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Explore all post offices or pincodes of MAYURBHANJ, ODISHA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Agria BOBranch Office757025
Aguad BOBranch Office757025
Aharbandh BOBranch Office757050
Aldia Bartana BOBranch Office757052
ALKUDARBranch Office757034
Amarda SOPost Office757055
Ambadali BOBranch Office757075
Ambadiha BOBranch Office757041
Ambagadia BOBranch Office757028
Ambapunja BOBranch Office757030
Ambikadeipur BOBranch Office757087
Ambikasahi SOPost Office757001
Angarpada BOBranch Office757035
Aniapal BOBranch Office757105
Anla BOBranch Office757052
Anladuva SOPost Office757043
Anlajo RS BOBranch Office757042
Anlakuda BOBranch Office757021
Anua BOBranch Office757018
Arjunbilla BOBranch Office757039
Arpata BOBranch Office757083
Asana BOBranch Office757032
Asanbani BOBranch Office757029
Asanjoda BOBranch Office757105
Astajharan BOBranch Office757075
Astakuanr BOBranch Office757034
Atanati BOBranch Office757019
Athapara BOBranch Office757087
B Chhelia BOBranch Office757026
Bachhuripal BOBranch Office757016
Badampahar SOPost Office757047
Badampur BOBranch Office757020
Badamtalia BOBranch Office757048
Badbhalia BOBranch Office757084
Badchatra BOBranch Office757086
Badchhuruni BOBranch Office757100
Baddalima BOBranch Office757053
Baddhenkia BOBranch Office757084
Badfeni BOBranch Office757074
Badfera BOBranch Office757023
Badgaon BOBranch Office757042
Badgudugudia BOBranch Office757040
Badjod BOBranch Office757029
Badkaranjia BOBranch Office757019
Badkedam BOBranch Office757054
Badkhaladi BOBranch Office757040
Badkhaman BOBranch Office757077
Badkhiripada BOBranch Office757028
Badkuleibira BOBranch Office757045
Badmamundia BOBranch Office757019
Badmouda BOBranch Office757042
Badmundhabani BOBranch Office757023
Badnalua BOBranch Office757033
Badpalasa BOBranch Office757053
Badpathara BOBranch Office757074
Badra BOBranch Office757042
Badsimulia BOBranch Office757040
Badsingaria BOBranch Office757041
Badsole BOBranch Office757086
Badterenti BOBranch Office757039
Bagbuda BOBranch Office757051
Baghra BOBranch Office757022
Baghra Road BOBranch Office757003
Baghuasole BOBranch Office757014
Bagjhumpa BOBranch Office757031
Bahalda BOBranch Office757074
Bahalda Rd RS SOPost Office757054
Bahalda SOPost Office757046
Bahanada Sathilo SOPost Office757100
Bahanada SOPost Office757104
Bahubandh BOBranch Office757041
Baidyanath BOBranch Office757035
Baiganbaria BOBranch Office757105
Baincha Nuagaon BOBranch Office757020
Bairatpur BOBranch Office757101
Baisinga SOPost Office757028
Bajratundi BOBranch Office757024
Bakartala BOBranch Office757036
Bakla BOBranch Office757091
Bala BOBranch Office757036
Baladia BOBranch Office757020
Baldiha Khunta BOBranch Office757019
Balichhatra BOBranch Office757087
Balidiha BOBranch Office757049
Balka BOBranch Office757082
Bamada BOBranch Office756028
Banakati BOBranch Office757048
BANDHAGODABranch Office757074
Baneikala BOBranch Office757033
Bangra BOBranch Office757074
Bangriposi SOPost Office757032
Bankati BOBranch Office757032
Bankisole BOBranch Office757107
Baradihi BOBranch Office757085
Barakamuda BOBranch Office757036
Barehipani BOBranch Office757034
Bari BOBranch Office757022
Baria BOBranch Office757036
Baripada Bazar SOPost Office757001
Baripada Court SOPost Office757001
Baripada HOHead Office757001
Baripada Hospital SOPost Office757001
Baripada Municipal Market SOPost Office757001
Baripada RS SOPost Office757001
Barkand BOBranch Office757020
Barsahi SOPost Office757026
Bartana BOBranch Office757025
Basilapir BOBranch Office757047
Basingi BOBranch Office757046
Basipitha SOPost Office757074
Batpalasa BOBranch Office757036
Baunsbilla BOBranch Office757024
Baunsda BOBranch Office757031
Baunsdiha BOBranch Office757038
Baunsnali BOBranch Office757034
Bautibeda BOBranch Office757033
Bedhakudar BOBranch Office757032
Begunia BOBranch Office757091
Belam BOBranch Office757024
Belbaria BOBranch Office757086
Belgadia SOPost Office757002
Betnoti SOPost Office757025
Bhaduasole BOBranch Office757073
Bhadubeda BOBranch Office757037
Bhagabandi BOBranch Office757053
Bhairangisole BOBranch Office757018
Bhalia BOBranch Office757029
Bhaliadiha BOBranch Office757018
Bhalubasa BOBranch Office757050
Bhaluki BOBranch Office757049
Bhandagaon BOBranch Office757019
Bhanjkia BOBranch Office757091
Bhanjpur SOPost Office757002
Bhanra BOBranch Office757037
Bharandia BOBranch Office757038
Bhatchhatar BOBranch Office757020
Bhimda SOPost Office757083
Bhimkhanda BOBranch Office757042
Bhimtali BOBranch Office757041
Bhitaramda BOBranch Office757054
Bholagadia BOBranch Office757104
Bholaghati BOBranch Office757018
Bhuasuni BOBranch Office757092
Bhudrubani BOBranch Office757107
Bhudurbani BOBranch Office757052
Bhugudakata BOBranch Office757014
Bhursani BOBranch Office757086
Bidukudia BOBranch Office757028
Bijatala SOPost Office757048
Bijay Ramchandrapur SOPost Office757002
Bijipur BOBranch Office757017
Binjhua BOBranch Office757046
Bireswarpur BOBranch Office757075
Bisoi SOPost Office757033
Brahmaniposi BOBranch Office757035
Brahmanmara BOBranch Office757084
Brahmapura BOBranch Office757055
Bramarposi BOBranch Office757039
Brundaban Chandrapur SOPost Office757087
Budama RS BOBranch Office757081
Budamara BOBranch Office757035
Budhigambharia BOBranch Office757035
Budhikhamari BOBranch Office757092
Chadada BOBranch Office757087
Chadheigaon BOBranch Office757084
Chakidi BOBranch Office757034
Chakradharpur BOBranch Office757077
Chaksuliapada BOBranch Office757021
Chakulia BOBranch Office757020
Champajhar BOBranch Office757038
Chanchbani BOBranch Office757036
Chandabilla BOBranch Office757018
Chandanpur BOBranch Office757049
Chandrapur BOBranch Office757075
Chandua Ashram SOPost Office757014
Changua BOBranch Office757053
Chaturanjali BOBranch Office757039
Chaturi BOBranch Office757102
Chhadkata BOBranch Office757049
Chhatna BOBranch Office757018
Chhelia BOBranch Office757026
Chheligudhudi BOBranch Office757034
Chinchlagadia BOBranch Office756030
Chitrada SOPost Office757018
Chitraposi BOBranch Office757037
Chuapani BOBranch Office757050
Chuhat BOBranch Office757021
Chuinposi BOBranch Office757040
CMangalpur BOBranch Office757083
Dahikoti BOBranch Office757100
Dakoipodadiha BOBranch Office757003
Dalki BOBranch Office757025
Damodar Pur BOBranch Office757003
Damudigoda BOBranch Office757048
Danadar BOBranch Office757032
Dantiamuhan BOBranch Office757029
Dardara BOBranch Office757014
Dari BOBranch Office757036
Darudihi BOBranch Office757022
Daundia BOBranch Office757083
Debgaon BOBranch Office757085
Debsole BOBranch Office757016
Dengam BOBranch Office757104
Denua BOBranch Office757035
Deopara BOBranch Office757017
Deulasahi SOPost Office757001
Deuli SOPost Office757021
Deulia BOBranch Office757026
Dewan Bahali BOBranch Office757079
Dhalabani BOBranch Office757034
Dhanghera BOBranch Office757087
Dhangudisole BOBranch Office757081
Dhanpur BOBranch Office757029
Dhansole BOBranch Office757018
Dharamdihi BOBranch Office757053
Dharampura BOBranch Office757084
Dhatika BOBranch Office757022
Dhemnasole BOBranch Office757021
Dhenkinenjia BOBranch Office757023
Dhobanisole BOBranch Office757032
Digar Astia BOBranch Office757030
Digdhar BOBranch Office757038
Dighi BOBranch Office757032
Dihirakul BOBranch Office757101
Dimagadia BOBranch Office757101
Dolsara BOBranch Office757054
Dova BOBranch Office757047
Dudhiani BOBranch Office757036
Dudhiasole BOBranch Office757081
Dughdha BOBranch Office757041
Dukura SOPost Office757075
Dumurdiha BOBranch Office757093
Dundu BOBranch Office757046
Durdura BOBranch Office757034
Durgapur BOBranch Office757025
Ekdali BOBranch Office757031
Ektali BOBranch Office757091
Fania BOBranch Office757084
Futukisole BOBranch Office757023
Gadapalasa BOBranch Office757091
Gadigaon BOBranch Office757087
Galusahi BOBranch Office757039
Gambharia BOBranch Office757046
Gandipani BOBranch Office757031
Gangraj BOBranch Office757105
Garhdeulia SOPost Office757082
Garia SO MayurbhanjPost Office757023
Garudnesa BOBranch Office757107
Gayalkata BOBranch Office757014
Gayalmara BOBranch Office757104
Gendagadia BOBranch Office757026
Gendapokhari BOBranch Office757030
Ghagarbeda BOBranch Office757035
Ghagarda BOBranch Office757037
Ghatkuanri BOBranch Office757032
Ghodabandha Khuntapal BOBranch Office757020
Ghodapal BOBranch Office757030
Gholmuhan BOBranch Office757018
Ghosada BOBranch Office757037
Gobapal BOBranch Office757025
Gobra BOBranch Office757016
Golagadia BOBranch Office757040
Golamundhakata BOBranch Office757032
Gorumahisani SOPost Office757042
Gosaingaon BOBranch Office757082
Gosanipal BOBranch Office757032
Goudadiha BOBranch Office757003
Goudagaon BOBranch Office757040
Goudruma BOBranch Office757030
Gouduniduba BOBranch Office757084
Gour Chandra Pur BOBranch Office757079
Gudialbandh BOBranch Office757024
Gudugudia BOBranch Office757034
Guhaldangri BOBranch Office757042
Halda BOBranch Office757045
Haldia Baripada BOBranch Office757105
Haldia BOBranch Office757039
Haldibani BOBranch Office757049
Harekrushnapur BOBranch Office757073
Haripur BOBranch Office757103
Hatbadra SOPost Office757050
Hatia BOBranch Office757042
Hatibari BOBranch Office757036
Hatigoda BOBranch Office757038
Hatijhari BOBranch Office757052
Hatikote BOBranch Office757029
Hatisahi BOBranch Office757087
Hempur BOBranch Office757082
Hesda BOBranch Office757050
Hill Block 24 BOBranch Office757077
Hindala BOBranch Office757035
Hinjili BOBranch Office757092
Hirapur BOBranch Office757019
Idar BOBranch Office757018
Indukhali BOBranch Office757046
Indupur BOBranch Office757037
Itamundia BOBranch Office757075
Jadunathpur BOBranch Office757024
Jagannathkhunta BOBranch Office757030
Jagannathpur BOBranch Office757049
Jaida BOBranch Office757040
Jaipur BOBranch Office757085
Jalda BOBranch Office757086
Jaldiha BOBranch Office757092
Jambani BOBranch Office757040
Jamda SO MayurbhanjPost Office757045
Jamdapal BOBranch Office757029
Jamsole BOBranch Office757029
Jamukeswar BOBranch Office757034
Jamunti BOBranch Office757039
Jamuti BOBranch Office757035
Jarak BOBranch Office757038
Jarkani BOBranch Office757045
Jashipur SOPost Office757034
Jhadghosada BOBranch Office757039
Jharbeda BOBranch Office757091
Jharia BOBranch Office757016
Jharpokharia SOPost Office757086
Jhinkiria BOBranch Office757020
Jhipabandh BOBranch Office757047
Jirei BOBranch Office757053
Joka SO MayurbhanjPost Office757093
Jorda BOBranch Office757047
Jualia BOBranch Office757041
Jugal BOBranch Office757052
Jugpura SOPost Office757052
Kadalia BOBranch Office757028
Kadualbandh BOBranch Office757024
Kaduani BOBranch Office757084
Kainfulia BOBranch Office757107
Kainsari BOBranch Office757041
Kakharusole BOBranch Office757014
Kalabadia BOBranch Office757030
Kaladahi BOBranch Office757040
Kalama BOBranch Office757082
Kalamgodia BOBranch Office757079
Kamalasole BOBranch Office757075
Kamali BOBranch Office757075
Kamardiha BOBranch Office757016
Kanchhinda BOBranch Office757092
Kanchisole BOBranch Office757025
Kandana BOBranch Office757023
Kanimahuli BOBranch Office757021
Kantapal BOBranch Office757105
Kantipur BOBranch Office757082
Kapoi BOBranch Office757018
Kaptipada SOPost Office757040
Karamsole BOBranch Office757029
Karanjia Bazar SOPost Office757037
Karanjia Court SOPost Office757037
Karanjia Golei SOPost Office757037
Karanjia SO MayurbhanjPost Office757037
Karkachia BOBranch Office757019
Kathbharia BOBranch Office757047
Kathsirsi BOBranch Office757030
Katra Chandan Pur BOBranch Office757032
Katuria BOBranch Office757079
Kendua BOBranch Office757049
Kendudiha BOBranch Office757026
Kendujiani BOBranch Office757037
Kendumundi BOBranch Office757037
Kerkera BOBranch Office757037
Kerko Baiganbaria BOBranch Office757024
Kesharpur BOBranch Office757081
Keshdiha BOBranch Office757038
Keshrasole BOBranch Office757023
Keutunimari BOBranch Office757014
Khadambeda BOBranch Office757033
Khadiasole BOBranch Office757086
Khadikapada BOBranch Office757052
Khairbani BOBranch Office757081
Khairi Jashipur SOPost Office757091
Khairpal BOBranch Office757045
Khaladi BOBranch Office757041
Khalapada BOBranch Office757023
Khandabandh BOBranch Office757038
Khanua BOBranch Office757075
Kherna BOBranch Office757051
Khiching BOBranch Office757039
Khunta SOPost Office757019
Khuntapada BOBranch Office757035
Khuntapal BOBranch Office757026
Khuntapur BOBranch Office757028
Khuruntia BOBranch Office757073
Kisandahi BOBranch Office757049
Kochilaghaty BOBranch Office757049
Kochilakhunta BOBranch Office757025
Koilisuta BOBranch Office757030
Kolialam BOBranch Office757077
Kostha SOPost Office757084
Kothabila BOBranch Office757081
Krushnachandrapur SOPost Office757029
Kuabuda BOBranch Office757014
Kuamara SOPost Office757027
Kuanrdihi BOBranch Office757086
Kuchei SOPost Office757105
Kudiapal BOBranch Office757030
Kui BOBranch Office757023
Kujidihi BOBranch Office757023
Kukudimundi BOBranch Office757042
Kulgi BOBranch Office757046
Kuliana Barsahi BOBranch Office757025
Kuliana SOPost Office757030
Kuliposi BOBranch Office757037
Kumbharmundakata SOPost Office757081
Kumbhirda BOBranch Office757039
Kumudasole BOBranch Office757050
Kundabai BOBranch Office757087
Kundulia BOBranch Office757092
KURADHIKA BOBranch Office757052
Kuradiha BOBranch Office757017
Kushalda SOPost Office757085
Kushpada BOBranch Office757037
Kusumasole BOBranch Office757014
Kusumbandi SOPost Office757092
Kusumi BOBranch Office757050
Kutling BOBranch Office757041
Labania BOBranch Office757092
Labanyadeipur BOBranch Office757079
Lakhanasahi BOBranch Office757075
Laxmiposi SOPost Office757107
Luhakani BOBranch Office757048
Luhasila BOBranch Office757048
Lunia BOBranch Office757023
Lupung BOBranch Office757053
M Kanpur BOBranch Office757016
Machhapada BOBranch Office757052
Madhopur BOBranch Office757103
Maghua BOBranch Office757053
Mahabila BOBranch Office757022
Mahadevdihi BOBranch Office757042
Mahulbarei BOBranch Office757051
Mahuldiha BOBranch Office757038
Mahuldiha SOPost Office757043
Mahulia BOBranch Office757073
Mahulpankha BOBranch Office757106
Mahulpatna BOBranch Office757028
Maigaon BOBranch Office757018
Majhigadia BOBranch Office757106
Majhigaon BOBranch Office757033
Makunda BOBranch Office757018
Manada BOBranch Office757033
Manbhanj BOBranch Office757032
Mangalpur BOBranch Office757055
Manida BOBranch Office757020
Manikpur BOBranch Office757077
Mankadapada BOBranch Office757040
Mantri SOPost Office757017
Marangtandi BOBranch Office757014
Marudihi BOBranch Office757084
Matiagarh BOBranch Office757091
MBeuinria BOBranch Office757091
Merda BOBranch Office757052
Mirigidari BOBranch Office757017
Mirigothana BOBranch Office757040
Mituani BOBranch Office757038
Moroda SOPost Office757020
Moronda BOBranch Office757046
Moto BOBranch Office757036
Moudi BOBranch Office757034
Muktapur BOBranch Office757100
Murunia BOBranch Office757051
Musagadia BOBranch Office757018
N Chhotraipur BOBranch Office757020
Nabedhi BOBranch Office757030
Nachhipuria BOBranch Office757028
Nafree BOBranch Office757032
Nakhra BOBranch Office757017
Naksara BOBranch Office757035
Nalagaja SOPost Office757073
Nankua BOBranch Office757017
Narangaon BOBranch Office757017
Narankhunta BOBranch Office757075
Naupada BOBranch Office757084
Nayarangamatia BOBranch Office757041
NBPokharia BOBranch Office757033
Nedam BOBranch Office757079
Nedhuapal BOBranch Office757037
Neuti BOBranch Office757091
Nichuapada BOBranch Office757018
Nischinta BOBranch Office757032
Nodhana BOBranch Office757081
Nuabeda BOBranch Office757039
Nuagaon BOBranch Office757025
Nuagaon kurkutia BOBranch Office757033
Nuagaon talakchuin BOBranch Office757021
Nudadiha SOPost Office757077
Nuhajhalia BOBranch Office757084
Nuhamalia BOBranch Office757086
Orachandbilla BOBranch Office757103
Padhia BOBranch Office757047
Padiabeda BOBranch Office757038
Padmapokhari BOBranch Office757106
Padmapur Deuli BOBranch Office757086
Paika Sahi BOBranch Office757052
Paikabasa BOBranch Office757024
Paktia BOBranch Office757093
Palabani Chhak SOPost Office757001
Palasbani BOBranch Office757051
Palasia BOBranch Office757082
Palpala Ambadali BOBranch Office757049
Pandarsil BOBranch Office757039
Pandhada BOBranch Office757032
Pandra Rolasahi BOBranch Office757031
Pandupani BOBranch Office757053
Panisapada BOBranch Office757055
Pantho BOBranch Office757036
Paramananda BOBranch Office757018
Parasbani BOBranch Office757040
Parulia BOBranch Office757030
Pasana BOBranch Office757045
Pasuda BOBranch Office757102
Patagadia BOBranch Office757016
Patalipura BOBranch Office757028
Patarapada BOBranch Office757038
Patbil BOBranch Office757037
Patharchakuli BOBranch Office757107
Patharkham BOBranch Office757032
Pathuri BOBranch Office757030
Pathurikata BOBranch Office757085
Patihinja BOBranch Office757030
Patisari BOBranch Office757083
Patpur BOBranch Office757018
Patsanipur BOBranch Office757087
Paunsia BOBranch Office757025
Peragari BOBranch Office757040
Poda astia BOBranch Office757049
Podadiha BOBranch Office757077
Podagarh BOBranch Office757034
Pokhardiha BOBranch Office757093
Pokharia BOBranch Office757051
Pokpoka BOBranch Office757093
Potaldiha BOBranch Office757077
Pratapgarh BOBranch Office757050
Pratappur SO MayurbhanjPost Office757103
Pruthunathpur BOBranch Office757017
Purikhunta BOBranch Office757100
Purinda BOBranch Office757100
Purnachandrapur BOBranch Office757055
Puruna Baripada SOPost Office757102
Puruna Pani BOBranch Office757032
Purunaghati BOBranch Office757050
Purunapani BOBranch Office757046
Purunia BOBranch Office757028
Radho SOPost Office757101
Raghavpur BOBranch Office757052
Raghupur BOBranch Office757028
Raihari BOBranch Office757048
Raikad Jharan BOBranch Office757003
Raikala BOBranch Office757035
Raikama BOBranch Office757052
Raipal BOBranch Office757106
Rairangpur Bazar SOPost Office757043
Rairangpur HOHead Office757043
Rairangpur RS SOPost Office757043
Rajabasa BOBranch Office757107
Rajaloka BOBranch Office757086
Rajat Nagar BOBranch Office757079
Rakhinisahi BOBranch Office757020
Rangamatia BOBranch Office757049
Rangapani BOBranch Office757025
Rangiam BOBranch Office757073
Ranibandh BOBranch Office757026
Raruan SOPost Office757035
Rasamtala BOBranch Office757037
Rasgovindpur SOPost Office757016
Ratila BOBranch Office757051
Righa BOBranch Office757035
Rugudi BOBranch Office757036
Rukuni BOBranch Office757020
Sainkula BOBranch Office757102
Saitpur BOBranch Office757052
Sakua BOBranch Office757025
Salarapada BOBranch Office757036
Salbani BOBranch Office757075
Salchua BOBranch Office757038
Salchua SOPost Office757106
Saleibeda BOBranch Office757038
Salgaon BOBranch Office757017
Salmundali BOBranch Office757041
Saluadahar BOBranch Office757022
San Deuli BOBranch Office757037
Sanbelakuti BOBranch Office757102
Sanbhundu BOBranch Office757053
Sanbisole BOBranch Office757040
Sanfutuka BOBranch Office757107
Sanjambilla BOBranch Office757033
Sankachimbila BOBranch Office757031
Sankerko SOPost Office757024
Sankhabhanga BOBranch Office757093
Sankucha BOBranch Office757081
Sanmundhabani BOBranch Office757023
Sanpakhana BOBranch Office757042
Sanpurunapani BOBranch Office757033
Sansa BOBranch Office757052
Sansarasposi BOBranch Office757030
Sapanchua BOBranch Office757074
Saradiha BOBranch Office757022
Saragchhida BOBranch Office757014
Saraskana SOPost Office757051
Sarasposi BOBranch Office757021
Sarat SOPost Office757079
Saratchandrapur BOBranch Office757049
Sarbanghati BOBranch Office757077
Sargoda BOBranch Office757048
Sargoda Jashipur BOBranch Office757033
Saria BOBranch Office757100
Sarisa BOBranch Office757055
Sarisapal BOBranch Office757092
Satkosia BOBranch Office757038
Shirsa SOPost Office757031
Shyamakhunta SOPost Office757049
Shyamsundar BOBranch Office757050
Shyamsundarpur BOBranch Office757092
Sialighati BOBranch Office757025
Sikidia BOBranch Office757027
Silaghati BOBranch Office757019
Silfodi BOBranch Office757051
Sindurgoura BOBranch Office757049
Singada BOBranch Office757039
Singda BOBranch Office757022
Singlamundali BOBranch Office757028
Singtia BOBranch Office757026
Sirakuli BOBranch Office757091
Sirathali BOBranch Office757102
Sirishbani BOBranch Office757049
Soroda Jashipur BOBranch Office757054
Soso BOBranch Office757046
Sridamchandrapur BOBranch Office757087
Srinathpur BOBranch Office757085
Sripad Ganja BOBranch Office757003
Sudarsanpur BOBranch Office757042
Suhagpura BOBranch Office757026
Sukruli SOPost Office757039
Suleipat BOBranch Office757050
Suliapada SOPost Office757022
Sunahaja BOBranch Office757018
Sunajodia BOBranch Office757033
Sundhal BOBranch Office757042
Sureidihi BOBranch Office757029
Tadki BOBranch Office757014
Takatpur SOPost Office757003
Talakadada BOBranch Office757027
Talakpokhari BOBranch Office757047
Talakunda BOBranch Office757074
Talanda BOBranch Office757024
Talgaon BOBranch Office757039
Talpada BOBranch Office757038
Tamalbandh BOBranch Office757046
Tangana BOBranch Office757074
Tangasole BOBranch Office757024
Taradasole BOBranch Office757085
Tarakothi BOBranch Office757100
Taramara BOBranch Office757038
Tarana BOBranch Office757045
Tasarda BOBranch Office757029
Tato SOPost Office757036
Teldihudi BOBranch Office757101
Tendra BOBranch Office757045
Tentuligaon BOBranch Office757083
Thakurmunda SOPost Office757038
Tikarpada BOBranch Office757019
Tikhia BOBranch Office757042
Tilakothi BOBranch Office757091
Tilapada BOBranch Office757052
Tiring SOPost Office757053
Tongabilla BOBranch Office757036
Totapada BOBranch Office757052
Tukpalasia BOBranch Office757073
Tulasichoura SOPost Office757001
Udala Bazar SOPost Office757041
Udala College SOPost Office757041
Udala SOPost Office757041
Ufalgadia BOBranch Office757022
Ukam BOBranch Office757050
Unchagaon BOBranch Office757051
Uparbeda BOBranch Office757050
Uthani Nuagaon BOBranch Office757024

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service