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Explore all post offices or pincodes of KACHCHH, GUJARAT

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Adani Port BOBranch Office370421
Adesar SOPost Office370155
Adhoi SOPost Office370135
Adipur SOPost Office370205
Aida BOBranch Office370655
Aiyar BOBranch Office370605
Akri moti BOBranch Office370655
Amaliyara BOBranch Office370150
Amara BOBranch Office370605
Amardi BOBranch Office370140
Anandpar BOBranch Office370610
Anandsar BOBranch Office370610
Angiya Mota BOBranch Office370675
Anjar SOPost Office370110
Antarjar BOBranch Office370205
Aral Moti BOBranch Office370665
Arikhana BOBranch Office370645
Asambia Mota BOBranch Office370485
Ashapar BOBranch Office370655
Ashram Chakar BOBranch Office370105
ATPS Nani Chher BOBranch Office370601
Bada BOBranch Office370475
Badalpar BOBranch Office370145
Badargadh BOBranch Office370165
Balachod Moti BOBranch Office370650
Balachod Nani BOBranch Office370650
Baladia SOPost Office370427
Balapar b BOBranch Office370650
Balasar BOBranch Office370165
Bambhadai BOBranch Office370475
Bandhadi BOBranch Office370140
Bandiya BOBranch Office370620
Baniyari BOBranch Office370115
Bara Mota BOBranch Office370660
Baranda BOBranch Office370655
Baraya BOBranch Office370415
Baroi BOBranch Office370421
Baug BOBranch Office370455
Bayath BOBranch Office370475
Bela BOBranch Office370165
Ber moti BOBranch Office370655
Beraja BOBranch Office370405
Bhachau SOPost Office370140
Bhachunda BOBranch Office370645
Bhadai Moti BOBranch Office370465
Bhadli BOBranch Office370675
Bhadra BOBranch Office370625
Bhadreshwar BOBranch Office370410
Bhagadia BOBranch Office370001
Bhalot BOBranch Office370130
Bhanada BOBranch Office370645
Bharapar BOBranch Office370427
Bharasar BOBranch Office370030
Bharudia BOBranch Office370140
Bhavanipar BOBranch Office370650
Bhimasar BOBranch Office370240
Bhimasar SOPost Office370160
Bhinsara BOBranch Office370475
Bhirandiara BOBranch Office370510
Bhitara BOBranch Office370030
Bhojay BOBranch Office370450
Bhorara BOBranch Office370410
Bhuj Darbargadh Chowk SOPost Office370001
Bhuj Din Dayal Nagar SOPost Office370001
Bhuj HOHead Office370001
Bhuj Ravalwadi SOPost Office370001
Bhujodi BOBranch Office370020
Bhujpur SOPost Office370405
Bhutakia BOBranch Office370155
Bhuvad BOBranch Office370130
Bibar BOBranch Office370001
Bidada SOPost Office370435
Bitta BOBranch Office370650
Bitta Valadia BOBranch Office370110
Bsf Camp Khavda BOBranch Office370510
Budharmora BOBranch Office370115
Butta BOBranch Office370655
Chandia BOBranch Office370130
Chandrani BOBranch Office370115
Chandroda BOBranch Office370130
Chapredi BOBranch Office370105
Charopadi Moti BOBranch Office370655
Chhadura BOBranch Office370655
Chhadwara BOBranch Office370140
Chhasara BOBranch Office370410
Chirai BOBranch Office370140
Chitrod BOBranch Office370145
Chiyasar BOBranch Office370650
Chobari BOBranch Office370140
Chopadva BOBranch Office370140
Chundi BOBranch Office370430
Dabhunda BOBranch Office370165
Dagara BOBranch Office370115
Dahisara SO KachchhPost Office370485
Darshadi BOBranch Office370445
Davri BOBranch Office370165
Daypar SOPost Office370630
Dedhiya BOBranch Office370450
Depa BOBranch Office370435
Desalpar N BOBranch Office370605
Deshalpar BOBranch Office370405
Deshalpar V BOBranch Office370165
Devalia BOBranch Office370110
Devisar BOBranch Office370665
Devpar Gadh BOBranch Office370445
Devpar Jakh BOBranch Office370675
Dhamadka BOBranch Office370115
Dhanavada BOBranch Office370650
Dhaneti BOBranch Office370020
Dhareshi BOBranch Office370627
Dhavda BOBranch Office370675
Dholavira BOBranch Office370165
Dhoravar BOBranch Office370510
Dhori BOBranch Office370001
Dhrab BOBranch Office370421
Dhrang BOBranch Office370001
Dhrobana BOBranch Office370510
Dhufi moti BOBranch Office370660
Dhunai BOBranch Office370485
Dinara BOBranch Office370510
Dolatpar BOBranch Office370630
Don BOBranch Office370465
Dumado BOBranch Office370510
Dumara SOPost Office370490
Durgapur BOBranch Office370465
Fatehgadh BOBranch Office370155
Fotdi BOBranch Office370040
Fulay BOBranch Office370655
Fulay Chhari BOBranch Office370665
Fulra BOBranch Office370627
Gadani BOBranch Office370625
Gadhasisa SOPost Office370445
Gadhda Khadir BOBranch Office370165
Gadpadar BOBranch Office370240
Gaduli SOPost Office370627
Gagodar BOBranch Office370145
Gajod BOBranch Office370430
Gandhidham SOPost Office370201
Ganeshnagar SO Gujrat CirclePost Office370201
Ganeshpar BOBranch Office370165
Gedi BOBranch Office370165
Gelda BOBranch Office370405
Ghanithar BOBranch Office370155
Gharana BOBranch Office370150
Godhra SOPost Office370450
Godpar BOBranch Office370485
Goniasar BOBranch Office370485
Gopalpuri SOPost Office370240
Gorevali BOBranch Office370510
Goyala Mokhra BOBranch Office370655
Gundala SOPost Office370410
Gundiyali SOPost Office370455
Guneri BOBranch Office370627
Guvar Moti BOBranch Office370601
Habay BOBranch Office370001
Hajapar BOBranch Office370105
Hajipir BOBranch Office370605
Halapar BOBranch Office370450
Halra BOBranch Office370135
Hamirpar BOBranch Office370155
Hamripar BOBranch Office370660
Haripar BOBranch Office370015
Hatdi BOBranch Office370410
Hirapar BOBranch Office370665
Hodka BOBranch Office370510
Jadodar BOBranch Office370605
Jakhau SOPost Office370641
Janan BOBranch Office370165
Jangadia BOBranch Office370655
Jangi BOBranch Office370150
Jashapar BOBranch Office370655
Jatavada BOBranch Office370165
Jatavira BOBranch Office370665
Javaharnagar BOBranch Office370115
Jesda BOBranch Office370165
Jinjay BOBranch Office370605
Jiyapar BOBranch Office370030
Juna BOBranch Office370510
Kachchh Mandvi SOPost Office370465
Kachchh University DSOPost Office370015
Kadia Mota BOBranch Office370670
Kadia Nana BOBranch Office370670
Kadol BOBranch Office370140
Kakarva BOBranch Office370140
Kalatalav BOBranch Office370660
Kali Talawali BOBranch Office370105
Kalyanpar BOBranch Office370610
Kalyanpar Gadhda BOBranch Office370165
Kanaiyabe BOBranch Office370115
Kanakpar BOBranch Office370650
Kandagara BOBranch Office370435
Kanday BOBranch Office370650
Kandla Free Trade Zone SOPost Office370230
Kandla Port SOPost Office370210
Kanjara BOBranch Office370425
Kanmer BOBranch Office370155
Kanthkot BOBranch Office370135
Kapaya SOPost Office370415
Karaghogha BOBranch Office370415
Karodiya Mota BOBranch Office370450
Kathda BOBranch Office370465
Kera SOPost Office370430
Kervandh BOBranch Office370655
Khambhara BOBranch Office370110
Khanay BOBranch Office370650
Khandek BOBranch Office370155
Khari BOBranch Office370510
Khari Rohar BOBranch Office370240
Kharoi BOBranch Office370140
Kharuva BOBranch Office370650
Khavda SOPost Office370510
Khedoi SOPost Office370130
Khengarpar BOBranch Office370165
Kherai BOBranch Office370165
Khirsara BOBranch Office370645
Khirsara Vinjhan BOBranch Office370490
Khodasar BOBranch Office370145
Khokhara BOBranch Office370115
Khombhadi SOPost Office370670
Kidana BOBranch Office370205
Kidiyanagar BOBranch Office370145
Koday SOPost Office370460
Kodki BOBranch Office370030
Kojachora BOBranch Office370485
Kokalia BOBranch Office370450
Koriyani BOBranch Office370601
Kotay BOBranch Office370001
Kotda C BOBranch Office370115
Kotda Madh BOBranch Office370625
Kotda Reha BOBranch Office370105
Kotda Roha BOBranch Office370030
KotdaN SOPost Office370605
Kotdi M BOBranch Office370450
Kothara SOPost Office370645
Kukma SOPost Office370105
Kumbharadi BOBranch Office370140
Kumbharia BOBranch Office370145
Kunariya BOBranch Office370001
Kunariya K BOBranch Office370510
Kundrodi BOBranch Office370410
Kuran BOBranch Office370510
Kurbai BOBranch Office370030
Laija SOPost Office370475
Lakadia SOPost Office370145
Lakhagadh BOBranch Office370155
Lakhania BOBranch Office370660
Lakhapar BOBranch Office370627
Lakhiyarvira BOBranch Office370665
Lakhond BOBranch Office370105
Lakhpat BOBranch Office370627
Lala BOBranch Office370641
Laliyana BOBranch Office370150
Lathedi BOBranch Office370490
Laxmipar N BOBranch Office370620
Lodai BOBranch Office370001
Lodrani BOBranch Office370165
Loharia BOBranch Office370130
Loria BOBranch Office370001
Ludva BOBranch Office370445
Luni BOBranch Office370410
Madh BOBranch Office370625
Madhapar SOPost Office370020
Makda BOBranch Office370445
Makhel BOBranch Office370155
Mamaymora BOBranch Office370155
Mamuara BOBranch Office370020
Manaba BOBranch Office370145
Manfara BOBranch Office370140
Mangvana BOBranch Office370030
Manjal R BOBranch Office370490
Manjal H BOBranch Office370465
Manjal SOPost Office370610
Mankuwa SOPost Office370030
Mapar BOBranch Office370475
Maska BOBranch Office370465
Mathada BOBranch Office370130
Mathak BOBranch Office370205
Mathal BOBranch Office370605
Mau BOBranch Office370445
Mauvana BOBranch Office370165
Maye BOBranch Office370140
Meghpar BOBranch Office370430
MEGHPAR BORICHI BOBranch Office370110
Meghpar Lakhpat BOBranch Office370625
Merau BOBranch Office370465
Mindhiara BOBranch Office370130
Mindhiari BOBranch Office370601
Mirzapar BOBranch Office370001
Misariado BOBranch Office370510
Mithadi BOBranch Office370510
Mithi Rohar BOBranch Office370240
Moda BOBranch Office370155
Modvadar BOBranch Office370110
Mokha BOBranch Office370410
Momaymora BOBranch Office370445
Mota Bandra BOBranch Office370105
Mota Bhadia BOBranch Office370455
Mothara SOPost Office370650
Moti Khakhar BOBranch Office370435
Moti Sindhodi BOBranch Office370641
Moti Sudadhro BOBranch Office370655
Mudhan BOBranch Office370627
Mundra SOPost Office370421
Muru BOBranch Office370605
Nadapa BOBranch Office370020
Nagalpar BOBranch Office370110
Nagalpar Dhindh BOBranch Office370465
Nagor BOBranch Office370001
Nagrecha BOBranch Office370450
Nakhatrana SOPost Office370615
Naliya SOPost Office370655
Nana Angia BOBranch Office370675
Nana Asambia BOBranch Office370485
Nana Bhadia BOBranch Office370455
Nana Laija BOBranch Office370475
Nandasar BOBranch Office370165
Nangia BOBranch Office370660
Nani Aral BOBranch Office370665
Nani Khakhar BOBranch Office370435
Nara BOBranch Office370605
Naranpar BOBranch Office370430
Naranpar R BOBranch Office370615
Narayan Sarovar BOBranch Office370601
Naredi BOBranch Office370030
Navagam BOBranch Office370115
Navinal BOBranch Office370405
Ner BOBranch Office370140
Netra SOPost Office370620
New Dudhai SOPost Office370115
Nilpar BOBranch Office370165
Ningal BOBranch Office370105
Nirona BOBranch Office370001
Nundhatad BOBranch Office370650
Padampar BOBranch Office370160
Padana BOBranch Office370240
Padhar BOBranch Office370105
Palansava BOBranch Office370155
Panandhro BOBranch Office370601
Panchotiya BOBranch Office370475
Paneli BOBranch Office370630
Parjau BOBranch Office370641
Patri SOPost Office370425
Pharadi BOBranch Office370435
Pipar BOBranch Office370655
Poladia BOBranch Office370450
Praghpar BOBranch Office370155
Pragpar BOBranch Office370415
Pratappar BOBranch Office370405
Pundi BOBranch Office370485
Rahpar Khokhara BOBranch Office370115
Rahpar SOPost Office370165
Rajpar BOBranch Office370445
Ramania BOBranch Office370405
Rampar B BOBranch Office370140
Rampar Abda BOBranch Office370655
Rampar N BOBranch Office370620
Rampar R BOBranch Office370615
Rampar Vekra BOBranch Office370445
Ramvav BOBranch Office370165
Rapar Gadhvali BOBranch Office370645
Rasalia BOBranch Office370670
Ratadia BOBranch Office370465
Ratadia N BOBranch Office370605
Ratadiya BOBranch Office370410
Ratiya BOBranch Office370040
Ratnal BOBranch Office370105
Rav BOBranch Office370165
Rava BOBranch Office370645
Ravapar SOPost Office370625
Rayan Moti BOBranch Office370465
Raydhanjar BOBranch Office370490
Reha BOBranch Office370105
Roha BOBranch Office370030
Sadau BOBranch Office370421
Sai BOBranch Office370165
Salaya Mota BOBranch Office370465
Samaghogha BOBranch Office370415
Sambharai BOBranch Office370450
Samkhiyali SOPost Office370150
Samtra BOBranch Office370040
Sandhan BOBranch Office370490
Sandhav BOBranch Office370645
Sanghad BOBranch Office370205
Sanghipuram BOBranch Office370655
Sangnara BOBranch Office370675
Sanosara BOBranch Office370030
Sanva BOBranch Office370155
Sany BOBranch Office370145
Sanyra J BOBranch Office370610
Sapeda BOBranch Office370105
Sarli BOBranch Office370485
Satapar BOBranch Office370110
Selari BOBranch Office370165
Sherdi BOBranch Office370465
Shikara BOBranch Office370140
Shirva BOBranch Office370465
Shivlakha BOBranch Office370145
Shyamji Krishna Varma Nagar SOPost Office370601
Sikarpur BOBranch Office370150
Sinay BOBranch Office370205
Sinugara BOBranch Office370110
Siracha BOBranch Office370435
Siyot BOBranch Office370627
Subhashpar BOBranch Office370601
Sugaria BOBranch Office370105
Sujapar BOBranch Office370660
Sukhpar B BOBranch Office370115
Sukhpar Roha BOBranch Office370030
Sukhpar S BOBranch Office370655
Sukhpar SOPost Office370040
Sukhpar V BOBranch Office370155
Sumrasar Jat BOBranch Office370030
Sumrasar S BOBranch Office370001
Suthri BOBranch Office370490
Suvai BOBranch Office370165
Taga BOBranch Office370155
Talwana BOBranch Office370460
Tappar BOBranch Office370110
Tappar S BOBranch Office370425
Tb Sanatorium BOBranch Office370427
Tera SOPost Office370660
Thoriyari BOBranch Office370145
Tindalva BOBranch Office370165
Toda BOBranch Office370415
Todiya BOBranch Office370670
Trambau BOBranch Office370165
Tumbadi BOBranch Office370435
Tuna BOBranch Office370205
Tunda BOBranch Office370435
Udaynagar SOPost Office370203
Ugedi BOBranch Office370605
Ukheda BOBranch Office370670
Umaiya BOBranch Office370155
Umrapar BOBranch Office370165
Undoth BOBranch Office370450
Ustiya BOBranch Office370620
Vada BOBranch Office370465
Vadala BOBranch Office370410
Vadapadhar BOBranch Office370645
Vadasar BOBranch Office370445
Vadva BOBranch Office370445
Vadzar BOBranch Office370427
Vaghura BOBranch Office370410
Valka Mota BOBranch Office370625
Vallabhapar BOBranch Office370155
Vallabhapar K BOBranch Office370145
Valsara BOBranch Office370655
Vamka BOBranch Office370135
Vamoti moti BOBranch Office370650
Vamoti nani BOBranch Office370650
Vandh BOBranch Office370485
Vandhiya BOBranch Office370150
Vang BOBranch Office370001
Vanki BOBranch Office370425
Vanku BOBranch Office370645
Vanoi BOBranch Office370165
Varadia BOBranch Office370490
Varandi Moti BOBranch Office370490
Varli BOBranch Office370130
Varsamedi BOBranch Office370110
Vayor BOBranch Office370655
Vibhapar BOBranch Office370030
Vidh BOBranch Office370450
Vidi BOBranch Office370110
Vigodi BOBranch Office370605
Vijapasar BOBranch Office370140
Vijayapar BOBranch Office370165
Vinjhan BOBranch Office370490
Vira BOBranch Office370110
Virani Gadh BOBranch Office370445
Virani Nani BOBranch Office370630
Virani SOPost Office370665
Vithon SOPost Office370675
Vondh BOBranch Office370140
Vondhada BOBranch Office370140
Vovar BOBranch Office370410
Zarpara BOBranch Office370405
Zaru BOBranch Office370110
Zinkdi BOBranch Office370001
Zura BOBranch Office370001

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service