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Explore all post offices or pincodes of MYSURU, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Alaganchi BOBranch Office571119
Alanahalli BOBranch Office570026
Alanahalli SOPost Office570028
Alanahlli BOBranch Office571107
Ambalare BOBranch Office571102
Anandur BOBranch Office571130
Ankanahalli BOBranch Office571617
Annur BOBranch Office571114
Antharasanthe BOBranch Office571114
Arenahalli BOBranch Office571108
Arjunahalli BOBranch Office571601
Aswalu BOBranch Office571189
Attahlli BOBranch Office571101
Attigodu BOBranch Office571102
Ayyarahalli BOBranch Office571311
Badanavalu BOBranch Office571312
Ballenahalli BOBranch Office571189
Ballur BOBranch Office571604
Bannahalli Hundi BOBranch Office571124
Bannikuppe BOBranch Office571105
Bannimantap SOPost Office570015
Bannur SOPost Office571101
Barse BOBranch Office571102
Basavarajapura BOBranch Office571602
Beeramballi BOBranch Office571116
Beeravalu BOBranch Office571121
Belavadi SOPost Office570018
Bettadapura SOPost Office571102
Bettadathunga BOBranch Office571102
Bheriya BOBranch Office571601
Bhuvanahalli BOBranch Office571102
Bidarahalli BOBranch Office571116
Biligere BOBranch Office571129
Bilikere SOPost Office571103
Bilugali BOBranch Office571129
Binakanahalli BOBranch Office571110
Bogadi SOPost Office570026
Bokkahalli BOBranch Office571302
Bolanahalli BOBranch Office571103
Byadarahalli BOBranch Office571602
Bylakuppe SOPost Office571104
Byrapura BOBranch Office571124
Chakkodanahalli BOBranch Office571114
Chakkur BOBranch Office571125
Chamundi Betta BOBranch Office570010
Chamundi Extension SOPost Office570004
Chandagala BOBranch Office571602
Chandrawadi BOBranch Office571314
Channamgere BOBranch Office571617
Chapparadahalli BOBranch Office571102
Chiduravalli BOBranch Office571120
Chikkabeechanahalli BOBranch Office571103
Chikkadaganahalli BOBranch Office571610
Chikkanayakanahalli BOBranch Office571604
Chikkanerale BOBranch Office571102
Chikkeriyur BOBranch Office571125
Chilkunda BOBranch Office571105
Chinnadagudihundi BOBranch Office571312
Chowthi BOBranch Office571107
Chunchanahalli BOBranch Office571119
Chunchunakatte SOPost Office571617
Coimbatore Colony BOBranch Office571189
Daddakallahalli BOBranch Office571130
Danagalli BOBranch Office570008
Danaikanapura BOBranch Office571124
Dasanur BOBranch Office571316
Dattagalli SOPost Office570033
Debur BOBranch Office571314
Devalapura BOBranch Office571311
Devanur BOBranch Office571119
Devarasanahalli BOBranch Office571118
Devarayasettipura BOBranch Office571315
Deveerammanahalli BOBranch Office571118
Dharmapura BOBranch Office571189
Doddabylalu BOBranch Office571108
Doddabyranakuppe BOBranch Office571114
Doddahebbagilu BOBranch Office571120
Doddahejjur BOBranch Office571106
Doddakamaravalli BOBranch Office571187
Doddakanya BOBranch Office571311
Doddamaragowdanahalli BOBranch Office570026
Doddamulagodu BOBranch Office571101
Doora BOBranch Office570008
Dornahalli BOBranch Office571602
Duddagere BOBranch Office570010
G B Sargur BOBranch Office570026
G S Ashram SOPost Office570025
Gagenahalli BOBranch Office571103
Galigekere BOBranch Office571601
Gandanahalli BOBranch Office571603
Gargeshwari SOPost Office571110
Gattavadi BOBranch Office571312
Gavadagere SOPost Office571610
Gejjiganahalli BOBranch Office571129
Gokulam SOPost Office570002
Gopalapura BOBranch Office570008
Gorahalli BOBranch Office571102
Gujjegowdanapura BOBranch Office570008
Guluvina Attiguppe BOBranch Office571601
Gurupura BOBranch Office571105
Gurur BOBranch Office570008
Hadajana BOBranch Office571311
Hadanur BOBranch Office571121
Hadinaru BOBranch Office571302
Hadya BOBranch Office571617
Haginavalu BOBranch Office571315
Halaganahalli BOBranch Office571187
Halebeedu BOBranch Office571103
Halepura BOBranch Office571312
Haleyur BOBranch Office571617
Hallare BOBranch Office571315
Hampapura H D Kote SOPost Office571125
Hampapura K R Nagar SOPost Office571601
Hanagodu SOPost Office571106
Hanasoge BOBranch Office571617
Hanchipura BOBranch Office571121
Hanchya BOBranch Office570019
Hanumanalu BOBranch Office571101
Haradanahalli BOBranch Office571604
Haradur BOBranch Office571102
Harave BOBranch Office571134
Hareenahalli BOBranch Office571105
Harohalli BOBranch Office570028
Hebbal Layout SOPost Office570016
Hebbalaguppe BOBranch Office571114
Hebbalu BOBranch Office571602
Hebbathur BOBranch Office571107
Hedathale BOBranch Office571312
Hediyala BOBranch Office571315
Heggadahalli BOBranch Office571314
Heggadedevana Kote SOPost Office571114
Heggur BOBranch Office571101
Hemmaragala BOBranch Office571312
Hemmige BOBranch Office571122
Hirehalli BOBranch Office571114
Hirekyathanahalli BOBranch Office571134
Hiriyur BOBranch Office571124
Hitnehebbagilu BOBranch Office571107
Honnapura BOBranch Office571187
Honnenahalli BOBranch Office571604
Horalahalli BOBranch Office571120
Horalavadi BOBranch Office571129
Hosa Agrahara BOBranch Office571601
Hosa Alagodu BOBranch Office571124
Hosaholalu BOBranch Office571114
Hosakadajetty BOBranch Office571315
Hosakote BOBranch Office571617
Hosur BOBranch Office571617
Hosur Kallahalli BOBranch Office571602
Hullahalli SOPost Office571314
Hundimala BOBranch Office571189
Hunsur SOPost Office571105
Hura SO MysuruPost Office571315
Hussainpura BOBranch Office571103
Hyakanur BOBranch Office571124
Hyrige BOBranch Office571125
Infosys Campus SOPost Office570027
Itna BOBranch Office571121
Ittigegud SOPost Office570010
Jakkahalli BOBranch Office571114
Jampanahalli BOBranch Office571125
Jaya Prakash Nagar SOPost Office570031
Jayalakshmipuram SO MysuruPost Office570012
Jayanagar SO MysuruPost Office570014
Jayapura BOBranch Office570008
K S Hundi BOBranch Office571302
Kabini Colony SOPost Office571116
Kadabur BOBranch Office571314
Kadakola SOPost Office571311
Kaggere BOBranch Office571602
Kailasapura BOBranch Office571104
Kalale SOPost Office571118
Kalenahalli BOBranch Office571602
Kaliyur BOBranch Office571442
Kalkunda BOBranch Office571129
Kallahalli BOBranch Office571105
Kallur Naganahalli BOBranch Office571130
Kamplapura BOBranch Office571107
Kanagal SOPost Office571187
Kanahalli BOBranch Office571124
Kanchamalli BOBranch Office571125
Kanchinakere BOBranch Office571601
Kandegala BOBranch Office571107
Kanenur BOBranch Office571314
Karimuddanahalli BOBranch Office571189
Karthalu BOBranch Office571617
Karuhatti BOBranch Office571124
Karya BOBranch Office571119
Kasuvinahalli BOBranch Office571118
Kattemalalavadi SOPost Office571134
Katur BOBranch Office571314
Kavalande SOPost Office571312
Kaveripura BOBranch Office571122
Keelanapura BOBranch Office570010
Kelaganahalli BOBranch Office571108
Kellur BOBranch Office571108
Kempainahundi BOBranch Office571110
Kempegowdana Koppalu BOBranch Office571101
Kergalli BOBranch Office570026
KesturHunsur BOBranch Office571602
Kethupura BOBranch Office571101
Kiragasur BOBranch Office571124
Kirugunda BOBranch Office571119
Kittur BOBranch Office571617
Kodagahalli BOBranch Office571101
Kolagala BOBranch Office571125
Kolathur BOBranch Office571120
Kollegowdanahalli BOBranch Office571114
Kolur BOBranch Office571617
Komalapura BOBranch Office571102
Konanur BOBranch Office571312
Konasur BOBranch Office571102
Koorgalli BOBranch Office570018
Koppa BOBranch Office571104
Kothavalli BOBranch Office571102
Kothegala BOBranch Office571134
Kotige Yedathore BOBranch Office571114
Krishna Raja Mohalla SOPost Office570004
Krishna Raja Nagar SOPost Office571602
Krishna Rajendra Circle SOPost Office570001
Krishnamurthypuram SOPost Office570004
Krishnapura BOBranch Office571602
Kudlapura BOBranch Office571118
Kugalur BOBranch Office571118
Kukkur BOBranch Office571122
Kunthanabelathur BOBranch Office571125
Kupparavalli BOBranch Office571129
Kuppe BOBranch Office571617
Kupya BOBranch Office571110
Kurahatti BOBranch Office571118
Kurihundi BOBranch Office571314
Kurubur BOBranch Office571124
Kuvempunagar II Stage SOPost Office570023
Kuvempunagar SO MysuruPost Office570023
Kyathanahalli BOBranch Office570026
Lakkikuppe BOBranch Office571604
Lakshmipuram SO MysuruPost Office570004
Lalithadripura BOBranch Office570028
M C Thalalu BOBranch Office571121
M K Hundi BOBranch Office571110
Madapura BOBranch Office571125
Maddur BOBranch Office571125
Madigahalli BOBranch Office571101
Maduvinahalli BOBranch Office571315
Makodu BOBranch Office571108
Malali BOBranch Office571116
Malangi BOBranch Office571107
Maliyur BOBranch Office571101
Mallahalli BOBranch Office570026
Mallupura BOBranch Office571119
Manasagangothri SOPost Office570006
Mandakalli BOBranch Office571311
Mandimohalla SOPost Office570001
Manuganahalli BOBranch Office571103
Maradur BOBranch Office571105
Maralur BOBranch Office571302
Marballi BOBranch Office570008
Marchahalli BOBranch Office571602
Martikyathanahalli BOBranch Office570026
Matakere BOBranch Office571114
Mavathur BOBranch Office571602
Mavinahallli BOBranch Office571122
Melur BOBranch Office571102
Metagalli SOPost Office570016
Metikuppe BOBranch Office571114
Mirle SOPost Office571603
Modur BOBranch Office571134
Moleyur BOBranch Office571121
Muguru BOBranch Office571124
Mullur BOBranch Office571610
Mundur BOBranch Office571604
Munjanahalli BOBranch Office571601
Mutthur BOBranch Office571107
Mydanahalli BOBranch Office571130
Mysuru Fort SOPost Office570004
Mysuru HOHead Office570001
Mysuru Law Courts SOPost Office570005
Mysuru SortingPost Office570001
Mysuru South SOPost Office570008
Mysuru University SOPost Office570005
N Begur BOBranch Office571116
Naganahalli BOBranch Office570003
Naganapura BOBranch Office571315
Nagarle SOPost Office571129
Nagawala BOBranch Office571130
Nallurpala BOBranch Office571105
Nandinathapura BOBranch Office571107
Nanjangud HOHead Office571301
Nanjipura BOBranch Office571121
Narasimha Raja Mohalla SOPost Office570007
Natanahalli BOBranch Office571603
Navilur BOBranch Office571118
Neralakuppe BOBranch Office571106
Nerale BOBranch Office571116
Nilasoge BOBranch Office571124
Nilavadi BOBranch Office571102
Nisana Belathur BOBranch Office571114
Note Mudran Nagar SOPost Office570003
Old Sosale SOPost Office571120
Paduvakote BOBranch Office571189
Panchavalli BOBranch Office571105
Periyapatna SOPost Office571107
Poonadahalli BOBranch Office571107
PTC Campus SOPost Office570010
Rajanabilugali BOBranch Office571187
Ramakrishna Nagar SO MysuruPost Office570022
Ramanahalli BOBranch Office570019
Ramapura BOBranch Office571604
Rampura BOBranch Office571314
Rangasamudra BOBranch Office571101
Rathnapuri Colony SOPost Office571189
Ravandur SOPost Office571108
Rayanakere BOBranch Office570008
S Hemmanahalli BOBranch Office571130
S Hoskote BOBranch Office571129
Sagare BOBranch Office571121
Saligrama SO MysuruPost Office571604
Sangarasettihalli BOBranch Office571102
Saraswathipuram HOHead Office570009
Sargur SOPost Office571121
Seehalli BOBranch Office571101
Shakthinagar SOPost Office570029
Shanthipura BOBranch Office571189
Shanuboganahalli BOBranch Office571103
Shivaraathreeswar Nagar SOPost Office570015
Siddalingapura BOBranch Office570003
Siddapura BOBranch Office571602
Siddarthanagar Nagar SOPost Office570011
Sigavalu BOBranch Office571604
Sindhuvalli BOBranch Office571311
Sinduvalli BOBranch Office571118
Singaramaranahalli BOBranch Office571189
Sirmalli BOBranch Office571314
Somanahalli BOBranch Office571105
Somanathapura BOBranch Office571120
Someshwarapura BOBranch Office571311
Sri Rampura 2nd Stage SOPost Office570034
Srikantapuri Extension SOPost Office571301
Srirampura BOBranch Office570008
Suttur BOBranch Office571129
T Bettahalli BOBranch Office571122
T Narasipura SOPost Office571124
Tagadur SOPost Office571119
Talakad SOPost Office571122
Taloor BOBranch Office571311
Tattekere BOBranch Office571106
Thammadahalli BOBranch Office571108
Thandavapura SOPost Office571302
Thandre BOBranch Office571604
Thayur BOBranch Office571124
Thondalu BOBranch Office571610
Thumbala BOBranch Office571110
Thumbasoge BOBranch Office571121
Thumnerale BOBranch Office571129
Tippur BOBranch Office571602
Turuganur BOBranch Office571101
Udayagiri SO MysuruPost Office570019
Udbur BOBranch Office570008
Uddur BOBranch Office571105
Ukkalagere BOBranch Office571120
University Campus SO MysuruPost Office570006
Vajamangala BOBranch Office570028
Valagere BOBranch Office571315
Vani Vilas Mohalla SOPost Office570002
Varakodu BOBranch Office570010
Varuna BOBranch Office570010
Vatalu BOBranch Office571124
Vidyapeetha BOBranch Office571312
Vijayanagar III Stage SOPost Office570030
Vijayanagar IV Stage SOPost Office570032
Vijaynagar II Stage SOPost Office570017
Vyasarajapura BOBranch Office571120
Yachenahalli BOBranch Office571101
Yadakola BOBranch Office570010
Yadavagiri SOPost Office570020
Yechagalli BOBranch Office571302
Yelwal SOPost Office571130

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service