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Explore all post offices or pincodes of NAGAUR, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achina BOBranch Office341025
Agoonta BOBranch Office341305
Ajawa BOBranch Office341303
Akala Hamiran BOBranch Office341025
Akeli a BOBranch Office341510
Akeli b BOBranch Office341024
Akoda BOBranch Office341506
Akora BOBranch Office341022
Alai BOBranch Office341001
Alaniyawas BOBranch Office341513
Alatawa BOBranch Office341504
Ambapa BOBranch Office341303
Anandpura BOBranch Office341508
Antroli Khurd BOBranch Office341514
Anwaliyasar BOBranch Office341001
Araksar BOBranch Office341519
Arniyala BOBranch Office341510
Arwar BOBranch Office341024
Asarwa BOBranch Office341319
Asawari BOBranch Office342902
Asotapura BOBranch Office341306
Bachhwari BOBranch Office341024
Badabara BOBranch Office341302
Badayali BOBranch Office341518
Badighati BOBranch Office305026
Badu SO NagaurPost Office341501
Baggar BOBranch Office341510
Bagot BOBranch Office341512
Bairathal BOBranch Office341025
Bajoli BOBranch Office341503
Bajwas BOBranch Office341503
Bakalia BOBranch Office341306
Balaya BOBranch Office341001
Baldu BOBranch Office341316
Balsamand BOBranch Office341304
Bamana BOBranch Office341503
Bansa BOBranch Office341506
Bansed BOBranch Office341512
Bansiwala Temple SOPost Office341001
Banthri BOBranch Office341305
Banwal BOBranch Office341512
Banwaligudha BOBranch Office341533
Banwarala BOBranch Office341514
Barana BOBranch Office341503
Barangana BOBranch Office341303
Barangaon BOBranch Office341021
Bardawa BOBranch Office341551
Bargaon BOBranch Office341510
Bari Khatu SOPost Office341301
Barichhapri BOBranch Office341303
Barikallan BOBranch Office341551
Barnel BOBranch Office341504
Barwala BOBranch Office341505
Barwali BOBranch Office341505
Basni Sejan BOBranch Office342902
Basni SOPost Office341021
Bassi BOBranch Office341512
Beetan BOBranch Office341510
Begsar BOBranch Office341506
Berichhoti SOPost Office341551
Berwa BOBranch Office341506
Besroli SOPost Office341520
Bhadana BOBranch Office341001
Bhadasar BOBranch Office341516
Bhadasiya BOBranch Office341512
Bhadawa BOBranch Office341501
Bhadlia BOBranch Office341517
Bhadora BOBranch Office341028
Bhadwasi BOBranch Office341001
Bhagwanpura BOBranch Office341509
Bhakhari BOBranch Office341512
Bhakrod BOBranch Office341001
Bhanwal BOBranch Office341518
Bhanwanda BOBranch Office341025
Bhanwata BOBranch Office341508
Bhaola BOBranch Office341024
Bharnai BOBranch Office341505
Bharnawa BOBranch Office341316
Bhatnokha BOBranch Office341028
Bher BOBranch Office341001
Bherunda BOBranch Office341031
Bhikarniyakallan BOBranch Office341031
Bhinchawa BOBranch Office341502
Bhiyankallan BOBranch Office341504
Bhooni BOBranch Office341508
Bhundel BOBranch Office341001
Bhuriyasani BOBranch Office341510
Bidiad BOBranch Office341542
Bijathal BOBranch Office341513
Billoo BOBranch Office341542
Binthwaliya BOBranch Office341503
Birloka BOBranch Office341025
Boodhi BOBranch Office341021
Borawar SOPost Office341502
Borwa BOBranch Office341024
Bugarda BOBranch Office341027
Burdi BOBranch Office341022
Bursu BOBranch Office341505
Butati BOBranch Office341514
Chandaroon BOBranch Office341503
Chandi BOBranch Office341319
Chandrai BOBranch Office341316
Charanwas BOBranch Office341508
Chau BOBranch Office341001
Chawandia BOBranch Office341516
Chawandiya BOBranch Office341001
Chawandiyakallan BOBranch Office341510
Chenar BOBranch Office341001
Chhajoli BOBranch Office341023
Chhapara BOBranch Office341022
Chhapri BOBranch Office341511
Chhawata Khurd BOBranch Office341024
Chholukhan BOBranch Office341303
Chhotichhapri BOBranch Office341303
Chhotikhatu SOPost Office341302
Chiloo BOBranch Office341029
Chindaliya BOBranch Office341319
Chitai BOBranch Office341512
Chitawa BOBranch Office341519
Choliyas BOBranch Office341514
Chosala BOBranch Office341509
Chosali BOBranch Office341503
Chundiya BOBranch Office341510
Chuntisara BOBranch Office341001
Chuwa BOBranch Office341301
Dabara BOBranch Office341506
Dabari BOBranch Office341304
Dabariya BOBranch Office341502
Dalelpura BOBranch Office341508
Damboi Khurd BOBranch Office341504
Dangawas BOBranch Office341510
Daru BOBranch Office341001
Datani BOBranch Office341511
Datina BOBranch Office341001
Daudsar BOBranch Office341516
Daulatpura BOBranch Office341519
Dayalpura BOBranch Office341303
Degana SOPost Office341503
Degana Village BOBranch Office341503
Deh SOPost Office341022
Dehari BOBranch Office341030
Deolikallan BOBranch Office341507
Deu BOBranch Office341001
Dhadhariyakallan BOBranch Office341028
Dhadhota BOBranch Office341512
Dhadhwara BOBranch Office341511
Dhananwa BOBranch Office341319
Dhanapa BOBranch Office342902
Dhandhalas BOBranch Office341510
Dhandholi BOBranch Office341520
Dhaneriya BOBranch Office341510
Dhanipura BOBranch Office305026
Dhankoli SOPost Office341516
Dhawa BOBranch Office341511
Dhingasari BOBranch Office341317
Dholia BOBranch Office341304
Dhurila BOBranch Office341317
Dhyawa BOBranch Office341303
Didiyakallan BOBranch Office341027
Didwana HOHead Office341303
Dikawa BOBranch Office341506
Dildhani BOBranch Office341505
Dindarpura BOBranch Office341551
Diyawari BOBranch Office342902
DMDidwana SOPost Office341303
Dobarikallan BOBranch Office341504
Dobariya BOBranch Office341504
Dodiyana BOBranch Office341031
Dotina BOBranch Office341503
Dudoli BOBranch Office341316
Dugastau BOBranch Office341023
Dugoli BOBranch Office341023
Dugorachala BOBranch Office341503
Dujar BOBranch Office341306
Firwasi BOBranch Office341303
Gachhipura SOPost Office341504
Gagrana BOBranch Office341510
Gagwana BOBranch Office341027
Gajoo BOBranch Office341024
Ganeshpura BOBranch Office341551
Gangawa BOBranch Office341512
Ganthilasar BOBranch Office341001
Ganthiya BOBranch Office341510
Gaondi BOBranch Office341319
Gawalu BOBranch Office341028
Gawardi BOBranch Office341510
Gedakallan BOBranch Office341520
Gelasar BOBranch Office341517
Geloli BOBranch Office341024
Genana BOBranch Office341317
Ghatwa BOBranch Office341508
Gingaliya BOBranch Office341520
Girroda Mitha BOBranch Office341303
Gogelao BOBranch Office341001
Gorau BOBranch Office341316
Gotan SOPost Office342902
Gothara BOBranch Office341024
Govindi BOBranch Office341509
Gowankallan BOBranch Office341028
Gudha Jodhan BOBranch Office341023
Gudhabhagwandas BOBranch Office341001
Gudhasalt BOBranch Office341509
Gugaryali BOBranch Office341023
Gular BOBranch Office341501
Gunawati BOBranch Office341505
Hariyajun BOBranch Office341508
Harnawa BOBranch Office341501
Harsolav BOBranch Office342902
Harsore SOPost Office341515
Heerani BOBranch Office341508
Hudas BOBranch Office341316
Hudeel BOBranch Office341509
Hudia BOBranch Office341502
IABidiad SOPost Office341542
IANawacity SOPost Office341509
Idwa BOBranch Office341503
Inana BOBranch Office341026
Indawar BOBranch Office341510
Indokha BOBranch Office341508
Itawalakha BOBranch Office341504
Jabdinagar BOBranch Office341509
Jael SOPost Office341023
Jakhali BOBranch Office341502
Jakhara BOBranch Office341301
Jal RS BOBranch Office341514
Jalaniyasar BOBranch Office341001
Jalsu Nanak BOBranch Office341514
Jalsukallan BOBranch Office341514
Janana BOBranch Office341028
Janewa BOBranch Office341001
Janjila BOBranch Office341501
Jaola BOBranch Office341503
Jaroda BOBranch Office341511
Jasnagar SOPost Office341518
Jaswantabad BOBranch Office341518
Jaswantgarh SOPost Office341304
Jaswantpura BOBranch Office341504
Jatawas BOBranch Office341513
Jhalara BOBranch Office341512
Jhareli BOBranch Office341022
Jharisara BOBranch Office341001
Jharod BOBranch Office341506
Jhintiya BOBranch Office341513
Jhujhanda BOBranch Office341026
Jijoth BOBranch Office341519
Jiliya BOBranch Office341508
Jiwadiya BOBranch Office341502
Jochina BOBranch Office341023
Jodhiyasi BOBranch Office341001
Jogimagara BOBranch Office341511
Jusari BOBranch Office341505
Jusariya BOBranch Office341505
Kalri BOBranch Office341001
Kalru BOBranch Office341510
Kalwa BOBranch Office341502
Kalwani BOBranch Office341303
Kameria BOBranch Office341022
Kankariya BOBranch Office341508
Kantiya BOBranch Office341025
Kanwariyat BOBranch Office341510
Karlu BOBranch Office341026
Karnu BOBranch Office341001
Kasari BOBranch Office341301
Kasnau BOBranch Office341024
Kasumbi BOBranch Office341304
Kathoti BOBranch Office341023
Katyasani BOBranch Office341510
Kerap BOBranch Office341305
Khajwana SOPost Office341028
Khakharki BOBranch Office341512
Khakholi BOBranch Office341506
Khamiyad BOBranch Office341317
Khanpur BOBranch Office341512
Khanwar BOBranch Office341027
Khardiya BOBranch Office341509
Kharesh BOBranch Office341318
Kharikaramsota BOBranch Office341001
Khariya BOBranch Office341551
Kharnal BOBranch Office341001
Kharwaliya BOBranch Office341319
Khatiyabasani BOBranch Office341303
Khatora BOBranch Office341025
Kheduli BOBranch Office341511
Kherileela BOBranch Office341504
Kheriseela BOBranch Office341504
Kherwa BOBranch Office341503
Khinwaj BOBranch Office341303
Khinwsar SOPost Office341025
Khinyala BOBranch Office341023
Khinyas BOBranch Office341514
Khojas BOBranch Office341318
Khokhar BOBranch Office341512
Khorandi BOBranch Office341509
Khunkhuna SOPost Office341318
Khurikallan BOBranch Office341503
Kinsariya BOBranch Office341512
Kiro RS BOBranch Office341301
Kitalsar BOBranch Office341503
Kod BOBranch Office341513
Koliya SOPost Office341305
Kuchamancity SOPost Office341508
Kuchera SO NagaurPost Office341024
Kuchipala BOBranch Office341504
Kukanwali SOPost Office341519
Kukrod BOBranch Office341505
Kum Merta SOPost Office341510
Kumari BOBranch Office341021
Kundari BOBranch Office341503
Kupras BOBranch Office341511
Kurchi BOBranch Office341025
Kurdada BOBranch Office341503
Kurdayan BOBranch Office341510
Kyamsar BOBranch Office341551
Lachhari BOBranch Office341303
Ladariya SOPost Office341517
Ladawa BOBranch Office341518
Ladnun Lsg SOPost Office341306
Ladnuncity SOPost Office341306
Ladoli BOBranch Office341520
Ladpura BOBranch Office341513
Lalana Khurd BOBranch Office341501
Lalas BOBranch Office341509
Lalsari BOBranch Office341303
Lambajatan BOBranch Office341510
Lampolai BOBranch Office341510
Langod BOBranch Office341503
Ledi BOBranch Office341304
Lichana BOBranch Office341533
Liliya BOBranch Office341518
Loroli BOBranch Office341502
Lunsara BOBranch Office341024
Lunwa BOBranch Office341509
Madpura BOBranch Office341025
Makrana Rs SOPost Office341505
Makrana SB SOPost Office341505
Makrana SOPost Office341505
Malgaon BOBranch Office341316
Mamroda BOBranch Office341305
Mamroli BOBranch Office341520
Manakpura BOBranch Office341025
Manana BOBranch Office341502
Mandaljodhan BOBranch Office341503
Mandukara BOBranch Office341319
Manglana BOBranch Office341505
Manglod BOBranch Office341027
Manjhi BOBranch Office341301
Maroth SOPost Office341507
Marwar Mundwa SOPost Office341026
Marwarbalia BOBranch Office341303
Maulasar SOPost Office341506
Mawa BOBranch Office341303
Mayapur BOBranch Office341512
Medas BOBranch Office341518
Merta City SOPost Office341510
Merta Road SOPost Office341511
Merta SOPost Office341510
Merwas BOBranch Office341030
Mewara BOBranch Office341031
Midiyan BOBranch Office341503
Mindha BOBranch Office341509
Mithariya BOBranch Office341503
Mithri BOBranch Office341303
Mithri SOPost Office341533
Modiawat BOBranch Office341551
Modicharana BOBranch Office341502
Mokala BOBranch Office341510
Morer BOBranch Office341542
Mori BOBranch Office341028
Moriallan BOBranch Office341515
Morikhurd BOBranch Office341503
Morra BOBranch Office341510
Motipura BOBranch Office341519
Mugadara BOBranch Office341510
Mundghasoi BOBranch Office341509
Mundiyar BOBranch Office341028
Muwana BOBranch Office341508
Nagari BOBranch Office341025
Nagaur HOHead Office341001
Nagaurcity SOPost Office341001
Nagwara BOBranch Office341519
Nalot BOBranch Office341519
Nandoli Mertiyan BOBranch Office341520
Nandolichandawatan BOBranch Office341517
Narainpura BOBranch Office341508
Narwakallan BOBranch Office341025
Nathawara BOBranch Office341031
Nawacity Lsg SOPost Office341509
Nawad BOBranch Office341319
Neniya BOBranch Office341512
Netariya BOBranch Office341510
Netiyas BOBranch Office341503
Nimbijodhan SOPost Office341316
Nimbikhurd BOBranch Office341303
Nimbola Bishwa BOBranch Office305026
Nimbolakallan BOBranch Office341514
Nimbri BOBranch Office341501
Nimbrichandawatan BOBranch Office341024
Nimbrikallan BOBranch Office341503
Nimod BOBranch Office341506
Nokhachandawatan BOBranch Office342902
Nundara BOBranch Office341504
Nuwa BOBranch Office341551
Odit BOBranch Office341316
Oladan BOBranch Office341511
Pabusar BOBranch Office341001
Padukallan SOPost Office341031
Padukhurd BOBranch Office341031
Pahelipatti Ladnun SOPost Office341306
Palara BOBranch Office341508
Paliyas BOBranch Office341503
Palot BOBranch Office341305
Palrijodhan BOBranch Office341028
Palrikallan BOBranch Office341503
Palrinawa BOBranch Office341533
Panchlasidha BOBranch Office341025
Panchori BOBranch Office341001
PANCHORI SOPost Office341020
Panchota BOBranch Office341509
Panchwa BOBranch Office341508
Parbatsar SOPost Office341512
Parewari BOBranch Office341516
Pawa BOBranch Office341302
Payali BOBranch Office341551
Peeh BOBranch Office341503
Peelwa BOBranch Office341503
Peeplad BOBranch Office341512
Pharrod BOBranch Office341030
Phirod BOBranch Office341001
Phogari BOBranch Office341303
Pipasar BOBranch Office341029
Pirwa BOBranch Office341318
Poonlota BOBranch Office341503
Prempura BOBranch Office341519
Punas BOBranch Office341514
Pundlu BOBranch Office341510
Rabariyad BOBranch Office341512
Rahugate Ladnun SOPost Office341306
Raidhana BOBranch Office341303
Raidhanu BOBranch Office341021
Rajaliya BOBranch Office341508
Rajapura BOBranch Office341301
Rajlota BOBranch Office341503
Rajod BOBranch Office341514
Ramsabas BOBranch Office341303
Ramsari BOBranch Office341503
Ramsia BOBranch Office341504
Ranigaon BOBranch Office341302
Ransisar BOBranch Office341305
Rasal BOBranch Office341508
Rasaliyawas BOBranch Office341510
Rasidpura BOBranch Office341517
Ratanga BOBranch Office341027
Ratau SOPost Office341317
Ratrana BOBranch Office305026
Reengan BOBranch Office341303
Ren SOPost Office341514
Rid BOBranch Office341503
Riyan SOPost Office341513
Rodu BOBranch Office341304
Rohina BOBranch Office341030
Rohindi BOBranch Office341512
Rohini BOBranch Office341001
Rohisa BOBranch Office341513
Rol SOPost Office341027
Roon BOBranch Office341028
Rooppura BOBranch Office341508
Rotoo BOBranch Office341023
Sabalpura BOBranch Office341508
Sadokan BOBranch Office341001
Saferkallan BOBranch Office341502
Sagoobari BOBranch Office341305
Sandila BOBranch Office341030
Sania BOBranch Office341318
Sanju BOBranch Office341503
Sankhawas BOBranch Office341028
Sanwarad BOBranch Office341303
Sardarpura Khurd BOBranch Office341551
Sardi BOBranch Office341303
Sarnawara BOBranch Office341504
Sathana BOBranch Office341031
Satheran BOBranch Office341001
Satlas BOBranch Office341510
Senani BOBranch Office342902
Sensara BOBranch Office341513
Serani Ki Dhani BOBranch Office341302
Sewa BOBranch Office341303
Sewari BOBranch Office341029
Sheelgaon BOBranch Office341028
Shimbhupura BOBranch Office341507
Shiv BOBranch Office341519
Shyamgarh BOBranch Office341507
Shyamsar BOBranch Office341001
Silanwad BOBranch Office341023
Singar BOBranch Office341001
Singhana BOBranch Office341303
Singrawatkallan BOBranch Office341303
Sinod BOBranch Office341001
Sinwa BOBranch Office341317
Sirasana BOBranch Office341514
Sirsu BOBranch Office341501
Somana BOBranch Office341022
Soneli BOBranch Office341022
SPadampura BOBranch Office341508
SR Kuchamancity SOPost Office341508
Sribalaji SOPost Office341029
Station Road Didwana SOPost Office341303
Sudarasan BOBranch Office341551
Sudwar BOBranch Office341031
Sukhwasi BOBranch Office341001
Sunari BOBranch Office341306
Supaka BOBranch Office341303
Surjaniyawas BOBranch Office341027
Surpalia BOBranch Office341022
Tadas BOBranch Office341025
Talanpur BOBranch Office342902
Tankala BOBranch Office341001
Tantwas BOBranch Office341001
Tanwara BOBranch Office341304
Taparwara BOBranch Office341512
Tarnau SOPost Office341030
Tausar BOBranch Office341001
Tehla BOBranch Office341031
Thakriyas BOBranch Office341316
Thanwala SOPost Office305026
Thata BOBranch Office341515
Thebari BOBranch Office341319
Thikariya Khurd BOBranch Office341509
Thirod BOBranch Office341026
Tilanesh BOBranch Office341503
Todas BOBranch Office341509
Toonkaliyan BOBranch Office342902
Toshina SOPost Office341319
Ubasi BOBranch Office341030
Unthwaliya BOBranch Office341001
Wer BOBranch Office314001

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service