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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KANNUR, KERALA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Alacherry BOBranch Office670650
Alakode SOPost Office670571
Alakodekuttaramba BOBranch Office670571
Alavil SOPost Office670008
Ambayathode BOBranch Office670651
Ambilat BOBranch Office670701
Anchampeedika BOBranch Office670331
Angadikadavu BOBranch Office670706
Aniyaram BOBranch Office670672
Anjarakandy SOPost Office670612
Annur BOBranch Office670307
Arabi BOBranch Office670705
Aralam BOBranch Office670704
Aralam Farm BOBranch Office670673
Arang BOBranch Office670582
Areekamala BOBranch Office670582
Aril BOBranch Office670143
Arivilanjapoyil BOBranch Office670571
Aroli BOBranch Office670561
Atakkathode BOBranch Office670674
Attadappa BOBranch Office670006
Ayithara Mambram BOBranch Office670643
Azhikkal BOBranch Office670009
Azhikode SOPost Office670009
Azhikode South BOBranch Office670009
Bavode BOBranch Office670622
Burnacherry SOPost Office670013
Chala East BOBranch Office670621
Chalad SOPost Office670014
Chalakkod BOBranch Office670307
Chalil SOPost Office670102
Chamathachal BOBranch Office670633
Champad SOPost Office670694
Chandanakampara BOBranch Office670633
Charal BOBranch Office670706
Chattuvapara BOBranch Office670592
Chavasseri BOBranch Office670702
Chekkikulam BOBranch Office670592
Cheleri BOBranch Office670604
Chempanthotty BOBranch Office670631
Chemperi SOPost Office670632
Chendayad BOBranch Office670692
Chengalayi BOBranch Office670631
Chepparapadava SOPost Office670581
Cherakkara SOPost Office670104
Cherikode BOBranch Office670631
Cherukunnu RS BOBranch Office670301
Cherukunnu SOPost Office670301
Cheruparamba BOBranch Office670693
Cherupazhassi BOBranch Office670601
Cherupuzha SOPost Office670511
Cheruvancheri BOBranch Office670650
Chettiamparamba BOBranch Office670674
Chirakkal RS BOBranch Office670011
Chirakkal SOPost Office670011
Chithappilapoyil BOBranch Office670502
Chittariparamba SOPost Office670650
Chittodi BOBranch Office670571
Chokli SOPost Office670672
Chovva SOPost Office670006
Chunda BOBranch Office670511
Chundakunnu BOBranch Office670632
Chunkakunnu BOBranch Office670651
Chuzhali BOBranch Office670142
Civil Station Kannur SOPost Office670002
CRPF Camp Aravanchal SOPost Office670353
Dharmadam SOPost Office670106
Eachur SOPost Office670591
Edakkom BOBranch Office670581
Edapuzha BOBranch Office670704
Edat SOPost Office670327
Edavaramba BOBranch Office670511
Edayannur SOPost Office670595
Elampara BOBranch Office670595
Elangot BOBranch Office670692
Eramam Desom BOBranch Office670307
Eranholi SOPost Office670107
Eriam BOBranch Office670306
Eruvassi BOBranch Office670632
Eruvatty BOBranch Office670642
Eruvattychapparapadava BOBranch Office670581
Etakkad SOPost Office670663
Ettikulam BOBranch Office670308
Ettukudukka BOBranch Office670521
Ezhilode BOBranch Office670309
Ezhimala Naval Academy SOPost Office670310
Ezhome SOPost Office670334
Irinavu BOBranch Office670301
Iritty SOPost Office670703
Iriveri BOBranch Office670613
Irukkur SOPost Office670593
Josegiri BOBranch Office670511
Kacherikadavu BOBranch Office670706
Kadachira SOPost Office670621
Kadamburkannur BOBranch Office670663
Kadannapally BOBranch Office670504
Kadavathur SOPost Office670676
Kadirurtly SOPost Office670642
Kaithapram BOBranch Office670631
Kakkara BOBranch Office670306
Kakkat SOPost Office670005
Kakkengad BOBranch Office670673
Kalanki BOBranch Office670705
Kalliad BOBranch Office670593
Kalliasseri SOPost Office670562
Kallikandy BOBranch Office670693
Kalluvayal BOBranch Office670703
Kanamvayal BOBranch Office670511
Kanayi BOBranch Office670307
Kandakai BOBranch Office670602
Kandankali BOBranch Office670307
Kandoth BOBranch Office670307
Kanhileri BOBranch Office670702
Kanhirakolly BOBranch Office670633
Kanhirangad BOBranch Office670142
Kanhirode BOBranch Office670592
Kanichar BOBranch Office670674
Kankol BOBranch Office670307
Kannadiparamba SOPost Office670604
Kannavam Colony BOBranch Office670650
Kannookara BOBranch Office670012
Kannoth BOBranch Office670650
Kannur City SOPost Office670003
Kannur District Hospital SOPost Office670017
Kannur HOHead Office670001
Kannur International Airport SOPost Office670708
Kannur NDCPost Office670051
Kannur Railway Station SOPost Office670001
Kannur Thana SOPost Office670012
Kannur University Campus SOPost Office670567
Kanul BOBranch Office670562
Kappad BOBranch Office670006
Kara Peravoor BOBranch Office670702
Karanthat BOBranch Office670308
Karimbam SOPost Office670142
Karippal BOBranch Office670581
Karivellur SOPost Office670521
Kariyad South SOPost Office673316
Karthikapuram BOBranch Office670571
Karuvanchal BOBranch Office670571
Katalayi BOBranch Office670003
Kattampally BOBranch Office670011
Kavumbhagam BOBranch Office670649
Kavvayi BOBranch Office670307
Kayalampara BOBranch Office670632
Kayani BOBranch Office670702
Kayaralam BOBranch Office670602
Keecheri BOBranch Office670702
Keezhallur BOBranch Office670612
Keezhara BOBranch Office670301
Keezhpalli BOBranch Office670704
Keezhuriritty BOBranch Office670703
Kelakam SOPost Office670674
Kidanhi BOBranch Office670675
Kiliyanthara SOPost Office670706
Kizhakke Kadirur BOBranch Office670642
Kizhunna BOBranch Office670007
Kokkanisseri SOPost Office670307
Kolacherry SOPost Office670601
Kolakkad BOBranch Office670673
Kolari BOBranch Office670702
Kolayad BOBranch Office670650
Kolithattu BOBranch Office670706
Koodali SOPost Office670592
Koomanthode BOBranch Office670704
Koorara BOBranch Office670694
Koottupuzha BOBranch Office670706
Kootumugham BOBranch Office670631
Kooveri BOBranch Office670581
Korom BOBranch Office670307
Kottali BOBranch Office670005
Kottayad BOBranch Office670571
Kottayam Malabar BOBranch Office670643
Kottayampoil BOBranch Office670691
Kottila BOBranch Office670334
Kottiyur SOPost Office670651
Kovvapuram BOBranch Office670309
Koyyam BOBranch Office670142
Koyyode BOBranch Office670621
Kozhichal BOBranch Office670511
Kozhummal BOBranch Office670521
Kudiyanmala BOBranch Office670582
Kunhimangalam SOPost Office670309
Kuniyampuzha BOBranch Office670632
Kuniyan BOBranch Office670521
Kuppamtaliparamba BOBranch Office670502
Kurichiyil BOBranch Office670102
Kurumathur BOBranch Office670142
Kusavanvayal BOBranch Office670593
Kuthuparamba SOPost Office670643
Kuttiattur BOBranch Office670602
Kuttikkakam BOBranch Office670663
Kuttikol BOBranch Office670562
Kuttiyeri BOBranch Office670142
Kuttur BOBranch Office670306
Madakkara BOBranch Office670301
Madathil BOBranch Office670703
Madayi SOPost Office670304
Makreri BOBranch Office670622
Malappattam BOBranch Office670631
Malayampadi BOBranch Office670674
Mallannur BOBranch Office670701
Malur BOBranch Office670702
Mamba SOPost Office670611
Mambram BOBranch Office670741
Manakadavu BOBranch Office670571
Manantheri BOBranch Office670643
Manathana BOBranch Office670674
Mandalam BOBranch Office670582
Mandurkannur SOPost Office670501
Mangattidam BOBranch Office670643
Manikkadavu BOBranch Office670705
Manippara BOBranch Office670705
Mathamangalam Bazar SOPost Office670306
Mathamangalam BOBranch Office670306
Mathil BOBranch Office670307
Mattanur College BOBranch Office670702
Mattanur SOPost Office670702
Mattul North SOPost Office670325
Mattul SOPost Office670302
Mavilayi BOBranch Office670622
Mayyil SOPost Office670602
Mekkunnu BOBranch Office670675
Melmuringodi BOBranch Office670673
Melurtly BOBranch Office670661
Mokeri BOBranch Office670692
Mooriyad BOBranch Office670643
Moozhikkara BOBranch Office670103
Morazha BOBranch Office670331
Mottammal SOPost Office670331
Mowancheri SOPost Office670613
Mudiyanga BOBranch Office670691
Mullakodi BOBranch Office670602
Mundalur SOPost Office670622
Mundayad BOBranch Office670594
Mundayamparamba BOBranch Office670704
Munderi BOBranch Office670591
Muringeri BOBranch Office670612
Muyyam BOBranch Office670142
Muzhakunnu BOBranch Office670673
Muzhappala BOBranch Office670611
Muzhappilangad SOPost Office670662
Naduvanad BOBranch Office670702
Naduvil SOPost Office670582
Nanicherry BOBranch Office670563
Narath BOBranch Office670601
Nareekamvally BOBranch Office670504
Narikkodmala BOBranch Office670693
Nediyanga BOBranch Office670631
Nedumpoil BOBranch Office670650
Nedungome BOBranch Office670631
Neerveli BOBranch Office670701
Nellikutty BOBranch Office670632
Nellipara BOBranch Office670571
Nettur SO KannurPost Office670105
New Mahe SOPost Office673311
Nhekly BOBranch Office670353
Nirmalagiri SOPost Office670701
Nuchiyad BOBranch Office670705
Olavilam SOPost Office673313
Olayampadi BOBranch Office670306
Othayammadom BOBranch Office670301
Ottathai BOBranch Office670571
Pachapoika BOBranch Office670643
Padappangad BOBranch Office670581
Padiotchal BOBranch Office670353
Padiyurkannur BOBranch Office670703
Palakode BOBranch Office670305
Palaparamba BOBranch Office670701
Palayad SOPost Office670661
Pallikunnu SOPost Office670004
Pallivayal BOBranch Office670142
Panapuzha BOBranch Office670306
Panniyannur BOBranch Office670671
Panniyur BOBranch Office670142
Panoor SOPost Office670692
Pappinisseri SOPost Office670561
Pappinisseri West BOBranch Office670561
Paral SOPost Office670671
Parapram BOBranch Office670741
Parassinikadavu SOPost Office670563
Parikkalam BOBranch Office670705
Pariyaram Medical College SOPost Office670503
Pariyaramkannur SOPost Office670502
Pathampara BOBranch Office670571
Pathayakunnu SOPost Office670691
Pathiriyad BOBranch Office670741
Pattanur BOBranch Office670595
Pattuvam SOPost Office670143
Pavanoormotta BOBranch Office670602
Payam East BOBranch Office670704
Payam SOPost Office670704
Payangadi R S SOPost Office670358
Payangadi SOPost Office670303
Payyambalam SOPost Office670001
Payyanur RS BOBranch Office670307
Payyanur SOPost Office670307
Payyavur SOPost Office670633
Pazhassikari BOBranch Office670633
Pazhassiraja Nagar BOBranch Office670702
Peravoor SOPost Office670673
Peringadi SOPost Office673312
Peringathur SOPost Office670675
Peringome BOBranch Office670353
Perinkeri BOBranch Office670706
Perumpunna BOBranch Office670673
Perundattil BOBranch Office670107
Peruva BOBranch Office670650
Peruvalathuparamba BOBranch Office670593
Pilathara SOPost Office670504
Pinarayi SOPost Office670741
Poduvachery BOBranch Office670621
Ponniam BOBranch Office670641
Ponniam West SOPost Office670641
Poolakutty BOBranch Office670650
Pooparamba BOBranch Office670632
Porakunnu BOBranch Office670306
Porora BOBranch Office670702
Pottampilavu BOBranch Office670582
Poyilur BOBranch Office670693
Prapoil BOBranch Office670511
Pukkotkba BOBranch Office670691
Puliyanambram BOBranch Office670675
Pulkurumba BOBranch Office670582
Pullookkara BOBranch Office670672
Punnad BOBranch Office670703
Punnol BOBranch Office670102
Puthurpanoor BOBranch Office670692
Ramanthali SOPost Office670308
Randamkadavu BOBranch Office670706
Rayarom BOBranch Office670571
Sankaranellur BOBranch Office670643
Santhigiri BOBranch Office670674
Sivapuram BOBranch Office670702
Sreekandapuram SOPost Office670631
Sreestha BOBranch Office670303
Talap SO KannurPost Office670002
Taliparamba HOHead Office670141
Temple Gate SOPost Office670102
Thabore BOBranch Office670511
Thadikadavu BOBranch Office670581
Thalassery Bazar SOPost Office670101
Thalassery Courts SOPost Office670101
Thalassery HOHead Office670101
Thattummal BOBranch Office670511
Thavam BOBranch Office670301
Thazhe Chovva SOPost Office670018
Thekkumbad BOBranch Office670301
Therthally BOBranch Office670571
Thillenkeri BOBranch Office670702
Thimirichepparapadava BOBranch Office670581
Thirumeni BOBranch Office670511
Thiruvattoor BOBranch Office670502
Tholambra BOBranch Office670673
Thondiyil BOBranch Office670673
Thottada SOPost Office670007
Thuvakunnu SOPost Office670693
Tiruvangad SOPost Office670103
Trichambaram BOBranch Office670563
Udayagiri BOBranch Office670571
Ulikkal SOPost Office670705
Uliyil BOBranch Office670702
Ummenchira SOPost Office670649
Uruvachal BOBranch Office670702
Vadakkumbad BOBranch Office670105
Vadakkumbadramanthali BOBranch Office670308
Valapattanam SOPost Office670010
Varam SOPost Office670594
Vattiamthode BOBranch Office670705
Vayalalam BOBranch Office670671
Vayannur BOBranch Office670650
Vayattuparamba BOBranch Office670582
Veerpad BOBranch Office670704
Velimanam BOBranch Office670704
Vellad BOBranch Office670571
Vellarvelly BOBranch Office670673
Vellora BOBranch Office670306
Vellunni BOBranch Office670674
Vellur BOBranch Office670307
Vengad BOBranch Office670612
Vengarakannur SOPost Office670305
Vijayagiri BOBranch Office670571
Vilakkode BOBranch Office670703
Vilakkottur BOBranch Office670693
Vilayancode BOBranch Office670504

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service