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Explore all post offices or pincodes of LUDHIANA, PUNJAB

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abbowal BOBranch Office141105
Akalgarh BOBranch Office141104
Akhara BOBranch Office142034
Alamgir BOBranch Office141116
Allona Pallah BOBranch Office141414
Amloh RoadKhanna SOPost Office141401
Andlu BOBranch Office141108
AP Basti SOPost Office141003
Assi Kalan BOBranch Office141203
Attiana BOBranch Office141107
Ayali Kalan SOPost Office142027
Babarpur BOBranch Office141119
Baddowal SOPost Office142021
Baggakhurd BOBranch Office141008
Bagli Kalan BOBranch Office141412
Bahomajra BOBranch Office141412
Bahrampur BOBranch Office141205
BALION BOBranch Office141114
Ballowal BOBranch Office141202
Bangsipur BOBranch Office142033
Barhmi BOBranch Office141107
Barmalipur BOBranch Office141416
Barsal BOBranch Office142024
Barundi BOBranch Office141205
Basant Avenue SOPost Office141013
Bassian Bet BOBranch Office141110
Bassian SOPost Office142032
Basti Jodhewal SOPost Office141007
Bazurg BOBranch Office142024
Begowal BOBranch Office141418
Behlolpur SOPost Office141121
Ber Khurd BOBranch Office141119
Bhagpura BOBranch Office141112
Bhagwanpura BOBranch Office141114
Bhaini Araiyan BOBranch Office142033
Bhaini Baringa BOBranch Office141109
Bhainidarera BOBranch Office141108
Bhairro Munna BOBranch Office141112
Bhamaddi BOBranch Office141412
Bhamipura BOBranch Office142034
Bhanohar BOBranch Office141102
Bharat Nagar SO LudhianaPost Office141001
Bharowal BOBranch Office142025
Bharthala BOBranch Office141114
Bharthala Randhawa BOBranch Office141415
Bhatta Dhahan BOBranch Office141110
Bhattia BOBranch Office141008
BHATTIAN SOPost Office141008
Bhourla BOBranch Office141412
Bhundri BOBranch Office142025
Bhutta BOBranch Office141206
Bija Kalan BOBranch Office141412
Bilaspur BOBranch Office141421
Bilga BOBranch Office141120
Binjal BOBranch Office142032
Birk BOBranch Office142024
Bodalwala BOBranch Office142024
Bondli BOBranch Office141114
Boothgarh BOBranch Office141007
Bopa Rai Kalan SO LudhianaPost Office141422
Borra BOBranch Office141127
Bowani BOBranch Office141421
BR Street SOPost Office141008
Budhewal BOBranch Office141112
Burj Hakima BOBranch Office141107
Burj Hari Singh Wala BOBranch Office141109
Butaheri BOBranch Office141118
Central Post Office SOPost Office141008
Chachrari BOBranch Office142030
Chajjewal BOBranch Office142030
Chak Bahi Ke BOBranch Office142032
Chak Kalan BOBranch Office141110
Chak Mafi BOBranch Office141417
Chakkar BOBranch Office142035
Chakohi BOBranch Office141414
Chaminda BOBranch Office141202
Cheema BOBranch Office142030
Chhandran BOBranch Office141113
Chhapar BOBranch Office141204
Chhounta BOBranch Office141127
Chhourian BOBranch Office141121
Chimna BOBranch Office142024
CMC SO LudhianaPost Office141008
Daba Road SOPost Office141014
Dad BOBranch Office142022
Dadahur BOBranch Office141109
Daherka BOBranch Office142034
Daheru SOPost Office141412
Dakha Mandi SOPost Office141101
Dakha SOPost Office141102
Dallah BOBranch Office142035
Dangian BOBranch Office142035
Dehlon SOPost Office141118
Dev Nagar BOBranch Office142022
Dewatwal BOBranch Office141102
Dhaipai BOBranch Office142029
Dhamote SOPost Office141413
Dhanansu BOBranch Office141112
Dhandari Kalan SOPost Office141014
Dhandran BOBranch Office141116
Dhatt BOBranch Office141101
Dhindsa BOBranch Office141114
Dholan BOBranch Office142030
Dholan Kalan BOBranch Office142029
Dhudhal Kalan BOBranch Office141119
Dhulkot BOBranch Office141204
Doburji BOBranch Office141421
Doraha SO LudhianaPost Office141421
Dulley BOBranch Office141116
Durgapuri SOPost Office141001
Eros Bajra Road SOPost Office141007
Fatehgarh Siwian BOBranch Office142036
Focal Point SOPost Office141010
Gaddowal BOBranch Office141112
Gahaur BOBranch Office141102
Galib Kalan SOPost Office142036
Ghaloti BOBranch Office141419
Ghangas BOBranch Office141419
Ghawaddi SOPost Office141206
Ghudani Kalan SOPost Office141419
Ghudani Khurd BOBranch Office141416
Ghulal BOBranch Office141114
Ghuman BOBranch Office141104
GHUMNEWAL BOBranch Office141110
Ghungrali Rajputan BOBranch Office141412
Ghungrali Sikhan BOBranch Office141114
Ghungrana SOPost Office141204
Gidderwindi BOBranch Office142033
Gill SOPost Office141116
Gne College SOPost Office141006
Goh BOBranch Office141417
Gondwal BOBranch Office141109
Goslan BOBranch Office141417
Gujjarwal SOPost Office141202
Guram BOBranch Office141206
Gurreh BOBranch Office142023
Guru Arjan Dev Nagar SOPost Office141008
Halwara Aerodrome SOPost Office141106
Halwara SOPost Office141107
Hamaunpura BOBranch Office142022
Hambowal BOBranch Office141115
Hambran SOPost Office141110
Hans Kalan BOBranch Office142030
Harion Kalan BOBranch Office141417
Hassanpur BOBranch Office141102
Hathur SOPost Office142031
Hawas BOBranch Office141007
Heddon BOBranch Office141114
Heeran BOBranch Office141112
Heeran Hans BOBranch Office141107
Hissowal BOBranch Office141422
Hoal BOBranch Office141414
Ikolaha BOBranch Office141414
Indl Colony SOPost Office141003
Iqbal Ganj SOPost Office141008
Issewal BOBranch Office141102
Issru SOPost Office141414
Jagraon City SOPost Office142026
Jagraon HOHead Office142026
Jagraon Tehsil SOPost Office142026
Jalaldiwal BOBranch Office141109
Jallajan BOBranch Office141414
Jamalpur Awana SOPost Office141010
Jandi BOBranch Office142033
Jandiali BOBranch Office141112
Jangpura BOBranch Office141101
Janta Nagar SOPost Office141003
Jarg SOPost Office141415
Jargari BOBranch Office141415
Jartauli BOBranch Office141203
Jaspal Banger SOPost Office141122
Jaspalon BOBranch Office141421
Jassowal BOBranch Office141116
Jassowal Kalan BOBranch Office142023
Jatana BOBranch Office141421
Jhamat BOBranch Office141117
Jhorran BOBranch Office142032
Jodhan SOPost Office142029
Jodhwal BOBranch Office141115
Johalan BOBranch Office141109
Jugiana SOPost Office141017
Junetpura BOBranch Office142033
Junewal BOBranch Office141126
Kaddon BOBranch Office141421
Kailey BOBranch Office141107
Kakrala Kalan SOPost Office141125
Kalahar BOBranch Office141117
Kalakh BOBranch Office141204
Kalal Majra BOBranch Office141417
Kalas BOBranch Office141109
Kalsian BOBranch Office141109
Kamalpura SOPost Office142030
Kanech BOBranch Office141120
Karamsar BOBranch Office141117
Karyana Kalan BOBranch Office141015
Katani Kalan SOPost Office141113
Kaunke Kalan BOBranch Office142035
KCG Sudhar SOPost Office141104
Khandur BOBranch Office141103
Khanjarwal BOBranch Office142025
Khanna HOHead Office141401
Khanpur BOBranch Office141206
Khatorachuharam BOBranch Office141118
Khera BOBranch Office141204
Khwajke BOBranch Office141007
Kila Hans BOBranch Office141117
Kila Raipur SOPost Office141201
Kishangarh BOBranch Office141412
Kohara SOPost Office141112
Koom Kalan SOPost Office141127
Kot Gangu Rai BOBranch Office141113
Kotala BOBranch Office141125
Kotla Bhari BOBranch Office141417
Kotla Samashpur BOBranch Office141114
Kubba BOBranch Office141418
Kuhli Kalan BOBranch Office141119
Kular BOBranch Office142023
Labour Colony SO LudhianaPost Office141003
Ladhran BOBranch Office141114
Lakha BOBranch Office142031
Lalori Kalan BOBranch Office141417
Lalton Kalan SOPost Office142022
Lalton Khurd BOBranch Office142022
Lamme BOBranch Office142034
Lapran BOBranch Office141421
Latala SOPost Office141205
Leel BOBranch Office141108
Leelan BOBranch Office142033
Lehal BOBranch Office141117
Lehra BOBranch Office141118
Libra BOBranch Office141412
Litter BOBranch Office141107
Lodhiwal BOBranch Office142033
Lodhowal BOBranch Office141008
Lohat baddi BOBranch Office141109
Lohgarh BOBranch Office141203
Lohora SOPost Office141016
LR Market SOPost Office141008
Lubangarh BOBranch Office141115
Ludhiana HOHead Office141001
Ludhiana Kty SOPost Office141001
Machhiwara SOPost Office141115
Madarpura BOBranch Office142033
Madhopuri SOPost Office141008
Madpur BOBranch Office141114
Maherna Kalan BOBranch Office141205
Majri BOBranch Office142025
Maksudran BOBranch Office141416
Mal Majra BOBranch Office141114
Malak BOBranch Office142024
Malakpur BOBranch Office142027
Mallah SOPost Office142035
Maloudh SOPost Office141119
Malsian Bajan BOBranch Office142033
Mandiani BOBranch Office141101
Mangat BOBranch Office141007
Manki Bhagour BOBranch Office141114
Mann SOPost Office142023
Mansuran BOBranch Office142029
Manuke SOPost Office142034
Manupur BOBranch Office141417
Mattewara BOBranch Office141007
Meerpur Hans BOBranch Office142023
Mehdoodan BOBranch Office141418
Mehma Singh Wala BOBranch Office141203
Millerganj SOPost Office141003
Model Town Ludhiana SOPost Office141002
Mohanpur BOBranch Office141412
Mohie SOPost Office141103
Morkarima BOBranch Office142023
Moti Nagar SOPost Office141010
Mukandpur BOBranch Office141206
Mullanpur BOBranch Office141101
Mundian Kalan SOPost Office141015
Muskabad BOBranch Office141114
Nagra BOBranch Office141114
Nai Mandi Khanna SOPost Office141401
Nanakpur Jagera BOBranch Office141117
Nanaksar BOBranch Office142036
Nandpur BOBranch Office141120
Nangal Kalan BOBranch Office141108
Nangal Khurd BOBranch Office141108
Nanowal Kalan BOBranch Office141125
Narangwal SOPost Office141203
Nasrali BOBranch Office141414
Nathowal BOBranch Office142032
Natt BOBranch Office141122
Neelon Kalan BOBranch Office141114
Netaji Nagar SO LudhianaPost Office141008
New Courts SOPost Office141001
New Hargobind Nagar SOPost Office141008
New Model Town SOPost Office141002
New Rajguru Nagar BOBranch Office142028
Nizampur BOBranch Office141413
Noorwala BOBranch Office141007
Nurpur BOBranch Office141107
Nurpurbet BOBranch Office141008
Otalan BOBranch Office141114
Pabbian BOBranch Office142023
Paddi BOBranch Office141206
Pakhowal SOPost Office141108
Pamal BOBranch Office142021
Pamali BOBranch Office142021
Pandori BOBranch Office141101
Panjeta BOBranch Office141126
Partpsinghwala SOPost Office141008
Passi Nagar SOPost Office141013
PAU SOPost Office141004
Pawa BOBranch Office141120
Pawat BOBranch Office141121
Payal SOPost Office141416
Phalewal BOBranch Office141202
Pherurain BOBranch Office142032
Pohiar BOBranch Office141204
Pt Colony SO LudhianaPost Office141001
Punjgarain BOBranch Office141115
Purain BOBranch Office141110
Rachhine BOBranch Office141205
Raekot SOPost Office141109
Rahawan SOPost Office141417
Rajewal BOBranch Office141414
Rajgarh BOBranch Office141108
Rajguru Nagar SOPost Office141012
Rajoana Kalan BOBranch Office141107
Ramgarh Bhullar BOBranch Office142033
Ramgarh Sardaran BOBranch Office141119
Ramgarh SO LudhianaPost Office141123
Rampur SO LudhianaPost Office141418
Rangowal BOBranch Office141205
Raowal BOBranch Office142033
Raqba BOBranch Office141422
Rasulpur BOBranch Office142035
Rattangarh BOBranch Office141127
Rattowal BOBranch Office141105
Rauni BOBranch Office141415
Rohno Kalan BOBranch Office141414
Roomi BOBranch Office142030
Rupalon BOBranch Office141421
Rurka BOBranch Office141101
Sadarpura BOBranch Office142033
Saharan Majra BOBranch Office141117
Sahauli BOBranch Office141105
Sahibana BOBranch Office141123
Salaudi BOBranch Office141417
Samrala City SOPost Office141114
Samrala Road SOPost Office141008
Samrala SOPost Office141114
Sanehwal SOPost Office141120
Sangatpura BOBranch Office142024
Sangowal BOBranch Office141122
Sarabha Nagar SOPost Office141001
Sarabha SOPost Office141105
Sarih BOBranch Office141116
Sarwarpur BOBranch Office141114
Satsang Road SOPost Office141001
Saya Kalan BOBranch Office141118
Seh BOBranch Office141417
Sehbazpura BOBranch Office141109
Shamspur BOBranch Office141114
Shankar BOBranch Office141206
Sheikh Daulat BOBranch Office142036
Sherpur Bet BOBranch Office141121
Sherpur Kalan BOBranch Office142036
Shimlapuri SOPost Office141003
Shivpuri SO LudhianaPost Office141008
Sidhpeeth SOPost Office141001
Sidhwan Bet SOPost Office142033
Sidhwan Kalan BOBranch Office142024
Sidhwan Khurd SOPost Office142024
Sihala BOBranch Office141125
Sihan Daud BOBranch Office141119
Sihar SOPost Office141117
Sihaura BOBranch Office141413
Sirthala BOBranch Office141415
Sodhiwal BOBranch Office142033
Sohian BOBranch Office142023
Sowaddi SOPost Office142025
Sri Bhaini Sahib SOPost Office141126
Srs Nagar BOBranch Office142024
Sudhar BOBranch Office141104
Sujapur BOBranch Office142030
Tajpura BOBranch Office141109
Takhran BOBranch Office141115
Talwandi Kalan BOBranch Office142025
Talwandi Khurd BOBranch Office142025
Talwandi Rai BOBranch Office141109
Thakarwal BOBranch Office142022
Threeke SOPost Office142028
Tibba BOBranch Office141120
Tihara BOBranch Office142033
Tossey BOBranch Office141105
Tuggal BOBranch Office142023
Uppal BOBranch Office141113

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service