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Explore all post offices or pincodes of JALGAON, MAHARASHTRA

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Abhoda BOBranch Office425508
Achegaon BOBranch Office425305
Adavad SOPost Office425303
Adgaon BOBranch Office425302
Ahirwadi BOBranch Office425508
Ainpur BOBranch Office425507
Ajnad BOBranch Office425508
Akhatwade BOBranch Office424104
Akulkheda SOPost Office425108
Amadade BOBranch Office424105
Amalgaon SOPost Office425420
Amalner Pratap Nagar SOPost Office425401
Amalner SO JalgaonPost Office425401
AmbaPimpri BOBranch Office425401
Amoda BOBranch Office425524
Anjale BOBranch Office425304
Anjanvihire BOBranch Office425103
Anturli Bk BOBranch Office424201
Anturli BOBranch Office425306
Anturli Kh BOBranch Office424201
Anwarde K H BOBranch Office425108
Asankheda BOBranch Office425115
Asoda SOPost Office425101
Atraval BOBranch Office425301
Audyogik Vasahat Jalgaon SOPost Office425003
Avhane BOBranch Office425002
Badarkha Hardo BOBranch Office424104
Bahadarpur SO JalgaonPost Office425113
Bahal BOBranch Office424107
Bahute BOBranch Office425111
Balad BOBranch Office424104
Balwadi BOBranch Office425507
Bambhori BOBranch Office425002
Bambrud R BOBranch Office425115
Bambrud Bk BOBranch Office424201
Bamnod BOBranch Office425503
Beldarwadi BOBranch Office424119
Betawad BOBranch Office425310
Bhadgaon SOPost Office424105
Bhadli BK SOPost Office425102
Bhalod SO JalgaonPost Office425304
Bharvas BOBranch Office425401
Bhatkheda BOBranch Office425109
Bhaur BOBranch Office424106
Bhavarkheda BOBranch Office425109
Bhilali BOBranch Office425113
Bhokar BOBranch Office425002
Bhokari BOBranch Office425107
Bholane BOBranch Office425102
Bhone BOBranch Office425105
Bhoras BOBranch Office424119
Bhusawal Athawade Bazar SOPost Office425201
Bhusawal HOHead Office425201
Bhusawal Kutchery SOPost Office425201
Bhusawal Ordnance Factory SOPost Office425203
Bhusawal Shivaji Nagar SOPost Office425201
Bidgaon BOBranch Office425303
Bilakhed BOBranch Office424119
Bodwad SOPost Office425310
Bohare BOBranch Office425402
Bole BOBranch Office425111
Borgaon BK BOBranch Office425109
Borkheda BOBranch Office425104
Bornar BOBranch Office425116
Brahmanshevge BOBranch Office424108
Chahardi BOBranch Office425107
Chalisgaon Adarsha Nagar SOPost Office424101
Chalisgaon HOHead Office424101
Chalisgaon R S SOPost Office424101
Chalisgaon Town SOPost Office424101
Chandsar BOBranch Office425103
Changdeo BOBranch Office425306
Charthana BOBranch Office425327
Chaubari BOBranch Office425401
Chikali BOBranch Office425304
Chinawal SOPost Office425505
Chinchapura BOBranch Office424203
Chinchol BOBranch Office425306
Chincholi BOBranch Office425303
Chincholi Pimpri BOBranch Office424208
Chopda SOPost Office425107
Chorgaon BOBranch Office425103
Chorwad BOBranch Office425311
Chunchale BOBranch Office425107
CT Mill Road SOPost Office424119
Dahigaon BOBranch Office425116
Dahivad BOBranch Office425401
Dambhurni BOBranch Office425302
Dangar Bk BOBranch Office425401
Dangri BOBranch Office425402
Daskebardi BOBranch Office424107
Dasnoor BOBranch Office425506
Deepnagar SOPost Office425307
Deogaon SO JalgaonPost Office425112
Deoli BOBranch Office424119
Deulgaon BOBranch Office424208
Devgaon BOBranch Office425401
Devpimpri BOBranch Office425114
Dhamangaon BOBranch Office425002
Dhamodi BOBranch Office425507
Dhanora BOBranch Office425303
Dhanwad BOBranch Office425003
Dhar BOBranch Office425401
Dharangaon SOPost Office425105
Dheku BOBranch Office425105
Dholi BOBranch Office425111
Dhul Pimpri BOBranch Office425111
Dodhwad BOBranch Office425420
Dondwade BOBranch Office424204
Dongaon BOBranch Office425103
Duskheda BOBranch Office425203
Eklahare BOBranch Office425401
Engaon BOBranch Office425310
Erandol SOPost Office425109
Faizpur SOPost Office425503
Farkande BOBranch Office425110
Fattepur SOPost Office424208
Fekari BOBranch Office425307
Fulgaon BOBranch Office425305
Galan BOBranch Office424201
Galwade BK BOBranch Office425401
Gandhali BOBranch Office425420
Ganeshpur BOBranch Office424119
Ganpur BOBranch Office425108
Garkheda BOBranch Office424206
Gate BOBranch Office425501
Ghadvel BOBranch Office425107
Ghankheda BOBranch Office425310
Ghodasgaon BOBranch Office425306
Ghodegaon BOBranch Office424108
Ghodgaon BOBranch Office425108
Girad BOBranch Office424201
Godri BOBranch Office424208
Gojore BOBranch Office425311
Gondedaon BOBranch Office424204
Gondgaon BOBranch Office424103
Gondkhed BOBranch Office424206
Goradkheda BOBranch Office424201
Gorgavale BOBranch Office425107
Gudhe BOBranch Office424107
Hambardi BOBranch Office425503
Hanamantkheda BOBranch Office425109
Harankheda BOBranch Office425310
Hartala BOBranch Office425306
Hatale BOBranch Office424119
Hated BOBranch Office425107
Hatgaon BOBranch Office424108
Hedave BOBranch Office425401
Hingona BK BOBranch Office425104
Hingona BOBranch Office425503
Hingona Kh BOBranch Office424102
Hirapur SOPost Office424108
Hiwarkheda BOBranch Office425114
Hol Pimpri BOBranch Office425111
Idgaon BOBranch Office425002
Jaitpir BOBranch Office425401
Jalgaon Bazar SOPost Office425001
Jalgaon Collectorate SOPost Office425001
Jalgaon HOHead Office425001
Jalgaon K H BOBranch Office425309
Jalgaon Kawarnagar SOPost Office425001
Jalgaon Navi Peth SOPost Office425001
Jalgaon Peth SOPost Office425001
Jalgaon Premnagar SOPost Office425001
Jalke BOBranch Office425116
Jalod BOBranch Office425420
Jambhore BOBranch Office425105
Jamda BOBranch Office424106
Jamner SOPost Office424206
Jamthi BOBranch Office425310
Janve BOBranch Office425401
Javkheda BOBranch Office425401
Jirali BOBranch Office425113
Juwardi BOBranch Office424107
Kadgaon BOBranch Office425003
Kadholi BOBranch Office425103
Kahurkheda BOBranch Office425308
Kajgaon SO JalgaonPost Office424103
Kalali BOBranch Office425420
Kalamsare BOBranch Office425402
Kalmadu BOBranch Office424106
Kanalda BOBranch Office425002
Kandari BOBranch Office425203
Kanhale BOBranch Office425307
Kapuswadi BOBranch Office425310
Karankheda BOBranch Office425402
Kargaon BOBranch Office424119
Karkee BOBranch Office425306
Karmad BOBranch Office425111
Kasali BOBranch Office424206
Kasampura BOBranch Office424201
Kasba Pimpri BOBranch Office424208
Kasoda SOPost Office425110
Kathora BOBranch Office425002
Kavpimpri BOBranch Office425401
Kazipura BOBranch Office425108
Kekat Nimbhora BOBranch Office425114
Khachane BOBranch Office425107
Khadakdeola BOBranch Office424201
Khadgaon BOBranch Office424206
Khadke Bk BOBranch Office425109
Khadke BOBranch Office425307
Khadke Kh BOBranch Office425109
Khadki bk BOBranch Office424119
Khadki BOBranch Office424206
Khadki Sim BOBranch Office424106
Khanapur BOBranch Office425508
Kharchi BOBranch Office425103
Kharde BOBranch Office425105
Khardi BOBranch Office425303
Kharjai BOBranch Office424119
Khedgaon N BOBranch Office424201
Khedgaon Kh BOBranch Office424105
Khedgaon SO JalgaonPost Office424107
Kherala BOBranch Office425508
Kherde BOBranch Office424119
Khirdi SOPost Office425507
Khiroda SOPost Office425504
Khirwad BOBranch Office425508
Kingaon BOBranch Office425302
Kinhi BOBranch Office425311
Kinod BOBranch Office425002
Kochur BOBranch Office425502
Kolambe BOBranch Office425107
Kolgaon BOBranch Office424103
Kolhadi BOBranch Office425310
KolPimpri BOBranch Office425401
Korpavali BOBranch Office425301
Kothali BOBranch Office425306
Kumbharkheda BOBranch Office425505
Kunzar BOBranch Office424106
Kurangi BOBranch Office425115
Kurha Hardo BOBranch Office425310
Kurha kakoda SOPost Office425327
Kurha SOPost Office425311
Kurhad BOBranch Office424202
Kurhe Kh BOBranch Office425105
Kurvel BOBranch Office425107
Kusumbe B K BOBranch Office425504
Kusumbe Kh BOBranch Office425003
Lahasar BOBranch Office424206
Lasur BOBranch Office425107
Lihedigar BOBranch Office424204
Lohara BOBranch Office424201
Lohare BOBranch Office425504
Lohari Bk BOBranch Office424202
Lohatar BOBranch Office424201
Lon BK BOBranch Office425401
Lon Pirache BOBranch Office424103
Londhari BOBranch Office424206
Londhave BOBranch Office425401
Londhe BOBranch Office424106
Loni BOBranch Office424207
Lonje BOBranch Office424119
Maheji BOBranch Office425115
Mahindale BOBranch Office424105
Maldabhadi BOBranch Office424206
Malkheda BOBranch Office424204
Malshevge BOBranch Office424108
Mamalde BOBranch Office425107
Mamurabad BOBranch Office425002
Mandal BOBranch Office425401
Mandve K H BOBranch Office424207
Mangrul BOBranch Office425107
Manur BOBranch Office425310
Manvel BOBranch Office425302
Marul BOBranch Office425503
Marwad SOPost Office425402
Maskawad BOBranch Office425502
Mathgavan BOBranch Office425105
Mauje Hingona BOBranch Office425108
Mehunbare SOPost Office424106
Melane BOBranch Office425107
Melsangve BOBranch Office425306
Mengaon BOBranch Office424204
Mhasave BOBranch Office425111
Mhasawad SO JalgaonPost Office425116
MJCollege Jalgaon SOPost Office425002
Mohadi BOBranch Office425002
Moharala BOBranch Office425301
Mondhale BOBranch Office425311
Morgaon Kh BOBranch Office425508
Moygaon BOBranch Office424206
Moykheda BOBranch Office424206
MSSKFaizpur SOPost Office425524
Mudi BOBranch Office425401
Muktainagar SOPost Office425306
Muktal BOBranch Office425310
Mundane BOBranch Office425111
N M University Jalgaon SOPost Office425004
Nachankheda BOBranch Office424206
Nadgaon BOBranch Office425310
Nagalwadi BOBranch Office425107
Nagaon BOBranch Office425401
Nagardeola RS BOBranch Office424104
Nagardeola SOPost Office424104
Naigaon BOBranch Office425302
Nanded BOBranch Office425105
Nandra BOBranch Office425002
Nandra Haveli BOBranch Office425310
Nandra Pachora SOPost Office425115
Nashirabad SOPost Office425309
Naygaon BOBranch Office425302
Neri BK SOPost Office425114
Neri BOBranch Office424104
Nhavi BOBranch Office425524
Nimb BOBranch Office425402
Nimbhora BOBranch Office425420
Nimbhora SOPost Office425506
Nimbhori BOBranch Office424201
Nimdya BOBranch Office425504
Nimgaon BOBranch Office425304
Nimgavhan BOBranch Office425107
Nimkhedi BK BOBranch Office425327
Nimkhedi KH BOBranch Office425306
Nipane BOBranch Office425110
Old Muktainagar SOPost Office425306
Ozar BOBranch Office424119
Pachora SOPost Office424201
Padala BOBranch Office425508
Padalsa BOBranch Office425503
Padmalay BOBranch Office425109
Pahan BOBranch Office425115
Pahur SOPost Office424205
PAL BOBranch Office425504
Palaskheda BOBranch Office424206
Palaskheda Mirache BOBranch Office425114
Palaskheda Sim BOBranch Office425111
Paldhi Pahur BOBranch Office424205
Paldhi SOPost Office425103
Panchak BOBranch Office425303
Parambi BOBranch Office425327
Pardhade BOBranch Office424201
Parola SOPost Office425111
Pastane Bk BOBranch Office425105
Pathari BOBranch Office425115
Patne BOBranch Office424119
Patonda BOBranch Office425401
Patonda SOPost Office424102
Patondi BOBranch Office425508
Phapore BOBranch Office425401
Phupnagari BOBranch Office425002
Picharde BOBranch Office424105
Pilkhod BOBranch Office424119
Pilode BOBranch Office425420
Pimpale BOBranch Office425401
Pimpalgaon K H BOBranch Office425305
Pimpalgaon SOPost Office424203
Pimpali BOBranch Office425420
Pimpalkotha BOBranch Office425103
Pimparkhed BOBranch Office424119
Pimprala BOBranch Office425327
Pimprala SOPost Office425002
Pimpri Bk BOBranch Office424103
Pimpri Khurd SOPost Office425104
Pimpri Nandu BOBranch Office425306
Pohare BOBranch Office424107
Punkheda BOBranch Office425508
Raipur BOBranch Office425203
Rajwad BOBranch Office425105
Ranaiche BOBranch Office425401
Ranjangaon BOBranch Office424119
Ranjani BOBranch Office425310
Rasalpur BOBranch Office425508
Ravanje Bk BOBranch Office425103
Raver SOPost Office425508
Ringangaon BOBranch Office425103
Rohini BOBranch Office424108
Rotwad BOBranch Office425114
Rozoda BOBranch Office425504
Ruikheda BOBranch Office425306
Sadavan BOBranch Office425111
Sakali SOPost Office425302
Sakari BOBranch Office425307
Sakegaon BOBranch Office425201
Sakre BOBranch Office425105
Salshingi BOBranch Office425310
Salve BOBranch Office425105
Samner BOBranch Office425115
Samrod BOBranch Office424206
Sangvi BOBranch Office424119
Sanpule BOBranch Office425107
Sarbete BOBranch Office425105
Sarole Bk BOBranch Office424201
Sarve BOBranch Office425111
Satgaon BOBranch Office424201
Satkheda BOBranch Office425104
Satod Kolwad BOBranch Office425301
Satrasen BOBranch Office425107
Savda SOPost Office425502
Savde BOBranch Office424103
Savkheda B K BOBranch Office425504
Savkheda Bk BOBranch Office425002
Savkheda BOBranch Office425105
Savkheda Hol BOBranch Office425109
Saygaon BOBranch Office424119
Shahapur BOBranch Office425401
Shahpur BOBranch Office424206
Shelave BOBranch Office425105
Shelgaon BOBranch Office424206
Shelwad BOBranch Office425310
Shendurni SOPost Office424204
Shengole BOBranch Office424207
Shevage BOBranch Office425113
Shindad Bk BOBranch Office424202
Shindi BOBranch Office425311
Shirasgaon BOBranch Office424119
Shirasmani BOBranch Office425111
Shirsale BOBranch Office425401
Shirsoli BOBranch Office425002
Shirud BOBranch Office425401
Shivani BOBranch Office424105
Shivare Digar BOBranch Office425111
Sonwad BOBranch Office425104
Sunasgaon BOBranch Office425114
Surwade B K BOBranch Office425311
Tahakali BOBranch Office425308
Takali Bk BOBranch Office424103
Takali BOBranch Office424206
Takali PD BOBranch Office424119
Takarkheda BOBranch Office425105
Talai BOBranch Office425110
Talegaon BOBranch Office424108
Talonde Digar BOBranch Office424119
Talvel BOBranch Office425305
Tamaswadi BOBranch Office425111
Tambole BOBranch Office424119
Tandalwadi BOBranch Office425502
Tandulwadi BOBranch Office424102
Tarkheda BOBranch Office424201
Tarsod BOBranch Office425003
Tarwade BOBranch Office424119
Taskheda BOBranch Office425401
Tawase BOBranch Office425107
Tehu BOBranch Office425111
Therola BOBranch Office425508
Thorgavan SOPost Office425501
Titvi BOBranch Office425111
Toli BOBranch Office425112
Toli Kh BOBranch Office425109
Tondapur BOBranch Office424207
Tornala BOBranch Office424208
Uchande BOBranch Office425306
Udhali BOBranch Office425501
Umale BOBranch Office425003
Umarti BOBranch Office425107
Umbarkhed BOBranch Office424119
Undirkhede BOBranch Office425111
Upkhed BOBranch Office424119
Utkheda BOBranch Office425504
Utran BOBranch Office425109
Vadale Vadli BOBranch Office424102
Vade BOBranch Office424119
Vadgaon Ambe BOBranch Office424202
Vadgaon B K BOBranch Office425303
Vadgaon Bk BOBranch Office424104
Vadgaon Kh BOBranch Office424104
Vadgaon Lambe BOBranch Office424119
Vadhoda BOBranch Office425327
Vadhode BOBranch Office425108
Vadji BOBranch Office424105
Vadli BOBranch Office425115
Vadri BOBranch Office425301
Vadti BOBranch Office425107
Vaijpur Settelement BOBranch Office425107
Vankothe BOBranch Office425110
Varad Bk BOBranch Office425103
Varad Kh BOBranch Office425115
Varadsim BOBranch Office425311
Varangaon OrdFactory SOPost Office425308
Varangaon SOPost Office425305
Vardi BOBranch Office425107
Varkhede BK BOBranch Office424106
Varkhedi SOPost Office424202
Vavadade BOBranch Office425116
vavade BOBranch Office425401
Vazarkheda BOBranch Office425305
Vele BOBranch Office425107
Velhale BOBranch Office425305
Velode BOBranch Office425108
Veruli Kh BOBranch Office424201
Vikharan BOBranch Office425109
Viravali K H BOBranch Office425301
Viroda BOBranch Office425503
Virwade BOBranch Office425107
Vishnapur BOBranch Office425107
Vitner BOBranch Office425116
Vitve BOBranch Office425507
Vivekanand nagar Pachora SOPost Office424201
Vivra BOBranch Office425508
Wadi BOBranch Office424201
Waghadu BOBranch Office424119
Waghali BOBranch Office424102
Waghari BOBranch Office424206
Waghod BOBranch Office425508
Waghoda B K BOBranch Office425502
Waghoda K H BOBranch Office425502
Waghur Dam Colony BOBranch Office425311
Waghzira BOBranch Office425302
Wakadi SOPost Office424207
Wakod BOBranch Office424205
Walaki BOBranch Office425108
Yawal SOPost Office425301
Zurkheda BOBranch Office425103

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service