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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KOLLAM, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Achencoil BOBranch Office689696
Adichanallur SOPost Office691573
Aduthala BOBranch Office691579
Akkal BOBranch Office691516
Alayamon BOBranch Office691306
Alumkadavu SOPost Office690573
Alumoodu BOBranch Office691577
Alumpeedika BOBranch Office690547
Ambalakkara BOBranch Office691532
Ambalathinnirappu BOBranch Office691508
Ambalathumbhagom BOBranch Office690520
Ambalathumkala BOBranch Office691505
Ambanad BOBranch Office691309
Ambipoika BOBranch Office691501
Amrithapuri SOPost Office690546
Anakottur BOBranch Office691505
Anakulam BOBranch Office691311
Anapettakongal BOBranch Office691307
Anayadi BOBranch Office690561
Anchal SOPost Office691306
Andoor BOBranch Office691532
Areeplachy BOBranch Office691333
Arinallur SOPost Office690538
Arinallur South BOBranch Office690538
Arkannur BOBranch Office691533
Aryankavu BOBranch Office691309
Ashtamudi BOBranch Office691602
Asramom SOPost Office691002
Athinad North SOPost Office690542
Avaneeswaram BOBranch Office691508
Avaneeswaram RS BOBranch Office691508
Ayathil BOBranch Office691021
Ayilara BOBranch Office691312
Ayirakuzhy BOBranch Office691559
Ayiranallur BOBranch Office691307
Ayur SOPost Office691533
Azheekkalthura BOBranch Office690547
Bharatheepuram BOBranch Office691312
Bhoothakulam SOPost Office691302
Chadayamangalam SOPost Office691534
Chakkuvarakkal BOBranch Office691508
Chandanathope SOPost Office691014
Channapettah SOPost Office691311
Channappara BOBranch Office691536
Chariparambu BOBranch Office691536
Chathakulam BOBranch Office690520
Chathannur SOPost Office691572
Chavara Bridge BOBranch Office691583
Chavara SOPost Office691583
Chavara South SOPost Office691584
Chelikuzhy BOBranch Office691556
Chembanaruvi BOBranch Office689696
Chemmakkad BOBranch Office691601
Chengamanad Jn SOPost Office691557
Chenkulam BOBranch Office691510
Cheppara SOPost Office691520
Cheriyavelinallur BOBranch Office691516
Cheriyazheekal BOBranch Office690573
Cherukulam BOBranch Office691306
Cherupoika BOBranch Office691543
Cheruvakkal BOBranch Office691533
Chirakkara BOBranch Office691578
Chirakkarathazham BOBranch Office691578
Chithara SOPost Office691559
Chozhiakode BOBranch Office691310
Clappana SOPost Office690525
Court Complex BOBranch Office691531
Dally BOBranch Office691310
Decent Jn BOBranch Office691577
East Kallada SOPost Office691502
Edakulangara BOBranch Office690523
Edamon SOPost Office691307
Edamulackal BOBranch Office691306
Edanad BOBranch Office691579
Edapalayam BOBranch Office691309
Edappallycotta BOBranch Office691583
Edathara BOBranch Office691536
Edayam BOBranch Office691532
Elamadu BOBranch Office691533
Elampal SOPost Office691322
Elampazhannur BOBranch Office691534
Elicode BOBranch Office691322
Elikattoor BOBranch Office689696
Eravipuram SOPost Office691011
Eroor SO KollamPost Office691312
Extension Trg Centre BOBranch Office691531
Ezhiyam Vattathra Mala Mukku BOBranch Office691306
Ezhukone SOPost Office691505
Idakkadom BOBranch Office691505
Inchavila BOBranch Office691601
Irumpanangadu BOBranch Office691505
Iverkala East BOBranch Office691507
Kadakkal SOPost Office691536
Kadakkode BOBranch Office691505
Kadamancode BOBranch Office691312
Kadappakada SOPost Office691008
Kadathur Ward BOBranch Office690523
Kaithacode SOPost Office691543
Kaithode BOBranch Office691535
Kakkakunnu BOBranch Office690522
Kakkode BOBranch Office691331
Kakkotumoola BOBranch Office691303
Kalakode BOBranch Office691302
Kalayapuram SOPost Office691560
Kallada Irrigation Project BOBranch Office691308
Kallelibhagom BOBranch Office690519
Kallumthazham BOBranch Office691004
Kalluvathukkal SOPost Office691578
Kalthuruthy SOPost Office691309
Kamukumcherry BOBranch Office689696
Kanjavely SOPost Office691602
Kanjiracode BOBranch Office691501
Kannanallur SOPost Office691576
Karali Jn BOBranch Office690521
Karamcode SOPost Office691579
Karavaloor BOBranch Office691333
Karavoor BOBranch Office689696
Karikkom BOBranch Office691531
Karimpinpuzha BOBranch Office691507
Karimthottuva BOBranch Office690540
Karingannur SOPost Office691516
Kariyara BOBranch Office691332
Karukone BOBranch Office691306
Karunagappally HOHead Office690518
Karunagappally North BOBranch Office690544
Karuvelil BOBranch Office691505
Kattadi Jn BOBranch Office691537
Kattilkadavu BOBranch Office690542
Kavanad SOPost Office691003
Kilikollur East BOBranch Office691015
Kilikollur SOPost Office691004
Kizhakkanela BOBranch Office691574
Kizhakketheruvu BOBranch Office691531
Koduvila BOBranch Office691502
Koivila SOPost Office691590
Kokkad BOBranch Office691538
Kollaka BOBranch Office690536
Kollam Bazar SOPost Office691001
Kollam Cantonment SOPost Office691001
Kollam Civil Station SOPost Office691013
Kollam Cutchery SOPost Office691013
Kollam HOHead Office691001
Kollam Taluk Cutchery SOPost Office691001
Kollayil BOBranch Office691541
Koottikada BOBranch Office691020
Koovakkad BOBranch Office691310
Kottarakara HOHead Office691506
Kottathala BOBranch Office691507
Kottavattom BOBranch Office691322
Kottiyam SOPost Office691571
Kottukkal BOBranch Office691306
Kudavattur BOBranch Office691512
Kulakada SOPost Office691521
Kulakkada East BOBranch Office691521
Kulakkadathazham BOBranch Office691521
Kulasekharapuram SOPost Office690544
Kulathupuzha SOPost Office691310
Kumarankudy BOBranch Office689696
Kumbalam BOBranch Office691503
Kummallur BOBranch Office691573
Kummil BOBranch Office691536
Kundara East SOPost Office691501
Kundara SOPost Office691501
Kundayam BOBranch Office689695
Kunnathur East SOPost Office690540
Kunnicode SOPost Office691508
Kura BOBranch Office691557
Kureepuzha BOBranch Office691601
Kuriyode BOBranch Office691534
Kurumbakara BOBranch Office689695
Kuthirapanthy BOBranch Office690523
Kuttikadu BOBranch Office691536
Kuzhimathicaud SOPost Office691509
Kuzhithura BOBranch Office690542
Madathara SOPost Office691541
Madathilkaranma BOBranch Office690526
Mailode BOBranch Office691537
Mailom BOBranch Office691560
Maloor BOBranch Office689695
Maloor College BOBranch Office689695
Mampazhathara BOBranch Office691307
Manalil BOBranch Office691312
Manampuzha BOBranch Office691553
Manappally North SOPost Office690574
Manchallur Pathanapuram SOPost Office689695
Mancode BOBranch Office689694
Mancodekadakkal BOBranch Office691559
Mangad SOPost Office691015
Maniyarupunalur BOBranch Office691333
Manjakala BOBranch Office691508
Manjappara BOBranch Office691533
Mannuranchal BOBranch Office691311
Maranad BOBranch Office691505
Marthandankara BOBranch Office691312
Maruthadi BOBranch Office691003
Mathilil BOBranch Office691601
Mathira BOBranch Office691536
Mathra BOBranch Office691333
Mavadi BOBranch Office691507
Mayyanad SOPost Office691303
Meeyana BOBranch Office691510
Meeyannur BOBranch Office691537
Melila BOBranch Office691508
Mukathala SOPost Office691577
Mukkoodu BOBranch Office691503
Mukundapuram SOPost Office691585
Mulavana SOPost Office691503
Mundakkal BOBranch Office691010
Munroethuruthu BOBranch Office691502
Muthupilakkad BOBranch Office690520
Muttara BOBranch Office691512
Mylakkadu BOBranch Office691571
Mynagappally North BOBranch Office690519
Mynagappally SOPost Office690519
Nallila SOPost Office691515
Narikal BOBranch Office691322
Nediyara BOBranch Office691306
Nedumoncavu BOBranch Office691509
Nedumpaikulam BOBranch Office691501
Nedumpana BOBranch Office691576
Nedungolam SOPost Office691334
Neeleswaram BOBranch Office691505
Neendakara SOPost Office691582
Nellettil BOBranch Office691302
Nellikunnam SOPost Office691527
Nellimukku BOBranch Office691509
Nellipally BOBranch Office691331
Nettayam BOBranch Office691537
Nilamel SOPost Office691535
Ochira SOPost Office690526
Odanavattom SOPost Office691512
Ottackal BOBranch Office691308
Oyur SOPost Office691510
Ozhukkuparackal BOBranch Office691533
Padappakara BOBranch Office691503
Padinjattakkara BOBranch Office690524
Pallickalkottarakara SOPost Office691566
Pallimon BOBranch Office691576
Pallisserickal BOBranch Office690521
Pallithottam SOPost Office691006
Panavely BOBranch Office691532
Panayam BOBranch Office691601
Panmana BOBranch Office691583
Panmana Puthen Chantha BOBranch Office691583
Panthaplavu BOBranch Office691522
Parakadavu BOBranch Office690561
Paravur SO KollamPost Office691301
Parippally SOPost Office691574
Pathanapuram SOPost Office689695
Patharam BOBranch Office690522
Pathirickal BOBranch Office689695
Pattamthuruth BOBranch Office691601
Pattathanam SOPost Office691021
Pattazhy SOPost Office691522
Pavithreswaram BOBranch Office691507
Pavumba BOBranch Office690574
Perinad SOPost Office691601
Perumannur BOBranch Office691532
Perumkulam BOBranch Office691566
Perumon BOBranch Office691601
Perumpuzha SOPost Office691504
Perungalam BOBranch Office690538
Peruvelikara BOBranch Office691500
Pidavoor BOBranch Office689695
Piravanthur SOPost Office689696
Placherry BOBranch Office691331
Plappally BOBranch Office691531
Podiyattuvila BOBranch Office691532
Polachira BOBranch Office691334
Ponmana BOBranch Office691583
Poonkulanji BOBranch Office689695
Pooyapally SOPost Office691537
Poredom BOBranch Office691534
Poruvazhy SOPost Office690520
Prakkulam BOBranch Office691602
Prayar SOPost Office690547
Pulamon SOPost Office691531
Pulippara Jn BOBranch Office691536
Pullichira SOPost Office691304
Pullupana BOBranch Office691536
Punalur HOHead Office691305
Punalur Paper Mills SOPost Office691332
Punnala BOBranch Office689696
Puthenambalam BOBranch Office691553
Puthenkulam BOBranch Office691302
Puthenthura BOBranch Office691582
Puthukkadukara BOBranch Office691585
Puthurkollam SOPost Office691507
Rosemala BOBranch Office691309
S R P Market SOPost Office690539
S V Market BOBranch Office690573
Sadanandapuram BOBranch Office691531
Sakthikulangara SOPost Office691581
Samnagar BOBranch Office691310
Sasthamcottah SOPost Office690521
Shaliacarry Estate BOBranch Office691331
Sooranad North SOPost Office690561
Sooranad SOPost Office690522
T K M College SOPost Office691005
Thadicaud BOBranch Office691306
Thalachira BOBranch Office691538
Thalavoor BOBranch Office691508
Thamarakudy BOBranch Office691560
Thangasserry SOPost Office691007
Thattamala SOPost Office691020
Thattarkonam BOBranch Office691005
Thazhava SOPost Office690523
Thekketheri BOBranch Office691522
Thekkevila SOPost Office691016
Thekkumbhagom SOPost Office691319
Thenmala SOPost Office691308
Thevalakkara SOPost Office690524
Thevalappuram BOBranch Office691507
Thevally SOPost Office691009
Thevannur BOBranch Office691533
Thingalkarikom BOBranch Office691310
Thirumullavaram SOPost Office691012
Thodiyur BOBranch Office690523
Thodiyur North BOBranch Office690523
Tholicode SOPost Office691333
Thottumugham BOBranch Office690519
Thrippilazhikom BOBranch Office691509
Thudayannur BOBranch Office691536
Thuruthikara BOBranch Office690540
Uliyakovil SOPost Office691019
Uliyanadu BOBranch Office691579
Umayanallur I E SOPost Office691589
Ummannur BOBranch Office691520
Urukunnu BOBranch Office691307
Vadakkevila SOPost Office691010
Vadakkumbhagom BOBranch Office691584
Vadakkumthala East SOPost Office690536
Vadamon BOBranch Office691306
Vakkanad BOBranch Office691509
Valacode SOPost Office691331
Valakom SOPost Office691532
Valathungal BOBranch Office691011
Valavupacha BOBranch Office691559
Valiyode BOBranch Office691520
Varavila BOBranch Office690528
Vattakarikkakom BOBranch Office695562
Vattathamara BOBranch Office691536
Vavvakkavu SOPost Office690528
Vayakkal BOBranch Office691532
Vayalaanchal BOBranch Office691306
Vayyanam BOBranch Office691533
Velamannoor BOBranch Office691574
Velichikala BOBranch Office691573
Veliyam SOPost Office691540
Veliyam West BOBranch Office691540
Vellimon SOPost Office691511
Vellimon West BOBranch Office691511
Venchempu BOBranch Office691333
Vendar BOBranch Office691507
Venga BOBranch Office690521
Vengoor BOBranch Office691533
Venkolla BOBranch Office691541
Venture BOBranch Office691309
Vettikavala SOPost Office691538
Vettithitta BOBranch Office689696
Vilakkupara BOBranch Office691312
Vilakkuvattom BOBranch Office691331
Vilakudy BOBranch Office691508
Vilanthara Jn BOBranch Office690521
Vilavoorkonam BOBranch Office691578
Villumala BOBranch Office691310
West Kallada SOPost Office691500

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service