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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KALABURAGI, KARNATAKA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adki BOBranch Office585222
Afjalpur SOPost Office585301
Ainapur BOBranch Office585306
Alanga BOBranch Office585314
Alhalli BOBranch Office585211
Aloor BOBranch Office585325
Alund Bazar BOBranch Office585302
Alund SOPost Office585302
Ambalga BOBranch Office585316
Andola SOPost Office585303
Ankalga BOBranch Office585301
Ankalgi BOBranch Office585212
Anoor BOBranch Office585314
Anwar BOBranch Office585305
Aralgundagi BOBranch Office585325
Arankallur BOBranch Office585322
Arjunagi BOBranch Office585236
Asta BOBranch Office585104
Atnoor BOBranch Office585301
Aurad BOBranch Office585212
Bablad BOBranch Office585316
Badadal BOBranch Office585301
Balbatti BOBranch Office585309
Ballundagi BOBranch Office585310
Bandarwad BOBranch Office585265
Bangarga BOBranch Office585314
Bankepalli BOBranch Office585306
Basavapattan BOBranch Office585308
Belambagi BOBranch Office585316
Belgumpa BOBranch Office585317
Belkota BOBranch Office585316
Bellurgi BOBranch Office585301
Belwadgi BOBranch Office585225
Benakanhalli BOBranch Office585222
Bennisiroor BOBranch Office585236
Bennur BOBranch Office585317
Bhagewadi BOBranch Office585211
Bhairamadgi BOBranch Office585265
Bhankalga BOBranch Office585211
Bhankur BOBranch Office585228
Bhedsoor BOBranch Office585322
Bheeranhalli BOBranch Office585317
Bhimalli BOBranch Office585311
Bhimanhalli BOBranch Office585222
Bhoganhalli BOBranch Office585301
Bhopal Tegnoor BOBranch Office585102
Bhosga BOBranch Office585301
Bhusanoor BOBranch Office585302
Bidnoor BOBranch Office585265
Bilgunda BOBranch Office585316
Bilwar BOBranch Office585310
Biriyala B BOBranch Office585303
Bolewad BOBranch Office585312
Bommanhalli BOBranch Office585213
Buragpalli BOBranch Office585214
C J Colony BOBranch Office585102
Chalgera BOBranch Office585236
Chandankera BOBranch Office585313
Chandapur BOBranch Office585318
Chandapur SO KalaburagiPost Office585305
Chandrampalli BOBranch Office585307
Chengta BOBranch Office585313
Chik Kallur BOBranch Office585310
Chimmaidlai BOBranch Office585307
Chimmanchod SOPost Office585306
Chinamgera BOBranch Office585265
Chinchansoor BOBranch Office585104
Chincholi BOBranch Office585301
Chincholi H BOBranch Office585312
Chincholi SOPost Office585307
Chintanpalli BOBranch Office585320
Chitakanpalli BOBranch Office585222
Chittapur SOPost Office585211
Chowdapur BOBranch Office585265
Dandagund BOBranch Office585211
Dandoti BOBranch Office585211
Dannur BOBranch Office585311
Degalmadi BOBranch Office585307
Desanagi BOBranch Office585310
Devantegnur BOBranch Office585228
Devanur BOBranch Office585318
Dhangapur BOBranch Office585213
Diggaon BOBranch Office585211
Diksanga BOBranch Office585301
Dongaon BOBranch Office585211
Dongargaon BOBranch Office585313
Dugnoor BOBranch Office585318
Duttargaon BOBranch Office585311
Enoli BOBranch Office585307
Farhatabad SOPost Office585308
Firozabad BOBranch Office585308
Gadikeshwar BOBranch Office585324
Gadilingadahalli BOBranch Office585306
Ganjankhed BOBranch Office585104
Ganwar BOBranch Office585303
Garagapalli BOBranch Office585305
Garampalli BOBranch Office585306
GB Bahamanipura SOPost Office585103
GB Central Bus Stand SOPost Office585102
GB Court SOPost Office585102
GB Darga SOPost Office585104
GB Ggh SOPost Office585105
GB Jagath SOPost Office585101
GB Jnanaganga SOPost Office585106
GB Mominpura SOPost Office585104
GB MSKMill SOPost Office585103
GB N Gunj SOPost Office585104
GB RS SOPost Office585102
Gb Santrashwadi BOBranch Office585105
GB Shahabazar SOPost Office585101
Gb Sharannagar BOBranch Office585103
GB Shivajinagar SOPost Office585104
Ghanagapur T SOPost Office585212
Ghangapur Sangam BOBranch Office585212
Ghattarga BOBranch Office585301
Gobbur SOPost Office585265
Gola B BOBranch Office585311
Gola K BOBranch Office585228
Gotur BOBranch Office585312
Goudampalli BOBranch Office585222
Gudur BOBranch Office585310
Gundagurthi BOBranch Office585317
Habal BOBranch Office585320
Hadagil Haruthi BOBranch Office585102
Hadalagi BOBranch Office585236
Hagargi BOBranch Office585102
Hagargundagi BOBranch Office585308
Halchera BOBranch Office585324
Halkatta BOBranch Office585225
Hallisalgar BOBranch Office585302
Handarki BOBranch Office585222
Hangarga B BOBranch Office585325
Hangarga K BOBranch Office585325
Harnoor BOBranch Office585310
Harsoor BOBranch Office585102
Harwal BOBranch Office585310
Hasargundagi BOBranch Office585265
Havnoor BOBranch Office585265
Hebbal BOBranch Office585312
Hebli BOBranch Office585302
Heroor K BOBranch Office585322
Hinchgera BOBranch Office585301
Hipparga J BOBranch Office585310
Hirapur BOBranch Office585103
Hire Bennur BOBranch Office585102
Hire Heroor BOBranch Office585265
Hire Jewargi BOBranch Office585301
Hirealgi BOBranch Office585301
Hirealoor BOBranch Office585222
Hireaurad BOBranch Office585316
Hirebetgera BOBranch Office585222
Hiregour BOBranch Office585301
Hirekawalga BOBranch Office585308
Hirenandur BOBranch Office585228
Hiroli BOBranch Office585302
Hittal Siroor BOBranch Office585213
Hodlur BOBranch Office585314
Holkunda BOBranch Office585313
Hongunta BOBranch Office585228
Hoolagera BOBranch Office585322
Hosalli BOBranch Office585324
Hosurwadi BOBranch Office585217
Hudebeeranahalli BOBranch Office585324
Hullur BOBranch Office585212
Hunsi Hadgil BOBranch Office585213
Ijeri BOBranch Office585310
Ingalagi BOBranch Office585225
Irnapalli BOBranch Office585318
Itagi BOBranch Office585212
Itkal BOBranch Office585214
Ivani BOBranch Office585317
Jakanpalli BOBranch Office585318
Jamaga J BOBranch Office585302
Jamaga R BOBranch Office585314
Jawalga J BOBranch Office585314
Jawali BOBranch Office585213
Jeevanagi BOBranch Office585313
Jeratagi BOBranch Office585310
Jettur BOBranch Office585320
Jewargi SOPost Office585310
Jidaga BOBranch Office585302
Jogur BOBranch Office585265
Kachapur BOBranch Office585325
Kadacherla BOBranch Office585318
Kadaganchi SOPost Office585311
Kadboor BOBranch Office585225
Kadkol BOBranch Office585325
Kadni BOBranch Office585308
Kalaburagi HCB SOPost Office585107
Kalaburagi HOHead Office585101
Kalagurthi BOBranch Office585312
Kalgi SOPost Office585312
Kalhangarga BOBranch Office585310
Kalhipparga BOBranch Office585322
Kalkham BOBranch Office585222
Kallur BOBranch Office585301
Kallur Road BOBranch Office585305
Kalmandargi BOBranch Office585313
Kalmood BOBranch Office585313
Kamalapur SO KalaburagiPost Office585313
Kamalnagar BOBranch Office585104
Kanagadda BOBranch Office585214
Kanameshwar BOBranch Office585325
Kanganhalli BOBranch Office585218
Kanmus BOBranch Office585302
Kapanoor BOBranch Office585104
Karachked BOBranch Office585320
Karajagi BOBranch Office585217
Karakmukli BOBranch Office585306
Kardal BOBranch Office585211
Karhari BOBranch Office585104
Kasar Bhosga BOBranch Office585310
Kattisangavi BOBranch Office585310
Kawalga BOBranch Office585302
Kb MBNagar BOBranch Office585105
Kellur BOBranch Office585303
Keriambalga BOBranch Office585104
Keroli BOBranch Office585320
Khajuri SO KalaburagiPost Office585314
Khanapur BOBranch Office585306
Khandal BOBranch Office585102
Kinnisadak BOBranch Office585313
Kinnisultan BOBranch Office585302
Kiranagi BOBranch Office585308
Kodadur BOBranch Office585312
Kodalhangarga BOBranch Office585302
Kodla BOBranch Office585222
Kodli BOBranch Office585312
Kognur BOBranch Office585213
Kolkunda BOBranch Office585318
Kolkur BOBranch Office585310
Kollur BOBranch Office585218
Konapur BOBranch Office585318
Konasirsagi BOBranch Office585325
Koodi BOBranch Office585310
Koradampalli BOBranch Office585320
Koralli BOBranch Office585302
Korvi BOBranch Office585324
Korwar BOBranch Office585312
Kotanhipparga BOBranch Office585314
Kudhalli BOBranch Office585324
Kuknoor BOBranch Office585325
Kukunda BOBranch Office585312
Kulkunta BOBranch Office585218
Kumsi BOBranch Office585104
Kunchavaram BOBranch Office585305
Kundanoor BOBranch Office585225
Kupnoor BOBranch Office585324
Kuralgera BOBranch Office585325
Kurikota BOBranch Office585316
Kurkunta BOBranch Office585210
Kurkunta CF SOPost Office585210
Lad Chincholi BOBranch Office585311
Lad Mugali BOBranch Office585316
Ladlapur BOBranch Office585225
Lingampalli BOBranch Office585318
Madan Hipparga BOBranch Office585236
Madbool BOBranch Office585317
Madiyal BOBranch Office585236
Madki BOBranch Office585316
Madkol BOBranch Office585210
Madna BOBranch Office585318
Madra B BOBranch Office585213
Madri BOBranch Office585310
Magingera BOBranch Office585325
Mahagaon Kalaburagi SOPost Office585316
Malgatti BOBranch Office585228
Malkhed Road SOPost Office585292
Malkhed SOPost Office585317
Malkood BOBranch Office585317
Malla B BOBranch Office585303
Mallabad BOBranch Office585301
Malli BOBranch Office585325
Mandewal BOBranch Office585310
Mangalgi BOBranch Office585312
Mannur BOBranch Office585217
Maradgi BOBranch Office585303
Margol BOBranch Office585211
Margutti BOBranch Office585313
Marpalli BOBranch Office585306
Martur BOBranch Office585228
Mashal SOPost Office585217
Matki BOBranch Office585302
Mattimadu BOBranch Office585312
Medak BOBranch Office585214
Melkunda BOBranch Office585213
Miriyan BOBranch Office585305
Mogha BOBranch Office585324
MoghaK BOBranch Office585302
Motakpalli BOBranch Office585318
Mudbal B BOBranch Office585310
Muddadga BOBranch Office585316
Mudhol Kalaburagi SOPost Office585318
Mugalnagaon BOBranch Office585228
Mukramba BOBranch Office585322
Munalli BOBranch Office585302
Mutga BOBranch Office585228
Muthkod BOBranch Office585310
Nadepalli BOBranch Office585318
Naduvinahalli BOBranch Office585308
Nagaidlai BOBranch Office585307
Nagur BOBranch Office585322
Nalwar SOPost Office585218
Nalwar Station BOBranch Office585218
Nandargi BOBranch Office585301
Nandikur BOBranch Office585102
Naribol BOBranch Office585310
Narona BOBranch Office585311
Navadagi BOBranch Office585324
Neelahalli BOBranch Office585317
Neemhosalli BOBranch Office585307
Nelogi BOBranch Office585310
Nidgunda SOPost Office585320
Niloor BOBranch Office585213
Nimbal SOPost Office585236
Nimbarga BOBranch Office585213
Ningadahalli BOBranch Office585236
Nirgudi BOBranch Office585302
Okali BOBranch Office585313
Padsavalagi BOBranch Office585302
Pala BOBranch Office585228
Pastapur BOBranch Office585324
Pattan BOBranch Office585311
Patwada BOBranch Office585313
Pethsiroor BOBranch Office585317
Polakpalli BOBranch Office585305
Ptc Naganahalli BOBranch Office585102
Raddewadgi BOBranch Office585310
Rajapur BOBranch Office585312
Rajnal BOBranch Office585313
Rajola BOBranch Office585211
Rampurhalli BOBranch Office585218
Ranjol BOBranch Office585222
Rasanagi BOBranch Office585310
Ratkal SOPost Office585322
Ravoor BOBranch Office585225
Revoor BOBranch Office585301
Ribbanpalli BOBranch Office585318
Rudnoor BOBranch Office585320
Rudrawadi BOBranch Office585314
Rummangud BOBranch Office585324
Rustumpur BOBranch Office585306
Sagnoor BOBranch Office585265
Sakkarga BOBranch Office585302
Salebeeranahalli BOBranch Office585306
Salegaon BOBranch Office585302
Salgarbasanthpur BOBranch Office585306
Salgera V K BOBranch Office585316
Sangunda BOBranch Office585316
Sannati BOBranch Office585218
Sannur BOBranch Office585102
Saradgi Battad BOBranch Office585308
Sarasamba BOBranch Office585302
Sathkhed BOBranch Office585310
Satnoor BOBranch Office585211
Savaleshwar BOBranch Office585302
Savalgi BOBranch Office585102
Sedam SOPost Office585222
Shadipura BOBranch Office585305
Shahabad ACC SOPost Office585229
Shahabad Kasaba BOBranch Office585228
Shahabad SO KalaburagiPost Office585228
Shivoor BOBranch Office585217
Silarkot BOBranch Office585318
Sindagi BOBranch Office585103
Sindhanmadu BOBranch Office585222
Sirasgi BOBranch Office585103
Sirchand BOBranch Office585316
Sirnoor BOBranch Office585308
Siroli BOBranch Office585320
Sirur Darga BOBranch Office585236
Soan BOBranch Office585310
Somlingadalli BOBranch Office585305
Sonth BOBranch Office585313
Srinivasa Saradagi BOBranch Office585102
Station Ghanagapur SOPost Office585213
Sugur BOBranch Office585218
Sulahpeth SOPost Office585324
Sulhalli BOBranch Office585225
Sumbad BOBranch Office585325
Suntanur BOBranch Office585311
Sunthan BOBranch Office585322
Syed Chincholi BOBranch Office585104
Tadkal BOBranch Office585302
Tadola BOBranch Office585314
Tadtegnoor BOBranch Office585308
Taj Sultanpur BOBranch Office585104
Taranhalli BOBranch Office585228
Telakuni BOBranch Office585302
Telkur BOBranch Office585320
Tellur BOBranch Office585212
Tengli BOBranch Office585317
Thirth BOBranch Office585302
Tilgool BOBranch Office585308
Tonasinahalli BOBranch Office585228
Totanhalli BOBranch Office585317
Tulmamadi BOBranch Office585214
Udachan BOBranch Office585217
Udgi BOBranch Office585222
Vasavadatta C F BOBranch Office585222
Venkatapur BOBranch Office585305
Wadgera BOBranch Office585325
Wadi SO KalaburagiPost Office585225
Wastari BOBranch Office585310
Yagapur BOBranch Office585218
Yanagundi BOBranch Office585214
Yedga BOBranch Office585312
Yedrami SOPost Office585325
Yelgod BOBranch Office585325
Yelmamidi BOBranch Office585306
Yelsangi BOBranch Office585236
Yelwar BOBranch Office585310
Yergal BOBranch Office585211
Yergol BOBranch Office585218
Zalki K BOBranch Office585236
ZalkiB BOBranch Office585236

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service