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Explore all post offices or pincodes of HOOGHLY, WEST BENGAL

OfficeOffice TypePincode
Addconagar SOPost Office712121
Aidakismat BOBranch Office712512
Aimapaharpur BOBranch Office712401
Akna BOBranch Office712148
Akuni BOBranch Office712701
Alati BOBranch Office712414
Alipur BOBranch Office712305
Alipur Nayanagar BOBranch Office712301
Amra BOBranch Office712149
Anandanagar BOBranch Office712409
Angus SOPost Office712221
Aniya BOBranch Office712706
Ankriserampore BOBranch Office712401
Antisara BOBranch Office712223
Antpur BOBranch Office712408
Arambagh Court SOPost Office712601
Arambagh HOHead Office712601
Arandi BOBranch Office712413
Aslahari BOBranch Office712616
Astara BOBranch Office712401
Asudkhola BOBranch Office712611
Ati BOBranch Office712305
Aymanawabpur BOBranch Office712149
Babnan BOBranch Office712305
Bachhanari BOBranch Office712413
Badanganj SOPost Office712122
Baganda BOBranch Office712404
Bagnan Chaitanyabati BOBranch Office712301
Bahirkhand BOBranch Office712405
Bahirserampore BOBranch Office712203
Baidyabati SOPost Office712222
Baikunthapur BOBranch Office712414
Bairakanpur BOBranch Office712413
Bajemalia BOBranch Office712407
Bajitpur BOBranch Office712405
Bajua BOBranch Office712602
Baksha BOBranch Office712304
Bakuliagram BOBranch Office712512
Balagarh SOPost Office712501
Balaichak BOBranch Office712416
Balarambati BOBranch Office712409
Balidaha BOBranch Office712303
Balidewanganj SOPost Office712616
Baligori BOBranch Office712410
Balipur BOBranch Office712401
Ballaldighi BOBranch Office712135
Balpai BOBranch Office712416
Balundi BOBranch Office712413
Bamunari BOBranch Office712250
Bandar BOBranch Office721212
Bandel Junction SOPost Office712123
Bandhpur BOBranch Office712701
Bandipur BOBranch Office712407
Baneswarpur BOBranch Office712515
Bangurpark SOPost Office712248
Bansberia Bazar SOPost Office712502
Bansberia SOPost Office712502
Barabahera BOBranch Office712246
Baradangal SOPost Office712617
Baradigrui BOBranch Office712412
Baratajpur BOBranch Office712306
Baruipara BOBranch Office712306
Barul BOBranch Office712134
Barunanpara BOBranch Office712148
Basna BOBranch Office712501
Basubati BOBranch Office712409
Basuri BOBranch Office712403
Batanal SOPost Office712615
Begampur SO HooghlyPost Office712306
BELMURI BOBranch Office712302
BELOON BOBranch Office712149
Belumilki BOBranch Office712223
Bengai SOPost Office712611
Beniajole BOBranch Office712613
Beraberi BOBranch Office712407
Berela BOBranch Office712134
Bhadrakali SOPost Office712232
Bhadreswar SOPost Office712124
Bhadur BOBranch Office712602
Bhagabatipur BOBranch Office712701
Bhalia BOBranch Office712615
Bhandarhati SOPost Office712301
Bhangamora BOBranch Office712410
Bhastara BOBranch Office712303
Bhata BOBranch Office712410
Bhitasin BOBranch Office712149
Bhonpur BOBranch Office712134
Bhuerah BOBranch Office712415
Bhurkunda BOBranch Office712611
Bighati BOBranch Office712124
Bilsara BOBranch Office712134
Binagram BOBranch Office712401
Bishnupur BOBranch Office712410
Boinchi SOPost Office712134
Boinchigram SOPost Office712135
Bonhijli BOBranch Office712417
Bora BOBranch Office712306
Borai BOBranch Office712306
Boraichanditala SOPost Office712136
Boso BOBranch Office712302
Brahmanpara BOBranch Office712405
Brindabanpur BOBranch Office712146
Btps SO HooghlyPost Office712503
Buroshibtala SO HooghlyPost Office712105
Chakhayatpur BOBranch Office712416
Chakundi BOBranch Office712310
Champadanga SOPost Office712401
Champdani SOPost Office712222
Chandannagar Barasat SOPost Office712136
Chandannagar RS SOPost Office712136
Chandannagar SO HooghlyPost Office712136
Chandanpur BOBranch Office712223
Chanditala SOPost Office712702
Chandpur BOBranch Office712152
Chandraban BOBranch Office712412
Chandrahati SOPost Office712504
Chandur SO HooghlyPost Office712602
Charpur BOBranch Office712706
Chatosarsa BOBranch Office712147
Chatra SO HooghlyPost Office712204
Chaulpatty SOPost Office712410
Chawk Bansberia BOBranch Office712502
Chenchua BOBranch Office712402
Cheragram BOBranch Office712303
Chikranda BOBranch Office712304
Chiladangi BOBranch Office712401
Chinamore BOBranch Office712223
Chingra BOBranch Office712416
Chinsurah Bazar SOPost Office712101
Chinsurah Court SOPost Office712101
Chinsurah HOHead Office712101
Chinsurah RS SOPost Office712102
Chitrasali BOBranch Office712407
Chopa BOBranch Office712308
Chuadanga BOBranch Office712617
Chunait BOBranch Office712413
Criper Road SOPost Office712235
Dabra BOBranch Office712152
Daharkunda BOBranch Office712617
Dahia Kanda BOBranch Office712616
Dakshin Basudebpur BOBranch Office712301
Dakshin Rasulpur BOBranch Office712413
Dakshindihi BOBranch Office712706
Dalapatipur BOBranch Office712403
Damodarpur BOBranch Office712616
Dankuni Coal Complex SOPost Office712310
Dankuni SOPost Office712311
Danrpur BOBranch Office712305
Dasghara SOPost Office712402
Dearah BOBranch Office712223
Debanandapur BOBranch Office712123
Debkhanda BOBranch Office712614
Dedhara BOBranch Office712302
Deulpara SOPost Office712414
Dewanbheri BOBranch Office712409
Dhaniakhali SOPost Office712302
Dharampur BOBranch Office712105
Dharasimul BOBranch Office712416
Dhobapara BOBranch Office712512
Dhulepur BOBranch Office712616
Digra BOBranch Office712512
Digsui BOBranch Office712148
Dihi Bagnan BOBranch Office712613
Dihiboira BOBranch Office712413
Dihiratanpur BOBranch Office712409
Dilakash BOBranch Office712404
Dingalhati BOBranch Office712404
Duadanda BOBranch Office712613
Dumurdaha BOBranch Office712515
Duttapur BOBranch Office712410
Dwarbasini BOBranch Office712149
Dwarhatta BOBranch Office712403
Ektarpur BOBranch Office712123
Fului BOBranch Office712122
Furfura BOBranch Office712706
Gajinadaspur BOBranch Office712146
Ganderpukur BOBranch Office712409
Gandhisarak SOPost Office712248
Gangadharpur Bazar BOBranch Office712306
Garalgacha BOBranch Office712311
Ghargohal BOBranch Office712414
Gholdigrui BOBranch Office712401
Ghoradaha BOBranch Office721212
Ghoshpur BOBranch Office712613
Ghosla BOBranch Office712303
Gobarara BOBranch Office712305
Gobindapur BOBranch Office712602
Goghat SOPost Office712614
Golta BOBranch Office712615
Gondalpara SOPost Office712137
Gopalnagar Harharia BOBranch Office712409
Gopalpur BOBranch Office712513
GOPINAGAR BOBranch Office712402
Goswamimalipara BOBranch Office712305
Gourhati SOPost Office712613
Gujrat BOBranch Office712617
Guptipara SOPost Office712512
Gurap SOPost Office712303
Gurbari BOBranch Office712308
Guti BOBranch Office712408
Hanral BOBranch Office712149
Hanraldaspur BOBranch Office712134
Haridaspur BOBranch Office712147
Harinkhola BOBranch Office712415
Haripal SOPost Office712403
Haripur BOBranch Office712701
Haripur Chak BOBranch Office712407
Harishchak BOBranch Office712416
Harishnagar BOBranch Office712409
Harit BOBranch Office712305
Hatbasantapur BOBranch Office712413
Hati BOBranch Office712415
Hatni BOBranch Office712134
Hawakhana BOBranch Office712403
Hazipur BOBranch Office712302
Helan SOPost Office712412
Hiatpur BOBranch Office712412
Hindmotor SOPost Office712233
Hirapur BOBranch Office712406
Hoera BOBranch Office712147
Hooghly SOPost Office712103
Ilahipur BOBranch Office712706
Ilsobamondalai SOPost Office712146
Inchura Bazar BOBranch Office712123
Insura BOBranch Office712134
Itachuna SOPost Office712147
Jagalgori BOBranch Office712403
Jagatnagar BOBranch Office712409
Jagatpur BOBranch Office712417
Jalaghata BOBranch Office712409
Jamdara BOBranch Office712410
Jamgram BOBranch Office712146
Janai SOPost Office712304
Jangalpara Bazar BOBranch Office712701
Jangalpara BOBranch Office712401
Jangipara SOPost Office712404
Jarura BOBranch Office712138
Jasar BOBranch Office712415
Jayer BOBranch Office712152
Jejur BOBranch Office712405
Jharia BOBranch Office712122
Jirat BOBranch Office712501
Jolekul BOBranch Office712303
K G R S Path SOPost Office712124
Kaiba BOBranch Office712412
Kaikala BOBranch Office712405
Kalachara BOBranch Office712405
Kalbazar SOPost Office712201
Kamarkundu BOBranch Office712407
KAMARPARABAZAR BOBranch Office712105
Kamarpukur SOPost Office712612
Kamdebpur BOBranch Office712102
Kanaipur SOPost Office712234
Kanakshally BOBranch Office712105
Kananadi BOBranch Office712302
Kankrakuli BOBranch Office712302
Kantali BOBranch Office712614
Kanui Banka BOBranch Office712301
Kapasdanga Roybazarcolony SOPost Office712103
Karicharbheri BOBranch Office712409
Karui BOBranch Office712615
Kashipur BOBranch Office712410
Katsara BOBranch Office712102
Kedarpur BOBranch Office712406
Keotalatbagan SOPost Office712104
Keshabchak BOBranch Office712410
Keshabpur BOBranch Office712413
Ketera BOBranch Office712410
Khajurdaha BOBranch Office712149
Khalisani SOPost Office712138
Khamarchandi SOPost Office712405
Khamargachi SOPost Office712515
Khanakul SOPost Office712406
Khanpur SO HooghlyPost Office712308
KHANYAN BOBranch Office712147
Kharsarai BOBranch Office712304
Kharua BOBranch Office712308
Khatul BOBranch Office712611
Kinkarbati BOBranch Office712407
Kishorepur BOBranch Office712617
Konnagar SOPost Office712235
Krishanbatichar BOBranch Office712512
Krishnanagar BOBranch Office712404
Krishnapur SO HooghlyPost Office712601
Kristorampur BOBranch Office712702
Kulakash BOBranch Office712404
Kulbatpur BOBranch Office712414
Kumarganj BOBranch Office713427
Kumarpara BOBranch Office712223
Kumirmorah BOBranch Office712702
Kumrul BOBranch Office712410
Kumursha BOBranch Office712616
Kundughat SOPost Office712136
Kupsit BOBranch Office712613
Lakshmanpur BOBranch Office712404
Laluka BOBranch Office712614
Lokabati BOBranch Office712302
Madhabpur BOBranch Office712413
Madhurpur BOBranch Office712413
Madpur BOBranch Office712410
Magra SOPost Office712148
Magura BOBranch Office712149
Mahesh 1 SOPost Office712202
Mahesh 2 SOPost Office712248
Mahisgot BOBranch Office712617
Maigram BOBranch Office712602
Mainan BOBranch Office712406
Makalpur BOBranch Office712305
Makhla SOPost Office712245
Malia BOBranch Office712405
Mallickpara SOPost Office712203
Manaspur BOBranch Office712123
Mandaran BOBranch Office712612
Mandra BOBranch Office712301
Manicktala Bazar SOPost Office712201
Manikpat BOBranch Office712617
Mankundu GovtColony BOBranch Office712139
Mankundu SOPost Office712139
Mar0khana BOBranch Office712417
Masat SOPost Office712701
Masjid Lane BOBranch Office712202
Mayalbandipur BOBranch Office712617
Mayapur SO HooghlyPost Office712413
Mazinan BOBranch Office712302
Megshar BOBranch Office712149
Melki BOBranch Office712152
Milangarh BOBranch Office712501
Mirjapur Bankipur BOBranch Office712409
Mohanad BOBranch Office712149
Mohipalpur BOBranch Office712146
Mohistikri BOBranch Office712223
Moktarpur BOBranch Office712401
Mollasimla BOBranch Office712223
Mollerberh BOBranch Office712250
Moloypur BOBranch Office712615
Monirampur BOBranch Office712304
Mora BOBranch Office712403
Morepukur SOPost Office712250
Mostafapur BOBranch Office712416
Mriga Chatra BOBranch Office712602
Mrigala BOBranch Office712311
Muktarpur Belekusma BOBranch Office712616
Mundalika BOBranch Office712404
Musapur BOBranch Office712405
Nabagram SO HooghlyPost Office712246
Nachipur BOBranch Office712414
Nagbal BOBranch Office712305
Naisarai BOBranch Office712602
Naity BOBranch Office712702
Nakunda BOBranch Office712614
Naldanga BOBranch Office712123
Nalikul SOPost Office712407
Nanda BOBranch Office712124
Nandanpur BOBranch Office712417
Nangulpara BOBranch Office712406
Narayanpur BOBranch Office712412
Nasibpur BOBranch Office712223
Natibpur SOPost Office712416
Natunbazar SO HooghlyPost Office712601
Nawabpur BOBranch Office712701
Nayasarai SOPost Office712513
Netaji Mahavidyalaya SOPost Office712601
New Chandpur BOBranch Office712301
Nimdanga BOBranch Office712402
Nimdangi BOBranch Office712414
Noapara BOBranch Office712138
Nutangram BOBranch Office712249
Paba BOBranch Office712614
Pahalampur BOBranch Office712223
Pakri BOBranch Office712148
Palasi BOBranch Office712303
Palaspai BOBranch Office712416
Palpara BOBranch Office712138
Paltagarh BOBranch Office712409
Panchgharabazar BOBranch Office712306
Panchgora BOBranch Office712149
Panchpara BOBranch Office712501
Pandua SOPost Office712149
Pandugram BOBranch Office712122
Paniseola BOBranch Office712405
Parabagnan BOBranch Office712413
Pargopalnagar BOBranch Office712407
Parshyampur BOBranch Office712401
Paschimgopinathpur BOBranch Office712403
Paschimpara BOBranch Office712612
Paschimtajpur BOBranch Office712706
Patna BOBranch Office712148
Patul BOBranch Office712406
Patuligram BOBranch Office712501
Pawnan BOBranch Office712305
Pilkhan BOBranch Office712613
Pipulpati SOPost Office712103
POLBA BOBranch Office712148
Pole BOBranch Office712406
Porabazar BOBranch Office712305
Poshpur BOBranch Office712408
Prabasnagar SOPost Office712249
Prasadpur BOBranch Office712404
Pratapnagar SO HooghBOBranch Office712415
Pratappur SO HooghlyPost Office712101
Puinan SOPost Office712305
Purba Krishnapur BOBranch Office712415
Pursurah BOBranch Office712401
Rabindranagar BOBranch Office712103
Radhaballavpur BOBranch Office712616
Radhanagar BOBranch Office712147
Raghubati BOBranch Office712614
Raghunathpur BOBranch Office712245
Ragpur BOBranch Office712415
Rahimpur BOBranch Office712408
Raijamna BOBranch Office712134
Rajabazar SO HooghlyPost Office712125
Rajbalhat SOPost Office712408
Rajendra Avenue BOBranch Office712245
Rajhat BOBranch Office712123
Rajhati Bandar SOPost Office712417
Rameswarpur SOPost Office712152
Ramnagar BOBranch Office712410
Ramnagar Mobarakpur BOBranch Office712616
Ramnarayanpur BOBranch Office712401
Ramnathpur BOBranch Office712148
Ranagarh BOBranch Office712149
Ranjitbati BOBranch Office712416
Rashidpur BOBranch Office712408
Rasulpur BOBranch Office712410
Ratanpur BOBranch Office712614
Rishra SOPost Office712248
Rosna BOBranch Office712149
Routhkhana BOBranch Office712406
Routhpur BOBranch Office712402
Rudrani BOBranch Office712302
Sabalsingpur BOBranch Office712417
Sahabazar BOBranch Office712402
Sahaganj SOPost Office712104
Saidpur SO HooghlyPost Office712415
Sainta BOBranch Office712410
Salepur BOBranch Office712616
Salikona BOBranch Office712611
Samserpur BOBranch Office712410
Sandeswartala JC SOPost Office712101
Sankarpur BOBranch Office712303
Santipur BOBranch Office712122
Santoshpur BOBranch Office712602
Saora BOBranch Office712616
Saradapally BOBranch Office712124
Sarai BOBranch Office712149
Satberia BOBranch Office712612
Satghara BOBranch Office712404
Satithan BOBranch Office712149
Seakhala SOPost Office712706
Selampur BOBranch Office712122
Senai BOBranch Office712611
Serampore Court SOPost Office712201
Serampore HOHead Office712201
Sheoraphuli SOPost Office712223
Shibpur Bansberia SOPost Office712502
Shyambazar BOBranch Office712122
Shyampur BOBranch Office712410
Simla BOBranch Office712203
SIMLAGARH BOBranch Office712135
Singherbheri BOBranch Office712409
Singrapur BOBranch Office712614
Singur SOPost Office712409
Sinhet BOBranch Office712305
Soaluk BOBranch Office712410
Sogandha BOBranch Office712102
Somra BOBranch Office712123
Sonatikri BOBranch Office712406
Sripur Bazar SO HooghlyPost Office712514
Sripur BOBranch Office712612
Sultangacha BOBranch Office712148
Sunia BOBranch Office712614
Talandu BOBranch Office712148
Talbona BOBranch Office712134
Talpur BOBranch Office712410
Tamlipara SOPost Office712103
Tantisal BOBranch Office712412
Tarahat BOBranch Office712612
Tarakeswar Math SOPost Office712410
Tarakeswar SOPost Office712410
Teghari BOBranch Office712410
Telinipara SOPost Office712125
Thakuranichak BOBranch Office712613
Tilari BOBranch Office712122
Tinna BOBranch Office712149
Tirol BOBranch Office712602
Tribeni SOPost Office712503
Udaypur BOBranch Office712406
Uttarpara Bazar SOPost Office712258
Uttarpara SOPost Office712258

Indian Postal Code FAQs:

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post.

The PINcode is 6 digits long. First digit reflects region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code.

India has nine PIN zones. And next tab have a table of all PIN zones as per the postal circle.

PO Stands for Post Office, BO stands for Branch Office, SO Stands for Sub Office and HO stands for Head Office. And these are the office types.

List of postal circle with PIN digits (First 2-digits)

Postal Circle1st 2 Digits of PINcode
Haryana12 - 13
Punjab14 - 16
Himachal Pradesh17
Jammu & Kashmir18 - 19
Uttar Pradesh20 - 28
Rajasthan30 - 34
Gujarat36 - 39
Maharashtra40 - 44
Madhya Pradesh45 - 48
Andhra Pradesh50 - 53
Karnataka56 - 59
Tamil Nadu60 - 64
Kerala67 - 69
West Bengal70 - 74
Andaman & Nicobar744
Orissa75 - 77
Arunachal Pradesh79
Army Postal Service (APS)90-99

List of postal region with PIN digit (First digit)

First DigitRegionStates Covered
1NorthernDelhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir
2NorthernUttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
3WesternRajasthan and Gujarat
4WesternMaharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh
5SouthernAndhra Pradesh and Karnataka
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service