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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KENDUJHAR, ODISHA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Akula BOBranch Office758076
Alati BOBranch Office758043
Alutuma BOBranch Office758082
Amalanigoda BOBranch Office758047
Ambagadia BOBranch Office758022
Ambo BOBranch Office758022
Anandapur College SOPost Office758021
Anandapur SO KendujharPost Office758021
Angarua BOBranch Office758021
Anseikala BOBranch Office758047
Arsala BOBranch Office758031
Asanpat BOBranch Office758032
Atasahi BOBranch Office758015
Bada Ektali BOBranch Office758015
Badabaliposi BOBranch Office758016
Badadumuria BOBranch Office758032
Badagambharia BOBranch Office758017
Badajamposi BOBranch Office758027
Badanai BOBranch Office758044
Badaneuli BOBranch Office758032
Badanuagaon BOBranch Office758028
Badapadana BOBranch Office758021
Badapichhula BOBranch Office758087
Badaposi BOBranch Office758014
Badarampas BOBranch Office758083
Badasialimal BOBranch Office758028
Baiganpal BOBranch Office758027
Baikala BOBranch Office758045
Bailo BOBranch Office758020
Balabhadrapur BOBranch Office758047
Balada BOBranch Office758086
Baladuan BOBranch Office758021
Balagoda BOBranch Office758037
Balarampur BOBranch Office758025
Balibandha BOBranch Office758031
Balibarei BOBranch Office758023
Balibaruan BOBranch Office755019
Balipal BOBranch Office758025
Baliparbata BOBranch Office758026
Balipokhari BOBranch Office758027
Bamebari SOPost Office758086
Banabir BOBranch Office758081
Bancho BOBranch Office758022
Bandakanda Haladharpur BOBranch Office758027
Baneikala SOPost Office758038
Bangore BOBranch Office758023
Bankhidi BOBranch Office758021
Bankia BOBranch Office758044
Bansapani BOBranch Office758034
Banspal SOPost Office758085
Baragoda BOBranch Office758085
Barahatipura BOBranch Office758027
Baratania BOBranch Office758016
Barbil SOPost Office758035
Barhagarh BOBranch Office758018
Baria BOBranch Office758032
Barigaon BOBranch Office758078
Baripal BOBranch Office758025
Basantapur BOBranch Office758087
Basira BOBranch Office758047
Basudevpur BOBranch Office758047
Batto BOBranch Office758043
Baunsagarh BOBranch Office758021
Baunsuli BOBranch Office758032
Bauripada BOBranch Office758013
Baxibarigaon BOBranch Office758079
Bayakumutia BOBranch Office758018
Begna BOBranch Office758016
Belabahali BOBranch Office758020
Belda BOBranch Office758086
Bhadrasahi BOBranch Office758035
Bhagamunda SOPost Office758080
Bhaganai BOBranch Office758043
Bhaluka BOBranch Office758043
Bhanda BOBranch Office758044
Bhandaridiha BOBranch Office758025
Bhawanarpur BOBranch Office758028
Bhimkand BOBranch Office758076
Bhodaposi BOBranch Office758032
Bholabeda BOBranch Office758029
Bholapada BOBranch Office758016
Bhuinpur BOBranch Office758032
Bhulda BOBranch Office758032
Bhuyanroida BOBranch Office758035
Bichakundi BOBranch Office758034
Bidyadharpur BOBranch Office758078
Bileipada BOBranch Office758038
Billa BOBranch Office758080
Bimala BOBranch Office758076
Binida BOBranch Office758087
Binjabahal BOBranch Office758084
Birabarpur Nuagaon BOBranch Office758076
Biragobindapur BOBranch Office758015
Birakishorepur BOBranch Office758013
Biridi BOBranch Office758022
Birikala BOBranch Office758038
Bodapalasa BOBranch Office758002
Bolani SOPost Office758037
Bolaniposi BOBranch Office758014
Brahmanideo BOBranch Office758030
Brahmanipal SOPost Office758082
Budhikapudi BOBranch Office758046
Chakradharpur BOBranch Office758028
Chakundapal BOBranch Office758017
Chamakpur BOBranch Office758041
Champei BOBranch Office758018
Champua SOPost Office758041
Chauthia BOBranch Office758044
Chemana BOBranch Office758046
Chhamunda BOBranch Office758084
Chhenapadi BOBranch Office758083
Childa BOBranch Office758046
Chilikdhara BOBranch Office758080
Chinamaliposi BOBranch Office758029
Chipinda BOBranch Office758031
Chormalda BOBranch Office758086
Dabuna BOBranch Office758086
Daduan BOBranch Office758038
Damahuda BOBranch Office758081
Danar BOBranch Office756121
Daradipal BOBranch Office758025
Deojhar BOBranch Office758038
Deoladiha BOBranch Office758019
Dhakotha BOBranch Office758015
Dhangadadiha BOBranch Office758027
Dhanurjaypur Haramatha BOBranch Office758040
Dhanurjaypur SOPost Office758078
Dhenka BOBranch Office758023
Dhenkikote SOPost Office758029
Dhobakuchuda BOBranch Office758041
Dhrupada BOBranch Office758013
Digiposi BOBranch Office758016
Dimba BOBranch Office758014
Dimiria BOBranch Office756121
Dimirimunda BOBranch Office758014
Doblapal BOBranch Office758019
Dumuria BOBranch Office758030
Erendei BOBranch Office758030
Fakirpur SOPost Office758022
Fuljhar BOBranch Office758085
Gadadharpur BOBranch Office758027
Gandadiha BOBranch Office758028
Garabandagoda BOBranch Office758043
Gayalamunda BOBranch Office758021
Gedma BOBranch Office756121
Ghasipura SOPost Office758015
Ghatagaon SOPost Office758027
Gholkunda BOBranch Office758081
Ghutur BOBranch Office758002
Gidhibas BOBranch Office758032
Girigaon BOBranch Office758022
Gobarbeda BOBranch Office758030
Gobardhan BOBranch Office758013
Goda BOBranch Office758019
Gohira BOBranch Office758015
Goras BOBranch Office758081
Guali BOBranch Office758035
Gujitangiri BOBranch Office758016
Gumura BOBranch Office758047
Gundunia BOBranch Office758044
Guptaganga BOBranch Office758018
Guruda BOBranch Office758086
Gurutuan BOBranch Office758034
Hadagarh SOPost Office758023
Haladharpur BOBranch Office758014
Handibhanga BOBranch Office758031
Harichandanpur SOPost Office758028
Hatadihi SOPost Office758083
Hunda BOBranch Office758079
Hundapalasapal BOBranch Office758028
Inchola BOBranch Office758083
Jadichatar BOBranch Office758017
Jagamohanpur SOPost Office758084
Jagannathpur Ashram BOBranch Office758041
Jajanga BOBranch Office758034
Jalasuan BOBranch Office758043
Jalasuanpatna BOBranch Office758025
Jally BOBranch Office758032
Jambhara BOBranch Office758022
Jamuda BOBranch Office758045
Jamudalak BOBranch Office758041
Jamunaposi BOBranch Office758017
Janghira SOPost Office758079
Jata BOBranch Office758019
Jatra BOBranch Office758085
Jharbeda BOBranch Office758087
Jhumpura SOPost Office758031
Jiranga BOBranch Office758028
Joda SOPost Office758034
Junga BOBranch Office758079
Jyotipur BOBranch Office758046
Kadagadia BOBranch Office758041
Kadagarh BOBranch Office758013
Kadakala BOBranch Office758085
Kaduadiha BOBranch Office758028
Kahaliagadia BOBranch Office758078
Kainta BOBranch Office758041
Kaliahata BOBranch Office758076
Kalikaprasad BOBranch Office758047
Kalinga BOBranch Office758044
Kandra BOBranch Office758047
Kandraposi BOBranch Office758031
Kanjiasula BOBranch Office758044
Kanjipani BOBranch Office758031
Kankada BOBranch Office758046
Kanpur BOBranch Office758025
Kansa BOBranch Office758082
Kantiapada BOBranch Office758017
Kantipal BOBranch Office758021
Kanto BOBranch Office758015
Kapundi BOBranch Office758016
Karadangi BOBranch Office758019
Karadapal BOBranch Office758080
Karagola BOBranch Office758022
Karamangi BOBranch Office758076
Karangadihi BOBranch Office758085
Karanjia SO KendujharPost Office758044
KasiaKA BOBranch Office758035
Kasipal BOBranch Office758044
Kathabari BOBranch Office758029
Kathabaunsuli BOBranch Office758031
Kathakata BOBranch Office758021
Katrabeda BOBranch Office758029
KaunrikalaA BOBranch Office758032
KaunrikalaB BOBranch Office758031
Kempasada BOBranch Office758013
Kendeiposi BOBranch Office758017
Kendudiha BOBranch Office758027
Kendukhunta BOBranch Office758043
Keonjhar Atopur SOPost Office758002
Keonjhar Bazar SOPost Office758002
Keonjhar Court SOPost Office758001
Keonjhar Mining School SOPost Office758001
Keonjhar New Markt SOPost Office758001
Keonjhar Science College SOPost Office758001
Keonjhargarh HOHead Office758001
Keshudurapal BOBranch Office758025
Ketanga BOBranch Office758029
Khadikapada BOBranch Office758081
Khajirapat BOBranch Office758045
Khajuribani BOBranch Office758079
Khalana BOBranch Office758043
Khalapal BOBranch Office758025
Khaliamenta BOBranch Office758015
Khandabandha BOBranch Office758034
Khendra BOBranch Office758031
Khireitangiri BOBranch Office758046
Khuntapada BOBranch Office758031
Khuntapada Charigarh BOBranch Office758019
Khuntapingu BOBranch Office758045
Kiriburu Hill Top SOPost Office758040
Kochianandi BOBranch Office758025
Kodapada BOBranch Office758021
Kolhabarapada BOBranch Office758036
Kolhahundula BOBranch Office758038
Kolimati BOBranch Office758015
Kuanr BOBranch Office758018
Kudipasa BOBranch Office758014
Kumundi KHA BOBranch Office758085
Kundapitha BOBranch Office758027
Kuntla BOBranch Office758028
Kushakala BOBranch Office758085
Kushaleswar SOPost Office758025
Kusumita BOBranch Office758013
Kusunpur BOBranch Office758027
Machhagarh SOPost Office758081
Machhala BOBranch Office758043
Madanpur BOBranch Office758043
Madhapur SOPost Office758001
Madhukeshari BOBranch Office758043
Mahadeijoda BOBranch Office758013
Maidankela BOBranch Office758014
Malarpada BOBranch Office758045
Malda BOBranch Office758031
Manata BOBranch Office758027
Mandua BOBranch Office758014
Manoharpur BOBranch Office758029
Mareigaon BOBranch Office758083
Masinajoda BOBranch Office758080
Masinajodi BOBranch Office758079
Matkambeda SOPost Office758036
Mirigikhoji BOBranch Office758081
Mishramala BOBranch Office758079
Mugupur BOBranch Office758022
Muktapur BOBranch Office758029
Mukundapur Patna BOBranch Office758027
Murusuan BOBranch Office758017
Mushakhari BOBranch Office758030
Naduan BOBranch Office758015
Nahabeda BOBranch Office758031
Nalda BOBranch Office758035
Nandabara BOBranch Office758043
Nandapur BOBranch Office758044
Naradapur BOBranch Office758047
Naranpur SOPost Office758014
Nayakote BOBranch Office758085
Nayakrihsnapur BOBranch Office758047
Nelung BOBranch Office758002
Nischintapur BOBranch Office758047
Niundi BOBranch Office758032
Nuadihi BOBranch Office758084
Nuagaon BOBranch Office758021
Nusuriposi BOBranch Office758027
Odapada BOBranch Office755019
Orali BOBranch Office758083
Oriya BOBranch Office758019
Padhiaripally BOBranch Office758078
Padmapur BOBranch Office758044
Padua BOBranch Office758032
Palanghati BOBranch Office758029
Palasa KHA BOBranch Office758086
Palasapanga BOBranch Office758031
Panasadiha BOBranch Office758021
Panchapokharia BOBranch Office758041
Panchupally BOBranch Office758020
Pandadar BOBranch Office758018
Pandapada SOPost Office758087
Pandua BOBranch Office758043
Parajanpur BOBranch Office758031
Parsala BOBranch Office758047
Patilo BOBranch Office758087
Patsura BOBranch Office758043
Phulkanlei BOBranch Office758046
Pipilia BOBranch Office758029
Pitapiti BOBranch Office758028
Pithagola BOBranch Office758028
Podanga BOBranch Office758076
Podasingidi BOBranch Office758023
Poipani BOBranch Office758029
Pokharia BOBranch Office758044
Purujoda BOBranch Office758076
Purumunda BOBranch Office758087
Purunabandagoda BOBranch Office758043
Purunaghati BOBranch Office758021
Purunia BOBranch Office758020
Putugaon BOBranch Office758046
Radhikadeipur BOBranch Office758025
Raghunathpur BOBranch Office758014
Raidiha BOBranch Office758016
Raighati BOBranch Office758078
Raigoda BOBranch Office758085
Raikala BOBranch Office758031
Raisuan Patkholi BOBranch Office758076
Raisuan SOPost Office758013
Raitola BOBranch Office758021
Rajabandha BOBranch Office758027
Rajanagar SOPost Office758017
Rajia BOBranch Office758047
Ramachandrapur BOBranch Office758043
Rangamatia BOBranch Office758044
Ranki BOBranch Office758002
Raruanguda BOBranch Office758044
Rasabantala BOBranch Office758032
Remuli SOPost Office758047
Revanapalaspal BOBranch Office758080
Rutisila BOBranch Office758087
Sadanga BOBranch Office756121
Sadangi BOBranch Office758046
Sadha BOBranch Office758023
Sagadapata BOBranch Office758080
Saharpada SOPost Office758016
Sailong BOBranch Office758015
Sainkul SOPost Office758043
Salabani BOBranch Office758021
Salapada SOPost Office758020
Saleikana BOBranch Office758084
Salinia BOBranch Office756121
Samana BOBranch Office758022
Samukanandi BOBranch Office758025
Sanamasinabila BOBranch Office758029
Sankho BOBranch Office758022
Sankir BOBranch Office758013
Santoshpur BOBranch Office758015
Santrapur BOBranch Office758029
Sarasinga BOBranch Office758032
Saraskela BOBranch Office758030
Sarei BOBranch Office758041
Saruali BOBranch Office758084
Sasanga BOBranch Office758041
Sendkap BOBranch Office758013
Serenda BOBranch Office758035
Silida BOBranch Office758017
Silijoda BOBranch Office758086
Silipada BOBranch Office758045
Silisuan BOBranch Office758031
Silitia BOBranch Office758032
Singpur BOBranch Office758085
Sirigida SOPost Office758076
Sirishpal BOBranch Office758014
Sologuda BOBranch Office758044
Somagiri BOBranch Office758079
Soso BOBranch Office758078
Suakati SOPost Office758018
Sulana BOBranch Office758022
Sunapentha BOBranch Office758028
Sunaposi BOBranch Office758041
Sundara Shiv Mandir SOPost Office758035
Sunduria BOBranch Office758076
Swampatna SOPost Office758030
Taduabahal BOBranch Office758047
Talapada BOBranch Office758019
Talapada SOPost Office758026
Tambahara BOBranch Office758028
Tana BOBranch Office758084
Tanda BOBranch Office758016
Taneipal BOBranch Office758021
Tangarpada BOBranch Office758030
Tangiriapal BOBranch Office758082
Tara BOBranch Office758027
Taramakanta BOBranch Office758085
Taratara BOBranch Office758021
Tarimul BOBranch Office758025
Taruan BOBranch Office758043
Tavasarua BOBranch Office758016
Telkoi SOPost Office758019
Tendra BOBranch Office758016
Tentlaposi BOBranch Office758079
Thakurani BOBranch Office758035
Thakurapada BOBranch Office758028
Tikarpada BOBranch Office758013
Tolankapada BOBranch Office758020
Toraniapal BOBranch Office758025
Toranipokhari BOBranch Office758029
Trilochanpur BOBranch Office758015
Tukudiha BOBranch Office758032
Tukuna BOBranch Office758020
Turumunga SOPost Office758046
Uchhabali BOBranch Office758044
Udayapur SOPost Office758045
Ukhunda SOPost Office758032
Urumunda BOBranch Office758085

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service