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Explore all post offices or pincodes of JHUNJHUNU, RAJASTHAN

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abusar BOBranch Office333001
Adarsh Nagar BOBranch Office333023
Aduka BOBranch Office333026
Agawana Khurd BOBranch Office333029
Ajari Bari BOBranch Office333021
Alipur BOBranch Office333023
Alsisar SOPost Office331025
Ardawata SOPost Office333027
Asalwas BOBranch Office333033
Babai SO JhujhunuPost Office333501
Badalwas BOBranch Office333503
Badangarh BOBranch Office333035
Badbar BOBranch Office333502
Badet BOBranch Office331026
Badsari Ka Bas BOBranch Office333026
Bagar SOPost Office333023
Bagoli BOBranch Office333801
Bagor BOBranch Office333503
Bagora BOBranch Office333307
Bahadurwas BOBranch Office333704
Bajala BOBranch Office333025
Bajawa BOBranch Office333021
Bajisar BOBranch Office333704
Bakara BOBranch Office333001
Bakhatawarpura BOBranch Office333023
Balaria BOBranch Office333705
Balonda BOBranch Office333033
Bamanwas BOBranch Office333026
Bamlas BOBranch Office333022
Bangothari BOBranch Office333031
Bansiyal BOBranch Office333503
Bar Ki Dhani BOBranch Office333022
Baragaon JhunjhunuSOPost Office333021
Barau BOBranch Office333026
Barwa BOBranch Office333304
Barwasi BOBranch Office333042
Bas Ghasiram BOBranch Office331025
Basawa BOBranch Office333304
Basawata Khurd BOBranch Office333516
Bay BOBranch Office333042
Beelawa BOBranch Office333503
Beri BOBranch Office333031
Berla BOBranch Office333033
Bhagera BOBranch Office333305
Bhainsawata Kalan SOPost Office333517
Bhaloth BOBranch Office333515
Bharu BOBranch Office333041
Bharunda Kalan BOBranch Office333024
Bharunda Khurd BOBranch Office333024
Bhatiwar BOBranch Office333026
Bhawathari BOBranch Office333029
Bhikhansar BOBranch Office331030
Bhimsar BOBranch Office333001
Bhirr BOBranch Office333515
Bhobia BOBranch Office333030
Bhojasar BOBranch Office333041
Bhojnagar BOBranch Office333308
Bhorki SOPost Office333032
Bhudanpura BOBranch Office333033
Bhukana BOBranch Office333026
Bhurasar BOBranch Office333001
Bhuriwas BOBranch Office333034
Bibasar BOBranch Office333041
Bidasar BOBranch Office331027
Bigodana BOBranch Office333026
Binjusar BOBranch Office333021
Birmi BOBranch Office331027
Birol BOBranch Office333304
Bishanpura BOBranch Office333021
Bissau SOPost Office331027
Budana BOBranch Office333023
Budania BOBranch Office333025
Budhaka Bas BOBranch Office331026
Bugala BOBranch Office333305
Buhana SOPost Office333502
Ceeri Pilani SOPost Office333031
Chanana BOBranch Office333026
Chanana SOPost Office333020
Chandawa BOBranch Office331027
Chanderapura BOBranch Office333704
Chanwara BOBranch Office333053
Charawas BOBranch Office333026
Chelasi BOBranch Office333042
Chhapara BOBranch Office333031
Chhapoli SOPost Office333302
Chhau BOBranch Office333305
Chhawasari BOBranch Office333012
Chinchroli BOBranch Office333501
Chirana SOPost Office333303
Chirani BOBranch Office333503
Chirawa HOHead Office333026
Chirawa Town SOPost Office333026
Chittausa BOBranch Office333516
Chobdaranki Dhani BOBranch Office333042
Churella BOBranch Office333001
Churella SOPost Office333010
Churiajitgarh SOPost Office333701
Churina BOBranch Office333515
CR Mukundgarh SOPost Office333705
Dabri Baloda BOBranch Office333707
Dabri BOBranch Office333025
Dada Fatehpura BOBranch Office333503
Dahani Risiyan BOBranch Office333022
Dalelpura BOBranch Office332716
Dalota BOBranch Office332746
Deepura BOBranch Office333053
Delsar Kaklan BOBranch Office333707
Deogaon BOBranch Office333707
Deolawas BOBranch Office333515
Deorasar BOBranch Office333021
Deoroad BOBranch Office333035
Derwala BOBranch Office333041
Desusar BOBranch Office333023
Dhadhot Kalan BOBranch Office333516
Dhakamandi BOBranch Office333034
Dhamora BOBranch Office333308
Dhana BOBranch Office333504
Dhandhar Ka Bas BOBranch Office333031
Dhani Badan BOBranch Office333514
Dhania BOBranch Office333042
Dhanuri SOPost Office333011
Dhigal BOBranch Office333041
Dhilsar BOBranch Office331027
Dhindawa Aguna BOBranch Office333030
Dhingaria BOBranch Office333033
Dholekhera BOBranch Office333307
Dhosi BOBranch Office332746
Dhulwa BOBranch Office333033
Diloi South BOBranch Office331027
Dobara BOBranch Office333031
Doodawa BOBranch Office333031
Doodwa BOBranch Office332746
Doomra SOPost Office333707
Dulaniya BOBranch Office333031
Dulchas BOBranch Office331027
Dumoli Khurd BOBranch Office333516
Dundlod RS SOPost Office333705
Dundlod SOPost Office333702
Durana BOBranch Office333041
Duriya BOBranch Office333022
Footla Bazar SOPost Office333001
Gadakhera BOBranch Office333026
Gadala Kalkan BOBranch Office333053
Gadli BOBranch Office333033
Gadrata BOBranch Office333501
Gandhi Chowk Jhunjhunu SOPost Office333001
Gangiasar BOBranch Office331027
Gharadana Khurd BOBranch Office333514
Ghardana Kalan BOBranch Office333516
Ghasera BOBranch Office333034
Ghoriwara Kalan BOBranch Office333705
Ghoriwara Khurd BOBranch Office333705
Gidania BOBranch Office333027
Gilonki Dhani BOBranch Office333032
Girawadi BOBranch Office333302
Girdharpura Shahpura BOBranch Office333307
Gorir BOBranch Office332746
Goth BOBranch Office333516
Gothara BOBranch Office333304
Gowala BOBranch Office333028
Gudhagorjika SOPost Office333022
Gujarwas BOBranch Office333516
Gunti BOBranch Office333515
Gura BOBranch Office333053
Haminpur BOBranch Office333031
Hamiri BOBranch Office333001
Hansasar BOBranch Office333001
Hansasari BOBranch Office333011
Hanumanpura BOBranch Office333704
Hardia BOBranch Office332716
Haripura BOBranch Office331025
Hasalsar BOBranch Office333021
Heerawaa BOBranch Office333027
Hetamsar BOBranch Office333041
Hukampura BOBranch Office333012
Indali BOBranch Office333001
Inderpura BOBranch Office333307
Islampur SO JhujhunuPost Office333024
Jabasar BOBranch Office331026
Jahaz BOBranch Office333302
Jaipahari BOBranch Office333023
Jaitpura BOBranch Office333022
Jakhal SOPost Office333305
Jakhod SOPost Office333033
Jakhora BOBranch Office333025
Jasrapur SOPost Office333514
Jeeni BOBranch Office333030
Jejusar BOBranch Office333707
Jhajhar SOPost Office333304
Jhanjha BOBranch Office333502
Jharoda BOBranch Office333034
Jherli BOBranch Office333031
Jhunjhunu Bazar SOPost Office333001
Jhunjhunu City SOPost Office333001
Jhunjhunu Court SOPost Office333001
Jhunjhunu HOHead Office333001
Jodha Ka Bas BOBranch Office333027
Jodhpura BOBranch Office333801
Kairu BOBranch Office333707
Kajala BOBranch Office333034
Kajara SOPost Office333030
Kaji BOBranch Office333031
Kakarana BOBranch Office333053
Kakoda BOBranch Office333029
Kakreu Kalan BOBranch Office331028
Kalakhari BOBranch Office333502
Kali Pahari BOBranch Office333024
Kaliasar BOBranch Office331026
Kalota BOBranch Office333501
Kankaria BOBranch Office333053
Kankaria SOPost Office333055
Kant BOBranch Office331025
Kari BOBranch Office333305
Kasani BOBranch Office333029
Kaseru BOBranch Office333705
Kasimpura BOBranch Office333023
Kcpt Khetri Nagar SOPost Office333504
Ked BOBranch Office333012
Keharpura BOBranch Office333028
Khadot BOBranch Office333027
Khajpur Naya BOBranch Office333024
Khalasi BOBranch Office333704
Khandawa BOBranch Office333502
Khanpur BOBranch Office333516
Kharkhara BOBranch Office333514
Kharkhari BOBranch Office333011
Khatehpura BOBranch Office333001
Khatkar BOBranch Office333012
Kherala BOBranch Office333035
Khetri Bazar SOPost Office333503
Khetri Nagar SOPost Office333504
Khetri SO JhujhunuPost Office333503
Khinwasar BOBranch Office333012
Khirod BOBranch Office333042
Khoh BOBranch Office333053
Khudana BOBranch Office333023
Khudania BOBranch Office333031
Khyali BOBranch Office331026
Kidwana BOBranch Office333026
Kishanpura BOBranch Office333036
Kishorepura BOBranch Office333053
Kishorpura BOBranch Office333028
Kithana BOBranch Office333028
KK Dhani BOBranch Office331027
Kodesar BOBranch Office331027
Kolihan Nagar SOPost Office333503
Kolinda BOBranch Office333001
Kolsia BOBranch Office333042
Kot BOBranch Office333307
Kuharu BOBranch Office333704
Kuharwas SOPost Office333034
Kukloth Kalan BOBranch Office333033
Kuloth Chhoti BOBranch Office333033
Kumawas BOBranch Office333707
Kyamsar BOBranch Office333028
Ladunda BOBranch Office333031
Ladusar BOBranch Office333011
Lalamandi BOBranch Office333034
Lalpur BOBranch Office333023
Lamba BOBranch Office333023
Lamba Gothra BOBranch Office333026
Lambi Ahir BOBranch Office333502
Likhawa BOBranch Office333031
Lohargal BOBranch Office333303
Loona BOBranch Office333011
Lootu BOBranch Office333001
Lotia BOBranch Office333029
Loyal BOBranch Office333514
Lumawas BOBranch Office333704
Madhogarh BOBranch Office333501
Mahansar BOBranch Office331027
Mahansar SOPost Office331030
Mahapalwas BOBranch Office333033
Maharadasi BOBranch Office333704
Maharampur BOBranch Office333028
Mainana BOBranch Office333502
Mainpura BOBranch Office333053
Majhau BOBranch Office333305
Makro BOBranch Office333504
Malsar BOBranch Office333021
Malsisar SOPost Office331028
Manaksas BOBranch Office333801
Mandasi BOBranch Office333705
Mandawa Bazar SOPost Office333704
Mandawa SOPost Office333704
Mandawara BOBranch Office333302
Mandrella SOPost Office333025
Mandri BOBranch Office332746
Manota Jatan BOBranch Office333514
Manota Kalan BOBranch Office333504
Mauta BOBranch Office333302
Mehara Jatuwas BOBranch Office333036
Mohanpura BOBranch Office333024
Moi Purani BOBranch Office333516
Mojas BOBranch Office333704
Monwari BOBranch Office333042
Morwa BOBranch Office333031
Mukundgarh SOPost Office333705
Muradpur BOBranch Office333516
Nalawa BOBranch Office333025
Nalpur BOBranch Office333503
Nand BOBranch Office333001
Nangal BOBranch Office333307
Nangali Gujarwas BOBranch Office333036
Nangli Gujran BOBranch Office333026
Nangli Saledi Singh BOBranch Office333026
Nansagate Nawalgarh SOPost Office333042
Narhar SOPost Office333035
Narnod Maligaon BOBranch Office333023
Narsinghanni BOBranch Office333705
Nawalari BOBranch Office333042
Nawalgarh SOPost Office333042
Naya Parasrampura BOBranch Office333308
Nayasar BOBranch Office333001
Newari BOBranch Office333053
Nihaloth BOBranch Office333515
Niradhana BOBranch Office331028
Niwai BOBranch Office333305
Norangpura BOBranch Office332716
Nua SOPost Office333041
Nuhania BOBranch Office333034
Nunia Gothra BOBranch Office333026
Ojtu BOBranch Office333026
Pabana BOBranch Office333705
Pacheri Badi SOPost Office333515
Pacheri Chhoti BOBranch Office333515
Pachlangi BOBranch Office333801
Padampura BOBranch Office333028
Padewa BOBranch Office332716
Pakori Dhani BOBranch Office333023
Palota BOBranch Office333502
Pantharia BOBranch Office333031
Panthroli BOBranch Office333515
Papara BOBranch Office333801
Papurana BOBranch Office333503
Parasrampura SOPost Office333308
Paratappura BOBranch Office333001
Patoda BOBranch Office331027
Patusari BOBranch Office333001
Peepli BOBranch Office333031
Pharat BOBranch Office333030
Phooskhani BOBranch Office333701
Pichanawa BOBranch Office333026
Pilani SOPost Office333031
Pilod BOBranch Office333029
Pithusar BOBranch Office331028
Ponkh SOPost Office333053
Posana BOBranch Office333022
Puhania BOBranch Office333516
Punio Ka Bas3 BOBranch Office331027
Purohitonki Dhani BOBranch Office333001
Raghunathpura BOBranch Office333022
Raipur Ahiran BOBranch Office333515
Raipur Jatan BOBranch Office333516
Ram Rikh Ki Dhani BOBranch Office333026
Rampura BOBranch Office331025
Ranasar BOBranch Office333707
Ranwa BOBranch Office332746
Rasoolpur BOBranch Office333026
Saga BOBranch Office333502
Sagawa BOBranch Office333034
Sahad BOBranch Office333502
Samsapur BOBranch Office333001
Sanjay Nagar BOBranch Office333501
Santore BOBranch Office333515
Sanwlod BOBranch Office333502
Saraisurpura SOPost Office333801
Sari BOBranch Office333027
Sefragunwar SOPost Office332716
Sehi Kalan BOBranch Office333026
Shahpura BOBranch Office333516
Shekhasar BOBranch Office333001
Shimala SOPost Office332746
Shinshiya BOBranch Office333001
Signore BOBranch Office333032
Sigra BOBranch Office333704
Sihor BOBranch Office333036
Singhana SOPost Office333516
Siriyasar Kaklan BOBranch Office333041
Sirsala BOBranch Office333502
Sithal BOBranch Office333021
Sohali BOBranch Office333515
Solana BOBranch Office333028
Sonasar BOBranch Office333011
Sotwara BOBranch Office333707
Sujdola BOBranch Office333031
Sultana Ahiran BOBranch Office333502
Sultana SOPost Office333028
Surajgarh Bazar SOPost Office333029
Surajgarh SOPost Office333029
Swami Sehi BOBranch Office333026
Tain BOBranch Office331027
Tamkore SOPost Office331026
Tatija BOBranch Office333504
Teelawali BOBranch Office333514
Thali BOBranch Office333516
Thathwari BOBranch Office332746
Thincholi BOBranch Office333028
Tibabasai SOPost Office333036
Tihara BOBranch Office333503
Titanwar SOPost Office333012
Todpura BOBranch Office333303
Togara Kalan BOBranch Office333707
Togara Khurd BOBranch Office333707
Toliasar BOBranch Office333704
Tonk Chhhilri BOBranch Office333303
Tyonda BOBranch Office333503
Udaipurwati SOPost Office333307
Udamandi BOBranch Office333034
Udas BOBranch Office333001
Ureeka BOBranch Office333033
VV Pilani SOPost Office333031
Wahidpura BOBranch Office333704

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service