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Explore all post offices or pincodes of MEDINIPUR EAST, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abasbari SOPost Office721637
Agadoro BOBranch Office721635
Ajodhyapur BOBranch Office721401
Ajoya BOBranch Office721430
Akandabari BOBranch Office721650
Alamchak Belda BOBranch Office721439
Alangiri BOBranch Office721420
Alankarpur BOBranch Office721441
Alinan BOBranch Office721137
Alukaranbarh BOBranch Office721454
Amalhara BOBranch Office721134
Amarpur BOBranch Office721439
Amarshi SOPost Office721454
Amdabad BOBranch Office721650
Amdan BOBranch Office721131
Amgachia BOBranch Office721631
Amratala BOBranch Office721656
Amritberia BOBranch Office721628
Amtalia BOBranch Office721427
Analberia BOBranch Office721444
Anantapur BOBranch Office721635
Arankiarana SOPost Office721642
Argoal SOPost Office721456
Argora BOBranch Office721439
Arisanda BOBranch Office721139
Arjunnagar BOBranch Office721456
Arror BOBranch Office721134
Asadtala BOBranch Office721656
Ashutia BOBranch Office721626
Ashutiabarh BOBranch Office721659
Asnan BOBranch Office721642
Astichak BOBranch Office721422
Aswathapur BOBranch Office721446
Atattar BOBranch Office721633
Atbati BOBranch Office721422
Athilagori SOPost Office721405
Aurai BOBranch Office721427
Ayma Barbaria BOBranch Office721439
Bahadurpur BOBranch Office721626
Baharganj BOBranch Office721432
Baharpota BOBranch Office721151
Bahichard BOBranch Office721627
Bahitrakunda BOBranch Office721401
Baikunthapur BOBranch Office721442
Bainchberia BOBranch Office721649
Baishnabchak SOPost Office721158
Bakcha BOBranch Office721642
Baksispur BOBranch Office721401
Bakulda BOBranch Office721139
Balageria BOBranch Office721422
Balidangri SOPost Office721139
Balighai SOPost Office721422
Balisai SOPost Office721423
Ballukhat BOBranch Office721137
Ballyagobindapur BOBranch Office721440
Balughata BOBranch Office721645
Bamanbarh BOBranch Office721456
Bamunia BOBranch Office721628
Banamalichatta BOBranch Office721449
Bankibheri BOBranch Office721458
Bankiput BOBranch Office721442
Bansgora Bazar BOBranch Office721430
Bara Gokul Nagar BOBranch Office721152
Barabantalia BOBranch Office721450
Barabari BOBranch Office721645
Barabari South BOBranch Office721430
Barabatia BOBranch Office721443
Barabhuniakhali BOBranch Office721652
Barada Bazar BOBranch Office721448
Baraghuni BOBranch Office721656
Baraibarh BOBranch Office721626
Barakamarda BOBranch Office721648
Barakurmarchak BOBranch Office721647
Baranihary BOBranch Office721429
Baratala BOBranch Office721431
Baraudaypur BOBranch Office721456
Barbajitpur BOBranch Office721645
Barbaria BOBranch Office721626
Barbasudevpur BOBranch Office721645
Bargabhima SOPost Office721636
Barghasipur BOBranch Office721657
Bargoda BOBranch Office721651
Bargodagodar BOBranch Office721652
Barhat BOBranch Office721454
Barida Bazar BOBranch Office721429
Barmakhal BOBranch Office721434
Barnan BOBranch Office721137
Baroda BOBranch Office721658
Baroj BOBranch Office721633
Barsimulbari BOBranch Office721659
Bartana BOBranch Office721429
Baruttarhingli BOBranch Office721654
Basanchak BOBranch Office721654
Basantia SO East MidnaporePost Office721442
Basudebberia BOBranch Office721444
Basudebpur BOBranch Office721452
Basudevpur BOBranch Office721602
Basuli Bazar BOBranch Office721425
Basulia BOBranch Office721628
Bathuary BOBranch Office721422
Battala BOBranch Office721433
Bayenda BOBranch Office721425
Benachakri BOBranch Office721429
Benichak BOBranch Office721442
Bhaghadari BOBranch Office721425
Bhagwanpur SO East MidnaporePost Office721601
Bhajachauli BOBranch Office721452
Bhatda BOBranch Office721422
Bhawanichak BOBranch Office721427
Bhekutia BOBranch Office721656
Bheturia BOBranch Office721650
Bhimeswaribazar BOBranch Office721458
Bhogpur SO East MidnaporePost Office721151
Bhuniajibarh BOBranch Office721455
Bhuniaraychak BOBranch Office721635
Bhupatinagar SOPost Office721425
Bibhisanpur BOBranch Office721458
Bidurpur BOBranch Office721422
Bijoyramchak BOBranch Office721152
Birulia BOBranch Office721650
Bishnupur BOBranch Office721446
Biswanathpur BOBranch Office721452
Biswas BOBranch Office721636
Bodhra BOBranch Office721423
Boga BOBranch Office721431
Bolkhusda BOBranch Office721446
Boyal BOBranch Office721656
Brajaballavpur BOBranch Office721456
Brajalalchak BOBranch Office721659
Brindaban Chak BOBranch Office721641
Brindabanpur BOBranch Office721633
Bulakipur BOBranch Office721439
Burarihat BOBranch Office721137
Byabattarhat SOPost Office721648
Chabukiauttarbarh BOBranch Office721144
Chaitannyapur SOPost Office721645
Chakbhabani BOBranch Office721440
Chakdwipa BOBranch Office721645
Chakjiandighi BOBranch Office721649
Chaknan BOBranch Office721633
Chakradhaban BOBranch Office721152
Champi BOBranch Office721628
Chandanpur BOBranch Office721438
Chandanpurhat BOBranch Office721446
Changra BOBranch Office721629
Changrachak BOBranch Office721644
Changrakalaganda BOBranch Office721651
Chanserpur SOPost Office721653
Chapatala BOBranch Office721442
Chapda BOBranch Office721154
Charabarh BOBranch Office721626
Chatla BOBranch Office721448
Chauddachulli BOBranch Office721432
Chaulkhola SOPost Office721455
Chhatri BOBranch Office721429
Chingurdania BOBranch Office721430
Chirulia BOBranch Office721448
Chorpalia BOBranch Office721448
Contai Bazar SOPost Office721403
Contai HOHead Office721401
Contai Super Market SOPost Office721402
Dabuapukur BOBranch Office721634
Dadanpatrabarh BOBranch Office721455
Daisai BOBranch Office721449
Dakhin Badalpur BOBranch Office721423
Dakhin Sandalpur BOBranch Office721444
Dakhinkasimnagar BOBranch Office721632
Dakshin Changrachak BOBranch Office721644
Dakshin Dauki BOBranch Office721450
Dakshin Kalamdan BOBranch Office721430
Dakshin Kalyanpur BOBranch Office721455
Dakshin Narikelda BOBranch Office721648
Dakshinchak BOBranch Office721654
Dakshindamodarpur BOBranch Office721652
Dakshinmoyna BOBranch Office721629
Dakshinsrikrishnapur BOBranch Office721648
Dalpara BOBranch Office721139
Damodarpur BOBranch Office721446
Damodarpur Contai BOBranch Office721401
Dariapur BOBranch Office721442
Darua BOBranch Office721401
Daudpur BOBranch Office721401
Daudpurnandi BOBranch Office721631
Dayaldasi BOBranch Office721632
Debhog SOPost Office721657
Debipur BOBranch Office721650
Dehati BOBranch Office721139
Dekhali BOBranch Office721430
Demarihat BOBranch Office721172
Depal SOPost Office721453
Deriachak BOBranch Office721151
Deshdattabarh BOBranch Office721450
Deulbarh SOPost Office721427
Deuli BOBranch Office721423
Deulia BOBranch Office721154
Deulpota BOBranch Office721603
Deulpota Keshabchak BOBranch Office721432
Dhalhara BOBranch Office721636
Dhandalibarh BOBranch Office721452
Dhangaon BOBranch Office721401
Dhanghara BOBranch Office721444
Dhankar BOBranch Office721458
Dhankrabanka BOBranch Office721434
Dhanyaghar BOBranch Office721643
Dhekua BOBranch Office721658
Dholmari BOBranch Office721442
Dhuliapur BOBranch Office721634
Digha New Township SOPost Office721463
Digha SO East MidnaporePost Office721428
Dighadari BOBranch Office721444
Dobandi BOBranch Office721647
Donachak BOBranch Office721644
Dorojoynagar BOBranch Office721635
Dorokashipur BOBranch Office721658
Dorokrishnanagar BOBranch Office721635
Dubda BOBranch Office721448
Dumandari BOBranch Office721425
Dumdun BOBranch Office721152
Durgachak Colony SOPost Office721602
Durgachak SOPost Office721602
Durgapur BOBranch Office721631
Durmuth BOBranch Office721405
Dwariberia BOBranch Office721654
Egra Kasba SOPost Office721429
Egra SOPost Office721429
Ektarpur BOBranch Office721633
Erenda BOBranch Office721429
Etamogra BOBranch Office721628
Fuleswar BOBranch Office721401
Gangadharchak BOBranch Office721444
Ganjanarayanpur BOBranch Office721648
Garbari BOBranch Office721626
Garh Krishna Nagar BOBranch Office721650
Garhchakraberia BOBranch Office721631
Garhkamalpur BOBranch Office721628
Garia BOBranch Office721448
Geondab BOBranch Office721657
Geonkhali SOPost Office721603
Ghasipur BOBranch Office721628
Ghatua Purusottampur BOBranch Office721438
Gholpukuria BOBranch Office721650
Ghoraghata BOBranch Office721427
Gobindapur BOBranch Office721627
Gobindapurbajitpur BOBranch Office721645
Gobra BOBranch Office721441
Gobradan BOBranch Office721642
Gokulnagar BOBranch Office721646
Gokulpur BOBranch Office721439
Golapchak BOBranch Office721658
Goleghat BOBranch Office721139
Gopalchak BOBranch Office721423
Gopalnagar Hat BOBranch Office721139
Gopalnagar SO East MidnaporePost Office721130
Gopalpur BOBranch Office721628
Gopichak BOBranch Office721431
Gopinathpur BOBranch Office721633
Goramahal BOBranch Office721642
Gourangachak BOBranch Office721644
Gurgram BOBranch Office721633
Hadia BOBranch Office721654
Haipur BOBranch Office721433
Haldia OR SOPost Office721606
Haldia Patna BOBranch Office721441
Haldia Port BOBranch Office721607
Haldia SOPost Office721604
Haldia TS SOPost Office721607
Haludbari BOBranch Office721432
Hanschara SOPost Office721625
Hanubhunia BOBranch Office721625
Harasankar BOBranch Office721151
Haria SOPost Office721430
Haridaspur BOBranch Office721653
Harijhama BOBranch Office721152
Haripur BOBranch Office721631
Hatbaincha BOBranch Office721422
Hatgopalpur BOBranch Office721454
Hatiberia BOBranch Office721657
Hijalberia BOBranch Office721649
Hirapur BOBranch Office721441
HIT SOPost Office721606
Hogla BOBranch Office721137
Hour SOPost Office721131
Ichhabari BOBranch Office721444
Illaspur BOBranch Office721601
Islampur BOBranch Office721455
Iswardahajalpai BOBranch Office721654
Iswarpur BOBranch Office721659
Itaberia BOBranch Office721456
Jabda BOBranch Office721456
Jagatpur BOBranch Office721603
Jahanabad BOBranch Office721432
Jaigirchak BOBranch Office721644
Jalpai BOBranch Office721652
Jamitya BOBranch Office721134
Jamua Sankarpur BOBranch Office721427
Jamualachimpur BOBranch Office721422
Janka SOPost Office721431
Jasora BOBranch Office721641
Jasteghori BOBranch Office721446
Jawfullybibichak BOBranch Office721137
Jerthan BOBranch Office721420
Jhawa BOBranch Office721450
Jhawgeria BOBranch Office721441
Jiakhali BOBranch Office721641
Joybalarampur BOBranch Office721137
Jukhia Bazar BOBranch Office721430
Juki BOBranch Office721448
Jumki BOBranch Office721448
Junboni BOBranch Office721452
Junput SOPost Office721450
Kaithore BOBranch Office721429
Kajlagarh SOPost Office721626
Kajli BOBranch Office721422
Kakgechia BOBranch Office721649
Kakra BOBranch Office721659
Kalagachia SO East MidnaporePost Office721432
Kalagechhia Bara BOBranch Office721634
Kalicharanpur BOBranch Office721646
Kalidan BOBranch Office721131
Kalikadari BOBranch Office721642
Kalikakundu BOBranch Office721654
Kalindi BOBranch Office721455
Kalindi Teghari BOBranch Office721455
Kalsi BOBranch Office721456
Kalyanchak BOBranch Office721632
Kalyanpur BOBranch Office721632
Kalyanpur Tentulmuri BOBranch Office721447
Kamalpur BOBranch Office721650
Kamarda Bazar BOBranch Office721432
Kanaidighi BOBranch Office721444
Kanakpur BOBranch Office721439
Kanchanpur BOBranch Office721628
Kandagram BOBranch Office721446
Kandapasra BOBranch Office721633
Kantai BOBranch Office721401
Kapasaria BOBranch Office721628
Karaldanimakbarh BOBranch Office721449
Karanji BOBranch Office721423
Karkuli SOPost Office721404
Kartickkhali BOBranch Office721431
Kasaria BOBranch Office721431
Kasbagola BOBranch Office721447
Katka Debichak BOBranch Office721431
Katranka BOBranch Office721454
Kayemgeria BOBranch Office721444
Kekai BOBranch Office721439
Kelomal SOPost Office721627
Kendamari BOBranch Office721631
Keshabpur BOBranch Office721628
Keshabpurjalpai BOBranch Office721628
Keshapat BOBranch Office721139
Keunchia BOBranch Office721431
Keutgeria BOBranch Office721422
Khagda BOBranch Office721452
Khagdabirgram BOBranch Office721633
Khalisabhanga SOPost Office721433
Khanchi SOPost Office721643
Khanjanchak BOBranch Office721602
Khanyadihi BOBranch Office721641
Khar BOBranch Office721429
Kharui BOBranch Office721134
Kharuigarh BOBranch Office721429
Khejurda BOBranch Office721422
Khejuri BOBranch Office721431
Khodambari BOBranch Office721650
Khurutia BOBranch Office721448
Kiakhali BOBranch Office721646
Kiarana BOBranch Office721642
Kishorechak BOBranch Office721642
Kishorepur BOBranch Office721139
Kismatbajkul SOPost Office721655
Kolaghat Natun Bazar SOPost Office721134
Kolaghat RS SOPost Office721134
Kolaghat SOPost Office721134
Kotebarh BOBranch Office721633
Krishnanagar Contai BOBranch Office721430
Ktpp SOPost Office721137
Ktpp TS SOPost Office721171
Kukrahati SOPost Office721658
Kulanjara BOBranch Office721427
Kulbari BOBranch Office721625
Kulberia BOBranch Office721649
Kultikri Aranga BOBranch Office721448
Kumarara BOBranch Office721632
Kumarchak SOPost Office721652
Kumarpur BOBranch Office721654
Kumirda BOBranch Office721444
Kunjapur BOBranch Office721431
Kurpai BOBranch Office721649
Lakhi BOBranch Office721430
Lakshmanchak BOBranch Office721431
Lakshya SOPost Office721654
Lakshyakuri BOBranch Office721152
Lalpur BOBranch Office721601
Lalua BOBranch Office721456
Madanmohanpur BOBranch Office721454
Madhabpur BOBranch Office721626
Madhusudanchak BOBranch Office721655
Madhyahingli BOBranch Office721628
Maguri Jagannathchak BOBranch Office721152
Maguri Uttarsai BOBranch Office721152
Mahadole BOBranch Office721634
Mahammadpur BOBranch Office721601
Mahespur BOBranch Office721452
Mahisadal SOPost Office721628
Mahisagote BOBranch Office721401
Maisali BOBranch Office721434
Maitana BOBranch Office721433
Majna BOBranch Office721433
Majnaberia BOBranch Office721633
Makrampur BOBranch Office721439
Mandar BOBranch Office721441
Mandarpur BOBranch Office721433
Manglamaro SOPost Office721434
Manikabasan BOBranch Office721453
Manikjore BOBranch Office721456
Manuchak BOBranch Office721656
Marisda SOPost Office721449
Mathchandipur SOPost Office721659
Mathura BOBranch Office721456
Mayachar BOBranch Office721648
Mechada SOPost Office721137
Medakhali BOBranch Office721431
Meghadangar BOBranch Office721152
Mirgoda BOBranch Office721446
Mirikpur SOPost Office721649
Mirpur BOBranch Office721648
Mirzanagar BOBranch Office721642
Mohati BOBranch Office721430
Monoharchak SOPost Office721406
Monoharpur BOBranch Office721650
Motilalchak BOBranch Office721652
Moyna SOPost Office721629
Moynakalagachia BOBranch Office721629
Mugberia BOBranch Office721425
Muradpur BOBranch Office721625
Murisai BOBranch Office721452
Mustafapur BOBranch Office721443
Naba Anantapur BOBranch Office721601
Nabatajpur BOBranch Office721601
Nachinda Bazar SOPost Office721444
Naikuri BOBranch Office721653
Naipur BOBranch Office721439
Nakibasan BOBranch Office721649
Namal BOBranch Office721401
Namalbarh BOBranch Office721151
Namaldiha BOBranch Office721427
Nandakumar SOPost Office721632
Nandapur BOBranch Office721625
Nandigram SOPost Office721631
Naranda BOBranch Office721139
Narandia BOBranch Office721423
Narayandari BOBranch Office721655
Narghat Laban Satyagraha BOBranch Office721633
Narghat SOPost Office721633
Narkuli BOBranch Office721423
Naskarpur BOBranch Office721422
Natshal BOBranch Office721603
Nayaput BOBranch Office721401
Naynan BOBranch Office721631
Nazirbaza5r BOBranch Office721655
Negua BOBranch Office721448
Nijkasba BOBranch Office721431
Nilkunthia BOBranch Office721627
Nilpur BOBranch Office721631
Nonakuribazar SOPost Office721172
Noonhanda BOBranch Office721458
North Biswanathpur BOBranch Office721439
Osmanchak BOBranch Office721631
Padumbasan SOPost Office721636
Paikbheri BOBranch Office721601
Paikpari SOPost Office721134
Pailachhanpur BOBranch Office721401
Pairachali BOBranch Office721633
Paldhui BOBranch Office721453
Palpara SO East MidnaporePost Office721458
Panchahari BOBranch Office721458
Panchetgarh SOPost Office721438
Panchrol SOPost Office721447
Panchuria BOBranch Office721434
Pania BOBranch Office721440
Panichiary BOBranch Office721444
Paniparul SOPost Office721448
Pankhai BOBranch Office721431
Panskura RS SOPost Office721152
Panskura SOPost Office721139
Paramanandapur SOPost Office721644
Parbatipur SOPost Office721636
Parulbari BOBranch Office721631
Paschim Bamunia BOBranch Office721450
Paschim Manikpur BOBranch Office721452
Paschimbarh BOBranch Office721144
Paschimchilka BOBranch Office721647
Paschimnaichanpur BOBranch Office721642
Paschimpatna BOBranch Office721659
Patanda BOBranch Office721139
Patashpur SOPost Office721439
Paushi BOBranch Office721444
Payag BOBranch Office721154
Payamedinipur BOBranch Office721428
Pichabani BOBranch Office721455
Pirijkhanbarh BOBranch Office721422
Pitambarchak BOBranch Office721657
Porachingra BOBranch Office721655
Pratapdighi SOPost Office721440
Pratappur BOBranch Office721152
Priyanagar BOBranch Office721631
Pulsita SOPost Office721154
Purba Itara BOBranch Office721634
Purba Madhabpur BOBranch Office721453
Purbachilka BOBranch Office721647
Purbadakshinmoyna BOBranch Office721629
Purbagopalchak BOBranch Office721656
Purbaradhapur BOBranch Office721425
Purbasrikrishnapur BOBranch Office721635
Purbasrirampur BOBranch Office721603
Putputia BOBranch Office721651
Radhaballavpur BOBranch Office721627
Raghunathbari SOPost Office721634
Raghurampur BOBranch Office721645
Raichak BOBranch Office721642
Rain BOBranch Office721130
Raipur Paschimbarh BOBranch Office721401
Rajaniganj BOBranch Office721603
Rajaramchak BOBranch Office721631
Rajarampur BOBranch Office721628
Rajnagar Baharjola BOBranch Office721651
Rambag BOBranch Office721628
Ramchak BOBranch Office721431
Ramchakmoyna BOBranch Office721644
Ramchandrapur SO East MidnaporePost Office721647
Ramnagar SO East MidnaporePost Office721441
Rampur BOBranch Office721631
Ramtarakhat BOBranch Office721151
Rangibasan SOPost Office721624
Ranisai BOBranch Office721446
Rasan BOBranch Office721429
Ratulia BOBranch Office721139
Reapara SOPost Office721650
Runkinipur BOBranch Office721650
Sabajput BOBranch Office721401
Sadihat BOBranch Office721446
Sadikpur BOBranch Office721446
Safiabad BOBranch Office721442
Sagarbarh BOBranch Office721151
Sagareswar SOPost Office721446
Sahara BOBranch Office721446
Sajinagechhia BOBranch Office721154
Salgechhia SOPost Office721636
Salikagarchak BOBranch Office721653
Saluka BOBranch Office721130
Samsabad BOBranch Office721631
Sankarara SOPost Office721636
Sarada BOBranch Office721427
Sarberia BOBranch Office721631
Saridaspur BOBranch Office721434
Saripur BOBranch Office721428
Sarpai BOBranch Office721444
Satbahini BOBranch Office721439
Satilapur BOBranch Office721423
Satkhanda Sahebnagar BOBranch Office721431
Satmile SOPost Office721452
Saudkhali BOBranch Office721646
Saulabheri BOBranch Office721454
Selmabad BOBranch Office721454
Serkhanchak BOBranch Office721432
Shibramnagar BOBranch Office721635
Shibrampur BOBranch Office721650
Shipur BOBranch Office721448
Shyam Sundarpur Patna BOBranch Office721139
Shyampur BOBranch Office721423
Siddha BOBranch Office721151
Silampur BOBranch Office721455
Sillyaberia BOBranch Office721431
Simulia BOBranch Office721649
Simulkundu BOBranch Office721646
Sisusadan BOBranch Office721433
Sitalaparamanandapur BOBranch Office721151
Sitalpur BOBranch Office721632
Sonachura BOBranch Office721646
Srikantapur BOBranch Office721601
Srikantha BOBranch Office721629
Srikrishnapur BOBranch Office721659
Srirampur BOBranch Office721440
Srirampur Contai BOBranch Office721401
Srirampur Mid SOPost Office721651
Subdi BOBranch Office721430
Sudampur BOBranch Office721644
Sukhakhola BOBranch Office721456
Sukrullapur BOBranch Office721626
Sulani BOBranch Office721158
Sulochanarambhadrapur BOBranch Office721651
Sultanpurbazar BOBranch Office721659
Sundarnagar BOBranch Office721634
Susunia BOBranch Office721429
Sutahata SOPost Office721635
Tabakhali BOBranch Office721635
Tagaria BOBranch Office721433
Taghari BOBranch Office721434
Tajnagar BOBranch Office721635
Tajpur BOBranch Office721656
Takapura BOBranch Office721432
Taladiha BOBranch Office721144
Tamluk HOHead Office721636
Teghorijoteviram BOBranch Office721627
Tekhalibazar SOPost Office721646
Telami BOBranch Office721447
Tengunia BOBranch Office721401
Terapakhia SOPost Office721656
Thakurnagar BOBranch Office721430
Tikashi BOBranch Office721430
Tilkhoja BOBranch Office721629
Tiorkhali BOBranch Office721655
Totanala BOBranch Office721458
Udbadal BOBranch Office721425
Urdhabpur BOBranch Office721422
Ururi BOBranch Office721458
Uttar Amtalia BOBranch Office721427
Uttar Badalpur BOBranch Office721452
Uttar Gobindapur BOBranch Office721453
Uttar Kalamdan BOBranch Office721430
Uttar Kanpur BOBranch Office721453
Uttar Sautanchak BOBranch Office721649
Uttarharaschak BOBranch Office721442
Uttarjianda BOBranch Office721151
Uttarkotebarh BOBranch Office721626
Uttarmechogram BOBranch Office721139
Uttarsonamui BOBranch Office721648
Uttartajpur BOBranch Office721422

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service