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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KURNOOL, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abdullapuram BOBranch Office518123
Adoni Arts College SOPost Office518302
Adoni HOHead Office518301
Adoni town SOPost Office518301
Agaveli BOBranch Office518225
AGokulapadu BOBranch Office518467
Ahobilam BOBranch Office518543
Akkampalli BOBranch Office518145
AKodur BOBranch Office518523
Akumalla SOPost Office518196
Alaganur BOBranch Office518405
Alamur BOBranch Office518543
Alardinne BOBranch Office518465
Alavakonda BOBranch Office518165
Alavala BOBranch Office518463
Alebad BOBranch Office518220
Allagadda MDG SOPost Office518543
Allur BOBranch Office518134
Alur SO KurnoolPost Office518395
Amadaguntla BOBranch Office518467
Amakathadu BOBranch Office518216
Aminabad BOBranch Office518390
Ammireddinagar BOBranch Office518135
Ankireddypalli BOBranch Office518123
Anugonda BOBranch Office518467
Anupur BOBranch Office518176
Appalapuram BOBranch Office518124
Arekallu BOBranch Office518302
Arikera BOBranch Office518395
Arlabanda BOBranch Office518313
Ashoknagar SO KurnoolPost Office518005
Aspari SOPost Office518347
Atikalagundu BOBranch Office518347
Atmakur SO KurnoolPost Office518422
Ayalur BOBranch Office518502
Bachepalle BOBranch Office518543
Badinehal BOBranch Office518344
BAgraharam BOBranch Office518350
Baichigeri BOBranch Office518302
Bairluty BOBranch Office518422
Balaji Nagar SOPost Office518006
Balapalapalli BOBranch Office518598
Balapanur BOBranch Office518112
Balavegammanagar BOBranch Office518573
Banaganapalle SOPost Office518124
Banaganapalle South SOPost Office518124
Banakacherla BOBranch Office518533
Banavanur BOBranch Office518350
Banavasi BOBranch Office518323
Bandi Atmakur SOPost Office518523
Bannuru BOBranch Office518401
Bantanahalu BOBranch Office518396
Bapuram BOBranch Office518344
Basapuram BOBranch Office518302
Basarakodu BOBranch Office518347
Bastipadu BOBranch Office518218
Bathalur BOBranch Office518510
Beeravolu BOBranch Office518583
Belagal SOPost Office518462
Belagallu BOBranch Office518313
Beldona BOBranch Office518396
Belum BOBranch Office518122
Bethamcherla SOPost Office518599
Bevinahal BOBranch Office518348
Bhagya Nagar kurnool SOPost Office518004
Bhanumukkala BOBranch Office518422
Bhar Peta Adoni SOPost Office518301
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office518523
Bhimunipadu BOBranch Office518134
Bhojanam BOBranch Office518533
Bhupanapadu BOBranch Office518112
Bijanavemula BOBranch Office518134
Bijina Vemula BOBranch Office518411
Bilakalaguduru BOBranch Office518508
Bilehalu BOBranch Office518395
Billalapuram BOBranch Office518502
Billekallu BOBranch Office518347
Biravolu BOBranch Office518412
BKodur BOBranch Office518523
Bodemmanur BOBranch Office518155
Bogolu BOBranch Office518222
Bollavaram BOBranch Office518512
Bommireddipalli BOBranch Office518216
Bondimadugula BOBranch Office518468
Boyalakuntla BOBranch Office518583
Boyanacheruvupalle BOBranch Office518220
Boyarevula BOBranch Office518533
Brahmanadoddi BOBranch Office518462
Brahmanakotkur SOPost Office518432
BRamadurgam BOBranch Office518222
BTandrapadu BOBranch Office518007
Bugganipalli BOBranch Office518206
Bukkapuram BOBranch Office518002
Burandoddi BOBranch Office518462
Burugula BOBranch Office518220
Buruzula BOBranch Office518380
Byluppala BOBranch Office518350
Cement Nagar SOPost Office518206
Chabolu BOBranch Office518502
Chagalamarri SOPost Office518553
Chakarajuvemula BOBranch Office518135
Chakkaralla BOBranch Office518380
Chalama BOBranch Office518502
Chandalur BOBranch Office518594
Chandoli BOBranch Office518380
Chandrapalli BOBranch Office518221
Channampalli BOBranch Office518390
Chanugondla BOBranch Office518196
Chapirevula BOBranch Office518502
Chatlamallapuram BOBranch Office518218
Chatnihalli BOBranch Office518345
Chelimilla BOBranch Office518442
Chellelichelimala BOBranch Office518225
Chennampalli BOBranch Office518122
Chennur BOBranch Office518583
Cherlopalli BOBranch Office518122
Cherukucherla BOBranch Office518405
Cherukulapadu BOBranch Office518216
Cheruvupalle BOBranch Office518176
Chigali BOBranch Office518347
Chilakaladona BOBranch Office518345
Chindukur BOBranch Office518511
Chinna Pendekallu BOBranch Office518350
Chinnaharivanam BOBranch Office518308
Chinnahothur BOBranch Office518395
Chinnahulthi BOBranch Office518380
Chinnahyti BOBranch Office518346
Chinnakambalur BOBranch Office518594
Chinnapodilla BOBranch Office518221
Chinnatekur BOBranch Office518218
Chinnathumbalam BOBranch Office518313
Chinnavangali BOBranch Office518553
Chintakommudinne BOBranch Office518543
Chintakunta BOBranch Office518348
Chintalacheruvu BOBranch Office518553
Chintalapalli BOBranch Office518405
Chintalayapalli BOBranch Office518123
Chippagiri BOBranch Office518396
Chirtanakallu BOBranch Office518313
Chityala BOBranch Office518222
Chowtkur BOBranch Office518405
Chudi BOBranch Office518333
Chunchu Erragudi BOBranch Office518225
D Kotakonda BOBranch Office518350
Daivamdinne BOBranch Office518360
Damagatla BOBranch Office518432
Deebaguntla BOBranch Office518502
Devanabanda BOBranch Office518347
Devanakonda SOPost Office518465
Devanur BOBranch Office518405
Devarabanda BOBranch Office518221
Dhanapuram BOBranch Office518302
Dharmavaram BOBranch Office518222
Dhone bazar SOPost Office518222
Dhone SOPost Office518222
Dibbanakallu BOBranch Office518302
Diguvapadu BOBranch Office518452
Dinnedevarapadu BOBranch Office518002
Doddanakeri BOBranch Office518323
Doddimekala BOBranch Office518323
Dommaladinne BOBranch Office518344
Dornipadu SOPost Office518135
Duddi BOBranch Office518313
Dudekonda BOBranch Office518380
Dudyala BOBranch Office518422
Durvesi BOBranch Office518511
Edduladoddi BOBranch Office518468
Eddupenta BOBranch Office518222
Edururu BOBranch Office518004
Eernapadu BOBranch Office518512
Ellarthi BOBranch Office518395
Enigabala BOBranch Office518360
Erigeri BOBranch Office518344
Errabadu BOBranch Office518463
Erradoddi BOBranch Office518467
Erragudidinne BOBranch Office518510
Erraguduru BOBranch Office518442
Erraguntla BOBranch Office518523
Erramattam BOBranch Office518422
Erukalacheruvu BOBranch Office518225
EThandrapadu BOBranch Office518004
Gadigarevula BOBranch Office518511
Gadivemula SOPost Office518508
Gajjehalli BOBranch Office518308
Gajulapalle SOPost Office518583
Galichennayapalem BOBranch Office518513
Ganapuram BOBranch Office518401
Gangavaram BOBranch Office518583
Gani BOBranch Office518010
Ganjihalli BOBranch Office518463
Gargeyapuram SOPost Office518452
Garladinne BOBranch Office518220
GDProject BOBranch Office518463
GErragudi BOBranch Office518390
GHosanahalli BOBranch Office518302
GiddalurKkt BOBranch Office518166
GJambuladinne BOBranch Office518543
Godiganur BOBranch Office518553
Gokavaram BOBranch Office518422
Gollagutta BOBranch Office518124
Gondiparla BOBranch Office518004
Gonegandla SOPost Office518463
Gopavaram BOBranch Office518583
Gorantla BOBranch Office518467
Gorivimanipalle BOBranch Office518123
Gospadu SOPost Office518674
Gotlur BOBranch Office518553
Govardhanagiri BOBranch Office518216
Govindapalle BOBranch Office518502
Govt Live Stock Form BOBranch Office518360
GPRE College SOPost Office518007
Grandhivemula BOBranch Office518508
GSingavaram BOBranch Office518124
Gudikal BOBranch Office518360
Gudikambali BOBranch Office518333
Gudipadu BOBranch Office518466
Gudur SO KurnoolPost Office518466
Gulladurthi BOBranch Office518134
Gulyam BOBranch Office518348
Gummanur BOBranch Office518396
Gumparamandinne BOBranch Office518573
Gundampadu BOBranch Office518583
Gundlakonda BOBranch Office518468
Gundrevula BOBranch Office518462
Gundupapala BOBranch Office518134
Gunjalapadu BOBranch Office518134
Guntakandala BOBranch Office518533
Guntanala BOBranch Office518593
Gutupalli BOBranch Office518598
Guvvalakunta BOBranch Office518422
Halaharvi BOBranch Office518360
Halaharvi SOPost Office518348
Halebidu BOBranch Office518395
Haligera BOBranch Office518347
Halvi SOPost Office518333
Hampa BOBranch Office518385
Hanavolu BOBranch Office518344
Hardageri BOBranch Office518348
Harivanam BOBranch Office518308
Harivaram BOBranch Office518134
Hattibelagallu BOBranch Office518395
Hebbatam BOBranch Office518308
HKhairvadi BOBranch Office518463
HKottala BOBranch Office518598
HMuravani BOBranch Office518323
Holalagondi SOPost Office518346
Honnur BOBranch Office518346
Hosuru BOBranch Office518380
Hussainapuram BOBranch Office518221
Ibharampuram BOBranch Office518345
Illuri Kotha Peta SOPost Office518186
Inagandla BOBranch Office518462
Indireswaram BOBranch Office518422
Industrial Estate BOBranch Office518003
Industrial Estate SO KurnoolPost Office518502
Ingaladahal SOPost Office518308
Injedu BOBranch Office518155
Iranbanda BOBranch Office518463
Iskala BOBranch Office518422
Isvi BOBranch Office518302
Itekala BOBranch Office518123
Jagadurthi BOBranch Office518222
Jakkasanikuntla BOBranch Office518221
Jaladurgam SOPost Office518220
Jalakanur BOBranch Office518405
Jampapuram BOBranch Office518349
Jeenepalle BOBranch Office518573
Jillalla BOBranch Office518176
Jilledubudakala BOBranch Office518465
Jillella BOBranch Office518563
Joharapuram BOBranch Office518347
Joladarasi BOBranch Office518134
Jonnagiri BOBranch Office518390
Julekallu BOBranch Office518462
Julepalle BOBranch Office518674
Jummaladinne BOBranch Office518313
Jutur BOBranch Office518380
Kadamakuntla BOBranch Office518221
Kadimetla BOBranch Office518360
Kadivella SOPost Office518350
Kadumur BOBranch Office518452
Kaggallu BOBranch Office518349
Kakanur BOBranch Office518523
Kakaravada BOBranch Office518145
Kalachatla BOBranch Office518221
Kalludevakuntla BOBranch Office518345
Kallukunta BOBranch Office518323
Kalluru BOBranch Office518003
Kalugotla BOBranch Office518134
Kalugotlapalle BOBranch Office518553
Kalva BOBranch Office518010
Kalvatala BOBranch Office518123
Kamaganikuntla BOBranch Office518222
Kamalapuram BOBranch Office518222
Kamalapuri BOBranch Office518196
Kamavaram BOBranch Office518302
Kambadahal BOBranch Office518462
Kambaladinne BOBranch Office518360
Kambalapadu BOBranch Office518225
Kaminehal BOBranch Office518348
Kaminenipalle BOBranch Office518563
Kammarchedu BOBranch Office518302
Kampamalla BOBranch Office518134
Kanakadripalli BOBranch Office518123
Kanakaveedu BOBranch Office518343
Kanala BOBranch Office518165
Kanala SOPost Office518593
Kandanathi BOBranch Office518350
Kandikayapalli BOBranch Office518206
Kandukuru BOBranch Office518313
Kapati BOBranch Office518323
Kappatralla BOBranch Office518465
Karimaddula BOBranch Office518523
Karivemula BOBranch Office518465
Karivena BOBranch Office518422
Karumanchi BOBranch Office518350
Katarukonda BOBranch Office518222
Katikavanikunta BOBranch Office518124
Katriki BOBranch Office518333
Kavulur BOBranch Office518112
Kavuthalam SOPost Office518344
Kethavaram BOBranch Office518452
Khairuppala BOBranch Office518465
Khajeepuram BOBranch Office518396
KMarkapuram BOBranch Office518467
KNL camp B SOPost Office518002
Knl osmaniacollege SOPost Office518001
KNPuram SOPost Office518467
Kodumur SOPost Office518464
Kogilathota BOBranch Office518346
Koilakonda BOBranch Office518222
Koilakuntla Bus Stand SOPost Office518134
Koilakuntla SOPost Office518134
Kokkarchedu BOBranch Office518348
Kolimigundla SOPost Office518123
Kollabavapuram BOBranch Office518432
Komarole BOBranch Office518010
Kommemarri BOBranch Office518220
Kondajutur BOBranch Office518511
Kondamanayunipalli BOBranch Office518122
Kondapuram BOBranch Office518135
Kondupalle BOBranch Office518543
Konededu BOBranch Office518112
Konganapadu BOBranch Office518218
Konidela SOPost Office518411
Koratamaddi BOBranch Office518511
Korrapolur BOBranch Office518508
Kosanapalle BOBranch Office518216
Kosigi SOPost Office518313
Kotakandukur BOBranch Office518543
Kotakonda BOBranch Office518583
Kotapadu BOBranch Office518573
Kotchervu BOBranch Office518222
Kotekallu BOBranch Office518360
Kothakota BOBranch Office518466
Kothapalle BOBranch Office518502
Kothapalli BOBranch Office518422
Kothur BOBranch Office518390
Kottala BOBranch Office518502
Kranthinagar BOBranch Office518502
Krishna Puram BOBranch Office518464
Krishnagiri BOBranch Office518124
Krishnagiri SOPost Office518225
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office518217
Kristipadu BOBranch Office518134
Kulumala BOBranch Office518463
Kulumalapalli BOBranch Office518599
Kunkanur BOBranch Office518465
Kuntanahal BOBranch Office518344
Kunukuntala BOBranch Office518122
Kuppagallu BOBranch Office518344
Kurnool Bazar SOPost Office518001
Kurnool chowk SOPost Office518001
Kurnool Dt Court SOPost Office518001
Kurnool HOHead Office518001
Kurnool Kothapeta SOPost Office518004
Kurnool Medical College SOPost Office518002
Kurukunda BOBranch Office518422
Kurunur BOBranch Office518464
Kuruvalli BOBranch Office518395
Kypa BOBranch Office518124
Laddagiri BOBranch Office518467
Lakkasagaram BOBranch Office518225
Lakshminagaram BOBranch Office518216
Lingadahalli BOBranch Office518308
Lingala BOBranch Office518134
Lingambodu BOBranch Office518124
Lingapuram BOBranch Office518513
Loddipalli BOBranch Office518002
LPolur BOBranch Office518218
Machapuram BOBranch Office518343
Madananthapuram BOBranch Office518390
Maddikera SOPost Office518385
Maddur BOBranch Office518593
Madhavaram BOBranch Office518533
Madhavaram kurnoolBOBranch Office518349
Madhire BOBranch Office518302
MAgraharam BOBranch Office518385
Mahadevapuram BOBranch Office518583
Mahanandi BOBranch Office518502
Mahanandi Cattle Farm BOBranch Office518502
Malapalli BOBranch Office518313
Malkapuram BOBranch Office518222
Mallapuram BOBranch Office518466
Mallavemula BOBranch Office518553
Mallepalli BOBranch Office518216
Mallikarjunahalli BOBranch Office518396
Malliyala BOBranch Office518222
Malyala BOBranch Office518401
Mamidalapadu BOBranch Office518004
Manchalakatta BOBranch Office518508
Mandalur BOBranch Office518543
Mandlem BOBranch Office518401
Manekurthi BOBranch Office518302
Mangampeta BOBranch Office518124
Mantralaya SO KurnoolPost Office518345
Mantriki BOBranch Office518323
Marakattu BOBranch Office518395
Marella BOBranch Office518468
Marlamadiki BOBranch Office518346
Masapeta BOBranch Office518452
Maseedpuram BOBranch Office518502
Mayalur BOBranch Office518155
MChintakunta BOBranch Office518674
Medehal BOBranch Office518348
Meedivemula BOBranch Office518002
Meerapuram BOBranch Office518124
Meerjapuram BOBranch Office518123
Mekadona BOBranch Office518323
Mettupalle BOBranch Office518122
Mettupalli BOBranch Office518221
Midthur SOPost Office518405
Mitnala BOBranch Office518593
Mittakandala BOBranch Office518442
Mittapalle BOBranch Office518543
MKrishnapuram BOBranch Office518573
MLingapuram BOBranch Office518422
Molagavalli BOBranch Office518395
Mothukuru BOBranch Office518533
MPendakallu BOBranch Office518217
MSNagar SOPost Office518002
Mudamalakurthi BOBranch Office518464
Muddanageri BOBranch Office518395
Muddavaram BOBranch Office518599
Mudumala BOBranch Office518462
Mugati BOBranch Office518360
Mukkamalla BOBranch Office518165
Mukkella BOBranch Office518468
Mulagundam BOBranch Office518350
Munagala BOBranch Office518466
Munagalapadu BOBranch Office518004
Musalayacheruvu BOBranch Office518599
Musalimadugu BOBranch Office518422
Musanahalli BOBranch Office518302
Muthalur BOBranch Office518543
Muthukur BOBranch Office518347
Muthyalapadu BOBranch Office518553
Mutsumarri BOBranch Office518411
MV Nagar SOPost Office518543
N R Peta KNL SOPost Office518004
Nadichagi BOBranch Office518333
Nagaladinne BOBranch Office518343
Naganathanahalli BOBranch Office518308
Nagardona BOBranch Office518396
Nagaruru BOBranch Office518347
Nallachelimala BOBranch Office518468
Nallagatla BOBranch Office518510
Nallakalva BOBranch Office518422
Nancherla BOBranch Office518385
Nandanapalli BOBranch Office518452
Nandavaram BOBranch Office518124
Nandavaram SOPost Office518343
Nandikotkur bazar SOPost Office518401
Nandikotkur SOPost Office518401
Nandikunta BOBranch Office518422
Nandipadu BOBranch Office518123
Nandipalle BOBranch Office518502
Nandivargam SOPost Office518176
Nandyal Bazar SOPost Office518501
Nandyal HOHead Office518501
Nandyal RS SOPost Office518502
Narayanapauram BOBranch Office518533
Narnur BOBranch Office518002
Nayakallu BOBranch Office518218
Nehru Nagar BOBranch Office518411
Nelampadu BOBranch Office518553
Nelatalamarri BOBranch Office518465
Nellibanda BOBranch Office518465
Nemakallu SOPost Office518396
Nereducherla BOBranch Office518220
Nerniki BOBranch Office518395
NGOS Colony SOPost Office518502
Nidjur BOBranch Office518004
Nitravatti BOBranch Office518348
NKhairavadi BOBranch Office518345
NKonthalapadu BOBranch Office518010
Noone Palle SOPost Office518502
Nossam SOPost Office518145
NRangapuram BOBranch Office518221
NSCFarm BOBranch Office518401
NVenkatapuram BOBranch Office518216
Obulampalle BOBranch Office518543
Om Nagar BOBranch Office518313
Owk SOPost Office518122
Padakandla BOBranch Office518543
Padidempadu BOBranch Office518452
Pagidala BOBranch Office518412
Pagidirai BOBranch Office518390
Pallidoddi BOBranch Office518465
Palukudoddi BOBranch Office518462
Palukur BOBranch Office518176
Pamulapadu SOPost Office518442
Panchalingala BOBranch Office518004
Pandikona BOBranch Office518380
Pandurangapuram BOBranch Office518502
Panem Bus Stand BOBranch Office518112
Panem SOPost Office518112
Parla BOBranch Office518467
Parlapalli BOBranch Office518360
Parnapalle BOBranch Office518523
Parumanchala BOBranch Office518401
Pasupula BOBranch Office518452
Pasurapadu BOBranch Office518674
Pathakandukur BOBranch Office518543
Pathapadu BOBranch Office518124
Pattikonda SOPost Office518380
PDevalapuram BOBranch Office518533
Peapully SOPost Office518221
Peddabodanam BOBranch Office518543
Peddachintakunta BOBranch Office518543
Peddaemmanur BOBranch Office518155
Peddahothur BOBranch Office518395
Peddakadubur SOPost Office518323
Peddakambalur BOBranch Office518594
Peddakopperla BOBranch Office518134
Peddakothali BOBranch Office518343
Peddamarriveedu BOBranch Office518463
Peddanelatur BOBranch Office518463
Peddapadu BOBranch Office518003
Peddapaya BOBranch Office518221
Peddapodilla BOBranch Office518221
Peddathumbalam BOBranch Office518302
Peddavangali BOBranch Office518553
Peddaventhurla BOBranch Office518166
Pendekallu Bus Stand BOBranch Office518468
Pendekallu SOPost Office518468
Peravali BOBranch Office518390
Perusomula SOPost Office518166
Pesalabanda BOBranch Office518323
Pesaravai BOBranch Office518523
Petnikota BOBranch Office518123
Pinnapuram BOBranch Office518422
PLingapuram BOBranch Office518401
Polukallu BOBranch Office518462
Polur SO KurnoolPost Office518511
Pothidoddi BOBranch Office518221
Pothugal BOBranch Office518225
Pottipadu BOBranch Office518134
Prakash Nagar SOPost Office518004
Prathakota east BOBranch Office518412
Prathakota SOPost Office518412
PRPalli BOBranch Office518221
Pudur BOBranch Office518432
Pulakurthi BOBranch Office518462
Pulichinta BOBranch Office518343
Pulikonda BOBranch Office518380
Pulimaddi BOBranch Office518511
Pullagummi BOBranch Office518217
Puricherla BOBranch Office518452
Pusulur BOBranch Office518593
Putchakayalamada BOBranch Office518380
Pyalakurthi BOBranch Office518464
Racherla BOBranch Office518220
Rahimanpuram BOBranch Office518598
Raithunagaram BOBranch Office518502
Rajanagaram BOBranch Office518573
Ramachandrapuram BOBranch Office518135
Ramadurgam BOBranch Office518396
Ramakrishnapuram BOBranch Office518166
Ramalla Kota SOPost Office518217
Ramapuram BOBranch Office518513
Ramathirtham BOBranch Office518176
Ramavaram BOBranch Office518122
Ramireddipalle BOBranch Office518166
Rampalli BOBranch Office518468
Rangapuram SOPost Office518598
Ratana BOBranch Office518380
Ratsamarri BOBranch Office518349
Rayamalpuram BOBranch Office518511
Regadigudur BOBranch Office518508
Remata BOBranch Office518466
Revanur BOBranch Office518134
RJammuladinne BOBranch Office518155
RKanapuram BOBranch Office518466
RKonthalapadu BOBranch Office518004
RKothapalli BOBranch Office518598
RKrishnapuram BOBranch Office518543
RLingamdinne BOBranch Office518166
Rollapadu BOBranch Office518405
Roudur BOBranch Office518344
RPapampalle BOBranch Office518543
Rudravaram BOBranch Office518452
Rudravaram SOPost Office518594
Rupanagudi BOBranch Office518155
Salkapuram BOBranch Office518467
Sammatageri BOBranch Office518346
Sangapatnam BOBranch Office518196
Sanjamala SOPost Office518165
Sanjeeva Nagar SOPost Office518501
Sankirenipalli BOBranch Office518412
Santajutur SOPost Office518513
Santhekudlur BOBranch Office518308
Santhiram Medical College BOBranch Office518502
SAP Camp kNL SOPost Office518003
Sarparajapuram BOBranch Office518217
Sarvaipalle BOBranch Office518543
Sathanikota BOBranch Office518401
Sathanur BOBranch Office518349
SBoyanapalli BOBranch Office518217
Sebhaspuram BOBranch Office518221
Sekunala BOBranch Office518010
SErragudi BOBranch Office518467
Siddapuram BOBranch Office518348
Siddepalli BOBranch Office518422
Singanapalle BOBranch Office518196
Singavaram BOBranch Office518513
Sirvel SOPost Office518563
Sitharampuram BOBranch Office518599
Sivapuram BOBranch Office518422
Sivavaram BOBranch Office518122
SKDNagar SOPost Office518301
SKothur BOBranch Office518176
SLingam Dinne BOBranch Office518543
SNagulavaram BOBranch Office518593
Somayajulapalli BOBranch Office518010
Sri Krishna Nagar SOPost Office518002
Srinivasa Nagar SOPost Office518501
Srirangapuram BOBranch Office518583
Srisailam SOPost Office518101
SRPM BOBranch Office518004
SSDam East SOPost Office518102
Stantanpuram BOBranch Office518006
Suddamalla BOBranch Office518155
Sudepalli BOBranch Office518222
Sugalithanda BOBranch Office518112
Sugur BOBranch Office518349
Sulekeri BOBranch Office518333
Sunkesula BOBranch Office518196
Sunkeswari BOBranch Office518349
T Samala Gudur BOBranch Office518462
Tadakanapalli BOBranch Office518218
Talamudipi BOBranch Office518508
Talla Gokulapadu BOBranch Office518216
Tamballapalle BOBranch Office518124
Tangadancha BOBranch Office518401
Tangaradona BOBranch Office518347
Tangatur BOBranch Office518124
Tarigopula BOBranch Office518401
Tarturu BOBranch Office518401
TBPColony BOBranch Office518360
Tekke SOPost Office518501
Tellapuri BOBranch Office518124
Ternekallu BOBranch Office518465
Thammadapalle BOBranch Office518512
Thammarajupalle BOBranch Office518112
Thatipadu BOBranch Office518412
Thimmanayanipeta BOBranch Office518166
Thimmandoddi BOBranch Office518462
Thimmapuram SOPost Office518512
Thippanuru BOBranch Office518463
Tholisapuram BOBranch Office518004
Thollamadugu BOBranch Office518123
Thudicherla BOBranch Office518508
Thudumaladinne BOBranch Office518155
Thummalapenta BOBranch Office518123
TLingamdinne BOBranch Office518594
Togarchedu BOBranch Office518502
TSakibanda BOBranch Office518348
TSallakudlur BOBranch Office518360
TSanugondla BOBranch Office518468
Tuggali SOPost Office518390
Tummalur BOBranch Office518401
Tungabhadra SOPost Office518349
Udumalpuram BOBranch Office518502
Udumulapadu BOBranch Office518222
UGovindinne BOBranch Office518135
UKothapalle BOBranch Office518135
Ulchala BOBranch Office518467
Ulindakonda SOPost Office518218
Ungaralagundla BOBranch Office518222
Uppalapadu BOBranch Office518122
Upparahal BOBranch Office518344
Upparlapalli BOBranch Office518390
Urukunda BOBranch Office518344
Utakonda BOBranch Office518220
Uyyalawada SOPost Office518155
Vaddeman BOBranch Office518432
Vaddugandla BOBranch Office518112
Vadlaramapuram BOBranch Office518422
Vagarur Thimmapuram BOBranch Office518349
Vanala BOBranch Office518508
Vandagallu BOBranch Office518313
Vandavagili BOBranch Office518308
Varkur BOBranch Office518464
Vasanthapuram BOBranch Office518196
Veepanagandla BOBranch Office518405
Veerareddypalle BOBranch Office518573
Veldurthi SOPost Office518216
Velgode SOPost Office518533
Velpanur BOBranch Office518533
Vempenta BOBranch Office518533
Vengalampalli BOBranch Office518221
Venkatagiri BOBranch Office518360
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office518124
Virupapuram BOBranch Office518346
Vorvakallu SOPost Office518010
Vuyyalawada BOBranch Office518002
Yagantipalle BOBranch Office518124
Yallur SOPost Office518573
Yanakandla BOBranch Office518124
Yatakallu BOBranch Office518465
Yelamakur BOBranch Office518465
Yellavathula BOBranch Office518583
Yembai BOBranch Office518599
Yemmiganur bazar SOPost Office518360
Yemmiganur SOPost Office518360
Yenugumarri BOBranch Office518221
Yerragudi BOBranch Office518124
Yerraguntla SO KurnoolPost Office518510
Yeruru BOBranch Office518396

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service