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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KRISHNA, ANDHRA PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
ACCompany SOPost Office520003
Achavaram BOBranch Office521333
Adavinekkalam BOBranch Office521212
Addada BOBranch Office521390
Agniparru BOBranch Office521250
Akkireddygudem BOBranch Office521213
AKonduru SOPost Office521226
Akulamannadu BOBranch Office521366
Akumarru BOBranch Office521149
Akunuru SOPost Office521245
Alapadu RS BOBranch Office521340
Allapuram BOBranch Office521101
Alluru BOBranch Office521343
Ambapuram BOBranch Office520012
Ambedkarnagar BOBranch Office521165
Aminapuram BOBranch Office521250
Ammireddigudem BOBranch Office521403
Ampapuram BOBranch Office521109
Amudalapalli BOBranch Office521324
Anamanapudi BOBranch Office521327
Angaluru SOPost Office521330
Anigandlapadu BOBranch Office521190
Annaraopet BOBranch Office521215
Annavaram BOBranch Office521202
Anumanchipalli BOBranch Office521175
APHBColony SOPost Office520012
APIIIT SOPost Office521202
Appikatla BOBranch Office521261
APUHS SOPost Office520008
Aripirala BOBranch Office521106
Arlapadu BOBranch Office521403
Arthamuru BOBranch Office521369
Arugolanu BOBranch Office521106
Aswaraopalem BOBranch Office521122
Atapaka BOBranch Office521333
Atkur BOBranch Office521286
Atkuru BOBranch Office521229
Aukiripalli SOPost Office521211
Autonagar SOPost Office520007
Avanigadda HOHead Office521121
Ayyanki BOBranch Office521138
Ayyavarirudravaram BOBranch Office521345
Azitnagar SOPost Office520015
Azzampudi BOBranch Office521101
Bacon Factory SOPost Office521102
Bahubalendrunigudem BOBranch Office521101
Balaramunipet SOPost Office521001
Balive BOBranch Office521207
Balusupadu BOBranch Office521175
Bandarugudem BOBranch Office521109
Bandipalem BOBranch Office521178
Bandlaicheruvu BOBranch Office521122
Bantumilli SOPost Office521324
Bapulapadu BOBranch Office521105
Barlapudi BOBranch Office521136
Batchupet SOPost Office521001
Bhadrirajupalem BOBranch Office521163
Bhaskarapuram SOPost Office521001
Bhatlapenumarru BOBranch Office521138
Bhavadevarapalli BOBranch Office521120
Bhavanipuram SOPost Office520012
Bhimavaram BOBranch Office521178
Bhogireddipalli BOBranch Office521131
Bhujabalapatnam BOBranch Office521340
Bhushanagulla BOBranch Office521263
Bhyravapatnam BOBranch Office521345
Billanapalli BOBranch Office521111
Bobbellapadu BOBranch Office521182
Boddapadu BOBranch Office521151
Bokinala BOBranch Office521260
Bollapadu BOBranch Office521261
Bomminampadu BOBranch Office521343
Bommuluru BOBranch Office521330
Borrapothupalem BOBranch Office521366
Boruvancha BOBranch Office521202
Brahmapuram SOPost Office521366
Buckinghampet HOHead Office520002
Budavada BOBranch Office521175
Budhavaram BOBranch Office521101
Buthumillipadu BOBranch Office521101
Chagantipadu BOBranch Office521163
Challapalli SOPost Office521126
Chandapuram BOBranch Office521185
Chandarlapadu SOPost Office521182
Chandrala BOBranch Office521330
Chandrgudem BOBranch Office521230
Chandrupatla BOBranch Office521215
Chatrai BOBranch Office521214
Chavalipadu BOBranch Office521333
Chavutapalli BOBranch Office521227
Cheemalapadu BOBranch Office521226
Chekkapalli BOBranch Office521213
Chennaraopalem BOBranch Office521181
Chennuru BOBranch Office521366
Cherukumilli BOBranch Office521324
Cheruvu Madhavaram BOBranch Office521229
Cheruvukommupalem BOBranch Office521185
Chevendra BOBranch Office521366
Chevitikallu BOBranch Office521180
Chevuru BOBranch Office521329
Chevutur BOBranch Office521229
Chigurukota BOBranch Office521345
Chikkavaram BOBranch Office521101
Chilakalapudi SOPost Office521002
Chillakallu SOPost Office521178
Chilukuru BOBranch Office521456
China Nandigama BOBranch Office521230
China Tadinada BOBranch Office521333
Chinakallepalli BOBranch Office521132
Chinamuttevi BOBranch Office521136
Chinaogirala BOBranch Office521245
Chinapalaparru BOBranch Office521325
Chinaparupudi BOBranch Office521148
Chinatummidi BOBranch Office521329
Chinayerukapadu BOBranch Office521322
Chinnampet BOBranch Office521214
Chinnapuram BOBranch Office521003
Chintaguntapalem SOPost Office521003
Chintalanerva BOBranch Office521401
Chintalapadu BOBranch Office521235
Chintalavalli BOBranch Office521207
Chintapadu BOBranch Office521333
Chiravada BOBranch Office521109
Chiruvolulanka BOBranch Office521125
Chittapur BOBranch Office521213
Chittiguduru BOBranch Office521149
Chittinagar SOPost Office520001
Chittipalem BOBranch Office521366
Chitturu BOBranch Office521150
Chitturupu BOBranch Office521132
Chodavaram BOBranch Office521120
Chopparametla BOBranch Office521211
Choragudi BOBranch Office521250
Chorampudi BOBranch Office521324
Chowtapalli BOBranch Office521323
Civil Coursts SOPost Office520002
Currency Nagar SOPost Office520008
Dabbakupalli BOBranch Office521402
Dachavaram BOBranch Office521181
Daggumailli BOBranch Office521356
DaggumilliZ BOBranch Office521157
Daliparru BOBranch Office521131
Damulur BOBranch Office521170
Damuluru BOBranch Office521180
Dandiganapudi BOBranch Office521327
DdPuram BOBranch Office521120
Desaipet SOPost Office521001
Devapudi BOBranch Office521343
Devaragunta BOBranch Office521111
Devarakota BOBranch Office521133
Devarapalli BOBranch Office521163
Digavalli BOBranch Office521213
Divigollapalem BOBranch Office521328
Doddadevarapadu BOBranch Office521170
Doddipatla BOBranch Office521340
Dokiparru SOPost Office521332
Dondapadu BOBranch Office521323
Dosapadu BOBranch Office521321
DtCourt SOPost Office521002
Duggiralapadu BOBranch Office521229
Dum Dum Gardens SOPost Office521201
Dundiralapadu BOBranch Office521401
Durga Agraharam SOPost Office520002
Durgapuram SOPost Office520003
Edara BOBranch Office521211
Eddanapudi BOBranch Office521136
Edlalanka BOBranch Office521122
Edulamaddali BOBranch Office521148
Edupugallu BOBranch Office521151
Edurumondi BOBranch Office521120
Elakurru BOBranch Office521156
Elamarru SOPost Office521148
Ellapuram BOBranch Office521207
Enamadala BOBranch Office521202
Endakuduru BOBranch Office521131
Enikepadu BOBranch Office521108
Erramadu BOBranch Office521403
Etimogga BOBranch Office521120
Eturu BOBranch Office521183
G Konduru SOPost Office521229
Galigopuram BOBranch Office521109
Gampalagudem SOPost Office521403
Ganapavaram BOBranch Office521230
Ganapeswaram BOBranch Office521120
Gandepalli BOBranch Office521185
Gandhi Asramam BOBranch Office521322
Gandhikshetram SOPost Office521122
Gandhinagaram SO VijayawadaPost Office520003
Gandigunta BOBranch Office521165
Gandrai BOBranch Office521175
Ganginenipalem BOBranch Office521229
Ganguru BOBranch Office521139
Gani Atkuru BOBranch Office521180
Gannavaram BOBranch Office521345
Gannavaram Centre BOBranch Office521101
Gannavaram SOPost Office521101
Ganugapadu BOBranch Office521227
Garapadu BOBranch Office521312
Garikiparru BOBranch Office521165
Ghantasala SOPost Office521133
Ghantasalapalem BOBranch Office521133
Gilakaladindi BOBranch Office521003
Godavarru BOBranch Office521151
Godugupet SOPost Office521001
Gollamandala BOBranch Office521227
Gollamudi BOBranch Office521184
Gollanapalli BOBranch Office521101
Gollapalli SO KrishnaPost Office521111
Gollapudi SOPost Office521225
Golvepalli Zami SOPost Office521322
Gopavaram BOBranch Office521207
Gopavarapugudem BOBranch Office521101
Gopinenipalem BOBranch Office521190
Gopuvanipalem BOBranch Office521256
Gosala BOBranch Office521151
Gosavedu BOBranch Office521403
Gottumukkala BOBranch Office521180
Gowravaram BOBranch Office521178
Gudapadu BOBranch Office521135
Gudavalli BOBranch Office521104
Gudem Madhavaram BOBranch Office521181
Gudimetla BOBranch Office521182
Gudipadu BOBranch Office521214
Gudivada HOHead Office521301
Gudlavalleru SOPost Office521356
Guduru SOPost Office521149
Gullapudi BOBranch Office521213
Gummadidurru BOBranch Office521190
Gunadala SOPost Office520004
Gundupalem BOBranch Office521003
Gunnanapudi BOBranch Office521326
Guntakoduru BOBranch Office521323
Guntupalli BOBranch Office521241
Guraza BOBranch Office521325
Gurazada BOBranch Office521256
Guruvindagunta BOBranch Office521263
Guruvindapalli BOBranch Office521247
Guttavaripalem BOBranch Office521183
H Mutyalampadu BOBranch Office521229
Hamsaladeevi BOBranch Office521328
Hanuman Junction SOPost Office521105
Hanumanthapuram BOBranch Office521246
Hanumanthunigudem BOBranch Office521202
Ibrahimpatnam SO KrishnaPost Office521456
Ida Kondaplli BOBranch Office521228
Idulagudem BOBranch Office521211
Ilaparru BOBranch Office521321
Ilaprolu BOBranch Office521228
Iluru BOBranch Office521247
Inagudurupet SOPost Office521001
Inampudi BOBranch Office521138
Inapur BOBranch Office521247
Indupalli SOPost Office521311
Industrial Estate SO KrishnaPost Office520007
Ingilipakalanka BOBranch Office521326
Ithavaram BOBranch Office521185
Jaccampudi BOBranch Office520012
Jagannadhapuram BOBranch Office521215
Jaggaiahpet SOPost Office521175
Jakkamcherla BOBranch Office521332
Jami Annavaram BOBranch Office521175
Jammavaram BOBranch Office521180
Janardhanapuram SOPost Office521321
Janardhanavaram BOBranch Office521214
Jangamgudem BOBranch Office521111
Jayanthi BOBranch Office521170
Jayanthipuram BOBranch Office521457
Jayapuram BOBranch Office521324
Jinjeru BOBranch Office521369
JNNURM Colony SOPost Office521231
Jonnalagadda BOBranch Office521184
Jujjuvaram BOBranch Office521157
Jupudi BOBranch Office521456
Juzzuru SOPost Office521181
Kadavakollu BOBranch Office521164
Kaikalur SOPost Office521333
Kaja SOPost Office521150
Kakaravai BOBranch Office521402
Kakarla BOBranch Office521227
Kakarlamudi BOBranch Office521369
Kakulapadu BOBranch Office521106
Kalagara BOBranch Office521214
Kalavapamula BOBranch Office521164
Kalidindi SOPost Office521344
Kallapalem BOBranch Office521333
Kamakotinagar SOPost Office520012
Kammanamoulu BOBranch Office521120
Kammavaricheruvu BOBranch Office521003
Kammavaripalem BOBranch Office521184
Kanakavalli BOBranch Office521165
Kanasanapalli BOBranch Office521212
Kanchadam BOBranch Office521369
Kanchakoduru BOBranch Office521150
Kanchala BOBranch Office521185
Kanchikacharla SOPost Office521180
Kankata BOBranch Office521149
Kankipadu SOPost Office521151
Kannevidu BOBranch Office521190
Kanukollu BOBranch Office521325
Kanumolu SOPost Office521106
Kanumuru BOBranch Office521403
Kanuru BOBranch Office521002
Kapileswarapuram SO KrishnaPost Office521246
Kappaladoddi BOBranch Office521366
Karagraharam BOBranch Office521002
Kasarabad BOBranch Office521182
Katrenipadu BOBranch Office521207
Kattubadipalem BOBranch Office521228
Katuru SOPost Office521164
Kavipuram BOBranch Office521331
Kavuluru BOBranch Office521228
Kavutaram SOPost Office521331
Keesara BOBranch Office521185
Kesarapalli BOBranch Office521102
Ketanakonda BOBranch Office521456
Kethaveerunipadu BOBranch Office521185
Khambampadu BOBranch Office521402
Khambhampadu SOPost Office521227
KKothapalem BOBranch Office521125
Kodali SOPost Office521132
Kodavatikallu BOBranch Office521182
Koduru BOBranch Office521230
Koduru SOPost Office521328
Kodurupadu BOBranch Office521110
Kokanarayanapalem BOBranch Office521149
Kokilampadu BOBranch Office521235
Kokkiligadda BOBranch Office521125
Kolavennu SOPost Office521153
Kolletikota BOBranch Office521340
Komallapudi BOBranch Office521324
Komaravolu BOBranch Office521322
Komarru BOBranch Office521325
Komatigunta Lock BOBranch Office521260
Kommireddipalli BOBranch Office521235
Konakanchi BOBranch Office521178
Konathamatmakur BOBranch Office521170
Konayapalem BOBranch Office521182
Kondangi BOBranch Office521344
Kondapalli SOPost Office521228
Kondaparva BOBranch Office521213
Kondiparru BOBranch Office521157
Konduru BOBranch Office521184
Kongamcherla BOBranch Office521331
Konijerla BOBranch Office521401
Konkepudi BOBranch Office521366
Kontalapalli BOBranch Office521181
Korlagunta BOBranch Office521207
Korlamanda BOBranch Office521214
Korlapadu BOBranch Office521324
Korraguntapalem BOBranch Office521329
Korukollu SOPost Office521343
Kosuru BOBranch Office521150
Kotapadu BOBranch Office521214
Kotha Edara BOBranch Office521211
Kothapalli BOBranch Office521111
KothapetDivi BOBranch Office521122
Kotikalapudi BOBranch Office521456
Kottada BOBranch Office521340
Koyyagurapadu BOBranch Office521312
Koyyuru BOBranch Office521105
KPAgraharam BOBranch Office521325
KPCentre SOPost Office521136
KPLock BOBranch Office521366
KPPur SOPost Office521002
Krishna University SOPost Office521004
Krishnalanka SOPost Office520013
Krishnanagar BOBranch Office520007
Krishnapuram BOBranch Office521250
KrishnaraopalemBranch Office521226
Krishnaraopalem BOBranch Office521214
Krishnavaram BOBranch Office521211
Krithivennu BOBranch Office521324
Kruthivennu SOPost Office521320
Kudapa BOBranch Office521215
Kudaravalli BOBranch Office521321
Kuderu BOBranch Office521247
Kumaraswamy Raja Nagar SOPost Office521457
Kummaripalem BOBranch Office521130
Kunaparajaparva BOBranch Office521215
Kunderu BOBranch Office521245
Kuntamukkala BOBranch Office521230
Kurada BOBranch Office521356
Kurumaddali BOBranch Office521157
Lakshmana Nagar SOPost Office521165
Lakshminagar SOPost Office520011
Lakshminarasimhapuram BOBranch Office521321
Lakshmipuram BOBranch Office521324
Lakshmipuram SO KrishnaPost Office521131
Lankapalli Agraharam BOBranch Office521311
Lankapalli BOBranch Office521131
Lellagaruvu BOBranch Office521366
Lime Stone Town Ship BOBranch Office521175
Lingagudem BOBranch Office521190
Lingala BOBranch Office521325
Lingalapadu BOBranch Office521185
Lingareddipalem BOBranch Office521328
Lingavaram BOBranch Office521327
LKGunta BOBranch Office521366
Lodidalanka BOBranch Office521344
Lopudi BOBranch Office521213
Machavaram SO KrishnaPost Office520004
Machilipatnam HOHead Office521001
Machinenipalem BOBranch Office521402
Maddipatla BOBranch Office521150
Maddulaparva BOBranch Office521215
Madduru BOBranch Office521151
Madhuranagar SOPost Office520011
Madhurapuram BOBranch Office521247
Madicherla BOBranch Office521105
Magallu SOPost Office521184
Majeru BOBranch Office521131
Makkapeta BOBranch Office521190
Malakapatnam SOPost Office521001
Malkapuram BOBranch Office521175
Mallampalli BOBranch Office521150
Mallavalli BOBranch Office521111
Mallavolu BOBranch Office521162
Mallela BOBranch Office509132
Malleswaram BOBranch Office521324
Mamidikolla BOBranch Office521356
Mandapakala BOBranch Office521328
Mandavalli SOPost Office521345
Mangalapuram BOBranch Office521131
Manginapudi BOBranch Office521002
Mangollu BOBranch Office521178
Manikonda SOPost Office521260
Mantada SOPost Office521256
Manthena BOBranch Office521151
Mantripalem BOBranch Office521156
Marrivada BOBranch Office521256
Matlam BOBranch Office521324
Mattagunta BOBranch Office521344
Meduru SOPost Office521247
Mekavanipalem BOBranch Office521002
Mirzapuram BOBranch Office521111
Modumudi BOBranch Office521122
Moghalrajpuram SOPost Office520010
Moguluru BOBranch Office521180
Mokasakalvapudi BOBranch Office521345
Moparru BOBranch Office521321
Mopidevi SOPost Office521125
Morsapudi BOBranch Office521111
Morusumilli BOBranch Office521230
Moturu SOPost Office521323
Movva SOPost Office521135
Mpm Fort BOBranch Office521003
Muchinapalli BOBranch Office521215
Muchintala BOBranch Office521190
Mudinepalli SOPost Office521325
Mudunuru SOPost Office521261
Mukkollu BOBranch Office521332
Mukkollupadu BOBranch Office521207
Muktyala BOBranch Office521457
Mulapadu BOBranch Office521456
Mulaparru BOBranch Office521324
Mulaupparagudem BOBranch Office521344
Munagacherla BOBranch Office521185
Mundlapadu BOBranch Office521190
Munipeda BOBranch Office521324
Munjuluru SOPost Office521369
Munnaluru BOBranch Office521180
Munukulla BOBranch Office521235
Muppalla SO KrishnaPost Office521183
Mustabad SO KrishnaPost Office521107
Musunuru SOPost Office521207
Mutcherla BOBranch Office521366
Mylavaram SO KrishnaPost Office521230
Nadakuduru BOBranch Office521126
Nadupuru BOBranch Office521366
Nagavaram BOBranch Office521331
Nagayalanka East BOBranch Office521120
Nagayalanka SOPost Office521120
Nagayatippa BOBranch Office521125
Naguluru BOBranch Office521230
Nali BOBranch Office521120
Nandamuru BOBranch Office521369
Nandigama BOBranch Office521366
Nandigama SOPost Office521185
Nandigamalanka BOBranch Office521326
Nandivada BOBranch Office521321
Nangegadda BOBranch Office521120
Narasapuram BOBranch Office521215
Narasimharaopalem BOBranch Office521181
Narasingapalem BOBranch Office521211
Nawabpet BOBranch Office521185
NDC VIJAYAWADAPost Office521225
Neelipudi BOBranch Office521324
Nemali BOBranch Office521401
Nepalli BOBranch Office521245
Nidamanuru SOPost Office521104
Nidamarru BOBranch Office521324
Nidumolu SOPost Office521156
Nimmakuru SOPost Office521158
Nimmaluru BOBranch Office521158
Nugondapalli BOBranch Office521211
Nunna SOPost Office521212
Nuzella BOBranch Office521330
Nuzvid Bazar SOPost Office521201
Nuzvid SOPost Office521201
Pagolu BOBranch Office521126
Paidurupadu BOBranch Office521241
Palankipadu BOBranch Office521158
Pallagiri BOBranch Office521184
Pallerlamudi BOBranch Office521105
Pallevada SOPost Office521340
Pamarru Bazar SOPost Office521157
Pamarru SO KrishnaPost Office521157
Pamidimukkala BOBranch Office521250
Pamulalanka BOBranch Office521163
Pandraka BOBranch Office521324
Papanasanam BOBranch Office521132
Paritala BOBranch Office521180
Parrachivara BOBranch Office521120
Pasumarru BOBranch Office521157
Patamatalankapalli BOBranch Office521247
Pathapadu BOBranch Office521212
Payakapuram BOBranch Office520015
Peda Modugapalli BOBranch Office521178
Pedagonnuru SOPost Office521329
Pedakallepalli SOPost Office521130
Pedakamanapudi BOBranch Office521325
Pedakammavaripalem BOBranch Office521120
Pedalanka BOBranch Office521344
Pedalingala BOBranch Office521106
Pedamaddali SOPost Office521390
Pedamuttevi BOBranch Office521136
Pedana SOPost Office521366
Pedaogirala BOBranch Office521245
Pedapalaparru BOBranch Office521323
Pedaparupudi BOBranch Office521263
Pedapatnam BOBranch Office521002
Pedaprolu BOBranch Office521125
Pedapulipaka BOBranch Office521134
Pedasanagallu SOPost Office521138
Pedatummidi BOBranch Office521329
Pedavirivada BOBranch Office521321
Pedavutapalli SOPost Office521286
Pedayadara BOBranch Office521003
Peddapuram BOBranch Office521181
Penamakuru BOBranch Office521165
Penamaluru SOPost Office521139
Penchikalamarru BOBranch Office521340
Pendurru BOBranch Office521324
Pendyala BOBranch Office521185
Penjendra BOBranch Office521356
Pentalavarigudem BOBranch Office521402
Penuganchiprolu SOPost Office521190
Penugolanu SOPost Office521401
Penumalli BOBranch Office521369
Penumatcha BOBranch Office521250
Perekegudem BOBranch Office521345
Perikeedu Bridge BOBranch Office521105
Perisepalli BOBranch Office521157
Peruru BOBranch Office521325
Pesaramilli BOBranch Office521332
Peyyeru BOBranch Office521325
PGLanka BOBranch Office521156
Pinapaka BOBranch Office521228
Pittalalanka BOBranch Office521122
Pochampalli BOBranch Office521178
Pokkunuru BOBranch Office521182
Polampalli BOBranch Office521402
Polasanipalli BOBranch Office521111
Polatitippa BOBranch Office521003
Polavaram BOBranch Office521214
PolavaramK SOPost Office521162
Polisettipadu BOBranch Office521227
Polukonda BOBranch Office521327
Pondugula BOBranch Office521230
Ponnavaram BOBranch Office521180
Ponukumada BOBranch Office521327
Ponukumadu BOBranch Office521312
Popuru BOBranch Office521182
Poranki SOPost Office521137
Pothanapalli BOBranch Office521214
Pothepalli BOBranch Office521002
Pothireddipalem BOBranch Office521002
Pothumarru BOBranch Office521344
Pothureddipalli BOBranch Office521207
Pottipadu BOBranch Office521286
Prathipadu BOBranch Office521345
Proddutur BOBranch Office521151
Prodduvaka BOBranch Office521343
Puligadda BOBranch Office521122
Pulluru BOBranch Office521230
Punadipadu BOBranch Office521151
Punnamathota SOPost Office520010
Punnavalli BOBranch Office521182
Purnanandampet SOPost Office520003
Purushothapatnam BOBranch Office521101
Putlacheruvu BOBranch Office521326
Putrela BOBranch Office521227
Puttagunta BOBranch Office521106
Raghavapuram BOBranch Office521184
Railway Wagon Work Shop SOPost Office521241
Rajagopalapuram BOBranch Office521110
Rajendranagar Colony SOPost Office521301
Rajupet SOPost Office521001
Ramachandrapuram BOBranch Office521226
RamachandrapuramDivi BOBranch Office521122
Ramakrishnapuram BOBranch Office520003
Ramanakkapet SOPost Office521213
Ramannagudem BOBranch Office521106
Ramannapet BOBranch Office521162
Ramapuram BOBranch Office521321
Ramavarappadu SOPost Office521108
Ramireddipalli BOBranch Office521184
Rangannagudem BOBranch Office521110
Ravicherla BOBranch Office521202
Rayanapadu BOBranch Office521241
Rayavaram BOBranch Office521162
Reddigudem BOBranch Office521215
Remalle BOBranch Office521110
Repudi BOBranch Office521226
Rimmanapudi BOBranch Office521157
Rolupadu BOBranch Office521235
Roynagar BOBranch Office521101
Royyur BOBranch Office521151
Rudrapaka SOPost Office521326
Rudravaram BOBranch Office521003
Sagguru BOBranch Office521211
Saipuram BOBranch Office521256
Salempalem BOBranch Office521328
Sanagapadu BOBranch Office521185
Sanarudravaram BOBranch Office521343
Sankarshanapuram BOBranch Office521325
Santhoshapuram BOBranch Office521344
Saradanagar BOBranch Office521003
Satulru BOBranch Office521369
Satyalapadu BOBranch Office521401
Satyanarayanapuram SO GudivadaPost Office521301
Satyanarayanapuram SO VijayawadaPost Office520011
Savaragudem BOBranch Office521107
Seetanapalli BOBranch Office521340
Seetharampuram BOBranch Office521211
Serigolvepalli BOBranch Office521323
Serikalavapudi BOBranch Office521330
Serinarasannapalem BOBranch Office521105
Shermohammadpet BOBranch Office521175
Siddantham BOBranch Office521330
Siddharthanagar BOBranch Office521202
Singanapudi BOBranch Office521345
Singarayapalem BOBranch Office521329
Singavaram BOBranch Office521190
Sitaramapuram BOBranch Office521105
Sivapuram BOBranch Office521190
SNGollapalem BOBranch Office521003
Sobhanapuram BOBranch Office521211
Somavaram BOBranch Office521213
Sorlagondhi BOBranch Office521120
Srikakulam BOBranch Office521132
Sriniketan BOBranch Office521235
Srinivasa Nagar Colony BOBranch Office521175
Srirangapuram BOBranch Office521247
Subbayyagudem BOBranch Office521190
Sunnampadu BOBranch Office521229
Surampalli BOBranch Office521212
Suravaram BOBranch Office521109
Surepalli BOBranch Office521213
Suryaraopet SOPost Office520002
Swatantrapuram BOBranch Office521328
Tadanki BOBranch Office521256
Tadepalli BOBranch Office521132
Tadigadapa SOPost Office521134
Tadinada BOBranch Office521333
Takkellapadu BOBranch Office521175
Talagadadeevi BOBranch Office521120
Tallapalem BOBranch Office521002
Talluru BOBranch Office521402
Tamarakollu BOBranch Office521343
Tamirisa SOPost Office521327
Tarakaturu BOBranch Office521156
Tarigoppula RS BOBranch Office521260
Tatakuntla BOBranch Office521215
Tativarru BOBranch Office521322
Telaprolu SOPost Office521109
Telladevarapalli BOBranch Office521215
Tempalli BOBranch Office521286
Tenneru BOBranch Office521260
Thotapalli BOBranch Office521211
Thotaravulapadu BOBranch Office521183
Thotlavalluru SOPost Office521163
Tippanagunta BOBranch Office521106
Tirumalagiri BOBranch Office521178
Tiruvuru SOPost Office521235
TKothapalem BOBranch Office521120
Tolukodu BOBranch Office521230
Torragudipadu BOBranch Office521184
Tsanubanda SOPost Office521214
Tukkuluru BOBranch Office521111
Tummagudem BOBranch Office521213
Tummalacheruvu BOBranch Office521003
Tummalapalli BOBranch Office521321
Tunikipadu BOBranch Office521401
Turakapalem BOBranch Office521150
Turlapadu BOBranch Office521183
UGCWorks SOPost Office521001
Ullipalem BOBranch Office521328
Umamaheswarapuram BOBranch Office521110
Undrapudi BOBranch Office521157
Unikili BOBranch Office521326
Uppaluru BOBranch Office521151
Urivi BOBranch Office521329
Uruturu BOBranch Office521157
Utukuru BOBranch Office521329
Vadali BOBranch Office521325
Vadapalem BOBranch Office521003
Vadarlapadu BOBranch Office521340
Vadavalli BOBranch Office521329
Vadlamannadu BOBranch Office521331
Vaivaka BOBranch Office521329
Vakkalagadda BOBranch Office521126
Valandapalem SOPost Office521002
Valasapalli BOBranch Office521213
Valivarthipadu BOBranch Office521327
Vallampatla BOBranch Office521227
Valluripalem BOBranch Office521163
Vamukuntla BOBranch Office521235
Vanapumala BOBranch Office521263
Vanudurru BOBranch Office521329
Vanukuru BOBranch Office521151
Varahapatnam BOBranch Office521333
Vasanthanagar BOBranch Office520007
Vatsavai SOPost Office521402
Vattigudipadu BOBranch Office521211
Vavilala BOBranch Office521235
Vedadri BOBranch Office521457
Veerapanenigudem BOBranch Office521286
Veeravalli SOPost Office521110
Veerullapadu SOPost Office521170
Vekanuru BOBranch Office521122
Veladikothapalem BOBranch Office521182
Velagaleru BOBranch Office521229
Veldipadu BOBranch Office521312
Veleru BOBranch Office521110
Velinuthala BOBranch Office521312
Velivolu BOBranch Office521132
Vellanki BOBranch Office521181
Vellaturu BOBranch Office521229
Velpucherla BOBranch Office521207
Velpuru BOBranch Office521256
Velvdam BOBranch Office521230
Vemanda BOBranch Office521311
Vemavaram BOBranch Office521331
Vemavarappadu BOBranch Office521343
Vemireddipalle BOBranch Office521227
Vempadu BOBranch Office521260
Vemulamada BOBranch Office521135
Vemulanarva BOBranch Office521402
Vemulapalli BOBranch Office521185
Venaktapuram BOBranch Office521130
Venkatapuram BOBranch Office521190
Venkateswarapuram SOPost Office520010
Vennanapudi BOBranch Office521321
Ventrapragada SOPost Office521263
Venturumilli BOBranch Office521332
Vibharintapadu BOBranch Office521182
Vidyanagar SO KrishnaPost Office521201
Vijayawada HOHead Office520001
Vinagadapa BOBranch Office521403
Vinjaram BOBranch Office521333
Vinnakota BOBranch Office521325
Virankilock SOPost Office521250
Vissannapet SOPost Office521215
Viswanadhapalli BOBranch Office521122
Vj Polytechnic SOPost Office520008
Vja Railway Junction SOPost Office520001
Vja Rly Divl Office SOPost Office520001
VKothapalem BOBranch Office521122
VRudravaram BOBranch Office521133
VTPS SOPost Office521456
Vunguturu SO KrishnaPost Office521312
Vutukuru BOBranch Office521401
Vuyyuru SOPost Office521165
Wambay Colony BOBranch Office520015
Wnchipet SOPost Office520001
Yadlavanipalem BOBranch Office521002
Yakamuru BOBranch Office521165
Yanamalakuduru BOBranch Office520007
Yarlagadda BOBranch Office521126
Zakkulanekkalam BOBranch Office521102

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service