranch Office422402
Wavi Harsh BOBranch Office422214
Wavi SOPost Office422104
Ycm Open Univesity SOPost Office422222
Yeola Kutcheri Road SOPost Office423401
Yeola SOPost Office423401
Yesgaon BOBranch Office423212
Zadi BOBranch Office423208
Zarwad BOBranch Office422212
Zodga SOPost Office423205

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service