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Explore all post offices or pincodes of MADHUBANI, BIHAR

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Akaur BOBranch Office847230
Alola BOBranch Office847402
Amahi BOBranch Office847402
Amouza BOBranch Office847402
Andah BOBranch Office847234
Andhra SOPost Office847401
Araria Sangra BOBranch Office847109
Arerhat SOPost Office847222
Auraha BOBranch Office847108
Awari BOBranch Office847308
Baboobarhi SOPost Office847224
Bagha Kusmar BOBranch Office847409
Baikabishanpur BOBranch Office847402
Baira BOBranch Office847226
Baliabikrampur BOBranch Office847239
Balua BOBranch Office847409
Bangama BOBranch Office847108
Bankatta Uren BOBranch Office847223
Banki BOBranch Office847408
Bardaha BOBranch Office847401
Barha BOBranch Office847223
Barhampura BOBranch Office847223
Barhara BOBranch Office847401
Barhi BOBranch Office847226
Barhmotra BOBranch Office847227
Barri BOBranch Office847102
Barsam BOBranch Office847411
Baruar BOBranch Office847228
Basaith Chandpura SOPost Office847102
Basania BOBranch Office847421
Basipatti BOBranch Office847408
Basopatti SOPost Office847225
Basuara BOBranch Office847212
Basuari BOBranch Office847402
Basudevpur BOBranch Office847421
Basuki Bihari BOBranch Office847305
Bath BOBranch Office847408
Bathnaha BOBranch Office847227
Bathne BOBranch Office847236
BBelahi BOBranch Office847215
Behat Goth BOBranch Office847403
Bela BOBranch Office847408
Belarahi BOBranch Office847404
Belauncha BOBranch Office847408
Belauza BOBranch Office847222
Belha BOBranch Office847402
Belhi Bhawanipur BOBranch Office847108
Belhi BOBranch Office847227
Belhwar BOBranch Office847215
Bengra BOBranch Office847308
Benipatti SOPost Office847223
Benta BOBranch Office847228
Benta Parsa BOBranch Office847230
Berma BOBranch Office847410
Bhachhi BOBranch Office847212
Bhagta BOBranch Office847408
Bhagwatipurnahar BOBranch Office847236
Bhaiyapatti BOBranch Office847230
Bhakhrain BOBranch Office847408
Bhakua BOBranch Office847228
Bhalpatti BOBranch Office847239
Bhaptiahi BOBranch Office847108
Bhargama BOBranch Office847408
Bhariabishanpur BOBranch Office847235
Bharkhori BOBranch Office847108
Bhataura BOBranch Office847306
Bhatchaura BOBranch Office847228
Bhatraghat BOBranch Office847122
Bhatsimar BOBranch Office847235
Bhawanipur BOBranch Office847234
Bheja BOBranch Office847408
Bherwa BOBranch Office847304
Bhith Bhagwanpur BOBranch Office847408
Bhour BOBranch Office847231
Bhowara SOPost Office847212
Biraoul BOBranch Office847402
Biratpur Birauli BOBranch Office847223
Biraul BOBranch Office847228
Biroul BOBranch Office847236
Birpur BOBranch Office847225
Birpur Harpatti BOBranch Office847227
Birsair BOBranch Office847234
Bisanpur BOBranch Office847102
Bisfi SOPost Office847122
Bishoul BOBranch Office847240
Brahmpur BOBranch Office847409
Chachraha BOBranch Office847226
Chandra Dih BOBranch Office847224
Chanouraganj BOBranch Office847404
Chapahi BOBranch Office847235
Chatra BOBranch Office847228
Chaturbhuj Piprahi BOBranch Office847421
Chhajana BOBranch Office847108
Chhatauni BOBranch Office847225
Chhaurahi BOBranch Office847228
Chichorba BOBranch Office847108
Chichrikanungo BOBranch Office847235
Chikna BOBranch Office847402
Choramahrail BOBranch Office847404
Chunni BOBranch Office847408
CQuaztola BOBranch Office847122
Dahaura BOBranch Office847239
Dahibatnathwan BOBranch Office847234
Dahiwatmadhopur BOBranch Office847234
Daiya Kharwar BOBranch Office847403
Daldal BOBranch Office847408
Damala BOBranch Office847304
Damo BOBranch Office847225
Damodarpur BOBranch Office847223
Datuar BOBranch Office847228
DChandpura BOBranch Office847102
Deep BOBranch Office847403
Deodha BOBranch Office847226
Deopura BOBranch Office847223
Devhar BOBranch Office847224
Dhabahi BOBranch Office847108
Dhakjari BOBranch Office847223
Dhamaura BOBranch Office847224
Dhamiapatti BOBranch Office847226
Dhanauja BOBranch Office847409
Dhanchhiha Baruar BOBranch Office847108
Dhanga BOBranch Office847229
Dharmdiha BOBranch Office847402
Dighia Phent BOBranch Office847225
Dorbar BOBranch Office847226
Dubahi Mahinathpur BOBranch Office847225
Dullipatti BOBranch Office847226
Dumari BOBranch Office847212
Dumra BOBranch Office847411
Durgapatti BOBranch Office847308
Dwalakh BOBranch Office847408
Ekhari BOBranch Office847232
Ekhathha BOBranch Office847227
Ektara BOBranch Office847222
Gahuma Beria BOBranch Office847402
Gajhara BOBranch Office847227
Ganauli BOBranch Office847401
Gandhwair BOBranch Office847234
Gangapur BOBranch Office847403
Gangaur BOBranch Office847308
Gangdwar BOBranch Office847235
Ganguli BOBranch Office847223
Garatol BOBranch Office847402
Garha BOBranch Office847232
Genaur BOBranch Office847223
Ghoghardiha SOPost Office847402
Ghonghour BOBranch Office847235
Ghorabanki BOBranch Office847225
Gobraura BOBranch Office847228
Gurmaha BOBranch Office847231
Harbhanga BOBranch Office847403
Haripur Baxi Tola BOBranch Office847229
Haripur Dih Tol BOBranch Office847229
Harlakhi BOBranch Office847240
Harna BOBranch Office847404
Harri BOBranch Office847404
Hata Rupauli BOBranch Office847404
Hatni BOBranch Office847402
Hattapur BOBranch Office847225
Hiropatti BOBranch Office847304
Hisardeorhi BOBranch Office847230
Hudra BOBranch Office847227
Husainpur BOBranch Office847238
Imadpatti BOBranch Office847404
Izra BOBranch Office847337
Jafra BOBranch Office847222
Jagatpur BOBranch Office847213
Jageshwar Asthan BOBranch Office847402
Jalsain BOBranch Office847411
Jamsam BOBranch Office847234
Jaso BOBranch Office847225
Jaynagar Bazar SOPost Office847226
Jaynagar SOPost Office847226
Jhaloun BOBranch Office847232
Jhanjharpur Court SOPost Office847404
Jhanjharpur RS SOPost Office847403
Jhanjharpur SOPost Office847404
Jiraul BOBranch Office847230
Jitwarpur BOBranch Office847215
Jonki BOBranch Office847225
Kachhua BOBranch Office847410
Kachhubi BOBranch Office847410
Kaithai BOBranch Office847236
Kaithinia BOBranch Office847403
Kakardobh BOBranch Office847108
Kakna BOBranch Office847212
Kako BOBranch Office847404
Kakraul BOBranch Office847238
Kalapatti BOBranch Office847409
Kalikapur BOBranch Office847228
Kaluahi SOPost Office847229
Kamalabari BOBranch Office847226
Kamalpur BOBranch Office847225
Kanhauli BOBranch Office847228
Kanhouli BOBranch Office847239
Kapileshwar Asthan BOBranch Office847238
Kapsiya BOBranch Office847213
Karbi Dhankaul BOBranch Office847102
Karhari BOBranch Office847108
Karhi BOBranch Office847222
Kariot BOBranch Office847108
Karmauli BOBranch Office847229
Karmegh BOBranch Office847421
Kasma Marar BOBranch Office847228
Kataiya BOBranch Office847223
Kataya BOBranch Office847225
Kathia BOBranch Office847404
Kauwaha Barhi BOBranch Office847230
Keotha BOBranch Office847230
Keotna BOBranch Office847402
Kerwar BOBranch Office847222
Kewalpatti BOBranch Office847235
Khajauli SOPost Office847228
Khajedih BOBranch Office847232
Khajuri BOBranch Office847212
Kharagwani BOBranch Office847224
Kharaua BOBranch Office847238
Kharra BOBranch Office847212
Khauna BOBranch Office847240
Khirhar SOPost Office847230
Khozpur BOBranch Office847224
Khutauna SOPost Office847227
Koilakh BOBranch Office847236
Korahia BOBranch Office847226
Korahiyabalha BOBranch Office847235
Kotjia Bharam BOBranch Office847404
Kuar BOBranch Office847226
Kukurdaura BOBranch Office847108
Kulharia BOBranch Office847401
Kumarkhat BOBranch Office847232
Ladania SOPost Office847232
Lakhnour BOBranch Office847403
Lalmania BOBranch Office847421
Laufa BOBranch Office847403
Laukaha SOPost Office847421
Laukahi BOBranch Office847108
Laukahi Dhanchhiha BOBranch Office847108
Lawani BOBranch Office847410
Laxamipur BOBranch Office847421
Laxmipur BOBranch Office847228
Loha BOBranch Office847213
Lohat SOPost Office847231
Lohna BOBranch Office847424
Lorika BOBranch Office847223
M G Bazar SOPost Office847214
Madhepur SOPost Office847408
Madhopur BOBranch Office847421
Madhubani Court SOPost Office847211
Madhubani HOHead Office847211
Madhwapur SOPost Office847305
Madna BOBranch Office847401
Maheaswara BOBranch Office847228
Mahindwar Navtoli BOBranch Office847109
Mahpatia BOBranch Office847408
Mahrail BOBranch Office847404
Mahtha BOBranch Office847232
Mahthour BOBranch Office847409
Mahua Ekdara BOBranch Office847228
Mailam BOBranch Office847235
Maina Sukki BOBranch Office847228
Makhnaha BOBranch Office847108
Makrampur BOBranch Office847234
Maksuda BOBranch Office847234
Malangia BOBranch Office847212
Malin Belha BOBranch Office847227
Malmal BOBranch Office847229
Mangrauni BOBranch Office847214
Manpour BOBranch Office847230
Mansapur BOBranch Office847108
Marhia BOBranch Office847225
Marukia BOBranch Office847228
Massa BOBranch Office847102
Matras BOBranch Office847402
Mauahi BOBranch Office847224
Mdb Bara Bazar SOPost Office847213
Meghoul BOBranch Office847239
Meghwan BOBranch Office847102
Mehath BOBranch Office847404
Mirjapur BOBranch Office847232
Misrauli BOBranch Office847224
Mureth BOBranch Office847229
Murli BOBranch Office847409
Nagdah Balain BOBranch Office847222
Nagwas BOBranch Office847222
Nahas Rupauli BOBranch Office847222
Nainaghat BOBranch Office847239
Najramahmda BOBranch Office847239
Nakti BOBranch Office847235
Nanaour BOBranch Office847109
Narahiya SOPost Office847108
Narar BOBranch Office847226
Narpatinagar BOBranch Office847239
Naruar BOBranch Office847407
Navkarhi BOBranch Office847222
Nazirpur BOBranch Office847215
Neor BOBranch Office847108
Noorchak BOBranch Office847122
Pachahi BOBranch Office847408
Pachrukhi BOBranch Office847224
Padma BOBranch Office847226
Paithankabai BOBranch Office847239
Palimohan BOBranch Office847228
Pandaul SOPost Office847234
Paraul BOBranch Office847229
Pariharpur BOBranch Office847235
Parjuar BOBranch Office847229
Parohi BOBranch Office847122
Parsa BOBranch Office847109
Parsahi Sirsiya BOBranch Office847421
Parsauni BOBranch Office847223
Parsuna BOBranch Office847223
Parwa BOBranch Office847226
Pastan BOBranch Office847401
Pathrahi BOBranch Office847227
Patwara BOBranch Office847235
Phatki BOBranch Office847408
Phulhar BOBranch Office847240
Phulparas SOPost Office847409
Pilakhwar BOBranch Office847214
Piprahi BOBranch Office847232
Pipraun BOBranch Office847240
Pirhi BOBranch Office847224
Pirojgadh BOBranch Office847402
Pokhrouni BOBranch Office847223
Pursaulia BOBranch Office847226
Raghopur Deorhi BOBranch Office847239
Raghopurbalat BOBranch Office847236
Raghunidehat BOBranch Office847214
Rahika SOPost Office847238
Rahua Sangram BOBranch Office847408
Raima BOBranch Office847308
Raja Kharwar BOBranch Office847403
Rajaram Patti BOBranch Office847108
Raje BOBranch Office847424
Rajnagar SO MadhubaniPost Office847235
Rakhwari BOBranch Office847411
Ramchandra BOBranch Office847408
Ramnipatti BOBranch Office847224
Rampatti SOPost Office847236
Rampur BOBranch Office847424
Ranti BOBranch Office847214
Rashidpur BOBranch Office847229
Rataul BOBranch Office847403
Ratnasara BOBranch Office847108
RKCollage SOPost Office847215
Rudrapur SO MadhubaniPost Office847411
Rupauli BOBranch Office847403
Sadullahpur BOBranch Office847304
Sagarpur BOBranch Office847239
Sahar SO MadhubaniPost Office847308
Saini BOBranch Office847402
Sakhwar BOBranch Office847424
Sakri Madhubani SOPost Office847239
Salempur BOBranch Office847234
Sangi BOBranch Office847402
Sankorthu BOBranch Office847424
Sanpatahi BOBranch Office847401
Sant Nagar BOBranch Office847404
Sapta BOBranch Office847214
Sarabe Tarapatti BOBranch Office847228
Sarauti BOBranch Office847402
Sarisavpahi SOPost Office847424
Satghara BOBranch Office847337
Saurath BOBranch Office847213
Seli Beli BOBranch Office847226
Selra BOBranch Office847228
Shahpur BOBranch Office847231
Shambhuar BOBranch Office847234
Shibipatti BOBranch Office847215
Shivnagar BOBranch Office847102
Shubhankarpur BOBranch Office847213
Shyamsidhap BOBranch Office847235
Sidhap Kalan BOBranch Office847226
Sidhhap Parsahi BOBranch Office847232
Sijaulia BOBranch Office847409
Siktiahi BOBranch Office847227
Simra BOBranch Office847404
Simri BOBranch Office847235
Singhia Deorhi BOBranch Office847306
Siriapur BOBranch Office847230
Sirkharia BOBranch Office847109
Sirpurhati BOBranch Office847212
Siswabarhi BOBranch Office847409
Siswabazar BOBranch Office847409
Sohroul BOBranch Office847223
Sonai BOBranch Office847308
Sonre BOBranch Office847410
Sothgaon BOBranch Office847240
Sudairatauli BOBranch Office847402
Sugapatti BOBranch Office847409
Sugauna BOBranch Office847235
Sukhet BOBranch Office847404
Sunder Virajit BOBranch Office847408
Suriahi Ramnagar BOBranch Office847409
Tamuria SOPost Office847410
Taraiya BOBranch Office847102
Tardiha BOBranch Office847408
Tazpur BOBranch Office847109
Teghra BOBranch Office847227
Tengraha BOBranch Office847408
Tengrar BOBranch Office847409
Thahar BOBranch Office847228
Tharhi BOBranch Office847401
Tharhi Sidhhap BOBranch Office847232
Tilath BOBranch Office847402
Tirhuta BOBranch Office847224
Tisi Narsam BOBranch Office847223
Tulapatganj SOPost Office847109
Uchhal BOBranch Office847226
Udaypur Bithwar BOBranch Office847231
Umari BOBranch Office847403
Umgaon kothi SOPost Office847240
Usarahi Deodha BOBranch Office847226
Uttra BOBranch Office847308
Vijai BOBranch Office847404

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service