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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KOTTAYAM, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adivaram BOBranch Office686582
Adukkam BOBranch Office686580
Akkarapadom BOBranch Office686143
Alanad BOBranch Office686651
Alapra BOBranch Office686544
Amalagiri BOBranch Office686561
Amanakara BOBranch Office686576
Amara BOBranch Office686546
Amayannur BOBranch Office686019
Ambika Market BOBranch Office686144
Ampara Nirappel BOBranch Office686578
Anakkal BOBranch Office686508
Anikad East BOBranch Office686503
Anikad SOPost Office686503
Anikad West BOBranch Office686503
Anjoottimangalam BOBranch Office686579
Anthinad SOPost Office686651
Areeparampu BOBranch Office686501
Arpookara BOBranch Office686008
Arpookara East BOBranch Office686008
Arumanur BOBranch Office686564
Arunapuram SOPost Office686574
Arunoottimangalam BOBranch Office686604
Aruvikuzhy BOBranch Office686503
Aruvithura SOPost Office686122
Athirampuzha SOPost Office686562
Ayamkudy BOBranch Office686613
Ayarkunnam SOPost Office686564
Aymanam SOPost Office686015
Ayyarkulangara BOBranch Office686146
Bharananganam SOPost Office686578
Brahmamangalam BOBranch Office686605
Chakkampuzha BOBranch Office686574
Chakompathal SOPost Office686517
Chamakala BOBranch Office686603
Champakara BOBranch Office686540
Changanacherry College SOPost Office686101
Changanacherry HOHead Office686101
Changanacherry Industrialnagar SOPost Office686106
Changanacherry Market SOPost Office686101
Channanikadu BOBranch Office686533
Cheepunkal BOBranch Office686563
Cheeranchira BOBranch Office686106
Chelacompu BOBranch Office686540
Chemmalamattom BOBranch Office686508
Chemmanathukara BOBranch Office686606
Chempilavu BOBranch Office686584
Chempu BOBranch Office686608
Chenappady BOBranch Office686520
Chengalam SOPost Office686585
Chengalam South SOPost Office686022
Chennad BOBranch Office686581
Chennakunnu BOBranch Office686506
Cherpunkal SOPost Office686584
Cheruvally BOBranch Office686543
Chettuthode BOBranch Office686508
Chingavanam SOPost Office686531
Chirakadavu Centre BOBranch Office686519
Chirakadavu East BOBranch Office686520
Chirakadavu SOPost Office686520
Chittadi BOBranch Office686512
Cholathadom BOBranch Office686582
Choondacherry BOBranch Office686579
Chovvur BOBranch Office686586
Devagiri SOPost Office686555
Devalokam BOBranch Office686004
Edakadathy BOBranch Office686510
Edakkunnam BOBranch Office686512
Edamaruku BOBranch Office686652
Edanad BOBranch Office686574
Edappady BOBranch Office686578
Edavattom BOBranch Office686605
Edayarickapuzha BOBranch Office686541
Elakad BOBranch Office686587
Elamkadu BOBranch Office686514
Elampally BOBranch Office686503
Elikulam BOBranch Office686577
Enadi BOBranch Office686608
Erathuvadakara BOBranch Office686543
Erattupetta SOPost Office686121
Eravimangalam BOBranch Office686613
Eravinalloor BOBranch Office686011
Eravuchira BOBranch Office686539
Erumapramattom BOBranch Office686586
Erumely SOPost Office686509
Ettumanur Junction SOPost Office686631
Ettumanur SOPost Office686631
Ezhacherry BOBranch Office686651
Ezhumanthuruth BOBranch Office686613
Fathimapuram BOBranch Office686102
Gandhi Nagar SO KottayamPost Office686008
Idamattom BOBranch Office686578
Idiyanal BOBranch Office686576
Inchiyani BOBranch Office686512
Irumpayam BOBranch Office686605
Ithithanam BOBranch Office686535
Kadanad Meenachil SOPost Office686653
Kadaplamattom SOPost Office686571
Kadappattoor BOBranch Office686574
Kadayanickad BOBranch Office686541
Kaduthuruthy SOPost Office686604
Kaipally BOBranch Office686582
Kaipuzha SOPost Office686602
Kalaketty SOPost Office686508
Kalathoor BOBranch Office686633
Kalathukadavu BOBranch Office686579
Kallara SO KottayamPost Office686611
Kallara South BOBranch Office686611
Kalloorkulam BOBranch Office686503
Kanakapalam BOBranch Office686509
Kanakari SOPost Office686632
Kanam BOBranch Office686515
Kanamala BOBranch Office686510
Kangazha SOPost Office686541
Kanjiram BOBranch Office686020
Kanjiramattom BOBranch Office686585
Kanjirapally HOHead Office686507
Kanjirapally West BOBranch Office686506
Kanjirappara BOBranch Office686555
Kanjirathanam BOBranch Office686603
Kannimala BOBranch Office686509
Kappadu BOBranch Office686508
Kappumthala BOBranch Office686613
Karikkattoor Centre BOBranch Office686544
Karikkattoor SOPost Office686544
Karikode BOBranch Office686610
Karimpani BOBranch Office686564
Karinilam BOBranch Office686513
Karipadom BOBranch Office686605
Karukachal SOPost Office686540
Kattachira BOBranch Office686572
Kattampack BOBranch Office686612
Kavumbhagom BOBranch Office686519
Kayyoor BOBranch Office686651
Keezhoor BOBranch Office686605
Kezhuvankulam BOBranch Office686584
Kidangoor SOPost Office686572
Kidangoor South SOPost Office686583
Kiliroor North SOPost Office686020
Kizhakkenmattom BOBranch Office686652
Kizhaparayar BOBranch Office686578
Kizhathadiyur BOBranch Office686574
Kizhathiri BOBranch Office686576
Kodumpidi BOBranch Office686651
Kollad BOBranch Office686004
Kongandoor BOBranch Office686564
Konipad BOBranch Office686652
Koodapalam BOBranch Office686576
Koorali SOPost Office686522
Kooropada BOBranch Office686502
Koothrappally BOBranch Office686540
Koottickal SOPost Office686514
Koovapally SOPost Office686518
Koruthode BOBranch Office686513
Kothala BOBranch Office686502
Kothanallur BOBranch Office686632
Kothavara BOBranch Office686607
Kottakkapuram BOBranch Office686631
Kottamurickal BOBranch Office686105
Kottayam Collectorate SOPost Office686002
Kottayam HOHead Office686001
Kottayam North SOPost Office686001
Kottayam South BOBranch Office686013
Kottayam West SOPost Office686003
Kozha BOBranch Office686633
Kozhuvanal BOBranch Office686573
Kudakkachira BOBranch Office686635
Kudalloor BOBranch Office686587
Kudamaloor SOPost Office686017
Kudavechoor SOPost Office686144
Kulasekharamangalam SOPost Office686608
Kulathoorprayar BOBranch Office686541
Kumarakom East BOBranch Office686563
Kumarakom North BOBranch Office686563
Kumarakom SOPost Office686563
Kumarakom South BOBranch Office686563
Kumaranalloor SOPost Office686016
Kummanam BOBranch Office686005
Kummannoor BOBranch Office686572
Kunnonni BOBranch Office686582
Kuravilangadu SOPost Office686633
Kurianad BOBranch Office686636
Kurichithanam BOBranch Office686634
Kurichy BOBranch Office686532
Kurinji BOBranch Office686576
Kurisummoodu SOPost Office686104
Kurumannu BOBranch Office686651
Kurumpanadom BOBranch Office686536
Kurumulloor BOBranch Office686632
Kuruppamthara BOBranch Office686603
Kuruvammoozhy BOBranch Office686509
Kuzhimattom SOPost Office686533
Lakkattoor BOBranch Office686502
Madappally SOPost Office686546
Madukka BOBranch Office686513
Madukkakunnu BOBranch Office686577
Malakunnam BOBranch Office686535
Malam BOBranch Office686019
Mallikassery BOBranch Office686577
Malloossery SOPost Office686041
Mammoodu BOBranch Office686536
Manalunkal BOBranch Office686503
Manarcaudu SOPost Office686019
Manganam SOPost Office686018
Manimala SOPost Office686543
Manjoor SOPost Office686603
Manjoor South BOBranch Office686603
Mannackanad BOBranch Office686633
Mannanam SOPost Office686561
Mannarakayam BOBranch Office686506
Manthuruthy BOBranch Office686542
Marangattupally SOPost Office686635
Marangoli BOBranch Office686612
Maravanthuruthu BOBranch Office686608
Mariappally BOBranch Office686013
Mariathuruthu BOBranch Office686017
Mary Land BOBranch Office686652
Mattakkara BOBranch Office686564
Mattathipara BOBranch Office686651
Mechal BOBranch Office686586
Mediri BOBranch Office686576
Meenachil BOBranch Office686577
Meenadom SOPost Office686516
Melampara BOBranch Office686578
Melukavu BOBranch Office686652
Melukavumattom SOPost Office686652
Memuri BOBranch Office686611
Mevada BOBranch Office686573
Mevelloor SOPost Office686609
Midayikunnu BOBranch Office686605
Monippally SOPost Office686636
Moolavattom BOBranch Office686012
Moonnilavu SOPost Office686586
Moozhikulangara BOBranch Office686601
Moozhoor BOBranch Office686503
Mukkada BOBranch Office686544
Mulakulam South BOBranch Office686610
Mundakayam SOPost Office686513
Mundankal BOBranch Office686574
Mundathanam BOBranch Office686541
Mutholi BOBranch Office686573
Muttambalam SOPost Office686004
Muttappally BOBranch Office686510
Muttuchira SOPost Office686613
Nadackal BOBranch Office686121
Nalukody SOPost Office686548
Nalunnackal BOBranch Office686538
Nariayanganam BOBranch Office686579
Nariyanani BOBranch Office686506
Nattakom SOPost Office686013
Nattassery S H Mount SOPost Office686006
Nazreth Hill BOBranch Office686633
Nechipuzhoor BOBranch Office686574
Nedumanny BOBranch Office686542
Nedumkunnam SOPost Office686542
Nedungadappally SOPost Office686545
Neeloor BOBranch Office686651
Neendoor SOPost Office686601
Neerikkad BOBranch Office686564
Newsprint Nagar SOPost Office686616
Njandupara BOBranch Office686577
Njizhoor SOPost Office686612
Olessa SOPost Office686014
Onamthuruthu BOBranch Office686602
Ozhavur East BOBranch Office686634
Ozhavur SOPost Office686634
Padinjarekkara SOPost Office686146
Padinjattinkara BOBranch Office686571
Paduva BOBranch Office686564
Pakalomattom BOBranch Office686633
Pakkil SOPost Office686012
Pala HOHead Office686575
Pala Market Junction SOPost Office686575
Pala Town SOPost Office686575
Palakkattumala BOBranch Office686635
Palampra BOBranch Office686518
Pallickachirakavala SOPost Office686537
Pallippurathussery BOBranch Office686606
Pallom SOPost Office686007
Pampady SOPost Office686502
Pampady South SOPost Office686521
Pampavally North BOBranch Office686510
Panachepally BOBranch Office686518
Panachikavu BOBranch Office686102
Panamattom BOBranch Office686522
Pangada BOBranch Office686502
Parampuzha BOBranch Office686004
Parathanam BOBranch Office686514
Parathode SO KottayamPost Office686512
Parippu BOBranch Office686014
Pariyaram SO KottayamPost Office686021
Pathampuzha BOBranch Office686582
Pathamuttom BOBranch Office686532
Pattithanam BOBranch Office686631
Payyappady BOBranch Office686011
Payyappar BOBranch Office686651
Pazhayidom BOBranch Office686520
Peringalam BOBranch Office686582
Peroor SOPost Office686637
Perumbaikkad BOBranch Office686016
Perumpanachy SOPost Office686536
Perumthuruth BOBranch Office686611
Perunna SOPost Office686102
Peruva SOPost Office686610
Pious Mount BOBranch Office686636
Pizhaku BOBranch Office686651
Plassanal SOPost Office686579
Ponadkarur BOBranch Office686574
Ponganthanam BOBranch Office686538
Ponkunnam Court BOBranch Office686506
Ponkunnam SOPost Office686506
Ponthenpuzha BOBranch Office686544
Poonjar SOPost Office686581
Poonjar Thekkekara SOPost Office686582
Poothakuzhy BOBranch Office686521
Poovanthuruthu GDSBOBranch Office686012
Poovarani SOPost Office686577
Poovathode BOBranch Office686578
Poovatholy BOBranch Office686544
Poozhikole BOBranch Office686604
Pothenpuram BOBranch Office686502
Pravithanam BOBranch Office686651
Priyadarsini Hills SOPost Office686560
Propose BOBranch Office686509
Pulickakavala SOPost Office686515
Pulikkallu BOBranch Office686544
Pulikkuttissery BOBranch Office686015
Puliyannoor SOPost Office686573
Punchavayal BOBranch Office686513
Punnathura BOBranch Office686583
Punnathura West BOBranch Office686631
Puthenchantha BOBranch Office686538
Puthupalli SOPost Office686011
Puthuvely BOBranch Office686636
Rajendraprasad Colony BOBranch Office686513
Ramapuram Bazar SOPost Office686576
Ramapuram BOBranch Office686576
Rubber Board SOPost Office686009
Ruby Nagar BOBranch Office686103
Sachivothamapuram SOPost Office686532
Santhipuram BOBranch Office686545
Sreekantamangalam BOBranch Office686562
Suryanarayana Puram BOBranch Office686502
Teekoy SOPost Office686580
Thalanad BOBranch Office686580
Thalayazham SOPost Office686607
Thalayolaparambu SOPost Office686605
Thalumkal BOBranch Office686514
Thampalakkad BOBranch Office686506
Thazhathangady SOPost Office686005
Thazhathuvadakara BOBranch Office686541
Theerthapadapuram SOPost Office686505
Thekkethukavala SOPost Office686519
Thellakom SOPost Office686630
Thidanad SOPost Office686123
Thirumani Venkita Puram SOPost Office686606
Thirunakkara SOPost Office686001
Thiruvanchoor BOBranch Office686019
Thiruvanpady BOBranch Office686612
Thiruvarppu BOBranch Office686020
Thodanal BOBranch Office686573
Thottackad West BOBranch Office686539
Thottakadu SOPost Office686539
Thottakom BOBranch Office686607
Thrickodithanam SOPost Office686105
Thrikothamangalam BOBranch Office686011
Thuruthy SOPost Office686535
Udayanapuram SOPost Office686143
Ullanad BOBranch Office686651
Umbidi BOBranch Office686539
Urakkanadu BOBranch Office686512
Vadakara Thalayolaparambu BOBranch Office686605
Vadakkenirappu BOBranch Office686612
Vadavathoor SOPost Office686010
Vadayar BOBranch Office686605
Vaikaprayar BOBranch Office686146
Vaikom HOHead Office686141
Vaikom Thekkenada BOBranch Office686146
Vakad BOBranch Office686636
Vakathanam SOPost Office686538
Vakathanam South BOBranch Office686538
Valavoor BOBranch Office686635
Vallichira BOBranch Office686574
Vanchimala BOBranch Office686508
Vattakunnu BOBranch Office686516
Vattukulam BOBranch Office686587
Vayala SOPost Office686587
Vazhappally West SOPost Office686103
Vazhoor East BOBranch Office686504
Vazhoor SOPost Office686504
Vechoor BOBranch Office686144
Velanilam BOBranch Office686514
Velathusseri BOBranch Office686580
Veliyannoor BOBranch Office686634
Vellavoor BOBranch Office686541
Velliappally BOBranch Office686574
Vellikulam BOBranch Office686580
Velloor SOPost Office686501
Veloor BOBranch Office686003
Vempally BOBranch Office686633
Vengathanam BOBranch Office686512
Veroor BOBranch Office686104
Vettimukal BOBranch Office686631
Villoonni BOBranch Office686008
Vizhikithode BOBranch Office686518
Yendayar BOBranch Office686514

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service