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Explore all post offices or pincodes of MALAPPURAM, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abdurahiman Nagar SOPost Office676305
Adakkakundu BOBranch Office676525
Akkaparamba BOBranch Office673641
Alankode SOPost Office679585
Alathiyur BOBranch Office676102
Aliparamba BOBranch Office679357
Amarambalam BOBranch Office679332
Amarambalam South BOBranch Office679339
Amayur BOBranch Office676123
Ambalakkadavu BOBranch Office676525
Amminikkad BOBranch Office679322
Anakkayam BOBranch Office676509
Anamangad SOPost Office679357
Ananthavur BOBranch Office676301
Anchachavady BOBranch Office676525
Andiyoorkunnu BOBranch Office673637
Angadipuram SOPost Office679321
Anjapura BOBranch Office676303
Areacode SOPost Office673639
Arimanal BOBranch Office676525
Arimbra BOBranch Office673638
Aripra BOBranch Office679321
Ariyallur SOPost Office676312
Arkkuparamba BOBranch Office679341
Athalur BOBranch Office679573
Athavanad BOBranch Office676301
Athrisseri BOBranch Office676106
Aurvacode BOBranch Office679329
Ayankalam BOBranch Office679573
Ayikkarapadi BOBranch Office673637
Ayilakkad BOBranch Office679576
Ayirur BOBranch Office679580
Azhinjilam BOBranch Office673632
Bettath Pudiangadi SOPost Office676102
Bhoodan Colony BOBranch Office679334
Biyyam BOBranch Office679576
Calicut Airport SOPost Office673647
Calicut University SOPost Office673635
Chamravattom BOBranch Office676102
Chandakkunnu BOBranch Office679329
Chappanangadi BOBranch Office676503
Chathallur BOBranch Office676541
Chathangottupuram BOBranch Office679328
Chattipparamba BOBranch Office676504
Chelakkad BOBranch Office679323
Chelembra SOPost Office673634
Chembrassei BOBranch Office676521
Chembrasseri East BOBranch Office679327
Chemmalasseri BOBranch Office679323
Chemmaniyode BOBranch Office679325
Chemmarakkattur BOBranch Office673639
Chenakkalangadi BOBranch Office673636
Chengottur BOBranch Office676503
Chennara BOBranch Office676561
Cherakkaparamba BOBranch Office679321
Cheriyamundam BOBranch Office676106
Cherukara SOPost Office679340
Cherumukku BOBranch Office676306
Cherur BOBranch Office676304
Cherushola BOBranch Office676510
Cheruvallur BOBranch Office679575
Cheruvayur SOPost Office673645
Chettipadi SOPost Office676319
Chettippadam BOBranch Office679332
Chikkode BOBranch Office673645
Chirayil BOBranch Office673638
Chokkad BOBranch Office679332
Chullippara BOBranch Office676508
Chulliyode BOBranch Office679332
Chungathara SOPost Office679334
Codacal BOBranch Office676108
Downhill SOPost Office676519
Edakkaranilambur SOPost Office679331
Edapal SOPost Office679576
Edapatta BOBranch Office679326
Edarikode SOPost Office676501
Edavanna SOPost Office676541
Edayattur BOBranch Office679326
Edayur BOBranch Office676552
Edayur North BOBranch Office676552
Edivanna BOBranch Office679329
Elad BOBranch Office679340
Elankur BOBranch Office676122
Eramangalam SOPost Office679587
Eranhikode BOBranch Office676541
Eranhimangad BOBranch Office679329
Eravimangalam BOBranch Office679340
Erumamunda BOBranch Office679334
Ezhupathekkar BOBranch Office676525
Gramam BOBranch Office679579
Hajiarpalli BOBranch Office676519
Indianur BOBranch Office676503
Irimbiliyam SOPost Office679572
Iringallur BOBranch Office676304
Iringattiri BOBranch Office676523
Iringavur BOBranch Office676103
Irumbuzhi BOBranch Office676509
Iruvetti BOBranch Office673639
Iswaramangalam BOBranch Office679573
Kadalundinagaram SOPost Office673314
Kadambode BOBranch Office676521
Kadampuzha SOPost Office676553
Kadancheri BOBranch Office679582
Kadannamanna BOBranch Office679324
Kadavanad BOBranch Office679586
Kadungapurm BOBranch Office679321
Kakkad BOBranch Office676306
KaladiMLP SOPost Office679582
Kalikavu SOPost Office676525
Kalkundu BOBranch Office676523
Kallarmangalam BOBranch Office676553
Kalpakancheri SOPost Office676551
Kambalakallu BOBranch Office679333
Kanhiramukku SOPost Office679584
Kanmanam BOBranch Office676551
Kanmanamthekkummuri BOBranch Office676551
Kannamangalam BOBranch Office676304
Kannamangalam West BOBranch Office676305
Kannamvettikavu BOBranch Office673637
Kannattipadi BOBranch Office676304
Kappil BOBranch Office679328
Karad BOBranch Office679339
Karad Paramba BOBranch Office673632
Karakkode BOBranch Office679333
Karakkunnu BOBranch Office676123
Karapuram BOBranch Office679331
Karekkad BOBranch Office676553
Karippol BOBranch Office676552
Karippur BOBranch Office673638
Karthala BOBranch Office679571
Karukathiruthy BOBranch Office679584
Karulai BOBranch Office679330
Karumarakkad BOBranch Office673640
Karuvambram SOPost Office676123
Karuvambram West BOBranch Office676123
Karuvarakundu SOPost Office676523
Kavalamukkatta BOBranch Office679332
Kavancheri BOBranch Office676561
Kavanur BOBranch Office673639
Kerala Estate BOBranch Office676525
Keraladheeswarapuram BOBranch Office676307
Kizhakkumpadam BOBranch Office679326
Kizhattur BOBranch Office679325
Kizhuparamba BOBranch Office673639
Klari BOBranch Office676501
Kodinhi SOPost Office676309
Kodurmalabar SOPost Office676504
Kokkur SOPost Office679591
Kolakkattuchali BOBranch Office673634
Kolaparamba SOPost Office676522
KolathurMLP SOPost Office679338
Kololamba BOBranch Office679576
Kondotti SOPost Office673638
Koomankulam BOBranch Office676123
Koorad BOBranch Office679339
Kooriyad BOBranch Office676306
Koottil BOBranch Office679324
Kotakkad BOBranch Office676319
Kottakkal SOPost Office676503
Kottilangadi SOPost Office676506
Kumminiparamba BOBranch Office673638
Kunnakkavu BOBranch Office679340
Kunnappally BOBranch Office679322
Kunnummalpotti BOBranch Office679331
Kuruga BOBranch Office676551
Kurumbalangode BOBranch Office679334
Kurumbathur BOBranch Office676301
Kuruvambalam BOBranch Office679338
Kuttathy BOBranch Office676523
Kuttayi SOPost Office676562
Kuttippala BOBranch Office676501
Kuttippuram SOPost Office679571
Kuttippuramkottakkal BOBranch Office676503
Kuttur North BOBranch Office676305
Kuzhimanna SOPost Office673641
Maithra BOBranch Office673639
Makkaraparamba SOPost Office676507
Malappuram Civil Station SOPost Office676505
Malappuram HOHead Office676505
Mampad College BOBranch Office676542
Mampad SOPost Office676542
Mampattumoola BOBranch Office679332
Mampuram BOBranch Office676306
Manalaya BOBranch Office679357
MangalamMLP SOPost Office676561
Mangattiri BOBranch Office676105
Manhappatta BOBranch Office676123
Manimooly SOPost Office679333
Manjeri Bazar SOPost Office676121
Manjeri College SOPost Office676122
Manjerikla HOHead Office676121
Mankada Pallippuram BOBranch Office679324
Mankada SOPost Office679324
Mannarmala BOBranch Office679325
Mannathipoyil BOBranch Office679332
Marakkara BOBranch Office676553
Marancheri SOPost Office679581
Mariyad BOBranch Office676122
Marutha BOBranch Office679333
Mattarakkal BOBranch Office679341
Mattathur BOBranch Office676528
Meenadathur BOBranch Office676307
Melangadi BOBranch Office673638
Melattur SO MalappuramPost Office679326
Melmuri BOBranch Office676517
Meppadam BOBranch Office676542
Modapoika BOBranch Office679331
Mongam SOPost Office673642
Mookkuthala SOPost Office679574
Moonniyur SOPost Office676311
Moonniyur South BOBranch Office676311
Moorkkanad BOBranch Office679338
Moothedam BOBranch Office679331
Morayur BOBranch Office673642
Mudur BOBranch Office679578
Munda BOBranch Office679331
Mundakkal BOBranch Office673645
Munduparmba SOPost Office676509
Muthuparamba BOBranch Office673638
Muthuvallur BOBranch Office673638
Muttanur BOBranch Office676561
Naduvath BOBranch Office679328
Naduvattom BOBranch Office679571
Nallanthanni BOBranch Office679330
Nambooripotty BOBranch Office679333
Nannambra BOBranch Office676320
Nannamukku SOPost Office679575
Nannamukku South BOBranch Office679575
Nariparamba BOBranch Office679573
Narukara BOBranch Office676122
Nediyirippu BOBranch Office673638
Neduva BOBranch Office676303
Neelancheri BOBranch Office676525
Nellikuth BOBranch Office676122
Nilambur RS SOPost Office679330
Nilambur SOPost Office679329
Niramaruthur SOPost Office676109
Olakara BOBranch Office676306
Olamathil BOBranch Office673642
Olavattur BOBranch Office673638
Olukur BOBranch Office673642
Omachapuzha BOBranch Office676320
Omanur BOBranch Office673645
Oorakam Kizhumuri BOBranch Office676519
Oorakam Melmuri BOBranch Office676519
Othalur West BOBranch Office679591
Othukkungal SOPost Office676528
Ozhur BOBranch Office676307
Pachattiri BOBranch Office676105
Padinharekkara BOBranch Office676562
Padinhattumuri BOBranch Office676506
Padirikode BOBranch Office679326
Padiripadam BOBranch Office679334
Palachode BOBranch Office679338
PalakkadMLP BOBranch Office673641
Palakkalvetta BOBranch Office679327
Palapetty BOBranch Office679579
Palathole BOBranch Office679340
Palemad BOBranch Office679331
Palengara BOBranch Office679330
Pallikkal BOBranch Office673634
Pallikuth BOBranch Office679334
Panampilavu BOBranch Office673639
Panangattur BOBranch Office676302
Pandallur BOBranch Office676521
Pandallur Hills BOBranch Office676521
Pandamangalam BOBranch Office676503
Pandikkad SOPost Office676521
Panga BOBranch Office679338
Panga Chendy BOBranch Office679338
Panga South BOBranch Office679338
Pannippara BOBranch Office676541
Pantarangadi BOBranch Office676306
Pappinippara BOBranch Office676122
Parambilpeedika BOBranch Office676317
Parammalangadi BOBranch Office676551
Parappur BOBranch Office676503
Paravanna SOPost Office676502
Pariyapuram BOBranch Office679321
Parpanangadi SOPost Office676303
Pathaikara BOBranch Office679322
Pathappiriyam BOBranch Office676123
Pathar BOBranch Office679334
Pathayakallu BOBranch Office676553
Pathiriyal BOBranch Office676123
Pattarkadavu BOBranch Office676519
Pattikkad SOPost Office679325
Payinkanniyur BOBranch Office679571
Payyanad BOBranch Office676122
Pazhamallur BOBranch Office676506
Pazhanjimlp BOBranch Office679579
Pazhur BOBranch Office679571
Perakamanna BOBranch Office676541
Perasannur BOBranch Office679571
Perimbalam BOBranch Office676509
Perintalmanna SOPost Office679322
Perinthattiri BOBranch Office676507
Perumbadappu SOPost Office679580
Perumparamba BOBranch Office679576
PeruparambaUgrapuram BOBranch Office673639
Peruvallur BOBranch Office673638
Pidavannur BOBranch Office679574
Polpakara BOBranch Office679576
Ponani HOHead Office679577
Ponani Nagaram SOPost Office679583
Ponani South SOPost Office679586
Ponmala BOBranch Office676528
Ponmundam SOPost Office676106
Ponniyakurissi BOBranch Office679322
Pookayil Bazar SOPost Office676107
Pookkottumpadam SOPost Office679332
Pookkottur SOPost Office676517
Pookottumanna BOBranch Office679334
Poolamanna BOBranch Office679327
Poongode BOBranch Office679327
Poonthavanam BOBranch Office679325
Poovathikkal BOBranch Office673639
Porur BOBranch Office679339
Poyilisseri BOBranch Office676102
Puduppalli BOBranch Office676102
Pulamanthole SOPost Office679323
Pulikkal SOPost Office673637
Puliyakkode BOBranch Office673641
Pullancheri BOBranch Office676122
Pullengode BOBranch Office676525
Pulliparamba BOBranch Office673634
Pullippadam BOBranch Office676542
Pulpatta BOBranch Office676123
Pulvetta BOBranch Office676523
Punnappala BOBranch Office679328
Punnathala BOBranch Office676552
Puramannur BOBranch Office676552
Puranga BOBranch Office679584
Purathur BOBranch Office676102
Puthanangadi BOBranch Office679321
Puthiyakadappuram BOBranch Office676302
Puthuparamba BOBranch Office676501
Puthur kottakkal BOBranch Office676503
Puthurpallikkal BOBranch Office673636
Puzhakkattiri BOBranch Office679321
Ramankuth BOBranch Office679330
Ramapuram BOBranch Office679321
Randathani SOPost Office676510
Sugapuram BOBranch Office679576
Talekode SOPost Office679341
Talekode West BOBranch Office679341
Tanalur SOPost Office676307
Tanur Nagaram BOBranch Office676302
TanurMBR SOPost Office676302
Tavanur SOPost Office679573
Tavanurferoke BOBranch Office673641
Tayyalingal SOPost Office676320
Tenhipalam SOPost Office673636
Thachinganadam BOBranch Office679325
Thalakkadathur SOPost Office676103
Tharis BOBranch Office676523
Thekkankuttur BOBranch Office676551
Thekkummuri SOPost Office676105
Thelakkad BOBranch Office679325
Thennala BOBranch Office676508
Theyyathumpadam BOBranch Office679331
Thootha BOBranch Office679357
Thottilangadi BOBranch Office673639
Thottumukkam BOBranch Office673639
Thurakkal BOBranch Office673638
Tirunavaya SOPost Office676301
Tirur East Bazar SOPost Office676101
Tirurangadi Bazar SOPost Office676306
Tirurangadi SOPost Office676306
Tirurkad BOBranch Office679321
TirurKerala HOHead Office676101
Tiruvali BOBranch Office676123
TKColony BOBranch Office679332
Tolavanur BOBranch Office676552
Trikkalangode BOBranch Office676123
Trikkanapuram BOBranch Office679573
Trikkanapuram South BOBranch Office679582
Trikkandiyur SOPost Office676104
Trippanachi BOBranch Office673641
Triprangode SOPost Office676108
Tuvvur SOPost Office679327
Ullanam BOBranch Office676303
Ullanam North BOBranch Office676303
Uppada BOBranch Office679334
Urangattiri BOBranch Office673639
Vadakkangara BOBranch Office679324
Vadakkumbram BOBranch Office676552
Vadakkumpadam BOBranch Office679339
Vadapuram BOBranch Office676542
Vakkad BOBranch Office676502
Vakkethodi BOBranch Office676122
Valakolam SOPost Office676508
Valambur BOBranch Office679325
Valamkulam BOBranch Office679357
Valancheri SOPost Office676552
Valapuram BOBranch Office679323
Valavannur BOBranch Office676551
Valillapuzha BOBranch Office673639
Valiyakunnu BOBranch Office676552
Valiyaparamba BOBranch Office673572
Valiyora BOBranch Office676304
Vallikkapatta BOBranch Office679324
Vallikkunnu BOBranch Office673314
Vallikkunnu North BOBranch Office673314
Valluvambram BOBranch Office673642
Valluvangad BOBranch Office676521
Valluvangad South BOBranch Office676521
Vaniyambalam SOPost Office679339
Vattalur BOBranch Office676507
Vattamkulam SOPost Office679578
Vazhakkad SOPost Office673640
Vazhayur BOBranch Office673633
Vazhayur East BOBranch Office673633
Vazhenkada BOBranch Office679357
Vazhikkadavu BOBranch Office679333
Veliankode SOPost Office679579
Velimukku SOPost Office676317
Velimukku South BOBranch Office676317
Vellachal BOBranch Office676106
Vellayur BOBranch Office679327
Vellila BOBranch Office679324
Velliyanchery BOBranch Office679326
Vellur BOBranch Office670307
Vengad BOBranch Office670612
Vengalur BOBranch Office676102
Vengara MLP SOPost Office676304
Vengoor BOBranch Office679325
Venniyur BOBranch Office676508
Vettathur BOBranch Office679326
Vettilappara BOBranch Office673639
Vettom BOBranch Office676102
Vettompallippuram BOBranch Office676102
Vilayil BOBranch Office673641
Vyrancode BOBranch Office676301
Wandoor SOPost Office679328

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service