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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KHERI, UTTAR PRADESH

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abgawan BOBranch Office262727
Abhayapur BOBranch Office262724
Adalispur BOBranch Office262722
Adlabad BOBranch Office262903
Aggar Khurd BOBranch Office261506
Ahemad Nagar BOBranch Office262802
Aira BOBranch Office262722
Aira Estate SOPost Office262722
Ajehra BOBranch Office262804
Akathi BOBranch Office262724
Aliganj BOBranch Office262802
Alipur BOBranch Office261501
Ambarsot BOBranch Office262721
Ambora BOBranch Office262901
Amethi BOBranch Office262723
Amir Nagar BOBranch Office262804
Ataria BOBranch Office262902
Atkohana BOBranch Office262728
Aurongabad BOBranch Office261505
Awadhpur BOBranch Office262727
Azan BOBranch Office262802
Baburi BOBranch Office262723
Badagaon BOBranch Office262726
Badalipur BOBranch Office261502
BADHAIYA BOBranch Office261505
Badhwari Marg BOBranch Office261505
Baghoom BOBranch Office261505
Bagrethi BOBranch Office262804
Baherwa BOBranch Office262701
Baibaha BOBranch Office262805
Baida BOBranch Office262804
Baikuan BOBranch Office261505
Bajaha BOBranch Office262723
Bajahi BOBranch Office262908
Bakkhari BOBranch Office262802
Ballipur BOBranch Office262902
Balmia Barkhar BOBranch Office262804
Bamhanpur BOBranch Office262903
Banbirpur BOBranch Office262906
Banika BOBranch Office262725
Banjaria BOBranch Office262726
Bankati BOBranch Office262908
Bankey Ganj SOPost Office262801
Banshi BOBranch Office262802
Barbar BOBranch Office261505
Barkherwa BOBranch Office262701
Barotha BOBranch Office262903
Basaha BOBranch Office262726
Basahi BOBranch Office262904
Basantapur BOBranch Office262723
Basantapur Kallan BOBranch Office262902
Baudhiya Kallan BOBranch Office262902
Behjam SOPost Office261501
Bel BOBranch Office261501
Bela Kallan BOBranch Office262902
Belaparsua BOBranch Office262906
Belhori BOBranch Office262805
Belrayan BOBranch Office262906
Beltua BOBranch Office261502
Belwamoti BOBranch Office262722
Beni Rajpur BOBranch Office262804
Betisahdeo BOBranch Office261502
Bhaithia BOBranch Office262802
Bhallia Bujurg BOBranch Office262802
Bhanpur BOBranch Office262901
Bhanpuri BOBranch Office262904
Bhatpurwa Kallan BOBranch Office262723
Bhedhia BOBranch Office261502
Bheekhampur BOBranch Office262805
Bhira Ghanshi BOBranch Office262721
Bhira SO KheriPost Office262901
Bhoolanpur BOBranch Office261501
Bhoora BOBranch Office262908
Bijauria BOBranch Office262902
Bijhauli BOBranch Office262701
Bijhauli Sahaspur BOBranch Office262804
Bijua BOBranch Office262901
Binaura BOBranch Office262903
Birampur BOBranch Office262727
Bisari Khera BOBranch Office261505
Bisenpuri BOBranch Office262902
Borbata BOBranch Office262908
Chakai BOBranch Office262726
Chakmusepur BOBranch Office262722
Chandan Chauki SOPost Office262908
Chandrasa Kallan BOBranch Office261502
Chhedia Pashchim BOBranch Office262908
Chheduipattia BOBranch Office262902
Chhitaunia BOBranch Office262802
Dareri BOBranch Office262907
Daudpur BOBranch Office261506
Daulatpur BOBranch Office262903
Davipurwa BOBranch Office262723
Deokali BOBranch Office262701
Dhakherwa BOBranch Office262907
Dhakherwa Khalsa BOBranch Office262907
Dhakherwa Nankar BOBranch Office262907
Dhakia BOBranch Office262908
Dharmapur BOBranch Office262901
Dhaurahara SO KheriPost Office262723
Dhoyanpur BOBranch Office262908
Dhusaru BOBranch Office262725
Dhuskiya BOBranch Office262908
Dubaha BOBranch Office262903
Dudwaghat BOBranch Office262902
Dulahi BOBranch Office262724
Durgapur Padari BOBranch Office261502
Fardhan BOBranch Office262701
Farenda BOBranch Office262804
Fatepur BOBranch Office261505
Firozabad BOBranch Office261502
Gadania BOBranch Office262906
Gaffar Nagar BOBranch Office262804
Gaisapur BOBranch Office262722
Ganeshpur BOBranch Office262701
Ganga Nagar BOBranch Office262906
Gaura BOBranch Office261502
Gauri Fanta BOBranch Office262902
Gauria BOBranch Office261501
Gharthania BOBranch Office262802
Ghumara Madera BOBranch Office262805
Ghurghutta Bujurg BOBranch Office262724
Gokan BOBranch Office262804
Gola Gokaran Nath SOPost Office262802
Gola Town SOPost Office262802
Gopalapur BOBranch Office262702
Grant No11 BOBranch Office262802
GT Amethi BOBranch Office262724
Gudaria BOBranch Office262723
Gularia Pathor Shah BOBranch Office262906
Gulauli BOBranch Office262804
Haiderabad BOBranch Office262802
Hasanpur Katauli BOBranch Office261502
Haukana BOBranch Office262724
Hazaratpur BOBranch Office262801
Hindustan Farm BOBranch Office262801
Isanagar SO KheriPost Office261502
Itauwa BOBranch Office262804
Jalalpur BOBranch Office262802
Jamhaura BOBranch Office262907
Jamunabad Form BOBranch Office262802
Jangbahadur Ganj BOBranch Office261505
Jatpurwa SOPost Office262724
Jethra BOBranch Office262722
Jhandi Raj BOBranch Office262903
Kadia BOBranch Office262906
Kafara BOBranch Office262723
Kaimahara BOBranch Office261505
Kaimahra BOBranch Office262701
Kajaria BOBranch Office262908
Kakaraha BOBranch Office261505
Kalaam BOBranch Office262701
Kaluamoti BOBranch Office261505
Kanchanpur BOBranch Office262802
Kaparaha BOBranch Office262802
Karanpur BOBranch Office261501
Kasta BOBranch Office261501
Kathkusuma BOBranch Office262728
Khairigarh BOBranch Office262905
Khamaria BOBranch Office261505
Khamaria Kallan BOBranch Office261502
Khambhar Khera BOBranch Office261506
Khanjan Nagar BOBranch Office262727
Khanjanpur BOBranch Office262801
Khanpur Gurela BOBranch Office262725
Kharbahia BOBranch Office262723
Khargapur BOBranch Office262802
Khawahia No 2 BOBranch Office262907
Kheri HOHead Office262701
Kheri Town SOPost Office262702
Khunti Bujurg BOBranch Office261505
Kiriyara BOBranch Office262804
Kothia BOBranch Office262726
Kotwa BOBranch Office262805
Kotwora Raj BOBranch Office262802
Kuaudiyala Ghat BOBranch Office262906
Kukra Town BOBranch Office262801
Kumbhi BOBranch Office262804
Kumhaina BOBranch Office262722
Kusumi BOBranch Office261505
Lagucha SOPost Office262721
Lahabari BOBranch Office262723
Lakhaha BOBranch Office261501
Lakhimpur SOPost Office262701
Lakhperaganj BOBranch Office262701
Lakhun BOBranch Office262722
Lalhaua BOBranch Office262727
Landonpur Grant BOBranch Office262802
Laukahi Isanagar BOBranch Office261502
Laukahi Mallapur BOBranch Office261502
Lauki Khera BOBranch Office262804
Laukiha BOBranch Office261506
Lidhiyayi BOBranch Office261505
Lokesor BOBranch Office262701
Ludhauri BOBranch Office262903
Machhechha BOBranch Office262804
Madhwapur Barola BOBranch Office261506
Madwa BOBranch Office262722
Magadapur BOBranch Office262804
Mahangapur BOBranch Office262902
Mahangukhera BOBranch Office262721
Maharaj Nagar BOBranch Office262722
Maheshpur BOBranch Office262802
Mahewa Ganj SOPost Office261506
Maigal Ganj SOPost Office261505
Mailani Gram BOBranch Office262803
Mailani SOPost Office262803
Majhgain BOBranch Office262902
Maksudpur BOBranch Office261505
Mallbehar BOBranch Office262724
Mamari BOBranch Office262802
Manjha BOBranch Office262906
Manyora BOBranch Office262701
Marocha BOBranch Office262902
Masor Khambh BOBranch Office262908
Matehia BOBranch Office262901
Meerpur BOBranch Office262701
Midania BOBranch Office262722
Mitauli SOPost Office262727
Mochnapur BOBranch Office261502
Mohammadapur BOBranch Office262722
Mohammadi SOPost Office262804
Mohammadpur Mahewa BOBranch Office262721
Mohammadpur Nazir BOBranch Office261505
Mohammadpur Tajpur BOBranch Office262804
Mohammdabad BOBranch Office262802
Mohiddunpur BOBranch Office261505
Mohola BOBranch Office262721
Motipur BOBranch Office262905
Muborakpur BOBranch Office261505
Muda Bujurg BOBranch Office262903
Muda Ghalib BOBranch Office262804
Muda Sawaran BOBranch Office262802
Mudi BOBranch Office261502
Mudia BOBranch Office262805
Mudia Khera BOBranch Office262701
Mudia Puja Gaon BOBranch Office261506
Mukhalishpur BOBranch Office261502
Mullapur BOBranch Office261505
Murai Tajpur BOBranch Office261121
Murtiha BOBranch Office262701
Naibasti SOPost Office262701
Nainapur BOBranch Office262724
Nakha SOPost Office262728
Naribehar BOBranch Office261502
Nauapur Ghat BOBranch Office262728
Naubana BOBranch Office262905
Naurangabad BOBranch Office262905
Nauser Gularia BOBranch Office262901
Nayagaon BOBranch Office261505
Nayagaon Jat BOBranch Office261505
Neem Cheni BOBranch Office262727
Neemgaon BOBranch Office261501
Nighasan SOPost Office262903
Nijhota BOBranch Office262908
Nizampurnighati BOBranch Office262721
Odara BOBranch Office262727
Oel SO KheriPost Office262725
Padaria Tula BOBranch Office262901
Pahar Nagar BOBranch Office262801
Pahara BOBranch Office261501
Paila BOBranch Office261501
Pakaria BOBranch Office262722
Palhapur BOBranch Office261505
Pallia SOPost Office262902
Panai BOBranch Office261505
Parasiya BOBranch Office262908
Pareli BOBranch Office262802
Parsehra BOBranch Office262802
Parsehra Madarpur BOBranch Office262805
Pasgawan BOBranch Office261505
Patihan BOBranch Office262902
Patna Baijnatpurwa BOBranch Office262728
PhoolBehad BOBranch Office261506
Piparawan BOBranch Office262701
Piparia Dhani BOBranch Office262804
Piparia Kaptan BOBranch Office262804
Pipra Form BOBranch Office261506
Pipra Goom BOBranch Office261506
Podhua BOBranch Office262907
Pratappur BOBranch Office261506
Puraina BOBranch Office262908
Rabahi BOBranch Office262728
Raipur BOBranch Office262906
Raipur Ghunshi BOBranch Office262805
Rajgarh BOBranch Office262701
Rakehati BOBranch Office262903
Ram Nagar Bagaha BOBranch Office262724
Ram Nagar Khurd BOBranch Office262802
Ramia Behar BOBranch Office262724
Ramlok Kabiraha BOBranch Office261502
Rampur Banwari BOBranch Office261505
Rampur Daatpur BOBranch Office262802
Rampur Gokul BOBranch Office262701
Rampur Grant BOBranch Office262802
Rampur Sutehra BOBranch Office262805
Rangila Nagar BOBranch Office262701
Rara Bazar BOBranch Office262901
Rasulpanah BOBranch Office262802
Rasulpur BOBranch Office262722
Ratasia BOBranch Office261501
Razaganj BOBranch Office262701
Roshan Nagar BOBranch Office262802
Rudrapur Kallan BOBranch Office262721
Rudrapur Salim BOBranch Office261502
Sadhauna BOBranch Office262721
Saidipur Harraiya BOBranch Office262728
Sakethu BOBranch Office262728
Samdoha BOBranch Office262722
Samodidih BOBranch Office262722
Sampurna Nagar SOPost Office262904
Sandilwa BOBranch Office262727
Sanigawan BOBranch Office261501
Sankata Devi SOPost Office262701
Sansarpur BOBranch Office262802
Saraunia BOBranch Office261505
Sarsawa BOBranch Office262728
Sasiya Ganj BOBranch Office262804
Saukhiya BOBranch Office262802
Saunaha BOBranch Office262908
Semra SO KheriPost Office262907
Semrawan BOBranch Office262727
Semri BOBranch Office262724
Sera Bera BOBranch Office262902
Shahpur Jagir BOBranch Office262804
Shankarpur BOBranch Office261501
Shankarpur Raja BOBranch Office262804
Sharda Nagar SOPost Office262726
Sheopuri BOBranch Office261505
Sheorajpur BOBranch Office261505
Sherpur BOBranch Office262722
Shivpuri SO KheriPost Office262701
Sikandrabad SO KheriPost Office262805
Sikatiha Chapkaha BOBranch Office261502
Singaha Kallan BOBranch Office262905
Singahi SOPost Office262905
Singawar BOBranch Office261502
Sinhauna BOBranch Office262905
Sisaiya Kallan BOBranch Office262723
Sisaura BOBranch Office261506
Sisaura Nasir BOBranch Office262804
Sisaura Nikumpur BOBranch Office262804
Sishnour BOBranch Office262802
Siyathu BOBranch Office262701
Srinagar BOBranch Office261506
Suhela BOBranch Office262802
Sujanpur BOBranch Office262907
Sukhbasa BOBranch Office261505
Sunava BOBranch Office261505
Sunda BOBranch Office262908
Sunderwal BOBranch Office261506
Suratnagar BOBranch Office262906
Surma BOBranch Office262908
Suwabojh Jungle BOBranch Office262803
Teliyar BOBranch Office262907
Tetarpur BOBranch Office261506
Tharvaranpur BOBranch Office262803
Tikar BOBranch Office262725
Tikaula BOBranch Office261501
Tikunia SOPost Office262906
Tilokpur BOBranch Office262902
Trikaulia BOBranch Office262902
Udaipur Mahewa BOBranch Office262701
Usha Form BOBranch Office262801
Veerpur BOBranch Office262804
Vichitra Nagar BOBranch Office262904
Virsinghpur BOBranch Office261502

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service