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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KOLHAPUR, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
5 Star MIDC Kagal SOPost Office416236
Adkur BOBranch Office416509
Adoli BOBranch Office416210
Ainapur BOBranch Office416526
Ajara SOPost Office416505
Akanur BOBranch Office416212
Akiwat BOBranch Office416106
Akiwate Industrial Estate SOPost Office416144
Akurle BOBranch Office416214
Alas BOBranch Office416104
Alate BOBranch Office416109
Ambap BOBranch Office416112
Ambarde BOBranch Office416215
Ambavade BOBranch Office416201
Ambewadi BOBranch Office416552
Ambewadi SO KolhapurPost Office416229
Amroli BOBranch Office416509
Amshi Dumala BOBranch Office416204
Anap Khurd BOBranch Office416210
Anur BOBranch Office416235
Arale BOBranch Office416114
Aralgundi BOBranch Office416220
Ardal BOBranch Office416220
Are BOBranch Office416001
Arjuni BOBranch Office416235
Arjunwad BOBranch Office416120
Arjunwada BOBranch Office416208
Arjunwadi BOBranch Office416504
Arul BOBranch Office416215
Asandoli BOBranch Office416206
Aslaj BOBranch Office416206
Atigre BOBranch Office416118
Atyal BOBranch Office416502
Aurwad BOBranch Office416104
Awali BK BOBranch Office416211
Awali BOBranch Office416213
Awali KH BOBranch Office416211
Babujamal SOPost Office416012
Bachani BOBranch Office416001
Badyachiwadi BOBranch Office416502
Bahireshwar BOBranch Office416011
Bahirewadi BOBranch Office416220
Bahubali SOPost Office416110
Bajar Bhogaon BOBranch Office416205
Baleghol BOBranch Office416218
Balinge BOBranch Office416010
Bamani BOBranch Office416232
Bambavada SOPost Office416213
Banage BOBranch Office416235
Bandiwade BOBranch Office416230
Baradwadi BOBranch Office416208
Barve BOBranch Office416209
Basarge BK BOBranch Office416506
Basarge BOBranch Office416507
Bastavade BOBranch Office416235
Bastwad BOBranch Office416106
Batkangale BOBranch Office416503
Beed BOBranch Office416011
Belawale BK BOBranch Office416221
Belewadi Kalamma BOBranch Office416218
Bhadale BOBranch Office416213
Bhadgaon BOBranch Office416502
Bhadole BOBranch Office416112
Bhadvan BOBranch Office416505
Bhamate BOBranch Office416204
Bhativade BOBranch Office416223
Bhedasgaon BOBranch Office416214
Bhendegalli SOPost Office416002
Bhendwade BOBranch Office416112
Bhuye BOBranch Office416229
Bidri SOPost Office416208
Bolavi BOBranch Office416218
Boravade BOBranch Office416208
Borbet BOBranch Office416206
Borgaon BOBranch Office416230
Borivade BOBranch Office416213
Borpadale BOBranch Office416213
Bubnal BOBranch Office416104
Bugadikatti BOBranch Office416506
Buvache Vathar BOBranch Office416112
Chandgad SOPost Office416509
Chandoli BOBranch Office415101
Chandur BOBranch Office416138
Channe Kuppi BOBranch Office416502
Charan BOBranch Office416213
Chavare BOBranch Office416112
Chikhali BOBranch Office416235
Chimane BOBranch Office416220
Chinchwad BOBranch Office416120
Chipri BOBranch Office416101
Chokak BOBranch Office416118
Chuye BOBranch Office416207
Dajipur BOBranch Office416212
Danoli BOBranch Office416101
Danwad BOBranch Office416107
DARYACHE VADGAONBranch Office416207
Date BOBranch Office416552
Dattanagar SOPost Office416120
Dattawad SOPost Office416107
Dewale BOBranch Office416213
Dhamane BOBranch Office416220
Dhamod BOBranch Office416211
Dharangutti BOBranch Office416102
Dholgarwadi BOBranch Office416507
Dhundwade BOBranch Office416205
Dindnerli BOBranch Office416207
DSF Halkarni SOPost Office416552
Dudhganganagar SOPost Office416231
Dukkarwadi BOBranch Office416507
Dundage SOPost Office416501
Durgamanwad BOBranch Office416211
Ekondi BOBranch Office416232
Gadhinglaj Shivaji Chowk SOPost Office416502
Gadhinglaj SOPost Office416502
Gadhinglaj Tilakpath SOPost Office416502
Gadmudshingi BOBranch Office416119
Gaganbavada SOPost Office416206
Gajapur BOBranch Office415101
Gajargaon BOBranch Office416502
Gandhinagar SO KolhapurPost Office416119
Ganeshwadi SO KolhapurPost Office416105
Ganganagar Ichalkaranji SOPost Office416116
Gangapur BOBranch Office416209
Gargoti SOPost Office416209
Gariwade BOBranch Office416206
Gavase BOBranch Office416505
Ghalwad BOBranch Office416103
Ghanavade BOBranch Office416001
Ghosarwad BOBranch Office416107
Ghotavade BOBranch Office416230
Ghunki BOBranch Office416112
Gijawane BOBranch Office416502
Girgaon BOBranch Office416013
Gogave BOBranch Office416213
Gorambe BOBranch Office416216
Gudal BOBranch Office416211
Gur Market Yard SOPost Office416005
Hadalage BOBranch Office416504
Hajgoli BOBranch Office416507
Haldi BOBranch Office416001
Halewadi BOBranch Office416220
Halkarni Chandgad BOBranch Office416552
Halkarni SOPost Office416506
Halsawade BOBranch Office416202
Hamidwada BOBranch Office416235
Hanimnal BOBranch Office416501
Hanmantwadi BOBranch Office416010
Harali BK BOBranch Office416502
Haroli BOBranch Office416102
Hasur BOBranch Office416103
Hasur Champu BOBranch Office416501
Hasur Dumala BOBranch Office416001
Hasur Khurd BOBranch Office416218
Hasur Sasgiri BOBranch Office416506
Hativade BOBranch Office416505
Hatkalangada SOPost Office416109
Hebbal BOBranch Office416501
Hebbal Jaldyal BOBranch Office416503
Hedawade BOBranch Office416223
Hera BOBranch Office416509
Herla BOBranch Office416005
Herwad BOBranch Office416106
Hindgaon BOBranch Office416509
Hiralge BOBranch Office416526
Hitni BOBranch Office416501
Honyali BOBranch Office416220
Hosur BOBranch Office416508
Hupari SOPost Office416203
Ibrahimpur BOBranch Office416509
Ichalkaranji HOHead Office416115
ICO Spinning Mills SOPost Office416143
Inchnal BOBranch Office416502
Ingali BOBranch Office416202
Isapur BOBranch Office416509
Ispurli SOPost Office416207
Jaisingpur RS BOBranch Office416101
Jakhale BOBranch Office416113
Jambhali BOBranch Office416121
Jangamhatti BOBranch Office416507
Jarali BOBranch Office416551
Jatharwadi BOBranch Office416122
Jawaharnagar Ichalkaranji SOPost Office416115
Jaysingpur SOPost Office416101
June Pargaon BOBranch Office416113
Kabnur SOPost Office416138
Kadalage BOBranch Office416506
Kadave BOBranch Office415101
Kadgaon Gadhinglaj BOBranch Office416502
Kadgaon Gargoti SOPost Office416210
Kagal SOPost Office416216
Kakhe BOBranch Office416114
Kalamba SOPost Office416007
Kale SO KolhapurPost Office416205
Kalkundri BOBranch Office416508
Kalnakwadi BOBranch Office416209
Kanadewadi BOBranch Office416504
Kandgaon BOBranch Office416011
Kaneri BOBranch Office416234
Kaneri Panhala BOBranch Office416230
Kanoli BOBranch Office416503
Kanur Khurd BOBranch Office416507
Kanwad BOBranch Office416103
Kapadmarket Ichalkaranji SOPost Office416115
Kapshi BOBranch Office416214
Kapshi SOPost Office416218
Karadwadi BOBranch Office416209
Karambali BOBranch Office416526
Karanjivane BOBranch Office416219
Karanjphen BOBranch Office416205
Kardyal BOBranch Office416218
Karnur BOBranch Office416216
Karungale BOBranch Office415101
Karve SOPost Office416507
Kasaba Sangaon BOBranch Office416216
Kasar Kandgaon BOBranch Office416505
Kasari BOBranch Office416218
Kasarwada BOBranch Office416212
Kasba Bavada SOPost Office416006
Kasba Thane BOBranch Office416205
Katali BOBranch Office416206
Kate Bhogaon BOBranch Office416205
Kaulav BOBranch Office416211
Kavane BOBranch Office416207
Kavatheguland BOBranch Office416105
Kavathesar BOBranch Office416111
Kawlikatti BOBranch Office416506
Kenavade BOBranch Office416216
Keravade BOBranch Office416509
Kerle BOBranch Office416229
Kerli BOBranch Office416229
Khadakewada BOBranch Office416235
Khandal BOBranch Office416551
Khatangale BOBranch Office416204
Khebavade BOBranch Office416221
Khidrapur BOBranch Office416108
Khochi BOBranch Office416110
Khupire BOBranch Office416205
Kine BOBranch Office416504
Kini BOBranch Office416112
KiniCHD BOBranch Office416508
Kisrul BOBranch Office416205
Kitawade BOBranch Office416505
Kodavade BOBranch Office416211
Kodoli SOPost Office416114
Koge BOBranch Office416010
Kolhapur City HOHead Office416012
Kolhapur HOHead Office416003
Kolhapur RS SOPost Office416001
Kolik BOBranch Office416205
Kolindre BOBranch Office416503
Kololi BOBranch Office416230
Kolwan BOBranch Office416223
Kondoshi BOBranch Office416210
Koor BOBranch Office416209
Koparde BOBranch Office416204
Korochi BOBranch Office416109
Kothali BOBranch Office416101
Kotoli SOPost Office416230
Kotoli Warna BOBranch Office416214
Koulage BOBranch Office416235
Koulage SOPost Office416526
Kowad SOPost Office416508
Kowade BOBranch Office416503
Kuditre SOPost Office416204
Kudnur BOBranch Office416508
Kumbhoj SOPost Office416111
Kurani Buzawade BOBranch Office416509
Kurukali BOBranch Office416001
Kurundwad SOPost Office416106
Kutwad BOBranch Office416103
Lakudwadi BOBranch Office416503
Lat BOBranch Office416143
Latwade BOBranch Office416112
Laxmipuri SOPost Office416002
Lingnur Dumala BOBranch Office416216
Madilage BK BOBranch Office416209
Madilage BOBranch Office416505
Madyal BOBranch Office416218
Mahagaon Kolhapur SOPost Office416503
Mahagond BOBranch Office416220
Majale BOBranch Office416109
Majgaon BOBranch Office416205
Malage BK BOBranch Office416219
Malapude BOBranch Office416205
Malatwadi BOBranch Office416508
Male BOBranch Office416114
Maligre BOBranch Office416503
Malkapur SO KolhapurPost Office415101
Malyachi Shiroli BOBranch Office416001
Man BOBranch Office415101
Manapadale BOBranch Office416112
Manawale BOBranch Office416209
Mandukali BOBranch Office416206
Mangalwar Peth SO KolhapurPost Office416012
Mangaon BOBranch Office416118
Mangnoor BOBranch Office416209
Mangnoor T/F Sawantwadi BOBranch Office416503
Manjarewadi BOBranch Office416106
Manwad BOBranch Office416506
Masewadi BOBranch Office416220
Mathgaon BOBranch Office416210
Mhakave BOBranch Office416216
Mhalewadi BOBranch Office416508
Mhalsavade BOBranch Office416001
Mhalunge BOBranch Office416207
Mhalunge Khalsa BOBranch Office416507
Mhasrang BOBranch Office416210
Mhasurli BOBranch Office416205
Mhasve SOPost Office416223
MIDC Gokul Shirgaon SOPost Office416234
MIDC Shiroli SOPost Office416122
Minche BK BOBranch Office416223
Minche BOBranch Office416109
Minche KH BOBranch Office416223
Mohare BOBranch Office416114
Molawade BOBranch Office416215
Mouje Haladi BOBranch Office416219
Mouje Sangaon BOBranch Office416216
Mudhal BOBranch Office416208
Mugali BOBranch Office416218
Mumewadi BOBranch Office416220
Mungurwadi BOBranch Office416503
Murgud SOPost Office416219
Mutnal BOBranch Office416501
Nadhavade BOBranch Office416209
Naganwadi BOBranch Office416509
Nagaon BOBranch Office416122
Nagave BOBranch Office416509
Nandani SOPost Office416102
Nandanwad BOBranch Office416506
Nandavade BOBranch Office416509
Nandgaon BOBranch Office416207
Nangnoor BOBranch Office416551
Narande BOBranch Office416110
Narewadi BOBranch Office416506
Narsobawadi SOPost Office416104
Nartavade BOBranch Office416212
Navale BOBranch Office416210
Nave Pargaon BOBranch Office416113
Navkud BOBranch Office416506
Nej BOBranch Office416110
Nerli BOBranch Office416234
Nesari SOPost Office416504
Nidhori BOBranch Office416219
Nigave Dumala BOBranch Office416229
Nigave Khalasa BOBranch Office416207
Nilji BOBranch Office416501
Nilpan BOBranch Office416223
Nimshirgaon BOBranch Office416101
Ningudage BOBranch Office416526
Nittur BOBranch Office416508
Nool SOPost Office416551
P Shiroli BOBranch Office416122
Pachgaon BOBranch Office416013
Padal BOBranch Office416205
Padali BOBranch Office416212
Padali Khurd BOBranch Office416010
Pal BOBranch Office416209
Palshivane BOBranch Office416209
Panhala SOPost Office416201
Panori BOBranch Office416231
Panundre BOBranch Office416215
Panutre BOBranch Office416205
Parali Ninai BOBranch Office415101
Parite SOPost Office416211
Parkhandale BOBranch Office416205
Parvati Industrial Estate SOPost Office416146
Pat Panhala BOBranch Office416205
Patgaon BOBranch Office416210
Patne BOBranch Office416552
Pattankodoli SOPost Office416202
Perid BOBranch Office415101
Pernoli BOBranch Office416505
Phanaswadi BOBranch Office416209
Phejiwade BOBranch Office416212
Phulewadi SOPost Office416010
Pimpalgaon BK BOBranch Office416235
Pimpalgaon BOBranch Office416209
Pimpalgaon KH BOBranch Office416216
Piral BOBranch Office416211
Pisatri BOBranch Office416205
Pishavi BOBranch Office416213
Pohale T/F Borgaon BOBranch Office416205
Pohale Turf Alate BOBranch Office416229
Porle Turf Thane BOBranch Office416229
Pratibhanagar SOPost Office416008
Punal BOBranch Office416205
Pungaon BOBranch Office416211
R K Nagar Ichalkaranji SOPost Office416121
R K Nagar SO KolhapurPost Office416013
Radhanagari SOPost Office416212
Rajagoli KH BOBranch Office416508
Rajapur BOBranch Office416106
Rajapurwadi BOBranch Office416108
Rajarampuri SOPost Office416008
Rakshi BOBranch Office416201
Randivewadi BOBranch Office416203
Rangoli BOBranch Office416143
Rankala SOPost Office416012
Rashivade BOBranch Office416211
Rendal BOBranch Office416203
Rethare BOBranch Office416214
Rhe Works BOBranch Office416212
Rui BOBranch Office416138
Ruikar Colony SOPost Office416005
Rukadi SOPost Office416118
Sadashivnagar SOPost Office416235
Sadoli Khalsa BOBranch Office416001
Sajani BOBranch Office416138
Sake BOBranch Office416221
Salshi BOBranch Office416213
Salvan BOBranch Office416206
Sambhajipur BOBranch Office416101
Sambre BOBranch Office416504
Sane Guruji Vasahat SOPost Office416011
Sangashi BOBranch Office416206
Sangavade BOBranch Office416202
Sangrul BOBranch Office416204
Sarambalwadi BOBranch Office416503
Sarawade BOBranch Office416212
Sarud SOPost Office416214
Satavane BOBranch Office416509
Satave BOBranch Office416114
Savarde BK BOBranch Office416219
Savarde BOBranch Office416109
Savarde Dumala BOBranch Office416001
Savarde Patankar BOBranch Office416212
Savarde T/F Satave BOBranch Office416114
Save BOBranch Office416213
Shahapur BOBranch Office416121
Shahupuri SOPost Office416001
Shahuwadi SOPost Office416215
Shaniwar Peth SO KolhapurPost Office416002
Shankarwadi BOBranch Office416232
Shedshal BOBranch Office416105
Sheloli BOBranch Office416210
Shenawade BOBranch Office416206
Shendur BOBranch Office416232
Shengaon BOBranch Office416209
Shimpe BOBranch Office416214
Shingnapur BOBranch Office416010
Shinoli KH BOBranch Office416507
Shippur T/F Nesari BOBranch Office416504
Shipur T/F Ajara BOBranch Office416220
Shiradwad BOBranch Office416143
Shirala BOBranch Office416215
Shirale T/Ff Warun BOBranch Office416214
Shirdhon BOBranch Office416121
Shirgaon BOBranch Office415101
Shirol SOPost Office416103
Shiroli Sonyachi BOBranch Office416212
Shirse BOBranch Office416211
Shirti BOBranch Office416103
Shittur T/F Warun BOBranch Office416214
Shittur Turf Malkapur BOBranch Office416213
Shivaji Peth SOPost Office416012
Shivaji University SOPost Office416004
Shivaji Veedyapeeth Marg SOPost Office416008
Shivajinagar Ichalkaranji SOPost Office416115
Shivanage Lakkikatte BOBranch Office416507
Shivdav BOBranch Office416210
Shiye BOBranch Office416122
Shukrawar Peth SO KolhapurPost Office416002
Sidhnerli SOPost Office416232
Sohale BOBranch Office416505
Solankur BOBranch Office416212
Sonage BOBranch Office416235
Sonali BOBranch Office416219
Sonarwadi BOBranch Office416209
Sondoli BOBranch Office416214
Sule BOBranch Office416205
Sulkud BOBranch Office416216
Sundi BOBranch Office416507
Supatre BOBranch Office416213
Surupali BOBranch Office416235
Surute BOBranch Office416507
Takali SOPost Office416108
Takaliwadi BOBranch Office416108
Takawade BOBranch Office416121
Talandage BOBranch Office416236
Talasande BOBranch Office416112
Talashi BOBranch Office416208
Tamadalage BOBranch Office416101
Tambale BOBranch Office416210
Tambyachiwadi BOBranch Office416210
Tamnakwada BOBranch Office416218
Tarale BOBranch Office416211
Tardal BOBranch Office416121
Tarsambale BOBranch Office416211
Tasgaon BOBranch Office416122
Tatyasaheb Kore Nagar SOPost Office416113
Tekoli BOBranch Office416215
Terni BOBranch Office416506
Terwad BOBranch Office416106
Teurwadi BOBranch Office416508
Thergaon BOBranch Office416213
Thikpurli BOBranch Office416208
Tikkewadi BOBranch Office416209
Tillarinagar SOPost Office416527
Tilwani BOBranch Office416138
Tirpan BOBranch Office416230
Tisangi BOBranch Office416206
Titave BOBranch Office416208
Top BOBranch Office416122
Tudiye BOBranch Office416507
Turambe BOBranch Office416208
Turkewadi BOBranch Office416507
Uchgaon BOBranch Office416005
Udgaon BOBranch Office416101
Udyog Nagar Ichalkaranji SOPost Office416115
Ujalaiwadi BOBranch Office416004
Ukhalu BOBranch Office416214
Ukoli BOBranch Office416215
Umalwad BOBranch Office416101
Umgaon BOBranch Office416509
Undarwadi BOBranch Office416208
Uttur SOPost Office416220
Vadange BOBranch Office416229
Vadarage Majare BOBranch Office416502
Vadgaon BOBranch Office416218
Vadgaon SO KolhapurPost Office416112
Valivade BOBranch Office416119
Vandur BOBranch Office416216
Varange Padali BOBranch Office416229
Vasagade BOBranch Office416202
Vathar T/F vadgaon BOBranch Office416112
Vengrul BOBranch Office416210
Vesarde BOBranch Office416210
Vetawade BOBranch Office416205
Vhanali BOBranch Office416221
Vhannur BOBranch Office416216
Virale BOBranch Office416214
Vishalgad Amba BOBranch Office415101
Vite BOBranch Office416505
Wadi Ratnagiri BOBranch Office416229
Waghapur BOBranch Office416209
Waghave BOBranch Office416230
Wakare BOBranch Office416204
Walwa Bk SOPost Office416221
Walwa KH BOBranch Office416221
Warnanagar SOPost Office416113
Warul BOBranch Office415101
Washi BOBranch Office416011
Watangi BOBranch Office416504
Yadrav BOBranch Office416146
Yalgud BOBranch Office416236
Yamage BOBranch Office416219
Yavluj BOBranch Office416205
Yelvan Jugai BOBranch Office415101
Yenechavandi BOBranch Office416506
Yerandol BOBranch Office416505
Zulpewadi BOBranch Office416220

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service