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Explore all post offices or pincodes of NANDED, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adampur BOBranch Office431736
Adgaon BOBranch Office431708
Aitala BOBranch Office431808
Alandi BOBranch Office431736
Alur BOBranch Office431723
Ambadi BOBranch Office431804
Ambulga BOBranch Office431715
Andbori BOBranch Office431811
Anjankhed BOBranch Office431721
Anmal BOBranch Office431721
Apparaopeth BOBranch Office431803
Ardhapur SOPost Office431704
Arjapur BOBranch Office431711
Arli BOBranch Office431710
Asarjan BOBranch Office431606
Ashoknagar SO NandedPost Office431605
Ashta BOBranch Office431721
Ashti BOBranch Office431712
Ashtoor BOBranch Office431708
Asoli BOBranch Office431721
Atkali BOBranch Office431736
Bachoti BOBranch Office431714
Badur BOBranch Office431710
Bahadarpura BOBranch Office431714
Balegaon BOBranch Office431807
Ballur BOBranch Office431717
Bamni BOBranch Office431710
Banchincholi BOBranch Office431712
Barad SOPost Office431745
Baradshewala BOBranch Office431712
Barasgaon BOBranch Office431745
Barbada BOBranch Office431602
Barhali BOBranch Office431715
Barul SOPost Office431746
Belkoni BK BOBranch Office431710
Belkoni Kh BOBranch Office431710
Bembari BOBranch Office431801
Bendi BOBranch Office431811
Berli BK BOBranch Office431715
Berli BOBranch Office431708
Betmogara BOBranch Office431715
Betsangavi BOBranch Office431708
Bhategaon BOBranch Office431743
Bhayegaon BOBranch Office431717
Bhendegaon KH BOBranch Office431715
Bhishi BOBranch Office431803
Bhokar SOPost Office431801
Bhopala BOBranch Office431736
Bhorad BOBranch Office431721
Bhoshi BOBranch Office431745
Bhutan Hipparga BOBranch Office431741
Bijegaon BOBranch Office431807
Bijur BOBranch Office431736
Billali BOBranch Office431715
Biloli SOPost Office431710
Bitnal BOBranch Office431807
Bodhadi KH BOBranch Office431810
Bodhadi SOPost Office431810
Bolegaon BOBranch Office431731
Bolka BOBranch Office431742
Bolsa BOBranch Office431808
Bomnali BOBranch Office431715
Bondgavan BOBranch Office431805
Bori BK BOBranch Office431714
Bothi BOBranch Office431807
Chabhara BOBranch Office431704
Chaitanynagar Nanded SOPost Office431605
Chandola BOBranch Office431715
Chauphala SOPost Office431604
Chikala BOBranch Office431806
Chikana BOBranch Office431808
Chikhali BOBranch Office431746
Chinchala BOBranch Office431710
Chinchgavan BOBranch Office431712
Chinchkhed BOBranch Office431805
Chincholi BOBranch Office431809
Chondi BOBranch Office431717
Choramba BOBranch Office431712
Cidco Nanded SOPost Office431603
Dabhad BOBranch Office431745
Dagadgaon BOBranch Office431708
Dahegaon BOBranch Office431811
Daheli BOBranch Office431805
Dahelitanda BOBranch Office431805
Dahikalamba BOBranch Office431707
Dapaka G BOBranch Office431715
Dapka Raja BOBranch Office431716
Daregaon BOBranch Office431806
Darsangvi BOBranch Office431805
Dattmanjari BOBranch Office431721
Degaon BK BOBranch Office431717
Degaon BOBranch Office431709
Degloor SOPost Office431717
Degloor Town SOPost Office431717
Delub BOBranch Office431750
Deoshi BOBranch Office431801
Deothana BOBranch Office431801
Dhanegaon BOBranch Office431603
Dhanora BOBranch Office431709
Dharmabad SOPost Office431809
Dhoki BOBranch Office431602
Digadi BOBranch Office431804
Digras BOBranch Office431742
Dogargaon BOBranch Office431810
Dongaon BOBranch Office431806
Dongaon KH BOBranch Office431710
Dongargaon BOBranch Office431708
Dudhad BOBranch Office431802
Dugaon BOBranch Office431809
Dundra BOBranch Office431805
Eklara BOBranch Office431717
Gadga SOPost Office431722
Gaglegaon BOBranch Office431809
Gaul BOBranch Office431714
Ghodaj BOBranch Office431714
Ghogari BOBranch Office431713
Ghoti BOBranch Office431804
Ghungarala BOBranch Office431709
Gojegaon BOBranch Office431718
Gokunda SOPost Office431811
Golegaon BOBranch Office431807
Gonar BOBranch Office431714
Gondegaon BOBranch Office431721
Gondemahagaon BOBranch Office431803
Gondjevali BOBranch Office431803
Gondwadsa BOBranch Office431721
Gorlegaon BOBranch Office431712
Gortha BOBranch Office431807
Guntur BOBranch Office431742
Hadgaon SOPost Office431712
Hadoli BOBranch Office431742
Hadoli J BOBranch Office431714
Hadsani BOBranch Office431721
Halda BOBranch Office431801
Halli BOBranch Office431718
Halni BOBranch Office431719
Hanegaon SOPost Office431741
Hardaf BOBranch Office431721
Hastara BOBranch Office431743
Hatral BOBranch Office431715
Hawarga BOBranch Office431717
Himayatnagar SOPost Office431802
Hingani BOBranch Office431721
Hipparga Mal BOBranch Office431736
Honwadaj BOBranch Office431715
Hottal BOBranch Office431717
Hungunda BOBranch Office431711
Hussa BOBranch Office431809
Iregaon BOBranch Office431803
Islapur SOPost Office431803
Itwara Nanded SOPost Office431604
Ivaleshwar BOBranch Office431721
Jahur BOBranch Office431715
Jaldhara BOBranch Office431810
Jamb B K SOPost Office431716
Jambhala BOBranch Office431713
Jarikot BOBranch Office431808
Jarur BOBranch Office431805
Jawalgaon BOBranch Office431802
Jawarala BOBranch Office431805
Joshisangavi BOBranch Office431707
Kahala BOBranch Office431709
Kakandi BOBranch Office431602
Kalambar BOBranch Office431715
Kamari BOBranch Office431802
Kamjalga BOBranch Office431716
Kamtha BOBranch Office431750
Kamthala BOBranch Office431804
Kancholi BOBranch Office431803
Kandhar SOPost Office431714
Kandli BOBranch Office431713
Kandli KH BOBranch Office431801
Kangthi BOBranch Office431809
Kanki BOBranch Office431805
Kapsi BOBranch Office431602
Karadkhed SOPost Office431718
Karanji BOBranch Office431805
Karegaon BOBranch Office431708
Karimabad Nanded SOPost Office431604
Karkheli SOPost Office431808
Karla BOBranch Office431807
Karla Kalam BOBranch Office431710
Kasarkheda BOBranch Office431750
Kasrali BOBranch Office431710
Katkalamba BOBranch Office431746
Kaudgaon BOBranch Office431602
Kautha BOBranch Office431746
Kawalgaon BOBranch Office431718
Kawana BOBranch Office431712
Kerur BOBranch Office431715
Kesrali BOBranch Office431736
Khadki BOBranch Office431802
Khambala BOBranch Office431805
Khanapur BOBranch Office431717
Khandgaon BOBranch Office431722
Kharabkhandgaon BOBranch Office431715
Khatgaon BOBranch Office431719
Kinala BOBranch Office431736
Kini BOBranch Office431801
Kinwat SOPost Office431804
Kiwala BOBranch Office431707
Koklegaon BOBranch Office431709
Kolambi BOBranch Office431722
Kolhari BOBranch Office431803
Kolheborgaon BOBranch Office431710
Koli BOBranch Office431743
Kopra BOBranch Office431810
Kosmet BOBranch Office431803
Kothari BOBranch Office431805
Krushnur BOBranch Office431709
Kundalwadi SOPost Office431711
Kundrala BOBranch Office431715
Kunmarpalli BOBranch Office431741
Kuntur BOBranch Office431709
Kupti BOBranch Office431804
Kurula SOPost Office431742
Laghul BOBranch Office431710
Laglud BOBranch Office431801
Lahan BOBranch Office431704
Lakhamapur BOBranch Office431721
Lakshminagar BOBranch Office431605
Limbgaon BOBranch Office431602
Lingi BOBranch Office431805
Loha BOBranch Office431713
Loha SOPost Office431708
Lohgaon BOBranch Office431710
Lohrala BOBranch Office431708
Loni BOBranch Office431804
Machindrapardi BOBranch Office431721
Machnur BOBranch Office431711
Madnapur BOBranch Office431721
Mahore SO NandedPost Office431721
Malakaguda BOBranch Office431721
Malakjamb BOBranch Office431803
Malakoli BOBranch Office431708
Malborgaon BOBranch Office431804
Malegaon BOBranch Office431708
Malegaon Makta BOBranch Office431718
Malegaon SOPost Office431750
Malkapur BOBranch Office431804
Malkautha BOBranch Office431806
Manatha BOBranch Office431712
Mandava BOBranch Office431804
Mandvi SO NandedPost Office431805
Mangalsangavi BOBranch Office431746
Mangnali BOBranch Office431809
Mangrul BOBranch Office431802
Manjram BOBranch Office431722
Manoor BOBranch Office431709
Manur BOBranch Office431741
Maralak BOBranch Office431605
Maregaon BOBranch Office431804
Markhel BOBranch Office431718
Martala BOBranch Office431602
Martoli BOBranch Office431718
Marwali BOBranch Office431722
Matul BOBranch Office431801
Mendka BOBranch Office431806
MIDC BOBranch Office431603
Millgate Nanded SOPost Office431601
Moghali BOBranch Office431801
Mohapur BOBranch Office431804
Motarga BOBranch Office431717
Mudkhed Station SOPost Office431806
Mugaon BOBranch Office431722
Mugat BOBranch Office431806
Mukhed SOPost Office431715
Mukramabad SOPost Office431719
Mulzara BOBranch Office431803
Mungashi BOBranch Office431804
Nagapur BOBranch Office431805
Nagzari BOBranch Office431804
Naigaon SO NandedPost Office431709
Nanded HOHead Office431601
Nanded Town SOPost Office431601
Nandgaon BOBranch Office431803
Nandgaon Tanda BOBranch Office431803
Nandur BOBranch Office431723
Nandusa BOBranch Office431750
Narangal BOBranch Office431723
Narsi BOBranch Office431709
Navandi BOBranch Office431722
Nayamondha Nanded SOPost Office431602
Nehrunagar BOBranch Office431742
Nerli BOBranch Office431605
Nichpur BOBranch Office431804
Nimgaon BOBranch Office431704
Nirala BOBranch Office431805
Niwgha BOBranch Office431806
Niwgha SOPost Office431743
Osmannagar SO NandedPost Office431707
P Sawargaon BOBranch Office431716
Padsa BOBranch Office431721
Pala BOBranch Office431715
Palaj BOBranch Office431801
Palsa BOBranch Office431712
Palsi BOBranch Office431805
Panbhoshi BOBranch Office431714
Pandhara BOBranch Office431804
Pandhurana BOBranch Office431801
Pangara BOBranch Office431714
Panshewadi BOBranch Office431714
Papalwadi BOBranch Office431721
Pardi KH BOBranch Office431810
Pardi Makta BOBranch Office431704
Paroti BOBranch Office431803
Pathari BOBranch Office431805
Pathrad BOBranch Office431713
Patoda BOBranch Office431709
Pawana BOBranch Office431802
Penoor BOBranch Office431708
Pethwadaj BOBranch Office431714
Pewa BOBranch Office431743
Phulwal BOBranch Office431714
Pimpalgaon BOBranch Office431605
Pimparkhed BOBranch Office431712
Pota BK BOBranch Office431802
Punegaon BOBranch Office431806
Rahati BOBranch Office431602
Raher BOBranch Office431809
Raipurtanda BOBranch Office431805
Raiwadi BOBranch Office431708
Rajgad BOBranch Office431804
Rajura BK BOBranch Office431715
Ramtirth BOBranch Office431736
Ratoli BOBranch Office431722
Ravangaon BOBranch Office431715
Ravankola BOBranch Office431719
Ravi BOBranch Office431719
Risangaon BOBranch Office431708
Ritha BOBranch Office431810
Rohipimpalgaon BOBranch Office431806
Rui BK BOBranch Office431709
Rui BOBranch Office431743
Sachkhand Nanded SOPost Office431601
Sagroli SOPost Office431731
Saiphal BOBranch Office431721
SakrunaikTanda BOBranch Office431805
Salegaon BOBranch Office431809
Sangvi BOBranch Office431709
Sarkhani BOBranch Office431805
Sarsam BOBranch Office431802
Sattiguda BOBranch Office431805
Sawaleshwar BOBranch Office431746
Sawali BOBranch Office431718
Sawana BOBranch Office431802
Sawargaon BOBranch Office431708
Sawarmal BOBranch Office431719
Shahapur SO NandedPost Office431723
Shaniwarpeth BOBranch Office431811
Shankarnagar SOPost Office431736
Shekapur BOBranch Office431714
Shelgaon BOBranch Office431723
Shemboli BOBranch Office431745
Shewadi BOBranch Office431708
Shewala BOBranch Office431723
Shikara BOBranch Office431715
Shilvani BOBranch Office431741
Shirad BOBranch Office431743
Shiradhone BOBranch Office431707
Shirur BOBranch Office431743
Shirur Dabhade BOBranch Office431715
Shivajinagar SO NandedPost Office431602
Shivani BOBranch Office431803
Sindgi BOBranch Office431804
Sindhi BOBranch Office431807
Sindkhed BOBranch Office431805
Singarwadi BOBranch Office431810
Singoda BOBranch Office431805
Siranjani BOBranch Office431802
Somthana BOBranch Office431807
Sonari BOBranch Office431801
Sonkhed BOBranch Office431708
SRTMU Nanded SOPost Office431606
Sugaon BOBranch Office431723
Sujlegaon BOBranch Office431709
Sunegaon BOBranch Office431708
Tadkhel BOBranch Office431717
Takli BOBranch Office431736
Talang BOBranch Office431712
Talani BOBranch Office431743
Talegaon BOBranch Office431713
Talhari BOBranch Office431803
Talni BOBranch Office431710
Tamlur BOBranch Office431723
Tamsa SOPost Office431713
Taroda BK BOBranch Office431605
Taroda Road Nanded SOPost Office431605
Telki BOBranch Office431707
Tembhurni BOBranch Office431722
Thadihiparga BOBranch Office431731
Thara BOBranch Office431810
Theraban BOBranch Office431801
Totamba BOBranch Office431803
Tulshi BOBranch Office431721
Tuppa BOBranch Office431603
Umara BOBranch Office431707
Umardari BOBranch Office431715
Umraj BOBranch Office431714
Umri BOBranch Office431805
Umri SOPost Office431807
UmriJ BOBranch Office431713
Unakdev BOBranch Office431805
Unchegaon BOBranch Office431743
Undri BOBranch Office431715
Vasantnagar BOBranch Office431715
Virsani BOBranch Office431802
Vishnupuri BOBranch Office431606
Wadepuri BOBranch Office431606
Wadgaon BOBranch Office431715
Wadi BK BOBranch Office431605
Wadoli BOBranch Office431804
Wadsa BOBranch Office431721
Waghalwada BOBranch Office431807
Waghi BOBranch Office431602
Wai BOBranch Office431721
Waipana BOBranch Office431713
Wajegaon BOBranch Office431602
Waka BOBranch Office431709
Wakad BOBranch Office431745
Walag BOBranch Office431718
Walki BOBranch Office431712
Wannali BOBranch Office431723
Wanola BOBranch Office431804
Wartala BOBranch Office431716
Warwant BOBranch Office431746
Wasur BOBranch Office431715
Wazar BOBranch Office431741
Yeoti BOBranch Office431715
Yeshwantnagar Nanded SOPost Office431602
Yetala BOBranch Office431809

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service