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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KOZHIKODE, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhayagiri BOBranch Office673517
Adivaram Pudupadi BOBranch Office673586
Adukkath BOBranch Office673508
Akkal BOBranch Office673513
Alli BOBranch Office673602
Anakampoyil BOBranch Office673603
Annasseri BOBranch Office673317
Arakinar SOPost Office673028
Arikulam BOBranch Office673620
Arur BOBranch Office673507
Atholi SOPost Office673315
Avadukka BOBranch Office673528
Avala BOBranch Office673524
Avilora BOBranch Office673572
Avitanallur BOBranch Office673614
Ayancheri BOBranch Office673541
Ayanikkad BOBranch Office673521
Azhiyur SOPost Office673309
Balusseri SOPost Office673612
Beypore North BOBranch Office673015
Beypore SOPost Office673015
Bhumivathukkal BOBranch Office673517
Calicut Arts Science College SOPost Office673018
Calicut Beach SOPost Office673032
Calicut City SOPost Office673004
Calicut Civil Station HOHead Office673020
Calicut Collectorate SOPost Office673020
Calicut Courts SOPost Office673032
Calicut HOHead Office673001
Calicut Medical College SOPost Office673008
Calicut RS SOPost Office673001
Chakkittapara BOBranch Office673526
Chalapuram SOPost Office673002
Chaliyam SOPost Office673301
Chamal BOBranch Office673573
Chaniyankadavu BOBranch Office673541
Chappanthottam BOBranch Office673513
Chathamangalam BOBranch Office673601
Chathangottunada BOBranch Office673513
Cheekilode BOBranch Office673315
Cheekkonnummal BOBranch Office673507
Cheekonnummal West BOBranch Office673507
Chekkiyad BOBranch Office673509
Chelakkad BOBranch Office673506
Chelannur SOPost Office673616
Chelavur BOBranch Office673571
Cheliya BOBranch Office673306
Chemancheri SOPost Office673304
Chembu Kadavu BOBranch Office673580
Chemmarathur BOBranch Office673104
Chempanoda BOBranch Office673528
Chengaroth BOBranch Office673528
Chennamangallur BOBranch Office673602
Chenoli BOBranch Office673525
Cherandathur BOBranch Office673541
Cherapuram BOBranch Office673507
Cherooppa BOBranch Office673661
Cherukad BOBranch Office673527
Cherukulathur BOBranch Office673008
Cherumoth BOBranch Office673517
Cheruvadi BOBranch Office673661
Cheruvannur Meladi BOBranch Office673524
Cheruvannur SOPost Office673655
Chevarambalam BOBranch Office673017
Chevayur SOPost Office673017
Chingapuram BOBranch Office673529
Chombala SOPost Office673308
Chorode East BOBranch Office673106
Chorode SOPost Office673106
Chulur BOBranch Office673601
Chuzhali BOBranch Office673517
Devagiri College BOBranch Office673008
East Hill SOPost Office673005
Edacheri North BOBranch Office673502
Edacheri SOPost Office673502
Edakkad West Hill BOBranch Office673005
Edakkara Quilandy BOBranch Office673616
Edakulam Koyilandi SOPost Office673306
Edavarad BOBranch Office673525
Ekarool BOBranch Office673574
Elathur SO KozhikodePost Office673303
Elettil BOBranch Office673572
Emmamparamba BOBranch Office673574
Eramala BOBranch Office673501
Eramangalam BOBranch Office673612
Eranhikkal BOBranch Office673303
Eranhipalam SOPost Office673006
Eravannur BOBranch Office673585
Eravattur BOBranch Office673525
Farook College SOPost Office673632
Feroke Pettah SOPost Office673631
Feroke SOPost Office673631
Govinda Puram BOBranch Office673016
Guruvayurappan College SOPost Office673014
Iim Kozhikode Campus SOPost Office673570
Indira Nagar BOBranch Office673506
Iringal SOPost Office673521
Iringallur BOBranch Office673014
Iringannur BOBranch Office673505
Iringath BOBranch Office673523
Irivallur BOBranch Office673616
Iyyad BOBranch Office673574
Iyyangode BOBranch Office673504
Kadalundi SOPost Office673302
Kadiyangad BOBranch Office673525
Kakkad Pudupadi BOBranch Office673586
Kakkancheri BOBranch Office673323
Kakkatampoyil BOBranch Office673604
Kakkattil SOPost Office673507
Kakkayam BOBranch Office673527
Kakkoti SOPost Office673611
Kakkur BOBranch Office673613
Kallachi SOPost Office673506
Kallaikozhikode SOPost Office673003
Kallanode BOBranch Office673527
Kallunira BOBranch Office673517
Kallurutty BOBranch Office673582
Kalpathur BOBranch Office673524
Kannadipoil BOBranch Office673612
Kannan Kara BOBranch Office673616
Kannancheri BOBranch Office673003
Kanni Paramba BOBranch Office673661
Kannookkara BOBranch Office673102
Kannoth BOBranch Office673580
Kappad BOBranch Office673304
Karandode BOBranch Office673508
Karanthur BOBranch Office673571
Karaparamba SOPost Office673010
Karasseri BOBranch Office673602
Karayad BOBranch Office673524
Karingad BOBranch Office673513
Kariyathankavu BOBranch Office673612
Karthikappally BOBranch Office673542
Karumala BOBranch Office673612
Karuvampoyil BOBranch Office673572
Karuvannur BOBranch Office673614
Karuvanthuruthy BOBranch Office673631
Karuvasseri BOBranch Office673010
Katalur BOBranch Office673529
Katameri BOBranch Office673542
Katcheri BOBranch Office673502
Kattippara BOBranch Office673573
Kavil BOBranch Office673614
Kavilampara SOPost Office673513
Kayakodi BOBranch Office673508
Kayal BOBranch Office673661
Kayanna Bazar BOBranch Office673525
Kayanna SOPost Office673526
Kayappanichi BOBranch Office673505
Keezhariyur BOBranch Office673307
Keezhil BOBranch Office673104
Kilakkoth BOBranch Office673572
Kilinnanyam BOBranch Office673525
Kilur Meladi BOBranch Office673522
Kinalur BOBranch Office673612
Kizhakkumuri BOBranch Office673611
Kizhpayur BOBranch Office673524
Kodiyathur BOBranch Office673602
Kodiyura BOBranch Office673506
Kokkallur BOBranch Office673612
Kolakkad BOBranch Office673315
Kolathara SOPost Office673655
Kolathur BOBranch Office673315
Kollam SOPost Office673307
Kommeri BOBranch Office673007
Kongannur BOBranch Office673315
Konott BOBranch Office673571
Koombara Bazar BOBranch Office673604
Koombara BOBranch Office673604
Koorachundu SOPost Office673527
Koothali BOBranch Office673525
Korothroad BOBranch Office673309
Kotancheri BOBranch Office673503
Kotancheritamaracheri SOPost Office673580
Kottakkaligl BOBranch Office673521
Kottamparamba BOBranch Office673008
Kottappalli BOBranch Office673542
Kottuli BOBranch Office673016
Kottur BOBranch Office673614
Kotuvalli SOPost Office673572
Koyilandi HOHead Office673305
Kozhukkallur BOBranch Office673524
Kudathai Bazar BOBranch Office673573
Kudathai BOBranch Office673573
Kuliramutty BOBranch Office673604
Kumaranellur BOBranch Office673602
Kunduthode BOBranch Office673513
Kuningad BOBranch Office673503
Kunnamangalam Mini Industrial BOBranch Office673571
Kunnamangalam SOPost Office673571
Kunnathara BOBranch Office673323
Kunnummakkara BOBranch Office673308
Kuppayakode BOBranch Office673580
Kurichagam BOBranch Office673508
Kurikkilad BOBranch Office673104
Kurinhaliyode BOBranch Office673542
Kuruvangad BOBranch Office673620
Kuruvattur BOBranch Office673611
Kutaranni SOPost Office673604
Kuthiravattom SOPost Office673016
Kuttiadi SOPost Office673508
Kuttikkattur BOBranch Office673008
Kuttoth BOBranch Office673524
Kythapoyil BOBranch Office673586
Madappalli College SOPost Office673102
Madavoor BOBranch Office673585
Maikavu BOBranch Office673573
Mailellampara BOBranch Office673586
Makkada BOBranch Office673611
Malaparamba SOPost Office673009
Malayamma BOBranch Office673601
Manasseri BOBranch Office673602
Mandarathur BOBranch Office673105
Mangad BOBranch Office673574
Manha Kadavu BOBranch Office673604
Manipuram BOBranch Office673572
Maniyur BOBranch Office673523
Mankavu SOPost Office673007
Mannankavu BOBranch Office673614
Mannur SO KozhikodePost Office673328
Marikunnu SOPost Office673012
Marudonkara BOBranch Office673513
Mattanode BOBranch Office673527
Mavoor SO KozhikodePost Office673661
Mayanad BOBranch Office673008
Mayyannur BOBranch Office673542
Meemutty BOBranch Office673580
MELUR BOBranch Office673306
Memunda BOBranch Office673104
Mennaniam BOBranch Office673525
Meppayil BOBranch Office673104
Meppayur SOPost Office673524
Modakkallur BOBranch Office673323
Moilothara BOBranch Office673513
Mokeri Nadapuram BOBranch Office673507
Mokkam SOPost Office673602
Moolad BOBranch Office673614
Morikkara BOBranch Office673611
Muchukunnu BOBranch Office673307
Mudadi BOBranch Office673307
Mudadi North BOBranch Office673307
Mudavantheri BOBranch Office673505
Mullambath BOBranch Office673507
Mundur Kozhikode BOBranch Office673580
Murampathy BOBranch Office673580
Muthappan Puzha BOBranch Office673603
Muthukad BOBranch Office673528
Muthuuvana BOBranch Office673523
Muthuvadathur BOBranch Office673503
Muthuvannacha BOBranch Office673508
Muttancheri BOBranch Office673585
Muttungal BOBranch Office673106
Muttungal West BOBranch Office673106
Muyipoth BOBranch Office673524
Mysore Mala BOBranch Office673602
Nadakavu SOPost Office673011
Nadakkuthala BOBranch Office673104
Nadapuram SOPost Office673504
Naderi BOBranch Office673620
Naduvannur SOPost Office673614
Naduvathur BOBranch Office673620
Nallalam SOPost Office673027
Nanminda SOPost Office673613
Narikkuni SOPost Office673585
Naripetta BOBranch Office673506
Nayar Kuzhi BOBranch Office673601
Nedumparamba BOBranch Office673506
Nedungottur BOBranch Office673010
Neeleswaram BOBranch Office673582
Nellicode BOBranch Office673016
Nellika Paramba BOBranch Office673602
Nit Campus PoKozhikode SOPost Office673601
Nittur BOBranch Office673507
Nitumannur BOBranch Office673507
Nochat BOBranch Office673614
Nooramthode BOBranch Office673586
Nut Street SOPost Office673104
Olavanna BOBranch Office673019
Omasseri SOPost Office673582
Onchiyam BOBranch Office673308
Oravil BOBranch Office673323
Orkatteri SOPost Office673501
Padanilam BOBranch Office673571
Padiripetta BOBranch Office673507
Palath BOBranch Office673611
Palayad Nada BOBranch Office673521
Paleri BOBranch Office673508
Paleri Town BOBranch Office673508
Pallikara BOBranch Office673522
Panangad Qdi BOBranch Office673612
Pannicode BOBranch Office673602
Pannikkottur BOBranch Office673572
Pantheerankavu SOPost Office673019
Parakkadavu SOPost Office673509
Parambil BOBranch Office673012
Parannur BOBranch Office673585
Parappanpoyil BOBranch Office673573
Parappil SOPost Office673001
Paropadi BOBranch Office673009
Pasukkadavu BOBranch Office673513
Pathiyarakkara BOBranch Office673105
Pavandur BOBranch Office673613
Payimbra BOBranch Office673571
Payyoli Angadi SOPost Office673523
Payyoli SOPost Office673522
Pazhur BOBranch Office673661
Perampra SOPost Office673525
Peringalam BOBranch Office673571
Perode BOBranch Office673504
Perumanna BOBranch Office673019
Perumpally BOBranch Office673586
Perumukham BOBranch Office673631
Peruvannamuzhi SOPost Office673528
Peruvattoor BOBranch Office673620
Peruvayal BOBranch Office673008
Pilasseri BOBranch Office673571
Pokkunnu BOBranch Office673007
Ponmeri Parambil BOBranch Office673542
Ponnamkayam BOBranch Office673603
Poolakkul BOBranch Office673507
Poothampara BOBranch Office673513
Poovaranthod BOBranch Office673604
Poovattu Paramba BOBranch Office673008
Poozhithode BOBranch Office673528
Puducode Feroke BOBranch Office673633
Puduppadi SOPost Office673586
Puduppanam SOPost Office673105
Puliyavil BOBranch Office673509
Pulluram Para BOBranch Office673603
Punath BOBranch Office673614
Punnakkal BOBranch Office673603
Punnasseri BOBranch Office673585
Punnur Cherupalam BOBranch Office673585
Purakkad BOBranch Office673522
Purameri SOPost Office673503
Puthiya Nirathu BOBranch Office673303
Puthiyangadi SOPost Office673021
Puthiyara SOPost Office673004
Puthur BOBranch Office673104
Puthur Kotuvalli BOBranch Office673582
Quilandibazar SOPost Office673620
Ramanattukara SOPost Office673633
Rayarangoth BOBranch Office673102
Santhi Nagar BOBranch Office673582
Siddhasamaj BOBranch Office673104
Sreerama Krishna Mission BOBranch Office673003
Talayad BOBranch Office673574
Tali SOPost Office673002
Taliyil BOBranch Office673508
Tamaracheri SOPost Office673573
Thachampoyil BOBranch Office673573
Thalakolathur SOPost Office673317
Thambalamanna BOBranch Office673603
Thanakottur BOBranch Office673509
Thandorapara BOBranch Office673526
Tharopoyil BOBranch Office673541
Theyyappara BOBranch Office673580
Thinur BOBranch Office673507
Thiruthiyad BOBranch Office673004
Thiruvallur SOPost Office673541
Thodannur BOBranch Office673541
Thuruthiyad BOBranch Office673612
Thuvakkode BOBranch Office673304
Tikkoti SOPost Office673529
Tiruvambadi SOPost Office673603
Tiruvangoor BOBranch Office673304
Tiruvannur BOBranch Office673029
Tiruvannur Nada SOPost Office673029
Tiruvode BOBranch Office673614
Tuneri SOPost Office673505
ULLIYERI SOPost Office673323
Unnikulam SOPost Office673574
Urallur BOBranch Office673620
Vadakara Beach SOPost Office673103
Vadakara HOHead Office673101
Vaidyarangadi BOBranch Office673633
Vakayad BOBranch Office673614
Valayam SOPost Office673517
Valiyaparamba BOBranch Office673572
Valliyad BOBranch Office673542
Vanimal BOBranch Office673506
Vannathichira BOBranch Office673513
Varikoli BOBranch Office673506
Vatayam BOBranch Office673507
Vattoli Bazar BOBranch Office673612
Vattoli BOBranch Office673507
Vavad BOBranch Office673572
Vayalada BOBranch Office673574
Vayikkilassery BOBranch Office673104
Velancode BOBranch Office673580
Velimanna BOBranch Office673582
Vellalasseri BOBranch Office673601
Vellayikkode BOBranch Office673019
Vellayil SOPost Office673011
Velliparamba BOBranch Office673008
Velom BOBranch Office673508
Velom Peruvayal BOBranch Office673508
Velur West BOBranch Office673315
Venappara BOBranch Office673582
Vengalam BOBranch Office673303
Vengeri BOBranch Office673010
Vilangad BOBranch Office673506
Villyappalli SOPost Office673542
Vishnumangalam BOBranch Office673506
Vrindavan Colony BOBranch Office673017
West Hill Beach SOPost Office673005
West Hill Chungam BOBranch Office673005
West Hill SOPost Office673005

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service