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Explore all post offices or pincodes of MURSHIDABAD, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adibasi Beldanga BOBranch Office742122
Adikantanagar BOBranch Office742227
Aheripara BOBranch Office742226
Ahiran BOBranch Office742223
Ajgarpara BOBranch Office742223
Akheriganj BOBranch Office742135
Alampur BOBranch Office742223
Alamsahi BOBranch Office742224
Alugram BOBranch Office742301
AMAIPARA BOBranch Office742123
AMDAHARA BOBranch Office742123
Aminabad BOBranch Office742406
Amlai BOBranch Office742301
Amritakunda BOBranch Office742136
Amtala Mobile BOBranch Office742202
Amtala SOPost Office742121
Anantapur BOBranch Office742202
Andi SOPost Office742168
Andulberia BOBranch Office742189
Andulberia Colony BOBranch Office742189
Andulia BOBranch Office742138
Arjunpur BOBranch Office742202
Ashariadaha BOBranch Office742148
Atai BOBranch Office742159
Aurangabad SO MurshidabadPost Office742201
Ayra BOBranch Office742147
Azimganj SOPost Office742122
Babultali BOBranch Office742308
Bachra BOBranch Office742163
Badua BOBranch Office742147
Bagdabra BOBranch Office742212
Bagdanga SOPost Office742138
Bagore BOBranch Office742136
Bahadurpur BOBranch Office742135
Bahadurpur Roypur BOBranch Office742223
Bahagalpur BOBranch Office742202
Bahara BOBranch Office742138
Bahutali BOBranch Office731222
Bajupur Madhupur BOBranch Office742148
Balarampore Colony BOBranch Office742165
Bali BOBranch Office741156
Balia BOBranch Office742237
Baligokulpur BOBranch Office742302
Bamnabad BOBranch Office742306
Bangsabati BOBranch Office731221
Banjetia BOBranch Office742102
Bansgara BOBranch Office742148
Banwaribad Raj SOPost Office713123
Barala SOPost Office742235
Barasimul BOBranch Office742213
Barjumla BOBranch Office742148
Barua SOPost Office742189
Baruipara SO MurshidabadPost Office742165
Barwan SO MurshidabadPost Office742132
Basantpur SO MurshidabadPost Office742406
Basudebkhali BOBranch Office742187
Bazarshaw BOBranch Office742163
BDurlavpur BOBranch Office742302
Begunbari BOBranch Office742133
Beharia BOBranch Office742175
Beldanga SOPost Office742133
Belgram BOBranch Office742168
Beniagram BOBranch Office742212
Benipur BOBranch Office742140
Berhampore Civil Court SOPost Office742101
Berhampore Station Road SOPost Office742101
Berhampore WB HOHead Office742101
Bewa BOBranch Office742212
Bezpara Saluadanga BOBranch Office742134
Bhabanipur BOBranch Office742202
Bhabta SOPost Office742134
Bhadur BOBranch Office742134
Bhagabangola SOPost Office742135
Bhagabangola Sundarpur BOBranch Office742135
Bhagirathpur BOBranch Office742406
Bhairabpur BOBranch Office742302
Bhalanagar BOBranch Office742121
Bhalkundi BOBranch Office742159
Bhandara BOBranch Office742123
Bharatpur SO MurshidabadPost Office742301
Bhasai Paikar BOBranch Office742202
Bhattabati BOBranch Office742149
Bhola BOBranch Office742226
Bikalnagar BOBranch Office742189
Bilaspur BOBranch Office742303
Bilbora Kopra BOBranch Office742148
Bilcolony BOBranch Office742184
Binodia BOBranch Office742301
Bipra Sekhar BOBranch Office742168
Bishannagar BOBranch Office742133
Bishnupur Kalibari BOBranch Office742102
Boaliadanga BOBranch Office742102
Boincuitala BOBranch Office742302
Bokhara BOBranch Office742226
Borderpara BOBranch Office742308
Boxipur BOBranch Office742303
Boyar BOBranch Office742226
Brahmanpara BOBranch Office742138
Brindabanpur BOBranch Office742406
BSahazadpur BOBranch Office742187
BSherpur BOBranch Office742301
Bundainagar BOBranch Office742175
Chabghati BOBranch Office742201
Chachanda BOBranch Office742224
Chaitanyapur BOBranch Office742134
Chaitpur BOBranch Office742161
Chakshyapur BOBranch Office742202
Chaltia SOPost Office742407
Chanak BOBranch Office742184
Chandni Chak Hat BOBranch Office742223
Chandpur BOBranch Office742121
Char Rajapur BOBranch Office742306
Charmahula BOBranch Office742405
Charmunsipara BOBranch Office742306
Chatai BOBranch Office742302
Chatra BOBranch Office742302
Chhaighari BOBranch Office742302
Chhatina Kandi BOBranch Office742138
Choa BOBranch Office742166
Choapara BOBranch Office742305
Choatore BOBranch Office742140
Chotkalia SOPost Office742213
Chotobathan BOBranch Office742104
Chourigacha BOBranch Office742405
Chunakhali Nimtala SOPost Office742102
Cossimbazar Raj SOPost Office742102
Dadpur BOBranch Office742189
Dafahat BOBranch Office742224
Dafarpur BOBranch Office742227
Daharpar BOBranch Office742201
Daihatta Road SOPost Office742103
Dakatiapota BOBranch Office742174
Dakshingramsabitri BOBranch Office742235
Dakshinkhanda BOBranch Office713123
Dalelpara BOBranch Office742113
Dalua BOBranch Office742133
Dangapara BOBranch Office742302
Dasturhat BOBranch Office742122
Daulatabad SO MurshidabadPost Office742302
Dayarampur BOBranch Office742213
Debaipur BOBranch Office742135
Debiparulia BOBranch Office731244
Debipur BOBranch Office742306
Debipur SOPost Office742113
Debkunda BOBranch Office742133
Dechapra BOBranch Office742401
Dhanpatganj BOBranch Office742226
Dhulari BOBranch Office742308
Dhuliyan SOPost Office742202
Diar Fatepur BOBranch Office742135
Diar Raninagar BOBranch Office742227
Diar Shyampur BOBranch Office742135
Diara BOBranch Office742122
District School Board SO MurshidabadPost Office742101
DLSSJdham SOPost Office742104
Dogachi BOBranch Office742202
Dohali Dangapara BOBranch Office742226
DPareshpur BOBranch Office742305
Dudsar BOBranch Office742174
Dumkal SOPost Office742303
Dupukuria BOBranch Office742163
Durgapur BOBranch Office742187
Dutta Barutia BOBranch Office742401
Ekghoria Khanqua BOBranch Office742132
Ekpaharia Sayedpur BOBranch Office742132
Eroali BOBranch Office742147
Etore BOBranch Office742104
Farakka Barrage SOPost Office742212
Farakka BOBranch Office742212
Farakka Project SOPost Office742212
Faridpur BOBranch Office742303
Fatepur BOBranch Office742132
Fatullapur BOBranch Office742223
Fulpur BOBranch Office742135
Fultala SOPost Office742225
Gangadaspara BOBranch Office742303
Gangadhari BOBranch Office742121
Gangaprasad BOBranch Office742213
Gangedda BOBranch Office742140
Gangin BOBranch Office742223
Gankar SOPost Office742227
Ganthla BOBranch Office742136
Garaimari BOBranch Office742303
Garibpur BOBranch Office742121
Garorah BOBranch Office742184
Gayespur BOBranch Office742147
Gazdharpara BOBranch Office742102
Gaznipur BOBranch Office742166
Ghoramara BOBranch Office742133
Ghorshala BOBranch Office742235
Ghugridanga BOBranch Office742122
Gidgram BOBranch Office742401
Giria BOBranch Office742213
Goaljan BOBranch Office742187
Goas BOBranch Office742304
Gobardhandanga BOBranch Office742122
Gobindapur BOBranch Office742405
Gobor Hati BOBranch Office742136
Godagari BOBranch Office742305
Godapara BOBranch Office742161
Godda Sighari BOBranch Office742161
Godhanpara BOBranch Office742304
Gofurpur SOPost Office742213
Goghata BOBranch Office742121
Gokarna SOPost Office742136
Gokul Gobindapur BOBranch Office742304
Gopinathpur BOBranch Office742149
Gopinathpur Madhyapara BOBranch Office742304
Gorabazar SOPost Office742101
Gramshalika BOBranch Office742132
Gudhia BOBranch Office742302
Gulhatia BOBranch Office742401
Gunanandabati BOBranch Office742140
Gurah BOBranch Office742184
Gurulia BOBranch Office742147
Habaspur BOBranch Office742135
Hanumanta Nagar BOBranch Office742135
Hareknagar BOBranch Office742133
Harekrishnapur BOBranch Office742305
Harhari BOBranch Office742226
Harharia Chak BOBranch Office742304
Haribhanga BOBranch Office742302
Hariharpara SOPost Office742166
Haripur BOBranch Office742147
Harishchandrapur BOBranch Office742161
Harowa BOBranch Office731221
Harudanga BOBranch Office742308
Hasanpur BOBranch Office742201
Hastinapur BOBranch Office742161
Hatinagar BOBranch Office742102
Hatkalua BOBranch Office713129
Hazarpur Nabagram BOBranch Office742136
Huda Herampur BOBranch Office742304
Indrani BOBranch Office742159
Indraprastha SOPost Office742103
Islampore SOPost Office742304
Jadupur BOBranch Office742405
Jafrabad BOBranch Office742149
Jafraganj BOBranch Office742202
Jagaipur BOBranch Office742121
Jagannathpur BOBranch Office742165
Jagtai BOBranch Office742224
Jahankosha BOBranch Office742149
Jajan BOBranch Office742140
Jajriachar Dumuria BOBranch Office742135
Jalalpur BOBranch Office742189
Jalangi SOPost Office742305
Jangipur Barrage SOPost Office742223
Jangipur SOPost Office742213
Jarur BOBranch Office742235
Jasohari BOBranch Office742147
Jawhari BOBranch Office742161
Jemo BOBranch Office742138
Jemo Rajbati SOPost Office742140
Jhikarhati BOBranch Office742168
Jhikra BOBranch Office742174
Jhowbona BOBranch Office742175
Jhunka BOBranch Office742134
Jiaganj SOPost Office742123
Jibanpur BOBranch Office742135
Jibanti BOBranch Office742136
Jinnatpara BOBranch Office742308
Jitpur BOBranch Office742121
Joykrishnapur BOBranch Office742305
Joykrishnapur Gangarampur BOBranch Office742187
Joynagar BOBranch Office742189
Joypur BOBranch Office742159
Juginda BOBranch Office742406
Jugsara BOBranch Office742132
Juranpur BOBranch Office742406
Kabilpur BOBranch Office742237
Kadamtala BOBranch Office742224
Kadkhali BOBranch Office742163
Kagram BOBranch Office742401
Kalabagh BOBranch Office742213
Kaladanga BOBranch Office742304
Kaliganj BOBranch Office742305
Kalitala BOBranch Office742133
Kalitaladiar BOBranch Office742165
Kalukhali BOBranch Office742135
Kamnagar BOBranch Office742405
Kanaighat BOBranch Office731222
Kandi Balia BOBranch Office742138
Kandi Bazar SOPost Office742137
Kandi Bus Stand SOPost Office742137
Kandi Court SOPost Office742137
Kandi HOHead Office742137
Kanfala BOBranch Office742184
Kangali Mondalpara BOBranch Office742308
Kankuria BOBranch Office742202
Kansari Bazar SOPost Office742101
Kantanagar BOBranch Office742135
Kanthalia BOBranch Office742405
Kantur BOBranch Office742132
Kanupur BOBranch Office742223
Kapasdanga BOBranch Office742133
Karaya BOBranch Office742237
Karna Subarna BOBranch Office742405
Kashiadanga BOBranch Office742213
Kashidanga Mohammadpur BOBranch Office742159
Kashimnagar BOBranch Office742224
Kashipur Murshidabad BOBranch Office742189
Katlamari BOBranch Office742308
Kazipara BOBranch Office742306
Kazisaha BOBranch Office742133
Kedarchandpur BOBranch Office742133
Khagra SOPost Office742103
Khairamari BOBranch Office742303
Khamer Diar BOBranch Office742135
Khamra BOBranch Office742213
Khandua BOBranch Office742148
Kharati BOBranch Office742226
Kharera BOBranch Office742401
Khargram Hospital BOBranch Office742147
Khargram SOPost Office742147
Kharjuna BOBranch Office742168
Khatua BOBranch Office742122
Kherur BOBranch Office742237
Khidirpur BOBranch Office742134
Khodarampur BOBranch Office742213
Khosbaspur BOBranch Office742136
Khoshbagh BOBranch Office742149
Khoyra BOBranch Office742301
Kiriteswari BOBranch Office742104
Kirtipur BOBranch Office742147
Kodla BOBranch Office742405
Kolla BOBranch Office742140
Koregram BOBranch Office742404
Krishnapur BOBranch Office742148
Krishnapur Dinupara BOBranch Office742148
Kuchiamora BOBranch Office742303
Kulgachi BOBranch Office742213
Kuli BOBranch Office742202
Kuli Kandi BOBranch Office742168
Kumar Shanda BOBranch Office742136
Kumarpur BOBranch Office742189
Kundal BOBranch Office742168
Kunia BOBranch Office742168
Kunjaghata BOBranch Office742103
Kupila BOBranch Office742303
Kurmitola BOBranch Office742149
Kurnnarun BOBranch Office742161
Kurulia BOBranch Office742132
Kushberia BOBranch Office742406
Labanchoa BOBranch Office742223
Lakshminathpur BOBranch Office742303
Lalbagh SO MurshidabadPost Office742149
Laldighi SOPost Office742101
Lalgola SOPost Office742148
Lalkhandiar BOBranch Office742213
Lalpur BOBranch Office742202
Laskarpur BOBranch Office742151
Lochanmati Dangapara BOBranch Office742166
Lochanpur BOBranch Office742304
Lohadaha BOBranch Office742163
Loharpur BOBranch Office742224
Lokenathpur BOBranch Office742189
Mackenzi Park SOPost Office742225
Madanpur BOBranch Office742304
Madda BOBranch Office742133
Madhupur BOBranch Office742121
Madhupur Colony SOPost Office742101
Madhurkul BOBranch Office742406
Mahadebbati BOBranch Office742161
Mahadebnagar BOBranch Office742202
Mahadia BOBranch Office742138
Mahalandi BOBranch Office742136
Mahisar BOBranch Office742147
Mahisasthali BOBranch Office742135
Mahishgram BOBranch Office742168
Mahishmara BOBranch Office742133
Mahula BOBranch Office742134
Mahura Kandi BOBranch Office742132
Mahurul Anantapur BOBranch Office742136
Majhyampur BOBranch Office742189
Makhaltore BOBranch Office742401
Malancha BOBranch Office742202
Maliandi BOBranch Office742161
Malibari BOBranch Office742304
Malihati BOBranch Office742401
Mandra BOBranch Office742161
Manigram SOPost Office742237
Manikahar BOBranch Office742163
Manikchak BOBranch Office742148
Maniknagar BOBranch Office742133
Margram BOBranch Office742147
Maricha BOBranch Office742304
Marut BOBranch Office742161
Masla BOBranch Office742301
Masundi BOBranch Office742301
Maya BOBranch Office742148
Megha Siara BOBranch Office742226
Mianpur BOBranch Office742235
Milki BOBranch Office742163
Mirzapur SO MurshidabBOBranch Office742133
Mithipur BOBranch Office742213
Miyan BOBranch Office742404
Mohammadpur BOBranch Office742121
Mohanganj BOBranch Office742308
Mohasail BOBranch Office742201
Moktarpur BOBranch Office742302
Mominpur BOBranch Office742303
Momrejpur BOBranch Office742202
Moregram BOBranch Office742226
Moshimpur BOBranch Office742163
Mridadpur BOBranch Office742304
Muktinagar BOBranch Office742102
Mukundapur BOBranch Office742187
Muniadihi BOBranch Office742161
Muradpur Arji BOBranch Office742305
Murshidabad SOPost Office742149
Nabadurga BOBranch Office742168
Nabagram SO MurshidabadPost Office742184
Nabarun SOPost Office742236
Nabipur BOBranch Office742308
Nagar SO MurshidabadPost Office742159
Nagra BOBranch Office742122
Nashipur Balagachi BOBranch Office742135
Nashipur Rajbati SOPost Office742160
Naskarpur BOBranch Office742224
Natial BOBranch Office742308
Naupukuria BOBranch Office742133
Naya Bahadurpur BOBranch Office742223
Nayagram BOBranch Office731219
Nayakharida Babupur BOBranch Office742135
Nayansukh BOBranch Office742202
Nazirpur BOBranch Office742304
Nimgram Beluri BOBranch Office742226
Nimtita Joykrishnapur BOBranch Office742224
Nimtita SOPost Office742224
Nischintapur BOBranch Office742165
Noapara BOBranch Office742226
Nograjole BOBranch Office742102
Nonadanga BOBranch Office731241
Nowda BOBranch Office742121
Nowdapanur BOBranch Office742102
Nowpara Simulia BOBranch Office742134
Ntpc Farakka SOPost Office742236
Nurpur BOBranch Office742223
Nutan Durgapur BOBranch Office742304
Nutanganj BOBranch Office742227
Nutangram BOBranch Office742140
Nutanpararaipur BOBranch Office742165
Omarpur BOBranch Office731222
Padmanavpur BOBranch Office742166
Paharpur BOBranch Office742148
Paikmari BOBranch Office742304
Palitpara BOBranch Office742163
Palsandamore SOPost Office742238
Panchgram BOBranch Office742184
Panchthupi SOPost Office742161
Par Raghunathpur BOBranch Office742303
Pardiar BOBranch Office742121
Pareshnathpur BOBranch Office742175
Parulia BOBranch Office742201
Pasai BOBranch Office742227
Pasla BOBranch Office742184
Patikabari BOBranch Office742121
Patkeldanga BOBranch Office742122
Pilky BOBranch Office742237
Polsanda BOBranch Office742159
Pomaipur BOBranch Office742302
Prosadpur BOBranch Office742401
Protappur BOBranch Office742166
PTRasulpur BOBranch Office742303
Pulinda BOBranch Office742134
Pundi BOBranch Office742226
Purandarpur BOBranch Office742140
Puropara BOBranch Office742201
Radharghat SOPost Office742187
Raghunathganj Bazar SOPost Office742225
Raghunathganj HOHead Office742225
Raghunathpur BOBranch Office742223
Raigram BOBranch Office742401
Rainda BOBranch Office742187
Raipur BOBranch Office742303
Raipurmirpur BOBranch Office742121
Rajapur BOBranch Office742306
Rajarampur Monoharpur BOBranch Office742140
Rajarampur SOPost Office742151
Rajdharpara BOBranch Office742165
Rajhat BOBranch Office742161
Rajnagar BOBranch Office742175
Rajput Teghari BOBranch Office742213
Ramchandrapur BOBranch Office742159
Ramdebpur BOBranch Office742213
Rameswarpur BOBranch Office742134
Ramkrishnapur BOBranch Office742166
Ramna Sekhdighi BOBranch Office742227
Ramnagar Dk BOBranch Office742308
Rampara BOBranch Office742189
Rampur BOBranch Office742113
Raninagar SOPost Office742308
Rasorah BOBranch Office742138
Rasulpur BOBranch Office742184
Ratanpur BOBranch Office742202
Raturi BOBranch Office731221
REJINAGAR SOPost Office742410
Roshanbagh SOPost Office742164
Rukunpur BOBranch Office742166
Sabaldaha BOBranch Office742159
Sabdarnagar SOPost Office742175
Sabitrinagar BOBranch Office742405
Sadal BOBranch Office742159
Sadar Nashipur BOBranch Office742151
SADEKBAG BOBranch Office742123
Sadekpur BOBranch Office742223
Sadi Khan Diar BOBranch Office742303
Sagardighi SOPost Office742226
Sagarpara SOPost Office742306
Sagia BOBranch Office742151
Sahapur BOBranch Office742301
Sahapurbarala BOBranch Office742122
Sahazadpur BOBranch Office742166
Saheb Nagar BOBranch Office742306
Sahebrampur BOBranch Office742305
Sahi Sherpur BOBranch Office742159
Saidabad BOBranch Office742103
Saktipur SOPost Office742163
Salar SOPost Office742401
Salinda BOBranch Office742401
Salu BOBranch Office742401
Samsabad BOBranch Office742226
Sankarpur BOBranch Office742159
Sankarpur Dharampur BOBranch Office742166
Sanmatinagar BOBranch Office742213
Sarangpur BOBranch Office742304
Sarbangapur SOPost Office742174
Sargachi Ashram SOPost Office742408
Sarkarpara BOBranch Office742305
Sarmastipur BOBranch Office742404
Satitara BOBranch Office742132
Satui SOPost Office742405
Sayed Kulut BOBranch Office742301
Sehalai BOBranch Office742301
Sekhalipur BOBranch Office742148
Senai BOBranch Office742132
Sendajamur BOBranch Office742235
Shaikhpara SOPost Office742409
Shibnagar BOBranch Office742306
Shibnagar Laskarpur BOBranch Office742406
Shibrambati BOBranch Office742161
Shimulia BOBranch Office713123
Shyamnagar Murshidabad BOBranch Office741156
Shyampur Nutanpara BOBranch Office742135
Sidhori BOBranch Office731222
Sijgram BOBranch Office742301
Singer BOBranch Office742184
Singheswari Gouripur BOBranch Office742122
Siteshnagar BOBranch Office742151
Sompara BOBranch Office742163
Sonatikuri BOBranch Office742175
Srikrishnapur BOBranch Office742405
Srimantapur BOBranch Office742212
Sripur BOBranch Office742166
SSSen Road SOPost Office742101
Sujapur BOBranch Office742134
Suki BOBranch Office742226
Sundarpur BOBranch Office742161
Sundipur BOBranch Office742102
Sunuti BOBranch Office742401
Swaruppur BOBranch Office742166
Takipur BOBranch Office742189
Talgachi BOBranch Office742149
Talgram BOBranch Office742301
Talibpur SOPost Office742402
Tanti Birol BOBranch Office742235
Tarapur BOBranch Office742161
Targram BOBranch Office742184
Tartipur BOBranch Office742166
Telkar Dafarpur BOBranch Office742187
Tenka Raipur BOBranch Office742304
Tentulia BOBranch Office742302
Tenya SOPost Office742404
Tezsinghapur BOBranch Office742304
Tikiapara BOBranch Office742187
Tildanga BOBranch Office742212
Tinpukuria BOBranch Office742202
Trimohini BOBranch Office742175
Tungi BOBranch Office741156
Udaynagar Colony BOBranch Office742305
Ujunia BOBranch Office742401
Upar Fatepur BOBranch Office742148
Uttar Gopinathpur BOBranch Office742159
Uttar Ramna BOBranch Office742235

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service